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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 6, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page four Sec. The High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina thursday april 6. 1939 High Point Enterprise r. B. Terr president d. A. Rawley secy and Orcas. Hammett a. Cecil Gen. Mgr published pattern oops and sunday morning a mom j p Rawley. Publisher mini 1915�?1937 _ Ca pus m. Waynic editor subscription a i is daily and sunday by Carrier in High Point and nearby towns Rwei be months. Six months j three months a one month. To one week. Carriers in nearby a it Wuy Are not permitted to collect Tor a or than one week in Advance. Carriers in City Are not permitted to collect for a period of More than Uve 5 a subscription for a longer period is de Auto payment should be made direct to of i ice. The associated Presa is titled to the uses for republication of All news dispatch credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and me local news published therein. My abbr of audit Bureau of Cir e lation catered is second class matter at the Post office in High Point. N. C., under the act of Congress of March 8, 18"2. National adv. Representative the John Budd co. 420 Lexington ave. New York City thursday april 6. 1939. O. god in or ref i to and strength a by present help in isl. God be praised who to believing souls gives Light in darkness Comfort in despair. Shakespeare. When Al ti10k1ty talks Foh self a St Hain t discreet use of the Tongue has been the subject of innumerable homilies and i he basis of much personal sue c e s so through Many generations. Latterly we have made much of free speech and some have mistaken the political state of being for License. If candid free speech is Good it does t follow that unconsidered utterance is less dangerous now than it always has been. It is Well for Man to be free to say what he thinks without fear but it is Well also for him to be deliberate in the use of the privilege. We Are reminded of this by the immediate past action of the British government in sitting Down heavily upon a member of the government who talked with More frankness than restraint before a Sailor audience he boasted of the a readiness Quot of the British Navy and he talked of men timing called to anti aircraft guns after a fashion judged to be disturbing. Recently our importantly placed key Pittman chairman of the Senate foreign relations committee made a radio address which the More cautious americans doubtless will consider evidence of Lack of restraint. With something like Patrick Henry a Fervour senator Pittman denounced dictatorships and said Quot it is evident that a person can die but once and the period of life is limited and that it is far better that he die a few years earlier for christianity Justice and Liberty than that he live a Little longer in cowardice and we would admit that times come to Man or nation when if is Ems better to stand and fight for considerations higher than Fie Sonai safety. However idealism entered in War has been crushed often in the aftermath and the people Are trying to he More rational in their approach to the abysses. The Point we would make is that the chairman of our foreign relations committee. To whom is committed constitutionally much of the responsibility for International contacts might Well leave patriotic speeches of an inflammatory character to others. Really a i to at Philadelphia yesterday and i Ini Strator Elmer f. Andrews of i the Federal wage and hour Divi-1 Aion told an audience that a the honeymoon is he was stressing the passing of a period in which the division worked Toler Antly with those who were failing in particulars to observe the wage hour regulations. Quot within the last few weeks a he said a we have gone to Bat in a dozen cases of non compliance and still other cases Are he added a we Are filing the Teeth of the Buzz saw and they mean trouble for the fellow who thinks he can outsmart Uncle Many a manufacturer who is complying with the Law will Welcome this attitude of the administrator and Hope that he will make his action consistent with it. Undoubtedly the administrator has heard of cases where tile smaller units in Industry have been a taking a Chance a paying Little More than casual respect to the wage hour Law in some important phases of it. The practice of tolerance manifested in Little done beyond the issuance of a cease and desist orders when the infraction was discovered encouraged such Chance taking. The larger operators in the producing Field have been More careful in the main. They faced the Law As a thing with Teeth and they Are penalized when it is revealed As unexpectedly and unduly forbearing in the use of the Teeth. The producer who studied the Law got the Best advice he could find about what its reaches Are and then set his House in order for compliance feels it when his competitor evades those reaches. The administrator owes to those who Are trying to conform to the Law the utmost Diligence in making compliance general. His threat or Promise to file and use the a Buzz saw will please As Many As it will frighten. A woman rebels a phrase in a recent Issue of new York times made reference to Quot hitlers erratic feminine that phrase evoked a the fighting Irish in one woman Reader and she wrote a it is not my sex which is making a shambles of Europe. It is not my sex which is spending Money in a sort of grand emotional she objected to the a stupid habit of ascribing to w Omen practically All human faults and of excusing men for faults on the score that they have a feminine the twin City Sentinel thinks a the term probably should have been Long ago Julius Caesar admired the Brave belgians and he found that a least often do traders go among them and take those things which tend to eff Mirate the clearly the narrator had reference to that which lessened courage probably Strong drink. Hitlers weakness May tic an erratic Bra in which shows at times a dare Devil spirit. It is not difficult to believe that he was insane when he instituted the purge which resulted the death of Over 75 officers of the Reichs wehry All to prevent according to his thinking a civil War. We would Call such a Man Over Here a paranoiac and most assuredly paranoia is not confined to women. In the news America May be willing to have nothing to do with Hitler. However since the issues of War or Vivace in Europe Are largely in hts hands just now this nation almost daily in a business sense is affected by his acts. The Christian science Monitor says stocks go up it is because us one commentator put it Hitler did t take Over anything that Day. Wheat rises amt other commodities hic depressed that if due to the increase in Mer alarms. Bonds sink and we Are Odd that the Selling had its origin in the spread of alarm in Europe arid the consequent desire of bondholders to Lay in Cash this new demonstration of relationship Between americans and Europe a markets reveals that the pattern is much higher than the Mosul alienist Ever dreamed. The Elizabeth City daily Advance is in dead Earnest about wanting a hog Market for the capital of Pasquo tank county. It says that a everybody knows that for the past twelve months or such a matter the daily Advance has been working for a daily Cash hog Market for Elizabeth the desire is for a Packer Market similar to the a one operated by Swift at Rocky mount or to the one operated by Armour at the Advance believes that the Farmers should have such a Market to patronize before voting for it As a permanent business Enterprise. We wish our contemporary Success with the Pasquo tank Farmers. In Eastern North Carolina As in this Section a Farmers Success is largely dependent upon markets and marketing facilities. Peace hath her victories and All that but Ferdinand the Bull probably w ill not be permitted to smell Flowers while the work of rehabilitation goes on in Spain. However there Are compensations if the Greensboro news is Correct a Bull fighting has been resumed in Spain. Which is indeed much More humane in that Hie matadors do not bomb the Bull s wife or sons or with Dale Carnegie author of a How to win friends and influence people if you Ever Dine on the Santa be railway you will be handed a Bill with the words printed on it a Quot suggestions or criticisms regarding our service will be i have travelled on Many railways in Amenia Europe and Asia. I have never Ridden on any railway anywhere that had better service than the Sante be. Yet this Groat company strives to make its service better. It is the hallmark of a Fine company and of a Fine Man to Welcome criticism. The really big Man knows How far Short he Falls of perfection so he is constantly seeking to improve hut the Small self satisfied individual resents All criticisms All suggestions for improvement in which class a you do you constantly seek to better yourself or do you immediately defend yourself when doubt is raised about your perfection of i knew the answers i would know a lot about you and what others think of you and your chances for forging ahead. If you Are in business Why not print at the Bottom of your letters and statements suggestions or criticisms regarding our service will be one cold november morning years ago. A f Irmer in Northwest Missouri rushed to the barn an hour before Daylight saddled his Voisand galloped up the livid to doctor Humphreys office in orrs Birg. The doctor dressed and hurried Back with the Farmer to help bring a baby into file world. He was Bio late. I arrived before he reached my Mother s bedside. Doctor Humphreys has Long since Jesse away hut the last time i was in California i spent the evening with hts Niece Bertha Humphreys Bireley 7016 Hawthorne Avenue Hollywood who told me a Story i think will interest you she said years ago when attending school in Pierceton. Indiana it suddenly turned bitterly cold. The teacher tied Large Bandana handkerchiefs Over the Heads of the Little children to keep their ears warm Coiny Home the older children eager for a Little fun ridiculed the Little tots laughing and hugging at tile tails of to stir bandanas and calling them a babies All this gave them a feeling of superiority. But How did it affect the Tittle ones i humiliated them an aroused resentment that has shouldered across the decades i it a y i have passed Quot mrs in Ion confessed to to sine that Hano ened by i still dislike Tho girls who ridiculed me from that Day to this i Hae never wanted to know those girls or to have anything to do with if you want to arouse resent nun a hat will smart and Burn and is Mould r for years just indulge in a Little ridicule a Little devastating criticism. Of you ridicule a child tonight you May forgot it next week but it May leave i sear Ltd the soul of that child list will endure to death. Half a Century later that child May Tell someone who is yet unborn How much you Hurt her and How much she dislikes you for it. In Linier to Lear or. Waldo s position editors note the following letters include one which has been printed in the Enterprise. Through error in makeup the loiter started on the editorial Page was marked a continued on Page 9�?� while the remainder of it appeared As a matter of fact on Page Washington i it. A april 4. 1939. Editor. The Enterprise in looking Over the Enterprise for april 3rd i not too that you published my letter of april 1st enclosing a copy of my letter of the same Date to the mayor and City Council and appreciate your having done so. I regret to note however that Only the first few paragraphs of my letter to the mayor and councilmen appear continued on Page five Sec. A Germany took Monad by the principle of sell terminal Ion of nations a nazi standby. Just like in Bohemia and Moravia he Adolf a presidential year is nearing. Some of the Guys who denied they wanted the Job will soon begin to evade the Issue. Walter Winchell of Broadway cd per Glit. Lilt Pally Mirror inc. In w pub a a by Dusi mine wings i Neves knew and . Dunno but which you knew All along by Heck Why members of the foreign legion never Wear sox. How it no Law again bigamy in kentucky.,. Whether american news paix that top ranking reporters in Germany average Only Sis per week inhabitant of Nice is called a blizzard. Why some big town do does t give a look at a Honey of a first novel called a return to dig Lent Covert of Lawton okla. A now spa woman who survive pneumonia. If this line from Hygeia Magazine in t a Pip a ecsa cuss ideas mediocre minds discuss things Small minds discuss people Quot whether you know that horses have feathers. They have Tufts of Feath hair at the fetlock whether it in True that grouch iness is caused by Lack out Gen anti that the cure Tor a grouch is to take a dozen deep breath a 1 Trif you be Ever heard the nifty about Neville Chamberlain to wit be rain is now trying to save both his faces a. That the. Coldest up world in t at the North or South poles but at ver Boinsk Siberia England waffles Are caller crossword pancakes. Whether George Shaw did no to have the right idea when he said that love is a Gross sex i of the difference Between one person and everybody else. The f 111 Ham t in that Bern Cerat in re on whether you know that the tour Kings in a deck of cards represent Char Magne David. Caesar and Alexander the great., of it in t disconcerting to it it learn that the american male spends 2140 million dollars annually to beautify himself. Whether you know that Metal get fatigued just like human beings. A razor used daily wont Cut so Well but after it rests it becomes keen again Why a baseball Pitcher who is easy to hit is called a a a Cousin by swat tem. That the a men have chemists now Able to identify people in analysing the dried saliva on ends of aggie butts.,who authored this grand warning for motorists death begins at 40 Why arabians prefer White horses to Black ones whether you know that in dutch new Guinea there arg rats three Lect Long. Yell we know they Are six feet tall in Germany it. Why its against the Law to icel an Orange in any California hotel when there should Ive a Law about peeling item in trains. That Thomas Jefferson introduced spinach in this country and that spinach in England is known As Quot a Broom for the stomach�?�.,. That drunkenness is known As barrel fever. Whether f d r. S critics know that to got his administration slogan Quot the new Deal Quot from Mark Twain who coined the phrase in his Book a a Connecticut Yankees it Broadw Yates know the word Quot hypocrite comes from the greek meaning Quot stage actor a Why girls have More toothaches than boys. That con y gland will he just As big an attraction for first visitors to new York As will to the fair. Why skiers always Pray to St. Peter for Snow if David Selznick Isnit sorry he sold a dark Victory Quot to Warners since it got such raves. Why according to medics pain is most acute at midday and Midnight and then is less sensitivity at six any Christian can afford not to read Quot Martin Niemoeller Martyr to nazi paganism in the current Issue of a your Faith. Why a Cluster of bananas is called a a hand. Whether most of us done to agree with Lindsay Post that the real problem of your Leisure is to keep other people from using it. Dammed Why Iii wrecking of a Saloon in the film Quot Dodge City a which consumes Only four minutes on the screen took five Days to shoot at a com of 73 is. Whether americans who complain about their income taxes Arentt glad they Aren t members of the communist party. Members who earn $5,000 annually must pay about $570 out of it in dues to the party Why night club orchestras in intimate places have to blast even when they toot in front of amplifiers. Probably to keep from hearing celebrities talking Bhoot themselves so much. Why the show a one for the Money did t attract business the first few weeks considering it is the most talented song and dance hit in Townie s Selling out now so the hell with you. Whether Willie Schlamm does no to thrill you when she reports in the commentator a this is probably the strongest impression i have retained of the american Freedom Means something very real to him. When europeans talk about Freedom it is like talking about a poem or a dream or the chances of winning the sweepstakes. When the american talks about Freedom it is in the same Way he talks about bread or water or some other practical matters which Are needed in daily life Quot if you know that according to statistics the average murderer in this country is native born about 25 or 30 years old married and the Parent of one or two children and in love with his wife Why a rest of us refer to that nation As Holland when its Correct name is the Netherlands. Holland is the tag of one of its provinces you Clunk. That the reverend w. Roman s a free speech forum thursday at 8 30 p. In. Via wed May be heard nationally. It should he is exciting but More important. He is sane. Whether you know that in England sleep inducers and other nerve tonics Are being bought by almost everybody. Because of the tension and Strain of War reports Etc Why so Many women in night clubs request the new Torch song a the masquerade is Over Quot. That Joe Alsop and Boh Kintner s piece about Henry Morgenthau in the see is our idea of reporting. Whether readers digest does t Pate an Orchid for this armies should be for defense not Defiance. That chamberlains umbrella was fourteen years old of Richard Vidmer s observation about Oszie Nelson in t funny. It mow id me Down to wit a Aquia said he was going Over to St. Petersburg to lie i j. Tipi of father time ten years ago local news the Pointer nine Defeated the Knox upholsterers yesterday afternoon in a slug est score 14-10. The City water and Light Ball club will bring the Johnny j. Jones shows Here april 22. About people. Or. And mrs. Paul Myatt and Small son. Paul or left yesterday morning to spend the weekend in Charlotte guests of i s. A. D. or. And mrs. James m. Diffee sr., and daughter. Mrs. Bailey heard of so Dele ga., Are the guests of mrs. Differ a sister. Mrs s. H. Tomlinson and or. Tomlinson at the Home on Hillcrest drive. New briefs mexican bullets have Berri falling to the american Side of the Border. Sine the Mexico situation has eased up a bit ambassador Morrow is seeking a rest at Cuernavaca. A Beer runner was killed today As the Chicago gang warfare reopened Twenty years ago compiler notice the Enterprise was not published sunday april a 1019 on Tim following Day the inimitable Walt Mason poet who writes in prose form burst Forth into song about painting up. Cleaning up and in other ways seeing ready for Spring. The poem follows fix i p the Long War made us sick and Lam we had no heart to Hump and so alas. Vee did not paint the cow shed and the pump we read Long tales of hones and woe and let our chores to Thunder go and now our houses look As though they should get at the dump. We had no heart to trim lha tree or let ear dead cats away who u mighty legions Over the seas engaged in bloody fray and while those legions thundered on Lite tin cans gathered on the Lawn with broken dish and Demi John and heaps of leaves and Hay. While Sui upon the Kaiser a brow the tyrant Crown was seen we had no heart to Groom the cow or Plant th1 Pinto bean we had no heart to decorate the Lawn swing and the Garden Gate up merely stood and railed at Fate and cussed the submarine. Now in a Castle queer and quaint the in id Lowed Kaiser sits and we should by some Rich red paint and throw some clean up fits for Balsa mine of Gaudy Hue to make the Shack look Good As new for Clover seed a nil Blue grass too we ought to blow six hits. We have talked of War a weary while of admirals and Kings now let s put on our peace time smile and think of other things let s fix i he roof before there s rain replace the broken pane a lot of duties in its train this smiling season brings. Under the Trees and smell the Ball players. If ridicule int really the most wonderful weapon against the intolerant after Al the hum up of one Ratzi against the column the other Day was really a testimonial that the digs got under his thick skin w Here they were aimed. That there would never he a surplus of Cotton in the South of All the people who can to stand Ben Bernie and have no control Over their neighbors radios bought five cents Worth of Cotton every sunday afternoon a to stuff in their ears. Why Patricia Colling who is a Fine actress wastes her time of it when she is such a poet. Why Orson Welles who tried to borrow Luke to keep Quot five Kings Quot alive turned Down $250,000 for two picture jobs. Welles Only 23 now has been a Genius etc., since four collecting All the glories and what s he got to show for it a Bunch of write ups. Brace cation in Washington by Bruce Catton Washington april 6�?it is just possible that a pattern of great significance for the handling of Industrial and labor problems is being worked out Here by commit-1 tees operating under the wage and hour division of the department of labor in these Are the in a u s t r y committees which Are preparing minimum wage rec g Omenda Lions for administrator an Brune Cim under the wage hour act the present minimum is 25 cents an hour. That is to be stepped up automatically o 30 cents next october and in 1945 is to Advance to 40 cents. The Industry committees Are trying to work out Scales somewhere Between the 3i-cent level of next october and the 40-eent level of 1945, so that 1945 will not bring too great and sudden a Dis location to Low wage industries so far seven of these committee have gone into operation and two i rave submitted their recommendations. The committee for the Cotton silk Rayon and synthetic textile Industry has called for a 32 1-2-Ccnt rate and the Woolen textile committee has come out for 36 cents. Conv mittens now holding sessions Are Tho for the apparel hosiery hats millinery and Boot and shoe industries. Machinery is significant when commissioner Andrews receives a committee recommendation he May approve it and embody the recommended rate in a wage order. That rate then becomes the Legal minimum wage for that Industry lint j 1940. The commissioner May Send the report Rinck to the committee for revision or he May set up a new committee and Start afresh. He cannot however make changes in the recommendation himself. Now the Mere fact that some i a 645,000 workers Are employed in t i industries for which committees already been selected is not the striking thing about this venture nor a the fact that approximately 133,000 will receive wag increases under the two recommendations already mad a if those recommendations get Andrews approval. What is really significant in the kind of operation which the wage and hour division is attempting. Each Industry committee must by Law consist of an equal number of representatives from each of three different groups a employers employees and the Public. The representative Are chosen by the wage and hour division. For groundwork the committee to Given statistics and economic data prepared by the Bureau of labor statistics. This material is pretty extensive for the textiles committee for instance it comprised a 134 Page printed Book containing an extremely detailed Cross Section study of la whole Industry. Everybody participates this digested the committee Calls witnesses workers retailers wholesalers. Economists Heads of Trade a social ions and so on then the employer and employee members of the committee speak their minds. In to a end. After a tremendous amount of informal discussion argument and Cross questioning the committee votes on the various wage rates w hich has been suggested until the majority is Able to agree on one. Several things Are happening Here. For one capital and labor Are getting another lesson in the Art of sitting Down around a Council table and go. Ing Over their problems seeing each others Point of View and looking at Industry As a whole. For another the tact that the general Public has an equal concern in these problems with capital and labor is getting practical recognition. For still another Lite responsibility which rests on the consuming Public is be. Ing stressed a its responsibility that in the matter of wage Levels and profit margins a Well As its interest in every Day retail costs i Isnit All sweetness and Light of course the different parties follow their own economic interests lust a human beings do everywhere and there is nothing in any of tins to hint that the lion and Lamb Are about to hunk together amicably. But he con mittens Are doing the Job they Wert see up ?0 tie. They Are sitting Down Side by suit c. I. Leader sandwiched Between factory owner and College professor to thresh things out to reach son sort of fair solution which will Benefit the underpaid worker w without either driving the Owmer out of Busine or skyrocketing prices out of the consumer s reach. Headline Quot guerrillas attack japanese at Quot Geek says Mazie Quot they be even got the monkeys fighting Over a new Jersey fellow found la pearls in a restaurant Oyster. Then we suppose he complained about the Check see Garner is getting ready for a Texas Angling trip. it be terrible if sometime there came a president or vice president who absolutely refused to fish. A shipment of Snow went Down South for floridians to look at. If they re that inquisitive they can have All of it. Never let your husband go to Hollywood fifi do Moisay on being Grant id divorce any solution in sight

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