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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 4, 1940, High Point, North Carolina / thursday april i 1010the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Conter of a High Point. North Carolina n. Head to speak to underwriters local group ill hold luncheon meeting at Elwood april Iod d. Edmunds president or the n. State association of the local association at a luncheon meeting at the Elwood hotel april to it was announced to Day other visitors Are expected for the meeting and the local group urged that non members attend the meeting next week. Tuesday several members of the local association attended the North Carolina sales Congress. Roger b. Hull of new York general counsel for the National association of life underwriters was the principal speaker. Four other outstanding insurance speakers were on the program. Those attending the Greensboro meeting were president Vav. B. Clapp. Charles Houston Lee Shaner Charles Mcghee Ruben Bundy. J. H. Wyke r. J. Terry Roy Spearman and r. H. Stedman. Cavalrymen answering modern boots and saddles % a it a a a a. Page Mnew Sec. A educator Speaks Greensboro april 4.�? Pic or. Joy Elmer Morgan of Washington. D. Editor of the National education association journal spoke at two teachers meetings Here today. Mckenney on Bridge cranium crackers Declarer takes too Many tricks partner s protest i s. Justified by we. E. America s Ca Mckenney re authority Britain a mechanized cavalry regiments have been Given a thorough workout during extensive Maneu vers in France. Here Are one time troopers dashing to mount their new a Iron horses a the Mobile licht tanks seen at left. Free pinocchio dolls at Waggert a that lovable Little fellow pinocchio desert Gard or copy by Walt Disney kill of life a color. Every part Moyes. Kreh with every per Chase of js10.00 or Oyer at Waller s Friday and sat Row. 8 Diamond bridal set yellow Dold new designs 22� a sol n he Bros watches nationally advertised yellow Gold Huo Model 52 pieces a service for 8 we. Fit Rogers Ltd str anted at Points of Wear pay 50c we. It a tot r. A. Licensed radios 5-tube super built in Loop. Pay 75c we. 1895 fair Trade item excepted Wagger jewelry company Elwood hotel Corner flashes of life by the associated press Oli zip Coon los Angeles a John h. Kerry strained Racoon liked to i prowl at night. That was All right i but one night it drawled into Elvis v. Todd a House and bit him Todd sued. He told judge Joseph Marshetti a for months after the animal a bit me i could not sleep because of nightmares in which racoons i haunted serial Story k. 0. Cavalier generally your partner criticizes you Only when you make a play that proves costly but recently i heard a player correctly and i Tell gently criticize his partner for making one trick too Many. In the play of the hand. South j covered the opening heart Lead with the nine and West won with the ten spot. He cashed the King j and led the Queen of hearts j North ruffing with the Jack of Spades. The two High Spades were then cashed and Declarer came Back j to his own hand with the Ace of i clubs. He played the Queen of diamonds. East refused to cover and the finesse was taken. The nine of diamonds was led. Dummy winning with the ten spot and the losing club was discarded on the Ace of diamonds. Thus the Declarer made five Odd. His partner complained because he had taken the Diamond finesse and you can see that he was justified the Declarer jeopardized his contract when he led to his Ace of clubs and took the Diamond finesse. If that finesse had failed the opponents would have cashed a 4k j 8 7 6 5 3 2 v 76 a q 9 a a 6 a 04 a aka to 3 a 83 kq95 4k 109 �84 a k 7 6 4 2 10 7 3 2 a a a j 9 5 2 a a j 105 a ,184 duplicate neither South West North 14 i a i a 2 n. T. Pass 3 4k 4 a pass pass opening a 8. Vol. East pass pass pass club trick thus defeating the contract. The Declarer had a perfectly Safe Way to play the hand by leading a Small Diamond from Dummy up to the Queen. While of is True that he would make Only four Odd he would not have placed his contract in jeopardy and in contract Bridge the contract is the thing. Gettysburg address familiar to most people at least during their school years is Lincoln s Gettysburg address. Do you still remember it test yourself by filling in the Blank spaces in the following excerpt now we Are engaged in a great civil War testing whether that nation or any nation so. And so. Can Long. We Are met on a great Battlefield of that War. We have come to a portion of that Field As a final resting place of those who Here gave their lives that. Might live. It is altogether and. That we should do this. Answers on want and Page salaries of the Cyprus government railway totalled about $50.-000 last year. Contractors stand against spa building Competition Raleigh april 4. A it a persons attending a conference called by the Carolinas brain i of associated general contractors expressed opposition last night to construction by the spa a in direct Competition to private a Resolution was passed asking that All Relief construction projects involving More than .823,000 be handled by the pea or some other governmental Agency under a contract system. The meeting was similar to one held recently at Charlotte. Others will he held at Asheville Winston Salem. Greenvale s. C., and Charleston s. By All ready to relieve uti Truc he a Ivvle cd liquid Capudi by Jerry Bandfield copyright item. Nea service. Inc ast of characters ended the show. The gesture Start Yal Douglas a girl sports i led her and he smirked writer shipping on a freighter to j Fin excitement. Eddie Cavalier a a prize Whitfield. Clara Batten Treva Adams mldred Harris Noah Cecil Grady Ensley Bobby Green Jack Hilton. Colon Kennedy Ray Myers Artis Parker R. Meredith Richard Payne and Cecil Swaim. E a in a message sent Down by the radio operator interrupted the. A a he i. T1ul. A i workout. A a it a from Sam Richer Forth a Jim a a Kelo. Reading it score to Softie with Al. I Quick la Captain Steve Hangen hey ,., pop judge Marshetti awarded Todd skipper of the Northern Imu. Grimes asked $770. Of Izard san Diego mystery of the lost Golf Halls Bas been solved. The hit i Green Al san Diego country club is hidden from approaching golfer too often a golfer would approach tile Green and not be Able to find Ilia Hall. Then a Plater on another Fairway saw a sea Gull pick lip a Hall and Flat off with it. Miters believe the Bird has been feathering its nest with them. Duffy manager Kun. So a Cavaliers opinion of him soon. Sceptical Borders Ottumwa. chapter Vii Val Douglas went up on the Bridge and watched Eddie Cavalier jog around deck. He ran tirelessly effortlessly. Probably in would give Glenn Cunningham a Jon the Safe plainly said a this i Safe la not i locked a but that did t atop Safe Crak Era from working for More than in hour before they hacked open the unlocked Strong Box in a Luton a Ber company office. Inside were company record a j but no Money. A a. Happy solution St. judge John w. Vinehout police recited these deficiencies in the in a car old automobile of to Graves no emergency Brake no rigid be Knight no front bumper no Windshield Wilder left headlight defective rack on rear bumper Ami for Graves no Driver a License. Grave promptly offered a solution a a he d Semi tic car to the junk leap. Said the judge taking up if Quot you Don t it s a jfj5 Fine or Ioda vein the w Ork a it. Scheible anneal meeting Newton. April 4. Upit the Good Battle Over a mile Abe figured. She did no to have to be told by Mike Kelly that Cavalier was a perfect athlete. He had never smoked a cig Aret in his life. He steered Clear of liquor and followed pop Grimes instructions to the letter. She remembered he had taken up Golf just a year ago and already Xmas breaking 90. A famous pro once had called him the Ideal j easy. Example of muscular co ordination and nerves and insisted Cavalier could be playing in the National open within two years of he wanted to concentrate on the put up a $5,000 Bond that Well show up for weighing in ceremonies on time. A a who la we get to dig up the $�5.000 for us a Kelso demanded. A we gotta think Quot Well think about that Cavalier said impatiently. A i a getting cold let s go they climbed in Between the ropes and Kelso and Grimes looked at each other questioningly it Wasny to like the kid to be so impatient. He a like a race horse at the Post. It was something new and they did no to like it. Duffy Kelso forgot All about the $3000 Bond. A Okay a pop grunted taking out his watch a it uart slow and game. Cavalier danced Forward and flicked a straight left without a preliminary motion of any sort. It caught Mike on the Bridge of his nose and tilted his head Back Val Douglas Long ago had de sharply. Mike looked surprised cited a in print too that Eddie Cavalier with his dark curly hair and handsome features was too Good looking to be b fighter. Once she had hinted that be Tould have been a greater riot As a slugger instead of the Boxer he was but that he preferred to protect his Good looks. That in fact was what had Lihwa Aux no april i or if. U daunt society of the Wontong. I parted the whole feud. He had missionary so my of Lite Evan Neer forgiven her for that and helical and reformed churches of North Carolina will hold its annual meeting Here april 9-10. Presbyterian rally red Springs april 4 a threatened to eject her bodily himself if she tried to pay a visit to his Compton lakes training Camp. From her position of Vantage and advanced More cautiously. Val tried to read Cavaliers expression but the padded head guard he wore obscured his features. All she could see were a pair of piercing eyes and she did t like the Way they were being directed at Mike. Mike Kelly went a Good 195 pounds and there Wasny to an ounce of fat on him. The years had slowing his Down s Little but he could still Man Euver surprisingly Well. Kelly tucked his Chin behind his left shoulder and went to work. He muscled in close and worked a Short right to eddies ribs. Cav overlooking the deck. Val Doug the annual Spring rally of the j Las smiled sardonically. Here at j Slier jabbed him sharply twice in Young people of Fayetteville least was one training Camp he j the face but Mike let them Bounce presbytery will be held Here pitch her out of. Saturday. It a a j Duffy Kelso spattered and thirty five people claiming to 8melly from paint fixed her be Between 130 and 136 years old Watn a vindictive Eye at lunch have been found by a soviet Sci j a a vre Gonna work out on the in Tiftic expedition in a previously unexplored Region of the Cau Casus mountains. Relieved in a hurry / the e so Way bags this afternoon and spar three rounds with Kelly. Any objections a he inquired belligerently. A not at All a she answered brightly. Quot in a anxious to see if his surroundings affect his ring off and shuffled in for More. He swung a heavy right but wraith like Cavalier weaved away stepped inside smartly and whistled a right Aero to Kelly a Chin. Mike reeled Back against the ropes maybe j and Cavalier followed him. A they you re supposed to be sparring a pop Grimes roared but of Eddie Cavalier heard he gave no heed. He planted a Savage left in mikes midsection and then As mikes guard came Down he a will try not to disappoint you a banged Over a solid right that turn so works ult. Promptly a ooh a oar of Duluth a co Cowood by boy it Ucho and a a a a minor a boy and Paha alway a director on package. Con a ult a Kyat cat when pains Perth. Homelike you not Only feel at Home at the Taft but you can practice Welcome economies 2000 i Oom i Sath Ano radio from St so hotel Alfrid Lewis. Mgr. T a p t a Soke. New York huh Square at radio City a chg a hmm mama Tmima Eddie said Means ugly and she wondered if head vent his spite 1 on Mike Kelly. That however might be a Boomerang. Mike 1 Kelly after All was a heavy weight and still in Good condition despite his Long absence from the ring. Cavalier donned Kelly s old ring ? togs and they fitted Bim some i what grotesquely. The shoes were de Kelly a face half Way around. Doggedly his Mouth Cut. Mike Hung on and tried to bring his weight into play. Eddie rocketed a right to the heart and Mike gasped. Val rushed Over to Kelso and Grimes. A pop make him quit that he a just letting his spite out Ort poor but Duffy Kelso was already in a half size too Large but he wore the ring. Breaking them up. A take an extra pair of sox to take up j it easy a he ordered softly. A you some of the Slack. J Okay. Mike a Kelly was forced to Wear make j a sure a said Mike. A sure in a shift garb. He borrowed a pair of Okay. He can hit that boy can. Sneakers from a member of the hits like a Light Crew and Cut Down the legs of an Val walked Over to Cavaliers old pair of trousers to serve As j Corner. A a you re a Heel a she trunks. Both fighters wore heavy j grated. A and i Don t think i have sweaters to protect them from the to Tell you tangy Ocean breezes. He looked As though he were Val could hardly suppress a coing to reply hotly to her accuse snicker they looked so funny. Hon changed his mind and find ton. Changed his mind and Flag to be continued Duffy Kelso noticing tapped her on the shoulder familiarly. A please lady a Cut the comics. If he sees you enjoying this too a ctr ecu Haiir much it la thrown him so far off Hasty seniors embark for while Mike skipped rope to get j educational tour of capital himself warmed up Cavalier went j to work on the licht a. Coolly t to Mas v h. Be ant Ralrh. Talo oof lather1 t 1thrice enl a clo Quot of the Hasty High i h m u wry school it near Thomasville left by faster he worked until the bag he bus today for an educational trip came an indistinct blur of motion l0 Washington the group being and the noise became a Flat Roll under the supervision of the tar in wave that sounded Uke a Muf Heel Tours. The group is being fled machine gun. Chaperoned by mrs. E. J. Hibba. To Hind herself admiring the those making the trip included sight. Eddie lifted his eyes from Arville Ball. Mary Chades Horine bag. Without breaking the Rhy was Kennedy Hilda Kennedy the and noticed the rapt look on her face. As though it were a sudden spiteful gesture he slam an average of nearly 10.000 passengers a month passed through the Panama canal last year. Southern states arts group will present awards today Charlotte. Pili 4.�?oy�? i presentation of awards was the first business today before tile j 20th annual convention of the Southern states Art league. Members submitted 426 entries and 186 of them were selected. J a luncheon speaker today was or. Harmon Caldwell president of the University of Georgia. Or Amati Inai a found a thrill Quot a Quot �,11 a plenty a Duffy moaned. A the i says the newspaper Guys Don t be Lieve he did no to know a thing about yesterday the new hands i this and they Ain t even talking to go to work Duffy and grime him and if i know Sam Golden with the paint Crew while Eddie bes tearing out his hair for fear work out. Cavalier Rebuff Val maybe Boycott the fight Effort to make Friend. Mike a but that ainu tall a Duffy Connelly Tell \ Al that Availer has continued. A the state boxing Cora the stuff that make champions Mission had to be notified of and that so will be changing her course and they demand that we bottle a of pint atol / milk Lighthouse Cleanser a x 2�6� 59 Abdo Vitamin capsules in i limit 2 magnesia it you re always Welcome at Walgreen drug stores on Smit Thura Timy i pc q in cd rat re a red to1 i Vic Iii i. Lar let Friday a saturday or. West is tooth paste Ponds creams 28 fac size�?s4oz. Jar. Limit i Waldorf get your Fae so movie film at Walgreen s pm a scam lathe Oil Yih the us f Sac pan c b a a a a a m my or arum turn or urn or Moor Wemtz to Climax a it la Pap who j., tot Row a go a a by toilet Tibb lie limit 2 Barbaso 75� shave Cream limit i in in in a in a 4 43 sweetheart i a. It toilet soap limit 3.ama Jedi a spa outdoor needs of Jpn Mommp wit j j Bibb o con Ash sen of a Ltd a a Olive tablets ifs 4ke facial tissues bum �00. 24e r a recreation i soft Bau a to �n�non07m 25 Boz of Oye to has playground soft Ball 12 Lack tit of it Cavett. Of to Oji few Tough 0 Long 0 True 3 far 72a 12 fsr 2.50 Johnny Bulla Long driving professional golfer averaged 312 Yard with 12 to do Golf Ball. It Quot free levs poet fact aa4 Toff with parc Fate it Laws Philip $1 Angelus lipstick. 79 or. Lyons tooth powder Sfa rim f Jalc limit i. Ali Ioc Lux soap Flake 2 for w Awa limit i a j Molle Shaw a Cream in of Rizk. To bag of too marbles with i Varat a Iii s fete tart a o of Ball bearing roller skates 98 speedy and sturdy with leather Satrapa. Lon Warneke fielders Glove i ii or. Model of selected horse hide. Hiva wild Root hair tonic i it tic ii we 1.00 size it / no Black Walnut a French Vanilla ice Cream quart just rite cleaner is a. W Aas can 19 pesto Bis Mol �,0up Tai Ai pot cd Anro Iscaro. 2 Louise Shuler Ruth Leonard Ruth Moore Jaunita Murphy Mary Frances Murphy Helen j med the hag one terrific punch and Payne Alica Proctor Vernell pol ident powder am a 30c size24 flex formerly Rcd package a super suds Loc size limit 3. N own 31sc Prosak or. Razor Blades c 25 cod is my bottle Tibbs a Iyer Oil 79 soc Dame nature Cream lotion new Unive y uni Flash Quot Wjk h candid Type y camera with synchronized detachable hath uses 10c a 95 Bim. A Aurea perfect pictures in any Light Day or night. Automatic bulb ejector new i action h Alk Alizer to Mac nos a a a Acta Inoise Stion for 4 a morning Antis a minor Colis Xiv a i Rich. De i in iou a velvety moot be. Today. In 4-ms size. 47 Vivus Spring cold nose sets Salle Wear and tear on Hankie and your note j use kleenex soft Dit potable tissue to. Of too Clcil 200. J absorbing. Junior. 70 1.25 size. ,. A to Bayer aspirin tasl1ts Murine for the Eye Zon i the anti septic peps Dent liquid dentifrice Jergen s lotion of chapped Shin a. Squib b s Mil of magnesia. Fitch shampoo Dandruff Penoyer 12 a i too a i save 12c 59c 41c h or i -o7 save 49c 89158 21-01. J 1 4-or save 23i 79150 i of i 3-o. 10c 39 Sot. 49c 29e 19e t. K Kolonos 39 tooth paste 50c size tube a a Solitt Ory skis probity 36�?T yeas Foan 29c tablets 50c size Pinkham 8 compound. 84c Iff size updo ii a is Al 9 in la x f i Aff Eno Salt take at 7 Relief by 8 f 60c size 49 Sale Pound tobaccos velvet Raleigh Prince Leader a g. Washington. 59c half a Naif 66c Choc bar Economy size my a my am free Ioc hand lotion with 3 bar of Cashmere bouquet soap 40c value Quot i cd All for. Dum 1.10 size hoppers Cream 79�?~ 35c size Amolin powder 31c 40c size Fletcher Castoria 31c 75c size Acridine powder at 3sc size fas Teeth powder 29c cold tall fat Clear again 23c i la pro. Meads pablum 39 16-01.1 save 89il78c i la. Dark is allium seed 27� chamber Lains Sot lotion 42c 35c size italian Balm 29�?~ 25c size anacin tablets 19 35c size sloans liniment 69c j 59c Carton 30 anti comic amp Book a baby Quot matches nipples Frh rubber. Quot

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