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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 2, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Mue four the High fount Enterprise a pig Forte Center of Industry High Point North Carolina High Point Enterprise i bushed Ltd Noons and sunday mornings j. P Rawley. Publisher 1915�?1937 it Ujj. Terry president i it a. Rawley Sec a and treat. Imam Mett a. Cech Gen. Mgr. Lion of $38,000,000 is called for by congressman. Cochran of Missouri. The amounts approved can doubtless be used to advantage. But one wonders if the Congress of 1939, so Bent on Economy can be the same Congress in this year of our lord 1940. M. Waynick. Editor subscription rates Dally and sunday by Carrier in High Point and nearby towns twelve Montha $10.48 Sui months 5.20 three Montha. $ 2.60 one month .90 one week. 20 camera in nearby towns Are not permitted to collect for More than one Wek in Advance. Carriers in City Are not permitted to collect for a period of More than five weeks. Ii a subscription for a longer period is desired. Payment should be made direct to office. The associated press la exclusively in to Leo to the use for republication of All news dispatcher credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published therein. Member of audit Bureau of circulation entered a Nau. Second class matter at the Post office n High Point n. A. Tinder the act of Congress of match i. 1872. National adv representative Tui John 111 Iid co. 420 Lexington axe. New York City tuesday april 2, 1940. Cd Jhaj Kllc Jet Whoso shed Deth Man s blood by Man shall bus blood by shed for in the image of god made or genesis 9 h. A a a a nor cell nor Chain nor Dungeon sneaks to the murderer like the voice of . The tax exemption of certain Kea Etc the supervise of taxation for Mecklenburg county announces he expected to list and assess for taxation the properties of the Charlotte housing authority. He takes this position despite the fact a Superior court upheld the tax exempting provisions of the state Law in a new Hanover Case. The Mecklenburg Man says he will carry the Issue through the supreme court if necessary before surrendering the county a claim to taxes. In the face of increasing sex i Chi Phons of property from Tho and Valorme levies we have no disposition to rebuke a tax super Viser for a firm stand against further eliminations from the books. Perhaps Guilford county is to Oul it Ltd by exemptions More than top Colenburg since a great Many additional panels of real estate have entered the tax exempt class Iii this county through the foreclosures of certain College endowment funds in recent years. A Conque Rable percentage of business property Falls in this class. A Charlotte is about a year ahead of High Point in the slum Clear nce and Low Cost housing program. If Mecklenburg tests the of fax exemption provision As the supervisor promises the Issue May face settled without the necessity for a similar test in Guilford. I the legislature passed the in ailing author her of video for tax exemption As the peans for local participation with the f ederal government in subsidizing slum clearance. That body is not Likely to repudiate or impair that legislation after contracts were made with the government in Good Faith. J rhe Law is a state wide one and bidding for votes Down Manteo Way while none of the candidates for governor has equalled a. J. Maxwells bid for the vote of dare Tyrrell and Hyde counties in dollars and cents one has proposed an appeasement plan which has about As Many troubles in it As Pandora a Box contained. The Butterfly of Hope is the likelihood that the legislature would ignore any such recommendation As the candidate indicated he might make. We refer to the suggestion of the lieutenant governor or. Horton that the legislature should make special provisions for completion of county seat to county seat hard surfaced roads. A major misfortune for the Road system would be the beginning of the a a legislation of individual roads. True dare has contended that the old Morrison Road Law specified the tie up of the county capitals and that the Law has been dishonoured in practice in some parts of the state but the bes stay to round out a dependable Road system remains the plan of the state to leave Road location to engineers and Road commissioners. Or. Maxwell promised the three Road conscious counties something like six million dollars Worth of construction in four years. Candidate Lee Graveley says he thinks a a direct routes connecting county seats should be built and or. Horton talks of a special legislative provisions to compel such construction. Obviously the three counties particularly interested Are Paramount ing one Issue in this Campaign and the candidates Are recognizing the fact. Things about the judge but the quotation Given brings to the fore a characteristic too often lacking in Public men and still More is it lacking in the voting populace. Courage of conviction and intelligent use of the franchise would go far toward making America a better nation in which to live. With a a Dole. Carnegie author of a How to win friends and influence people tuesday april 2. 1910 cooperation in the census taking theoretically the Federal census taken decent rally is authentic unquestionable. Actually there have been instances of such glaring Inadequacy in the task of counting the folks that communities have secured a recount. We mention the fallibility of the census taker in order to give emphasis to the importance of the suggestion from the chamber of Commerce that All citizens take a personal interest in getting themselves included in the count. The old Zeal for Mere numbers has subsided in the cities As they have struggled often and Long with problems which an excess of undigested numbers complicated. The burning anxiety of each City a few years ago a Humble Mechanic was walking through a factory room of the general electric company where the big punch presses wen1 thudding and pounding and hammering away. Suddenly he stopped and looked around him for he saw something he haunt noticed before that Many of the men working at the punch presses were missing a Finger or two. He had really seen it before but its significance had not dawned on him. The Man walked on thinking about what he had seen. His name was Christian Steenstrup. He had been born in Denmark and spoke broken English. All that night he was haunted by missing fingers. The Humble Mechanic decided something should be done about it. He went Back to the room and studied the great punch presses. He got out Pencil and paper made sketches of them. Then on the in his dining room he made sketches of machines that would do the work and save those fingers. Night after night. Sunday after sunday. Glowing with excitement he showed the sketches to the Foreman. The Foreman looked at him i tingly. The company he said had highly educated engineers to make such inventions when. As. And if. They were needed. But the inventor was so enthused by this time that he went ahead and built one of the machines and took it Back to the Foreman. The Foreman looked at it. He Felt that the fact that such an invention had come from a Humble Mechanic reflected on him. So he fired this upstart. The Foreman wished to pretend that his department was so efficient that it needed no outside help. By a hit of Luck the factory manager heard about this machine which would save fingers and asked to see it. The Humble toolmaker took it to the managers office. The factory manager saw its possibilities the machine was built and put into use. This set the Heads of the company to thinking. Maybe other men had ideas. An idea department was started a a suggestions committee a was created. Christian Steenstrup brought in an idea himself. It made the modern Home refrigerator practical. It created a new Industry. Now encouraged other men brought in ideas. Steenstrup was made chairman of the a suggestions since he started this committee almost a third of a million ideas have been turned in. And about one out of four has been found practical and put to use. The company pays Cash for these ideas anything from $5 to $1,500. Steenstrup himself holds patents. The Winner and still heavyweight Champ v oo0 Fiovo Walter Winchell on Broadway Trad Mik cd pm Wirht. Is. Daily Mirror re i n Etc amp 11 b no it All started because one Man saw other men with missing fingers and decided he would try to do something about it. He was discouraged he seemed baffled and beaten but he kept on. Finally he brought about a Revo my Broadway and ills girl by their idiocy Salt in shall be know them if he makes Little dolls and figures out of the wire that comes off with Champagne corks he a John Jacob Astor. 3rdif he never wears a coat or hat when he goes night clubbing but insists on tipping the Check room cuties a his name is Harry Carey the movie Feller. If every gown she wears looks like a bathing suit she can t help it a she a Dorothy Lamour. If he regales you with the most amusing anecdotes and news about people from his own set and then says he is talking Quot off the record Quot and Evve snakes done to print it a that s John Gunther. If he asks the Headwater at la Conga to sit on his Lap and pose for a photo dont get him wrong he still likes the girls a he a Balmy Manville. If he requests columnists to refer to him As a sportsman instead of a Gambler he a Nick the Creek. If his hat is pushed hark like a it poolroom shark s a and he a waiting for o. Levant to get shaved lies a. C. Vanderbilt. If he has one of his Side kicks leave a night club around 2 Aye with instructions to go to his hotel and bring him a fresh shirt or s not Lucius Beebe the town dude but Hollywood a George Salt. If the girl with him seems bored the Guy must be Ben Bernie. Of you see a Gal staying up pretty late having singing Wai sing Torch songs at her table Don t feel sorry for her. She s i her names Lita Grey Chaplin Day or. Hers or performers apply married and if she Goe come engaged her is out with her for the first time up to the nearest Newspaperman and whispers Quot we be just be a if you can confirm it Quot you can safely Wager the Guy with and her names Elinor Troy. If when his sons urge that we have accuracy in the count and cooperation is needed in this As in other matters. The enumerator is supposed to seek and to find the Man woman or child in every instance but practically he May miss Many unless cooperation exists. Again before this census is finished it it leaves to local initiative action is a a t0 ? hat order it. Impairment of it under each a dual is counted. The Contention that amendment would let a a local legislation is in a probable. Chat applies to Tho tax so Ator Robert r Reynolds of exemption feature As Well As to the North Garima wants to see am lither v ital portions of the act. In Bassadore William c. Bulbul called it through. Wife son Lour you see him in the night clubs every night with some Guy and no women he is Broadway s most faithful husband a John Emery of a a liliom a the Groom of Tallulah. If he s slim and Dapper and gets up every time a Newspaperman enters the place and he says a i want to see you about a couple of things Quot and never does he s that personality James j. Walker. Interested in Senate Dor the circumstances the Appeal to the courts on the Contention that the tax exemption is unconstitutional appears to be Mecklenburg a Only recourse. A a if a flood control on Large scale former president Herbert Hoover was greatly of Jod control. Now that a appropriations sub committee has approved the setting aside of $30,-Oixmxk for general flood control a Fork we wonder if he l willing to applaud or criticise. The Fly in Tab ointment is just this the committee added $44,150, Khz to a House approved appropriation civil functions of which the of Cpd control Money is the major of cd to $14,500,000 is for a third Shi of giant locks at the Panama canal. And above this huge amount a supplemental approx Ria on the carpet and asked about truth of the charges in the German White paper that he said the United states is ready to go to War on the Side of the allies. War Bob we say that he is pro German tit if he has Ever taken any of the German propaganda with even one Grain of Salt the news of the taking has not reached this state. Of judge William Ballard councils Dean of the Catawba county bar who died monday the Hickory daily record says a the wanted citizens to have definite opinions about matters of Public concern and be sufficiently courageous to express their conviction to the end that the people might be in better position to make More intelligent use of their right of the record says Many other Good a what the dragon typefie8 editor. The Enterprise John describes three unclean spirits emanating from the Mouth of the dragon the beast and the false Prophet which would he the personification of foul and treacherous machinations in the last Days. We know that the dragon has always typified paganism. Imperial Rome was its Las stand As a world Empire. The roman faces a bundle of rods with an a prospecting from the Middle of them was the Symbol of lower Over life and Lime in this political Empire of the dragon. The beast is false ecclesiastic ism represented in its Many manifestations and through occult practices. In ancient Egypt. Tibet and in other Oriental or Fontries the Swastika was used As a magic sign or Charm. The false Prophet is easily identified As Mohammed whose followers had As their Emblem the present and Star. The horns of the Moon were turned to the Dexter Side of the shield. Under this sign fanatics tortured raped and hundreds of thousands in Asia minor Europe and Africa. They showed no mercy in their pillage and in the destruction of those who did not agree with them. Here we have the dragon the boast and the false Prophet with their heraldry three sources from which there emanates a spirit of evil afflicting the world today. Can we identify Modem movements and find that the energizing spirit of each originated in the above three sources if we can and at the same time find that each has adopted in whole or in part the ancient heraldry that identification is completed. What arc the facts Mussolini t Oia inned on till if she appears attractively aloof and her norwegian German dialect is As charming As her Figger the Odds Are 1 x to nothing that she a Vera Zorina if he is the most inconspicuous Guy in the place he does no to necessarily have to be Dick Merrill or buddy de Sylva. He very Likely is Sherman Billingsley who merely owns it. If the waitresses Are Lovely dishes too then the Roosevelt Coffee shop. You Are in of he is a thin Little Guy with red hair and he is most attentive girl with him. He a not a Playboy giving her a fast line but of times editors with his wife to the pretty Frank Norris one if he tells the cafe owner to add a corkage Quot to his Check because he brought along his own a a rare beverage Pink Champagne which he totes in a special Case a that s Rudy Valier. And the Quot rare stuff is one of the commonest a purchasable almost any place brands if he a very Short and serious looking and insists in a voice Over six feet High that everybody at the bar have a drink on him he a not trying to make any impression nor is he showing off. He a simply Larry Hart the song writer who has scored As Many hits As Joe Dimaggio. Of the scene is la Martinique and she impresses you As the most Graceful dancer on the floor especially during the cuban numbers and Bronze a she a the managers wife Evelyn Vernon. Her hair i is of she haughtily refuses to lose for a photo in the swankier the Conga line with the rest of the peasants watch the show7 a she a Doris Duke. Pots but joins or sits up on Back of her seat to a i Lier time ten y ears ago local new of Neal a grocery 812 Lindsay Street was entered by thieves last night. The Cash Register was ransacked Booty 24 cents. A High Point will Send a solid delegation to the Republican convention at Greensboro pledged to support o. R. York As chairman of the state executive committee. About people a miss Vera Smith has returned from a Greensboro Hospital to her Home Here. A j. E. Pendergrass is confined to his Home by illness. A the members of the evening circles Central friends Church announce that they will serve a Shad supper tomorrow evening at 6 of clock in the Annex. News briefs a an army of enumerators has started taking the census today. A Josephus Daniel of Raleigh is expected to support Franklin d. Roosevelt As candidate for president. The american monoplane has arrived la Bermuda. Twenty years ago local new a More than 1000 persons from All sections of Guilford county attended the formal opening of the new court House at Greensboro yesterday. The principal address was delivered by Alfred m. Scales of Greensboro. Fred n. Tate of this City paid tribute to the officials of Guilford county and predicted that the citizens of the county would vote $2,-000,000 for Good roads. About people a miss Ruth Garland leaves today for her Home in Roanoke. Va., after an extended visit Here. Oil g. Barnes is taking the rest cure in the Ottar Sanatorium in Asheville. Miss Martha Taylor is recovering from an attack of diphtheria. New Brief this is Good Friday celebrated by christians throughout the world oin remembrance of the sacrifice on Calvary. Trainmen and showmen on the Norfolk and Western railway Are striking in Virginia and Ohio. English Are complaining Over the High Cost of the peace conference. The sure thing bettors Are casually collecting wagers they made that Congress was Only fooling when it pleated Loudy about saving Money. Btu cation hit a on a a bump. Bruce Catton in Washington smash against Plum Bing group key to drive on building costs Washington. April 2. A that 1002-Pound indictment voted in Cleveland against plumbing Trade leaders was not Only the biggest indictment yet voted in the Justice departments building costs inquiry in the eyes of assistant attorney general Thurman Arnold it was also the most important. That a not because Arnold figures the plumbing business is any worse than other parts of the building Industry but because in this Case for the first time a Federal grand jury hit a situation precisely the \ a Arnold has maintain. D it ought to be tonal basis All in one All of the other indictments in this Campaign have dealt with local or regional situations. This one covered the country As a whole or at any rate the greater part of it. It can stand As a Model of the anti Trust divisions idea of the Way to enforce the antitrust Law in that it takes one specific product and covers every step in its Progress from factory production line to the Home of the ultimate consumer. Many complaints were received action of this kind was in the cards even before the building costs Cam iia Ign got started. The department had been getting complaints about the plumbing business for years. De Hodges Arnold a assistant who handled the Case had made preliminary studies off and on for Many months. As soon As the building costs inquiry was decided on it was figured plumbing we Ould be i key part. When Hodges went to Cleveland la of october he had a pretty Good idea of the sort of evidence he was going to get and where he was going to find it. It was printed material and Type script mostly once the grand jury convened in november the Job was largely one of subpoena ing and analysing documents. No Short Cut for consumer. C Harge in substance the department charges a distribution of plumbing fixtures was tightly organized from top to Mot Tom not for purposes of Price fixing but with the effect of making Price Structure More rigid. Manufacturer and jobbers it alleges. Had Mutual agreements jobbers in turn. Had agreements with master plumbers a the contractor who hire the journeymen who actually install the fixtures in a House. And master plumbers Are accused of having similar agreements with the journeymen a Union. Net result according to the department was no Short cuts for the consumer. So called a cd tue shipping a direct to you service from factory to consumer a declined until by departmental estimate it amounted to less than a fifth of the entire business. Just incidentally Tine of the departments important studies of the situation consisted of an examination of the files of one of the big mail order houses. In general Hodges says his men figured the consumer had to pay from 17 to 25 per cent More for plumbing fixtures than he would and open Market. Under a free i time of it Hodges kept Busy w Ith two probes Hodges had a Busy throughout the investigation. Not Only was he in charge of the plumbing investigation he also had charge of the investigation into the building Industry in Cleveland. The Cleveland situation was one of the a a hottest in the country for both jobs Hodges had eight assistants. His Gal said something he didst like. So a Young Swain pulled a Public Telephone off the Wall hopped in his car and sped through the City until he was overtaken by police arrested on eight separate charges. It was Worth it if he got in a last word before smashing the phone. In Izzy keen of he displays a keen interest in every latin looking Lassie and expresses a desire to be introduced he a not a frustrated romanticist but Jot Schenck who hires More beauties than any Man in the we orld. If she uses that Black lip Rouge which does no to become Lier she Isnit Brenda for Axon but one of her countless imitator s. If when she approaches a night club manager and feels she has been imbibing too much and says a hold this for me until tomorrow and then hands him about $2,000 in Small Bills she a not an heiress. She a Lolita Cordoba the Singer. If she a got that Continental manner about her and her Ankles Are the Sha Eliest in the Stork club her names Tamara Geva. If she a spic and Spanish and her frocks Are in grand taste and her Rumba is the envy of the others that s Elvira Rios the cuban Thrush whose song styles Are without equal a and whose orbs Are ditto. If the a kerchief pocket of his coat is on the right Side instead of the left and his a kerchief always dangles from it carelessly and his hair needs combing he a that perennial juvenile critic g. J. Nathan. If the opening night aisle is clogged up by first fighters How de doing a distinguished looking Man a that aconite Nast. If it of see his name linked with a different chorus girl of Powers Model in tile papers every Day a or at least every other Day a it used to be Franchot tone a but now he a Tony Martin. If she a trying o Cut a raw Oyster in two she a Connie Bennett. If he looks like Victor Moore playing the role of a droopy draw ers politician he might in vie at that a but More Likely Sec a of War Woodring who looks More like Victor than Victor does. If he covers his Dainty digits with Canary coloured mittens a he Isnit any Herald Tribune journalist. He a Leopold Stokowski. If he swearing a new Micky mouse wrist watch his name is g. Jesse and its a gift from his finances Lois Andrews who paid $3.49 for it. If she bends too far Back when she is doing the Rumba her names Gloria Swanson. Lissen to the Pernesser. And if you happen to run into a Guy who is aking a Shower with nothing on hut an old do Rev hat done to got geared a it s just producer go Miller. Bread winners hit seems like unemployment is still the biggest question in this country. Most All the presidential candidates got a employment Plank in their platforms but they done to none k ii o w How they going to w Ork out. Roger Babson says there three to four million married women employed. And Best i Kin Tell there a bout that Many unemployed men which would work if they had a Job. So As i see it. The question is who a going to support the family i reckon Uncle Doc was a bout right. He said Quot if a Man s wife rather work than stay Home then the husband should ought to come Home anyhow often enough to change the baby diaper and be satisfied with half what the

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