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Helena Independent Newspaper Archives Mar 19 1939, Page 1

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Independent (Newspaper) - March 19, 1939, Helena, Montana England and France Send bitter notes of denunciation to Germany the weather Montana partly Cloudy sunday and monday Little Cli auge a temperature daily vol. Cents Helena mont., sunday March 19, 1933 associated Prest service Aba feature services n. Y. Stock and Bond list Montana s oldest publication it blankets Helena trading territory ten killed in crash of huge plane act to Stop new my where Independence proclaimed but slovaks found Freedom was Short lived seek russian help reported nazi move against Rumania causes fear s7 the associated for Phi London March Britain and France today sent bitter Denun Chatory notes to Germany for her seizure of c Zycho Slovakia and act cd quickly to Block a reported nazi move against Rumania. Both nations it was said on High authority arc trying to persuade soviet Russia to join them in aiding Rumania to protect herself against a Ger Man threat to her Independent economic existence. Arling almost As a team 111" democracies no Lime in Momii to Cune nil s absorption of Czeti and lie threat to Usmania. J line minister Chamberlain to cd Back from Birmingham Hnidj inc did of r a Modem sub a Ioir Cabinet Fust sat urday Schmon of Trio Cabinet Unco Ufi cars september crisis. Dill Krencs Premier Daladier from his Hammer of deputies approval of his plan to Isle France by a Prece fac need dictatorial Powers until november 30. Lie called a j meeting for tomorrow at shows displeasure economic retaliation for unlawful act of seizure Independence proclaimed in this ii nil of rare Iamont in lie capital. In Hie of the thin Semi autonomous Slovakia s diet pictured Here Joseph also alien Premier now pro Mim Persid Giitl is seated to Laird from left. Next to him is or. Acid mail Yuirai icky foreign minister. The uniforms Are those of the la Lanka Inard slovak fascist organisation. German Home from great Britain protests flatly rejected m Tariff 25 per cent Washington March the heels of the state department s strongly worded denunciation of Germany s absorption of Czecho Slovakia the Treasury ordered an extra 25 per cent Tariff today on Many products that the Reich sends to this country. A Treasury spoke Man announced the action said it was taken ult the stale department s knowledge but refused comment when re cd if it uns related to continued on 2. It Ivas expected be called tip to Jom the powerful i reach Anne. Off Cuil Fol Lowed the diet Ash mib Nicl acct lip but. It slated Llinat the Kokemon dealt a re continued on Pace 4 huge Bull Moose holds up traffic on Road an hour Boz Man March hit Bull Moose possibly an old fail once animal a bib Ucli Ovid there wag no need for Mono Olira Tion of Arr rial highways by Aulo Hhd up traffic on a s. Id ton Miles North of West Yellowstone near to Yellowstone National Park line for nearly an Lour today by standing in Tho Middle of a Bridge. The big animal held up several Rirs before one motor let slowly sneaked up close to it with Bis much line id intermediate and then gunned the motor to slip by be fore the Moose could Plant itself in front of the sch Lyle other motorists tired of waiting for Chr in mrs to return to the watercress Beds in nearby Creek followed Berlin March 15. A cum Goirn mint Rural Ltd to Lirl Tatt to nip lit to Innon a or porn he same limn it that. Or nil any i jul or proles is presented the Fri Tosh ant 1 Ronch Anil Seadorn Jiffy list of s i action in absorbing Bohemia Nyrl j Tho Brief announce Intel m Holcli accompanied the summoning Lio inc j of ambassador Herbert von Dirk sen from London said the ambassadors of great Britain Aud Franco were inform d that uie Cor Man government could not in Lelutin the nazi troops arc amazed at Stony czech reception Prague March sonic go Nim troops today at Tho icy Grix Tiisik to f Gumc Ilijin As they Cru Plarl and adorn run. Thoy sold Thov thought they were coming Lierck to quell a revolution and were that they Scro not Given a Grant Welcome. Trio Geniau soldiers of them from j8 to 20 a cars Pood Rols Ralpl liar. I proof sep Sinco Ulicy Lac ked every i political Irgal and moral basis it wan Maddt Rov Oral hours after i sir n eve Lac Ilii Dornon dirt Isle am in Horlis took a train i to London to report to Bis j in int on in Central Kurop. In had a Lola Loit the foreign office rec Ehud notes Fiorin London and pans earlier to any chaining that the erasure of was ill Gnu and a violation of Trio Munich agreement. Will in All Europe anxiously watched the lengthening Shadow of the Swastika Adolf Iii tier Rode from Vienna amid tumultuous i oils to a Porret stopping place on his Way to Merlin. Lie loft to lieutenants the task of imposing the nazi will on and ironing out relations with Slovakia Germany s now protectorates. The fuehrer was expected to make a triumphal entry into Ber Coull Nudd of Page 2 hungarian troops Complete occupation of the Ukraine Block roads into Rumania Tivadar car Patho Ukraine on rumanian March 18. Troops tonight Orvii Pulloni of on Stern a Patio urn Lar i icing nuni Ailin Mil began Hlex Al Najj roads into he uvula. Tho main Road in Tho of astern nost sector sol cd by a column Ler colonel Daron Unger was locked with Tho trunks and mryc Delro to a. Do nah of a Quarter of a mile Hack from the Border Roopa dug deep ditches on either Ide of the Road. An estimated hungarian Roopen in Eastern Rel Henna Lone for an undisclosed purpose. Well Raul Ppd excellently uniformed and equip Iod they were pouring into Tho astern area where Concrete roads ice Llata Progress even by the ctr lit trucks. The Roada were Bains blocked it was sold to Stop All traffic Ith Rumania. The Frontier How can car Patho ukr Alno Kun Lucnia and Ilum Nln hns no fool mentions and Tho Lilyh ways built by cd Echo Silva Ken had born meant for Tho use of Kim Nolan if Czecho Slovakia needed Hippo re. Now Hungary beef los by his system it highways and excellent railway lines. Caryalho ukr Alno his Hren Al most completely cleared of czech troops by i Ltd fast moving Hun Garian units but ukrainian irregular bands hiding in Mountain recesses still Wero holding out. Tho vast number of hungarian troops had orders to Speed Tho pacification of the corp Soho us Ranc. Interpreted As a sign that they would to urgently needed on the rumanian front or. Large patrols of hungarian infantrymen were scouring the Ilu Bordon search for wild Man Slayer still is unsuccessful Powell Wyo. March a Veteran Wyoming Short of ignoring the liar shooting reputation of Karl Durand 26, wanted for the slam Long of to o peace in stored and searched u Lanch House Lalo today where Tho fugitive with believed to he hiding but found no Trace of him. Sheriff Frank Blu cumm who was in California getting a prisoner when his d. M. Baker and Charles k. In Fla pro shot Loduth thurs Day Naglit took clip Fitt of tic search for Jurand Jin mud lately. To led a group of armed men on in r House a Bro Durand s Only close final to nation stepping air defences to War time basis Washington March the govern mint dlr loved today it was stepping up to almost War time aped production of planet and training of. Pilots. The air corps announced it was beginning an intensive nationwide recruiting Campaign intended to double the in ii a output of Mili tary pilots without waiting ror the Start of another program in sep tember to give primary training to College students annually. The War department announced that tests would to seeded to permit a Quick Start on mass production of attack bombers. To arms program already approved by Senate mid Bouse includes to build Tho to have speeds no least approaching six Miles a minute. Build meant from the works Progress administration reported it had expended More than in Relief Roll wages for construction of aviation facilities useable in event of colonel k. C. Harrington . Administrator said that during Tho latin to Rico and one half years 154 now nor norms bad been constructed of tensions or improvements Amdo to 494 others and of air navigation aides placed throughout country Friend a in year Ohl boy. In filed. Many believed Kumud to hiding out in the hopi by Only a mile from Durand s own Home. A thorough Brj Icli of the tailed to reveal the raw meat Lov ing Durand who fled with four rifles and some ammunition Clur the Aho Oling. Sheriff Blackburn took the boy into custody but failed to Jearus anything from him As to Laurand a Horea Bouls. A ordered the boy held in the Powell ally jail for further questioning. Tho boy s Mother mrs. Gvist Knoppe who was in thu House was questioned at length tonight. She could provide no off leers Radium belonging to or. Berg lost in dump is found ten thousand dollars Worth of Radium was recovered from the City dump yesterday after laying there a week. It belongs to or. David t. Juerg who lost it when he inadvertently threw it away with a patient s discarded dressing last week. The Radium was found by Arthur j. M. Johnson professor of physics and Arthur Dye associate professor of civil engineering both of Montana slate College at Hoyc Man who used a Geiger Muller photo electric cell which is energized and lightened by any radio Active substance. The apparatus includes a microscopic arrange ment through which the professors could Sec electrons moving whenever the cell was near the Radium. The in Tensity of the electrons motion was in proportion to their nearness to the Radium. When the men had come within about 100 Square Lect of the was contained in a capsule about the size of a Pencil electrons moved rapidly. Gradually the professors and or. Berg came close enough to the Radium to Start digging. Each wheelbarrow full of debris they removed from the dump was carefully tested and eventually the search was narrowed Down to one wheelbarrow. The next task was to sift out All the debris and find the Radium. They succeeded. The Radium is in five Needles each Needle neighing it milligrams and valued at approximately night Speed limit of 55 Miles Slaw Lugi s 1 at 11 re takes Steps to make roads safer Mihm set Hack a file in pm the Loci Opal Zinc Tho nerd for rec ulu Ory leg1mntlon on Moi Lana s death to tote or in wary Iii cd nil ended Assam Lily wis total at Lea is two to rho fall Ltd r Jarl twin week those sport off he Ith. Two measured when f. Lite self War of Tho prob of str Lopre rave i5otl Laws Are fashioned to meet he difficulty offered by Ultra mod Ern can motors pn1nc truth continued on Pago 2. Accident is quite accommodating to pair of salesmen Baldwin Park calif., March is. An Nordt it May any argued in salesmen Rjay i Innis and of Johnson to their Talent. David c. Phillips an they Ittoop in his front a Natl. 1 Hll Mpa fell at their feet wounded by a Bullet which ricocheted after a neighbor idiot at m Gopher. Preceptor is organized by Demolay group Rhing test err nine at my Mon Tana Rutlt for their in Tinl dinner Helena Mem Hor. Of the Teflon of Honor Ortler of pro any. Orion it Helena Proe Ettory and elected f. K. Ulm by Lead or wrap Tor and will Mort lean wer Tarj. Or Polo of Tho Orrin Lailon to Kepp in touch m Atli Ono another and to Welcome to my local group legionnaires who come hero from other cellos either to reside or to a left. Those Olio Tho dinner last or Nung in addition to or. I Limby ii in Attr. Mortinan were untold k. Anderson a he Kallyn and c. W. Curtler no Tudor i. Tilla Viii and John Kan honorary Forloni Marps mayor Albertj Llo Heits Coosa of Honor and Tho following invited guests bes a Ike master councilor of h. D. Day chapter Sidney w. Mill cont Nudd on 1 age 2. Premier Daladier is voted unprecedented dictatorial Powers to Cope with crisis Paris March 18. Up the chamber of deputies voted Premier Daladier unprecedented dictatorial Powers tonight As informed quarters disclosed French British move to enlist soviet. Russia s Aid in a triple front against German economic pressure on Rumania. The sweeping decree Powers Daladier demanded to enable France to move As fast As the dictatorships passed by a vote of 321 to 264 in Tho chamber. Senate approval at tomorrow s by Ballon was considered foregone conclusion. In another move to put. The nation s defences in order the pro ruler called an emergency Cabinet session for tomorrow at which members of parliament said he would ask approval of decrees Call ing to colors special from a number of military service Clit Mia. Rumania ready French sources said mean Whlon that King Carol of i Lumanda Hurt advised Britain and Frann of willingness to resist Adolf Hitler s eastward drive if they could provide markets Tor rumanian exports of which Germany now in Tho greatest purchaser. The rumanian Monarch was said to have asked Paris and 1-Omlon for a reply within 48 hours on what Hitler. Foreign Luj Sporl they could give against the nazi thereupon the two governments these sources Nat asked Moscow if the soviet Union would join them in buying from. Rumania to Block minister Georges Bon net conferred in Quick succession with the rumanian ambassador former Premier George tatars cd British ambassador sir Eric Phipps and Jacob sults soviet ambassador. Tho chamber s final vote of approval on the decree Powers which would give Daladier dictatorial Rule until november 30 was the fifth Voto of Confidence received by the Premier id a single Day s session. He nosed Tho question of Confidence for the fourth time when he asked Tom chamber to reject a leftist amendment to a Hill which would have prevented interference amendment was rejected 321 votes to 261. Political parties ban pub lie Moc Longn and newspapers pro Long life or dissolve it wait or the morgue to Call us. Or virtually put France in a state of mobilization without obtaining parliamentary approval. New stratosphere ship Falls during first test flight Boeing liner seems to break up in air victims include some of Foremost aviation experts of nation and two members of Netherlands air Alder wash., March persons were killed including two officials of dutch airlines when a four motored 33-passenger air plane designed to operate through the sub stratosphere plunged to Earth near Here during a test flight today. Among Hie victims were the assistant general manager of the Royal dutch airlines and a half dozen leading american aviation experts. The huge Airliner broke in thres pieces and crashed a Lett the Pilot Mill fighting his controls and Ullh passengers in Al Lent volition All aboard were killed instantly. The dead Peter Guilonard assistant Gener Al manager of Royal dutch airlines and Loa Ier of an air Mission 10 the United slates. A. C. Von Baumhauer of the jul re line and second Mem Ber of the mls blon. Julius Barr Boeing Pilot. Eye witnesses Tell of crash of great liner tills Amer wash., March is. Serral Ryo in Ihian i Siren loaning cuing Urilt Tol l a oilily of so lib the my Kohir Sini Iollar o Nirelli killing nil i Bonne. San nary Scurlark a firn for p. Aid i min or Host a Natl Ondr of from 8.000 to fort milking r in mar Thirn or nil or part of it came off and to Star Ltd into it Larrol Roll. In ii Iii into a Irrl Lral pm Vrr mings Olpt of Yards up Iho Hill from hit Don Chrtt Riisom a Mechanic Ivelio mid ii first the plane about fret up said that All of a sudden a motor and pan of the left Uli if my there Mats a puff of Anion a from lie motor he forc it fell continued 011 Page 4. Buddy Rogers says Only Way for Young people to arrive is to work constantly and work hard and Tor mar personal Pilot Lor Mudkins Chiang Kai Shek. Earl a. Ferguson Boeing lilt Pilot. Ralph cram boning Agroda Nam lab expert. John Kylstra. Boeing chief near. A Lellam Doyle. Boeing test Pilot. Harry c. West jr., Boeing Foro 111 an. Marian Hull chief Tobt Pilot for transcontinental and Watern air. Not explained presence of the dutch Mission aboard the plane Iraa not explained continued on Page 2. Buddy panned Lime lion to discuss the Lii Liiro of swing Mill Tho of Joung in Iii enter Minnii no world. Illicitly starred on Trio Randlo and and in tic movies Lins Linin lifetime of experience As an Imp rear had Ilia Pouk just Iii talking pictures ruined scores of Brilliant careers and it c a turbulent period of change and con Heartt just Defoe appearing no a Dante in the civic Center in Helena last night he recalled his earliest Star ring moving picture. Paramount on in a Heth was billed with Nancy Carroll Rob in 1928. Many new stars to to getting worse Oil the time. America has Tho Best entertainers in the More of Luero. The technique is constantly 1m prove air too. There is no standstill. A Phi Formor must keep studying Aud working and giving everything lie has to ills Job. 1c he does to somebody else the Only plan be suggested for Young Talent in Montana or any other locality to arrive to keep working. "1 can t impress these youngsters tiredly enough that they be got to continued on Page 2. And Lillian Hava been created since then and Many have fallen. Somo of Tho leading ladles of 1928 today Are struggling i aug rally for bit parts in Hollywood. Competition is Butley explained last night and it seems poisoned pork is stolen from car morgue watched Tacoma wash., March watched the City morgue today for the possible sequel to Ivan w. To Llama s report that a Louin Nave prevent in . Chunk of poisoned pork Ullh Public Liberty by decree. The had been Etolen from his Automo bile. There enough Poison in the by the terms of Tho Bill he could meat to kill an entire Bald detective Captain Cliff Osborne. Tubero e not much to can do but Totland he Bud intended to use the meat to exterminate skunks living under his bold legislation for railroads is said last resort new York. March Fomo leading Railroad and Wall Street hankers suld today they wore studying a new holt1 plan for Railroad legislation a last resort to stave off nationalization in some recent news from Washington Bibb convinced them they said Shaf railroads would obtain Only piece meal temporary help from pending legislation and that remedies remaining under consideration out of those originally proposed would do Little More than postpone a Fate they Are now coming to fear is inevitable. One internationally known Danker Active in Railroad affairs for dec Ades summed the problem up this Way a whole generation of Railroad management executives has grown up so calloused to regulation that it seemingly Haa forgotten that Only real alternative to National a tto ii in some form ii real manage Helena voters go to polls monday to make selections in six Man Council race Helena voters will eliminate at least four of Pic hex for Trio City Council during toting to Morrow in polls in City wards which will lie open from 8 o clock in the morning to 0 at no not. The in order of registration Aie incumbent Amos w. Hollady Perry a. Mocq Afflick Georgc Hoffman Richard a Tobin. Forrest h. Anderson and Noble p. Evans. Or. Shillady s position As commissioner of Public safety parcs May 1. Or. Evans also la a Council Veteran Nerving previously As commissioner of Treela. Urgent Rcd according to registration luts which closed february 2, 1939, a total of Are eligible to cart ballots tomorrow. It one candidate should poll a majority at All tote cast in the primary the Aneta Rafal aspirant automatically Wald be come a member of the ctr Council and Tho City election scheduled for april i will not be run off. City clerk Victor Kesller pointed out yesterday. He explained that such a possibility is improbable became the six will Allt the hold considerably. Unless no Candida to receives a majority the two Bleb est ranking will compete at the final City election. Or. Keasler Bald to anticipated approximately half of a filtered voters probably will go to the Polli tomorrow depending to a treat extent on weather. At last election for councilman approximately 1.100 counted. When both a councilman and a mayor voted m last year approximately were cart. Habit Llalon to and for both i Mary and ctr election we Raa Verdar win in. Hlinak a i

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