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Galveston Voice (Newspaper) - October 22, 1932, Galveston, Texas Galveston. Texas saturday october 22,1932 dumber 40 your read with shame of the. Wanton killing of five maybe six negroes by what your Nice whiteness Asa so it lies As a Man paper writers called a a pm ask a be i Jon for lives so he Dies a mrs. Ragnis Gibbs sure Alsed at anything that happen soft., Nee Austin is dead the loved a in some Parte of your ten Clef in a do in in. And Loving wife paed after woman-1 Well when posses do the killing a you i hoods hour had touched noon and never hear of a any one being tried were fall toward the murders and what it is the West. Mrs. Gibson waa one of some Day Thia nation in will become l members of Avenue Tob civilized to wantonly take human Al , and was a member life. Even your local papers failed to of six fraternal organizations and Sec play up the killings of the unfortunate retard of five of thei Toj a negroes. Maybe they. Are. Hang big j the hundreds attending the funeral we notice i them sending Rion around j evidenced the standing of the deceased at Quot night to ask Lobred Foik if they a in. Foe Coin Unity. Or. H. Wil the paper or if they want to and1 hams pastor Dolive fed the funeral believe solicitors Ara Sermon and Laid High trib Tita. To mrs. Very very polite Gibson As a worker and a woman of integrity. Surviving Are a husband four Broth ers and three Sisters Atuk other rela Tives. I. Of a s a funeral services were Quot held from when Folk want something yowl have they change overnight sometime. A Quot a a a of ,1\ i a it _ Community Chest a soon tribute to a Worhty cause the c6m a of the court a Chest a a i West end undertakers. A a a a a i had charge of service per. Times Are hard but not too Hart ,. To share what you have with some a a body less fortunate than yourself. There is one Man a Wom an knows what Liea ahead in the Conr. Ing years some of those who gave to help others in recent a years a will this year be in the receiving end of the contributions. A Stich is life. / a Man May a be Rich today and a tomorrow. Negroes should officers for . D an a wifi Fefe the body selected makes in the future Yah depend on Quot i ,. A 1 tirely on the Type of. Leadership pro Quot a a. Quot Quot Quot. Quot present Day Quot Phil in r Ewe save alumni induced froth the ranks of present Day a a Tooi Vinna eco i Nwe Tingry gently and the four wide of of the East tej Messee no a he do filers forthe year were elem in a r ruin ered the it w. Hilliard a Presidio in a a a Alex the saturday Jet Enin a six a no a re a a Hgt a a in a re tank it lira. Al. Yin re Rufli san. . New spa a a of a. And unless a to la of ghz unselfish ,_mr3. Dailey Earnest and honest emerge mrs. C. L. Wilson mrs. . Wells and c. A. Oler. 1 is Quot from1 a the Quot stinks of Rev Quot intelligent Young men of today thei Irace is Hope Jesslyn lost. A a a a a twelve millions of negroes watched with bated breath when those who Senatobia miss a spin Mississippi Whites residing Here threw,off,1 their mask of supremacy and. A superiority and went on a rampage Here m6hdayt�?~ef this week and literally Slaughter a,.family-.of, five def Onset less negroes which included Man his wife anti their Young 1 the of pass eve befit. On Lynching Jesse Williams 45-yeetv�?T-old Nef Tov accused of killing a1 Deputy sheriff Lirrie or fast to the Home of judge Crawford where Willians was reported hiding. A according to the report made by the posse to the sheriffs office Here members of Tho Crawford family relisted search Arij vere shot by Mem. Beds of Thev the report to the she Rifle a. Office said judge Crawford opened fire on one of the s posse then Max flood wounding him in the head. The posse then opened fire on the negroes killing 1 five of themis they include judge Cranford his wife mrs. Annie Crawford two sons and h i son in Law. A a Williams is believed to be a relative posed As leaders approached the pres of the or ident of the United st so last wok his Daught i Aifiti Iriece Are in jail hoping that Sonie a a a psf a build be a Erk the Are relieved to be a wit Iftode to the nations chief executive asses to the spying of Deputy Wil Fox a definite expression concerning Liams. Jav a the adoption of legislation that would e if f i pauper rally to the cause and it make a pro Dit s. A. Haynes somebody else. There will never come a Vifa Sis will fail to return they tar be qpl6s off literature. Its Proy Peys Hance had helping others Quot in a mind fit Dity has ignited the flames of in when he Aid a it is wore blessed to. G generation and banished ignorance give than received Tiff t \ i a and Aupee Stitten Njong a Coward Rac a is Oil a a. A leg thu histories of s a la Follette social scientific religious economic your Burely 1 Wei a Rritt surprised at Ond Polit Clai ,.baqueathadlo thevwisconsinsehato3rrgivinl�o3 sup p�/ir.y."�?T? a a a or p�fseg., port to or Roosevelt. That so map or ln8l>irild re As Arch to Noih and re Littica family trait.1 like father like si5e9t for culture son. La Folly the is supposed to be a is perpetuated through re publican or rather he is elected As the channels of language and Litera a member of that party All of them Ture and that Quot touch of nature which have a habit of doing just like to be a makes the whole world Kin becomes Pleasic party regularity does no to Liean a Chall Efig to Many a. Prowess and in anything to the we known . Where to Jeruc it is Igi trance Cly to a. _ _ a primitive cleavage i that influence a la few a to logo the. So Teri to re tet pm brother who happens to be governor a of the state was beaten for follow Tim find you will hear irom him in the very near future. La Follette is the one senator who Cali. Support any candidate iof any office and sleep sound when he goes to bed at election time f or himself he gets his. Job because he happens to be who lie is and because he of steadfastly re fuses to be a cog in machine politics by tiie time he goes to Bat for his Job his kid brother. May be holding another important officer j Hoover talks or. Hoover is getting about the country almost each and very week end. Done to worry about the election a Roosevelt will run a Nice race but you never can Tell can you ? digest his Detroit spgechf4t is now history. As election Day nears the president is making Job Ettje speeches All the members of Hig Ca Jinet who can talk at All Are on the. War path for votes Hurley is Quot having plenty to say. He likes a the Job Ana is one of hoovers chief advisers the a a demos Are still trying to raise some Quot Money and that a what is going to be needed on both sides As they hit the stretch. Silent Cal Coolidge spoke in Madison Square Garden a few nights ago. True Romance of the Ages the great adventure of life Are immortalized in the eternal embers of literature. Racial literature aids self respect if we Are to redeem the negro from literary bondage. And release his reasoning Powers from the tentacles of alien cull tre we must first restore1 his self re spent a through racial education of his own literati Irp and Environ in enc slaves to those whose creeds and philosophies guide our mental development. Bring worthwhile recognition and pro Jeesie of a Tisz a Claud Mckay James Teci Tion for our nor ,?1 we Eldont Johnson a. Is. Bratli wait Porter declared �?obut1 the keen counte6yculleh,v1le3lfe�l,r Hill a Ovet a their miserable 801v, Eron Frankert Fra aft i Ltd a Riff Star Birwe so lauds Washington s let de amp in ton. F a possibly no Osiier prominent inc a Bittence Una for acid Phyllis of the negro. Rce Canie in for a joyrjmtii3t occupy lac6s of a greater share of unde served critic a i Rev Ely bomb. Sch Tim Andt instil did the late Booker to washing re Mostrato ton but men of All races at Home and abroad Joo a Back on his Wise iwi3.etfhe advice As the. Roost beneficial that the newspapers and magazines indispensable. Negro newspapers magazines. And. A a ,. A. ,.7 i. I human family was offered during the jews dials must be read rely our Lypp a vips few a pm h we Are to know and respect the by America Quot As Tell As a Europe Sia truth about ourselves. No negro Home and Rica Are fast ado Gung his to should be considered Complete with outta reference Library devoted sex Fli Iii Ely to negro literature by the negro a a and unbiased White authors Gram a of life As Quot tie a most practicable and feasible a the Speker continued. A since the passing of doctor Washington has appear Don i a e Eor, foe race and the in cd be who aspiration of our �?Tchtiari5e�?ontw#1?,s? t i Ltd a. I. I min Vono ant at fun m Garner Tiff ii re a take Down the pictures of White heroes and heroines of White gods and a or gels from the Walls of our limps churches and Institute Jeri Pic Tures of honorable ride the race out Quot of the Greaves Lipstate of confusion that has Ever confronted it and today we find the crumbled ruins of a Many negro business institutions that were established by successful. A Ratie. Party both a Casis we re won Tain a re lit Ina a i��j3 a a i in men1 Befort foe United Staiti supremo he a a in a a a Wedin if cd okie th4ioted-v�p�rt-l- a a 1 in my tire ill fit a a a nor 1111� a a a Joni. A a a a s a Al _ pm negro men and to met part ice Larl gape and assist a. Fance of the a wizard of to Slege inefficiency rampant in to liar laces pro those who blazed Tho Way up from slavery a of Black heroes and Heidi news. In their places. Power of visualizations tabs the_s0�l Ana quickens the senses. The Herp worshipper turns to literature to in fur opinion that was the turning de to discourage Vaud dishearten Point in the once. America has Plen him a has titanic struggle against to respect for the words spoken or written of the former president and where two re a Seji Mere or Jina it the la a no nil re about his hero and High other a subs vie pm to live Side by Side we must become literary Radi imbued with the same passions and cals if we wish to whet the appetite desires the. Same Hopes and. Aspira of negro youth for negro literature tons the literature of the dominant it is about the most effective Quot a Way to race is a dedicated the Quot us purge ourselves from wit Hirt kill the priority Complex a where it is made a inferiority Complex a and restore our applicable to the subservient race in its self respect. Scientific sociological and historical we music auguate our own sys. Relations to the rest of Marlynd it te�4��?zof eds cation Fiorin our own Phi reps a with the,.doctrine of. A Fen re a Why write our own history pre i Quot things. Unless Therefoi-.,. our Iown literate i a. If we Lack foe. Despised race Deye Lopes and pre the a a Thi it courage to tackle the task serves its own literature for iii5pi?a foe we Lii ust be Content with being Tion of its Niem Bers and foe enlighten Wor a its got the Happy ment of. Public opinion foe,tenefslav�,0f, izati0n<, inferiority goes unchallenged and fiction becomes a it educational system discouraging the negro is the victim of a vie. Ious. Educational system i primarily de him in his titanic struggle against world prejudice and National selfishness a system which labels him As a Scourge of society an Accident of thousands attend i s special Day for race at state fair dress and you can Tell who will be foe next president. November the 8th is just around the Way. To Art Long time can and will alter All things. This year a Republican is making the race for the Job nov held by Hon. Opinions the philosophies of his White Clay Stone Briggs. His name is Art a masters As expressed through their i Ona. Anro he Tinius from chamber languages and literature this a fess ional life and religious and Educa. Tiona institutions with a Lew exceptions gasping for breath because of ineffective and dishonest spa with thousands of race people in attendance negro set nov is a amp Zsuz a a a a a a of i so a a a a a a a a a a another speech like the new York and White a Man a a a favored a son of god grated it the exposition Here on Mon. Lord. Of. The univ esp. The history fed Day a of this week. One of the Large to White people through their Educa-1 est crowds to attend the fair in ii a Tiona system is a faithful fighting and bloodshed of pillage l b 8101? is particular Day appear and Conquest in which their ancestor de to m attendance were always right and always Oij the Stellar attraction of the Day a a a toe new Erent luf Idigo the vim a it football game Between Wiley court Grants new writ to National. Benefit company Washington d. and a the District supreme court Here at the request of Gilbert and for talk b. Byran jr., Recei Viri of the National Benefit life insurance company has issued an order permitting the receivers to refuse Rob a8ept premiums on i policy Ely Fred in Tiffy a animation Whei a policy., holders refuse to accept the modified plan which the receivers have put in Vogue. A Larce percentage of the policies held by policyholders have already been modified. Others have refused to accept the plan which is in effect tie issuance of 9 new policy at the present age of policyholders with premiums adjusted a. Cording to which in the Quinn for sheriff club Mot last Friday night it Progress Hall in a of Riua a. A crowd estimated at Between lbp.2f 0, Wipf ii Rijkent and heard various Speal cers extol foe Independent candid Date for4 sheriff and Cito divers Orisons Why the a Decroi should go to foe polls on the >8th of a november next. Prip of ,?.speajterp, called Tho a Ili Einice Vito ask and some of the Fellows clapped their hands As far As to could Tell from where to sat there was Only one a a boy in the House and boys can to vote i Texas the feature of the evening was foe address of or. R. H. Stanton local dentist. Most of Tho coloured speakers appeared before Tho doctor among the am a were a. It Buhi Sjohn Mason George Brown and Alex Jackson who is chairman of the Quinn for sheriff club. Stanton said among other things i a a a i would rather see i Quinn Quot elected sheriff than either., candidate elected a president of . It. Hoover did t say anything about be Grep and their right to vote even though the supreme court had said they would veto in Texas 1 a soft Bod Engin re for the democrats july. 26,. I won t be Good it ngh november the 8th i am Sot tit hireling l believe or. Qui to should t by elected and i am supporting g him beat use to is our candidate.? slave who assisted it struggling a you is honoured in North the Nightingale Boyl so Cir a g made up of youth of the younger of. Isje. Negro society is Sponn ii the a Ppel Rahee Here of the nationally renowned a Mckinney s Cotton 3i zohe3ity.�?~aum liar it Quot i 4-pi�ce orchestra is numbered among the big-10 orchestras of radio admission will be 50c, including Federal tax. It. . Object of the club to give the pm a Ltd st enter Tainer put Inako ii Jav a g Mer of Otto Villa i11. And a a memorial program in Honor of George Washington one time slave was. Hold Here Heel up �?dr.,l. A. Nixon �1 paso Phr Siciu i formally a won. His b �55qoo do mag a suite against Eleetia t of a Dow pf2tjte / a a my ratio Mary Jere up Day for. I. Recently the Observance is fist James Condon election judges who the is m crypt declined to permit or Niju on to Voe. A a because to waa a negro settled the Case Foi foe a Tfir a tit stipulated above that of his former master or. Silah Hamilton. White and Colo red. Citizens of Tho Community join in Cele eng per get washing tor is memory vote in the i the demo \ a a the history of Quot George Washington band after bickering with their bookers. Over a month. The Nightingale club is Only a year a old and is recognized As one Rof Fop most popular dubs Eyer organized in this City. The officers a a Are Willie Briggs president William Pitts Nice president Theodore ,.becretri�y5�?~ Willie Tucker treasurer Charles Smith business manager Charley Miller reporter. Mckinney a Dotin pickers Yvere recently featured in the talking picture a Cabin ii the Cotton a which recently played at the Martini theatre. Baptists open in Palestine Spatafore Rimer to the general Baptist a Onvan tips of Texas a hich is in session Here foe a state laymen conventional Ltd pastors conference of the convention to whose gift Postiy it a number of old ored st in Sentif Owen a their edit cd Tion is. The , be. A a v.,. Fore the u. S. Court was remanded ton was a Small boy he was Purchis to it of feiii�?T9fd Chat a on last�?T1 fd"b3r. Or. Silas Hamilton of Natchez May 2, and or. Nixon was formally 1 miss. Some years later about _20 granted judgment against the elec Yiuyu of a before the War or. Tion judges monday div Nixon agreed i up amp get his slaves Twenty to take $4999 left than the amount numb Etc North and freed them. He sued for because he declared he was ony Quot fighting for a a or. Nixon stated this week that Washington refused to leave Liis master a moving Vlf him to Otterville 111. When or. Hamilton died in 1834, he was undecided it the there he would ave left $3000 to his a up Friet slave vote for Roosevelt or. Hoover. A i Washington,., this iffy and industrious have been trying to be a Democrat Buff they wont let me a he told newspaper men after settlement of the Case. Essay prizes Are a a offered Texas sch a i students died in 18d4, leaving a estate of $16,� 000. His wll specified that $1600 Sho Tild be it used in building a Monument to bin master or. Hamilton and the remainder devoted to Tho education 01 coloured children a a spa through the generosity of a member of its Board of directors the Texas tuberculosis association announces an essay writing contest for school children. 1 a two groups of prizes will be Given for i the Best on1 opened its. Meeting at noon tuesday 1 prizes of fifteen ten and five dollars the South Union Baptist Church 0f j will be awarded to winners of first t is cite. A. an j for j pea .0 respect it it a under the Able guidance of a to a Taisto me h. Mcgruder president of the organization the business of the organization was rapidly dispensed and the meet a in the sixth seventh and a eighth grades and prizes in like amounts will go to winners in the ninth tenth. Titles the Holder to benefits in Force to was turned Over to the visiting and twelfth grades. A county. Or. Long is a member of the Merican legion and among other things is a Lumberman oilman and cattle owner. He is a speaker of no mean ability and a a wonderful personality. He will get far More votes than Many think he will get election Day. to see,.the 18fo amendment. Repealed and1 taxes reduced plenty of Folk will Giyu him their support on that alone. Or. Long attended a meeting a held in interest of Frank w. Quinn it the Progress Hall last Friday night and won quite a few votes with his straight for Yai a talc. He will be at the local Republican Headst Garfers in the City. National Baik building from time to time until a Lection. Give him your vote and support. He is laying a. Fine predicate and is paying the Way for the Republican party in this can a Gressional 7th District. Counts in a Lage measure for the Lack of racial patriotism arid indifference to the welfare of their Fellowmen and country exhibited by the Ina Jority of educated and titled africans in Europe and Africa of West indians at Homo and abroad and Tho pampered negro pets of Philanthy Apphy. And poli a tics in America. Racial existence and history in the course of racial 1 existence our energies Are. two of mind tit forces preservation and annihilation. In foe st tue go Leto main twin our Quot eth cd identity we must i now foe majesty of the is foe grandeur of the present Antifoe potentialities of the future. Negi a literature is the Compass at our command. The works of Dubois Carter Woodson Monroe n. Work a a Rogers Arthur a. Schomburg Benjamin Braj Ley Chas. J. Wesley Walter White Alain Locke College and Prairie View College two ancient Texas Gridiron warriors. Over 5000 spectators saw Wiley whip View 13-0. Milk thief fails jail escape Birmingham and a a but ter milk Jones dubbed by Tho White police Here As the Worldie greatest milk thief failed in an attempt to escape frown jail it Here Friday afternoon. He had been sentenced to it 18 months in jail on three charges of larceny in connection theft of More than 1000 bottles of milk. Thursday after Noori Quot Buttermilk Quot sneaked through foe door scaled Wall and attempted to get through the outer Gate of the prison but he found a detective in his path Jones had just completed a Long sentence for stealing milk when he was apprehended again. The police say. He pours the milk out and Sells the bottles. Amounting to whatever percentage of a the face of the. Policy the financial condition of the company May warrant when the it report of the auditors is finally completed. Where the policyholders have died since the modification order went int Force in september 9, 193.1, foe receivers Are authorized to modify the death benefits that is the beneficiaries would receive an amount equal to the amount due under the modified plan except that at this time no More than $100 will be paid on Industrial policies and no More than 25 percent on a Ordinary policies. The court order authorizes the receivers to apply the premiums received Pince september 9, 1931. On policies where Tho policyholders have refused to have their policies modified to paid up a insurance after deducting 30 percent for overhead and collection expenses. A coloured War veterans it r i to. Hold. Contention Jackson missa an p Artlie National association of negro War veterans will hold its second annual convention Here november 11. Its purpose is the organisation of the negro War. Veterans in every state. Brethren for foe discussion of topic vital to the fundamental operation of 1 he local organizations. It tii Tho night psf Jon a chorus under tvs direction1 of mrs r. I Crosby furnished several selections that proved Fob highly appreciated by the audience. Following a the music for Lerlind d. Ewing representative of the. Houston informer was introduced and asked to speak to the Assembly. Or. Ewing spoke very briefly on a the use of newspaper to Church a subject had been set aside for the Dis Cusich for the evening with the principal speaker being we. Coleman fort Worth masonic grand master Vith other important laymen of the state assisting him in the discussion. The wednesday morning session was devoted to the report of committees and to close the laymen a conference Rev. L. W. Jackson delivered the consecrated message a Christ the militant Force for world Conquest a which proved Turbe the highlight of the laymen a convention. I following the closing of the laymen a conference the convention swung into action with Rev. S. R. Prince president of the body presiding. A a the missouri., Pacific lines announce a change in their passenger service bet Veon Salvo Brae Joii item Nind st. Louis. Spe Cial Quot Effo Etive sunday will leave Galveston at 9 45 a. M., instead of 11 30 a. Quot., As scheduled at present this train will arrive at Houston at 11 15 a. M., leave Houston at 11 30 a. M., and arrive in st Louis it 8 30 Tho a what should a a Grade Pupil next morning making connection at know about tuberculosis? . Louis with to ins for the test is open to All pupils from Thea Pir fast train a the texan v ,. I., a. Which at present leaves of Gnu Quot ton at. Sixth Grade through High school in l0rn a it met it Wilf leave Houston it 2 Public private and parochial schooler p. M., and arrive in st. Louis at 11 30 Quot a a a. The next Rooming. These two trains carry dining cars and High class Pullman and observation cars a3 Well the subject of the essays will to of the state except those living Iii he next morning the five largest cities. Local associations affiliated Quot with the state Asso Cia Tion direct Tho tuberculosis work in those cities. Communications should be addressed to the Texas tuberculosis Sanatorium at Sanatorium Texas. Roscoe Simmons answers critic Chicago 111.�? spa Roscoe Conklin a sin Imons campaigner for the re election of president. Hoover smarting under an editorial a lashing administered to him by Robert i Vann editor of the Pittsburgh Coirier in a recent editorial in which or Vann announced his support of Roosevelt for president issued a statement from his office at the Palmer House hotel Diere this Vilesk in which he termed or. Vann a a hitch hiker a As coaches equipment. And chair cars All Stool afraid of ranks Man loses All Iii Money Brookhaven and a mrs. Elizabeth Stewart was afraid to Trust her husbands pension Money to Tho Banks. He agreed to keep it at Home on his person. Two bandits appeared at the Stewart Home thursday and demanded the Money. When mrs. Stewart said there Wasny to any one of the bandits shot Hor once and threatened to Bhoot her Aleain unless she would reveal the hiding place. She then told them her husband had Tho Money it Stewart was seized and the Money amounting to $500, was taken from him. Lonnie Smith and John Quinn have been arrested in connection with the Case
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