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Galveston Guide (Newspaper) - April 17, 1937, Galveston, Texas A a Aci i Quot vog Alveston a Rij list Galveston. Texas saturday april 17, 1937 stage i a cabarets theatrical world movies j amp a wow a we things theatrical by or Ani Clin Frank and Kiv Serra i tit am a Hiir a Cook Ca l Lucacio in Friday night. N 0 be. Rev a rend Satchel Mouth his my choir moved into the Cinnann Yeii St Temple Toi Hall Hoir Vevil services Ltd the nation a broadcasting a a land Iny Blue network. part the specie Kramer a in i rejoiced at this recognition Wen Miv of the most diligent be of swing hut no so brother will Mariot. I a �1 loading Deacon in the new ii a ire gation since tile 1890 s it a a a i Cook is something of a to h>-11 and a style i�?T-s1 1 Lay his was of talking and sinking they go hand in hand then was nothing wrong with 1 Amanda. Randolph Torch Warb Minu or Bill Bailey s amazing Hootin -. And As Lor gee gee and Eddie Greene. Their comedy on the initial broadcast which brought Down brother Cook s Wrath was Enouen inv. To was routine which with Little variation. Could Havo been Don by Helen Broderick and Vidor Moore of the a twin stars Quot air show. George Givot and Parky Akaras Havo fattened Uvira pocketbook through the use of greek dealer ditto Lack peal and others As 1 of Rynn comics russian dialect is world review Arshall Davis 1 Many As 8,000.000. Are pm Small a the Amer Ienn contine by Frank k i timer with antics of the holy. Iivo o sepia entertainment so plentiful on air . And in a d telegrams to the yeast 1 111 \ and tie press asking a t in Massa Fleischmann Lor. Dim Graceful Louis Armstrong i main in. All fairness. By Cather Cook Stile it a still Aktiv. Pioneers air american music. He helped l. to 1896 from and the Coon a father of Syncope Torrand the first genuine col orchestra which was named Memphis and gave world s first concert of sym Nic jazz we Rich was almost 1ft yiddish variation of the English language has Hiven plenty of Money to comedians Many of them jews. In All rates they talk is the general Public been led to believe thes. Races and nationalities speak. And nobody kick. They go right ahead and in the ease of hebrews often Lake their earnings to contribute to jewish progressive organizations a n n charities. But not so the coloured brother he hangs around with a loaded nun waiting for sonic member of his race to got ahead so he pm. U ahead of Gershwin and talc aim and shoot him Down on Whitman a rhapsody in but that or Vyver. Does not. Var brother Cook a one Man storme court to Rule in sepia Eno of i intent As a matter of record. I was associated with several they went comedies around the turn i counteract hot Century and you know t Hasni to been a successful col a Rusico Melv yet that did t have libera sprinkling of what. A i hits pleased to Call a typical euro but of course i o. Cook. I never passed tin 11>,.� j. Is no record of Massa putting him on the payroll Loy the Armstrong show. While i have come to exp Cei uni or gymnastics from or other Cook. I never elapsed him until now As a forehead. He Falls into that officious grouping to which nothing is right us to Tiv it it s a question As to Nirh does most to retard our racial White of i the Scisi. He is a Thurlin our Good j Mill to and Lyles two of a the greatest comedians the would Lias Over known had that experience around of Jav y. ago when they or the Progress Pressor. That explains one of the previously there had never been a coloured variety program until april of this Vear. I of 2 experience has Tau ii the radio Bosses that <1> air Amer Tenns will not in Larue num piers that then stars be placed on the air �2� whenever any it re a a ivc broadcast work the Rac a Ither sends in virtually no letters or else Lav Down a of criticism sinus Jar to that of brother Cook. Louis Armstrong did nothing on the radio Diri Eveis from what it does Ordinary. So far As t know he created he method of "miugin1. You might of Well condemn his individual and sensational trumpet on lbs sustaining to Amos and Andy our Black wolves helped haul them j Down from that High porch. Now if brother Cook wants to do something Ivi Wocial let him prepare the script for an All col Oie Ltd radio show of the jazz Vari-1 Ety Type and be. His fellow How Lois land the Gen ral sepia Public to i petition some sponsor Tot use on a broadcasting Chain until he Loo nobody of if to pay any attention to the chronic a i pc is. As for myself. 1 consider the a Louis Armstrong program 111 most i Sigui Ficano de elopement vet. This i Ryan is a i Milestone. The. First step has been taken toward real dollars a and Cem it of a to Sogn it ion of our Musi -3 cans and in Ert amers radio land. More sponsored programs of i All descriptions should follow m a Natu al desire of one Compaq in i to out do rials but if the n75c Oziri vials and Fiji Schrann s yeast listen to the braying of Broiher Cook and his mentally constipated Follower. They will to on throw this one out and it ass the Vord around to other White companies. Then what w. Chicag Otvis St Viii up late at have gained will be utterly lost. Nights have dials tuned to Nib Fisk for other types of programs a wind to catch Jimmy Quot Noones a ii you wish but in order that band in twice nightly broadcasts chicag Louie Armstrong s commercial Tor Fieischman yeast Bias gone Over with a bang. The comedy skit of gee gee James and Eddie Green provokes laughter from tie Many air fans. The Abc studios have been swamped with letters and telegrams telling of their approval of armstrongs half hour and from All indications it looks Tor a Long run on the air lanes. The one thing that the pro Siam reveal is that without a doubt Louie is the greatest of trumpet players. In keeping with annual custom of promoting some Pecillo phase of National music culture the ip37 Observance of the National music week from May 2 to 8. Is dedicated to Quot Foster local music clubs. Schools churches local and National organizations arc cooperating in this Enterprise and broadcasters both National networks and local stations Are scheduling Many special music week Broad casts. David Sarnoff. President of the radio corporation of America is chairman of the National music i week committee which consists of i 34 National organizations. Jack Stinnet of the new yorker at Large informs us that the next thing in the swing cyle will be the Quot shuffle music a the effect is said to be obtained by using eight half beats to the measure. The shuffle Tuff will also give birth to a new instrument a trombone with valves quaint he by the. Way. Have. You been getting piano playing and musing Cleo Brown Over Abc s Nef work in the late afternoons on programs she really top miss Brown is winding up a limited engagement at the three deuces i club Here in Chicago. Mississippi look like Many other Southern sea town paper the Jackson miss daily news opposed to Federal anti mob legislation. Last week Niter he double blow Torch Lyric Ching an innovation by the Dixie negro Fries that Mirror of Public opinion said editorially Quot take into a consideration the. Laws delay As a provocation the i atrocious crime for Winch these j Montgomery county negroes were lynched occurred last december. Proof of guilt was conclusive Evcic though the defendants entered pleas of now turn to the Case of William a Clark Mitchell White. Five years ago he robbed murdered and burned two coloured men. He was sentence de to hang his conviction upheld 1 by me state supreme court and i gov. White after granting several a stays refused to again interfere. Mitchell was to have died last thursday. But in spite of us. Case s history this convicted leu Derer will live until july or later of Cali so a judge has a ranted a writ of Quot error Coram Nobis Quot in Mississippi a writ of error Coram Nobis is an excuse to keep White Man from dying because he had done nothing More enough than murder Black people. Have you Ever heard of a eolo Rcd Percon in that state getting a writ of error Coram Nobis a nce Lailure to punish the two mob victims for an of License committed in december is a pow Wei lion Quot for. Lynching then just what should be done to William Clar i Mitchell whose crime occur a in 1 j32? the sore on Tinnent in an a sense a a preservation of racial purity leads to degeneracy. Obviously then those who bleat loudest against racial mixtures Are digging their own Graves. I he certainty that such groups will eventually disappear is some Consolation to the victims of the pure degenerates race prejudice. English clergymen Are loud in Praise of american coloured Man by Rudolph Dunbar i for and London a whenever the legendary process Oie ends pertaining to coloured people come into proper prospective in England it is the american negro who receives the greatest Meed of Praise. I the i i in by us a highly Signild erint incident which had no preconceived a argement. Occurred on gooo1 Friday at the Church. Of St. Mar gains in the Fields. London. The Dean of Bristol Rev. Harry w. Blackburne and the vicar Rev. Pat Mccormick who were inspired by the determination and spiritual influences of the american. heir greatness in the sermons which they preach i one third won Willi the passage thursday by the House of Gavagan a ainu Lynch Bill one third of tie fight to Ueli legislation 011 the statute books has been won let there be no premature rejoicing it must also pass the Senate As Well As re eve president Roosevelt s Signa me before it can be called Law. Afterwards there must be a Lyncii-m-l1 before it can be invoked. Then he defending Community will fight j red at three hours service. R to a Quoter a al Quot t5 in up 1 the Dean o the u. S. Supreme court where is constitutionality will be tested. I2ven if All works Well it May be Skom two to three it ears before the ipalion knows definitely whether it ill have a permanent place on the Tutte Boks it a ill be tossed aside a a Rvl see the Era and other bits of leg cell cd 10 make action. Ill it Ever reaches the nation s Gher Tribu Iid nobody knows iat the decision will be. Oli Pofi to declare it in unconstitutional vol Ilc Suppo leis say it is Legal. Rev important supreme court Opin Icv a been rendered unania my Sov Thi indicates that tic fat any statute depends upon 1 Ltd vlsun"1 il11,u,lct-�?~ and makeup a 1 of mid visual juy juts. For those who Calist league and one of the most prolific lawyers in England j or. Gallagher and miss Ellen Wil-1 Kinson. Both members of Parlia a ment. F vigorous criticisms were Shower i de upon the British government j Ltd of work 01v pleasure. Lor allowing Italy to Rise by Craft and violence. Says miss Wilknson. I t wonder tonight a vhf there a any Clis Kwh from opinions runic me Genera to a Lui to Willy Quot Good grounds of logic Quot a any racial Stock remains and i a tie constr without a mixture it1 becomes stale 1 tutis a the others. A of Radical Lisl Viti and degenerates said or. Ales Hrdlicka. Curator of the division of at the National a flu seem. In an address lust to liars j pret Day at Boston. A of i this scientific truth so go Kilmuir Ritli vocals of face purity whether a trying Hitler s Paradise of the aryan am Mal or the citadels of j Point Quot u1 i Liberal could. With equal logic elastic constitutional inter on. Legalize almost any kind lation while a court of re Ries May with equal reason a pact icily every measure t before it. Its All in the a of View who conducted. The service spoke on. The Call to courage in failure.1 using Booker j t. Washington As a Model. He pointed out his by telling i the congregation How he had found Clay on the Hill and tie 1 bricks for Liis first George to j building. With religious Fervour and to it of i i at of impressive gestures of the haners. I the Dean shouted three times lie failed by this time his Monger resources Lia y been completely exp lausted a Tilli he was forced to sell j his in order to realize More j Fuji i to carry out his plans. The Dean further pointed out. A that. Booker t. Washington was j a Beacon to sincerity and lion Esy of purpose and those qualities backed up and supported his tenacity of purpose n deter i mined will and the solicitude i for the welfare of his fellow be-1 ings resulted in the outcome of the greatest educational c Nev Tor White Man left in Africa i applause great compliment must be paid to the africans in View of that is Wilkinson said that the British government is either in sympathy with Mussolini and Hitler s. Menace or else it is too weak. A a. Sir Stafford Cripps Saij that As Long As imperialism dominates we must be prepared for brutality and murder to occur from time to time. He stated further that the mass killing in Abyssinia was carried Cut upon people with whom i italians feared. The British press declined from covering the meeting. Who is a o Virry University Lias fought and endured for the rights of the negro. He is astute and. Has an Alert intuition of British Imperial psychology. He has a effluent Tongue and pen. A or pad More belongs to the new school of Young negroes who cannot be easily cajoled into the odious hypocrisy of the White Man. When smart coloured american women come to London in the Ca they Are always anxious to replenish their wardrobes with English. A the famous Liberty Silks. Tweeds o. The eternal problem of Money a generally presents itself because women s clothes in England Are i infinite in More expensive than in America. You must remember also i that Quot Oil the Ptg method is not prevalent in England. In order to eliminate this difficulty when visit ing Tendon i recommend Misa i Josephine Smith who has worked on dresses for his majesty a coi irl i and titles English women in Gen Era i. Last week 6,000 people attended j the opera Ball at Albert Hal and miss Smith carried Oil the first prize for the most original Model. She has designed dresses for june Knight. American film Star and her Mother Mable Scott Benny Carter s w Ife. Helen Stan and now Fay Jackson is adding to her wardrobe with a Beautiful Brown Harris Tweed creation tailored by Josephine. Coloured farm youths there is Ovic Telephone each Hsu f takes precedence Oyer All the other that come ii it for Walter Winch i immediately following his sunday night no Etc broadcast. The operators at radio City in new York deluged with Calls from listeners held them till Walter talks to mrs. 1 Winchell. Now vacationing in California a Dixie regarding some of the hit lir each hangs the late of the Suva ter species. Hrdlicka has a word of gun any other Antyn cling Bill say a the appalachian Moun passes both houses of con Lai neers. Ranging from new York Iguess and is signed by the Presto Alabama and numbering As Dent negroes All Over the world Tus. Key be Institute a Washington. D. Home. Quot Quot were you there when our 1 Halle i enthusiastically As a a a Bright j Quot this project Lias immense to lord was Ciu med a was the 1 Ray of Hope for the a lasses of be said mrs. Bethune. Vicar s text Rev. Pat Mccormick who punctuated virtue upon and on this slim everyday life. And pointed1 out a that to. Is one of the negro Gre youth in the Rural South Quot by i a it is the beginning of the Reali your plea might be or nut amp Fly heard let s keep Louis Armstrong on the air by sending in letters of thanks for this Opportunity to both the Abc and thy Flisch Mann s yeast. 50 performances j for comedy hit in Chicago from the Platinum lounge in the Vincennes hotel. Chi largest Betci owed and managed by be plans. Noone formerly of the mid night club has a Large after Midnight following Ana veil wishers be Owens. Band feted by studies spirituals which has the extreme serenity of al tender Anci holy resignation. The Omot Fons which Eman Ite thereof can move a Quot profoundly thoughtful soul. Says the vicar Quot the question might be asked a How can we be there when our lord was crucified Quot but the intention of mrs. Mary Mcleod Betl nine director of the division of negro of. Fairs of the National youth administration. A new program Inak ing training courses in agriculture and homemaking available to tie sons and daughters of tenant and other Low income farm families was announced this week by Aubrey Williams. By a executive director. The training courses will be sponsored by the nya in cooperation with the department of Agricula n put a Quot Mississippi Rainbow a a the True to life coloured comedy hit now playing an indefinite engagement at the Princess theatre reached Tif footlight flickers by Alvin Moses amp that his Hotshot and catch Kielh performance on apri 15 Liim on tin airwaves. A new York 111 be Temple of Opened Friday night in Lii and song the Palace that i april 9. With the world famous houses the greatest coloured i Fleischmann yeast radio acts in America gladdened \ hour Over station a Viz. The Tuu stir week end with the presence of ing in time was 9 and the gossip of the movie lots Ella Fitzgerald the Quot Chickadee himself Quot Chick Ikuls of the drum. Bardu Ali a it ver master of ceremonies and i and director. Charlie Linton. A Tiger of Sweet ballads All swaying j the directional touch of Clar i nce Robinson producer of the Quot Cotton club revue. A Ald folks that Fitz i Erald Lassie just about promised he self that this week in Woiln revert to . And be i nine the Quot Ella who v asked her Way right into the hearts of the who have a strange mainer of either. A a aking or breaking you. I owned m a fetching ensemble of while with tuft Eti Quot. Of autumn b Quot in splashed during Here aug Liere miss Fitzgerald made y0 1 forget All about the that in Eufima piously she is Penn letting thai i of Thi ?. F atty tis a us to Rob her of a Litt c of her j a Quot Ige a ipe Ninee. A the Man 1 i <-1 in which she put Over. Quot tills imy last nov Quot on or ital or. Quot a to you and n trin Numier accompanied he Charles And�.Sutiapnoitt Jordon. Norton an Maruo. All adagio team Tufit brings Hack Mem one of a jeeves and Alre Rirs when. Tivey were at the. A Toji of Iii lad tii a. Enlivened Tho show at sprightly As a auns the.-? two masters of the Art of i Psi. Chore kept the crowd applauding for their return More. Than list Quot minutes Quot a which m itself ought. I ii Statuti some auit of r Cord o. Ether Quot Pigi Itea f Mariiam John ->ta.-,. Laid Jimmy , Lii Niiya men of the the Gililat a Chance Ai tie a flick er1.&Quot a much As ally of our a a a is. W i0 have lied in in recent years with Hollywood Novi. Eom Puii . Lout5 Armstrong a the a Man be r in which Louie Quot went to town Quot beggars description. It s tie i old Story Quot if the stuff is there j Pardon the inelegant phraseology won t Yei i. And Mellow a Tor yes. It just must be Mellow j the fat contracts will come troop ing Down the gangplank dressed up like miss astir s pet prize Spitz. Tie notes that Armstrong reaches for and brings out. On that $1500 specially constructed Golden trumpet May be likened to tie music Romeo Rubinoff. Coaxes out of his $150,000. Green and gee gee James furnish the laugh depart intent of the. Program a it the Side splitting cracks while the sketches a Are by that eminent southerner 1 who claims to know All there is to know about negroes Octavus Roy Cohen i Pardon yawning i at this Point i -. 1 our operative tells Sisr Thuita the one and Only Ethel Waters will shortly sell a piece of that juvenile Star Teddy Hale to either for. Motion pictures or one of the smaller fit others. Atu girl them what a real business manager Call do. In Quot Mississippi a negro. Too Lazy to work talks his wife into supporting him by telling her that the Only Way they can Ever become Rich is by his working with his brains. That riches do come that Success is his is Only incidental. The main thing. That coloured actors give perfect reproductions of their kind. Give it in natural surroundings accounts for the Success it is enjoying at the Princess theatre. There is a special Midnight performance each saturday night at ,11 30. This eliminates the Satur j Tuskegee is Host to girls Day project Tuskegee Institute sons it it Isk Egee Institute was Hosl saturday to More a than 1,500 girls from the schools of Macon county in the 13th annual Celebration of girls Day. The exercises were held in Logan half Anci opened at 9 00 o clock in the ii i than. Spends the rest of the morning uth Welcome addres a Clay with Quot liter folks al his desert a a Bung lows there. Libby Taylor. Catholic is also a very regular attendant. Hollywood a i an Pic tie j Best and most tastefully Drossc a girl of the theatrical profession easter was Mae. Johnson pretty a Clever Young Cotton club Chorine i with Rosalie Lincoln of the aia Bam second and Louise Franklin of the Cotton club third. Mae featured a very Large. Brimmed White leghorn hat. That drooping i Over face avoid shading her shape-1 in shoulders gave her a still More erotic appearance. A the most devout Christian and the most regular Church goer is Stepin re chit a very strict and orthodox Catholic but most of the other stars and satellites attend As Quot often As possible Nevet failing at Christmas and easter especially Clarence must Hattie Mcdaniels. Louise Ben vers and thereas Harris. Clarence Muse As a Rule gets to Palm Springs in time for impressive Opici Aii Sunrise serv Seville n six of wails Ano hit orchestra shed the High school symph in the College Assembly Fri coniing. April 9. At Tennessee and i. State College. In happiest moment in his. Life related Jesse Owens As be the time when he just finished olympic Quot run in Germany As heard the strains of the Star angled Banner ailed saw the Merican red. White and Blue Flag ise higher and higher in. The air. A then. Jesse Owens Felt he had 3onc something for Quot old Uncle the orchestra rendered several selections upon the request of president w. J. Half to an audience composed of representatives of a very part of the state of Tei Mes see to the High school symposium end students of a. And i. State College. The auditorium was packed upstairs downstairs a and i in the gymnasium just Back of the i stage. Jesse Owens began autograph signing thursday night april 8 j and continued until saturday noon when the bus Pulley off for the next Appel nement in Chattanooga. Jesse i i the in embers of his orchestra were honoured guests at dinner in the presidents Home Atiim at the annual literati club Quot Ball sponsored by miss Zelma l. Redmond. Miss Mary Gardner student of a. And l. Accompanied Jesse Owens to the dance. Sight teeing in Nashville and to Chattanooga. I he spiritual is a spirit of pro , Alhi Viu j0lls state agricultural elongation of Rohrl St a crucifixion schools jul cd colleges. Farmye Tolth who have been in by Mankind who turned their backs against his teachings. Men should exercise a More love for each other irrespective of race Creed or a clog. Lie vicar further slated if people were to delve into i ble to get More than an elementary schooling will be Given an Opportunity to engage upon Quot work Anil learn projects of one to three month s duration at agricultural in a the philosophy of negro spirituals Sti Tutins within or near their they will find intrinsic truths Home communities. They will be conducive to a he Good of the j Given i i tical instruction in Basic world. J farming and Homo economics sub the negro spiritual Quot were you i jets while working out their sub Vith Rix Ingram incl Louise beavers already cast for Selznick International s Quot a gone with the interviews for. The lesser a a a sepia parts and bits will stat a a a a al so portly. R,.x will be Quot uni. rail or door of ule famous Story and Louise tie a a Mammy Quot cd Tor is the director but the Star unassigned yet. Deliverer Seretia sum class of 1941. And Tremer Tia Biily. Class of 19 17. Lee a. Jone in coloured school c Macon county und in cd tie girls due exercises. Broughm there when our lord was was Sung at the Church of St. Martaine a in the Fields some time Ngo by John Payne s choir whose exquisite expressiveness and emotional subtleties had impressed i the vicar. Re Quot. Pat. Mccormick. Joni Paynes who hails from California and the West coast is one of the oldest coloured residents . He is often mentioned in the society columns of English newspapers As the Doyen a co ored coterie he a wide Circle of friends chiefly among the aristocratic class of English people. Unlike some american coloured people who have come to England and tried to be More English than English people John Paynes has always re a ine0 himself. He is always in such perfect goo Quot humor and. Despite his age. His Ardour of youth is astonishing. John Payne i admirable kind and consider Sale. Ike Hatch of Hatch and Carpenter Fame is an important character among coloured entertainers in London. He is frequently appealing on the Ai and music Halls. Last week he was compere at the British broadcasting guest night variety program Quot molasses Una Mae Lisi tence on projects on the school or other Public property. In Man 1 cases the work project will consist Jol the building of work shops and of cooperative dormitories in which i they land sub sequent groups of students in their class will be Able i to live with maximum Economy. I the purpose of the program As ii a placed by my Quot. Williams Quot to i bring the rudiments of successful i farm life within reach of these. \ Young people who plan to remain j on the farm but who have never i had the Opportunity of learning i plan of attack to run a farm or a farm farm lion of a dream for negro youth that we have Lead for a Long time. We envision these Rural training centers As a Nyiry schools a training Young men to be producers and the l Oung women to be conserve a in order to build n secure and integrated family life upon a family the program she said Quot is of significance to negroes Foi the following reasons Quot these Rural training centers will provide agencies to reach some of the thousands of negro youth not now enrolled in any school. A they will provide Opportunity to offer practical training for immediate use unhampered by school credit requirements. A the possibilities of building construction will a add much needed housing facilities to negro schools and at the. Same time pro vide training in building trader skills. A a the be centers will contribute to tie strengthening of negro family life in the Rural South a prime necessity for racial Progress. Quot these centers May serve for some As feeders for the a. And m. Colleges and other schools for certain selected youth. Quot the associated work projects will serve to extend the services of the schools to their immediate com unit Iii. Quot these centers will serve As Edu a Sii Fonal wedges in the Long time upon tie evils of to ministerial meet to stage �?~hamlet1 Augusta. A. Is n six the Paine College a nematic committee Wili pro sent the shakespearean Liisu by Quot Hamlet a in the College on april 22, a the cast of Wen a have Paine a cog la rec cd by miss buium Graj in head d by Ralph la a time the group includes misses evolving ii and wll Heminia Gril Fin Ului messes. F Ris. E Bym i j by Siseo Institute demonstrations in which input ii was tie principal theme were Given the pupils of the Levis Adams Public school. Tuskegee Quot one mile from heaven Quot is mov Quot Washington Public Seh ool ing along speedily at twentieth a Tuskegee Ala. Macon. Coiante Century Fox with fredi washing t no school. Roba Chamaj less ton receiving Many compliments for her Tine portrayal of the Quot oct Oroon Listher who is raising a White child As her own. And Bill Roii Huson As a police officer. Quot tie South Quot is using even More coloured placers than was. At first expected since does not Deal is much . Problems of Yerby a har i the negro race Ajo a Doe with Snipes and j i the enter sectional hatred of ,, for Quot Yankees ing world by the opening of the Quot Shim shame a and Quot As a result London Soichy has developed an unimaginable complexity. When hire. On the program during the morning session was the spelling feat Quot ing himself contest in which every school in the system had a representative. The cont to lasted Lor More to Iii in hour in these Youthful spellers went round after round. Spelling greetings from or. F. D. Patter Soli i the most difficult words wit i president of Tuskegee Iusti Tutje. I out anyone being eliminated. First and the adminis Vati Quot a e Stafl of Elji. J place in the contest want to Irene Edwards tilth Grade eight years of age and a Pupil of the school Sadie Mae Page of the Chc Liaw school was second Hattie Jane Devouse. Dolling ton school was third and Lois Travis of tie Notasulga school fourth children s House. Tuskegee Wilisti upon adjournment of the 1110111-tute the Cotton Valley school/an6 ing session the hundreds of Clil the new rising Star school. I Dren present for the Days activities mrs. Hubert Davis. Attendance marched behind Tuskegee s 80-Cfilcer. Of the Tuskegee. Alaba apiece band to tha Institute cafe it Iblis school system or. M. F. J Teria for i Neh. Dupion stations j african federation a meeting was Marshall. Pastor of the methodist r the physical education do j held at memorial Hill. London Church. Tuskegee. And miss Villie apartment featured flip afternoon protesting against the italian Aero Nashville Tonsi a nearly a Hundred ministers of various denominations from All sections of Tennessee and portions of a Kentucky and Alabama a will Mither at Fisk University during the week of june 7-11 for the ninth annual session of the ministers in car j statute. According to announcement Lysle and Chris Gill. Sirice Ike april 13 from the office of the creative Conception of the Quot nest a Rev. A j. Faulkner University night club business Hac a minister and Dean of men and a mushroomed amazingly in London. Rector of the pastors school. He a enriched the entertain for eight years past Fisk Lias i l cited ministers of the Middle Southern regions Tcmssemble-4or a week of helpful association and study. As usual a Strong inc ult Nave been added As a Means of expanding the Range of instruction. A seminar on Church manage went will share As guides the Rev. p. Gordon pastor Gordon memorial m. A. Church Nash Law lecturing on Quot financing tie Church Quot the Rev. A. J. Sijmons pastor of Lee Chapel a. M. E. Church a Nashville on Quot organizing the Church Quot and the Rev. James Wiley Brown Chapel assistant Fisk University on a advertising the Church Quot or. Albert Barnett professor of lol Igioia. Scarritt College Nashville and the Rev. Howard Kester will Lead forum discussions on a milk co Ojjeh Ratics in Tennessee a and Quot the problems of Rural respectively. Inspirational sermons will be delivered each evening by the Rev. A c. Caldwell the Rev. A in. A. 7 v i y a a a a c p i. Crawford Public health Nurkse. Also program in Logan Hall the con cities in Abyssinia. Of Tuskegee addressed to lick i during the morning session. Girls i a hiding number was a fashion show tire speakers were or. George i which was sponsored by the depot Moi \ chairman sir Stafford Ike Hatch was connected with the. Aucul an attractive program will of Quot Shim there wag no other i fir of churches a Atten night club in London where one i dance five Days of lecture discus was being fed upon such a per Sion. Line Fellowship and Devotion Petal diet of entertainment Ai inspiration. Since. Ike a inception of the Quot nest in addition to the Institute Lead and the e Shim Sham a Teriet a ers of Quot previous years consisting few. A Ellington president h. M. There has been an extraordinary the Rev. A. Myron Cochran Pas 1 Nabrit. American Baptist theolo to Church of the holy tical Seminary. Nashville the Rev. Win. A. Keith Foitik University a ministers in pastor collage Side statute is open to All preachers and Church. Nashville or. W. H. Theological students in this Section Shackleford. Director religious 1 without regard to their Deno Minar education program the a. M. E. Tion and the courses Anc lectures churches Nashville or. Alva a offered will Benefit All who enrol Taylor lecturer in labor a problems. For them. There Are no charges Fisk University and or. A e. And a special award is made yearly Tan Horn. Professor of Mathe to those who have attended the turn of affairs in the social life of the negro in London i under the auspices of tie league j of coloured Peoples and the Pali one of tile most interesting Tea pertinent of women so Cus Irles. Gripps k. C., m. P., chairman so Matics Fisk University other names Institute for four years

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