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Freeport Journal (Newspaper) - October 3, 1851, Freeport, Illinois Ill Irry for dollars per if paid will in cd to the Ond of Tho ii i t Bof no f Insoft cd times for a i add it ill do who advertise a 1 s so r aft aft Titi Sens of count ocl Wrt Isom Tho Loti in or of sit Tiiu ii ivljiiilt1 june 511 Side squirts i mice Elliis Rof main and 1lcusaiit l us Oilive at Carroll to Worthe Stales of Ponn Tilto inv Nickil of Pur Lin in Kph Consoli Tio Lieis u 1ublic in a done fan at on this Norilia Bius of the Public j at office Ovici it sing heart a bin morn Tho the merry Birds from slumber and warble As they flu Rizig Wing will glance is Bright in Downing Yopps delusive As in Tho pair Luck i then Jel Tho Light twas Nady for Nnoli is thoughtless one for it in now when fortunes Sun 14 relm Liinar Oil thy Yin Gauzy flouts on May lurking nigh while laugh you Lime leave Tare and grief to Walch and sigh a Vii inuit n with Stich As Lime sleep fair should no keep thou despair to Iho summer that Kissil Iho Rose and drank bran the now Idle goes to Wanton with to Vine sleep on thy guardians pint Jumich a be thine Frosi son Ilie goal m yet to hoax ii course which Elliou will fond hearts urn and left to i lie random of their i ice Contr nov Nipay Onward to lie shrine for Ujj tical As Trio i for what Are the wild winds saying the grass sways fitfully an the fierce Bow la of the win sweeps Over the Gulden sunlight plays Over the foliage the and the sky beams Blue Natl still Iai Liko of leaven gushes of Melody from the merry Little Birds like memories of Mahomet a lit the Lovely jewels of Tho Violet the spirit of Beauty is on the but timid the quiet loveliness of comes the Rush of the wild ceaselessly yet what Are la Weir what Are the wild winds Aid they when potion Shook he finry locks and talked mournfully to the Fetiu of tic wily f what Saj they at when they shake he de Laden lower is though it were ii vigorous Ouk what say they when he murmuring rain conies Down gently and ooh irl to freshen the la ii Here real am apparent trip Tho apparent trip to head of the 1 must sleep matters Little hmm ilm it nil the inst less if ids of circled i a Jiing words of with tangled nes of ajor spot marked by j s a few slats and i and one Grev Moi ii a lentil n Detector of Iho find Long wild roses and drops her All in rank fes Fri Minco iat Over that yet the wild though sat in their Wail Brou Glit to mind the Are the dead Vjio die in the and the to though he were Dond vet shall he live and they repent the Bur shall he tis mans voice had often in ponied Host solemn words was Laid to dust in that consecrated the thl Liinar the and will repeat them till fhe to Leaff and in Oliby Ollic solemn vends Limo t3od of Tho scene so As dust Thomas Man and the Serin Ami solicit in thu in i n if to All Linck of Cormir of Tinius 011 4lv when of to in a for his lost innocence in i in and cod Liin Iaeli turned away the Light of his Counte up Iii nor would not do a fit mini in his lust mid Many a to tinting Toli ii of she strive to win him from she prevailed his mind buc Moil to lighten of i lie weight which oppressed and Confidence resumed her the spirit Hope Eiichii and waved her Golden since i her lome Llama been with Tho children of men and with the she policem Trio to b lab Thoj Farro co j b f to All Imti usted to she comes not to the there Urb hearts which Lior gentle hand not there is a gloom win Ejier Light Calleres and Ai anguish which Lior voice to Are in and none Are near to Grope in goo Del e of for Yak a a pit for he Wash insipid or co new Yorki Friendly hand stretches out to Anil land of inc on Etc Henson Jalk a w main wholesale and Iwick in Chusio Al books and Sta Ernil arc in the now Muri itis staph Lim Kubican main and court cast end of the lower ii x an trunk to Stronnie All work prompt Rily Jonii 24 10 cd Karanth v above Lins Heen routed of the Chus u us shout in vat no Yatco j plies u1l is it is the feeling of dream 0 in Utler give him hut a no and talk loudly and hey drive Loiti rain from its path and whirl and toss it in diverging and throw in every direction dark Clouds of the dry hot dust to Battle Wilh kind and cheering what say then the wild when the storm god reins and holds coun when the murmur of Many Waters and the noise of the upper skies that Light and lire in Are heard when the Buck scrolls unfurl and hide the Blue of the far and the tall Trees Bow and writhe beneath the of the mighty Power us they and and Reeds and Wail around the ii uses Aroline wild winds saying the winds talk ii hey Bave talked yet what their words v voice of prophecy be and i know that Ihu winds prop he yet ii Hugh voices talk the la Weir listeners the pleased and leave it while Diey talk of tiie for i sit by Van and Over language of the i As they the dark of my hair to cling and he will though frail and the grave hut quench the m7 whisper lat spark of in Hewill full wilh11 fully lollies me dream of tie out a let the beat Ever so fiercely upon the if but Aein Glo gleam find its Way if Olinor Nurt if till Liitt to cheer and it will revive but let darkness past Salu in winds and Waves have the same perhaps the Waves to Florence they talked of not bounded by the but stretching in c this ritual and in Tho Iii Lart of Tom Village and h listed up for plei Isgro Turlieu to would say to far Iii Ken Blob and in Al nyy in Bills 3iiiiik us any in Tho to and to Viii the care Itco of sex Powers s v lands n Iota action for o ice Ling of which we speak is Ividell Salilo we see its and to know that it not we have at Felt its i in it is not disappointment our Hopes j May have been but to Trust Ono j of time and space May have been yet other Caiu o into reaching Over the invisible it is not for even it May country for to blk mind with some which will Hogile Ita suing Orthe hand of Timo in try Aud and it will cease to Iii to Liege is a which i Doss Jio bin deaf weight docs not a rushes Pang which i does nol Grieve but it is the i tie he of its touch weakens the anu1 and la Nierves the Stout Ost i the which the labor of years has heaped j by by opt in Jna Tait know h und that void is i do lighted Tiia i know that they Aro and that a j touch May Fortune May turn Smilo to i a or Fomo delude in Tsal visions i Vve know the former is n Laiter a fanciful sound which country tar away requiem Wail a Low arid plaintive Dirge their voices Are but the heart attuned the and was full of love and and mine is v6id Jie this voices of the mysterious winds Are carrying me a Back into the Golden i dream childhood one Lovely in a boat touch d at and the form of n in was borne from its Dock and up Oili the punks of the the thus left to die like a dog was suf Fering Tho of that fever Peculiar to our and the delirium was raging in Hia him Back to his Home sat his Lovely wife praying tiie heaven upon her absent this Raj such As the caused him to attracted the notice of Pas sing and who at advanced to the spot where he was and began turning him Over with ascertain who he might it Stih Slutt juncture an dry Nikanj observing that there Wols fun on Pat left his Dray and advanced towards the Man As he did he Dotch cd a Small piece of paper which Jullyn out of his pocket upon Pat scanned it that first was said to the police officers you neck list be Fiher poking the poor Man about in that Perlac Emtin and raising the upon his Dray he bore him to a once Thi Irei ordered a Good Ami took his departure for a who was soon at the bed Sid of the sick night with it two Merilio nursed until ant Livere then relieved by a whote business it to att Uuie sic i several weeks passed Ere the Demon of fever removed his grasp from the system of the stranger and when Vonscio Wisness Jie gazed and Miju Ioctl of his nurse am told and also of the situation in lie matters Little How sir Waller kiss me lord give up the in riot if Eldont believe Ohari cellar is this stir Fidelity clasp my my Cleur i Dikiy Rojas a i i i the artery ceases to Tho Light All my possessions Udo Mcnol of dead Lith in Chester Queen what the Steno bribing Dinal car Quiyo loved my be into thy 6 lord it is very Small clasping her Annie t Pray you Sec to Safe incl for my me shift ascending sir dont let scat tied lire Over my Robert fool As i were to be myself sir wac Soott i i my soil to a tidy and my Daugh Ter my country r it is Independence for is last 1 wish you to understand the True Princi Ples of the i wish them car ried l ask nothing More have cold favored to do my cab t acc rive my sincere Adios should Cath Len no vhf Scot Heo for her hearts Best love to the is Green Oor thy Waters Nti Tive How bomb jul Knofl not to Mes Thron Gil my tears 1 Smi Fli to old my birth from Wreath thy flak Irrig placed up Twy l Ore v Bloom Imd and loved Asoh Ever 11 this heart Samll thy is Truo Chen thy Kathleen far away Erin Niy own loved Adieu or own Riceley closes his letters from Europe with Iho fou lowing Eloy tight with of rip Tiro t so ouf san Lily vessels prow turned toward the setting and Saivetto Vetilio that Only some ten Days rate to from those 1 know and love Best on hark thu Artno Tances that the Sailboat has left and thai we Are fairly afloat on our Ocean journey Tho shores of Euf Opo Recedo from our Vii Ion the watery waste is All around tin and with god below our Gallant and her clustered company together Brave the gets of the1 Rolf Futy Mav infinite mercy watch Over our Onward and bring us 16 our a Coral hopi Lonj for to die away from Homo am Kindred Secina Olio of the Saddest calamities that could this mortal tenement would Rosl uneasily in an Ocean shroud Tho spirit reluctantly resign that tenement to the chill and Pitt Iless brine eyes close regretfully on Tho stranger skies and cloak i hospitality of the Milieu Olid Stormy no let Nio Scio the Mcl Herod and Telov cd let me it but ones the hand of Friendship and boar the thrilling no costs proved and when sooner or let the Piir shall let my last by fixed by eyes that evil let forgot to when 1 am and let my Slies Roposo in that congenial soil How Aprl May Lher obo esteemed or a is still my own too Blaina forever Vas Tho us gone Aida Iho go Doss of our u come la Tuut Tii Jie but some times Cro Back to Lin Tisi Juif t i i i and Tho 1 u few Short horus in Usi i it1 me of a u that we have garnered up our whore two Hal As with tie Sigill sub Osorno and whom Sharod j Breeze came a every had near and of Tunis up ii sumo Lovcik Fovini has enl Winti around n it Lias Bechio linked with our very being Wiuli ohcs it and to feel that to have tit Ken thu Flower to Only to perish it is Tho Aud of bitter despair Over Aloiv Shu comes to Tho prisoner in ins and or of gentle Mother up Ryu Antl Puble Ihu alas for i i n farther ski Ontive Whippo Orvul fac by and warbled in last Bolt is drawn the sound of the receding foot step no Iii Tho in of to i or by value of rail in and is to Uttend and of the War of i having received from Tho soc Tho forms und instructions will to unto Tho pm out c papers for application for granting Donn to Lanuti n who have been engaged f of the United John Wayt partners is of wanted immedi orders from Tho United fined for Largo Indium i t Iii thu fur an b of Indium Tho and per signs to bring h to Tho Mvi Itu Iho ing Hosl i Unkei in Len will 23lf in Etlor Sho is with to ked Mariner Lioio which a Fri timid to has vanished heart within already the Woi ind of a stars sin and he feel what pain it is to Hur wan and Haggard Conn hovers around Tho Couch of the Whon Tho last remedy has if id deaths Grain is it Speaks in Tho dim Lia Loand Tho faint and More faintly throbbing work on thu timid and nor Doaa Witk Tho lilo waving ailed to ones of a Aion onely journey Tollif Inyim ibo Itil Vencl cold ii nth the Mound where the wild under she of who 1 lint reached Colin try far Uway mtg times have towed to at its Tho of age Palos Tho Arm of strop Igilio powerless Luti ii Ifopo wilmering and Morcy sighs of growth Camp the soft if to i tsp ii j them is White Aidt Lii like but Iii Glitz i on nest Ever a hurrying l cou1 i i i j it Liivi in i h n a Thop is nothing Beautiful that is not Tivie t hero a nothing into that is not Beautiful it was in searching for Boiu Sythat Ertith its Templo lands in Iho von Ter of i Arl Ilicia composed Tho most complicated in which Many loan them while millions Are deluded by Tho preen suit falsehoods Mot with on jieii1 Aid overwritten is and who Luhta is jul to who would to Rich Iho which this Mazo of to Lions Nind Briars is Intel Over Lens those Rii finial Orlow his right Ine Liitt Huv Injian in pwn god is truth und a Yuri natural is Tinct of Jho soul guided us 1 i tire 6v Ivory Hough that Waves aver our head 1 in Tho summer Lime has an or us ulnar it is positively Irmo taht of try Louf is full the up Lingo one of the most wonderful subjects of contemplation and a ire is a More eloquent Petty thai any of Jho history of and Niar lion of Iho Vul Enol Leaf is receiving Piid Iru iid in pertain proportions to Iho Grout precious Dornig Tho Suu Vilior Nijiu of tie leaves they full to this idiot Asau us Joss unt Tipti Ftp i Fly us u length returns to the soil ill the lonely Davs of Tui my hot Ito but Lonel Vifor to a now Berkof und ii Euler a Donihi salons conc nod from every Lunn Uii thus night after night she sat Aluisi in the the inthe too nigh till a Giulo full of loves would Call her Tor Tuv would be do hinging of a Tui Vlacil to a ruining and to roses the of a dim old Ofinn lit lip child set ii Mossy and being trod of winching and uie of that Jug Ali Iii and holy and of the and like an to the of n great Eloc Juenst a11cv was tiie sole other the Durk Wing Ivy her in ult of of pare yet 19 Vyven i of plought a Wiir petals of her Young hearts How Oilin by Dutiful haunts of that dim for Imit and Cvet i la reminds to of a Avo into a Row of Trees of withered Douvos und dust whirled into mimic by the breath of clip his Beilic factors at Hij Settef was dispatched to his end in a few Days she the scene was affecting the Between husband and at the hour of retirement was come two men entered the chamber and or Edthe lady to retire to rest while they at tended to her at length he arose from his snatch cd almost from the jaws of death by the kindness of those who found him a stranger my Hub anal said his where Are we and what kind of people Are these among Urc is not a drop of blood on my Frederick of you spoke of my Emile take my last notes sit my piano Here sing them with the hymn of you Saint de Mother let me once More those which Long been my Solace ment and i a by Iii Mandan do n i let not poor Nelly i let me the pounds of delicious a not unworthy of addict a to the above arc the last words of the Munfor tuuatc7iropcz get Xci John pics Point How it is in Tho the St Trdy Oak Many a to Elk hold pita Iho Tho then drinks it and i thus the Oak gets High by having wolof in its and to mus you and Bydie Royit nations Ivory Daj in Tho it Telic worship sunday by by the tuesday by the wednesday by the thurs Day by Tho Friday by the and sat by the add to this diurnal and it is apparent that cv6ry moment u sunday i Malcan do nothing Cash Ipoh Ever night two men Bce ii Nic to my while they watched Ojer you until the of myself if Pio m Phi to what this arc my by Beliera 6f the lloy Ono of he Queerest funniest things to think of in is boys no sooner does a boy acquired than he begins to imagine himself a Man and to lie casts sidelong glances at every tall girl to happens to meet becomes regular attendant at or sports a carries his Hoatland struts a Little in his presently he Falls in love is the because it indicates his delirious self lives now in a fairy re Aonie where poll nil to the and Hov blended inextricably with to per Union his hair with fragrant scatters essences Over of at Hite temper Anco convention at declared thit within 15 Miles of Thieve a Cit Ough manufactured to give each inhibit ant of Yolk City u quart rum one Villno has Iii its Vicinity a Large number of distilled and one u Good distillery Lii Chi turns forty barrels a Niarie Titues his hymn Book and Eibon Gss Lioti Jonii of every is he looks at his prolific i pose with d i i thinking Iii streams of ruin Neq should be ill red in reeling As to Lau Griat Youhg Joidy for oven at a Muslin lipid it St Cindy i in j o our u up t v j Jesue Ratul n a poetry i which and eyes thanks be to peculiarly Stich a Noble surely Prosper during the Day she heard Tho whole Antl at Hor the rough looking old Pat came into her the rushed to threw her around jul with u n con t cried bodiless you a few5 Days Iii by Jet for the Aii Dihe last Zoidis that Ell upon those who Folio i of them thu the hear Tot prayer y a Reinius gather Siolis Peov fulls in tire the l will 1 lrui3 who to Titi from hypocrisy and prov that 6nlyiiii Terest moves if you have a Friend est and to Yii Sislain in Lipini Ives Furnier Ivind Nossis ail that his love was not thrown heal Fidelity May be Rar but fax was has not in Civ full it Power they Only deny Worth ii if wli6 have never either loved Fried no or Laboured to make him Julio and would wealth and note the of and in return they the lore by when they have been brought Low by distress and Cynilia Mitu boarding Liotino for Twenty tons of Atno Tut far for Fima in Iii machine far Riv san Pizii idiot Jot the Ivory Wuerdig Hoy Fon and c was Lizard Predo Mijoule and lie plunges deeper in fancies filled with tiie i Breaks feeds upon the looks of his beloved is Rais to the seventh heaven betrayed in q to Jitshing cd Steies by a and is plunged Inui the do voted Lov in the was such an tic one very Typo of us Ings with water and of the most sol through face but ii one from be Tioata Llowen Shu cast lie Tiu his like u locomotive kiting Oil u Lior Iii Imo Over Jioio to Sun fully the nuo lion of Oiler boys of his oven twin Al says of tho1 of a Rit Sliu an Obj a whose full for m my it Lun but Huc suite Jad was done Lilloo lie ago culs Peter Boci Iuso to Eivid tint thu adorable Angelina had Oit roly and Lunray Bull far Danng in Coati Piru Gawky Muy with Iii Slappy Happy foolish love witly its Iio Tib and its its Joys and tortures in a Shatio and Bla and iut Ensoy pros i 9 ii of Tho broadest hints to pop the ques which i it is possible for u Young Italy Anh Well triad of but club this same Hidy Attar not to original in of the per Iii Rivas in tilth common or dirty artificial of mock Brau lets unto her she becomes As fair game any Llinat is to to met with from the fit of at Gost to Tho end of inclusive a the Huu Nina 1oriliind Argus learns res in thai to rage with unmitigated seven Oliero has been no rain since the 4th of and the drought and heat Are almost if not in Tho memory of the people Tho Universal prayer for Riidu tie wind has been lately in that direction to blow Tho and other towns1 and the atmosphere has become like a Sirocchi Buffo the ii Bytho Uio extending up and Clown the coast for and Tho aspect of tilings is Giuily Thea is Tho period of Tho e quiz Ottiar we can but that he Tore Mimy we shall have Tho gratify Ina Intel Ligerie that Tho been Aud the i atmosphere by powerful and re a find Tho following it to compliment a worthily fully accords with oui the printers and took hid very Oft ii with secrets a roil and we a lip in Sumit of the violation although Aro often Are of Toiv entrusted As Thoy Tuuli by impart Jug yet to Siivo iia Vir Zinowij instance of Violet not thus to Honor and a iritis trip middling in of i by received Viust Btu gloomy find to Diotio if nil Joy Sroul Rillius ital Jio Vur mint have Fino a Jin Gold in a at few in Suid Lului fondant in an notion two Iii us in a and i Trig ouch other t3 Ici Uain Hie Over he of to Jim Iho in More

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