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Fort Wayne Weekly Democrat Newspaper Archives May 5 1869, Page 4

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Fort Wayne Weekly Democrat (Newspaper) - May 5, 1869, Fort Wayne, Indiana The Democrat it Bubbs Bobbt Btu. I it. A tymm Joe co. Wednesday May 5th, 1869.xiie Dott of Deino nats. In these Days of Black Republican Rule when the rights of the White Labouring people Are Unble Shingle sacrificed to further the interests of the Money mongers and untaxed bondholders who make up the fifty thousand capitalists of now England and the East it behoves every Democrat and every Friend of labor to take a decided stand in favor of democratic principles. The too common practice of feeling in i Erent to the living issues at City and county elections has Well nigh Cost the american people their Liberty. Step by step under the Guise of High sounding and patriotic names the radicals. Have misled and deceived the people and trampled upon their rights until but Little is left of constitutional Liberty save the empty name. The government is now run in the interest of untaxed wealth the Stock jobbers of Wall Street and the Manu amp it Uris of new England. The labor of the West is compelled to pay tribute to these monopolists and to furnish the Means to Supply the military satraps and negro boarding houses of the South. A in All departments of the government the most Gigantic swindles Are beg perpetrated and the labor of the West taxed to Supply the depleted Treasury. It is the object of the bondholders. National Bankers and Stock jobbers to get entire control of the government and in. Cider to do this they have joined hands Mth the amp antics to establish be. Gnu Jim of Mirage. With the negro vote under Quot Ali i Netrol they Hope to vote Down the wite Tobing millions and establish an Imperial Grov emment on the ruins of the Republic. Is foreshadowed in All their acts. It is seen in their legislation for a the Benefit of the Rich at the expense of the poor it is seen in their anxiety and determination to rat the fifteenth amendment which establishes negro suffrage and negro Equality All Over the land it is seen in their reconstruction inf amies and is a prominent feature in All their acts and declarations. Itria the object of the imperialists to big the emancipated negroes into Competition with the White Labouring men of this country for the purpose of degrading labor and destroying its Power and influence. This accomplished the country will be thoroughly in the hands of untaxed capitalists and worse than russian serfdom will be in store for the toiling sons and daughters of America. To the White Man who earns his bread by the sweat of his brow the situation of affairs is truly alarming. It is life or death with the labor of the county and unless a decided stand is taken by the workingmen All the blood bought treasures secured by the fathers and handed Down to posterity will be lost. As the democratic party alone can save the country from Jacobin destruction it is the duty of the fiends of labor to rally around its Banner and show their determination to rebuke the action of the Radical Imperial Bond Cracy. Commence the work at once. Go to the polls next tuesday and Roll up such a majority for the democracy As will wipe out every vestige of radicalism in fort Gbo suffrage air Biendit Lek to. The fifteenth amendment to the Constitution proposed by the late Boal Congress will if ratified by Ite states establish negro us amp age a Over the North. The adoption of this measure has for a Long time been the favorite scheme of the Radical fanatics who control the government. To make citizens and voters of negroes is their Only Hope of maintaining Ascendancy and political Power. The consequence of investing the untutored negro barbarians of the South with ithe elective franchise will be an a a Fly a of these wretched creatures into the North crowding our towns and Oitis. The inevitable result of this will be the degradation of labor and a a a lug Llori in tee ready Low Wick of White mechanics and labourers. In the cily of fort Wayne the Ift of boast that the fifteenth amendment will be ratified at All hazards to a boldly express the determination to import into our midst enough negroes to vote Down the honest Luud working men whom by Delight in. Denouncing As the Quot did dutch and Irish who make up the democratic party. Already there is a plan on foot to open Tom doors of our Public schools to these i Semi barbarians which can Only be prevented by the defeat of the negro suf amp age amendment. In order to do this it is necessary to and crush it out where Ever it is found. Commence next tuesday by administering a withering rebuke to the radicals of fort Wayne and continue the Good work until there shall not be found a single one of them in official position in All the land. this plan alone can the dignity of labor be maintained and the rights and liberties of the people pre served. Ward and Mcgee. The Mere comparison of the men is the strongest argument which can be. This compliment to or. Mcgee by the Gazette is we confess quite a Surprise to to a. That Sheet has so persist entry slandered All the gentlemen on the democratic ticket that we doubted its ability to Tell the truth about a single one of our nominees. We Are glad to note even at this late Day that the Gazette evidences a disposition to Reform in this particular. It is True that a Quot Mere comparison of Quot the rival can fittes for marshal will decide the a motion in favor of he Fiina been tried found faithful and trustworthy. In the White House. The difference Between Grant ind Johnson is in nothing More evident than in their relations with men of the rebellion. Grant May invite Lee to dinner May appoint Longstreet to High office May other arise favor Southern men once our foes but there is no fear in the county that by these Steps the Shai line of distinction Between loyalty and treason will be rubbed out or even blurred but Johnson could not do half this without twice the suspicion of Hia motives and. A hydrophobic dog was snuffed out in Lafayette yesterday. It costs Terre haute 100 per year for a town clock. Wabash has a $1,000 Hearse and wants a funeral to show it. George thudium of Indianapolis is the Champion velocipede is. To makes his mile in three minutes. Charles Sletor an absconding Revenue swindler from Osborn Ohio came to grief in Lafayette. It took two Hundred bottles of wine to marry a Young couple at Graach s Garden in Lafayette sunday night. The Northern i Dinnian Don t like Tom Phillips of the Kokomo Tribune and Calls him Quot a self conceited the Evansville and Crawfordsville Railroad has been appraised at $3,500 a mile and the Northern Indiana and Michigan Southern at $10,000 per mile. We. Hosea a new Albany Man Wakoa himself from a some Ambulia sleep by walking out of a second Story window. The cow with brass knobs on her crumpled horns tossed a Little boy named Baker in Terre haute yesterday. He had a Quot Nobby Quot ride. A Good Deal of building is Boug done in the suburbs of Terre haute. One Brick maker has contracted to furnish s x Hundred thousand Brick by the 10th of june. Keller s hardware at Evansville was entered by burglars one night last week and two thousand dollars Worth of revolvers and Fine cutlery were taken. Or. John Detro Gate keeper on the Huntington and Warren Plank Road died last week of congestion of the lungs. He was about severity two years of age. Joseph Miller swallowed a half ounce of laudanum at Evansville on Friday but was saved from self destruction. He was Bent on committing suicide. There was a great fall of whisky at Pittsburg on thursday. Three thousand barrels in John Finch s bonded warehouse were precipitated from the fifth floor to the basement. The chair factory of John Bachner amp co., at Evans Villa was destroyed by fire Friday morning at 2 o clock. The loss is heavy. The firm Are insured in an Evansville company for $1.000. The Tipton people Are talking about building a new Railroad to run through that place from Muncie or Anderson to Frankfort or Lafayette. One Man offers to give $1,000, and to Grade a mile of the track. Thomas Moulden of Tipton has received Over a thousand dollars from the Indianapolis Peru amp Chicago railway company for Stock killed within the last few years. He has just had two Colts killed. Of the eight colleges in Indiana authorized to Confer the degree of master of arts six admit Young ladies namely the state University Ash Bury Northwestern Christian Merom Earlham and notre Dame. Miss Lizzie Demotte a music teacher of Attica Indiana while on a visit to Williamsport on tuesday morning was so badly crushed Between two freight cars that her life is despaired of. If she recovers she will be a cripple for life. The Bill providing for the education of White and Black children in the common schools was taken up in the Indiana legislature and the amendment directing them to occupy the i Ime room was Laid on the table and the Bill passed. A fire occurred in Lagrange the latter part of last week which destroyed the office of the Democrat two hardware Storey and a number of other adjoining buildings. The loss is immense for that place. Or. Robert Patterson of Seymour Indiana has received the contract for the grading of the Ohio and Mississippi Branch Railroad from Jeffi Jasonville to Charleston and will commence work next monday morning. He wants a thousand labourers immediately. Aaron Warner formerly of new Albany was tried last week at Evansville for the murder of Charles Lang found guilty and sentenced to twelve years in the Penitentiary at Jefferson Ville. His counsel have made application for a new trial but it is not probable it will be granted. In the legislature on wednesday some attention was paid to the improvement of the Law of divorce As operating in this state. The ease with which divorces has been heretofore obtainable has been somewhat altered by making a residence of one year in the state absolutely necessary and making it a felony either in the principal or counsel to use fraudulent Means to of Tam their desires. Last sunday near Roseville Parke county a Young Man named William Miller being enamoured of a Young lady and desiring to take her As his wife popped the question to her and upon meeting with a refusal declared that if she did not have him he would go and kill himself. The maid still persisting in her refusal he went upon the Hill above the House and with a pistol then and there held in his hand did shoot himself through the left breast the Ball going through the left lung it is thought. He is a till living but is in a critical condition. Hon. William h. Johnson judge of of the criminal court of Wayne county died at the residence of his father in Cambridge City wednesday morning from the efforts of aconite a poisonous Medicine accidentally taken with the belief that it was tincture of Gentian. Although every Effort was made to counteract the Poison he died within thirty minutes after swallowing it. Some weeks ago Abrams charged with complicity in the Youns murder of Indianapolis male affidavit stating that judge Chapman was prejudiced against him whereupon judge Johnson was selected to preside during the trial of his Case. A second affidavit was then filed asking a change of venue from Mario county which the judge refused to Grant. A Rumor wins current in the City this morning that judge Johnson had been Poison we by parties in the interest of Abrams but the Telegraph assures us that the fatal dose was taken As above. News items. The ill Nam of the Etu Preas Carlotta. This Princess is stated by the austrian journals to have been for the last fortnight unable to leave her bed. Her mental faculties Are in a state of the most painful excite mint while slow fever is wearing away her bodily strength her eyes have a fixed and vacant stare. She Speaks constantly of Mexico describes the habits and customs of the inhabitants the Beauty and original aspect of the towns and haciendas with considerable Beauty of language. Slie addresses her husband As to Lough he were alive producing the on a listener of speaking in her Slot yet her eyes Are open. The importunate Prius ass is still under the impression that she is in danger of being poisoned and will Only Swallow food Oli cred to her by the Queen of Belgium her sister a Law. For the last few inon Tus the Princess appeared to have completely i recovered her reason. For Days together and even for weeks no sign of Iii vital aberration could to discovered. Sho wrote letters in which the lucidity of her ideas and the delicacy an \ of Quot Lior Seniti Nentz were remarkable. She lev Tod herself to the Young Prisic with the most the Quot Der solicit ult Letan i alter his death exclaimed Quot poor child at last you have gone to rejoin my Mother. Soon it will be my turn to rejoin you Grasshoppers Are destroying com in Texas. Miss Eva Strong was instantly killed at Blanchester Ohio on the 28th, while walking on the Railroad track. Keno flourish eth As a Green Bay tree and the Tiger Roar eth in Evansville. The City Council of Xenia has passed and ordinance prohibiting the Sale of Beer. It is expected that the Leavenworth Lawrence and Galveston Railroad will reach the Texas line before the 1st of january next. The legislature of Ohio has passed an act extending Tho exemption of a Homestead from execution for debt from $500 to $1,000. Hon. C. W. Walton has been appointed Ai secrate Justice of the supremo court of Maine. He has already served seven years. Auntie. Indiana impounds follows found drunk on Tho streets with the other stray hogs but lets them out when sober. A whisky barrel in an Evans Adlle brewery exploded on wednesday while a Man was Boring a Hole in it injuring one of his eyes so that he will lose it. S Creary Boutwell is considering the expediency of reducing the number of National Banks so As to leave but one in each election District. Grasshoppers in Largo numb3r8,have made their appearance in Eastern Nebraska South of the Platte and As far Down As St. Joseph. Much damage is expected. General Sherman presented diplomas to the graduating class of Artilur its at fortress Monroe on tuesday then visited the Navy Yard and returned to Washington by Way of Richmond. Secretary Boutwell has issued an order requiring the collection of customs upon All goods purchased in Canada and brought to the United states. This will seriously interfere with the brisk Trade done in fancy articles at Niagara Falls. Mike Mccoole has commenced training for the great Quot Mill Quot with Tom Allen according to the agreement already made Public the fight is to come off within fifty Miles of St. Louis on the loth of May the winning Man to re Cieve stakes and excursion Money. A woman in Wyandot Ohio was forcibly restrained by her husband from whipping a sick child whereupon she locked the door threw the key out of the window and taking a revolver fired five shots at her husband. She was too Muca excited to shoot Well and he escaped unhurt. Thirteen Kokomo ladies encouraged by the Success of the Tipton women started out on saturday morning to hold prayer meetings in saloons but at the first one were refused admittance the proprietor saying that Quot he did t want pm there in cause it injured his nothing daunted they prayed on the sidewalk. The Paducah by a Ems understands that the mails from that City to new York have lat3ly been robbed frequently. Checks from Banks in that City upon new York to the amount of Many thousands of dollars have been lost and it has become hazardous to Send anything by mail. On saturday last a Young negro named Horace in Chickasaw count Mississippi shot his Mother through the head killing her instantly. A party of negroes some fifteen or Twenty in number Tock Horace to the Woods and literally riddled his hide with bullets and left him to the Buzzards. Or. Philip Mason an old citizen of Fayette county Indiana a prominent Mason and formerly grand master of that order died at his residence in Connersville sunday afternoon. His age was seventy three years. He was a citizen of Fayette county fifty years. A negress in Maury county Tennessee who is now thirty four years of age is the Mother of Twenty four children. She commenced at fifteen. She has had six single children has had twins seven times and last month had triplets. She also had one miscarriage at four months. The last litter was one boy and two girls. The Nutmeg it is reported is found growing in the Sierra Nevada Range in California. The san Mateo Cal Gazette says that some years ago Nutmeg equal in strength and flavor to those in the East indies were plucked on the head Waters of the Feather River Placer county. The tree it is a amp id resembles certain species of Pine. One Day Piron went to see Voltaire but did not find him at Home. In order to excite his ire he wrote on his door Quot old two Days afterwards he met the author of Quot Henri Ade Quot in the Street. Quot i was at your House Quot he said to Voltaire with a sneer but did not find you at Quot i know Quot replied Voltaire Quot you left your name on the a named Rielly thirteen years old using in Orange four Miles from new Haven Connecticut while passing along a Road near Aue town Between the places above named on tuesday evening was assaulted by a negro who dragged her into the Wood and violated her. Search for the villain was made he was traced to new Haven and efforts Are being made to secure his arrest. Martha Spraye White and Alex. Cornell coloured have been arrested at Peekskill new York charged with murdering an infant belonging to the former. Tho woman states that Cornell took the child alive s iwed it up in a bag and carried it away from the House. The body was found in a found Ery Pond on monday evening partly encased in a bag or Sheet. Ill Iowa the planting of Trees is encouraged by Law every acre of Forest Trees planted releases taxation for ton years on $100 valuation and for each acre of fruit Trees planted tax is exempted on $50 valuation for five years the same for Shade Trees and Hedges along the highways. There Are now Maple forests in several counties and sugar made where fifteen years since was nothing but Prairie grass and Hazel shrubs. Eight Hundred and forty eight candidates Are Arcidy in the Field for the 282 places of deputies to the legislative chamber 673 candidates Are men whose names Are new to the Public. My is. Thiers is a candidate in seven counties my is. Tules Favre in four my is. Emile Olivier in five my is. Jules Simon in five la Sarthe county proposes to vote for my is. Ledru Rollin. An affray occurred Friday last near Tabor Iowa which resulted in the death of two men named Eling and Palmer. There was some difficulty Between them and a Man named Briggs and Tho two Rode up to or. A s place with Tho intention of him. Tho latter ran away but was pursued. Or. B., finding escape impossible shot striking Palmer in Tho Nock causing Lis death almost immediately. King still following he fired again killing him. About j o clock wednesday afternoon Julius Mimi Morinan proprietor of the i Torii it ional restaurant at Lafayette approached the front door of his Stab Lisle Merit and attempted to enter when to discovered that it was looked. Lie then passed to Tho rear door and passed into Tho Saloon where to found his bar Kook for tied Hii Iid ii jul foot with ropes to a table on which his head was reclining fast ii Leep. Tho Money drawer Hud been filled of its contents a few doll i a and tie hide a upon passing out had locked Tho floor and carried away the key. No duo to Tho. Joseph Hospital. Articles of association. Whereas right Rov. John h. Luers Bishop of the diocese of fort Wayne in the state of Indiana has purchased of William r. Nelson Philo Rumsey and Rebecca Rumsey lots numbered 44, 45 and 46, in Rockhill s addition to Tho City of fort Wayne with Tho building known As Tho Quot Rock Hill House Quot situate thereon for the sum of $19,000, for which sum he has executed to said persons his ten promissory notes each for $1,900, payable in ten years from their Date respectively All bearing interest from Date at Tho rate of ten per cent per annul and. Whereas the said Luers is anxious and willing to sell the said property for the same Price that he purchased it for provided it s purchased for and used As a Hospital and for other charitable purposes and place 1 under the control and management of the Sisters known As and a polluted Quot the poor hand maid of Christ Quot with the right on their part when Pecunia Rily and legally capacitated by incorporation to an ire and Purchase the same and. Whereas the undersigned feeling the necessity and importance of establishing said charitable institution and being anxious to assist in the accomplishment of said purpose have voluntarily associated ourselves together for Tho purpose of purchasing said property of said lors at said Price and placing Tho same under Tho control and management of said Sisters with the right on their part to acquire the said property from our association As aforesaid. And in Accord ice with Tho Laws of the state of Indiana under which we have organized we adopt the following articles of association Articie i. This association shall to known As and called the St. Joseph Hospital association. Article 2. The officers of the association shall be a president vice president Secretary treasurer and five directors of which the by hop shall a sex offi Cio a member. Article Iii. It shall be the duty of the president to to reside at All meetings of Tho stockholders of said association and also to sign execute and deliver for and in behalf of said association All deeds mortgages leases releases contracts notes receipts orders warrants and such other instruments of writing As he May be authorized ordered and directed by said association or Tho directors thereof and sign All certificates of shares of the capital Stock of said association and perform such other and further duties As May be imposed upon him by said association of the vice president to perform the duties of the president in his absence of the Secretary to record the proceedings of said association in a Book to be kept for that purpose to preserve All books and papers of said association As Well As the corporate Seal thereof and sign All certificates of the capital Stock of said association As Well As All warrants on the treasurer thereof and perform such other and further duties As May be imposed upon him by said association of the treasurer to receive and disburse All funds belonging to the association which Are to b j safely kept by him and he shall be required to exc Cuto and file with the Secretary of the association a Bond with sufficient surety in such sum As May be required by said association to the acceptance and approval of the president and Secretary conditioned for the faithful discharge of his duties and the faithful accounting for and disbursement of All moneys which May come to his hands and no Money shall be paid out by the treasurer except by warrant feigned by Tho president and countersigned by the Secretary and said treasurer shall keep an account of All moneys received and disbursed by him in a Book to to kept for that purpose and said treasurer shall make such report from time to time As said association May direct of the directors to take the charge control and management of the affairs of said association and perform such other and further duties As May be imposed upon them by said association. Article in. Said directors May establish such by Laws and rules As May be Wise and inconsistent with these articles of association or the Laws of the state under which this association Hasben organized which rules and bylaws shall be subject to the approval of said association to whom the same shall be submitted for examination and approval. Article v. The officers of this association shall hold their respective offices for Tho term of one year from and after their election and shall be elected by ballot a majority of the votes cast being necessary to elect said officers shall be elected As aforesaid by the stockholders of said association each of said stockholders shall be entitled to cast one vote Only without regard to the number of shares of said Stock that he May own. The first election of officers under these articles of association shall be held on the 1st Day of april 1869 and annually thereafter and any and All vacancies of said offices which May occur by reason of death resignation failure to serve or otherwise shall by filled in like manner by special election to be held within one month after said vacancy occurs and the person or persons so elected shall hold and fill said office or offices for Tho unexpired term thereof. Article i. The capital Stock of this association shall be fifty thousand dollars which shall be divided into shares of Twenty five dollars each which shall be numbered in progressive order beginning at number one and every person subscribing to said capital Stock shall have a certificate for each and every share of said Stock subscribed by him to be issued by the treasurer of said association and signed by the president Secretary and treasurer and Bear the impress of the Seal of said association which certificate or certificates shall be delivered to said person upon his paying in Money to said treasurer the amount of Stock subscribed by him and upon the delivery of said certificate or certificates to said person he shall thereafter be considered a member of said association and shall to entitled to vote at All elections of officers thereof and upon All questions affecting the interest of said association and shall have the same rights privileges and interest in said association As the original corp orators thereof have and possess. The condition of membership of a d association shall be the taking of Stock of said association and Tho payment in Money to said treasurer of the amount subscribed by said person. The Secretary and treasurer of this association shall each keep a Book in which shall b3 recorded the names of the stockholders and the number of shares held by them. No certificate or certificates of Stock issued by said association shall be sold or assigned by the person or persons to whom Tho same is issued to any other person or persons without the consent of said association being first had and obtained and if any certificate of Stock be assigned Tho assignment thereof shall be recorded in the books aforesaid at Tho time thereof that the association May at All times know who Are the stockholders. Article Vii. The Board of directors shall have the Power to allow to the officers and agents of said association for Tho incidental expenses incurred in Tho management of said association. Article Viii. That to times for the regular meetings of the association shall to fixed by its by Laws and special meeting be Call i by the directors or a m Jority of the on such notice As May to by Tho. Antiole in. Tho object of this As to elation As stated in Trio above Priam lilo ii to acquire by Piir Chuse of Bish j of Luers Tho property therein describe o a Trio locution to refer Belli the and payment of the executed by him to said we. R. Nelson j i Hilo Rumsey and Rebecca Uusi a Lor i Trio Purchase Money for said prop try As mentioned in said preamble which notes Whall be paid by this Assoc ati3n out of the fund produced and arising from the capital Stock thereof and shall be paid As soon As possible. That said property is purchased and shall to used for a Hospital and other chs. Rita ble purposes and placed under the Tion tool and management of the Sis ters known and called Quot the poor hand vivid of Christ Quot in conjunction with the Board of directors of this association and said Sisters shall have the right to acquire said property when Pecunia Rily and legally capacitated so to do and upon their deriving or obtaining ii i any manner the capital Stock of this and surrendering the Cei Tifi Cates therefor to the Board of direct Orsot this association to be cancelled a and destroyed and upon their becoming a Gally capacitated by incorporation this association shall by and through its president and Secretary execute and deliver to said Sisters a deed of convey Girla should learn to keep Honse. No Ypung lady can be too Well instruct in anything that will effect the Comfort of a family. Whatever position in society she occupies she needs a practical knowledge of household duties. She May be placed in such circumstances that it will not be necessary for her to perform much Domestic labor but on this account she needs no less knowledge than if she was obliged to preside personally Over the cooking stove and pantry. Indeed i have thought that it was difficult to direct others and requires More experience than to do the same work with our own hands. Mothers Are frequently so Nice and particular that they do not like to give up any part of the care to their children. This is a great mistake in their management for they Are often burdened with labor and need children should be Early taught to make themselves useful to assist their Anco for said premises and the affairs in parents in every Way and to consider it of this association shall be closed As i a privilege to do so. Speedily thereafter As possible. J Young people can not realize the article x. The following is an ill importance of a thorough knowledge of pro Sion and description of the co Poi it a House winery but those who have auf ate Seal of said association. Feed the inconvenience and Mort Ifica i Tion of ignorance can Well appreciate l. 3. I it. Children should to Early indulged i it i in their ways. It is often but a Trou in witness whereof we have Hereunto Quot pct our names respectively. John usury Luers Manier Jal an Hei Init Lacob glinting Edward Konii Martin Noll b. Trentman g. 1. E. Mayor Jolt Baker f. Voirol John g. Flerl Derman b. Phillips Andrew Mayer j. Pier George Fui p pier b. H. Rie Tinan b. H. Schnieders h. Nier Minn Franz Greve Henry Munnin John w. Pranger g. L it Barnard myer Frank Schilling l. Myer h. C. Graffe Herman 1 ebbed George Meyer John Siren Herman j. Remmert. Henry Schone Gerhard rekers Fred Sohnker Ulrich Kehner Herman Hartman a j. Rekers h. F. Shank Herman Kemmerly angst Dierkes Anthony Gocke Peter Moran James Breen Martin Neermati Al Osterman John Rolape h. T. Harsal Hurst Frank Hen Kenins Martin Reinhart Michael Arnber Joseph Kuttner. James h. Kane Patrick Mclain. George King Anthony Heitman m. Hates Job. H. Brammer h. Schorrak Anthony Shirmeyer John Schopf Alexander Speregen Joseph Noah. Herman plock we. Fleming Henry Baker George de Wald James Sommers Sebastian Legand we. Gaffney Jacob alter Lawrence Markley Nicholas alter h g. Wagner Joseph Racht t. Hedekin. Pins Schnol their Martin Bargas. State of i a Diana Allen co Onty. Personally appeared designed a notary Public in and for said county Bernhard Trentman b. H. Trentman John q. Fledderman and Henry Monning and severally acknowledged that they had executed the annexed and foregoing articles of association for Tho use and purposes therein mentioned. Witness my hand and notarial Seal this 22nd Day of april 1869. A. M. Barton i l. S. I notary Public. S3 before the in san Fri ii com e Ell no. Or. Samuel Bowles contributes a second article on Quot the Pacific Railroad open Quot and gets to san Francisco where he has taken the following notes of the manner of living but it is at san Francisco that we shall linger and take in Tho essence of California life and cast the future of California s wealth. First we shall go to the Occidental cosmopolitan Russ or lick hotel and live at three dollars a Day specie mind you As Well As the Tremont or fifth Avenue. Perhaps we shall have a mind to try that Quot Peculiar institution Quot of the City the a what cheer House Quot where meals and lodging Are fifty cents each with a Library and museum of natural history and mineralogy thrown in. We shall certainly want to test the French restaurants where at Sharp 6, and at a private table we May have Tor a Dollar and a half As Good a dinner of four or five courses wine included As Parker s or Delmonico s would give us for a five Dollar Bill. The abundance of fruit will have amazed us As we came Down from the mountains but still the wonder grows at the City fruit stands Sweetwater an i Black Hamburg and Muscat grapes at from five to twelve cents a Pound and poorer qualities at half the Price strawberries the season through peaches and pears More fair and luscious and larger than our senses were Ever accustomed to fresh figs oranges limes and bananas All cheap and All in such abundance on the hotel tables and in the streets As to make a fruit famished new englander rub his eyes and prick his flesh to assure him that he was not in the fairy land of dream. Then the More solid provisions Here is flour at half the Price it bears in Tho East and vegetables of All kinds Spring summer and fall varieties All at once in fullest perfection. Here Are fresh Salmon twelve months in the year at from ten to Twenty cents a Pound and smelts at eight cents and fresh cod Bass shrimps anchovies soles even Herrings a every luxury of the sea and game As various and at prices that shame our East pm markets. The materials for living Are As plentiful As the Art of their preparation is perfect and it will not take the Thrifty mind Long to calculate that so far As food is concerned a family can be supported More cheaply in san Francisco than in new York or Boston. The rates quoted Are of course specie but wages and profits Are also in specie and Are higher generally than currency wages and profits in Eastern cities. There Are Many other articles and portions of articles which will be found to to nearly if not quite As entertaining As the extracts Given. Poultry Manai lenient. Among the subjects discussed at a late meeting of the new York Farmers club was the management of hens. It was asserted by a gentleman that during the past few years the size of eggs reaching a new York Market had increased one third in consequence of the improvement in the Breeds and management of fowls. A Learned member did not believe the size of an egg could by increased by feeding. Another had fed his fowls cracked com broken Oyster shells and meat and to had found them exceedingly greedy to it Green food ranging the Garden in Winter and eating chickweed Strawberry plants or any other Green food accessible when the Snow is off. He had secured plenty of eggs by such feeding. Another gentleman said he had secured the Best results by permitting his fowls to scratch in the Bam Yard. Another recommended buckwheat for hens and the Graceful president asserted it to be a great stimulator and he preferred stimulants to narcotics. Or. Trimble believes in giving the kind of food to fowls and All animals that they will eat the most of. A new Jersey Man who gets up Early in the coming and who asserts that the reason Why hons do not Lay More eggs because people do not get up before breakfast has been attending to his fowls personally. He had fifty eight Black Spanish and leghorn fowls which Laid him Tho past year six Hundred and sixty seven dozen eggs All of which he gathered from their nests himself. He led them Oats cracked com and packers scraps All cooked together and pounded burned Oyster shells say they oat the pounded shells greedily and Tho shells of the egg Are As White As the driven Snow. To feeds his hens regularly Throe times a Day giving them at Tho same time Good Tresh water. To believes fowls can be made most profitable if people Only will get up before breakfast. The Jasper Texas Yew boy says that in emigration society is being or of Viii de in that county for the purpose of s piping off to the North free of Cost All Tho aspiring negroes that May have a desire to emigrate to that free and congenial clime. Is a great advantage to them. I know a Little girl who at nine years old made a loaf of bread every week during the Winter. Her Mother taught her How much j cast Salt and four to use and she became quite an expert Baker. Whenever she is disposed to try her skill in making simple cakes or pies she is permitted to do so. She is thus while amusing herself learning an important lesson. Her Mother Calls her Little housekeeper and often permits her to get what is necessary for the Tuble. She hangs the key by her Side and very musical is the jingling to her ears. I think before she is out of her teens upon which she has not yet entered that she will have some idea How to Cook. Somo mothers give their daughters the care of housekeeping each a week by turns. It seems to me a Good arrangement and a most useful part of their education. Domestic labor is by All Means compatible with the highest degree of refinement and mental culture. Many of the most elegant accomplished women i have known have looked Well to their household duties and have honoured themselves and their husbands by so doing. Economy taste skill in cooking and neatness of the Kitchen have a great Deal to do in making life Happy and prosperous. The Charm of Good housekeeping is in order Economy and taste displayed in attention to Little things and these things have a wonderful influence. A my Kitchen and bad cooking have driven Many a one from Home to seek Comfort and happiness somewhere else. None of our excellent girls Are fit to be married until they Are thoroughly educated in the deep and profound mysteries of the j k joke Ali ice was no jokes a Semi nary professor gets spliced to tie Fronir female. The Montpelier Vermont journal says that not a thousand Miles from White River Junction a Serio comic affair occurred which made the parties to the joke laugh out the other Side of their Mouths. A correspondent who describes the affair says Quot they have got up the funniest snarl across the River that you Ever heard of. At a party last week after exhausting Ordinary games and waiting something new mock marriages were proposed. Accordingly names were drawn by lots and four couples stood up to be married. The ceremony was performed and they duly pronounced Man and wife by the Laws of the state and before these witnesses. Afterwards they ascertained that the Man officiating was a Justice of the peace and the parties were legally married. They Are in the greatest alarm about it that Ever was. One of them. Professor of Thetford Seminary expects a lady from below in about a fortnight to marry him and nearly every one involved is expecting to be married right away one other gentleman to a Lisy below and they feel like death. They have searched All the Law books and consulted authorities far and near and every thing Only proves the knot still tighter. The Justice has been fined $50 for each couple. He says he is from another country and can not do business Here and supposed the marriage not to it be Legal it is certainly a funny scrape and made stir funnier by the fact that All the parties belong to the upper ten the Best opinion is that they Are legally married and can Only be divorced by the he Wulpi him. A Young John Phoenix tells Bow it was As follows i la Tell you How it was. You see Bill and me went Down to the wharf to fish and i Felt in my pocket and found my knife and it was gone and i said Quot Bill you stole my knife Quot and he said i was another and i said go there yourself and he said it was no such thing and i said he was a liar and i could whip him if i was bigger n him and he said he d Rock me to sleep Mother and i said he was a bigger one and he said i never had the measles and i said for him to Fork Over that knife or i d fix him for a Tom Stone on Laurel Hill and he said my grandmother was no gentleman and i said he Dersen t take it up but he did you bet you never Well you never did then i got up again and said he was too much afraid to do it again and he tried to but he did to and i grabbed him and threw him Down on the top of me like several bricks and i Teu you it beat ally and so did he and my Little dog got behind Biu and bit him and Bill kicked the dog and the dog ran and i ran after the dog to fetch Bim Back and i did t catch him till i got Clear Homo and i la whip him More yet. Is my Eye very Black famine. A famine is raging at the present time in certain provinces of Russia lying around the Gulf of bothnia and the shores of the Baltic Livonia Esthonia Courland and Finland that strikes terror in the hearts of people in the cheat capitals of St. Petersburgh and Moscow. These provinces Are of Rocky and arid surface not penetrated by railroads the victims of Throe bad years of production and at present without either bread or the seed for another season. The roads Are in such a state As to Render it next to impossible to reach the inhabitants with Aid. They Are crowding into the villages and settlements where disease adds to the of vitality of their sufferings and Hun Gep becomes intensified accordingly. Finland contains about a million and three Quarter souls while the other three provinces named contain perhaps a Hundred thousand More. Last year in Esthonia no rain fell for three months or during the entire summer. Bread is now out of the reach of All and the wan faces of the beg Gared inhabitants Are the picture of Numan Dis pair. A Young commanche chief killed in a recent attack on a government train near the Texas Border was very fancifully decked out with a White woman s Scalp a Corporal s Stripe a Beaver skin Bow and arrows quiver looking Glass Butcher knife ear rugs Bracelet Fine Bead Pouch Flint and steel Haversack Breech clout his own Scalp which is Large and would make a very delightful Waterfall the hair being Black thick and Glossy a Beautiful breast plate mexican hair Brush mexican Scarf on his shield two Small Silver Bells and an almost innumerable number of Beautiful feathers on Hia shield. To also had in his Belt a mexican bridle Worth about fifteen dollars a common mexican Blanket a Fine ram hide Lariat and an extra pair of moccasins in his Belt. He was prepared to ride or walk As occasion might required he was on foot when and the Nice scr it May be highly objectionable to some to declare that Quot this is a White Man s country Quot but let us ask the Reader it it is it not quite As objectionable to Endeavor to establish that this country is exclusively the coloured Man s ? at first the special friends of the negro clamoured for emancipation. They got it. Then they demanded that the millions of Man omitted slaves at the South should to fed clothed and a ducats a at the Public expense. Although this Cost one Way or another fifteen to a Hundred millions of dollars a year they got it. Then they required negro suffrage in the South so As to place the White Man in that Section of the country beneath the feet of the coloured Man. They got it. Then they insisted upon the social Equality of the White and coloured races m the South. They got it. Next they plead for the negro s right to hold Public office. They got it. Finally growing bolder they called of a constitutional amendment compelling every Northern Eastern and Western state which had voted Down negro suffrage to admit the coloured Man on equal terms to the ballot Box. And they will get it. Is not All this enough it seems not. Still another petition is put Forth for the negro and put Forth As a Quot claim of Justice which is the voice of god Quot it is a very modest one. It is simply one for Quot a Hundred millions of fifty millions Are solicited from the states and fifty millions from the general government the whole to be invested in lands and bestowed upon the coloured people 1 Quot Here s Richness Quot As or. Queers would express it. The negro is not Only to be made a citizen but a gentle-Ma-1 of landed estate not Only invested with a right to vote but with a House and lot a Plantation and a Homestead out of the Public purse. Not a word is said All this time about bestowing even a gratuitous meal upon the Hundred thousand White cripples who lost their limbs in the War that secured Freedom to these negroes a cripples that now earn their precarious bread by grinding organs at the Comers of the streets or by going about hat in hand to implore alms of those whom their armless sleeves and wooden legs May inspire with sympathy. Not a word is murmured about finding Money or land a roof a shelter for the Quarter of a million of sombre Garmen Ted families whose protectors Laid Down their lives on the Battle Fields which gave Liberty to these coloured gentlemen. Not a word is uttered about the Quot claim of Justice Quot which is in Smth Quot the voice of god Quot and appeals to every citizen s conscience in razor rescuing from Beggary and want these mutilated White soldiers and these widows and orphans of Tho dead White heroes of the Republic if one Hundred millions of dollars ought to be added to taxation and the Public debt As an act of common humanity should it be Given to those whose valor saved the Recto or to those who were saved by it let the Quot voice of god Quot reply. Old maids. A scotch paper gives the following symptoms which Are said to be unmistakable signs of an old maid. They May be Correct and they May not we leave every one to judge for themselves when a woman begins to drink her Tea without sugar that s a surm Tom. When a woman begins to read love stories Abed that s a symptom. When a woman begins to say that she has refused Many an offers that s a symptom. When a woman begins to say what a dreadful set of creatures men Are and that she would t be bothered with one for All Tho world that s a symptom. When a woman begins to change her shoes Ever time she comes into the House after a walk that s a symptom. When a woman begins to have a Little poodle dog trotting after Here that s a symptom. When a woman begins to have a cat by her Elbow at meal times and gives it sweetened milk that s a symptom. When a woman begins to be ashamed to take off her Bonnet in a gentleman s company because she s no Cap on that s a symptom. When a woman begins to say that a servant has no business to have a Sweet Hart that s a symptom. When a woman begins to my her fingers Over the chairs and tables to see if Mey Are Dusty that s a symptom. Ihei it a woman begins to go to bed with her stockings and flannel Nightcap on that s a symptom. When a woman begins to put her fingers before her Mouth when talking to any one for fear they should see she is losing her Teeth that s a symptom. When a woman begins to Tuk about rheumatism in her Knees and elbows that s a symptom. When a woman begins to find fault with her looking Glass and says it does not show the features rights that s a coffins. To be buried with Christian burial and under the Green Earth in honest Wood is a palliative feature in the death question but this is All to be changed to the various paper production of the paper ago paper collars paper shirts and even paper waistcoats bonnets and hats must now be added paper coffins. M. Szerelmey their inventor seems to have a belief in the Universal adaptability of paper to All the needs of civilized life. Hot undertakes to coat ships with it and make them impervious to shot a he employs it in Mani facture or const octian of rocket cases powder canisters railway carriages Drain pipes and party Walls. He claims it is at once lighter stronger harder cheaper than any other material hitherto in use for these purposes not excepting Iron and Tel and Stone. His object in introducing it in the manufacture of coffins is to obtain what so Many people consider a Desideratum a perfectly air tight water proof and Damp defying Shell which nothing from without can penetrate and nothing from within can escape. The a Orissa paper coffin in which those conditions Are said to be fulfilled is a solid looking St Mcture very much resembling in build and thickness the ancient Mummy cases Pieser cd in Tho British museum. This exodus of fashion. Views items. Or. Grant s Friend. Marshal Brown returns an income of $21,000, exclusive of his pups. Frank Mcdonadd Belon Jing to Jol Iet committed suicide on thursday night. Tho s Igina Pino crop this year will reach the a noxious amount of 400,000,-000 foot. Now St to of wedding cards Havu the names of the Bride and Groom groomsmen bridesmaids and Ushers All on one card. Tho vines in Franco Are diseased and in Many parts of the wine districts Tho crop is said to to totally destroyed. A Rich and pious old citizen of Geneva Switzerland fears a food and has begun the construction of an Ark in which to save himself and his House. Or. Zeri. Faulkner an esteemed citizen of Mercer county Ohio fell dead in his door Yard one Day last week from the effects of heart disease. A school teacher in the Canton of Zurich Switzerland caught a Little girl by the hair and Shook head with such violence that a cerebral congestion Supervene of Wlinich she died Witlin a few Days. At East Cleveland the other Day a temporary Bridge broke Down while a Young son of w. Cozad was crossing with a loaded team and some planks falling upon the boy held him under water till he drowned. The wife of or. We. P. Duvall died suddenly on thursday morning at Janesville Wisconsin from the effects of Poison but whether admin St. Red by herself or some one else is not yet known. Some scientific men who have lately visited Jeffersonville have Given it As their opinion that the Bridge now being constructed across the Falls will prove a failure. The engineers who Are superintending its constr action differ with them. The Dayton Ledger says that a break Man on the Dayton and Michigan Railroad by the name of Moll Vany was instantly killed at Anna on that Road on thursday evening. At the time of his death he was in the act of uncoupling some cars when he was run Over his head Cut off and his body badly mangled. An Iowa paper in order to be even with a contemporary who told a marvelous pin Story vouches for the truth of a statement that a lady in that Village when quite a child accidentally ran a splinter in the thumb of her left hand and was astounded the other Day by having a saw log ten feet Long and Twenty thre inches in circumference jump from a steel. Several men who wrote to the president in favor of the appointment of friends have be a astonished at receiving unsolicited commissions themselves. The mystery was solved by the fact that they closed their letters % saying Quot i have the Honor to Suh serine myself &c., it being the Rale to give All subscribers something. More land wanted. The world says that during the few Days session of the party first Congre Bills were introduced to give to railroads Wagon Road and canals no less than 181,945,645 acres of the Public Hinds. Congress has already Given away to Rait oads 184,813,000 acres of land or say As much land As the re is in All new England and now Jersey Ohio Maryland Virginia and Delaware put together and now another slice of the same size is to be Given with this gift it is proposed to hand Over also $114,300,000 Worth of Bonds. At this rate we shall soon need Canada Mexico and the whole of the West India islands to Supply deficiencies alone. Go on gentlemen there is plenty More land out West. It Cost the nation nothing and by a cheerful coincidence the Railroad companies seem to got it about the same Price. A so Cromi Martiin Coblentz bitters. A valuable remedy Coblentz Boot bitters special dispatch to the Democrat. The following table shows the quotations telegraphed to us at 2 o clock to Day new York Gold and Stock markets. New Yoek May 2�?2.15 p. M. Gold. 13� sufi Sof 1881119 Quot 5.i?0 s of 1662 la Jii Quot Quot 1864. My of Quot Quot ifs Quot a Quot Newl Luji Quot Quot 186tm% u s ,18681167i 10-40 a. Los i fort wayne133x new York markets. New took May s 1869. Cotton More steady. Sales of 1,80 Bales at 2 a it it. For Mledd Lens plan i. Floor a receipt 8 7,114 bbl Shado firmer and lower Erades without any decided chantre for medium and Good i scrap tons. Sale Oft,6 0 bulb is 45i5 80 for superfine state and Western is 90a 8 35 for extra state 95 <t9b6 79 for extra Western <6 80as 00 for White wheat extra 00a7 25 for round hoop Ohio of 60 for extra St. Lonis $9 00@12 00 for Good to Choice do Market Closne Inlet. Rye flour is quiet with sales of 150 Bis at s4 <0s� 75. Whisky firmer sales so Bis Desteni Amite receipts t,44 a quiet and slightly in Nyere favor. Sales of 800 by at �1 44 for no 2 Spring Dell ered $1 �3�1 70 for White California �1 65 for Amber much less. Better steady at 20�36c. Latx8t. Flour closed steady for common and Dull and declining for medium Grade. Wheat quiet without decided change. Ryb Foulet at is 30al 82 for Western. Oats sirm at 84c for Western in store. Corny firm at 87 Jim for new mixed Western and Shaft is for old mixed Western in store and afloat pork Dull at s30 �7 for new mess cask and Reanear. Beef quiet and unchanged. Cut meats Dell and nominal. Bacone Dull and nominal. Lard closed at is Alsic for fair to prime steam. Egos steady at 19a21c. Narket. To too o., my s. I flour Dell. Wheat steady Amber $1 42.�1 43 White i Mir mean Reimar �1 44 no i White Michigan is 8 no 1 White Wabash St 95. Quot Orny a Shade better and moderately Active so 1 66 in no 8 63c no 1 b6c, buyer last half of May. 0.\ts_finn at 69c for no i and Michigan. Rye quiet and steady at $1 27 for no i. I Barley Dell. Flour receipt 2,3 0wheat 8,600 by i com 11,800, ones .1.700, Rye Ifo by. Shipment a Fiir 600wheat 8,900 by com 6,600bu, Oats 1,400 in Rye 400 by Balty 250 by. We take great pleasure la informing the readers of the Dix Orsat that Till so oo., to. 7s Central Block Calhoun Street. Are the Only Amthor led wholesale agents in this locality for the Sal of or. Coblentz a cble6r�,Ted Root bitters. These bitters Are not intended a a a Etersky Bot As an antidote and have been recommended by the highest medical Anthor Iaea of the state of Pennsylvania As s certain cure Fob dts Pepsi and All diseases arising from a deranged condition of any of the functional organs of the body. The proprietor of these celebrated bitten tue them in a Vata practice in Allegheny county Pennsylvania with great Success for a number of years and other physicians having used them in the course of their practice with highly beneficial results prevailed non Bim to enter into the Mayo Factor of them and offer them to the Public at Large.-. Having decided to Accord with the Earnest Behest of Bis associates in the medical pro Etalon he opened a chemical Laboratory and anon need ills intention Toni Nesli Quot to order such quantities As might be required. One of the first orders received was from of Cory Venango county Pennsylvania who after do trial offered Reward of $500 to any person who would Bow that 13i>. Koblentz s bitter if Talicen according to the do Retina Wohleb a company Eracli bottle. Failed in ant Gase to Elf not a Poiure Kvin to the most obstinate Case Olive Stock Market. This nit of exorbitant cd Nike sat the water info place a the economical world of Faublon going to i Europe. Tho exorbitant charges at the various summer resorts of this country last season have led a Large number of wealthy citizens to make preparations to visit the principal cities in Europe this summer because a Tofu in the latter will involve less expense than a few trips to our local Springs and watering places. It is estimated that the Cost of a Brief tour in Europe from this port will be about five or six Hundred dollars while Tho amount necessary to enjoy life in the Cool retreats of this and other states would to necessarily greater. The gambling fraternity too have become the Bane of some of the principal summer resorts of this country. A these Dama no circumstances have had precisely the effect which might have been anticipated for the numerous class who were swin Dlud lust year by poker hops and hotel Bills and robbed by ubiquitous pickpockets Are now procuring passports to be used in Europe for which they will sail in May and june. The number of passports already issued in lir. Will Marth s o�5ce, and by other agents is Over one thousand and the applicants arc becoming More numerous daily. The neen of Hanover is a Mon maniac on the subject of spiritualism. She declares that god appears to her every Friday. New Toek May 8. A by cps receipts 1,800 head sales 900 Bead fair to prime Ohio sheared right Iii to pounds at 401 a kid fair wooled Illinois 84a8t pounds at tji attic. Swine pc cents 2,900 Bead firm at $10al0 31. But quiet City dressed firmer at 12kc> fort Wayne markets. Foot a vhf Obaidi. Flour White wheat. Red wheat. Wheat White. Red. Come ear. Oath. Rye. Buckwheat. Butter fresh Roll. He of. Beeswax. Appleb it to pried apples Quot a per la. Feathers live geese per la. Hay Parton. I Iless Green per la. Dry per. Scep Pelt a Green. Dry. Rod lbt Samk. Chickens Uve per piece. Dredged per la. Pbovibios9. Onion per a. Potatoes per Bash. Beans. Seeds Clover Quot Timothy. Quot flax. Urd. Tallow per la. Rasps Cotton per a. Dressed hot prob. Salt per bbl. Wool Fino Togut and White per la. Medium Quot. Common Quot. April i a. 9 00 t 0 �58e0 1 78 to la ii. 1 0 �1 s5 is Aro 50@b6. Oitai no is to 28�s0 30@3s u to Quot it ats i2.00 ?i6 0<> Iso is 511090 these bitters Are not recommended to cure Evert di8basbl they Are not commended for any thing save that the Yalu eradicate from the system any disease in Ita inc Pleney or Eart stages and of Bork a ral Nable and Leary in restoring the stomach and other organs of the body when in a deranged condition to a proper per Furmanck of their functional Dotte. 12@16 the drug amp chemical warehouse of or. Co Bleitz is Toca Tad at 1 in no. 38 Federal Street 2 00@3 a Quot 2 20 i i9@a> i i is a i ii a 00 3 00 �t�02 40s98 sl<�54 a Etheny City a. Where Nearons who Are afflicted can Addre Hia and order will be promptly ailed. Mays of

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