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Fort Wayne Evening Post Newspaper Archives Nov 6 1895, Page 2

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Fort Wayne Evening Post (Newspaper) - November 6, 1895, Fort Wayne, IndianaFort Wayne evening Post. Vol. 141. Wednesday evening november a 1895. Six cents a week. To fight a Duel. Drinks. A strange monster terrifies a Mac Login mail while m Prince Ilii Buic Ond Hob Neville to Settle dispute with u in Polis. Wabiis Ikuto the Melro Siul him club is in a fever excitement. A real Duel to to fought Between two 0 Ita most conspicuous members. Hoi Neville who gained Fame two years a by shipping the face s. 8. Miller full acts with n quite Sari diphtheria in now under control. Wayne 1 Copic i ought in the 1 Nii Rii o., nov. William Myrtle i Well known citizen Monroe is Lull had a bad scare Wiiilie a Slung yesterday and is glad Loday thai to is alive. Or. Lil Yrtle was lashing in the Itai Sii River alien he saw what seemed to be huge Snake swimming near his boat Uii raised his to strike it when i dared ugly head several feet into the air. Myrtle says it resembled catastrophe in Miller son 0. Miller to teamster met with an Accident yester Day which necessitated the ainu Tuitui Tho Middle linger the right hand he was assisting in some moving in i Kukert Block Corner Wayne and Lafay Ette when his linger was Haugli and Ali Uhlon was scraped Oil it from lit second joint to the . was cd and found the Finger so badly injured that lie was Uchim pulled la Junpei Tate it Al the second joint. Oti Mck mishaps. While driving yesterday after oui . 11. Ii. Breniman was thrown fron his Kiir Ringoal tie Corner Harrison and Mckita streets and received pain Ful though nol serious Trent main Clung id like reins and a drugged a considerable d is Lance. Charles Ijo scr n. Young Man employed lit the dowser Oil tank works had one his hands badly lacerated ii Chw machinery Yosl erday afternoon. Or Van Buskirk dressed the Dandle at the Belt k. 1 Neli Eker. Regular meeting the Board health was held yesterday afternoon in the cily Ball. No action importance wus la ten and the Board was principally Chi frayed discussing the status diphtheria in the City. From All reports which can be secured from health Olla cers and physicians the Hoard is convinced that diphtheria is abating with Sullau Leiila rapidly to warrant a belief that the contagion is new under control in fort Wayne. Notwithstanding the Opportunity tie had last week for propagation n the Southeast porn ii the City there has been no notable increase in the number cases in to at District and in May be that serious consequences will nol follow them cide it at Hie Zion tji Theran Church. It was stated this morning thai there arc but five cases diphtheria in fort Wayne known to Iho Board health. Three cards were la ten Down this morning and one new one was put up. By boilers decided the principals. Prince Iturbide the pretended heir apparent to the thrum f Mexico is the were forced to swim Uil Kier to evening journal s i Lan if it goes Tami Iiah All 1 Over with regard to the horsemanship the iwo Pri 110 i pals. Neville Tui is a Brittian Huntsman boasted that to could per in uni a foal in leaping that was threatens when Tho struck body i blowing off steam and a thin dozen girls Are meeting at Douglass. J. D. Gumpper q Smith and Lou Brames the establishments Chueh in Tho run up which Steps were Takon to oust chairman John Itier bldg luuk Issue and challenged be Villo to a lust. Tho two could nol oort loan agreement Aslo where the lest should Lake place. Finally Iturbide placing a Glass before his i Lulu nil told bit to conic loan agreement else take Waler. Still Neville Hsii Ald whereupon the Prince growing bolder called him it liar mid a the u next morning Neville sent l Challenge. The Duel will Lake place in a few Days just whore no one knows foist ind., nov. A fear Ful Prairie lire has broken Mil Pic North Boundary urn Little town Ubron the Fisher and Eagle Crook Slock farm ranches and with the Sonell winds which sweep rapidly Over Tho Prairies Ibe place is in a very Dao Genius pus Ilion. Business has practically suspended and a recruiting Olla cd has been opened up asking for Voltin Lear lire As tin lows has no lire Protection. Several Hundred men and scores women and children have made desperate full he Sunol Hal i. Llames Aru forcing All to Rul Ruitt. Are being destroyed and a Large Intel Luaiva Timber plug tips ride has gone up in smoke. The Sawmill owned by k. K. Russell and several thousand Worth hawed Limber owned by m. .1. A run will probably you con brim cd Toni a. Many ii eople dropped to the ground exhausted and wore curried from the held. Hebron was wiped out Liro Alvo ago and Hie people arc praying for help. Rain Smisl fall and Ihu wind Musl change in the next m hours fearful results will follow. Crown Point s lire department is in hoi ild they receive word to move. The big Liro in the Kim Hukum Menthus lasted again last night and h mull if headway South toward . Corgo in Villi it nth Glass and .1. A uni pier a party Wayne Hunt Carfl were coining from he burning Limber and forgetting themselves allowed the Tiro to surround in Iii All were badly burned and visa cd forced tit awl Tho River Loe Scinie. Oris it in Inanna Irmo. Lai uhte ind., the Marsh ires in the Kankakee Region a a Lulu a Preloh Ter Llory in Riih and lust a oms lire also West Flat Olligan lit Yandora Hunt it wus the Liisu smoke would drive people from Liler Homes. The eran Herry in relics f to Kim Bill wore burned ver loss Vople Vinji Easton Untim Ptter risk fitly fought he lire last Nigil while soc Llou men Hiim toil the limits Lorg Kori Wayne to Chicago and Nickel plate Nillon null in lie burned Dos tried. Passengers the ight trains witnessed a lurid one Ciao in display. The villages Hamlet and Davis Are now out Miger the re which in Railene i Hull Destruel Eon test night being under control. Thu is spreading South Tho River pcs Royong every Liling in Pust. Juvenil ten wore seriously burned. Ind., nov. 11. The Penn Ylva Uia mad Section men with hits Aid f the Ilam Clauid Davis at la gliding the Marsh lire All night sic eed in checking the ire though it Well everything wll Hin a Short Dos Ince Bolli Al life is. The Railroad company has men Wales Iii the i Racks and Bridges. I pro a car Over 25 feel in length and Hud Wing like Linin beginning Severn feet Froit the head. Several feel from the Wing. Myrtle says thai in seemed to have j pair Riuli Mcnary Leys but be was unable to distinguish Iho in distinctly the body ill largest Point was boil 20 inches to diameter. The Story makes the animal identical Wilh the sea Serpent seen by Tony dub Sean near 1 Ellon Creel and also ii. Curious beast seen by a Lake a Pratt near port f Hal a few Days ago Myrtle s Serpent did not show Light but dived As soon As it was mich., nov. The boiler in the evening Iii Nisi b Plant exploded this morning Al 11 clock und w were killed i possibly tie number wit exceed this. The boilers were located in Iho Baric men t under -15 lamed Street and tin. Establishments John 1c. Davis to ,00. Wholesale dealers in grocers Spucci Ifni lies occupied the floor above thai num Ber and Charles Wrightt co., Maun factoring chemists it lit lamed Street were completely wrecked. Montr la dead Are muck Ward. My loss. Art Lynch. Ward Lynch mid loss arc members the journal s stereotyping Force among those badly injured Are miss Annie donor Imam. Makhtik he Yak. by Glovernor int Chews Hie opposite Lumu l. Lii duh it his two a rms at Channan lie made Many enemies and has Aei piled Hume tie rep la Lou being Loo scrupulous to suit nil Iccari Loith. Ullh . Pebelier now in the held he will he a Hitler one astr. Lowdy Hus a number friends and a Iii in Ollie will have a Heller oppor Noily 11. Comuni Iuele. In the tenth District Lav Vigil is line lip a hard for ten the District Vonu Viltee. Lie in. Dowdy s Man Hul at Lafayette saturday there was Ilfeld a secret no Ellen a number his a Nenios my they will make a hard in. A be Lurker Man is to be placed n the held him. No opposition i Ink i. In ibis District . He ser will have opposition. There is a hard Lirlin Bouwer Wilh Johnson county. It vrints Logie . Overs reel a second lamination and allow Marion to take oth the National delegates and die Immitti Zeineh As Well As the Niter ates. In re him u demands . Over treet s . This is opposed y the followers Marion candidates Congress and a Nice is pm i lipid. for com elite evian will mean for tier inst Owdy and Wilh four disc Ricks to Nonnce him it begins to Ink As though the chairman would have no. It is even predicted by those at in meeting yesterday thai . Dowdy ill appreciate the opposition to him my will withdraw from the race before be new Coin Millee is selected. Will drop. Holster shoe store no 62 Calhoun Street is showing the largest and footwear for ladies and gentlemen and a the lowest prices in the policemen and air Cecii win to the in pct tonight. Sui is the Board Public safety will hold inti regular meeting the s evening and several policemen will Beon the carpet and one Lames Richardson will possibly Lusu Bis Star. Charges have Beon filed alleging that he wus drunk the so rets sunday morning. The present Board has taken n decided land Ugains drunkenness and no excuse is accepted by them in cases this character. The investigation into the charges against ulcers Sharp and Greer will be continued. Ilis slated author Stively thai two lire men will also be the Carpel and will in Doubleday receive their walking papers. It. Covert Kimii Jluius my in Anuk wok inu., nov. W. K. Covert the anti spiritualist lecturer who As defendant in u damage suit it isl week came out victorious retained attorneys today to bring suits against Iho National association Ibe Indiana mrs. Or. Ollil Logons and other individuals for dung is. The suit in which he was vice Orion was brought by airs. Ill Ligotti and hinged Union my assertion made and published by him that All so culled spiritual mediums arc liars knaves fakes mrs Hll Ligosh look tins assertion As personal. Covert claims to be in Possession papers thai it Rove conclusively Una tie Indiana and National unsocial ions were making the Light and thai she was but a Lugn redhead. The Hiil Tii will bullied in the United slut has it lend with Rcv Uriel counties to Ilung prisoners confronted thu. In yer this new York legislature looks vary much Plantt Gorman is surely snowed them were drunks and Tho other was arrested to a suspicious ky., nov. 0. Tho indications now Are that until Ley rep has teen elected governor. Returns from to counties including letter soil give Ilni a lend ii ont 1, to. Among the counties nol yet reported an some Ibbil tre a wrongly democratic Ando hers hint tre strongly Republican la in claimed y the republicans Liml hrad Loy s Lead cannot now be overcome and Lintl 1m is i rely denied. New York . New Youk nov. A Newll Slof he legislature based corrected re urns shows dial the Senate will consist if republicans m democrats and 1 Ndeki Emlene Assembly d a republicans my m democrats. Font my b Cone. Mil., nov. With eight cd to hear from Lowndes Republican Lucli cod go Vermir by t Fuji irly mayor in Itro Oklott , nov. The republicans Lave elected their mayor in this City by majorly Over i Ridln i Rohi imy Alt , nov. Lulu election Iii rim show Una liar Dan hits been successful in Kentucky but t will doubtless Lake the Olli Cial count decide. In Pennsylvania the demo rats eluded some their candidates Lassach salts democrats made some ans in their legislative ticket. In Ila Rylund every county has gone Roub ican. Utah adopted a state Ion and elected a Republican Legisla ure and Republican Imu uber con Russ. The contest for governor is very mayor Oakley rapped for order in police court i morning there Wert three prisoners in Ibe Dock. John daily was Arret led by Olliver fouls in tic Alley in the rear Heavey s hardware store while intoxicated. He pleaded Gully and promised the mayor he would live tie Eniy wll Hin an hour f released. The mayor did nol see it that Way and he was lined and costs n default which he went to jail. Ally claimed to be from por Hind and said he Ai me to furl Wayne to Purchase i suit us Oles. Another i trunk was Charles a Huheey who has been a frequent visitor in Hillje coi irl. Mayor Oakley gave him t lecture and to Slid him u Liesum in default which he vent 10 jail. The la ill prism wits k. Cd wards who was arrested by Olliver Sharp it isl Light soap Melon. He was hang Liik Riboul the rear ureters Nalou Lewis Street and when the ulcer Eppro inched him to Star had and ran laity. Hut was Llna Liy caught after i whorl Chase. In police court he was looking his wife. When arrested in was be Ween 12 and i clock. Liars. Hdward Van formerly mrs. Anna Bussell. And herself been Behill the bars two three ice talons. Lod wards fired hols through in window in mrs. Its Ell s Home Chicago Street at our Aln and other Olti cers a years ago. Cd wards was held to Iii Mit further tiie it Lukk. I Imru Tho superintendent will in Leo them. fort Wayne in going to rid herself Alt suspicious characters and All parties who i nol have visible Means Kiin port. Perin pendent police says the Young men who hang around salons. Stand the sidewalk Wear Good dollies and upend Money hero and there Mil who have no visible Means have All been spotted mid evidence been collected against them and they together with All suspicious characters must Ell her Goto Jailo leave the City. Woa1an aids Thron Cli her they i Titiro in the act Tohl Ery. Lukcik in nov. by a woman Olli Cors Hune Linni and Capri ill a thief lust Nielli. Ihu Rifle ruin mrs. In Williams not cod Dud Ltd Young Man Jint a key in a door at Uroe Ery Nian Grapper s Homo and enter. Mrs. For the ice ill hit meantime watching the House. When the by arrived a Chase began with drawn revolvers in the hands the police and robber. Tim Man is Charles w. Bijj Iii aged a son a relink Mill owner in Indianapolis. Sov Oral Diamond rings and studs were round him with a Post Difut door keys lie lived Ullh his Young wife in t he Iii ii limit a coupled by a Pullee in a mini arrested for larceny a Young lad named herring who lives Wall Streel wan res led Llilas afternoon a charge larceny. U in claimed Liml he Lule considerable properly from Mendal i Wmk. The to know ledges having stolen a Basket grapes but denies having taken any Bing else. Young herring was once in inmate the Reform school and Imit Iraln land in thai instil Ullon. He in 17 to Tell How Many persons were killed and injured in urn explosion the journal s boaters this morning. The Iasi information at 2 clock oils Ufler Loon is thai 20 were killed and. 110 inured. Fire broke out in the buildings Roii Nufler the collapse and Iho firemen Lave been Busy in the work Rescue. Six persons have Beon taken out merchant tailor. Repairing neatly done is my Mimon is. Shuts Down All tannkk1ks Trust throws in route to the stale capital via l. 15. W. Ky., Alincic Anil life tour by. With tie now Lime card in feel oct. Old leaving Lorl Wayne at u. New a Milf. Nov. The Stales leather company known As the leather Trust today shut Down the 100 inn tier Les. Under control. Not another hide will to taken from Vals for 111 Days during the id Days the tanneries Are clued than labourers liners clerks and employees generally will be without work. Sun eral if the rivals the combination have recently been cutting prices extensively which is stated to be the cause this present pm Lull ing the killer s 111311 ten Cirl insists Sale pictures. Wei Serour entire line Picl res incl Ming etchings .tc., alc., at Cost and loss than Cost for the Tun Days. Kit Iii it pm lilt Calhoun ind., nov. U. Lalk i. Roberison Henry county. Ken Lucky was married in this Eily Loda y Magistrali ilium set to Clit Rritt Yewell. Mic Bride the a fighter in family children and All her 0 Sisters have Len cd to Golf Carsonville n the Lasi three years and have been hurried by magistrate Hanse. The Trule today is Bill i years age and styled thai she had heard so Niueli f so Tilro manse she would allow none else to marry her and she eloped in posit Iii to her parents wishes and Uipi Lelm protests her Lisband. Lie embraced the Piliro As soon As resuming leave Indianapolis Al m. Arrive at port Wayne at in., Ili is Kim purifies an Opi Mortn lit Todo half a Day s business Al the trite Manilal. Ligonier say s the Kagle Lake Narsh near that cily cover Nir a Bikul to acres in burning. It is feared thai f there is not rain within Tho next 1 hours Many adjoining farms will in the merchant tailor. Nol diphtheria. The Deitte sunday evening a Nile child Henry Kucha 20 West i North Street Membranous croup ivc Rise to the report thai ministers Doloro te.v., nov. The pasiors1 association Tyler has passed resold ions deploring Tom illegal punishment f the negro Davasher and Mur Erer who was recently put to Atli hero in such a horrible Manor. They say such methods Are to excite rather i ban deter rime and that while they Are in full Nipa Why with their countrymen Homes have suffered they wish Iiller a sober word warning con earning those things which have been n mini selves the most imminent and Eudly perils to tiie society a cd the locals tie finds Aioli our and Stop to will Clear up All Donal that he Uliuli one died croup four Wask ind., nov. This is to certify unit i have exam red Ibe children Al m Wisl i Var Ali treet in the family Henry Ivo chs and find to evidence diphtheria ther con Ugi Onn disease. Pauk diva Yin City bacteriologist. Foht ways ind., nov. 5, Pisiki. This is to certify hint i . .1. 12. Tells was the Allen Dizik physician to Oseph kooks to West fourth Street iat death was tie result Ini in Iraneous croup As reported to Ihu Oard health and not diphtheria As i reunited. Dit. .1. B. Criticism the sanitary ulcer who present no the funeral is Ted and ii Insl As this paper is pre arc with full knowledge the. Fads i slate. Tie Olicer was Only perform a flits duly As he was under specific orders to new Kail and a inter suiting. Ave urn showing some the newest neatest and Nob Biest patterns Over brought to the City. Tii Fikert issues n newspaper it Chitorus ones to Joseph nov. Tho film bless surprised today when mayor Timir Art issued an order prohibiting Gam Ling lie says in part no gambling will be permitted in his cily while i am mayor and the owner the gamblers realize this the it. Will to for them. They might As veil understand now that i moan what i by. No gambling game that is started Hlll be raided and there can he none vital int the police finding ii. This is a question politics la is a Case c right obeying the. Laws and humility. This Law will lie rigidly in Iccil for Tho Protection the wives Pothors and Sisters. It is for Ihu pro oct Lon the Young men Ami Iho boys f this City for it is a notorious Bat More Mounir men Ivo been led stray through gambling Ihan from any ther cause. The Mailer in Many gamblers from Chicago who Tad come Here and had begun to pc Are to open business will go Home g i 1 Niv ii at this idea premature Retreat. Is in it in the Lenish. Secretary eods is taking no Purl in the Heht. Sent to Kentucky. In leaked out last night that the in Iana republicans took an Active hand i Kentucky polities and contributed to the Campaign in that slain. His Muney was raised by the stale Lauh no and was secured by Suh scrip . It was bobsled in the lobby be last that Indiana. As the Only Northern stale to Send re Mulican Money to Kentucky to be used n currying the slalom. How in was to e used was not asked by those who Onsri ruled sen i advertising restored to Joseph Kelly n prosperous Clit Xun ave Ireland n Mother whom be had nol seen for yours und Sisters whom he had never before Scon. Twenty two years to spent at to roles search for his parents nun whose Home in this City he ran away when a boy. An Averll Tomoni in found Ibe Eye his Mother two weeks ago in Kansas and Bronchi a response from Lett a who had Long mourned him As dead lie is now Wilh 1 Cople s society. , nov. A foreign my fusion by Congress the Presby Erinn he relies and societies in the Bounds 10 Ohio Synod is being held Here Oday. Are present rom non Rev every presbyterian Young society in the Market. Chi Casio nov. I. December options pening wheat Corn May Lay january pork lard dec Cipols left Over Market Active Points higher. Receipts Market slow weaker. Piece Iris Market generally 10 Oil slower. Closing december wheat sic Corn May wac May mils 20je Anni iry pork lard ribs mystery still unsolved. . Ind., nov. The re gains the Man to have Icen murdered and burned in love s Larn still lie.1 in the morgue Awai Litif . And the mystery remains Nurmi Ikid except u vague impression iat he is Mut Ross Lang Humle tidings from . 161. Berry Street. Philadelphia explorer allays fears for his safety by nov. 1. A cablegram was received in ibis City last night from . Donaldson Smith dated Aden bearing tint word this news establishes the safety the plucky who fur the lust and in half has been expo rom the wilds Eastern Africa and Al Ihu same Lime Puls an end to the doubt Aslo his safety which has been fell by those in erosion in the expedition for the past few up he lord s Day Joes. Police superintendent Colbert in Ian Pohs has issued Tho Folly Vine to lie mom Liers the Force in the Case r the stale against Sam Pinnau Wayne s double track. the i Orl Way no Road commenced the double Laniok at this Sla ibis morning working West. An Illier Calif is working i is Way and is up to unix s crossing. It is expected Liml the work will he completed from Bis City to Winslow next week. It is being pushed flour is always Good. Don to take any other. Made by Globe Mills. Cigars for the f. 0. And Crank s Choice Hie Best r cent i America. All Dusl Cliss dealers sell 1c reunion. Civic you nov. Surviving sunday school convention. Clit Tanooka teilll., a Tiv. 0. Tilc Laic sunday Sthool convention opened is session Horo today with a Largo Al in dance and much will settled. San i Vancisco nov. To a local Loday says that the Kair will Caso been set led out court. The Rustici appointed under this will have forced to abandon their claims and Dos Ril Nilo the among the cily will Solil a meeting it 1 the a Crimin House tonight to Inake Lor the Celebration the Niniver Simiry the Bailie Prairie Rove which took place sunday Deo. Of the Nicholson Law by choir places business saloons loaned and scrnbbc.1 Kundy Hulfred Kex the police court held thai clean in and said places by tie canal employees the proprietor u Mlay was not u violation. Members f the Force will act in accordance will he decision marriage License Herman .1. In dior Ond Tertha you want Good foot Warat prices just As Low As other stores ask for shoddy goods go to Tho Hoosier shoo Storo 52 Calhoun Stroot. O. B. Fitch prop. Thu Busl i cent i 1, and i Wmk s Choice a 10 cent smoke for it. Al All Lodge and Urand to. P. Of Indiana Al Indi Dinapolis for which the k. To will sell one and one third the round Tripon nov. 18th. Uhli and 20ih. Sept. Stith he Mke kilo Western will sell tickets in Llla la ., account International expo Simon for Tel is 20 Days my for Good until january 7, Hshi. Nov. The local weather Iii Road has predicted a cold wave for Llis Leolion Ihu country. The Lein eni Luro will dropping Young men s Christian soc Hilton meeting at Terre Llaulle ml., Iho Lake Kew Western will sell pm nov. 7l.h and dts at one fare round trip. Lii a i

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