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Fort Wayne Evening Post (Newspaper) - June 27, 1896, Fort Wayne, IndianaFort Wayne evening Post. Vol. No. 340. Saturday evening june 37, 1896. Six cents a week. East hid of St. John. with three John Messerschmidt s queer Klc Oil the subject. Declared to be insane. Gives Freedom to a prisoner governor explains tin. The Quiric of grievance. Writes an open the entire wins Ili Voied to business at the knights of is. Juhu convention. Supremo pres idea us. J. Wei Sipri Sidell. The con question of amending the it licit regarding thu Etc Jiuu of us ulcer in subordinate Commux Deriera provoke a Long discussion. Ii was finally decided that any member in Good stand inn is eligible to office in the ranks while military officers shall be Al clod ii of the ranks of the uniform society senator c. T. Ii Corun of ctn Cimisi made an Able plea Rubel if of the Moi of the knights St. Lohn and the to Nuguyen s Institute and the matter was referred to to committee. Ii is Likely thai these iwo Organ Iza tits will be associated in which oven it will to among the Stro Iise St Ehui i auxiliary organizations in existence. Is tended resolutions of thanks to Cek Brigit is for their Active participation and a the i am the City in general for Universal and instituted hospitality were adopted. The continuation of the prize Drill at Camp Wei St resulted in a distribution of prizes to the Gru Wardsville Evans Ville. Indianapolis and Columbus of. Wou. Lost Irei fort waviu1 31 few Toledo 90 Jackson i3 3i is Wheeling .50 is 24 ,455 Young Iown Lii of Krman University de Claret for free june 27. Guitet states marshal Brinton said today tha he would ask governor Altgeld to re move from office w. C. Thompson sheriff of Vermillion county. He accuses Thompson of assisting in the escape of one Dueberry who is wanted by the Federal authorities for a murder committed in Indian territory. Thomp son had Dueberry under arrest and the marshal says he permitted him to go away because the governor would not pay a Reward for the prisoner. Brinton received a warrant for the prisoner from fort Smith ark., and he asked that the sheriff turn Dueberry Over to him. In the meantime Thompson had heard that there was a Reward of 5750 for Dueberry and he demanded that this sum be paid to him. The marshal communicated with the fort Smith authorities and Learned from them that no Reward had Ever been offered for the murderer. This he told the sheriff but the latter was suspicious and would not give up the prisoner. At Midnight a message came to the marshal announcing that Dueberry had been released and had left the town. United states District attorney Shutt and two marshals left for Danville on an Early morning train and it a believed Here that they will have sheriff Thompson placed under arrest for aiding a fugitive from Justice to ind., june 27. Sev eral months ago three children appeared in this City from Danville 111., und performed numerous tricks upon the Street. The attention of the manager of the Nickelodeon theater was attracted to them. The children said their name was Wilson Aud that they sent their Money Home to their parents one of whom was sick and in destitute circumstances. Mary Wallace who was playing at the theater under the name of Mamie quintette disappeared with the children and friends whom they had made Here caused a warrant to be issued for her arrest on a charge of kidnapping. The woman and the children were overtaken at Danville to we Sinh Point she had travelled on trustees passes representing herself As the Mother of tha Cal Ndreu and trying to reach her Home in the South. She was tried today before judge Mccray fined 8100 and sent to the female reformatory for it term of two text Book unscrupulous men have manipulated politics for gum. Or nuts at Lakeside saw seven innings of close und exciting base bal ves Leneav but i the Lucky seventh the Home team dropped upon Ruthie fort Zintl hammered him until they Wen lived running bases. The same was easily won. Lul o Meara Lias been luit Olf Indi Fini Lely wit Hoiu Puy und King will go Iii left held. Tebeau will Plaj Short and Welch will take Tebeau s 1x3458789 Kurt a Avn 2 0010035 4-16 a Squaw 1 01 1 0 0 0 0 3 liar Nta runs Lori Wayne. 9 Susinow i base King. O Meara. Stout. Hits a Reigi Urov. Knell hat Nestor stolen Kins. Thurs on struck on by in Well. 7 a Witherford 1. Balls sort Liwai. 3. By jul Lite font g wild Jilich a of full double Miles. Umi tire Maxi enjoy. To met Oti Iek Sistek Static oasie3. At new Newcastle 0 ooj022001-9 Weitl Lui 0 0002li00i 0-8 12 wet Ehlig h. Sew Castle 5. A. Hewitt and Lavelle Garvey. Hate Rand Shaw. At Youngstown c 0020011 11 Washington i 3 Youns Viown. 13 Washington. 3 Washington 9. Batteries Youngf stun Spade and Loran washing too Beadle and nates. Umpire Alexander. Supplies to be improved upon by Indiana companies. Etchey sentenced to sixth Days in jail. Bobbin s Case is dismissed. Legislation against West. Drain on has a Milciad its development and made it pay tribute to the other in Pennsylvania concludes in is two hot to live and commits states commissioner to find sufficient evidence to hold him on. . Iii., june in to to mjuos1. From the editor of the new York journal governor Alt Ekl has wired the following statement w. It. La Curie ksq., editor and 1 bulls Hor to. Journal. New York oily i you ask what is the chief reason for the Southern Nail Western feeling of enmity toward the the feeling is idiot against the East As a Section but Aga Iusi a class there which has dominated the policy of the government As Well As the policy of the two great political parties Ever since the War and has treated this part of the country As a ground. Unscrupulous Meu have so shaped Federal legislation and the policies of the Federal government us. To practically make the whole country pay a direct tribute to a few interests. These interests were and Are. Located in the East. The Southern and the Mississippi Valley states Are not Only the great producing but also the great consuming states and hey have suffered unjustly both As producers and As Consumers for the governmental policies Wei j shaped like the Darkey set his trap so As to catch lie Coon a co Iii and a Goniu in the interest of capitalists. "1 cannot particularized in a Brief dispatch and simply Call attention to "1. After the War when we were out of danger when there was no reason for it of Earth Eastern financiers and to pursue a policy which practically doubled the debts of this country. This was solely in the interest of the Eastern and foreign capitalists. "2. Then followed a period of Tariff legislation which levied tribute on the whole country for. The Benefit of the few found chiefly in the East. "3. Then came the Stealthy and Tricky Demon u of which by forcing sold alone to do the work formerly done by until Gold and Silver doubled the importance of Gold and v Hott bled its purchasing Gower and thus compelled this country which was a great debtor nation to give twice As much labor to pay the interest As Well As the principal of the enormous debts National state municipal corporate and private As was necessary to give when the debits were created. All this was in the interest of Eastern and foreign capitalists. The politics of the government the East have been ruinous to the Southern the Mississippi Valley and the Western states and As Providence has used h limit to All things so there is a limit to Piui Isicc void endurance and the time 13 approaching Wien Thia Eilish unscrupulous and corrupt Eastern domination must cease. Politics used As a plaything. Again Tho Sumei manipulators have dictated the politics of both of the great political parties. Some of these men claimed to b 6 democrats others claimed to be republicans but neither cared for party. The one idea All were striving for was to keep control the government and use it As a convenience in amassing fortunes at the expense of the american people. The democratic party has practically been owned by new York for a third of a Century and fur a portion of that time has been treated As a kind of play thing by Standard Oil and Wall Street magnates. From the close of the War Down to 1884 presidential candidate was taken from new York. In 1ss4 the Standard Oil. And Wall Street people to Chicago and nominated their idol who was a new yorker. In 1888 the same people went to St. Louis and and Renoni Inaten same idol. In 1892 the Standard Oil and Wall Street people went to Chicago and of. Ina Ted the same Standard Oil and Wall Street idol. Tail wags the dog in 1898 the same people Are a Tising to the world that they Are going s to control the democratic convention. For Over 30 years the Tail has been wagging the dog. Common decency and common fairness would suggest that the Tail should. For once allow life dog to have his Way but we Are notified in Advance that it shall not be so. The methods pursued by these people Are Well understood. They Are going into history. The term Standard Oil methods is not Only familiar to our j people but promises to live. As May be f inferred from the sound of it. It june 27. Benjamin Andrews of Brown University has written the following letter on the Money a Jestion to Stephen Necker Stin of Boston in yours of the 20th inst., after adverting to Cem uschi s latest position touching the policy of the United states in freely coining Silver at i to 1 without waiting for an International agreement you ask. What if any objections i would urge against this policy. I reply that i would urge none. The vast new output of Gold in recent years As with that of Silver impresses me that free coinage by us alone would not Lead to displacement of our Gold thai therefore free coinage would be Safe. If it is Safe it is desirable. Of course no one be absolutely certain that we could proceed with Silver free coinage and yet retain our Gold. I therefore do not Dogma ize but leave that to the Gold men. To my mind however the overwhelming probability is that Gold would stay with a. I have noticed of late no serious argument to show that it would president Andrews has hitherto opposed free coinage unless by a Truk tonal agreement. Better Gas m. Messerschmidt of 117 Eliza Street has a strange delusion alte Tii g his mind which is that he and i stomach Are separable and us he is a ways losing that valuable adjunct to the human Anatomy he has been considerably worried Over it. This morning a commission in lunacy composed of drs. Sweringen and Lipsenthal and justices France and Huser sat upon the Case of Messerschmidt and found him insane. The evidence showed that whenever he arises from bed he imagines he has left his stomach behind him and prays that Bis wife do not disturb the sheets for fear of hurting it he is now in jail removal to the insane Hospital. Soon disposed of. Edward Etchey the Young Man arrested at the police station the other night while he was looking at another Man s arrest was arraigned before judge o Rourke this morning on a charge of stealing supplies from the waterworks department of the City. After bearing the evidence the judge gave him 00 Days in jail and a Nomma Fine. Dismissed tile Case. United states commissioner Leonard this morning dismissed the Case against Theodore Ito bins for counterfeiting Nickel coins. The Case was originally brought by a brother in Law of Rob bins but there was no evidence adduced that would warrant the trial of the Young Man. He has heretofore borne a Good reputation and is in the employ of the Street car company. J. 11. Power defended or. Robbins. Sale or Trade. One of the Best hotels in Koine City. At a bargain or will Exchange for fort Wayne property. For particulars Cai. Atthe evening City coming awarded by the Board of works last and labor Council prepare for his Wotli a Gugliu Taeil cute Tittl an elegy ii Basket of Flowers. Toledo. 0. June the score yesterday Toledo 17 Jackson 3. Toledo 21 inc Sou 8. Errors Toledo 3 Jackson. 10. Batteries Keenan and Arthur Mill a and and Sharkey u. Emple will pave Wells Street with metropolitan other articles of agreement expressly pro Hilt clinching is a important business of that body in labor Day Francisco june 27. James j. Corbett and Thomas Sharkey today signed the articles for a fight to a finish to take place within six months in the United states or Mexico before the club or organization offering the Best inducements. The contest is for tha world s championship and a Side bet of the Winner to receive the beside the purse to be offered by the club. Marquis of Queensbury rules will govern the contest and the referee is reminded by the articles that the rules prohibiting clinching and hugging Are to be strictly enforced. Neither pugilist is to participate in any contest until after the fight is decided. Lynch Sharkey s Backer who represented the Sailor objected to the prohibition of clinching but Corbel it insisted and after much wrangling it was finally agreed to by Board of Public works met last night in regular session the principal business of the evening being the awarding of contracts. There was close Competition among the bidders. Bids for paving Wells Street with Brick were first taken up. T. B. Empie was the lowest bidder and was awarded the work. He bid As follows from the Bridge to the railway. Metropolitan Block Mack Block 14.90 from the railway to Huffman Street. Mack Block metropolitan Block 83.77 rom Huffman Street to Archer Avenue metropolitan Block Mack Block William getting was Given the con act for constructing a sewer in the Alley Between Harrison streets at co cents per linear trades and labor Council did a of of business last night. In fact it was the most important meeting held in Many months. John of the Cigar makers Union was elected president to fill the upe attired term of retiring president c. F. Baker. Louis Schirmeyer was elected to the executive Board. The City ordinance creating the office of inspector of live Stock and meats was endorsed a representative of the a. R. U. Stated to the Council that Eugene y. Debs would be Here soon and. Geo. R. Hench l. C. Kasten and John Koch were appointed a. Committee on arrangements to act with the a. A u. For the purpose of arranging for or. Debs reception. The clothing clerks reported a violation of their contract and the Council instructed the arbitration committee and president and Secretary to make an Effort to get the violation to respect the terms of the agreement. The special committee appointed at the previous meeting to do missionary work with several business men reported Progress and asked for further time. The request was granted. Labor Day was made a special order for Friday night july 10, at which time the Council will decide whether or not there will be a Celebration under its auspices. The american federation of labor sent a communication to the effect that the big new York Cigar factory of s. Tenberg co., had been unionized. This is a big Victory for organized Abor. Other business was transacted and the Council Wayne is. Sagi Tiaw at Lakeside Park tomorrow. Game called at Morton a. Man Bentheim has returned Home from Chicago. Tho 1 ick Wicks will picnic at the Criswell farm tomorrow. Services at first. Spiritual society to Odd fellow s Hall on West Berry Street. The morning services for children. The Public is ice Horst Maii the contract or building the sidewalk on Erie Street from Francis to Harmer at 33 cents Ier Lineal foot. On this improvement George Wilhelm bid 33 cents and. Will am getting 15 cents. 0. Stalil submitted his Bond for build no a sidewalk on Laselle Street by private contract and it was approved the Bond of Georgre Ehrman As a Icen Sod sewer builder was also a roved. The following resolutions were then Cun firmed and estimates on Tho improvements fire ordered for the opening and Extension of i ook Side Street for the grading of Inch Street from Maumee Avenue to Vayne Trace Fror sidewalks on Creigh on Avenue Ilo Lton Avenue and Green treet for paving the Alley Between Jerry and Wayne streets from Clinton treet East for a sewer in the Alley be Ween Haydn a Street Anil the Wabash Ailway. William Horstman was granted peril Islon to Lay by private contract a Kle Wilk in front of his property to 30 Mannti Street Philip Itnatz was Given permission to Lay a sidewalk at i e Corner at calf Oiin and Allen streets about the new Fountain. A petition asking that the Alley be when Dawson and Williams streets rom Harrison Street to Hoagland Avenue be paved was filed for future can iteration. Borcherding and were awarded the contract for furnishing Hastings such As manhole covers and lit covers crematory a rates etc., at 1.20 per hundredweight. It was decided to place one of the new telephones in the weigh master s Fulce for he Benefit of the Public. The Board fixed the salary of the Foreman at Swiney Park at Scio the same s he has been receiving. A number of minor matters came up for discussion but they were disposed of in Short order and the Board took a june 27. The Gas Trust company yesterday let the contract for 50 Wells in Madison county. One Hellings jr., purchases William Goodfellow s of Anderson. All Are to be drilled before the Winter months. Thia will nit in the neighbourhood of 300 Gas Wells at that company s disposal Over 200 of which Are in Madison county. The manufacturers company of this City will let a similar contract during he coming week. The fort Wayne Richmond Lebanon Chicago Lafay Ettice Frankfort Ohio Aud other drawing on the Gas Belt for Supply Are also increasing their aum Ber of Wells this year. It is Safe to say that foreign companies will sink 1000 Gas veils in the Belt this year. Figures show that Over Consumers in Hio Are drawing on the Indiana Field. Phis in addition to the number of Wells already drilled in and being drawn on vill have its effect. There is Little wonder that experts Are beginning to be the last of the Indiana the greatest territory the world has Ever bordering on the end of its Days. But few have any idea of the amount of Gas now being drawn from his limited territory. Too hot to Monongahela City peiiii., june 27. It was too hot to live Joseph Moore committed suicide. He is a Miner and lived with his family near 3oal Center. He was used to spending he Lio test part of the Day underground where it was Cool. Thursday he mines were closed. During the afternoon Moore while Hunting a Cool place around the House Beca me exas aerated and told Hia wife it was too 1 n hot to the next thing she heard of him was when his dead body Vas found hanging to a. Tree in the Rchard. Wayne is. At Lakeside Park tomorrow. Game called at Consumers co. Bos Iten a great Success. Or. Us Iling makes a pointed statement regarding the inimitable master of humorous prose fiction. A carnival of eccentric character sketches ludicrous incidents drollery caricature und burlesque. Of the choir is hinted the Tenor eloped with the the people of fort Wayne were at the mercy of the ice Trust messes. Fred Hellings jr., and William formed the Consumers ice com my and forced the Trust to lower Iricks. They were met with a by the people of fort Wayne that Eft no i nut of their Success. Now comes the report that or. Hell bugs has sold out to the Trust which hns been Ndu seriously circulated by. Those who wished to do him harm. This report is wholly unfounded and will utterly fail to do the injury which t was calculated to do. Or. Good Ellow Lias severed his connection with the company and or. Hellings has purchased his interest and will conduct the business tit the same satisfactory Way i at has hitherto prevailed. There is no Chance of the ice running As or. Hellings has now at Warsaw 0000 tons of the cold substance that cannot be beat by any unnatural process. Prices will not be advanced and the Only thing that will cause the Consumers company to quit Rill be that the customers inuit and this s rhe most unlikely thing june miss Effie Culver Only daughter of or. D. M. Culver of Fletcher Avenue has Digap Leared. C. J. Campbell solicitor for the metropolitan life insurance is an englishman by birth and in and miss Culver were members of he third Christian Church where Sho played the Ore Jan. Campbell was immersed and having a Fine voice was admitted to the choir. Campbell is also missing. It was Learned at his rooms that the Only things he took with Lim were an umbrella and a works of Charles inth1rtyvolumes bound with compressed English cloth and Spring Back casing. This set contains the famous Cruikshank Aud Barnard illustrations. An imported edition of the same is now Selling for so. This work will he on Sale and at Verv Liberal terms in fort Waityne for a few weeks Only. The agent or. T. O Connor will be pleased to show the work to All callers at the Harmon House. U to p. M. Reward the readers of this paper will be pleased to learn that there is at least one dreaded disease that science has Een Able to cure in All its stages and that is Catarrh. Hall s Catarrh cure a the Only positive cure now known to he medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional disease requires a treatment. Hall s Catarrh cure s taken internally noting directly upon he blood and mucous surface of the system thereby destroying the four Dation of the disease and giving the patient strength by building up the Constitution and assisting nature in doing its work. The proprietors have o much Faith in its curative Powers hat they offer one Hundred dollars or any Case that it fails to cure. Send for list of testimonials. Address p. J. Chenet co., Toledo 0. Fig sold by druggists presbyterian Rev. J. Of. Boggs pastor preaching and communion at a. M. No evening service. Sunday school at a. M. Jun or c. Society p. M. Senior c. 3. Society 7 p. M. Services at the a. M. Church East Wayne Street at a. M. And 8 p. In. Sunday school 3 p. M. Y. P. S. C. E., 7 . All Are Welcome. 0. W. Brown motor. City department y. 11. C. Or. R. 3. Crawford will conduct the men s gospel meeting at the meeting Voll be held in the gymnasium the coolest place in the building. The West Jefferson Street Church of Christ will hold services tomorrow at Schroeder i Hall Corner Washington and Broadway. All services will be As usual. Everybody Welcome. P. J. Lice pastor. At Westminster Church Rev. J. L. Deeper will preach at a. M. Theme unconscious sunday school 12 m. Senior Endeavor i. M. Trinity episcopal Church Corner West Berry and Fulton streets Rev. A. W. Seabrease Rector holy communion s a. M. Morning prayer and Ermon evening prayer school a. M. Andrew s Mission on South Wayne Avenue sunday school 3 p. M. St. Paul m. Church Rev. M. C. Cooper class meeting at reaching by the pastor at b. Fitch general agent ror life fire Accident liability indemnity boiler and plate Glass in enc a to of. Representing reliable companies. 23 Bass Block. Fort Wayne is. Saginaw at Lakeside Kirk tomorrow. Ularae called at g. Goyke pharmacist Comer Broadway and Washington Boulevard. Physicians prescriptions carefully compounded Day or night. Telephone 7. For Handicap bicycle events close produce Jesse of. Patterson writes. Fort Wayne ind., june 6, 1890. In. Editor i take great pleasure in stating for he Benett of. The Attlio Ted that i have offered from infancy with one very lad direct rupture and one painful of ique rupture. Two months ago i placed myself under or. Banning s care and am now Well wearing no truss or appliance a. There was no operation lain or detention from business. I Hall be pleased to see any sufferer who requires attention or further of Norma Lon. Jesse f. Patterson train dispatcher Pennsylvania Railroad. Or. Banning is at the Aveline hotel. Hours 9 to 11 a. M. 2 to 4 p. M. 0-27-4 sunday excursions via the Penn Sylvania. The Pennsylvania company will sell pc Arsion tickets at one fare round rip to Valparaiso and Chicago every sunday Good returning on data of Sale june 27. Wheat july opening september opening closing Solo bid. July opening 7c september opening 28ic closing chronic sufferers. Sui Terera from rupture varicocele Mies spinal disease deformities and mechanical disturbances of lie pulmonary digestive and nervous systems will find Relief by calling on or. Ban ing of Cleveland who remains at the Aveline hotel for a Brief period. Wayne is. Saginaw at Lakeside Park tomorrow. Game called at deaths and you seen tha new poi20jh puff Box j it la Given Freo with each Box of powder. Ask for it. Way there is a tradition that in 188-t and again in 1802, the Way was oiled at the Chicago conventions and the Confidence with which these people assure the world that they Are coming to Chicago to see to it these crazy Southern and Western men do nothing foolish would at least warrant the inference that things Are to be lavishly lubricated in and about the convention. For 30 years these men Laboured to prevent the democratic party from declaring in favor of any definite principle. To be a valuable convenience it must not have any convictions. The South and West have deep and intense convictions and they insist on declaring them. But the Eastern manipulators arc coming Mil to prevent it. Do you wonder that we Are beginning to feel tired John p. July opening Clos us Lojo bid september opening i Csc losing inc bid. July opening closing 6.02 september opening bid losing 47.10. Laud la y opening 88.90, closing 3.87 september opening closing spare ribs july opening losing september opening losing this Market is furnished by commission merchants White Bank Kaylor the wife of Joseph Kaylor of 100 Wells Street died this afternoon at the age of 33 years con sumption was the cause of death. The burial will be at Columbia Dye for others. I la Dye for too. Place in the City. Suits finely pressed 45c. Pants pressed and creased 15c. Suits scoured s1.50. Goat and Vest 81. Oil pants 50c. S. Robacher Dyer and cleaner 4d East main Street. The actor is excursion to Toledo Sun july 5. On above Date port Wayne and to Edo base Ball clubs will play two Oham icons help games in Toledo Forenoon and afternoon for which occasion the Wash will make a round trip rate of 1.50. In addition to base Ball Lake sri Casino which adjoins the Buse Ball Park will have special musical and Peci Alty features. You can make a found trip to put in Bay if desired or o Presque Isle. There Are numberless attractions in Toledo. Remember Only purchases a round trip ticket. Go see the fort Wayne club play with Toledo. Train will to Iii at i Olock o m. Rolling Mill Man passes away at ills Mother s Home in new Yolk june John w. Kelly he Well known variety actor and song Critor died at his Mother s Home in Liis City this afternoon of acute Gas riles. He was known As the rolling Dill and was very popular on lie vaudeville stage. He was born in his City and was 42 years old. He made his first professional appearance n meeting at 7 o clock and preach no by the pastor at invite co our aim is to please our a Manifest that we do. Wewa our magnificent line of be bosom shirts at Price rang Seidel trons. Our Large Trace Otto Call your attention to Oligee and coloured open no from 5oc to Laner son of Justin Lauer he contractor on Lewis Street will be drained to the Priesthood by it. Rev. Ose Jih on tuesday no at 0 sunday excursions via Tom Pennsylvania the Pennsylvania company will sell sunday excursion tickets to Valparaiso Hobart Wheeler and Chicago commencing May at one fare for Tho round trip. Tickets Good returning write to a. 0. Rinearson general puss r agent queer. Creto Cai Tuurie Cincinnati for a copy of sew Book land and cheap farms in the South. No no blizzards. Low Rafeii. 4th, july rates. Tickets on Sale july 3-4, Good to return until july 6. At one Faro for round trip to Points within a radius of two Hundred pants pants the chief wearing apparel of Man 1 1 Lave the largest assortment in the City and at All prices from 94.00 up. A. F. Calhoun St. Tor the fort Wayne

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