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Evening Mail (Newspaper) - March 9, 1798, London, Middlesex Flu Nev Paris March.2. A letter from Bourdeaux of the 26th ult. Rates that on the 18th ult. The Day when the loan for the decent on England was solemnly proclaimed the following patriotic of pentacle was exhibited in that City the Model of a Privateer completely rigged and manned by fix experienced sailors was placed on a Strong Carriage drawn by four Superb horses. The wind being very High the fails filled As if the had floated on the Ocean and exhibited in characters of fire the following inscription decent on England Reda tur March 3. On the 27th ult. The directory i fued a proclamation add ruffed to the French on the subject of the approaching ele ions exhorting All French citizens to attend the primary Ait Emilies and to be careful in the Choice of their the throne has disappeared and the influence of foreign Powers is destroyed. Of this the. Nation has Given a finking proof by the unanimity of s sentiments and efforts for the decent on England. In this Enterprise the nation has ral. Lied the Call of government and has but one Yoke. Citizens the Fame unanimity ought to enlighten and unite you in regard of the elections this is another Victory you obtain Over the common enemy frenchmen entertain no doubt but that on the first germinal without leaving your cantons you can in your own houses Triumph Over the Royal cohorts and beat the Engli Fli if you join heart and hand and fulfil in this ref Peck. The earned entreaty of the letters from Cadiz state that on the 7th of february the Day after the failing of the Spanish Fleet the English Squadron was Feen to the Westward break of Day. is supp bed that a Calm which happened a bout the Ahie time prevented the Spanish Admiral from fur riling the English who had by that Means an Opportunity to escape. is confidently affected that the head quarters of the army of England now Rouen Are to be transferred to Paris. The Pope left Rome on the night of the 19th of february for Florence. His ultimate destination is unknown but appears that the King of Naples has refused him an Asylum. The courier who brought the news of the pop e s departure met the Cardinal Maury on his flight from Pifa. We Are info hied by a letter from Raf Tadt of the 24th ult. That the deputies 6f the Empire have come to the Resolution feeding to France a Moiety of the German dominions situated on the left Banks of the Rhine. The note of the i fault. Presented to the French plenipotentiaries on this fun left contains the following Paf Fage " to give the French government the fur Eft pledge of our Willi to concede and in order to accelerate As much As Poff Ible the Cen Clurion of. Peace the deputies of the Empire think themselves obliged however painful this Resolution May be not to refuse making the greater sacrifices. If therefore the French government would moderate its propositions of peace As May be justly expected from s equity and Justice and demand Only a Moiety of the provinces of the Empire situated on the left Banks of the Rhine negotiations might be founded on that basis and in this cafe would be for France to Point out the part to be ceded under Fuch modifications As Are and by keeping in View As much As Poff Ible the drawing of a military m. De Degelmann is appointed the emperor s minister plenipotentiary to the French Republic. We Lear from Vienna that the ottoman Ambar Fador in a late extraordinary conference with the emperor s a mister demanded Fucco Urs from his Imperial majesty against a Jovan Glou but he was answered that the actual state of tilings prevented the emperor from complying with the demand. The court of Vienna has ordered a reinforcement to be fent to the Imperial troops Oft the frontiers of Turkey. March 4. Letters from the 2d ult. Advice that the French plenipotentiaries in a note add ruffed to the deputies of the Empire have rejected the offered ice lion of a part of the German dominions situated on the left Banks of the Rhine and declared that the French government invariably be rifts in the demand that All Fate provinces situated on the left that River be reded to France. The elector of Bavaria seems rather ii Leafy As to the Ifie of the con refs Raf Tadt. He has adj Rel fed himself to All the european Powers to claim their guarantee of Iris dominions in pursuance of fever i fun fitting treaties and especially of that of Terchen. The commotions which lately broke out in the countries of Mantua Milan Bergamo Brescia and other parts of the i Alpine Republic have a fumed a most alarming appearance. The rigorous measures lately adopted by the i Alpine government against the Church Eftali foment of the country by proscribing All ecclesia focal dignities and seizing on the Effate of the clergy Are the chief cause of the discontent of the people. Seals have been put by order of general Berthier upon the Vatican and the papers of the court of Rome. A Chest of Iron has been discover to which i contained important correspondences and the great Eft part of them have been brought to the directory Berliner s brother. Letters from Bale Fate that the government of Berne has committed hostilities Jun a French Village department of Mont terrible. Orders have been Given by the directory to repel the a Gre fors. An embargo has been Laid upon All the velt Els in the port of Antwerp. A similar measure is to be adopted with re Pedt to those in the Scheldt the Dyle and the canal of Ruffels. is Faid that All those velt Els Are to be fent to Dunkirk to be. Equipped there for transports. The proprietors Are to receive an indemnification. An embargo has Alio been Laid upon All the privateers which have returned into port or were in readiness to put Toflea. is reported that the Tri coloured Flag has been hoisted on the towers of Malta. This news hands in need of confirmation. The tree of Liberty has been planted with the usual ceremonies Bienne in Switzer and the compensation demanded by general hairy. For the wounded and the widows and children of theol Diers killed in consequence of the refill Aiice made to our troops the fort of the Rhine amounts is Faid to 600,000 Livres. March 5. We learn by a letter from Zurich of the 25th ult. That the Council general has come to a Resolution that the inhabitants of that City shall choose a fourth and the country people three fourths of the members of the general Afi Embly. When this Resolution was communicated to the deputies of the country people they adjourned their fittings to the lit ult. To that is not yet known whether or not they Are fat isfried with this decision. The Public decree of the Sovereign Council of sole re of the 28th ult. Relative to the changes to be made in the form of government contains the Fol lowing article we will defend to. The lift Man against any enemy whatever the precious jewel of Liberty and Independence which our ancestors obtained the Price of their blood As behoves the free Swiss people we will never recede from the Helvetic confederacy but on the contrary Eligi Tufly perform every duty imposed on us by fun fitting treaties and the Corvette la Charette arrived Rochefort from Cayenne on the 24th of february. brings intelligence that the sex Deputy Murinas is dead and that Barthelemi is very much India Pobedin the Hospital Cayenne. An opera in two acts called the French in England was to have been performed Home Days ago the theatre de la r pub line but Buonaparte having observed to the directory that was unworthy of the French nation to display any Balting in an expedition a Vii a was of vigorously undertaken and that As the Isri Tiff government Mig Hrat length be awake to the dangers with which was threatened imprudent to irritate the arrogance which prevented from accepting peace upon reasonable terms an order was accordingly Given to of upend the performance of the piece. The Diligence of Caen was robbed a few d is ago within half a league of that town by a dozen armed Banditt of 50,000 Livres in specie. Letters from the Hague state that the project of the new Batavia Constitution is finished and will be submitted to Public confide ratio in a Tew Days. The Imperial troops took pol Effion of rhe bavarian fortress of Burgha Ufen on the Fame Day that the French troops entered the fort of the Rhine opposite to Mentz. If is thus that the secret articles of the treaty of Campiformio Are gradually made Public. The following is a summary of a very Long me Fage with respect. To Rome fent by the directory to the Council of five Hundred on the 3d info. " the directory describes the actual fit nation of Rome and traces in an historical manner the events which have characterized the revolution in that Metropolis. After dwelling on the crimes of the Popes the cardinals and the priests who during the space of 1,4.00 Yeai a formed that theocratic government particularly remarks that of Faffing Tion has been in All times the Feal of its Power and that in prof exit As Well As in adversity has Ever been an affair Ligating government. " the March of the French army of eyes the directory experienced no obstacle from the Pope s troops and the inhabitants of the country were kept in order by the prudent proclamations which were " the roman people who had not participated in the crimes of their tyrants and who detected their outrages exacted Justice of its own government. While general Berthier remained in his Camp without the Walls of Rome the people of themselves proclaimed the net of their sovereignty returned the legislative and executive Powers and organized a free government. Five consuls were invested with the Powers formerly exercised by the of Tambly of state. The act. Of the sovereignty of the roman people dated die 15th of february 1798, was pro. Claimed in the Capitol signed by All the citizens who could write and received with the univ Erfil acclamations of the people. General Berthier invited by a deputation of roman citizens to enter the City repaired to the Capitol where he delivered a suitable up ech. He afterwards returned to his Camp. This great and Sublime revolution was effected with the utmost Tranquillity. A dispatch dated the 20th of february states that the municipality and the civic guard have been organized. The latter took the oath of Fidelity to the new Republic. On the 20th, All the churches re founded with a the deum in honour of the restoration of Liberty and 14 cardinals joined in that hymn in the Cathedral of . Peter. The Pope left Rome on the 20th, and was allowed a guard to attend him. Every attention was paid to his old age the tree of Liberty has been planted in All the communes of the territory of the Church and monuments Are to be raised in the Public squares to the memory of Baff Noelle and Dup hot. A solemn festival is to be celebrated the define of the roman people which is to be dedicated to. The glory of the French Republic and is to be held in the roman forum under the triumphal Arches of the emperors Titus and Septimus Severus. Finally the new government of Rome Lias appointed an amb Effador who is on his Way to Paris to thank the French Republic for her general Berthier published the following proclamation on entering Rome " the roman people Are Retior cd to their rights of sovereignty by proclaiming their Independence by of timing the government of Anc rent Rome and by constituting the roman Republic. The general in chief of tie French army in Italy declares in the name of the French Republic that he acknowledges the Independent roman Republic and that is under the up facial Pio tettion of tie French arms. Tie general in chief Alio acknowledges 1 the name of the French Republic the provisional government Chofen by the roman people. All temporal authorities proceeding from the Pope Are therefore supp refold and shall exercise no functions whatever. The general in chief shall make every Dif position Nec Effary to Fec ure the Independence of the roman people and to perfect the organization of their government in order that their new Laws May be founded on the basis of Liberty and Equality. He will adopt every measure calculated to promote the happiness of the romans. The French general v is Loki is charged with the direction of the police and providing for tie Security of tiie City of Rome and Alfo with the incl ablation of the new government. The roman Republic acknowledged by the French Republic comprehends All the territory which remained under the temporal authority of the Pope after the treaty of Campo formic " Alex. when the people Rome came out to meet Gen Berthier they presented him Wirra Crown of Olive but in accepting he Faid that belonged to general Buonaparte Inhofe Ilia furious actions Lead p spared the Liberty of March 6.  the office of military police Aftab Lilied Pris is up pre fled and the superin Tendance of the Mili tary in this commune is to be in trusted for the future to the the Metropolis. A letter from . Malts dated 6 Ventoe Frates that 50 gun Boas each capable of carrying a impounded and 100 men Are building that pro. Five Hundred of the Fame kind Artt be prep ii d for the decent on England. Brides theft boats and other forces which Are Aill a being Brett each port is to furnish a Quantity of transports proper. Tione to the number of its shipping. A letter from Genoa of the 8-th ult. States that Ciaja inc the chief of the incur genre in Corsica has been taken prisoner in a bloody engagement Between the French troops and the rebels. We Are informed by a letter from Milan of the 22d ult. Til the tumult animosity prevails Between the i Alpine directory and legislative Bud ,.the refit of which will probably bring on an important political crisis for the new Republic citizen Mingaud French a res with the Helvetic body has fun scribed 2000 year out of his annual allowance during the War. The following letter has been received in town dated Cadiz the 25th Pluviose -13th february " the Spanish Fleet after a fruit Eis Chace of the English Squadron has Juit returned to port,.on the. 7th Day from its failing with the Fame number of Reda eur a a March 7. On the 4th info. Bills were posted up in Tbell ref inviting All catholics to repair to the Chi Sci or notre Dame for the pure que of Ciani g a Vietro Politan by shop or a kind of head for the. Gallic in Church a meeting was accordingly held there and by hop Gregoire was is Faid about to la pontiff when the police differ fed the Aii Embly. Letters from Cadiz of the itch of feb. Lafe that the Spanish Fleet has returned info port. Admiral i Affredo was very much Ucb Floied and had been twice bled. The Enlil to who Are served admirably every where Beau e there Are every where men to be Hough Over to their , have Asifo spies Cadiz. Notwithstanding the secret manner and the dispatch with which the Spanish Fleet went out of port. Lord . Vincent had intelligence of the Buji Nefs Lilbon before failed from Cadiz. His lordship Only took in hours to get his Squadron ready for Fea. A courier was info aptly Dif pitched to Cadiz with the intelligence and the port Admiral fent off a Light Teffel with the news to Admiral maj Laredo the hastened Back with his Fleet to Cadiz before the two English admirals could effect a Junction. _ is reported that a courier extraordinary has brought intelligence of the directory that the deputation of the Empire has length acceded to the propositions made by the French plenipotentiaries and acknowledged the High Bank of the Rhine for the Boundary of the Republic. An order has been i fixed to apprehend and bring before the commit cipher of police any person who May attempt to come into or go out of Paris the different barriers armed with a Forelock. A letter from Mantua of 17th. Ult informs us that the French troops in Garrien of that fortress having received no pay for rive months Liemb red and declared to the governor that or Deijs the arrears due to them were paid without any further delay the y would return to France to receive their pay and abandon the defence or the. Forfar of. General Miollis in this critical situation the Unco i ititus tonal plan to Raife 400.000 by Means of a. Forced loan to satisfy the the troops which Fum was Loon after repaid to rhe lenders by the i Alpine directory. Hastadt feb. 16. The Duke of Wir Temberg has Fum dotted the Imperial towns of Ulm fits Biogen and in Swabia to fun not to his goveriif.enc-. Tin s measure is doubtless the consequence of i Mie of the secret articles of the peace concluded up Arm and engage in a National War for now every inhabitant would combat for his country for his Liberty for his personal of Fety and his property which he would fee threatened with a hostile attack. France would by this conduct alienate from her All in iroc. She Milit in i Strugo obtain Home military glory the is net in want of but As to honour file could derive none she would hav to dread a coalition of the Public opinion which might become More dangerous for tier Titan the coot the cabinets of Fth has Vanuni Ihk. Render Switzerland for d in the end Fiu earn ,. .1 / Ranee i Ait Iver. A generations nothing hut disgrace flies and dangers in her dominions As we As in those of the Bata Ian c if Alpi be rep us 1 i c s. Chelmsford assizes March a 1793. Yesterday came on the Alizes Here before or. Bartor Hoth am the trial of Andrei m Cas and Robert Rutlidge for committing a rape on Elizabeth Hagger of Pinter on the of August hit the Village of Springfield near this town. I a but Elizabeth Hagger a red the was 25 years of age that she had been Cirvice a time of rhe. Offence file lived with her Mother who. Is a widow and kept the Houfe in this u Fri that , Mou Ham. The a in of Asnif trait Peter navigation 1. Podd who had Home time bet re paid is add if. To and re queued her to take a walk Dowse the River fide to face a Barge Pine up ornamented with Flajs Sec. On the opening of the t with him and on their i in the evening in a Lane. Idi i up Rug t , 1 its in . Rhe Road to London a -.u-hi-.d, flick id not a Bur Peter Dodd dire ted them i for that Iley imme irate in that thrum be Vcci i an t5prin.ii- id w hat ftis.n-. Ii Uteev in ii. Life Road inc wore Iii they Cru red jul Titiev fibs d not want to go to London . By c knocked Jer of. Uwin r i Ain and in b 1 do tour times before in and the French Republic. I lie Jive pie of Ulm have contented to the proposed but tie Magil rates the Merci Iunus and the principal proprietors Are us unit. . The towns of Eslingen and Rothwell have unania Biily re tiled to comply with this demand. In of this unexpected affair the three United towns have fent deputies to con refs. On their arrival they had a conference Baron Albinis with the French i i lifters tie Imperial , and m. , Deputy of thedus Kef Wirtemburg. Nothing refill ted trom this meeting. The deputies of the Imperial states the envoys of the three summoned towns to be firm and refit every violation of 4heir Independence. One of there envoys is gone to Paris the other two have returned Home. Strasburg 4th Pentose feb 21. V we learn that the French troops which were of female Din great number in the porent Rui As far As Bienne have for there two Days Paft made Retro. Grade movements towards the upper Rhine and no i doubts Are entertained. But that a Good understand ing will be Sitab lifted Between France and Switzerland. appears by the Laff accounts from Berne As Well As from the other Canton that tie Swiss governments really intend to Fuff Rafure democracy in the Stead of aristocracy and to remain in peace with i France but that the Swiss nation Large is finnly determined to defend its Independence a Vigo a Roufley to oppose any foreign invasion. Tie conium gents of troops Are on their Marc i on All fits to join the army which covers the frontiers of Berne under the orders of general Verlac i and is observed that the cantons which were the first to vote of their own Accord a change in their form of government Are not the Laft to fend their battalions. Yet the Canton of Lucerne Dittin Guiffes itself above All the others. This Canton has Juit Addre fied the following spirited declaration to citizen me Gaud Lucerne has in uni Foti with the Relt of Switzerland constantly for peace and still does of. If the directory had to prefer any complaints against the ancient governments of Switzerland this motive can no longer authorize to commence hostilities. If therefore one Canton were attacked All Switzerland would be of would. Take no woman and d Rit a. The a her and 0.1 her drug Dirig the ground the got up i locked iter Down which he he effected his purpose that her companion in the mean time was struggling with a Utridge the other prisoner and hat a Man Rode Paft to whom the cried for help but that he Rode on re. Gard efs of her cries for All Istance that the struggled with the prisoner m cabe on the ground until lie was quite exhausted when he effected his purpose that he then left her and the other prisoner came and committed the like violence upon her while the prisoner m cabe flood Over her companion with his drawn Bayonet the then went into a detail of circumstances brutal and barbarous in the extreme and of indecent and Dif Guiting that we forbear mentioning the particulars. The prisoner rut Lidge then asked her for Money and the gave him four Pence but m cabe came up Nore he should not take if and forced fix Pence into her hand the then got away from them and Voith her Cap neckerchief and apron in her hand ran As fast As file was Able towards a Public Houfe tie top of the Lane where the met Dodd who had a Short time before got away from the soldiers coming with other to her Saffri sauce that the was taken to the Public Houfe where file got a Little water and was then taken Home to her Mother when she immediately fainted and on her recovery finding Dodd had. Returned and the prisoners had escaped the muffed on joing to colonel Grant the commanding officer that Dodd went with her that the co Onei allured them he would give Rhem every in his Power to detect the offenders and directed them to attend next morning the Barracks and on the soldiers being drawn up both the and Dodd fixed on the two prisoners. Peter Dodd was next called who confirmed tie most material parts of Hagstr s account and Faid thac Rutlidge wounded him in the hand with Las Bayonet while m cabe was struggling with Agger forced him to Home Little u in , and threatened to run him through if he attempted to move that m cabe stood Over him with Hii drawn Bayonet and Rutlidge went towards the woman that Laft he broke a Way and ran to the red lion Public Houfe where he got Afi Altanee Ami was coming to the Relief of Elizabeth Hagger when they met her the top of the Lane As flip had described. Or. Be omit the Surg on and the Mother of the Young woman then proved the state tie was in when the got Home that great violence had been committed on her person and that the was danger Tufly ill a considerable time afterwards. The jury immediately found both the prisoners guilty and the judge has left them for execution. The prisoners were both irishmen. In. Bairey Edw. Birded in. Williams George. A to in i and Rich. Broswi were convicted of horse Flea Ling Thomas , of sheep Feal no John j , of Houfe breaking and John Seaben for Highway robbery received Fen Fence of death As did , a boy about 12 years of age for stealing a 10. Note from a Farmer near Epping wit whom lived servant. There were than 60 prisoners in gaol . Tie commencement of the Alizes. Or. Serjeant Runn Koton tried the causes Niji Prius Only .1211.1 number or. Justice Buller. Being unable to leave London from a severe attack of the gout. A few evenings since a dreadful fracas took place a Hazard table kept a tavern in covent Gurdin Between a gentleman de some years ago on account of a Duel and a Captain of a in wii he the latter received a violent blow 011 the i in and with a Cane which brought him to the floor and in the fall his full Wasyn Tatur. D in a dangerous s m inner. The quarrel originated from Captain Fps being fuse edited by the other of Perlis Adinig a Young Pigeon then undergoing the disagreeable ceremony of pluckir.?, to leave the rookery before he loft the whole of his fathers. the King up poles of that plat , and e tic ask i 3 Sci Cine Spilsbury s in drops Are weekly received from x in sold of quire by mrs k. Newbery . Paul s Church Yurri London i hts ?.t l drops arc Lori Inar Kable for r in Vine those i formers which Arife from Ober ruled Peil Pira , Indi Euion or cities of tie blood that a Small bottle is rustic int for a trial of is virtue in cafes of the Jurvy go leprosy evil Abs Caffes ulcers a. I
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