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Delta Herald-Times (Newspaper) - August 9, 1934, Delta, PennsylvaniaThursday August 9, 1934 Herald times Delta a. Page three robbers Roost synopsis Jim Wall Young co puncher from Wyoming in the Early Days of the cattle Industry seeks a. New Field in Utah. He meets Hank who admits be ing robber and tells Wall be is working for an englishman Herrick located a big ranch in the mountains. Herrick has employed a Small army of gun fighters and Hays and others Are plotting to steal their employer s cattle and Money. Wall saves Hank s life by bluffing a Gambler out of shooting. With Hays and two other rustlers Happy Jack and Lin Coln Jim Wall goes to Herrick s ranch. Chapter Zane Grey Herrick had selected As a site for his Home what was undoubtedly the most picturesque Point in the Valley ii not one that had the most Utility tor the conducting of a ranch Busi Ness. Ten Miles Down from the head of the Valley a Pine wooded Bench almost reaching the dignity of a pro Montory projected from the great slope of the Mountain. Here where the Pines straggled Down stood the Long Low Cabin of peeled logs yellow in tie sunlight. Below on the Flat extended the numerous barns Sheds corrals. A Stream poured off the Mountain White in exposed places and ran along under the Bench and out to join the main Brook of the Valley. Somewhat apart from both the Cor rals and outbuildings on the Flat stood a new log Cabin hurriedly built with chinks still unfilled. The roof extended out on three sides Over wide porches where Wall observed three or four Beds a number of saddles and other riders paraphernalia. The rear of the Cabin backed against the rocks. Jim understood that Hays had thrown up this abode rather than dwell too close to the other employees of her a Lela. From the front porch one could drop a Stone into the Brook or fish for Trout. The Pines trooped Down to the Edge of the Brool. Naturally no single place in All that Valley could have been utterly devoid of the Charm and Beauty nature had lavished there but this situation was Ideal for riders. Hays even had a private Corral. As Tim Rode up to this habitation his Quick Eye caught sight of curious still eyed men on the porch. Also he observed that there was a store of Cut Wood stowed away under the porch. Wai Here we announced Hays. An if you Don t like it you re Shore hard to please. Finest of water beef Lamb Veilson Bear meat. Butter for our biscuits. An milk an Best of very much work. Haw where do we asked Jim presently on the porch. I took to the attic if you Don t mind i la keep my pack inside but sleep out under the responded Wall. When at length Jim carried his effects up on the porch Hays spoke up Jim Here s the rest of my outfit. Fellers scrape acquaintance with Jim Wall late of that was All the introduction Hays volunteered. Jim replied and left a return of their hard scrutiny until some other time. Hays went at once into Low voiced conference with these four men. Happy Jack hauled up the supplies. Brad Lincoln occupied himself with his pack Jim brought his own outfit to a far Corner of the porch. Then he strolled among the Pines seeking a satisfactory Nook to unroll his bed. Jim from Long habit generated by a decided need of vigilance preferred to sleep in coverts like a Rabbit or any other animal that required Protection. At length he found a Niche Between two rocks one of which was shelving where Pine Needles furnished a soft mat underneath and the murmur of the Brook just faintly reached him. Jim would not throw his bed where the noise of Rushing water or anything else might preclude the service of his keen ears. There was no step on his Trail now but he instinctively Dis trusted Lincoln and would undoubtedly distrust one or More of these other men. Hays exemplified the fact of Honor among thieves. Jim had come to that conviction. This robber might turn out big in some ways. But could even he be trusted Jim resolved to take no chances. Not. Until the following morning did Jim Wall get a satisfactory scrutiny of the four members of Hays outfit. The eldest who answered to the name of Mac was a cadaverous faced Man with eyes like a a Toul. Whar you he asked Wall. Wyoming replied Jim agreeably. Jeff Bridges a sturdy Tow headed Man of forty or thereabouts had a Bluff Hearty manner and seemed not to pry under the surface. Glad Hank took you he said. We need one cattleman in this outfit an thet s no Sparrowhawk Latimer the third of the four greatly resembled a horse thief Wall had once seen hanged. Hays had said to Slocum the fourth member of this quartet Smoky Yon an Wall Shore ought to make a pair to draw you mean a pair to draw retorted the other. He was slight wiry freckled of face and hands with a cast in one of his Light cold Blue eyes. Snorted the robber. Not on Smoky do you recollect thet Gambler stud Smith who works the Binge town an is some than of a gun i Ain t forgot Wai we set in a poker game with him one night. I was Lucky. Stud took his Losin to heart an he Shore tried to pick a fight first he was Goin to draw on me then shifted to Jim. An Jim bluffed him out of thrown a Jim just said for stud not to draw As there was t a Man Holn who could set at a table an beat him to a most Obligin an kind of you remarked Smoky with sarcasm As he looked Jim Over with unsatisfied eyes. If you was so All fired certain of thet Why d you tip him i never shoot a Man just because the Chance rejoined Jim coldly. There was a Subtle intimation in this probably not lost upon Slocum. The greatest of gunmen were quiet soft spoken sober individuals who never sought quarrels. Jim knew that his reply would make an enemy even if Slocum were not instinctively one on sight. Respect could scarcely be Felt by men like Slocum. Like a weasel he sniffed around Jim. You Don the queried. Wai. You strike me thanks for being honest if not returned Jim. Hays swore at his lieutenant unfavourable huh now Why do you have to pop up with a dislike for i did t say it was dislike. Just unfavourable. No offence said Hays i won t have no grudges in this outfit. I be got the biggest Deal on i Ever worked out. There s got to be Harmony among us. Midsummer night formal fashions Jim gleaned information from this rancher. But Smoky Bobbin up again my new serious. Now let s Lay the cards on the table. Jim do you want to declare yourself i m willing to answer unless they get replied Jim frankly. Ton got run out of no. But if i d stayed on i d prob ably stretched hold up a stage or no. Once i helped hold up a Bank. That was years Bank robber you re out of our class hardly that. It was my first and Only crack at a Bank. Two of us got away. Then we held up a open the Safe in the express Smoky i Call it Square of spoke up Hays. He Shore did t need to come clean As it s All agreed Slocum As 11 forced to fair judgment Hays plumped off the porch rail. Now Fellers we can get to work. Herrick puts a lot of things up to me an i Ain t no cattleman. Jim do you know the cattle from a to smiled Wall. Say but i m in Luck. Well run the ranch what la i do asked Jim. Wai you look the whole Diggin s Jim lost no time in complying with his first order from the superintendent of Star ranch. What a Mon Strous and incredible hoax was being perpetrated upon some foreigner evidently there had been ranchers Here in this Valley before Herrick. Old log Cabins and corrals adjoining the new ones attested to this. Jim passed cowboys with Only a word or a nod. He talked with an old Man who said he had owned a Home Stead across the Valley one of those Herrick had gathered in. Jim gleaned information from this rancher. Herrick had bought out ail the cattle men in the Valley and on round the foothill line to Limestone Springs where the big x bar outfit began. Riders for these Small ranches had gone to work for Herrick. He was told that Heeseman with ten men was out on the Range. Presently Jim encountered Hays accompanied by a tall Floridy Blond Man garbed As no Westerner had Ever been. This of course must be the englishman. He was Young hardly Over thirty and handsome in a Fleshy Way. Or. Herrick this my new hand i by Cherie Nicholas was tellin you announced Hays glibly. Jim Wall late of Wyo min. Jim meet the How do you do or. Returned Herrick. I understand you be had wide experience on yes sir i be been Riding the Range since i was a replied Jim. Hays has suggested making you his that is satisfactory to you Are better educated than these other men. It will be part of your duties to keep my i be tackled that Job so i was tellin the inter posed Hays. As i understand went on Herrick a Foreman handles the riders. Now As this ranching game is strange to me i m glad to have a fore Man of experience. My idea was to hire some gunmen along with the cow boys. Hays name was Given me at grand Junction As the hardest nut in Eastern Utah. It got noised about i presume for other men with reputations calculated to intimidate thieves applied to me. I took on Heeseman and his but you really did not need go to the risk i might hiring Heeseman s expense is no object. Risk How do you mean by Between ourselves i strongly suspect that Heeseman is a by Jove you Don t say this is ripping. Heeseman said the identical thing about Wai or. Herrick Don t you worry interposed suavely. Shore i Don t take kind to what Heeseman called me to your face but i can Overlook it for the present you see 11 Heeseman is Workin for you he can t Rustle As Many cattle As if he was t. Anything come of that Deal you had on with the grand Junction yes. I received their reply the other rejoined Herrick. By Jove that reminds me. I had word from my sister Helen. It came from St. Louis. She is coming through Denver and will arrive at grand Junction about the Young i May added Jim. Young woman. Helen is Twenty comin for a Little asked Hays. By Jove it bids fair to be a life Long declared Herrick As if pleased. She wants to make Star ranch her Home. We Are devoted to each other. If she can stick it out in this Bush i la be Jolly glad. Can you drive from grand Junction in one Shore. Easy with a buckboard an a Good replied Hays. Herrick resumed his walk with Hays leaving Jim to his own devices. Jim strolled around the corrals the Sheds Down the Lane Between the Pas Tures out to the open Range. This englishman s Helen would be coming to a re Mote wild and Beautiful Valley. What would the girl be like Twenty two years old Strong a horsewoman and Likely Blond As was her and Jim made a mental calculation of the ruffians in Herrick s employ. Eighteen after supper Hays leaned Back and surveyed the company. Fellers we be a pow wow on hand. Clear the table. Fetch another lamp. Well Lay out the cards an some Coin so we can pre tend to be settin in a Little game if anybody happens along. But the game we re really settin in is the biggest Ever dealt in Utah. Talk Low instructed Hays. An one of you step out on the porch now an then. Heeseman might be Slick enough to Send a scout Over Here. Cause we re Goin to do thet Little thing to him. Happy dig up thet Box of cigars i be been Savin Hank Trot out some jeered Brad Lincoln. Nothing to drink returned Hays. We re a robber outfit. No a Guin or Fig ten. Any of you who does t like thet can walk out they were impressed by his Cool Force. All right. Wai an Good. We re he went on. Today i changed my mind about Goin slow with this Jim Wall had a Flash of divination As to this sudden right about face. Herrick reckons there Are upwards of ten thousand head of Stock on the Range. Some of these ranchers he bought out sold without a count. I bought half a dozen herds for Herrick. An i underestimated say rough Cal i latin around two thousand Bond. So there s twelve thousand Pood. Thet s a Herd Fellers. Air there any of you who would t care to Piny a game for twelve thousand head of cattle at forty dollars there did not appear to be a single one. Huh. Wai thet s Okay. Now can we drive such a big Ross listen to this spoke up Smoky. Most of these Star cattle Range Down the Valley Twenty Miles be Low Here. Itow d it do for say live of us to quit Herrick an hide below somewhere meanwhile you go to grand Junction an arrange to have your buyers expect a Bunch of cattle every week. A thousand to two thousand Bond. We d make the drives an keep it up As Long As it worked. You re Boss in Wall Here is Foreman. You could keep the cowboys close to the _ to by continued. 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There is something statuesque about these slim Cut form fitting length ened skirts which manage to make you look inches and inches taller than you really Are. A feature which especially com mends these lengthened sleek form accenting skirts is that no matter How snug fitting they May be about the hips which they Are almost to an exaggerated degree when they arrive at the Knees they Are Given an accommodating flare which affords perfect Freedom of motion. In the Advance fall showings in some instances the skirts have knee depth insets of Sun burst pleadings usually of soft chif sometimes the pleating flares All around making the top of the skirt appear Slimmer than Ever by Way of contrast. The interesting part about this pro Gram of costume design which places such stress on a styling which is dignified and sophisticated is that even the simplest of materials Are being worked up in this Way. Indeed Many of the smartest numbers in the for Mal evening fashion Parade Are made of inexpensive Organ Dies voiles nets and other sheer Cottons. Even More amazing and highly intriguing is the fact that the very leaders among the haute couture Are creating some of their most successful party dresses of pique and even the once Humble seersucker and Gingham Are daring to play a formal role in the evening Mode. Speaking of inexpensive Cottons As made up in pretentious evening gowns the Model to the right in the group demonstrates the idea perfectly. It is fashioned of a simple Cotton rating which is patterned in a pretty Cross bar Motif. It is in that soft Dusky Shade of Pink which is such a favorite with smart Parisienne this summer. The roses at the Waistline carry the same Pink tone. Of course it has a Matching jacket. The dinner jacket of White Organ die which tops the stunning evening gown to the left in the picture is a very important accessory. Organ die jackets such As this one also Organ die wraps fashioned on the Long Loose swagger lines Are quite the rage. As to the dress itself a Pink crepe with Black printings fashions it. It seems after All that prints Are again triumphing in the summer Mode especially those in striking effects. The Long sleeve dinner gown re Mains a favorite. As for lace As a medium for the formal costume its prestige is assured. The beige lace frock with its coloured jewel clasps and Belt buckle As shown entered in this Trio of attractive night fashions should prove of special interest to the Matron. They Are so Lovely these pastel col ored or Chalk White lace frocks. Western newspaper Union. New lace effects seen in lingerie newest additions to lingerie collections show fresh treatments of the embroidered and appliqued lace dec oration which is worked to contribute a different appearance by reason of the posing of two layers of net. 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