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Delta Herald-Times (Newspaper) - April 27, 1933, Delta, PennsylvaniaDelta Herald times thursday april. 27, 1933 Delta Herald times entered at the Post office at Delta a. Mail matter. Weekly by printing company phone Delta 137 members of the Pennsyl Salmagundi in other words a mixed dish by Henry clan Hall living in the country the dear colonel letters i Kank f. Sch cd Ito and manager i Kinky Clay Mali. Contributing editor a year in Advance 6 Mouths in Advance. So cents 3 months m Advance. 45 cents. Single copies. 5 cents thursday april 27, 1933 Are Banks to blame the Ink was scarcely dry on last week s Issue of this paper and our editorial on Rural when one of the most widely read periodicals of the country came out with a Strong article emphasizing the same idea. From All parts of the land there seems to be an Awakening conscious Ness on the subject. While we stand by our guns and reiterate our statement that there cannot be any permanent Prosperity in this country until the Farmer be comes and remains prosperous we Are ready to add that the wage earner in the towns and cities must be made to share in this Prosperity else it will end in defeat. As we indicated last week in our editorial on the cheap we now have in circulation theoretically approximately one billion dollars More than we had in 1928, at the Peak of our Prosperity. We do not need More Money in the sum total but we do need More Money passing from individual to individual. There is More Money in the country than Ever before. The soil is As Fer tile. Man Power is As abundant. Nature Waits with All her Rich resources. Mills and factories Aad mines stand ready but dormant and inactive. In the face of it All millions Are Idle and More millions Are hungry and cold. Huge corporations have seen their profits diminish and then pass to the other Side of the Ledger. Our entire economic and social Structure is reel ing and tottering. Why the More we think of it the More we Are inclined to believe in the accuracy of our original diagnosis the depression is the result of unfounded fear. The deadening paralysis of Industry is the product of unreasoning terror and can be cured Only by a restoration of Confidence. Money is the life blood of business. Fear has Frozen it fast so that it cannot circulate through the arteries of Trade. Such a condition Long continued Means stagnation and death to the social and economic organism no less surely than it would to the physical in Normal times Bank deposits equal at least ten times the actual circulation of Money. This seemingly impossible fact is due to the borrowing and redeposit of funds at the Banks. It indicates activity in business be cause of the flow of Money. Just now the proportion of deposits As com pared with the Money in circulation has shrunk nearly one half. Are the Banks to blame while banking conditions generally have contributed largely to the prevailing fear it is our honest conviction that the most of our Banks especially the smaller ones throughout the con i i Butch unwillingly to deplorable condition. In conversation a few Days ago with a banker fro i the Northern part 01 the state he said what is a Bank going to do when the Bank examiner goes Over its books and paper and checks off a list of Loans to the farm to or is loss men of the commune it to demand payment Mae Dunk May want to extend the time and help its own them a Chance to pay without loss to themselves or to Tho there is the mandate w the examiner. At the naive time he May write out a list 01 securities which he recon mend to the Bank saying you can t make any Money these Ordinary Loans at the usual Rale of interest. Why not invest in something thai will yield a Good while he does not order the pure lose the securities he docs older the collection of the out standing-note.-. What Chii a Bank do ii it continues to carry the notes it loses its credit with the Federal re serve. Banks Are blamed Many times 1 or what they cannot of if s Lovely in the country wh611 the and the scent of springtime blossoms i Lade the breezes when they blow. There s a sense of rare Contentment in the quiet of the Hills and a Sweet and soothing music in the Ripple of the rills. Greening forests teem with wonder As you tread their arching aisles and you lose yourselves in dreaming Down the Gay intriguing Miles. Everywhere is spreading Beauty for the eager Eye to see violets and Sweet Arbutus Liverwort Anemone and a wealth of gorgeous mosses Rich in countless tints of Green make a magic Woodland carpet fit for foot of fairy Queen. Yes it s Lovely in the country when the Days Are Bright and Long where. The air is Sweet and bracing and the Woods Are full of song. There you miss the Rush and Bustle and the endless Din and Roar of the nervous fevered City with its quest for earthly store and your soul expands within you whiles your inner gains increase As you live alone with nature resting in her quiet peace. A postage stamp never Sticks until after it is licked and some men Are the same Way. The Dawdle never leads his own or anyone else s. X if your Job does t mean anything beyond the pay envelope it will not mean that very Long. Spend your time finding fault and you la have no time to find Success. F. Ability does t depend on the amount of noise a Man can make with his Mouth. The better a Man can stand and dear colonel the United states has definitely and finally gone off the Gold Standard. This action taken by president Roosevelt was welcomed by such financial authorities As j. P. Morgan. The effects Are far reaching but the principal immediate result was to put a stopper to plans for uncontrolled currency inflation moreover it places the United states in a More favourable position for discussion of world problems at the present con Ference with the various Powers. Following up presidential action on the Gold Standard Congress is expected to pass As an amendment to the farm Relief Bill a Law giving the president Power to inflate the Curren backed up with Energy. By at will. This Means dictatorial Power Over the entire Money Struc Ture of the country and of course was fought bitterly by such Republican leaders As senator Reed of Pennsyl that the future of every town rests in the hands of its individual citizens. If a town is to become the town that every Loyal citizen believes it will become a great spirit of cooperation must be shown before the Community spirit can be developed. A town must have men who Are willing to work for the Good of the town As Well As for individual inter ests but they can get nowhere until they first have Faith in the Home town. Where Faith exists there is no task too great when there is cooperation mistakes of the past must be for gotten. Every citizen must be a Home town Booster. Farm Calendar Tuckelt Smuc Mats from Pennsylvania state College grow better a few Apple varieties will sometimes set a satisfactory crop with their own pol Len the set on any variety will be at least in some seasons by Cross pollination with a Good pol some varieties like Stayman and delicious rather consistently re fuse to set More than a few scattered fruits unless their blossoms Are Cross pollinated with a Good variety. Plant peas Are a Cool season crop requiring an abundance of moisture but a Well drained soil. Early mid season and late varieties should be planted at the same time. Fertilizer and manure will improve the yield. Improve appearance is important in Home improvement. Flowers shrubs and Well i they should spen d their Money at kept lawns Are attractive. I Home. Garbage and waste should be disposed of promptly. Small repairs can be made. Turkeys Are Breeding is being practice with Satis factory results by some commercial Turkey growers. The Cross bred Birds Are used Only for Market purposes and Are not kept for Breeding Stock. Lightning causes losses in barns caused by lightning Are twice As High As from any. One of the other principal causes such As Sparks on the roof carelessly dropped matches and spontaneous combustion. In dwellings defective flues produce a loss slightly higher than that caused by lightning. Promote animal Best Way to promote the health of live Stock is to provide Good feed and comfortable quarters keep the surroundings clean and be on the Lookout for signs of trouble. When an erring banker goes before a judge for sentence he will know just How his customers used to feel when they went to him for a loan. The Outlook is that prices Are to be forced up the use of currency sex the Home town will be what the handed and some sort of stabilization j Home people want it to be when they j will be effected in the world sex keep awake and keep pushing ahead j is your subscription paid free band concerts coming changes on a revised Gold basis. You May say this is All very involved. It is. And it is impossible to j never built a until reach their goal. Waiting for something to happen town because things i Don t just happen. If a town wants something to Hap pen they must keep Busy until it happens. Present a True picture in a few words. But it May be said plainly that pres ident Roosevelt is taking advantage of the present Friendly Congress to Force through the most comprehensive j program Ever conceived to fight the that people increase and multiply world depression relieve a employ it has been their habit since the Dawn ment and restore the world to a of time. But in the Dawn of time and indeed until Only a few decades i ago benevolent nature removed the Dietrich Brothers nails wire Metal lath steel Sash Coal chutes wire mesh Baltimore fabricated steel ornamental Iron reinforcing steel warehouse service angles beams channels plates bars a columns Normal state of affairs. Penna. Legislature the Stormy session of the legis surplus in her own Way just As she lature draws to a close. Compromises seems to do in China where apart on All sides seemed to be bringing from War a cold wave will Clear off a order out of chaos. At this writing j million and a famine or flood More it looks As though a comprehensive millions. Enacted program we have nothing of that sort in of Relief will be without additional taxes. Never the America today. The weak mentally less Many of the gov Cor s plans to and physically survive. Typhoid j relieve the local taxpayer have fallen j smallpox and Many other diseases Are by the Wayside. The legislature has j deprived of their efficiency refused to enact Many of his recon rend actions into Law but nevertheless the session will not go Down As a Complete failure. Governor Pinchot signed the Bill permitting localities to determine for themselves whether or not they Wall i they Only sunday baseball and football. After three weeks of delay which Cost the state hug e sums in lost the babies and aged do not die As j they did a Century ago. Old people j who nowadays Are inclined to Gad about forget that in primitive society they would be put away at forty and possibly eaten at forty five. Nowa j i fifty. It would seem to me most dismal to j it appeared that be placed on shelf at varsity the better he can stand up 1l ppe Areu we we and Beer tax Bills would be enacted the pot at forty five or under Prosperity. Achievement comes from heroic battling not from empty prattling or malicious tattling. Lots of people create their own troubles and then Wear themselves out fretting Over them. No real Man lords it Over those who happen to be under him any More than he fawns before those Are Over him. Aimless bustling is a poor substitute for purposeful hustling. The lost song substantially As requested by governor. Science triumphs science triumphed Over superstition in the now famous Case of two year old Helen Vasco. After doctors Testi i saw a Man the other Day. Still Young As men count years who bore the Marks of weary its Carkins doubts and fears. His lot had not been difficult coi i pared with some i know i who laced Stern Fortune s cold rebuffs returning blow for blow. But when he should be at his Best in manhood s Power Complete fled that an operation to remove one Eye was necessary to save her life the courts in new York ordered the operation. The family had fought for against removal of the Eye. They refused to believe that it was the Only Hope of saving the child s life. The baby was reported in fair condition after the operation. Dirigible the dirigible just can t be kept j out of the news. Close on the heels of the disaster to the Akron the new i Macon has been Given her first flight one Hundred and five persons made the trip unmindful of the Fate of those who went Down in the Akron of the Atlantic coast a Short time ago. The Macon handled Well and i goes into the Navy service soon big we cannot believe that primitive conditions were All that they Are boomed to be even in the Days of old King tharr Waddy who would skin you alive As soon As look at you. Thinking it Over i believe i would rather live in these times of increasing population. It s More pleasant and healthful. Truth in advertising backed by proof in Quality and service is the basis for the Success of any business. Concerns who make a Success on a policy of Square dealing and giving full value hold an enviable position among concerns in their line of business. Truthful advertising turns Hesi 3dc important Bank notice the Peoples National Bank _ _ of Delta penna., is open receive new deposits payable 100 per cent if needed make change and Cash checks. The department at Washington has named John r. Williams to act As conservator pending reorganization of the Bank. John r. Williams conservator s i a tutors into buyers and makes buyers j t i buy More. Truthful advertising is a service that will enable a business concern to make the most of its opportunities. Truthful advertising is an even gaited service that brings steady turns. No business can Start right or keep going right without its truthful advertising will always listen be fishermen. The Best fish j create and increase Community inter Story of the season comes from boil est m business concerns that use ing Springs Cumberland county. 1 Jacob Meixel Farmer swears that he right prices consistent prices guaranteed for the entire reason owing to some recent confusion in 1 i it drinks each Day in bitter shame the Dregs of life s defeat. Got a two Pound Brown Trout while labor leaders Are said to have some objection to the jobless Relief Bill. Evi this is no new Story for we have gently they do not approve of the heard it Many times before. But it explains the plight Many of the Banks have found themselves in during the past few years. You can t make the Small town Banks feeders for the big investment Banks of now York with out sooner or later undermining pub Lic Confidence. That it seems to us is precisely what has happened. In Stead of blaming our local Banks and tankers we ought to blame the system of which they Are the unwilling victims. And Lac sooner some thing is done to Correct that condition he cannot blame his Fate on Luck or some unusual strife he s old today because he lost the song from out his Liy. Walking across the Yard in the rear i of his Home. It seems according to believes in buying. Where Meixel that a Hawk had been fishing Fuys Are to be found Dure. Truthful advertisers have Busy places of business because the Public the Best n the yellow breeches. Starting Home with his catch the big Trout slipped from his claws while above Meixel s House. It Tell at Meixel s feet still _ naive but punctured by the Hawk s put Foi end to this domineering Over subscribe now and garage lordship by outside authority and re store the Confidence of the in our bunks the sooner we will be on the Road to Prosperity for Rural Resi dents and for earners generally. Sincerely John Chas. A. Hawkins attorney at Law Delta a. J office hours to 4 p. M. Tuesdays i thursdays and saturdays Musty old slogan that a Dollar a Day and a plate of Beans were Good enough for the working Man. Read the Herald times Harvie l. Stubbs notary Public office Stubbs department store Delta a. Cameras and camera sup Hes developing and printing done cold and Grippe remedies circulating Library store open sundays 9 a. M. To 2 p. M. Delta pharmacy Georgia s. Holland j of of the season will be maintained re i t by Are building their business to. In Gar less of the attitude of other manii y i fact users and dealers As follows 4-8-5. 16.00 3-12-5 14.35 2-8-10. 15.95 2-8-5. 13.50 0-12-5. 12.85 16 per cent acid phosphate 9.00 Murdale Potash 48 per cent 35.50 nitrate of soda. 29.55 sulphate of ammonia. Kanit. 14.99 f. O. B. Factory new kad1o Sho in the old pen it Lar Lia Kery radios repaired ant serviced aerials installed general Auto ko35ekt l. Thompson phone 94-r-3 Delta a. 1 i h 1 i i i i spread with thick Jam 6iaiiam wafers at All Good grocers we. R. Orr agent agricultural corporation of Maryland Street Maryland phone Cardiff 51-r-23 spa erf

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