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Delaware County Daily Times Newspaper Archives Apr 6 1990, Page 2

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Delaware County Daily Times (Newspaper) - April 06, 1990, Chester, Pennsylvania Inside Michael Jackson . Thriller Michael Jackson set Washington on its ear yesterday with a visit to president Bush. See Page. 7. Index almanac. 44 amusements. 29-31 bars. 38-39 billboard.36-37 boyd.20 Bridge. 42 business. 47-50 celebrity cipher.42 church.52-55 classified.57-82 columns.21 comics.42-45 crossword.42 dear abby.43 editorial. 20 Horoscope. 45 movies. 32-35 lotteries .42 obituaries. .18-19 other times.44 people.7 police report.56 sound off. 22 television. 40-41 weather. 12 weekend. 25 directory circulation. 622-8830 classified ads 622-7400 classified and fax. 622-8829 news. 622-8810 news sports fax. 622-8887 retail ads. 622-8860 retail and fax 622-8889 sound off. 284-0222 sports. 622-8880 tim Miltn county daily tim u8p8 161900. A we Hahn a daily a East saturday by Cotral stat a Pum Muff Lac. Of 600 Mildrad Ara. Primo. A 19018 second data Potapa paid at Cuabo height Poat off Ca Clifton Haifa to. A 19018 mail Aub ampt 893.90 far Ata a Gotha 9187.90 far Ana Yaar in Zanaa 1 and 2. Hama Daw aary 82.36 a Waak. Matar put Dye Salamaj Baum bar Gil Spencer what is that thing Spencer it started out a like they All do a As a harmless tiny Pink bump. No real definition no creamy White Cap just a round Pink slightly swollen splotch. I first noticed it one morning last week while admiring my ruggedly handsome face in the bathroom Mirror. There it was nestled just under the left Side of my jaw. I ran a Finger Over it. Gently. It Wasny to ready. I showered and washed my hair. While i was in the Shower i ran some extra hot water on the offending arrival. After my Shower i went Back to the Mirror for another examination. I looked at the splotch redder and angrier now As a result of All that pulsing hot water. I ran my Finger Over it. Still not ready. I decided to give it a Little squeeze anyway. This is the kind of person i am. I see trouble brewing and i confront it i want to squeeze it. Skin doctors say this is no Way to handle things like this. Tiey say leave it alone done to touch it. As i said that to just not the kind of Guy i am. I squeezed it. Gently at first. But when nothing oozed Forth i squeezed a Little harder. Still nothing came to the fore. I was not to be denied. I squeezed it until tears came to my eyes. Success i brushed away the tears Only to notice the bump had swelled to twice its previous size. And now it Hurt. Throbbed. I called into work sick and went Back to bed. When i awoke the next Day i touched the bump under my jaw. It was now the size of an unripe Ned grape. I went into the bathroom and looked in the Mirror. The bump did no to look so bad but it was sensitive to the touch meaning it was definitely infected. There was Only one thing to do squeeze it some More. I will not go into what came out of the bump this time As i wish to avoid the a Spencer has the Day off Box that has been showing up far too frequently in this newspaper recently. Suffice to say i probably should have immediately driven to the nearest Hospital. I settled for taking another Day off. I followed this procedure daily until saturday when i finally Felt Well enough to go out. The Lump on my face Hadnutt gotten any smaller however. If anything it had gotten larger the Scab Blacker. I decided to venture out anyway to meet my Friend Phil at a bar after the univ Georgia tech game. While i waited for him i had a couple Beers. If Beer is Good for anything it is Good for putting some things in their proper perspective. During my second i realized How silly it is to be so self conscious of one Little pimple. When someone else has a blemish on their face we hardly notice it. When it is on our own it looks like mount St. Helen to. Phil arrived and smiled when he saw me. A Ohey a he said admiringly a Onice Gaiter a Phil had had a few Beers too. A yeah that to a Beauty a he said. A of Haven to seen a Gaiter that Nice since around 1930.�?� he ordered three Beers and put two in front of me. A of what to this a i asked. A one for you one for your Friend there a he said looking amp to my jaw. A you know what you really ought to try a he said a what a a iodized Salt a he slapped the bar and laughed so hard he dropped to or e knee. While he was Busy laughing on the floor i took the Opportunity to squeeze a Little Gaiter juice into his Beer. In to sure it set the Healing process Back a couple of Days but it was certainly Worth it. The next Day i went to the supermarket for a few things you know a Little stride a Little clearasil a Little cover girl. I hustled into the a five items or less express Lane. A Oil to sorry a said the cashier a but you have too Many items. You tre going to have to move Over to the next ?� a but that to Only five a i said pointing to my stuff. A but that thing on your face a said the cashier wincing a that makes ?� a what a i yelled. A yeah that to quite an item a the cashier said. I moved Over to the next Lane. A geez a said the cashier at the next Lane horrified. A Owac is that thing a a Oitt to a Gaiter a i lied looking for a Little sympathy. A of where to you get it at a he asked a othe produce Section a in to had enough. I decided to split without buying anything also came to the conclusion that the Only thing that was going to help me get rid of this conversation piece was Sun and Salt water. The next Day i hopped a flight to fort Myers. Soon after Takeoff the flight attendant came around. A Oil to sorry sir a she said apologetically a of you tre sitting in u no Gaiter ?� a Othis Isno to a Gaiter Damn it a i yelled. A oits just a Crummy infected pimple a a whatever it is sir a the stewardess said quietly a Oitt to mating the other passengers sick. Besides Faa regulations do not allow things like that on flights of Over two ?� i was Given a Choice of either sitting in the John the entire flight or de planing Over Maryland. I decided to de plane. With a Parachute strapped to my Back i leaped from the Boeing 727. And As i started my Long fall toward Earth i heard a Little old lady seated near the emergency exit yell a ofor god to Sake done to pick at it a Over the loud Dull Roar of the engine. Gil Spencer s column appears monday wednesday and Friday. People poll correspondent Helen Passaro asked at Media Borough Hall do you favor zoning for Home Day care in residential neighbor Hoovis yes the Way things Are today it is a necessary thing because so Many mothers have to work. Sometimes it is the parents Only solution. It would not bother me if my neighbors took care of other children. Cathy Bonaquisti Chester hair stylist they Are a Good idea specially since in residential neighbourhoods Little children Are better protected from traffic. But the Day care people Are charging too much i have to pay $88 a week. Debbie Murphy Aston Legal Secretary i Don t have any children but i Don t think i would object to it in my neighbourhood. I like children. Judy Bateman Chester Legal Secretary i am a Homeowner and i support the idea. It is a service that is needed today because we have so Many working mothers. But i would place a stiffer limit on the number of children to be taken care of per residence. Dorothy Horton Wallingford bookkeeper i can understand where some neighbourhoods would object to it because it will cause congestion. But it is something that is needed. It would be All right with me providing there is proper supervision. Rev. Robert get. Kesel Media Church pastor

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