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Danville Register (Newspaper) - September 02, 1973, Danville, Virginia4a Survey and Prospect l Johnson Lam Plain Fiqiri Iliin Lam Plikun r air main Ilkiv Cihil god turns mans evil around for Good deadly fanaticism one of the Saddest pictures to appear in newspapers last week was that of Lawrence and Alice Parker of Barstow California who sat clutching bibles As they talked about the death of their 11yearold son Wesley last week the parkers had thrown away the insulin used by their son a diabetic after they had been assured they say that Wesley had been cured by a Faith healer the father and Mother Are in the san Bernadino county jail unable to raise Bond set after they had been charged in the death of their son the Faith of the parkers in the Faith healer at the Assembly of god Church in Barstow is such that they confidently Are looking for Wesley to Rise from the dead along with the parkers the preacher who misled them into believing their son cured and no longer in need of insulin should have faced charges although he was not identified his identity easily May be established and should be exposed the prosecutor District attorney Lowell e Lathrop said the charges against the parkers were brought As a result of their failure to act in fulfilling their parental duty to their child the Issue is their actions not their religious beliefs that is As it should be that is Why charges for his action in practising a fraud upon the parkers should be brought against the preacher for convincing the parents that their son had been cured of diabetes by his ministrations and invocations Faith healers Are not physicians Many Are quacks who become a menace to society by fraudulent by what they believe or profess to believe but by what they do in the practice of deceit society has a duty to protect the ignorant and the credulous from such menaces to human life health and happiness when his Brothers realized that Egypt prime minister holding the Power of life or death Over them was their brother Joseph whom they had sold into slavery As a boy they were justifiably terrified a More heartless felonious deed than the one committed against him by his own Kin Smen would have been hard to imagine hating him because he was their fathers favorite hey had supposed they were rid of him forever when the slave raders led him away frightened and weeping now it was their turn to be scared How could they Hope for anything other than retribution they had come As nomads from Canaan is search of Relief from famine Only to discover to their dismay that Egypt Saviour and their Only Hope was none other than Joseph the brother they had so meanly used you meant it for evil against me but god meant it for Good Joseph told them he had no desire for revenge god had turned it around god had made their evil intentions the instrument of his will through their wicked deed lie would deliver his people the writer of genesis looking Back upon israels beginnings sees Josephs career As a a corking idea almost sure shot with the dog Days extending to labor Day there still is reason to fear animals running Loose or Small wild animals biting and causing rabies infection at last a on shot highly effective rabies vaccine has been developed it promises to Cut Down the dangers and deaths from this dread disease and to eliminate the Long series of daily rabies shots currently administered in such cases with their pain and trauma the world health organization specialists have been telling us that rabies has been spreading and is carried by some species of animals in most parts of the world there is Only one reported instance of recovery from rabies its usual course is madness and mortality but the number of known deaths each year is usually less than 800 As about a million people bitten by animals suspected or known to have suffered rabies receive the Well known rabies serum of 14 to 21 shots although there is general vaccination of pets in the More advanced countries dogs remain the chief source of infection cats take second place foxes also May be rabies afflicted skunks raccoons bats and rats whenever a severe bite from a Rabid animal has been suffered the world health Center recommends inoculation not Only with vaccine but also with blood serum containing antibodies against the rabies virus human volunteers provide the blood serum the new rabies serum As soon As it is released should put Back rabies deaths to a substantial approach to Zero but until the new serum is readily available it behoves the customary care and the customary enforcement of animal control Laws including vaccination Spillers of premature unauthorized leaders of news Kilpatrick of statistics and bulldogs income gain and food prices Herbert Stein president Nixon chief economic adviser told Many americans they Are better off than they think people have lost sight of gains in real income he said because of the rapidly rising food prices by real income economists mean that Money income is going up faster than the general Price level inflation has not helped and the food Price increases Are especially painful for Low income families Stein commented on what he called a Paradox the increase in the feeling of discontent about the Economy despite the High and rising level of real Prosperity shown by the statistics he Drew special attention to the in crease from Spring 1972 to Spring 1973 of 5 percent in disposable after tax income for individuals Russell Kirk the discrepancy Between perception and reality Stein explained by saying that inflation has been Cen tired on food and housewives exaggerate How much other prices have increased wage increases come More slowly and people feel they Are falling behind even though in the Long run they Are better off food accounts for 225 percent of the consumer Price Index but is Given much greater emphasis by most shoppers the fact remains folks still feel cheated by the delayed but recently rapid increase in prices for meat and other foods they have grown accustomed to having the Best food in the world at moderate prices so any change appears to be a blow at their welfare that Why not All Are willing to accept an economists philosophy As a picker upper when they prefer to feel abused Washington Douglas Southall Freeman for Many years editor of the Richmond news Leader once was asked about the training of prospective reporters what would he have them study or Freeman might have responded by ticking off a familiar 1 i s t h i s t o r y literature languages Law his oversimplified answer in Stead was statistics he looked upon any Given set of with a combination of respect and suspicion As one regards a waiting bulldog the years had taught him that statistics can be handled obediently if one deals with them firmly but the fellow who tries to get too Friendly with statistics is Likely to lose the seat of his pants these recollections Are prompted in part by the publication a few weeks ago of four essays by Geoffrey h Moore former director of the Bureau of labor statistics in these essays published by the american Enterprise fewer roads better transportation there lies before us the Happy Prospect that this whole country May not be paved with Concrete and that Urban transportation May be much improved for Congress has passed the Nixon administrations Highway act which at last appropriates some Money from the High Way Trust fund for other purposes than new Road construction formerly the Federal High Way Trust fund was sacrosanct the Concrete lobby backed by big Highway contractors and other interests saw to that All revenues from gasoline tax had to be used for More Road construction in every whether it was needed or not and regardless of How much mischief it did to rail transportation and the environment but now president Nixon having won his Highway Battle with Congress and the con Crete lobby some billion can be taken out of the High Way Trust fund for improving mass transit there Are other provisions which make it easy for states to help rail transit instead of building Urban highways it they so choose about million will be spent upon buses the president May impound High Way funds if that seems advisable because of ecological difficulties and the like All in All this is a handsome first step toward Reform of Public transportation the highways still got he Lions share of Trust fund than s22 billion Over the next few years but clearly the Federal government at last is committed to improving truly Public transportation not merely to devastating Countryside and ties by new roads for More private automobiles it is High time recent shortages of gasoline and other fuels Are Only the beginning of americas coming trouble in keeping motor transportation going it is not Only possible but probable that within a year or two we will commence per manent rationing of gasoline and perhaps restrictions upon the buying of cars the Gigantic proliferation of highways that commenced in president Eisenhower first administration begins to dwindle in Many ways that boastful construction was bad social policy it ruined the railroads naturally a More efficient form of transport it Tore great cities apart especially afflicting people of Low income it obliterated Good Farmland countless thousands of acres of it in every state it strained the Federal budget and contributed toward inflation of the Dollar although of course some Road construction was desirable in general this enormous program served the Concrete lobby rather than the Public interest the civil aeronautics people now Tell us that passenger aviation is a sick Industry in need of higher fares the airlines have bitten off More than they can Chew the highways even though we have built so Many big ones often Are crowded and dangerous clearly we need to revive rail transit and to develop some variants of in for use in cities for everything except great distances Public transportation by rail is cheaper safer More efficient and More commodious than travel by plane or private car even if we wished to pave the whole face of he land with Concrete soil three automobiles to every family and drive madly in All we no longer can do aught of the sort we shall be Lucky if we find new sources of fuel to keep cars operating at their present rate and even if we do obtain that fuel still gasoline and the like will be far More costly than at present the gasoline shortage has its benefits for one thing we May find it necessary to forget about busing millions of schoolchildren in and out of cities and towns to achieve an elusive racial balance in Memphis already the school Board cant find the 750000 Gallons of gasoline necessary to bus 40000 pupils during the approaching school years theres a Federal court order commanding the school authorities to bus on that scale and commanding the City of Memphis to Supply the gasoline but court orders dont work miracles More of us including schoolchildren will be walking in the years that lie before us nothing could be better for the Public health we May Well see the revival of the inner City because if Urban transportation is improved with Money from the Highway Trust fund life at the heart of things will be far More convenient than living in some stranded suburb i offer a word to the Wise forget about buying that vacation Home some 200 Miles Distant from your usual place of a train or an express bus line runs straight there you May not have gasoline enough for such a weekend expedition if you do have the Gas a few years from now nevertheless you May find yourself limited to a Little car that wont carry four or five children and limitless Luggage and even if you do have Auto and gasoline still the projected new expressway to Lake nonesuch never May be built it be dreadful to be denied second not really for then we would brighten the Corner where we Are instead of disfiguring the Back country with a ghastly sprawl of prefabricated cottages and kind of Rural would find it necessary to improve our cities and towns when those arc improved it wont be necessary to flee on every possible occasion from Urban ugliness to Pseik Loural development Institute or Moore has come up with some fresh and valuable insights into statistics on unemployment let me come Back to these in a moment the whole business of statistics especially Federal statistics has been much on our minds in recent months until a few years us face it until the Nixon administration came into of statistics were accepted if not uncritically at least confidently professionals generally regarded the data from u s agencies As the Best such data in the world this High reputation was partly owing to the integrity of Ewan Clague who set an example in the bus for All agencies to follow but other career statisticians also had a hand in maintaining the Standard of excellence Over the past couple of years several disturbing incidents have come along the bus acting on orders form an uptight White House stopped holding monthly briefings by the professional staff or Moore director of the census and Over the protest of every professional organization in the Field Vincent r Barabba was named to take his place an uneasy feeling has developed that Federal statistics especially in the economic area demand closer scrutiny these Days than they have had in the past Wisconsin senator William Proxmire overstates the situation when he describes it As a crisis of credibility but the Point needs to be made tha Barabba in the census and Edward d Failor As new head of the social and economic statistics administration have a demanding task before them we of the most of us Are not trained in a special need for expert nonpartisan interpretation of the statistics that swamp us everyday or Moore provides an example of such interpretation in his recent essays on unum Plo Menet data except for the Cost of living Index no Federal figures command greater attention than statistics that Deal with unemployment they Are constantly cited to prove How poorly or Nixon is doing they carry great weight in legislation affecting Blacks teenagers and women yet As or Moore makes Clear some of the figures notably those on Black unemployment have to be treated As cautiously As bulldogs the problem of jobless Blacks is undeniably serious but because of the margin of error in a Small statistical Sample monthly month fluctuations May be much less significant than they seem or Moore suggests a new and More revealing Index on unemployment that would reflect a the number of jobless persons and b How Long they had been out of work on this severity in Dex the record of the Nixon administration looks not so bad the rate of unemployment is relatively High but people seem to find new jobs the Johnson administration had a still better record to be sure but in grappling with the stubborn and intractable problems of unemployment Nixon merits More credit than his foes have been willing to give him one often hears that there Are lies damned lies and statistics it is a foolish saying every advocate of course will iry to Lurn statistics to his own Best advantage but if raw figures Are reliable and if they honestly interpreted by non partisan professionals the Public is not quite so Likely to be deceived it is something for this administration to keep constantly in mind no altered photos Naif Cliville trim i Nimri misleading photographs do not serve the interest of the Public any More than dishonest news reporting and while the latest instance of altered pictures released by the office of Rlph Griffith Public information director for gov Winfield Dunn in itself seems relatively harmless the principle remains or Griffith says Only that we will continue to do what we think is right hardly the Assurance that the news Media and the Public need that it wont happen again this week or Griffiths office distributed a picture of the governors Cabinet which included three commissioners who in fact were not present when the photograph was taken their faces had been pasted on the original before copies were made earlier an East Tennessee legislator was pasted Over and conservation commissioner Granville Hinton was shown instead such practice not Only Are silly but they Are wrong and state officials have More serious tasks to perform that to engage in this deceiving bit of gimmickry elsewhere in today editions the Banner has announced it will publish no future photographs from or Griffiths office until there is Assurance they not been doctored prime illustration of is Vav of taking charge of events thwarting evil to bring of f the darkness n Hughl of Hope and salvation i a sense Joseph was saving had you not sold me to the traders and had they not brought me to Egypt and had i not been a slave in i he House of Potiphar and had 1 not been unjustly accused by a a Stu woman and had i languished in a Dungeon the King heard of my unusual gifts of interpretation of dreams had these things not happened i would not have been Here in the right place at he right time to save the country and my own family in he crisis of famine Josephs Confidence in gods ability to convert evil into Good is Strong Medicine to be taken with caution one should be careful not to use it As a Iraq Milizer against the pain of wickedness and violence either ones own or that of others to sit Back in passive resignation with the pious Hope that somehow god will take care of everything is neither an expression of Faith nor an act of courage saying dont worry god will deliver the oppressed and put the oppressor Down May Well be a sanctimonious cop out show me a person who placidly accepts whatever comes along while rating about trusting the lord and ill show you a pious fraud there is truth in the Maxim that we Are called to Trust god As if everything depended upon him and to work As if it All depended upon us i have never seen any inconsistency Between confident Faith in gods sovereignly Over human affairs and Resolute Effort to shape human affairs to be More nearly consistent with his divine purpose Faith and works Are not alternative but com ways of being truly religious furthermore the Joseph doctrine should not be interpreted to say thai whatever happens is gods will the almighty gets blamed for u Grout Deal of human mendacity and cruelty not to speak of human laziness and stupidity a current Folk song puts the Point Well it says that if you decide to make War and kill other people dont blame it on god Joseph would not Likely have endorsed his slavery and imprisonment As gods will for him what he did believe was that god had used the events of his life As a Means of putting Joseph in the right place at the right time for the saving of his family there is a great Deal of difference bet Ween the two concepts god does not do evil he does permit it to happen else there would be no human Freedom and no growth toward maturity and he uses both Good and evil to get his work done could Joseph have become prime minister without the severe adversity that preceded his Rise to Eminence who knows and Why speculate the important thing is that god could not have used those events to make Joseph prime minister if Joseph had been a weakling and a quitter right now there Doest appear to be a great Deal in the news of american politics to encourage optimism about it yet who knows but that something Good May even come out of watergate it is possible that there will be a renewal of patriotism and a greater concern for honesty in government if that should happen we can say that once again Good had come out of evil but it is never automatic even god cant make Josephs without a Joseph Harry Liberal thesis goes far astray what about the ideology involved in the watergate disclosures this question have to be raised and it have been if liberals opposing the Nixon administration were not trying to make something sinister out of it the fact is that the watergate situation is being used by the liberals to try to discredit and destroy the mandate of 1972 and the conservative policies upon which it was built in other words an attempt is being made by liberals to use watergate to discredit everything the administration achieved or promised which runs counter to the Liberal thesis of unlimited govern ment excessive Federal spending endless engineering in the area of social welfare unilateral disarmament and a policy of isolationism in foreign affairs because the Nixon administration is More conservative than Liberal of course attempts Are being made to try to equate the irregularities of the watergate affair with conservative principles generally frankly i see the watergate activities As directly opposed to the principles which american conservatism incorporates when conservatives speak of borrowing what is Best of the past for the handling of our problems in the present and challenges in the future they speak of a system of ordered Justice of High personal and individual responsibility and of obeying both the spirit and the letter of the Laws which govern this democracy in fact it is my firm conviction that the Nixon administration would not find itself in the situation it docs today if it had been manned at the top by staff people strongly committed to the principles of conservatism ii was not the existence of conservative ideology in the while House or in the com Mittee for the reelection of the president which brought on the stupidities and the irregularities of the watergate rather ital is was the Lack of ideology and the Lack of experience and the Lack of a deeply rooted philosophy of life Unitas which brought on the unfortunate and unforgivable activity which has been uncovered in the watergate investigation no sincere conservative that i know would Ever adopt the idea that the end justified the Means As seems to have been the Case in the watergate fiasco actually ital that premise belongs to the other Side and that was the premise which led the liberals in the academic world and in the Media to defend or Pooh Pooh Daniel Ellsberg theft of confidential and classified government material that premise also was the one that led to the virtual enshrining by the liberals of Angela Davis the Berrigan Brothers the peace rioters and the War dissenters even though serious violations of the Law were involved it was the liberals not the conservatives who promoted the idea that dissenters should choose what Laws they would obey and which Laws they would ignore it was the liberals not the conservatives who urged the burning of draft cards and cheered the desertion of military men because they Felt the vietnamese War was illegal and because they disagreed with its objectives even so the existence of this vicious double Standard in no Way excuses the crimes of watergate nor does it obscure the fact that conservatives arc now in the position where they will have to fight to retain the ground they have won Over the past 10 to 15 years it is my Hope that All sincere americans will insist on the retention of the constructive accomplishments of the Nixon administration no matter How strenuously they might object to inc watergate affair the Danville Register All departments dial 7932311 entered at Danville a Post office As second class mail matter zip code 24541 All subscriptions payable in Advance subscription rates daily and sunday in City and suburbs by Carrier delivery 50c a week single copies sunday Only 20c daily and sunday by one year six months three months one month 75 notice mailed 10 Days before expiration subscribers should prompt attention to renewals give

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