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Danville Register, The (Newspaper) - November 26, 1972, Danville, VirginiaWeather Windy today Danvilee Register one Hundred and Twentyfive years of Public service Home this delivery edition doily sunday so week 20 founded february 1847 no 29963 a leased wires Danville a sunday morning november 267l972 a new features Price Twenty cents s9 Hanoi agree on nine Day break in talks president is confident As Kissinger reports new York a presi Dent Nixon conferred for an hour saturday night with us peace negotiator Henry a Kis Singer and the White House announced that the president is confident that we will achieve the right kind of settlement in Vietnam one for a Lon term peace press Secretary Ronald l Ziegler said that serious talks Are continuing and that Kis Singer will return to Paris dec 3 to reopen talks with North vietnamese negotiator be due Tho on dec 4 we Are proceeding with a another big bomber damaged u s b52s continue strikes As Hanoi condemns attacks Saigon a us b52 bombers continued their heaviest raids of the War Over North Vietnam on saturday the North vietnamese for eign ministry issued another statement condemning the bombing attacks and american military sources indicated the raids were a signal to Hanoi that the United states will not Stop its bombing below the 20th parallel until a peace agree ment is reached the peace talks have gone into recess until dec 4 after six sessions in Paris us officials disclosed that a second b52 was damaged in a surface to air missile attack Las week that claimed the first b52 combat loss of the Vietnam War none of the six crewmen on the damaged plane was injured but two of the six Crew men on the downed aircraft were Hurt us officials in Vientiane Laos also disclosed that an air America c7 Caribou cargo plane flying in support of lao Tian irregular forces was shot Down by enemy antiaircraft fire thursday killing two americans a thai and a lao air America is backed by the us Central intelligence Agency the air America plane was the 10th american aircraft lost in Indochina in five Days one of the heaviest tolls in several months six americans were killed 11 rescued and three Are missing in the crashes As reports circulate in Paris of serious differences Between us and Hanoi negotiators the North vietnamese foreign ministry said the b52 attacks Laid Bare the deceitfulness of the Nixon administrations professed desire to end its military involvement and restore peace in Vietnam in Souh Vietnam tens of thousands of marchers demonstrated along a 50mile stretch of Highway 4 in an anticommunist protest to show that the government is in control of the main Road through the Mekong Delta the marchers carried flags and banners demanding that North vietnamese troops get out of South Vietnam and glaring that coalition with the communists is suicide during the 24hour period ending at noon saturday the us command reported 14 More b52 missions against North vietnamese targets be Low the 20th parallel sources said that brought to More than constructive attitude Ziegler told reporters he said presi Dent Nixon feels that the important thing is to achieve a settlement not just for the Shor term but for the Long term and he is prepared to take the time necessary to achieve that kind of settlement presiden Nixon is confident that we will achieve the right kind of settlement Ziegler added Kissinger returning from Paris went immediately into a conference with the president at his Waldorf Astoria towers suite the two men appeared grimaced As they talked while photographers were taking Pic Tures Ziegler said he could not Tel reporters anything furher about the Nixon Kissinger meeting and that the United states had an agreement not to discuss details or substance of the negotiations but he said the president and Kissinger had a Good meeting Nixon is expected to return to the Washington area sunday afternoon and to go on immediately to his Camp David my Retreat Ziegler said he will spend the rest of next week Kissinger was going to be in Washington next week too consulting on the negotiating situation and Ziegler said he would join in talks Early in the see Indochina Page 2a see Kissinger Page 2a Road toss a Cable to a Driver whose the vehicle was carrying military supplies from Saigon truck on contract to the us military plunged into the Saigon to oases to the Northeast at the time a wire Hoto ordeal lasts nearly 24jhours police Sharpshooter kills gunman holding stewardess aboard plane Frankfurt Germany a a police Sharpshooter killed on saturday a gunman who had held an air Canada stewardess hostage for nearly 24 hours aboard a jetliner on the ground at Frankfurt air port police identified he gunman who carried a loaded revolver As Viktor Widera 58 a German with a Long criminal record the stewardess Margit som Mer 31 a German born Resi Dent of Montreal was de scribed by an air Canada spokesman As unarmed and just terribly tired Widera was killed by one Well aimed shot from 60 Yards As he stood at the partly open Doof of the air Canada pcs which he commandeered Fri Day afternoon to press demands for release of various prisoners held in West German Janis Widera who was described by police As having Strong Cal office refused to comment on the report although Widera made Vari Ous demands for release of prisoners police did not report that he asked at any time for Money Widera who was born in the former German province of up per Silesia now a part of Poland first demanded custody of a Young czech air plane Hijacker or As an alternative the re lease of 20 czechs he said were jailed in West Germany ones peonage charges told there were not 20 such prisoners Widera said he would Settle for the release of any 20 convicts serving the highest sentences in West Ger Man prisons communicating his demands in written notes dropped from the plane Widera offered around noon to Swap miss som Mer for a 19yearold acquaint Ance he identified As Ursula Friedrich police said they have been unable to locate the girl Vogel said the sharpshooters were a team of Frankfurt Crim Inal and auxiliary police formed after the Munich olym Pic games shootout in septem Ber thai claimed i he lives of i Sec Hijacker Page a poses with israeli and off vat it in Nixon takes meet people tour of new York Center no new York a presi Dent Nixon took a meet the people tour of Rockefeller Cen Ter on saturday waving at pathological traits threatened thousands of people and posing to blow up the Airliner along for pictures with a Young israeli and a Young egyptian Light at the end of the Clearwater youngsters explore a piece of unused pipe near Home and an imaginative photographer came along to record the scene Navy race relations hearing ends san Diego Calif a a congressional subcommittee wound up on saturday initial hearings on race relations in the Navy they investigated in particular the refusal of 183 protesting sailors to return to the aircraft Carrier Constellation after being put ashore Here rep Floyd v Hicks d Wash chairman of the House armed services subcommittee said no statement will be made close door hearings until the groups report is prepared the subcommittee is scheduled to open a hearing Here monday on another Navy racial incident a riot aboard the aircraft Carrier Kitty Hawk while the ship was off the North Vietnam coast six weeks ago the Navy said 46 of the 100 men involved in the fight were injured Twenty one Black sailors Are being held Here for court martial Constellation opened in Wash order and Why i joined the pro in ton last monday and were tests but they didst address to North moved to North Island naval air station Here tuesday a Petty officer from the Constellation was one of the few witnesses appearing before the Threeman subcommittee who would discuss his testimony with newsmen to 3v Michael Dawson of Detroit who testified wednes Day told reporters Friday they asked me questions about what Wassail in the the hearings concerning the about Why i disobeyed a Basic commander of Ira guerrillas is Given six months in prison Dublin Sean macs Iofin widely regarded As the commander of the Irish Republican army criminal court in an explosion of rage and shouted hoarsely i will see you dead in hell before i submit i will be dead guerrillas was sentenced sat in six Days live with that Pic tit Ftp to Tirio i arct my urday to six months in prison for belonging to the outlawed movement the Haggard guerrilla weakened from seven Days on a hunger and thirst strike banged clenched fists on the rim of the Dock in Dublin special Good morning amusements background map building classified ads crossword editorials local news sports television women news in re his wife Marie burst into tears and rushed into his arms past Burly police guards and medical orderlies Only a few hours before the three judges in the no jury court pronounced him guilty and gave him the minimum sentence the 44yearold eng Lis born macs Iofin collapsed from his we Klong protest he was sentenced to six months imprisonment the minimum penalty macs Iofin was carried Back into the guarded courtroom in a chair to hear the sentence earlier Gray faced and weak from his self imposed ordeal he declared hoarsely i do not expect Justice i shall continue my Nunger and thirst strike he told the court he was taking no further interest in his trial after he collapsed and was Given pain killing injections for a severe kidney complaint caused by his fast he was re turned to the court to sit huddled under blankets in the Dock flanked by guards and medical aides a doctor told newsmen the themselves to the Central prob lems of discrimination and inferior Job assignments for Blacks aboard the ship Dawson contended that the inquiry appears to be support ing preconceived ideas of permissiveness in the Navy and is out to get adm Elmo r Zum Walt or chief of naval operations another Sailor said earlier in Advance of a scheduled appear Ance before the subcommittee hat the constellations skipper capt j d Ward could have avoided a confrontation Seaman Howard Smith of East St Louis 111 said he and another Sailor went up to the Bridge and pleaded with Ward to meet with the dissident sail ors on he carriers mess deck the night of nov 3 All he had to do Vas make a personal appearance and show that he was concerned about our problems Smith said Ward refused to meet with the sailors brought the Carrier see Irish Page 6a Sec probe Page Fia with himself and miss Sommer if his demands were not met Widera claimed he had a package of dynamite when police stormed the plane after he was shot they found a Small parcel containing a powdery substance which was not immediately identified Widera a Short Man was dressed in Brown overalls Horst Vobel who directed the special 150man police Security Force told newsmen that col leagues with special training were under orders to shoot the Hijacker in a Crystal Clear situation that would not endanger the hostage the sharpshooters firs Opportunity came when Widera showed himself with a hand kerchief pressed to his Mouth As authorities passed a two Way radio through the planes front door he had accepted the radio to Speed up negotiating with police when Widera pushed the door open miss Sommer ran a few away from him Down the corridor giving police sharpshooters on the ground a Chance 5o fire one Well aimed shot from 60 Yards Vogerl Aid police then stormed aboard the plane and found Widera fatally wounded in he passage Way miss Sommer who joined air Canada in Paris in 1967 after study at the sorbonne was whisked away after the Rescue and lodged in an undisclosed hotel West German Hado reported that air Canada had sent Sev eral million douche Marks to he Airport to meet any Mone tary demand for miss som mers release the airlines to the president talked about everything from football to the need for nations to be friends at one Point As he waded through i he throng gathered around the famous ice skating rink Nixon told a Schoolboy to study things you dont like the president seemed pleased at the International Pic tur taking episode he told newsmen a Young Man named Moshe Harel 21 of Tel Aviv had grabbed his Arm in the crush and said he was a Stu Dent from Israel right behind the israeli Nix on explained was Ismail Elshanawany 23 an architect from Cairo Here on scholarship who told the president in from Egypt the president posed with i he two men for a group picture and noted thai the Young men were not antagonistic toward each other and were studying to help their respective coun tries he look the occasion to demonstrate what he called his three handed handshake de Claring maybe that hand shake is symbolic of the future this is the Way we would like the world to look Nixon added the president hatless and wearing a Gray Tweed Topcoat said that leaders like myself and the Heads of other coun tries must realize that people Are tired of War tired of con fisc and want to work Ogeth or the desire to remove any governmental antagonisms or Sec Nixon Page 2a inmates free hostage As officials give in Cranston i a in mates at the adult correctional institution some of them armed with scissors and pipes held a guard hostage for a Short time saturday they freed the guard unharmed after prison officials agreed to eight demands the prisoners All confined o the behavioural correction unit in the maximum Security Facil Ity Are considered dangerous prison officials said 17 of the 18 men confined in the unit wore involved in the rebellion taken hostage was correctional officer Robert Picard he was released unharmed after a 15minute negotiating session Between officials and the prisoners among the prisoner demands were additional showers improved sanitation More exercise time supervised feeding outside their cells a new paint Job for the unit better laundry service and no reprisals against he inmates taking part in the uprising the men in the unit Are disciplinary problems and Are allowed out of heir cells Only one hour a Day authorities said they Are fed inside the cells and Are normally allowed to exercise during their one scr hostage Page Fia shopping Days till christinas new zealand labor party wins landslide Victory in election cuban communist party reveals major governmental reshuffling Miami Fla cd the officials designated for ban communist party saturday he newly created positions will announced a major reshuffling be directly responsible to of governmental response prime minister Fidel Castro abilities appointing eight Deputy according to the announcement prime ministers to assume con by Havana radio monitored in tool Over All phases of adminis Miami Tractive activity the shuffle apparently elevated longtime communist party member Carlos Rafael Rodriguez to a position of new importance it had the apparent effect of downgrading the importance of castros younger see Cuba Page 6a Wellington a new zealand labor party won a landslide general election Victory saturday and prime minis Ter elect Norman Eric Kirk called it a Victory for the Little people with one seat still in doubt me voters gave Kirks party 55 seats in the single chamber parliament and 31 seats to the National party in the previous 84seal parliament the National party had held a four seat Edge Defeated prime minister John Ross Marshall a 60year old lawyer said in conceding the election that he Hart to agree with labors slogan that it has clearly been a time for a change it can fairly be described As a landslide said Marshall glancing at a television set in his House of parliament office As further reports of slashing labor wins continued in pour in provisional figures arc hat 14 million voters 916 per Ceni of those eligible produced a 46 per cent swing to give labor its third term of of fice in the country history sir election Page Fia 77i weather headings from Alop Register building Virginia sunday Windy with a Chance of showers from 50 West to about tin on coast 5artlv Cloudy sunday night and monday with a Chancre of Snow flurries in Northern mountains sunday North Carolina Sun Day Clearing or Parth Cloudy and warmer except Snow flurries and cold in mountains High ranging in 50s except Low ios in mountains fair and Cool sunday night and monday Low sunday night upper 20s and Low Iii on coast High monday 4fls in mountains Low 50s elsewhere downtown weather log saturday temp bar life 2971 3li 29fifi 37 2951 sunday 37 2946 hour 7 pm i pm u pm wind e5 ne4 Calm 1 am 2 hour Calm Low to 1 am 30 High 4 21hour precipitation 103 inches rain

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