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Danville Register Newspaper Archives Nov 9 1975, Page 1

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Danville Register, The (Newspaper) - November 9, 1975, Danville, Virginia Weather warm today the Danville Register one Hundred and Twenty eight years of Public service Home delivery Brycc daily sunday Yaj 85cweek Danville november 9 1975 decks for election critics claim Fords to Echelon shakeup could a mews analysis the running for a no 2 soot on a mews analysis by Don Mcleod a political writer Washington Jenl Ford in his High level shakeup this week has cleared the decks for next years presidential election but some question remains As to whether by ridding him self of some sensitive Points of embarrassment president Ford actually helped his cause vice president Nelson a Rockefeller took himself out of the running for a no 2 spot on any 1976 Ford ticket saying he wanted to spare the president from partisan squabbling thai removed the major weapon of Ronald Reagan sup porters attacking Ford from the gop right and stifled inter Nal dissension Over such gnaw ing problems As Aid to new York City Fords announcement the same Day that he was firing defense Secretary James r Schlesinger removed a painful source of squabbling within the administration less Clear was the new status of Secretary of state Henry a Kissinger who was stripped of his second title As chief of the National Security Council while Kissinger left a favor Ite protege at the White House he lost his own desk there and with it the ready Access to the presidential ear the imme Diate effect was to make Ford look More like his own Man at the same time Schlesinger departure silences a Long running feud Over detente with the communist bloc which Kissinger had pushed and Ford supported Schlesinger has been critical of some disarmament terms As harmful to the nations Security meanwhile the return of Elliot Richardson and George Bush from foreign assignments brings Back two of the most popular personable and potentially helpful republicans on the eve of the election Campaign both Richardson some Shat of a hero by his stand in the fire watergate investigation and Bush a popular former party chairman were promptly thrust into the belting on a new vice presidential nominee Bush appointment As director of the Central intelligence Agency also ousts William col by who had been causing Ford problems with his Frank admissions to Congress of Cia wrongdoing Ford of course mentioned none of this when he announced the shakeup in a nationally Mon Day night he merely said he was forming a new team of Guys to continue what he characterized As already successful policies basically this would appear to be accurate As far As it goes Fords personal dislike for Schlesinger and Dis enchantment with Colby were no secrets now in Donald Rumsfield current White House chief of staff As defense Secretary and Bush now envoy to China at Cia Ford at least will have Loyal and tactful lieutenants in two hot spots and there is no indication that the personal shuffling meant any policy changes but despite the obvious advantages to Ford of the weeks developments critics were Quick to predict the major personnel Cli Anges and the cursory Way in which they were explained would backfire and Ford himself was just As Quick to Rush to the defend see shakeup Page 2a As officials seek Spanish Sahara Compromise desert prayer thousands of moroccan marchers Kneel in prayer inside the Spanish Sahara some six Miles beyond the Border near the Spanish troops dissuasion line of barbed wire and landmine warnings Spanish and moroccan ministers were reported working on a Sahara Compromise saturday that would enable hundreds of thousands of unarmed moroccans bivouacked on both sides of the disputed territory Border to go Home a wire photo Agadir Morocco a unarmed moroccan marchers were reported massed saturday to enter the Spanish Sahara at a third Point As King Hassan ii and a Spanish Cabinet minister reopened talks on a possible Compromise Over the disputed territory the moroccan newspaper opinion quoted a Field correspondent As saying a Large group was preparing to open the new front just 30 Miles West of the algerian Border join ing the 120000 marchers facing a Spanish minefield and Legio Aires near the Atlantic coast and an unconfirmed number at another front roughly Midway May Between the coast and the Alge Rian Frontier Antonio Carro Martinez Spain minister of the pre Miers office flew unexpectedly into Agadir Morocco temporary capital after a Dis Cussion of the crisis by the Spanish Cabinet on Friday King Hassan received Carro in his Agadir Palace among others attending the session were moroccan Premier Ahmed Osman an foreign minis Ter Ahmed Lara i before the meeting Between Hassan and Carro began moroccan information minister Ahmed Taibi Benham told newsmen you can expect a in new front decisive turn of events in the next 24 hours he did not elaborate but the statement was widely regarded As confirmation of reports that a com Promise was in the making those at the first opening be Gan crossing the Border thurs population divided Economy in ruins in Wake of brutal Urban War lebanese Choice coffin or suitcase an a news analysis Byholt Erensen associated press writer Beirut Lebanon a a brutal Urban War has fright ened Many lebanese into be Lieving that their Only future is a Choice Between the coffin or the suitcase ceasefires in the Christian moslem civil War Are measured in Days the population is divided the Economy is in ruins arid the government appears helpless to prevent a recur Library of Congress report repeated doses of pollutants increase risks to health Washington a Low repeated doses of such commonplace pollutants As fumes in the air and chemicals in drinking water Are increasing risks of cancer heart disease and genetic mutations Accord ing to a Library of Congress re port while a single exposure to the pollutants is not harmful repeated doses can build up toxic substances in an individual increasing the Chance of developing the illnesses or damaging genes the report states it says that new respiratory diseases related to pollution have assumed a Sinigoi Vicant importance the report entitled effects of chronic exposure to Low level pollutants in the environment also discloses ability to detect chemically induced health dangers is so limited that Only a portion of the damage can be recognized costs to society of Dis eases linked to environmental pollution while difficult to pin Down Are staggering and and arduous testing methods Are not Sensi Tive enough to detect the Pollut ing agents the report lists various sub stances contributing pollution and health problems among them Are Asbestos chlorine fluorides Nickel and Mercury which affects the Cen trial nervous system most enter the water and air through Industrial processes other toxic materials include Carbon Bons produced by combustion engines the report was prepared by the Library of Congress con Gressional research service for see pollutants Page 2a Good morning four pages Section Page amusements b 1011 classified ads d 1011 crossword Puzzle c 8 editorials a 4 local news b 13 56 sports d 19 women news c 113 rence of the fighting which has already claimed about 6500 lives Lebanon leaders have dropped All pretence of seeking a coexistence formula their political squabbles Are reflected in an arms buildup by private militias christians moslem and palestinian guerrillas Are All vying to amass More fire diplomats military analysts and gunmen of the warring factions themselves predict More bloodletting until somebody wins this View is shared by thousands of lebanese non combatants crowding flights to Europe and creating of affix jams on highways leading out of Beirut those who stay Are participating in a de Facto religious partition which no one professes to want christians Are moving out of moslem neighbourhoods and vice versa creat ing hostile enclaves guarded by armed men who respect Only the authority of the gun differences that appeared negotiable a few months ago Are now irreconcilable said one Veteran Diplomat both sides seem to believe that Only a military Victory will resolve the issues until then Law and order Are in abeyance palestinian guerrilla support has Given left Wing lebanese factions arid moslem militias a clearcut military advantage Over Christian gunmen of the righting phalanges and National Liberal parties the christians lost some ground before another cease fire went into effect last week but this has Only strengthened their determination not to lose any More while the moslem palestinian coalition wants to press its advantage to secure an unconditional surrender establish a new economic and political order in this country of three million but it might have the same old faces no new leaders have emerged in seven months of Street fighting the same politicians whose private armies have accounted for 25000 casualties Overall Are sitting on government committees prom Ising to talk when the fighting ends the current coalition for Mula which dates Back to 1943 gives christians a 6to5 major Ity in the National Assembly and other government institutions the president has to be a maronite Christian the Premier a sunni moslem and the House speaker a shiite moslem Phala Gist Leader Pierre see Lebanon Page 2a love it or hate it the worlds newest Charity new York Horowitz press aide at City Hall in new York holds letters which accompanied contributions sent in by people from All Over the world to help the City out of its fiscal crisis More than has been received so far although Many people believe new York has made a contribution to the rest of the country culturally and in business others feel the City is too big Loo expensive and too unfriendly a wire photo by Louise Cook associated press writer to Gary Christian of Seattle new York City is traffic jams and prostitutes its what the rest of the world is liable to be come if we dont watch out to William Wenzler of Mil Waukee new York City is a diversity of people and sights it is a fascinating vibrant exciting place to visit and i would suspect to live Christian a chemistry professor and Wenzler an architect typify the wide variety of Opin ions that people in the rest of the country have about new York the associated press asked a random sampling of people in about a dozen cities How they Felt about new York whether they had visited or lived there what sort of experiences they had and whether they would want to live there those who had been to new York had mixed experiences they remembered the Heaters and Wall Street the museums and the Ballet but they also remembered the dirt the hurried Pace and the fear of walking the streets after dark few people said they wanted to live in new York it was too big too expensive too in Friendly but almost All of them said they Felt new York City had made a contribution to the rest of the country in culture in education in Medicine in Busi Ness and in acting As a unique melting pot that is the Gateway to America Peoples emotions often were coloured by their personal experiences christians most recent visit to new York was several years ago he said hed never return i was caught in a terrific traffic Jam and my bus from the Airport was delayed from times Square i took a cab to the hotel and u took me one hour to go two blocks one of the first things i noticed was prostitutes on the Corner and it was a fairly Classy hotel Wenzler in contrast has other memories of his visits to new York i would spend a lot of time walking including East Harlem Ive taken the subway up there Ive walked the streets Ive been gone into old fashioned apartments to see what they were like i asked people on the Street if i could could see them and they invited me in the difference in viewpoints is reflected in some of the Many Public opinion polls on Federal Aid for new York City see new York Page 2a Day South of Taraya but stopped when they came to what Spain Calls its dissuasion line of mines barbed wire and legionnaires about six Miles across the Frontier military officials said the Sec Ond opening was made by trucking 100000 other Volun Teers to an area about 120 mites East an apparent attempt to get around the landmines but newsmen in the area saw Only an estimated 5000 marchers at see March Page 2a release Eide Tiede Herrema the dutch industrialist sits with his wife Elizabeth in the Home of the dutch ambassador where the doctor give a press conference Early this morning after his release by the kidnappers who kept him prisoner for 36 Days herremans smile reveals tooth missing knocked out by the kidnappers a wire photo dutch businessman minus tooth experience As pow help victim survive kidnapping Rotterdam the nether lands a dutch business Man Tiede Herrema minus Only a tooth after being held prisoner by Irish terrorists for 36 Days returned to a family reunion saturday he said he cried once during his Captivity but that his experience As a pow in Germany during world War ii helped me to face this awful situation Herrema 53 and his wife Elizabeth who had flown to Ireland Friday night to meet her husband shortly after his release were welcomed at Rotterdam Airport by their sons Jelle 26 Sjoerd 25 and harm 14 and a throng of some 1000 Well wishers looking surprisingly fit and smiling Herrema fold report ers at an Airport news Confer ence that he was very glad to be Back on native soil again adding that he had just one request to make i Hope youll understand in extremely tired Ive been through a horrible experience these 36 Days and Ive already Given several press conferences i Hope this will be the last one and ill be Able to enjoy some rest now Herrema manager of the dutch owned Werenka steel Plant in Limerick where he was kidnapped oct 3 said his endur Ance had surprised him it turned out i was mentally and physically stronger than i had thought myself especially during the last 18 Days he said see Kidnap Page 2a Hijacker killed when Pilot kicks him from Divina Cape Girardeau to despondent teenager chartered a Small plane Satur Day pulled a gun on the Pilot and ordered him to nosedive the plane authorities said the youth was killed when the Pilot pushed him out of the diving plane the Pilot Richard Leibundguth said the Young Man told him he had been having family problems and was thinking of suicide Mississippi county sheriffs deputies said the body of Jack r Johnson 19 of Evansville ind was found in a Field 25 Miles Southeast of Cape Girardeau Leibundguth who pulled the plane out of the dive and landed safely said his passenger fired one shot at him but missed the deputies said Johnson was ejected from the two seat plane about two hours after chartering it in Evansville h5 Miles East of Cape Girardeau who will be 26 sunday gave authorities this account of the incident Johnson called the pilots company Tri state Aero to charter a plane he and Leibundguth took off about am Cost in the Cessna 150 plane after being airborne about 15 minutes Johnson pulled what see plunge Page 2a the weather from regime a building Virginia variable cloudiness North and becoming mostly Cloudy with Chance of afternoon or evening showers sunday continued variable cloudiness with Chance of showers sunday night becoming mostly Cloudy with Chance o showers mountains and remainder of state variable cloudiness with Chance of showers on monday lows sunday night Low 50s mountains to Low to mid 60s Southeast highs sunday Low to mid 70s mountains and mid to upper 70s elsewhere highs monday High 60s mountains to mid to upper 70s Southeast North Carolina partly Cloudy sunday through monday with scattered showers daytime temperatures in the 70s to some Low 80s Over Southeast continued unseasonably min with nighttime lows in upper 56s to Low 60s except upper to mid 50s mountains downtown weather log saturday hour temp bar 7 pm 68 3015 9pm 64 3017 11 pm 60 3019 sunday 1 am 56 3021 24hour Tow to l am High 77 24hour precipitation none wind Calm Calm Calm Calm

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