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Danville Register Newspaper Archives Mar 31 1974, Page 1

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Danville Register, The (Newspaper) - March 31, 1974, Danville, Virginia Weather fair today the Danville Register Home delivery this so week one Hundred and Twenty seven years of Public service founded february 1847 no 30379 a leased wires Danville a sunday morning March 31 1974 a be wife Atu res Price to watergate lesson bar groups outside party Structure Ford warns of arrogant political adolescents who dictate campaigns Chicago a vice pres ident Gerald r Ford said sat urday the political lesson of watergate was never again must americans allow an arro Gant elite guard of political adolescents to dictate the terms of a National election Campaign Ford referred to the com Mittee for the reelection of the president which ran president Nixon Campaign in 1972 it violated the historic concept of the two party system in America and ran roughshod Over the seasoned political judgment and experience of the regular Republican party organization in the 50 states Ford said the fatal defect of creep was that it made its own rules and thus made its own ruin creep is the double edged acronym Ford used in referring to the Campaign committee in his speech to More than 1000 Midwest republicans the audience including presidential hopeful sen Charles Percy and gop National chair Man George Bush stood up and cheered when Ford said the political lesson of watergate is this never again must americans allow an arro Gant elite guard of political adolescents like creep to by pass the regular party organization and dictate the terms of a National election Ford received another ova Tion when he said our re publican party organization must be the vehicle for future elections if there Are any More cliques of ambitious amateurs who want to run political campaigns in the future i say let the democrats have them next time he opened his speech noting i was specifically admonished before coming that i talk about watergate but with some prerogatives of my own ill ignore those guidelines he later told newsmen he really was not admonished by anyone and inferred that or Kissinger Nancy Maginnes married in civil ceremony Washington a Secretary of state Henry a Kissin Ger who cultivated a swi Nger reputation by dating Beautiful actresses was mar ried saturday in a civil ceremony to Nancy Maginnes a tall blonde foreign policy researcher and his most constant female companion the marriage evidently had been tentatively set and called off several times since last de Cember the judge Francis e Thomas or told a reporter that he finally got a Telephone Call at 4 pm Friday and was told it looks like a Green Light but it was not until an hour before the wedding that he was told the couple he was to marry in his Law office were Kissinger and miss Maginnes but i had surmised it he said Kissinger spent the morning at the state department Confer ring with Moshe Dayan the israeli defense minister he had said he was going to Acapulco on vacation saturday afternoon but made no mention of the marriage when a reporter asked him saturday if he were seeing anyone else before Tak ing off Kissinger simply smiled As the elevator door closed in front of him secrecy has been Kissinger diplomatic trademark when a reporter asked him on the flight Home from mos cow if he was getting married this weekend Kissinger grinned and said absolutely he gave the same response when the question was put to him on a flight Home from the Middle East last month the 12 newsmen would not be put off with a quip Kissinger growing serious promised solemnly that he would see to it that they had four or five hours Advance notice there was none judge Thomas in a Telephone interview said he was first Henry a Kissinger contacted last december through Carlyle maw the state department Counselor and a close Kissinger Friend and told see Kissinger Page 2a Gani Zers of the conference in dictated they wanted him to speak to the conference theme looking ahead the White House said it gave no instructions to Ford regard ing any watergate comments he might make in Chicago but had no immediate comment on Fords speech in the speech Ford said the political failure of creep in 1972 was a failure to reinforce the presidents impressive Victory overwhelming mandate with enough republicans in the House and Senate to insure the Success of his pro Grams at Home and abroad the vice president told a news conference his remarks were not cleared with the White House i spoke As my own Man he said Ford also said i dont think you should interpret my re Marks As a criticism of the president asked if he had intended to divorce himself from the White House or president Nixon philosophies he said not at All i simply said creep did a great disservice to the Republican party he was asked who was responsible for the appointment of the committee officials Ford replied i want around then he said that in his opinion the president said to the com Mittee in Busy go ahead and run it Ford said the president was Busy seeking peace in Vietnam opening the door to China and planning to strengthen us soviet relation ships Ford also urged in his speech that each and every candidate for the Republican presidential nomination in 1976 should sign in Advance on the dotted line that they will not set up outside committees without the specific approval of the party Ford was also asked about his political plans i have said it simply and emphatically i have no in Tention of being a candidate Foi any political office in 1976 of said he said republicans Art blessed with a spectrum of candidates any one of whom in they got the nomination Dulc win in 1976 he listed Percy California gov Ronald Reagan former new York gov Nelson a Rockefeller All of whom at tended the conference at Vari Ous times and former treas Ury Secretary John b con Nally Ford also told newsmen he did not think the actions of the committee reflect adversely on his Nixon judgment Percy was asked to comment on Fords remarks at a Sepa see gop Page 2a no account he has no account this bespectacled canine is a regular customer at a Bank drive up service window in Fredericksburg a Brutus brute for Short Only wears his glasses to fend off the wind while Riding in his owners car the 3yearold Mongrel takes off the elastic banded Eye shield outside the car and works As a night watchman at a service station says his owner Al Oesterheld of yes brute regularly gets a Lollipop at the Bank a wire photo Gerald Ford learns Art of defending office of president but not president a Man of r Ford or is the first vice president to take office in the Middle of a presidential term under the 25th amendment since he succeeded the disgraced Spiro t Agnew last december in the Job Ford described As having one foot in the Senate and the other in the White House Annex Ford has shown Possession of the delicate sense of balance required to keep both feet on the ground Washington a the vice president of the United states intoned press Secre tary Paul Miltich As his Boss Geral Ford walked into the Senate committee Roon to hold his first vice presidential news conference it sounds awfully important Doest it Ford asked with his Al american boy Grin in not used to that yet two weeks earlier on dec 6 1973 Gerald Rudolph Ford or had become the first vice presi Dent in history to take office in the Middle of a presidential term confirmed by the House and Senate with Only a handful of dissenting votes Ford was expected to be the Down Hehne supporter of Richard Nixon he had been As House Republican Leader nearly four months later Ford is Loyal to Nixon but be cause of watergate the in in private two year study of policy Energy crash program criticized Washington a a private two year study of Energy policy sharply criticizes the Nixon administrations current drive to develop us Energy re sources at top Speed in a preliminary report sat urday the Ford foundations Energy policy project said the government should consider seriously an alternative policy of slowing or halting the growth of Energy demand by the end of this Century the report said most of the nations remaining Fossil fuels Are in fact owned by the Public and their management by the Federal government can shape the nations Energy future but it said the existing sys tem was designed to encourage resource development and works against considering other options to our minds the report said the most fundamental Choice is a sense of direction about growth in Energy con sumption it said the historic growth of Energy demand about 34 per cent a year could be continued through this Century with All out development of All of the nations Energy resources including Oil natural Gas Coal Oil shale geothermal Energy and atomic Energy but it said this growth rate the Pace at which the Federal lands Are opened can play a key role in determining the Overall rate of Energy policy would require full devel growth the mix of fuels and Ozment of Only one major ene the degree to which the Naton must rely on imports the report went on to could instead be Cut in half by an fallout Effort to save Energy through better use of it with no loss of advantages it said this by resource the growth rate could even be slowed and halted the re port said leveling off slightly higher than at present High enough to maintain present Liv ing standards and to increase those of the poor the Federal government is in a unique position to shape the future patterns of National Energy policy through control of publicly owned Energy re sources the report said Navy rejects fears of disaster Over plans for new patrol ships Washington Navy saturday rejected the Contention of its chief civilian procurement expert that a billion project for 50 new patrol ships will be a disaster unless the production schedule is slowed a Navy spokesman said that the decision to proceed with the project was not an arbitrary Good morning in the letter made available to the associated press by con Gressional sources Rule said Elmo c Zumwalt the Section amusements b classified ads d crossword Puzzle c editorials a local news b sports d television b women Newt c 1011 1011 10 4 15 10 1112 one and that officials up to and Man of the Senate armed serv including Secretary of the Navy ices committee John w Warner agreed with it the warning of disaster unless additional time is granted for testing two major foreign components a dutch fire control system and an italian gun came from Gordon w Rule Rule was reinstated As director of the procurement control and clearance division in March 1973 he had held the Job until december 1971 when he was transferred after testifying about weapon contract negotiations before a Senate committee the Navy said he say for the present the decision has been made to rapidly develop All Federal Energy re sources simultaneously such a policy May make sense in some areas but As an across Leboard proposition it represents a failure to weigh conflicting values it will be far More difficult to ensure a fair return to the Public from the leasing of its resources and to protect the environment under a program of rapid development dissenting with part of the report the Edison electric Institute said Zero Energy growth does not appear to be a viable approach the association for the nations investor owned electric Utility companies added that in any responsible scenario on Energy the nuclear option must have see study Page 8a pachment Issue and the indictments of Nixon former top aides the vice president has begun to put distance Between himself and the president he Speaks in behalf of Nixon policies but not often in behalf of the Man in Cincinnati last month Ford addressed 400 republicans attending a fundraising dinner to promote a gop con Gressional candidate a Candi Date who later lost because of the watergate Issue it is time to turn this tide and end this Stampede and Tell the american people we have a Good policy at Home and abroad pleaded Ford never mentioning the presidents name two Days earlier Fords own congressional District in Mich Igan had elected a Democrat to Congress for the first time in 64 years several Days after the Cincin Nati trip Ford spoke to a fund raising luncheon of Nixon most fervent defenders 400 members of the committee for fairness to the presidency unlike the pro Nixon lunch Eon speeches of sen Strom Thurmond rec and Secre tary of agriculture Earl Butz his message was broader a plea for fairness to the institutions of government under which we live i say we need to encourage fairness Clear across the Broad Ford said later that Day a reporter told a Ford intimate he found the nuances of the speech inter Esting his face lit up you noticed he said Fords aides say the vice president has managed to maintain a Good relationship with the president yet Republican congressmen involved in the impeachment Battle still consider Ford one of them to achieve this the 60year old Ford has confined most of his watergate comment to Gen eral tactics and procedure rather than substance he cites the presidents assurances of his innocence says he believes Nixon has committed no impeachable acts of which he Ford knows but adds that time will Tell Early in his tenure Ford Dis covered the dangers of being too Loyal to his old Friend in the White House discovery came after his now famous Jan 15 speech in Atlan tic City no Ford using text partly the work of White House speech writers said the impeachment drive was the work of a few extreme partisans who seem Bent on stretching out the ordeal of watergate for their own purposes though Ford wont admit it he received a lot of criticism for that comment and he eased off i think he realized that speech was a mistake says one of Fords oldest congressional friends i think he can be Loyal to the president with out being the defender of every thing that happened the next week when Senate Republican Leader Hugh Scott started talking about what he said was proof of Nixon innocence Ford decided against examining Scotts evidence he said he wanted to avoid any suggestion that he might use the evidence to take Over Nixon Job implying that the material might not be As pro Nixon As Scott had said Ford Hast criticized Nixon directly but sometimes he comes close when asked about the presidents recent perform Ance at Nixon first news con Ference since november Ford replied i thought he did Well in some areas but i thought he did poorly in others later he told reporters in Phoenix Ariz that the secret grand jury report on Nixon handed up this month in Washington should go to the House judiciary committee for its inv pachment probe the next Day Ford refined this state ment saying it really was up to Federal judge John j Sirica to decide not him aides said that the change was his own and that the Only communication from the White House had been a phone Call after his original comment see if he said it although thrust into the role of chief gop cheerleader Ford tries to operate in a Low key typical of Many of the nations vice presidents v besides speeches at pair Tyr fundraising dinners and Inbe half of the unsuccessful gop candidates in two recent con Gressional elections Fordesh Gage ments have included a High school Assembly in a Chi Cago suburb an israeli band dinner in new York a Hospital dedication in Little Rock Ark and the Harvard College re publican club As in the Case of the fairness to the presidency luncheon Fords message int always what his audience expects when Ford spoke to the mid Winter National governors con Ference in Early March water see Ford Page 2a Nixon Calls on Congress to Cut welfare spending key Biscayne Fla a reporting Progress in sol ving the welfare mess presi Dent Nixon asked Congress sat urday to trim Federal welfare spending immediately by million he said he was acting be cause of the first major drop in the nations welfare Rolls in a number of years a de Cline of 225000 people last year in the program to Aid families with dependent children the Cut in welfare spending can be made without reducing benefits to any eligible recipients Nixon said in a statement issued As he spent a quiet weekend at his Bayside Home Here in recent years the presi Dent said americans have had to live with a continuing upward spiral in both the size of the welfare Rolls and the Cost of the welfare programs the tale has been a tragic one and because the welfare system is marred with inequities it has also been an outrageous one to both recipients and taxpayers now however the Ardc Rolls have dipped to 108 Mil lion Nixon said calling this encouraging evidence that we Are beginning to make some Progress in solving the welfare mess he said Caspar w Weinber Ger Secretary of health Edu cation and welfare reported at a Cabinet meeting thursday that we Are starting at last to turn Back the Ever increase ing welfare Rolls which had be come a tragic Way of life for far too Many americans see welfare Page 8a Carolina trailways bus Drivers vote to end month sold strike see letter Page 8a airlines maintenance Man credited with thwarting Hijack attempt was transferred because he Dis Bradenton Fla a in no hero i was just saving my life said an airlines maintenance Man credited with successfully thwarting a Satur obeyed an order not to Corday morning Hijack attempt ment on the negotiations Rule made the latest assertions in a March b letter to sen John Stennis miss chair Edwin Chip Berniard 27 was about to end his overnight shift at the Sarasota Bradenton Airport when three persons appeared at the door of the National airlines Boeing 727 he was cleaning Berniard said a Young Man armed with a Shotgun and hold ing two hostages announced he was hijacking the empty air liner Berniard managed to wrestle the Shotgun away but the Man fled police said they took Ernest Raleigh Cap Carolina trailways bus Drivers have voted to accept a new three year contract and end a nearly Fourmont hold strike the local Union president said saturday Berkley Newbill president of local 1437 of the amalgamated transit Union said the vote to accept the the new contract was 244 in favor and 60 opposed voting was by mail he said Newbill said he would meet monday morning with h Les Ter Creech president of Caro Linas trailways the bus line which serves Newbill said the Drivers Are ready to go Back now Creech in a statement Satur Day afternoon said the Neces sary supporting personnel had been recalled and that bus see strike Page 2a the weather i from atop Register building Eugene Smith 20 of Waterloo Points in North Carolina Vir Lowa into custody four hours Ginia Maryland Delaware and Pennsylvania suspended operations when Drivers walked off their jobs last dec 9 after negotiations for a new contract fell through the old contract after the 4 am incident As he sat eating breakfast at a restaurant near the Airport a spokesman for the Manatee county sheriffs department see Hijack Page 2a expired nov 16 1973 Virginia generally sunny sunday highs ranging from the upper 40s in the Northwest mountains to near 70 close to Chesapeake Bay fair and Cool sunday night lows from the mid 30s to the Low monday mostly sunny except increasing cloudiness with a Chance of showers late in the Day in the West highs generally in the n pm cos North Carolina mostly sunny and Windy sunday with highs mostly 60s except 50s mountains Clear sunday night with lows 30s West and 49s East partly Cloudy monday with highs 60s West ranging to 70s Southeast downtown weather log saturday temp bar wind 56 2940 nw9 52 2945 w10 so 2950 sw9 sunday 47 2955 sw7 am 37 hour 7pm 9pm 1 am 24hour Low do 1 High 62 24hour precipitation

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