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Danville Register Newspaper Archives Jan 8 1967, Page 1

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Danville Register, The (Newspaper) - January 8, 1967, Danville, VirginiaWeather fair today the Danville Register founded february 1847 no 27337 a leased wires Hundred and Nineteen years of Public Danville a sunday morning january 8 1967 delivery 35c week this Dithom 15e a new features Price fifteen cents Campaign could make this bloodiest year marines meet Only Token resistance in Delta area what our troops face in the Mekong Delta vietnamese infantrymen and rangers ride armoured personnel carriers through the muck of the Mekong Delta during a search and Clear operation Southwest of my Tho about 60 Miles from Saigon last week terrain of this kind is faced by several battalions of the u s 25th division which have moved into this area of South Vietnam wire photo someone apparently fired Bullet into dynamite six killed eight Hurt in Motel blast Las vegas Nev a a three Story Motel was virtually destroyed saturday by an apparently suicidal blast that killed six persons and injured eight the downtown area was rocked at am by an explosion police believe was touched off by someone firing a Bullet into dynamite police said the blast entered in room 214 of the orbit inn registered to a or and mrs r j Paris of Hollywood Calif they were driving a car with Florida License plates it Roy Carlisle said Paris 28 and his wife Christine 22 had registered at the Motel listing Hollywood Calif As their Home town the Volkswagen they were driving was rented in Miami Fla Carlisle said officers had Learned that the couple haunt lived in California for More than a year dist atty George Franklin or said a charred 25caliber automatic pistol was found in the Alley behind the Motel close to a severed human hand he said two rounds of ammunition attacks planned on seniority system House liberals would strip Powell of chairmanship and Block Colmer Washington a influential House liberals will ask that rep Adam Clayton Powell be removed As a com Mittee chairman monday but that he be allowed to remain in Congress the attempt to strip Powell of the chairmanship of the Educa Tion and labor committee will be one of two attacks on the houses almost sacrosanct seniority system at the democratic party caucus a Day in Advance of the opening of Congress the liberals will try also to prevent rep William m col Mer Dis a conservative from moving into the vacant chairmanship of the important House rules committee the pre caucus strategy has Een worked out by leaders of the democratic study group which with a claimed member hip of 145 represents a majority of the 248 democratic House members oppose Mccormack in their Effort to topple Auto plunges into Reservoir Mother and five children die three Are missing Columbus Ohio a the bodies of a woman and five of eight children missing since tuesday morning were recovered saturday from a car which had plunged into the 30foot Depths of Hoover Reservoir just North of the City search for the bodies of the other three children was sus Pended temporarily saturday afternoon due to the depth of the water Low temperature and gusts of 40 Mph winds the victims were listed by authorities As Mary Helen Ruth Erford 41 of Delaware her four children Delores Ann 18 Bertie Marie 15 Steven Frank Lin 12 Mary Jane 5 and her two sets twin nieces Karen sue and Sharon Lou 20 months and Lisa Ann and Teresa Lynn 10 months the nieces were daughters of mrs Rutherford brother in Law Leonard Rutherford of Charleston Eva and had been visiting in Delaware mrs Rutherford and the Chil Dren were last seen tuesday morning when they left for co Lumbus where she planned to Duy shoes for the children the 1962 Sedan was pulled to the Bank of the Reservoir at pm saturday the wind shield was broken see Brownings Page 4a Holdup suspect shot captured los Angeles Man charged in Asheville n c with Bank robbery kidnapping and escape was shot and Cap tured by Fri agents in a Sun set strip hotel saturday captured was Allan James Berube 28 who agents said escaped from the county jail a Asheville dec 27 while awaiting trial on charges of robbing the first National Bank of Shelby no agents said he fled with two other prisoners and the three kidnapped a Hendersonville no Man who was later released a Baltimore my the others were apprehended on Jan 1 in col Umbus a of the same Caliper were found in the Florida car authorities said a Wallet with identification cards issued to r j Paris and containing an Arizona permit to carry explosives were found in what remained of room 214 the Wallet also contained a California Drivers License they said Franklin said it appeared so Meone had fired the gun into dynamite taken to the Motel room detective it Paul Gulas said however that no suicide note had been found police found wires in the Back seat of the Florida car which they could not explain i Franklin said this was an indication someone had planned a suicide probably right in the chairmen the liberals will oing against the wishes two be of Middle of downtown then decided to detonate the dynamite in the Motel if True this would be the mos spectacular suicide yet in this famed gambling resort the 73 units 73unit Motel virtually speaker John w Mccormack mass who regards the sen Ortity system As a Cornerstone if congressional organization if t succeeds the study group will Lave achieved a goal Long sought by advocates of congressional reforms although the study group has officially taken no stand on the Powell Issue a motion to take the important chairmanship away from him will be made by a Leader of the group rep mor Ris k Udall Darin favors Perkins Udall said he will ask the democratic committee on committees which assigns Mem Bers to committees and designates chairmen to name rep Carl d Perkins Day chair Man of the committee now Tiea ded by Powell a negro Democrat from new York per Kins now is second in seniority behind Powell whose new rank ing would be left to the demo cratic committee on commit tees demolished by the blast is four blocks from a Cluster of Down town casinos and two Miles from the lavish Las vegas strip of gambling resorts police said the bodies will no be positively identified unti sunday they said the rooms demolished in the blast were registered to Richard James Paris 28 Anc his wife Christine 22 Holly Wood Calif George p Brookes 67 an his wife Arnell 57 Sedona Ariz John r Auwaerter about 60 and his wife Lillian Buen see blast Page 4a Saigon South Vietnam a us marines continued to meet Only Token sniper resist Ance sunday As they pushed through mud and mangrove swamps of the Mekong Delta on the third Day of a Campaign that could make this the bloodiest year of the vietnamese War patrol hard hit far to the North us head quarters reported a Marine Pat Rol suffered heavy casualties when it detonated a Large land mine 11 Miles Northwest of Hue the size of the patrol was nol divulged the term heavy casualties usually Means that a unil has been put put of action in air activity Long Range b52 bombers pounded a suspected Viet Cong Headquarters be on Dawn sunday in the seventh raid in three Days against communist positions menacing Sai gon from the North they struck in Binh Duong province 28 Miles Northwest of the capital poor flying conditions us Headquarters said most air raids Over North Vietnam on saturday were confined to the Southern Panhandle and the Dien Bien Phu area poor flying conditions restricted air strikes everywhere Headquarters reported that a Marine cargo helicopter was hot Down by enemy ground fire saturday 27 Miles Southwest of Danang the chopper was on a resupply Mission Headquarters said there were no casualties and the supplies were recovered it was the third us Heli copter lost to enemy action sat urday and raised the total lost in the War to 254 Waist deep swamps in the massive sweep by us marines and vietnamese rough the Waist deep vehicle mining swamps of the Mekong Delta Headquarters reported enemy casualties so far As three killed and five captured Allied casualties were termed Light the heavily populated Delta with mangrove thickets and Rici paddies laced by 25000 Nativa ble Miles of Waterways a been out of the martial main Stream because of the Prospect that Sharp action against Indi Genous Viet Cong bands would mean heavy civilian casualties its hard for even a native to distinguish guerrillas from peaceful Panama Clad peasants heartland of commies but the Delta has been heartland of the communists for 20 years and now americans Are joining vietnamese troops in an Effort to crush guerrilla bands estimated to total Ito Doc men vietnamese efforts Over the years had led but to a stale mate negating hard won gain farther North the Viet songs extensive Delta organization feeds larg quantities of men supplies Anc Money to red units a othe parts of the country the Ric Harvest is on now in the delt and Viet Cong tax agents a levying Grain from the peasant in areas the communists control swamp mud and water initial y proved a greater obstacle ban the Viet Cong for the american marines who in Corn any with vietnamese marines Are making the first big Ameri an thrust into the Delta eight vehicles had to be towed out enemy resistance to the 4000 Man task Force which stormed ashore by Landing Craft and helicopters on White Beach Friday from a flotilla of 12 us Navy ships was reported limited to scattered sniper fire the opera Tion called dec House five centers 55 Miles South of Saigon from the air the Delta looks like a picture postcard land but vietnamese troops regularly assigned there have found paining ugly business it was with reluctance that us Mili tary planners decided american units with the fantastic firepower of heavy artillery and fighter bombers should move a to help see Vietnam Page 4a end of a Holdup patrolman Ron Olson Points a revolver while grabbing a wounded Man moments after the Holdup of a St Paul Minn bar the Man identified by police As James Thompson 26 no Perma nent address had been shot in the legs by a police charge wad of Money lies on the ground beneath Olson and a spent Shotgun Shell lies under the legs of the wounded Man a waitress on the phone when the bandits entered alerted police a wire photo Johnson indirectly involved Book says Kennedy was trying to Patch up Petty dispute when he was killed new York Dent John f a presi Kennedy was trying to Patch up what he considered a Petty dispute Between Texas politicians when he met this death in Dallas William Manchester reports in his Book the death of a president in itself a subject of dispute the feud indirectly involved vice president Lyndon b John son Manchester asserts describing Kennedy feelings about the three Day tour of Tex As in november 1963 Man Chester writes the Prospect was Nappe of ing and vexing to the chief executive it appeared to him thai Johnson ought to be Able to solve this Petty dispute himself the trip seemed to be an imposition Manchester also writes tha five highly placed democrats advised Kennedy some in strongly worded warnings not o go to Dallas on the tour the atmosphere in Dallas had be ome highly charged with inflammatory statements against Kennedy the Book As erts Manchester quotes one of the Ive sen j w Fulbright of at Cansas As saying to Kennedy Dallas is a very dangerous lace i go there don1 Rou go smaller proportion trying to Dodge i will then vote to seat pow Ell Udall told newsmen on the grounds his constituents knowing All the circumstances about him elected him and would undoubtedly continue to elect him Powell probably wont agree see Powell Page 4a banking now in grip of terror in Wake of dashes Between red guards workers Tokyo a communist chivas red bloody Battles guards fought in banking for three Days last week against workers who poured into the Eastern chinese City to wipe out the red guard movement Dis patches from peking reported saturday they said the City 530 Miles Southeast of peking is in the grip of terror a czechoslovak dispatch told of 60000 captives on both sides in the fighting who underwent Good morning Section amusements d background map a building a classified ads b crossword Puzzle c editorials a local news b 1 markets b radio to d sports d Romeus news c torture their fingers noses and ears were chopped off their tongues Cut out said a report of the news Agency ctr to Prague japans Kyodo news service said red guard Wall posters in peking reported 54 persons killed 900 wounded and 6000 arrested in clashes tuesday thursday and Friday reports of the clashes came amid accounts that a showdown was imminent Between communist party chairman Mao tse Tung and a faction Lead by pres ident Liu Shaochi Liu is accused of being a Black com Mander of the Bourgeois class Kodos correspondent in peking quoted the red guard posters As saying the clash last tuesday tied up rail service in banking for two Days ctr said rankings transport was in a state of paralysis and that Tele phone connections were Cut off Shanghai and other cities of Kangsu province which includes Ana King Shanghai is 170 Miles Southeast of banking see chinese Page 4a the said czechoslovak workers and dispatch students Washington a Tice department figures Indi Cate that a smaller proportion of Young men is trying illegally to avoid military service now than at the height of world War ii a comparison saturday of figures for 1944 and 1966 shows that with about four times the number of men in uniform Dur ing the world War ii year there were about 10 times the number of convicted draft violators during 1956 according to an Fri report 450 persons were convicted of violating provisions of the selective service act this figure is for the Calendar year january through de Cember and it is nearly double the 262 convictions of 1965 ments other officials blame it partly on larger draft Calls and partly on strengthened draft Laws enacted in 1965 but Justice department files disclose that the number of per sons convicted for selective service violations in fiscal year 1944 july through june was 4609 the figure was 1427 in 1942 and 3950 in 1943 it dropped to 2890 in 1945 during the korean War the number of convictions hit a High of 434 in fiscal year 1954 considering the number of troops under arms the number of convicted draft dodgers in 1966 represents a smaller proportion than the number in world War ii last nov 30 for example the 1943 figure of 9044745 tin Peak year was 1945 with 12123 435 yet the number of draft violators convicted in 1966 was Only about on tenth the number convicted in the Peak wartime years in 1954 with 33 million men in the armed forces the number of draft violation convictions reached a Peak of 434 it a 362 in 1953 when the arme these figures were listed in United states had 3326491 the Bis recent annual yearned report to the attorney general crease in us military commit troops under arms on nov 30 1964 the figure was 28032459 see draft Page 4a the others who urged by to bypass Dallas the Booi says were sen Hubert h Arrey of Minnesota House whip Sale Boggs of Louisiana Bassadore Adlai e Stevenson and Texas National Man Byron Skelton look Magazine is serializing the death of a president and these reports appear in the of four instalments totalling see Book Page 2a drug error has resulted in some belgian deaths Charleroi Belgium a heart drug mistakenly administered to cancer sufferers in a Charleroi Hospital has caused patient deaths the hos Pital announced saturday it did not say How Many deaths there were but the Bel Han news Agency Belga said the number of victims appears to be rather High and the Brus Sels newspaper derriere Here quoted unofficial reports As say ing there were 20 dead a communique of the Arthur gaily Institute in Charleroi said the drug digitalis was mistakenly labelled by a belgian pharmaceutical firm and doctors used it on their patients in the belief it was a drug containing hormone for treatment of prostate cancer it normally is used As a tonic for cardiac patients Normal dosage of digitalis is one to three milligrams a Day the hormone preparation is administered at the rate of up to 10 milligrams three times a Day said the Hospital communique doctors progressively noticed a coincidence Between the condition of some patients and absorption of a drug supplied by a big Brussels pharmaceutical firm and delivered by the drug service of the Hospital these clinical presumptions led doctors to suspend administration of the drug since then investigations established that the supplier had made a mis take with fatal consequences the firm was not identified informed sources said the drug was used from March 1965 to last april derriere Here said 27 Grams of digitalis were left at the hos Pital of an original 50 Grams it meant 23 Grams might Hava been used in 10 Milligram pills this amounts to 2300 pills shift in soviet policy indicates China preying on minds As potential threat Moscow a an important shift in soviet policy has occurred signs indicate it Means an increasingly serious to tit to t f re j or jul 11 c lung j oct Luzj Fri director j Edgar Hoover this is about on Quarter the 11view of possible danger from attributes the Rise to the in451719 men in uniform on june China to 30 1944 and about a third the Tiv Enty per cent of freshmen in Survey admit to cribbing on exam last year Washington a Twenty per cent of freshmen in a representative sampling at americas colleges and universities admit to cribbing on an examination in the past year the finding is included in a Survey of 206865 current fresh men at 251 colleges and universities released saturday night by the american Council on education the principal coordinating Agency for higher Educa Tion in the nation about 20 per cent of All first year students this fall were poured into banking from j asked to fill out questionnaires neighbouring Nanhwei province delving into everything from How they plan to finance the Riper cent at private none atari education to whether they Par taken of a dietary an fou year colleges per cent said they bad per cent pen participated in organized dem the past year castration in the past year the cheating figure was 24j per cent were negroes per cent for men and 165 Peri with the highest figure being 13 cent for women but was relatively uniform among the Var ious Public and private two per cent at private nonsectarian fou year colleges considered is secrecy so far veils the new policy line but things Here and there newspaper articles and words from communist sources show that China is preying on Kremlin minds As a potential threat and As China gets More Atten Tion Vietnam gets less Viet Nam is a relatively Static prob Lem some distance away China an explosively turbid problem along the soviet unions longest Border the fact of an important shift in policy by the soviet communist party which sets the governments policies was pub of the great proletarian cultural revolution the article Tass the soviet news Agency reported says the new zigzags Are attended by a still More widely spread anti soviet Campaign unbridled propaganda of the great Power anti Leninist course of Mao tse rung and his group which runs year and fou year colleges and Scotia a or very important were listed saturday in ice party Holt Varc Tiai 41 1 other findings included per cent of the students helping others in per cent being an authority in ones keeping up with Felt like numbers in a Book at political succeeding their schools with the highest figure being 40 per cent at pub Lic universities and the lowest 6 in ones own being see cheaters Page 4a newspaper pravda in an Indi rect Way in an article scheduled for publication in sundays pravda the toughness of policy toward China was indicated by a Caus tic report n some new zigzags counter to the fundamental Teress of the chinese people the indirect confirmation of an important policy shift Cama in a news item on the front Paga of saturdays pravda pravda reported that in re cent Days seven party leaders see soviet Page 4a the weather readings from station atop Register building Virginia fair sunday highest in the upper 30s West portion to near 50 East North Carolina sunday mostly Cloudy and turning colder with occasional rain or show ers mainly Central and East portions and Chance Snow Flur Ries mountains highs 34 to 40 mountains ranging to 50s East portion considerable cloudiness somewhat colder sunday night and monday with Chance of rain near coast lows sunday night upper mountains ranging to 40s coast hour temp 7 pm 9 pm 11 pm bar 50 3020 48 3020 46 3020 sunday 46 3020 24hour Low to 1 am 34 High 57 24hour precipitation Inch rain v 1 am wind Cairn Calm Calm Calm

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