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Danville Register Newspaper Archives Aug 20 1967, Page 1

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Danville Register, The (Newspaper) - August 20, 1967, Danville, VirginiaWeather warm today the Danville Register Home delivery this founded february 1847 no 27528 a leased wires one Hundred and Twenty years of Public service Danville a sunday August 20 1967 a new features Price fifteen cents wet Gladys Whaley of Chula Vista Calif gets a ride to the air port on a rubber raft pulled by friends As she leaves Fairbanks her former Home after a visit she returned to Alaska just in time to get caught in the floods swamping Fairbanks wire photo Johnson would be hard put to Muster general endorsement Senate support on conduct of War has eroded sharply Washington a sen ate support for president John sons Vietnam War course has eroded so sharply he apparently would be hard put to Muster a majority for any Broad endorse ment of his asian policies 44 to 40 an associated press canvass which found 84 senators willing to express an opinion either publicly or private showed 44 willing to say they generally support what the president is doing and 40 who disapprove of his actions for one reason or another a breakdown showed 27 democrats and 17 republicans Back ing the president those opposing his policies included 26 democrats and 14 republicans contrasting reasons those who criticise the presi Dent do so for sharply con rating reasons because they include both the most convinced doves and most militant Hawks thus even though they list themselves As supporters some Hawks assert strongly their be Lief that Johnson should go All out militarily to bring the conflict to a Swift and victorious conclusion on the other hand the doves complain that Johnson is Esca Atung the struggle dangerously y bombing Nea China targets s failing to get the South Viet Jamese to do their share and is having no opening for a negotiated peace would be risky the substance of the com ments of individual senators indicates there is such wide spread dissatisfaction with the Way the War is going that it would be risky for the president to seek any formal endorsement of his position As he did in the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution in a gust 1964 in All me Congress Only Sens Wayne Morse Dore and Ernest Gruening Dalaska voted against the 1964 Resolution but a number of senators including chairman j w Fulbright d Ark of the Senate foreign re actions committee have said they would not support such a commitment now not Likely still there is no likelihood that any attempt will be made to put into operation the by Johnson at his news conference that is available any time con Gress wants to rescind its 1964 action most of the senators had Given their views to the associated press prior to the news ence in which Johnson noted tha 1964 Resolution could be de by a simple majority vote a Congress without the necessity for his approval of action sen Thomas j Mclntyre no said he still supported tha presidents course but i must admit that in shaken a the mood of the Senate is changing Over Vietnam a said its becoming uneasy shaken up he said he was shaken by the inability to catch the enemy but the inability to get the see Senate Page 2a fighter bombers Range along Southern coast of no Vietnam us planes Batter enemy cargo barges Saigon a us War planes ranged along the South Ern coast of North Vietnam sat urday striking blows at communist Supply lines pilots reported destroying or damaging More than 100 cargo barges and tear ing up two truck convoys poor weather kept us air Craft away from the immediate Vicinity of Hanoi and Haiphong and raids were concentrated on the Southern Panhandle stretch ing South from Hanoi to the 17th parallel that divides North and South Vietnam the us command reported the ground War at a virtual standstill sunday bit communist gunners shot Down two us helicopters Over South Vietnam saturday killing one american and wounding three others while the us fighter bombers were raking North Vietnam b52 bombers that can carry up to 30 tons of bombs mounted a second raid in less american leaders decry word stalemate in Vietnam unmistakably favourable trend is claimed an a news analysis by George Mcarthur associated press writer Saigon a american military and diplomatic leaders decry the and insist that Many Small and unspectacular developments show an unmistakable favourably trend in the us ambassador Ellsworth in South Vietnam word stalemate Bunker expects the sept 3 elec1 Tion will he a substantial gain on the political front the military commander Gen Wiliiam c Westmoreland considers the fighting War is costing the ene my 15000 casualties monthly and that this pressure in due course must have its effect the bombing of North Vietnam is presented As an indispensable part of this pressure the soldiers diplomats econ1 mists and other experts in the us Mission admit that certain programs Are behind schedule and certain areas Uncertain the Cost of living has gone up about 30 per cent this year for example they insist however that the Overall picture is gradually improving in concert with Washington an evident Campaign is under Way to get this message across to the Public opposing View critics in Saigon who Nigeria getting planes from Russia for use against rebellious Biafra Lagos a Nigeria fed eral government was taking delivery saturday of 15 to 20 mig15 Jet fighter planes from the soviet Union for use in the War with rebellious Biafra unofficial sources reported a Federal spokesman in Lagos refused to comment on the re ports but said air activity in British Colony considered pro Nigeria civil War will Foba Vest since it became i depend Bly take a new turn Biafra air Force is believed built around two american made propeller driven b26 bombers delivery of the jets could Mark a deep soviet involvement in the affairs of this former Tico motorcyclists pair of Chase City men killed it in 1960 unconfirmed reports Aid the planes were accompanied by soviet technicians and pilots hands off in Washington the state de Arment had no immediate comment us officials said by the associated press two Young motorcyclists and a pair of Chase City men have been killed in double fatality accidents on Virginia highways state police said David i Eddy 20 of the uss Independence and Joanne Barnes 17 of Portsmouth were killed Friday when Eddys motorcycle collided with a car in Chesapeake in another Friday Accident Joel Alexander 42 and Arthur Lee Boyd 27 both of Chase City were killed in a single car crash on Virginia 688 just South of Chase City in Mecklenburg county Alexander and Boyd were Pas sengers in a car that went Oul of control on a curve swerved off the Road and slammed into a Telephone pole state police said Virginia Beach Jonja e Longanecker 39 of Virginia Beach was fatally injured sat urday in a trocar crash at a Virginia Beach intersection Roanoke Charles Roland Cunningham 31 of Roanoke was fatally injured saturday when his car struck a Culvert on u s 460 two Miles East of Roanoke by the associated press at least three persons have been killed in traffic accidents in North Carolina during the weekend they brought the states traffic toll for the year to 984 Only 22 fewer than a this time last year Willis Marshall 24 of it Rocky mount was killed Whei he ran his car off a Rural Road in Pender county and hit a tree Charles Willard Knott 42 o see traffic Page 2a hold that a stalemate exists Point to instances where no Progress can Tiey lacked sufficient information at this Point to assess the significance of the communist rms deliveries the United states had previously turned Down a nigerian ederal government bid for us warplanes and other arms at hat time american authorities figured the Lagos regime might turn to communist suppliers if enable to obtain weapons from Western sources no comment the us officials said Washington policy will continue to be not to provide weapons to either Side in the nigerian civil War Migliss flown by the communists in the korean War Are slower than the mig17 and mig21 versions the soviet Union is supplying to North Vietnam reliable sources said the Mig mass had arrived disassembled Friday on soviet transports that landed at Kano Airport in Nigeria Northern Region radio Biafra said 20 soviet ii Yushin transports had landed at be detected they cite incompetent generals of South Vietnam Ese divisions corrupt District chiefs the threat of economic upheaval continued american casualties communist attacks on Rural pacification teams american officials privately at least frequently agree with such specific criticisms but in the highest quarters the argument is advanced that the War is so Complex that the statistics add up to the conclusion that the trend is improving for one year one Factor frequently Over looked said an american source concerned with top policy decisions is that weve Only had real pressure on the enemy for one year the first year we were bringing in troops and building our bases and logistics from scratch now our pressure on the enemy is becoming evident they Hanoi Are beginning to recognize that they Are pursuing an exercise in futility they Are facing a momentous decision about the course of the War the enemy is not about to Roll Over and concede defeat but he is than 24 hours saturday night on a major North vietnamese fixed base in the a Shau Valley in the Northwestern Corner of South Vietnam Carrie based us Navy Pil ots reported destroying 21 cargo barges and damaging 74 air Force pilots said they destroyed or damaged another 18 including three Large barges on a River 26 Miles Northwest of Dong hoi Days toll 113 that made the Days toll 113 River barges sunk or damaged compared to 108 reported Fri Day air Force f4 phantom figh a bombers were credited with destroying four camouflaged trucks four Miles West Northwest of Dong hoi in other All Treyve got is each since their Mother rejected them in the Frank Furt Germany zoo these Gorilla twins have had to depend on each other the lived to be the first Ever born in raids saturday other air Force pilots raked a truck Convoy six Miles West of Dong hoi and Pil ots reported destroying a num Ber of the vehicles heavy damage Navy pilots reported heavy damage in a raid on the Long Dan transshipment Point 25 Miles South Southeast of Vinh the eight engined b52 strato fortresses following up on a predawn raid saturday pounded major infiltration routes storage areas Way stations and troop concentrations located eight Miles East Southeast of a Shau it was the fourth raid since wednesday night on the a Shau Valley in an attempt to thwart any possible communist offensive that May be in the works use riot control Gas in the ground War saturday us marines used riot control Gas to flush four Viet Cong suspects from a Tunnel in Hills 27 Miles Southwest of Danang have been kept in special quarters built for them since their birth 3v4 months ago Ellen left weighs 9 pounds 5 ounces her sister Alice weighs a Pound less their Mother ignored them to care for an older offspring Farmer admits killing his wife v Rcv 7 shooting self setting House afire Lurting command statistics trends cited by such see Nigeria Page 11a in the sources Are contained in Statis tics Westmoreland command has gathered on practically every aspect of the War among these presented from official reports Are the desertion rate from communist forces is up while the desertion rate from South vietnamese units is Down More defectors the South vietnamese open arms program has attracted More communist defectors in 967 than in All of 966 communist recruiting in South Vietnam is becoming More difficult with More Young boys and women appearing in the explosion of a grenade bearing chemicals that induce tears and nausea caused three men and a woman to crawl out of their hiding place after they had spared orders from leathernecks of the 5th Marine regi ment to surrender associated press photograph Rick Merron who was on the scene said a search of the Tun St Cloudy Minn a a Small town sunday school superintendent has admitted shooting himself and inventing a Story in which he blamed mid night marauders for the deaths of his wife and four Small Chil Dren in their burning Home no charges yet sheriff Peter Lahr said Satur Day that David Hoskins 30 had signed statement saying he had shot his wife then set fire to their farmhouse to conceal the crime no charges were immediately filed the charred bodies of his wife Loretta 29 and their children Julie 6 Darla 5 Linda 1v4 and David 6 re covered Friday from the soldering ruins the Hoskins farm Home is about 60 Miles North of Minne Apolis in Central Minnesota Ole by a group of teenagers some youngsters noticed the ouse and barn afire and topped o investigate Hoskins was naked to the Waist and bleeding from gun hot wounds in the shoulder and Abdomen he was loud Hospital and a Bullet was see Vietnam Page 11a rap Brown remains in jail on u s gun charge As Bond is not raised red ranks communist prisoners and new York a h rap Brown remained in jail on a Federal gun charge saturday night As the student nonviolent coordinating committee said no professional Bondsmen was will ing to put up the needed for his release a a acc spokesman said nearly in Cash had been raised and that the sum usually demanded by Bondsmen for bail was the 23yearold Black Power Good morning Section Page amusements d 67 background map a 7 building a 12 classified ads b 56 crossword Puzzle c 10 editorials a 6 local news b 14 7s markets b 6 sports d 15 television d 6 r Wom Eai news c Vav 18 eader and a acc chairman was arrested at 2 am saturday out Side a friends Manhattan apart ment and put in the Federal House of detention Browns lawyer appealed for reduction of the bail set by us commissioner Earl n Bishopp jut the move was turned Down by Federal judge Inzer Wyatt who denied that the bail Vio lated Browns constitutional rights All of this convinces us a acc said in a statement that there is a definite conspiracy to and a militant Black Man in America Brown was charged with carrying a semiautomatic car line on an airline flight from new Orleans to new York while illegally keep prison rap Brown in a acc also charged that us commissioners who would have to receive any Bond Money were making themselves unavailable for the release or Brown Browns attorney William Kunstler charged earlier thai the negro Leader was a political prisoner the real crime Kunstler said is his being rap Brown see Brown Page 11a defectors report that while red morale remains Good it is begin Ning to fade particularly among come North vietnamese soldiers Long in the South with Little Hope of returning Home there Are other fragments like kill ratios and weapons ratios the number of enem Yini tinted incidents or the amount of Rice captured american officers say that see analysis Page Lla three children must suffer Nashville Tenn a three children Are scheduled to undergo a series of 7 painful rabies shots because vandals broke the door off the metropolitan dog Pound saturday and freed several five under observation for rabies i dont know whether it was someone who hates to see dogs locked up or it was just mis chief said or Joseph Bistowish metropolitan health director this could be a dangerous situation the five dogs were being held under observation for 10 Days after each biting a child two were ready to be released but three others had just arrived and Bistowish said their victims would undergo the rabies series As a precaution too late Hoskins states that after wounding himself with the death weapon and setting the fires i also tied himself to his outdoor clothesline pole and Only then realized that his children were in the burning House Thi Stearns county sheriff said he further claims that attempted to free himself to save the children but became entangled and was unable t free himself the sheriff said a a news conference Hoskins chairman of tin Board of the Church of Christ a nearby Kimball Minn when he had been sunday school superintendent for three years was found tied to a clothesline removed from his shoulder at the Hospital Hoskins told the sheriff he was watching Evision with his wife when a heard a car door slam about Midnight thursday Hoskins said he went outside to investigate was jumped by see deaths Page 11a negroes Complete March Baton Rouge is peaceful Baton Rouge la a a column of negroes 130 Strong slogged through heavy rainfall o a slum in this state capital saturday completing a 106mfle protest March which caused Louisiana lightest display of Force in a racial confrontation the City was peaceful police and state troopers including some on horseback protected the marchers on All sides patrol cars scouted ahead and behind the marchers for signs of trouble ten negroes began the last leg of the journey at the City limits in Early afternoon five Miles from their destination a mass rally was planned Satur Day night to celebrate their arrival some 30 negroes arrived in a bus alongside the marchers and joined the ranks ahead of the column 50 singing clapping negroes waited beneath an overpass merging with the marchers As they passed oth ers got in step As the column nitrated negro neighbourhoods the army of National guards men who protected the walkers Friday was not to be seen few Whites gathered to watch those who did looked on from buildings Well Back from the Road out of the rain no one heckled the guardsmen were mustered hurriedly by gov John Mckeithen to escort tha negroes Friday out of neighbor ing Livingston Parish after two Days of racial scuffles in the Kun flux Elan stronghold indicated a crisis was imminent saturday the guardsmen were deployed throughout tha City but out of sight state adjutant Gen Erbon Wise said they were available for any emergency gov Mckeithen warned in a statewide telecast Friday night that 1000 guardsmen in fire roars out of control at sprawling gasoline fuel Oil depot in Montreal administration opens drive to persuade senators to revise social Security Bill Montreal a fire surged out of control at a Mont real gasoline and fuel Oil depot saturday sending hundreds of thousands of Gallons of Petroleum products up in thick Black smoke officials said the fire which broke out before Dawn was contained to a Hal City Block area but was still out of control and would probably Burn for a Day or two until the blazing fuel was consumed the Fjames and smoke rolled us dress of feet into the air and were visible for Many Miles sat urday night vacationers at expo 67 about four Miles from the fire could see the Blaze from parts of the worlds fair site scorer of weary firemen sprayed tons of water to Cool a 35 million gallon gasoline tank situated near two huge burning Oil tanks one holding five Mil timoted 55 million Gallons of Petroleum products would be lost one Oil tank blew up shortly before noon Hospital zing one fireman with severe Burns six others were seared and required treatment Washington a the Johnson administration already has opened a drive to try to per Suade senators to reshape the House social Security Bill More to its Ling but checks with members of the finance committee which will open hearings on the far reaching legislation tuesday indicates that administration officials have a Tough Job on their hands officials of the welfare department talking with commit tee members in Advance of the Public testimony have stressed two Points 1 that the social Security insurance benefits in the big passed by the House thursday considerably below the Leve three Oil trucks exploded in the Early hours of the fire which broke out about am near a loading ramp in the de lion Gallons and another with pot of the Cal Tex Oil co a sub 135000 Gallons a storage company oficial is see fire Page 11a recommended by president Johnson Are inadequate 2 that the Public welfare amendments added by Hose Over administration of Jet Vafis Are unduly harsh ant will cause More suffering ii Yuag Siuse Musi i ecu i help these amendments Are designed to Force a reduction in the Relief Rolls or at least to hold Down on future increases particularly in the category of Ucucu Tejal Johnson expressed pleasure Al a news conference Friday at Louse passage of the Bill although he added there Are Johnson Page 11a 1 i Liew 1 readings from station t mostly Cloudy with scattered showers and thunderstorms some possibly with Strong Gusty winds and Hail sunday highs sunday is to 94 monday variable cloudiness with a Chanco of showers mostly in the East continued warm in the East portion not so warm in the West portion North Carolina variable cloudiness with scattered mostly afternoon and evening thundershowers and continued warm through sunday highs sunday 778j in the 1 atop Register building and around 90 elsewhere monday scattered showers or thundershowers and not quite As warm most of state weather log saturday Hoar temp bar wind 7 pm 81 2998 sw6 9 pm 77 3000 Calm 11 pm 76 3001 Calm sunday 1 am 73 3001 sw4 24hoor Low to 1 am 72 High 97 24honr precipitation Sinch

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