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Danville Register Newspaper Archives Apr 7 1974, Page 1

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Danville Register, The (Newspaper) - April 7, 1974, Danville, Virginia Today the Danville Register daily Sid to Rone Hundred and Twenty seven years of Public service founded february 1847 no 30385 a leased wires Danville a sunday morning april 7 1974 a new features Bicet confers with european leaders Nixon stresses need for cooperation by nato countries face pretrial hearing three of former Ohio National guardsmen who were indicted by a Federal grand jury in connection with the Kent state University shootings leave Federal court in Cleveland after pleading innocent to the charges from left Are James e Pierce 29 Amelia Island Fla Barry w Morris 29 of Kent and James Mcgee 27 of Ravenna 0 whose wife holds his hand a wire photo for first time since october ceasefire israeli planes take part in fight against syrians by the associated press israeli forces opened fire on syrian troops on the Golan Heights front saturday morning and used warplanes for the first time since the october ceasefire United nations truce observers reported israeli air Force jets were called in for a second time in the afternoon to strike syrian infiltrators who attacked an israeli position on it Hermon the israeli military command said Israel said it acted in both cases after the syrians crossed the Golan truce line hours be fore passover began and at tacked an israeli position on the showy slopes of the Moun Tain Syria said Israel struck first meanwhile Egypt Middle East news Agency claimed libyan Premier Abdel Salem Jalloul had stripped libyan Leader Moa mar khad Afy of Power and pushed him into a figurehead position but the libyan news Agency it had no information on reports that khad Afy had been dusted a libyan government spokesman said he was aware of foreign press reports that khad Afy has delegated his pow ers administrative and Politi Cal to Jalloul Israel said its fighter bomb ers and big guns were called on to repulse the syrians in the see Mideast Page 10a Paris a president Nixon met saturday with West Ern european leaders and stressed the need for stronger cooperation and consultation within the Atlantic Alliance the discussions could be a Start toward making 1974 Washington year of Europe the administration had hoped to de vote major attention to Europe in 1973 but was sidetracked by other foreign and Domestic matters the presidents most important sessions lasting More than an hour each were with West German Chancellor Willy Brandland British prime min ister Harold Wilson Nixon also met with interim French president Alain Poher danish Premier Poul Hartling and italian president Giovanni Leone he meets sunday morn ing with soviet president Nikolai Podgorny and japanese Premier Kakuei Tanaka Hartling said that after meet ing with Nixon and the other european leaders he was a Little More optimistic about the prospects of improved us european relations in addition to transatlantic cooperation saturdays discussions also touched on the status of arms limitations negotiations betwee the United states and the soviet Union and the Prospect of East West troop reductions in Central Europe according to informed sources Nixon had flown to Paris to attend a memorial mass for the late French president Georges Pompidou he originally was scheduled to return to washing ton on but delayed his departure until Sun Dav presidential aides Alexander Haig and Ronald l Ziegler told reporters the five leaders responded to Nixon Points with Strong concurrence but Haig said very Little if anything was expected in the Way of new machinery to carry out the presidents Hope for improved us european relations he said that Nixon tax Trou Bles and the watergate scandal were not discussed and that the leaders found it inconceivable that Nixon could be impeached if there was any one Clear theme that came out of the vis it Haig is that Amer ican leadership and american vitality Are vital and that in that context a viable presidency is a Cornerstone of use Kopeah relations the president appeared to make a Point of being Public and spontaneous during his stay in Paris he walked out of the us embassy residence twice to talk with Large enthusiastic crowds crowds also cheered his motorcade Nixon Effort for spontaneity was evident in the Quick arrangement of his talks with the europeans Nixon has always said in the past that any High level meetings need intensive and careful preparation to obtain serious results the five leaders Nixon met saturday All represent member nations of the North Atlantic treaty organization and the european common Market in sundays meeting with Podgorny Nixon was expected to Deal with the arms limitation talks balanced troop cuts in Europe and his scheduled visit to the soviet Union this sum Mer see Nixon Page 10a at Pompidou mourners stand at the grave of French president Georges Pompidou in Jorvilliers some 35 Miles from Paris after Pompidou was buried a wire photo by Cable from Paris while not deposed libyan strongman reportedly relieved of Many of his duties by the associated press libyan strongman col Moa mar khad Afy has been relieved of Many of his political and executive functions but has not been deposed a libyan government source said saturday night in Tripoli the source who asked to re main Anonymous stressed that the fiery 32yearold libyan strongman remains in charge of the armed forces although he has relinquished some duties to libyan Premier Abdel Salem Jalloul the changes in the libyan government were first reported by Egypt official Middle East news Agency in Cairo which claimed that Jalloul Khz Adays righthand Man had stripped the colonel of Power and pushed him into a figurehead position a libyan spokesman earlier acknowledged he was aware of the foreign press reports but said Only that khad Afy has delegated his Powers administrative and political to Jal loud the Premier who is in Paris for the memorial services for the late French president Georges Pompidou declined to comment on the reports it remained unclear whether khad Afy who has ruled Libya with a tight grip since taking Power in a coup four years ago had requested the changes or if he was gradually being eased out of Power khad Afy an ideologue and a see Libya Page 10a in next 12 to 15 months most explosive health costs expected nothing left but is a Section of Xenia Ohio where a Tornado in six stricken states whipped through the area killing Many and injuring scores of others a wire photo Washington a if you think medical Bills Are High now prepare for a Shock the next 12 to 15 months May bring some of the most explosive health costs in the nations his tory if Price controls Over health costs Are allowed to expire on april 30 As is Likely Consumers May see these kind of increases in the fiscal year ending june 30 1975 charges will jump by 16 to 17 per cent fees will go up about 9 per cent Home charges will jump by 14 per cent Tornado loss May top million by the associated press Federal officials who toured six Tornado stricken states said saturday that damage to insured properties hit by last weeks storms was More than Mil lion they estimated that be tween 6000 and 7000 Homes were destroyed or uninhabitable housing and Urban develop ment Secretary James t Lynn led a group that visited the six states that president Nixon declared Federal disaster the officials toured Kentucky Indian and Ohio on Friday and Tennessee Georgia and Alabama on saturday for the storms victims the weekend was a time for Bur Ying the dead and cleaning up communities turned to rubble by the tornadoes a triple funeral service was conducted in Madison ind for a Mother and her two children who died when their Home was flattened there was a double funeral service at Sulphur lick by for a 53yearold woman and the three Earold boy she was babysitting for when the storm struck a nondenominational funeral service was scheduled sunday afternoon in Brandenburg by for the com munits 29 Tornado victims the storms swept through the South and the Midwest up to the great lakes last wednes Day and Early thursday Leav ing some 300 dead and thou Sands injured Lynn who promised speedy Relief to help Tornado victims rebuild their Homes and communities said the million figure did not include uninsured damage to private property or damage to government build Ings and equipment Thomas Dunne head of the Federal disaster assistance administration provided the estimate of the number of homeless he said Nixon authorized him to use whatever Money is necessary to Aid the storm victims and assured him Lea proof Way of presenting data to impeachment probes sought Washington a House impeachment probes Are trying to devise a leak proof method of presenting Evi Dence to the 38member judiciary committee in a town where it is axiomatic that if two people know something it is no longer a secret that like to trying to dam a Stream with Sand the committee staff has acquired vast amount of information about president Nixon and his aides much of it from the secret files of the water Gat grand jury and the Senate watergate committee the problem is How to trans Mit it to the committee Mem Bers who have to decide whether or not grounds exist for impeaching Nixon should a Bill of impeachment Dino he will be ready to Start presenting evidence the first week of May he plans to give each Mem Ber a thick Loose Leaf notebook listing the allegations against Nixon and related facts the source of each fact would be noted the specific tape Docu ment grand jury testimony or see inquiry Page 2a that if there is not enough Money in the Federal disaster fund More will be requested Money is not an Issue Here Dunne said that something were not worried about what we feel is top priority is be to responsive Lynn said he was astounded at the destruction he saw Dur ing his today trip by air plane and helicopter you can see pictures of the kind of havoc that a Tornado wreaks you can read about it but you can never feel the full Impact until you see it its unbelievable he said during a Stop at Chattanooga Tenn Lynn said that before Nixon left for Paris to attend a memorial service for French president Georges Pompidou he said he wanted periodic reports on the disaster Relief efforts the president is very concerned about the suffering and we have been instructed to do everything we can to Speed fed Era Relief to storm victims Lynn said the Tornado death toll reported in 11 states and Canada stood at 302 Alabama reported the estimates Are those of the Nixon administration which had urged Congress to continue Price controls Over the health Industry Only to be rejected so far even with controls Hospital charges would have risen about 10 per cent doctors fees 4 per cent and nursing Home charges 65 per cent the administration estimates the Public will have to pay an additional billion Over the current fiscal year then an other billion on top of that in the following year the administration estimates Consumers will find them selves paying an additional billion in direct out pocket expenses for services which would have been covered under Price controls this amount will Rise to billion additional in fiscal 1976 medical insurance premiums would go up billion in fiscal 1975 and spending by state and Federal governments would Rise billion Caspar Weinberger Secretary of health education and Wel fare said he believes the costs will be higher than that he said the estimates imply a substantial degree of restraint which i Hope to see Weinberger said the Cost in one year May be closer to billion instead of billion he said the increased Bill will add an enormous amount to every americans health Bill add ing that controls should be retained in the Industry we dont have a free mar Ket in that Industry he said Weinberger added that fail ure of Congress to extend controls Over health costs in creases the urgency for Pas Sage of the administrations National health insurance plan however the administrations estimates were called inac citrate by John a Mcmahon president of the american Hospital association i dont believe these Are any thing More than scare tactics on the part of the administration Mcmahon said i fail to understand Why the administration singles out the Hospital Field for special attention the administrations Esti mates show without controls americans will spend billion for health care in fiscal 1975 compared with billion in the current fiscal year they will spend billion for hospitals billion for health professionals including doctors billion for nursing Homes and billion for other services the greatest bulk increase is for hospitals billion with billion of that in insurance premiums in payroll taxes in out pocket expenses and in state and Federal spending americans will spend an in creased billion on health see health Page 2a of limitations runs out Nixon wont have to pay on incorrect deduction Washington Cap a congressional committee found that president Nixon in correctly took a tax deduction for giving papers to the government in 1968 but he apparently wont have to pay additional taxes for it Nixon has agreed to pay about in Back taxes and interest assessed by the internal Revenue service for the first four years of his presidency 1969 through 1972 but the irs didst audit his 1968 return and the statute of limitations has run out the staff of the joint com Mittee on internal Revenue taxation which Nixon asked to review his 196972 returns said it also looked at the taxes paid in 1968 the 1968 study was necessary to determine How the handling of Nixon first gift of papers to the government differed from the handling of the second much larger gift the next year the staff report said and it was possible that a carryover of the 1968 charitable contribution deduction would reduce the presidents taxes in following years the committee staff How Ever did not audit the full 1968 return and Nixon has never made it Public the report said Only that the papers were appraised at and that Nix on took the maximum allow Able deduction for charitable contributions including for the papers this left available for carryover in future years internal Revenue Laws permit a taxpayer to deduct up to 30 per cent of his adjusted Gross income each year for Chari table contributions if at least 10 per cent of that goes to a government Agency such As the National archives unlike the Case of the 000 deduction claimed in 1969 for the gift of papers there were few facts in dispute about How and when the 1968 gift was made the papers were selected and appraised in Nixon Law offices in new York and a deed for them was turned Over to the National archives on dec 30 1968 just in time to claim a deduction on Nixon 1968 tax return due the follow ing april the primary question at Issue Sec gift Page 2a High Price of gasoline triggers renewed interest in car pools Good morning Section amusements a Tami Wadi b c editorials a local news b sports b television b women news ims w 1ft 4 13 47 13 to would be made Public at that time it is maintaining the confidentiality of the extra mate Ria that concerns chairman Peter Rodino Duj and chief counsel John Doar although information is still being gathered and the com Mittee is waiting to see if the White House will Over More tapes Doar has told to Sec tornadoes Page 2a senator accuses Petroleum Institute of grossly understating reserves Washington a the american Petroleum Institute has deliberately and grossly understated us Oil reserves sen William Proxmire said saturday while api estimated on March 29 that Domestic re serves declined by one billion barrels in 1973 in fact they Rose and probably by billions of barrels the Wisconsin demo crat said in a statement Proxmire called the api Esti mate outrageous and said it was based on the ridiculous Assumption that prices will drop to half their present level this is about As Likely Asas suming the Sun will Rise in the West tomorrow an api spokesman denied Sec Oil Page 2a by Louise Cook associated press writer the High Price of gasoline has spurred new interest in car pools among people who rejected pleas to get together to save fuel but Are willing to team up to save Vioney an associated press Survey on saturday showed that car Pool plans proliferated in the Early Days of the gasoline shortage but interest declined As gasoline availability grew compute organized pro Grams Drew thousands of applicants but authorities in Many areas were disappointed with the number of people who actually participated now however with gasoline prices soaring up to 60 cents a gallon in some areas commuters who drive to work Are Tak ing a new look at the idea of car pools they also Are lured by cheaper parking rates and insurance savings offered in some areas the Price of gasoline has gotten to the Point where More people Are ready to participate in car pools said John Woodward of the Topeka Kan planning department he said the City had response from see pools Page 2a the weather from atop Register building Virginia sunny and not As cold sunday with highs in the upper 50s and 60s increasing cloudiness tomorrow night wit i a Chance of showers in the West lows in the 40s monday considerable cloudiness with showers and thunderstorms likey in the West and a lesser Chance in the East highs in the 60s North Carolina sunny and warmer sunday with highs in the 60s increasing cloudiness West fair East and not so cold sunday night lows upper to Middle 40s mostly Cloudy with scattered showers monday highs mostly in the 70s downtown weather log hour 7 pm 9pm 11 pm 1 am saturday temp bar 50 3014 47 3021 43 3026 sunday 39 303c i wind nw8i loj sw4 sw4 24hour Low to 1 am highs 24hour precipitation none

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