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Daily Review Newspaper Archives Jun 27 1976, Page 1

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Daily Review (Newspaper) - June 27, 1976, Hayward, California The Saily itch Siciu a consolidation and continuation of the morning news sunday june 27, 1976 attention comic readers attention sunday comic readers More you turn to hit comic Section find a Pencil Htu Uit on hit Beck Page you la find 1 ballot asking for your opinion of each of hit comics. It like to Plum our readers and hit Only Way we can find out what they like and Don t like it Fay taking polls. This it your Chance to influence future decision Mark your ballot and mail it today sunday summary a s strike imminent a strike appears imminent by the players of the Oakland a s after a makeshift proposal by owner Charles 0. Finley to the Boston red sox and new York Yankees Falls through. Finley fails to get the permission of the two dubs to use Vida Blue Joe Rudi and Rollie fingers while his million suit against commissioner Bowie Kuhn and major league baseball proceeds through litigation in Chicago. Celebration of sobriety thousands of exd Runks and sex drug addicts celebrities Young old even people in wheel chairs whoop it up at the Bloomington minn., metropolitan sports Complex to celebrate being sober. They congregate for dry tailgate parties variety shows and reunions in the afternoon and a big Celebration i met stadium Home of the twins and Vikings at night with Dick Van Dyke As master of ceremonies despite threatening skies and Tornado watches. It is Freedom fest a Bicentennial event in which recovered alcoholics and drug addicts celebrate Freedom from things like whisky and heroin. Page 5. Longer wait for Patty Patricia Hearst cooperating fully with psychiatrists but worried about her sentence for armed Bank robbery probably will have to wait at least until september to learn the penalty a judge will impose on her. Officials at the san Diego Federal correctional facility where the 22-year-old newspaper heiress is in custody ask for a month Extension of. The time allotted for her mental tests. Miss Hearst s attorney Al Johnson says he had just spent two Days in san Diego talking to her and she was cooperating fully with the psychiatrists and others but apprehensive about her sentencing and Page 3. Leftists Advance leftist forces advancing under heavy artillery fire penetrate deep into Christian territory trying to open up a Supply route to a pair of palestinian refugee Camps that have fought off tank led attacks for five Days. Overwhelmed by the three mile Long and Vance into Eastern Beirut. Christian forces say they Are pulling Back with dead bodies of the enemy marking the Trail of their the All out leftist attack comes As conditions inside the heavily fortified Tal Zlatar and Jiser Al Pasha tanks grow desperate. Page 8. Portugal on Alert the armed forces arc on full Alert to provide Security during the first free presidential elections in Portugal in 50 years. The Campaign ends with widespread shoot Ings and bombings. To addition to the troop Alert the military s powerful revolutionary Council will stay in constant session while the country s 6.2 million registered voters select a president from among four candidates. Page 8. Demos defend Job Bill a group of congressional democrats says continued High unemployment is not necessary to control inflation. The legislators All 12 democratic Mem Bers of Congress joint economic committee make the statement in a letter to president Ford who is taking part in an economic Summit conference in puerto Rico with the leaders of six other Industrial nations. Whether unemployment and inflation Are linked is an Issue under debate by the Industrial nations As a group and by the United states at Home. Page 6. Jenner sets record Bruce Jenner working toward an olympic berth since the Start of the year takes his own hand timed world record to Points in the decathlon to win a place on the team that will represent America in Montreal. Decathlon records Are in a confused state because times Are sometimes kept by Stop watch and some electronically. Jenner receives a hand timed total of a world record in that category and electronically just Short of russian Nikolay Avnilov s record of Page 21. Also in today s review Sadoval 4i sports 21-27 3m2 10 12 Stock marm 4445 ii Heaters 41 41 Tel of of twin 4 weather 4 real estate 2m2 women 13-17 7im111 t Hayward Calif Mia pm. I omm Oak Tom Adi Crow word dem Xii America s fascination with the pinball machine is out of the closet in their new respectability machines bid for local youths spare change when teen agers become wizards by John Pachtner Fremont school is out. And teen agers and sub teens with time on their hands shuffle into the Pojo game parlor on Fremont Boulevard in Centerville. With hardly a look they walk past the empty miniature Golf like games and head for the Back toward a slightly Darker Alcove where 20 pinball machines quietly line the Walls. Quarters drop in the Coin slots. For an instant there is nothing in the world except the fuzzy chunk sounds of pinball coming to soft fluorescent colors pulsate under Glass like science fiction Ray guns searching for a target the lights blink hypnotically. Now the machine is transformed into a carnival Midway and the Garish tray of knobs flippers and bumpers is awake humming. A tactile turn on. Gentlemen Start your like old or. Frankenstein s Zap Ping crackling Laboratory a pinball has an overture of its own As it readies for whap Pety whap Pety whap Pety Ding Ding the machine almost rises As if taking a deep breath before belching up the first Silver Ball. The game is on. The pinball machine which brooded for years in smoke shops and Sleazy arcades has suddenly blossomed into respectable entertainment bidding for the spare change of a new easy come easy go generation. It is instant entertainment. It is a show of sight touch and sound. It is humanity is. Machine. It can be cheated and manipulated easily it is possible for even a younger to reap a pinball profit. World chiefs Eye longer ride on Boom Economy Dorado puerto Rico up president Ford led the chiefs of six other major Industrial nations into puerto Rico yesterday for a Summit conference aimed at keeping their current economic booms from going bust. The luxurious Dorado Beach hotel once owned by the family of vice president Nelson Rockefeller and site of the meeting was turned into an armed Camp. White House officials expected puerto rican demonstrators favouring Independence from the United states to mass outside the hotel grounds today the Day the seven world leaders begin their talks. Ford the Host and first to arrive at san Juan International Airport diverted attention from economic matters by warning Cuba that the United states would retaliate if the Castro government interfered in the Domestic affairs of the United states and puerto Rico. Ford Hari ruffled puerto rican feelings by failing to inform them in Advance the Summit would be held on puerto rican soil but he attempted to mollify the islanders yesterday by praising their right to freely determine the nature of their ties with the United states. It was the second economic Summit held by six of the Heads of state who met last nov Ember in Rambouillet. France. President Valery Giscard d Estwing of France did not invite Canada to that conference. Attending this meeting were the leaders of the United states West Germany. Japan great Britain France Italy and Canada All of whom Are in some sort of political trouble and in Short it has every Chance of achieving cult popularity at the Pinnacle of 20th Century fad culture. Maybe it already has. At least one bizarre Rock opera. Made into an even More bizarre film starring pop Rock Star Elton John features a surrealistic pinball match Between the pinball wizard of the song and a deaf dumb and Blind kid who sure plays a mean on outrageous seven foot High platform shoes. John vies with Tommy for the championship while singing the hard driving Rock smash pinball there Are maybe 20 Young people in Pojo. Someone has a portable radio tuned to an am Rock station which spills out music and talk with frenzy with no beginning and no end it s the Golden years the most incredible drag race Ever presented in America this weekend at the Fremont International drag strip just listen to Kyrc now number three on the Kyrc fights the Juke Box which is now playing highly forgettable disco Rock. A Wispy haired Blond teen Ager slides his hands along the rails of his pinball. An entire Wall of machines is now lit up with Young players. Gottlieb s big Bally s Williams triple strike they re All in action now. Lit up like candles at a religious shrine. It is not entirely one on one. Some players Are surrounded by kibitzing friends eager to share a Victory Over c circuitry. groans one overweight teen As his last Ball slips through the flippers and alls into the Hole at the Bottom of tip table. The cont. P. 5, col. 1 look to this conference to improve their images. The subject on the Agenda was coordination of their policies on economic growth Energy Trade currency Exchange rates and relations with third world and Oil producing nations. We Are fully aware of How important it is for us to work together to shape policies to achieve stable economic growth and to respond to the new challenges and opportunities Wowch face us Ford said upon arrival at san Juan. Prime minister Takeo Miki of Japan prime minister Aldo Moro of Italy. Chancellor Helmut Schmidt of West Germany and prime minister James Callaghan of Britain Allar Rived later Callaghan Landing in the controversial concorde supersonic jetliner. Prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau of Canada delayed by an emergency Cabinet meeting on the Canadian air traffic con trollers strike postponed his departure from Ottawa until 9 . This morning. President Valery Giscard d Estwing planned to arrive today by regular Jet. Guards with sidearms were placed at every 100 Yards along an internal Road in the fenced in the 500-acre Dorado Beach hotel compound. Hundreds of plainclothes police filled the hotel s rooms. Public entry into the hotel was prohibited and special credentials were required to pass through two checkpoints at the cer Romar Beach hotel the companion hotel of the Dorado Beach. Reagan snares major Victory sen. Pete Domenici r-n.m., rep. Manuel Lujan r-n.m., and . Treasurer Francine Neff were seeking to attend the National convention As at Large delegates but the re Agan forces who had 62 per cent of the state convention delegates successfully locked them out. The convention rejected a proposal by Ford s forces to split its National delegation proportionately. Reagan who narrowly avoided a shutout at the Minnesota Republican convention earlier took his Delegate Hunt to the More Fertile grounds of Montana and Idaho and hoping to narrow even further the slim Lead held by president Ford. After losing 17 to 1, in Minnesota Early yesterday Reagan went West charging the Ford Campaign with making a desperate attempt to change rules at various state conventions to Benefit the president. Reagan got Idaho s 4 remaining delegates yesterday and counted on All or most of the 20 chosen in Montana where he campaigned and the 21, of which he won eight in new Mexico. After the Minnesota and Idaho conventions and the partial new Mexico Triumph the up Delegate count showed Ford with 1.064 of the 1.130 needed for nomination to Reagan s 961. Democrat Jimmy Carter who won 8 of 13 delegates from North Dakota and 2 of 4 from Colorado yesterday called Ford a very Good very kind honest person who has not done a Good Job in leading this with Only five democratic delegates not yet selected they will be chosen in puerto Rico next week Carter had at least de Legates far More than the needed to give him the nomination. A Reagan sweep in the West could have brought him to within 70 Delegate votes of Ford with 88 left to be chosen the weekends of july 10 in North Dakota and Colorado and july 16 in Utah and Connecticut. In every convention state i be visited so far. There have been desperate attempts to change the rules unusually to my disa Dvan Reagan said. He also complained about the Republican National committee s approval of Ford backers to hold key National convention positions. If we Are going to be suddenly told at this late stage in the game that in a spirit of fairness we should Start dividing up delegates then i wait to Tell you that i would agree with that if it could go All the Way Back to the first primary in new Hampshire and Start Reagan lost the nation s first primary in new Hampshire by less than one percentage Point but got Only "3 of the 21 delegates. Carter who had a fish Fry at his Plains ga., Home yesterday before making fund raising speech in. Atlanta and going to a relative s wedding reception said he would help other democrats raise Money for their fall campaigns. Because the new election Laws provide total Federal financing of the presidential campaigns ruling out individual contributions the fund raising will be done by the two Majo parties on behalf of All their candidates. Well raise Between 55 million and million dollars the party will maybe with a telethon or some other Effort none of which would be spent for my Campaign except an indirect Benefit from registration and getting out the said Carter. The gop s chief fund Raiser. Jeremiah Eubank. Told the Republican National comit tee there has been a Sharp falloff in contributions by the wealthy and the party is million Short of its million fund raising fair begins run today schedule of Ali cities Page 8 Pleasanton the 1976 Alameda county fair begins its 15-Day ran today with the uncertainty of the Iwase racing program hang ing like Agrey Cloud in the otherwise Blue sky of carnival merriment. Fair goers will encounter picketing Mem Bers of the striking service employees International Union at the Gates but Union officials said the picketers will not interfere with people going to the fair. The opening Day horse racing program monday was cancelled yesterday by fair Secretary manager Lee r. Hall because he said. We had no alternative but to postpone the opening since we did not know whether other uni ii members would Cross the picket Alameda county Superior court judge Robert Barber is expected to Rule tomorrow on a permanent injunction sought by the fair Board against pickets at the Fairgrounds. If judge Barber issues the injunction racing could begin tuesday. Last year 110.000 people witnessed horse racing at the fair. The highlight of today s festivities is the maid of Alameda county contest at . In the Amphitheater. The fair will be officially kicked off by a Parade beginning at noon on Santa Rita Road in front of Amador High school. Spike Jones or. Who is also appearing for two nights at the Amphitheater will be the grand marshal in the Parade which has attracted 250 entries. Fair hours Are 10 . To 10 . Daily. Police have advised fair goers to avoid Bernal Avenue if possible because of anticipated traffic congestion. Snow White miss California Santa Cruz Dpi Unda Michelle Mouron an 18-year-old College coed who plays Snow White at Disneyland was crowned miss California of 1976 last night. The Brown haired. Blue tved Winner entered the Beauty pageant finals As miss Orange county. She is majoring in theater arts and dance at Santa Ana Junior College. First runner up was Uura Ann Melton miss us Angeles followed by Carolyn Louise Miller. Miss Pacifica Linda Kay Snook. Miss Sacramento ant Djiura Camilla Youngdahl. Miss Sonoma county

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