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Daily Review Newspaper Archives Aug 22 1976, Page 1

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Daily Review (Newspaper) - August 22, 1976, Hayward, California Fth Illg Leitem consolidation and continuation of the morning news sunday August 22, 1976 . Officials Confer with North koreans Seoul South Korea up Seoul news papers reported today that United nations command and North korean officials met yesterday in the truce Village of Panmunjom where two american officers were killed by North korean guards in a dispute Over the trimming of a tree. The report of the meeting came a few hours after North Korea accused the United states of committing a Large scale military provocation by sending an armed forced into Panmunjom to Cut Down the disputed tree. Without identifying their sources the news papers said the meeting lasted a Little More than 10 minutes and involved . Navy rear adm. Mark p. Fra Den and North korean army maj. Gen. Han Chun Kyung. The biggish language Korea Herald and the korean a Bosun ilbo said Han was believed to have delivered a North korean reply to a unc demand asking for assurances that there will be no assault in the future. The unc demand was made when the two sides held a meeting of the armistice com Mission thursday. It was in the name of . Army Gen. Richard g. Stilwell commander of the american military forces in Korea and the unc. A . Military spokesman asked about the report said he had no comment. Everything will Nave to come out of Washington he said. American officials also said they could not comment on a report that 26 helicopter gun ships and three b52 bombers from Guam circled Over Panmunjom when a . Com Mand work party chopped Down the tree yesterday. The accusation carried by the official North korean Central news Agency came As the 7th Fleet aircraft Carrier Midway accompanied by a missile Cruiser and four sunday summary legionnaires branded the Legionnaire from Pennsylvania sips his drink and listens As the manager of the bar tells a waitress to break the Glass when he is finished with it. Charlie Neubaum of Chambersburg pa., is 58 years old and looks As Normal As the next Guy walking Down the Street. But he has been branded by some As unclean a Man who May bring sickness and worse death. Page 3. Crowd cheers blood a 16-year-old girl apparently High on Ltd slashes her wrists and arms and then rushes to the Steps of a roman Catholic Church in Hartford conn., poking a razor to her Throat while a crowd of 300 persons cheers and screams do your thing sister the girl not identified because she is a minor is hit by a whisky bottle during the 45 minutes she holds Back police priests and friends by threatening to Cut her Throat. Page Ford takes Gamble president Ford takes a bold Gamble and volunteers to confront Jimmy Carter in a series of nationally televised debates to let the american voter choose the better Man. Ford who trails Carter by 25 percentage Points in the polls decides just a few hours before he accepts his party s presidential nomination that a face to face debate would be the Best Way to launch an aggressive Campaign against his opponent. He quickly composes a few lines on a yellow notebook summons his aides and instructs them to incorporate those words into his acceptance speech. Page 8. Rams Blitz raiders after three Steps Forward the Oakland raiders take a big step Back. The raiders playing the kind of football you might expert of them in the playoffs get caught under a steamroller called the los Angeles rams at the Oakland coliseum. The final score is 23-14, but it in t that close. Page 21. Sets trounce caters the new York sets leading from Start to finish trounce the Golden caters 31-23, to take a 1-0 Lead in the Best of five world team Tennis championship series. New York wins the first four sets and had a near insurmountable 25-15 Lead in games before the caters women s doubles team of Betty stove and Francoise Durr prevent a sweep with a 7-5 win. The nixed doubles set the first of the Day sets the tone for the entire match. Billy Jean King and Phil Dent of the sets Wallop fran Coise Durr and Frew Mcmillan 6-2. Page 21. Also in today s review a of Hvarim i Owett 10 real erf afe Tim 10 rolling 11 Curti Hallil j4-43 sports 21-m crw Jurd it Stamps 10 de Wiah 27 the attn 47 44-45 to a women i 13-Li frigates was reported steaming from Japan toward korean Waters. Two squadrons of . Fighter banners already have arrived in South Korea. The communist Agency said the . Action involved about too men and a helicopter creating a terrible War the Agency in a report intended for the North korean Domestic service said the United states helicopter flew Over communist territory and accused the . Of trying to Start a new korean War according to monitors in Washington the attack wednesday came As a five Man work party escorted by . And South Kore an Security guards tried to prune a tree in the demilitarized zone near Panmunjom 35 Miles North of Seoul. North korean guards tried to Block the workers according to the United nations commend then attacked with pikes and axes hacking to death maj. Arthur bonifas 33 of Newburgh ., and 1st u. Mark Barrett 25, of Columbia . The bodies of the two men arrived at Travis air Force base yesterday and were awarded military honors. Mai. Bonifas funeral will be held aug. 24 at West Point And the funeral of it. Barrett will be in Columbia ., also aug. 24. Early yesterday the unc headed by army Gen. Richard g. Stilwell sent a work group into the truce Village and Cut Down the tree. According to the korean Central news Agency report monitored in Seoul More than 300 military brigands including . Troops in full combat trim were sent into the truce zone. It said they were backed up by Over 400 armed a helicopter creating a terrible War the bodies of maj. Arthur bonifas 33, and 1st it. Mark Barrett 15, arrive at Travis air Force base yesterday they will be buried in Shtir Hometown aug. Z4 Bonifat in Wurf Point ., and balt in Columbia . Dreams help us keep going through a workaday world by Stephanie Smith fare were dreamt to Tell what Mould you buy some Eon a patting Bell some a Light Tigh. Thomai loll beddoes most of us waxing not so poetic or so profound Are moved by our own private sometimes vague dreams. You Don have a dream How you Gonna have a dream come Truet Flower drum song Dick Owen of Hayward dreams of making enough Money to buy the equipment to mine Silver. Then hell go Back to the mountains and make his Fortune. It does t have to be a big Fortune just enough to buy a boat. And when he gets a 54-foot sailing boat and outfits it just the Way he wants he dreams of sailing the Pacific with his wife of spending the rest of his Days and nights charting a course by the North Star fighting winds to haul to the Jib and come about. But in the meantime Long after the daytime workers have gone Home he can be found pushing a giant trash can on rollers. Owen Sells Thermal carpet cleaners by Day carpets on weekends and pushes the squeaky trash can at night trying to make the dreams come True. Many lines traverse his face. He looks tired but there is a dignity and a determination about him. He moves from desk to desk and when he has emptied All the trash cans he Rolls his giant bin wobbly wheels screeching for Oil Down the Hall. He used to work in a mine in Nevada he says. There s some Silver in it but not enough to make anyone want to buy the stake. He and his partner could t raise enough capital buy the tractor and Earth uncover to take the precious Metal out themselves. But there s Hope he says and his eyes sparkle behind the heavy lids and dark circles. Owen has read predictions that Silver will be Worth As much As Gold in five to 10 years. He ran out of Money. His partner a much younger Man can make a living working on nearby ranches knows everything there is to know about land and and so decided to stay to keep an Eye out for anyone who might try to jump the claim. Continued on Page 6, col. 3 Reagan refused to be offered spot Vail Colo. Up to by powr Range mint and at Ronald Stagin i re quit that pm dint Fard Novor offend the vat paid Tykal ipod to Ronald it Agan hit Houm Laid into Day. Aii Vitant Pratt Secretary Bill Roberti that about Ono Mok Bifora the nomination wat it Cidad John Stan Reagan i Campaign a mgr and Wil Liam Tim Mont Ford s convention Man Ager a Rood that the Winner would Call on the Low Imit diary following the anti a Titial nomination. Ont the Day hit Nomi nation us Mamy went to Ford Stan Aikoo for and a acting a commit mint from Tim Mont that Ford would mate no offer to Reagan to by hit running Roberti hid hut a ont of hit conditions under which Reagan would to Matt Ford after hit balloting. Following mat Nutting Houm chief of staff Richard in my Alto talked with Start in Hie afternoon and Start repeated hit condition under which it Agan would Matt Ford and Chenty a retd. Dole s selection a wily Compromise see related Page 8. By Clay f. Richards Kansas City. To. Up in selecting sen. Robert Dole of Kansas As his running mate. President Ford decided build a political base for his Campaign rather than picking a big name who would be an asset in one part of the co until but a liability in another. Ford also realized that in the last analysis the american voter casts his ballot for the Man running for president and the vice president is a secondary consideration. Two Midwest republicans on the ticket is not As strange As it seems. Normally the Midwest would be the Normal Power base from which Ford would launch his Campaign but that was not the Case before Dole. Ford was under heavy attack for his farm policy. Farmers particularly were unhappy about his embargo on foreign Grain sales. Recent polls have shown that while Ford might win North and South Dakota. Nebraska Montana Wyoming and Kansas. Jimmy Carter could win the farm Belt states of Minnesota Iowa Missouri and even Ford s native Michigan. At the convention angry farm delegates from Minnesota. Iowa and North Dakota bolted from their earlier support for Ford became uncommitted and a majority of them ended up going for Ronald Reagan. The revolt would have been bigger had it not been for the fact that in most of the other farm states the delegates were bound by Law and could not switch. Dote was a Man the Farmers could Trust. It was a Clear signal for the farm Belt to unite behind Ford. And the Dole decision must be weighed against the others on Ford s list. John Connally would have helped Ford win Texas and he would have been popular in other conservative states but would have been unpopular in the Liberal states. Then there was Connally s watergate connection. Elliot Richardson would have helped in the Liberal states particularly Massachusetts but would have lost votes in the conservative West and South. Howard Baker would have been a great campaigner and his position As the leading Republican on the Senate watergate commit tee would have helped counter Ford s Vulner ability on pardoning Richard Nixon. Firemen ignore chemical cargo to snuff ship fire tending his Garden Jhn he you a Cdr atm to Small Vul 313 Uch never mind that the watering can is almost As big As he is. Aaron Shumate 18 months who lives at 21702 Vallejo st., Hayward May not realize that Oak Trees come from acorns but he can see daily the results of his careful watering and general tending of his Garden. The Cantelupe at right Bottom of picture for example is going to be a break fast treat someday soon. Destrehan la. Up fire erupted in the engine room of a 700-foot freighter yester Day and burned oui of control for six hours but firemen finally disregarded the danger of a possibly toxic cargo and brought the Blaze under control with Mississippi River water. Coast guard spokesman Ken freeze said most of the Crew abandoned ship and All but two were rescued by ferry boats and other vessels. Freeze said a search was underway on the ship and in the River for the two missing crewmen. We have no word on those two he said. They Are still missing and we Are conducting a search at this the ship the Central Gulf lines freighter Green Island was anchored toward the East Bank of the River near Destrehan 25 Miles upriver from new Orleans. During the first hours. Freeze said firemen and crewmen were afraid to use water because of reports that a chemical called ferr silicone was in the cargo hold. This chemical is reported to produce toxic fumes when it comes in Contact with freeze had said. However at about the same time the fire was reported under control officials Learned the ferr silicone had been unloaded earlier in the Day

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