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Daily Journal Newspaper Archives Dec 28 1957, Page 1

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Daily Journal (Newspaper) - December 28, 1957, Fergus Falls, Minnesota Weather continued cold tonight and sunday Fergus Falls daily journal Western Minnesota leading daily 83 306 manned space w years industrialist says we can have one if we will spend millions on it Washington a the president of Indus tires said today this country could put a manned aircraft into space less than three years by spending Between 200 and 300 Mil lion dollars writing in Trie associations pub Orval Cook said the aircraft Industry has Mostof the hardware and i he Basic knowledge needed Send a Man into were Trade reports in october that Lockheed aircraft was on a reconnaissance Type satellite called the pied Piper and would a Man carrying ver Sion ready about los Angeles in said today the air Force and Lockheed Are agreement on a contract to build1 pied Piper and that a unmanned Type would be ready by neither the air Force nor heed would comm evil on this re impression has prevailed Here that actual work on first television carrying Brothel has been underway for Cost patient i in doldrums usual december Advance missing except flurry Christ Mas season brought a gift to Wai first weekly Advance in four associated Pressaw Cage of 30 stocks Rose nothing lavish Abii bring and 3 Reat outburst of talk of a traditional year Cut rally has been plentiful this by this talk has worn statistics show that the Market usually rises in december but it has this now Only two More trading Days remain in so the talk has faded a who spin shortened to Market by the Christmas had one Gooc Market that on it primarily on technical there a also an element of be coming a weekly that the Federal Reserve Board would i something further regard to loosening credit and reducing in Crest rates after the close turned put to be a vain Hope Market tried to continue its on for it looked As i the Long awaited yearned rally was in the but instead of picking the Market Advance a sprang Aleak in its boiler and disappointment Selling was heightened by a prediction from general motors president Curtice of a drop in automobile sales in Curtice also said that Confidence at present shaken and an Altitude of caution s Paul Man missing two weeks is found body if a patient missing Fari Iauch stale school and Hospital Ince 15 was found in an Ipen area he John Cirg farm five Miles South of Here Force of 250 uniformed men and he missing mans began a final systematic Hunt for Phillip Harris of Paul this morning Rice count Deputy said no details As d cause death were Imine i ally strike talks fail to show Progress Paul a no further talks were scheduled in the strike of three unions against the Paul Pioneer press and dispatch today after session ended with no Guild Meh said the initial Issue of a morning daily tabloid planned Tor duration of the strike would be issued of Fergus five Young Duck Hunters drown apparently capsized on Mississippi near established five Young Duck Hunters whose Small boat apparently capsized in the treacherous Mississippi River yes verday have been Given ii for searchers found articles of clothing and two shotguns identified As the property of the Hunt but no bodies were its pretty Well established that they have said prosecuting Williams of Pike the missing Hunters were har old his brother and James Saui iders of near and John his brother new powerful Jel engine in production Hartford courant said today thai the Jet air plane now is rated in the Pould thrust surpassing the most powerful soviet Turbojet known Tobe in j75 s rated official in excess of Iris produced in East Hartford Pratt Whitney division of uni Ted aircraft thrust ratings in Turbojet engines Are comparable to horse Power ratings in so p course increases Range and escapes Anli miss be two burned in Plant blast workmen in critical condition Afler mishap in Paul Plant Paul workmen remained in critical condition to Day after an explosion and Flash late a the Midway Plant of the american can at Ancker from critical were William and Jer both suburban firemen said the men burned when apparently set fire to fumes from a Chemi Cal used to coat Beer the Blaze was quickly controlled and there was Only minor damage to the Plant Frank Linn and Gerald two other suffered Burns and smoke inhalation but were not hospitalize the blast inc Ludwig three is pro Blums and their major prob Lem that building americas intercontinental ballistic missiles was How to guide the missile Miles with near pinpoint top Section of his drawing by a blvd space artist illustrates How a sensitive Gyroscope has solved this Middle drawing scientists Hope to escape antimissile by propelling missiles on course in Stead of straight Bottom picture illustrates soviet boast that it has a nuclear capable of destroying the Netherlands contract said let for pied Man carrying satellite Winter fishing near Fergus Falls a gift from the Weatherman made fishing from a boat possible in this area on Christmas pursuing the unseasonable sport were Nale and Don sons of and George West of Fergus in South Turtle Angling from the boat want Loo profitable soothe fishermen used their dark House and speared a few others angled holes in the mates drink three die five others Are in Hospital Al Wisconsin los Angeles los Angeles examiner said today that a contract Between the air Force and Lockheed aircraft to build the pied a potential Man carrying is reported near the Story from the examiners Washington Bureau said an unmanned version will ready about 1960 and the manned ver about when the pied Piper reaches the Man carrying it is sex pc cd to orbit for a month with the big problem that of a Safe re turn to the Story there was no comment from there have been pre Vious references to such contemplated projects in Washington but the Pentagon has Given no offi Cial Driver does Wei for 7yearold England a blinked As a Small truck waved the traffic without a they watched As the truck scraped against the Wall of the police station and shuddered to a then the Driver got out the Driver was Jim just 7 years old and four feet he had driven the which belonged to his Miles along Busy around five Sharp across a Railroad crossing arid up and Down three Steep he see Over the driving he had great difficulty reaching the and he had no idea How to it All happened because Jim a Cal to his uncles House on an errand and missed the bus his Uncle was he saw the truck standing there and climbed after the truck hit the police an officer drove Jim Home in a police under British Law no one under 8 can be jims was under no such re he spanked the boy and Soldier and girl Friend were Kidi raped in the East police followed a Trail of to Day in Effort track two gunmen wanted for killing two and critically wounding an Trail led to South where the three persons kidnapped by the fugitives was released police said the two shot up a restaurant Here yesterday after an argument Over a George and guitar Kenneth were a Blind pianist Bernard is in critical the Fri listed the two being sought As Henry caly Overton and about they Are charged in War rants with kidnapping unlawful flight avoid prosecution Loir and Auto Overto has a Long record of Assa ult i housebreaking Lar Fri police said the gunmen fled the restaurant in of Cartons abandoned minutes later to commandeer an Automo bile in which a Young couple was fugitive forced the couple Tigris and army 21 accompany with the younger gunman driving fugitives and their captives headed the girl was released near Rich Llo Feith was left in the trunk of his Auto Mobile near police after the fugitives commandeered another driven by Asonia Allman of Richmond miss Allma was released unharmed yesterday in who is from Fargo is scheduled to be discharged from the army next he is the son of and Mon Man Teilh said he had no Opportunity to attempt an when we stopped at a go he i had a Shotgun Olarine me in the Monteilh said that after the Gir got out of the car the older gunman awoke and asked wheres the Gal the younger gunman toll him he had put her olde Man but said nothing More about Mon Leith said the Young drive started chasing a Cadillac which had two people in just As they were about to Over take the the older gunman his companion to Stop Monteith was ordered at the Pom of the Shotgun to climb into the of the the lid of in trunk was slammed Down and in gunmen continued on Way with the Soldier in the Monteith said he heard one o the men Stop your car o Well blow your brains out a they pulled alongside another car he said the brakes were applied on his car and it bounced onto the shoulder As it apparently pulled i ahead of the second he the heard the two get out of his Cai Monteil used his pocket knife 1 Cut his Way through the Scutio Sweden May v Vlake bombs atomic experts a re studying aspects of plutonium production for swed so atom a military Scieri is said today the top defense leaders Neutral swede have Jor Masy a Kcal to provide with atomic weapons either of swedish or Torseth head of uie scientific research Institute f the armed said in an interview that an expert study of tie technical involved plutonium production Tad been started pending Leal decision swedish experts believe that the scientific and technical mint of View Sweden stands a Good Chance of becoming the first mall country to make her own atom into which convertibles to folds out of he then drop to a service station and Calico Virginia state Bluff saves from gun toting Bandit a a year old service station of Lyndan cancelled a present of a new biased a Jack handle and a lot Bandit last Albert Skaggs had in his and when the masked gunman entered and pointed the saw doff lot gun right at my but Skaggs just backed up to he and grabbed this Bandit fled empty handed on drunk Drivers is promised governor hits practice of be dancing drunk charges to careless driving guess i bluffed i i Skaggs sputnik ii makes 3 asses Over Safe a sputnik be visible Over of Minnesota and North a Ola after Sunset saturday arid the smithsonian Astro physical Observatory said on passage Friday Etc eng he satellite passed Over the Dev is Region at saturday night the satellite will ass Over Western Minnesota at on sunday one pass bring spill his 11 Over Northern Minnesota at a free Man told the Minnesota sheriff late Friday that 1958 will Sec drastic crackdown on Drunken Drivers using the Stales streets am Freeman said reports had reached his office that some such through local had Drunken driving charges reduced those of careless we nrir1 not make farce o his the governor told i these practices mus the deviation from proper Law enforce Merit has been made and this poll by will be named president of the Assoc a lion was John Bemidji other Thean Nual meeting Walker Paul Zil Gritt Wing an Peter firs Secoll and third vice presidents respectively Charles Fari and Charles Cher in a second talk the gov Cranor told the Minnesota count attorneys that the state w under continued pressure for mor and More Public services by Caius of it growing Freeman said the principal Cha Lenge appeared to be in the educational Field and that we my continue to better face the increasing Challenge of a growing Choc he said that a influx of res dents from without the state Addei to the problem of a naturally in creasing population and predicts that higher education would have doubled by blast Killil fourteen others in Virginia mine at time arc saved Green males who took part in an Anli Reeze drinking spree at the wis Oisin state reformatory have led and five More men who said icy drank the solution were admitted to the institutions Frank of hid Mariel of Nellis died this Mathaw of Clearwater died authorities said the who a feed the Hospital today idiot appear to be seriously Ai Hugh the three who died did not How Early signs of serious the men drank the motor anti freeze taken from a machine shed at a reformatory farm thursday night they took can of which was labelled Antifreeze and Poi and strained it through a loaf of bread i Hopes of removing toxic then they drank it in twin Valley woman died starting fire enveloped in flames while starting fire asthmatic seizure causes bathroom death Iowa eral will be held monday far Kathy of who was found dead on the Bath room floor at her Home thursday authorities said death Fol Lowed an acute asthmatic cars Lead Drivers into freakish situations 79yearold retired Norman county school teacher died Friday of Burns suffered when she attempted to Start a fire in the Kitchen stove at her Home the victim was miss Ida line who died in a hos Pital at about 114 hours after the authorities said miss who lived was Starling a fire in the stove when her clothing was enveloped in she ran into the Yard scream ing and neighbors extinguished the she was taken to Ada by Jimes Norman county said woman was charred from heir Lohr neck and and third degree Burns on Trie he said the House was not dam twin Valley is 24 Miles cast and 30 Miles North of miss Melaas was born in and had re sided in the twin Valley Community Many before she had taught in Rural schools in this surviving Are two Brothers and two Ida and May All twin Val workers today recovered the Dies of 11 miners killed late Fri Day when a Gas explosion trap de 25 men below ground in a mine straddling the Virginia West Virginia fourteen min ers were brought out of the col Liery uninjured shortly after mid Canvas was draped Over the carried out of 31 of the Pocahontas fuel Oil a Coal about 100persons looked on in Theli St Gray Light fan overcast the were in 500 feet Piny officials said ail men originally trapped by the were believed to lie accounted Amonate s in Southwest 20 Miles west1 of of the dead were re moved from Nirie through a West nearly three mile from the main entry Shaft survivors were brought tills was the second Trout explosion in mines in flip coalfields a february Gas explosion at i mine linear de but 37 families victims of fru Days blast names of ors not yet been William Sist Arit tothe president of Pocai Hontas fuel said bodies of three men wave reached about 4 the other eight were to hours plans were made to remove the bodies at one the blast trapped men Joy loading Aires an loading continuous mining area also the site Coal loading the visors were by Rescue workers the loading Section some Leet from where the Slother inc met the Rescue work painstaking As rescuers were forced to Inch their Way ions Siatt clogged filled with smoke and deadly they carried Gen tanks strapped to their officials said the mine w s known As a gaseous it was indicated that equipment to disburse the pres n varied quantities in All Washington Ameri cans drove themselves into some freakish situations in i a 62yearold Royal Oak in route to apply for a Drivers Sld swiped a Park Sercar and sheared off a Utility so her driving Days ended before they a 14yearold lass in Baton steered herself into a bit of making her first Sally in the family car she proceeded to score one sideswipe one broadside smash and one backup poke another she then got out and walked but the women Drivers didst Hoff the Zany at a Man who though is brakes might need checking found his suspicion to Correct when his car smashed throb Jofh Hie service station a 12yearold grand executive took a wrong turn at one night and found himself shooting Down the new 60mjlllondoliar Hampton roads his car was the first to Rii Ake the Honor that was o have been the governors a couple of Days la r truck Driver de Thompson of nerve to save his receipts from a had Bridge difficulties of another his assignment was to deliver a Jound statue of Simon Bolivar rom new York to a rip that normally fakes Aboul six it look Thompson four the it turned was too High to Clear several Low Span necessitating a Back Woods route to a Salt Lak City woman open her car so she asked a male passerby to lend a helping tried the key the woman sue go Slid he break he window to open the door from the twas done and inside she made the discovery the car want a vehicle of a different sort gave a woman a broken two Black eyes and facial she fell from a Speed ing tricycle by her three year old with so much of this sort of thing occurring on the ground the civil aeronautics Board decided last week this is no time to think of establishing passenger travel service info outer Spac Accord it turned Down Trie inter1 planetary application of terminal of fog hampers Europe travel fishing Hoat slams into Rocky Crew of five drowns a fog and rain plagued contral Europe hampering Holiday travel in a dozen nations and causing the death of at least five accompanied by warmer than Normal Lemport lures some Lay in great irregular patches from the Baltic sea to the Adriatic and from the English Channel to the Iron air lines were off the coast of the 120 ton fishing boat Cosco Jalas lost its Way in the and crashed against the rocks near the vessel Sank in less than two carrying All five Crew members to their throughout Yugoslavia Only one free of in Central Barge traffic on the main Rivers As Par Frank furl Airport had been closed for Moro than 24 hours and River traffic on the Rhine was used ent i Coal mines had failed to function properly and the accumulation had been touched off by a spark of unknown Fullarton said the families d the trapped miners had kept a Vigo at a two Miles from the disaster scene through most of the night but had been urged to return to their Homes Early this morning to await develop although Only eight men had been listed As working in the continuous loading company officials later discovered 11 men were some of the 11 might have been due for a Jay Oil today because of a per cent Cut in of toils of the Pocahontas fuel operators of the West Virginia said 531 of the 775 men employed at the of Erato online due to be Cut off because Ofa in Coal the 14 survivors were bounced in Good physical Condi Tion and we resent survivors said the concussion was worse than the blast it knocked the Sandwich out of a sri hand and knocked me of said Mitchell Harris of Cedar the blast was described by har Ris As just like a hot blast of there was no smoke and dust and a bad of their discovery some five hours Afler the first blast was the first Contact with the men during the time they were the men built two Canvas barricades for spent most of the five hour period Sil if some of those men didst said they should about were working in the mine at the time of the Des Iowa a William died in a fire in hts apartment officers said he apparently had been smoking in bed when the fire broke

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