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Cuero Record Newspaper Archives May 21 1972, Page 2

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Cuero Record (Newspaper) - May 21, 1972, Cuero, Texas Page 2 the Cuero record Sun. May 21, 1972 Tod has features us regains its Mastery Over soviet made migs president will visit Russia s finest cities same old tune by Iames o. I pc Khon Moscow up if the pro pram goes As originally scheduled president Nixon will visit the nation three finest cities during his trip to the soviet Union. But chances Are he will not see much of then. Both the soviet end american tides have predicted to it the trip will be for work no sightseeing and almost All of the presidents time will to spent in talk with soviet leaders and conferences with presidential aides. Still there will he a proper minimum of tourism and Nixon is scheduled to see the Best the soviets Hale to offer in Moscow Leni Norrad and Kiev. In Moscow the. Prev ident will live work and eat inside the nations most spectacular Edi i e the Moscow Kremlin. He will be a guest in the ornate Kremlin Palace quarters set Paulete for the country a highest ranking state visitors. A few minute a walk from the Palace he will be Only a few minutes walk from clusters of ancient onion domed churches that contain the remains of most russian tsars including Ivan the terrible. He the five or ars since he was last Here. After completing the bulk of his talks in Moscow Nixon is to be flown to Loni grand and Kiev where he will have an Opportunity for More sightseeing and less work. One of his ceremonial duties in Leningrad will he a visit to the Piskarev Skoye cemetery to place a Wreath in Honor of the half million War dead buried there. Thew and 1.5 million other died As a result of i ease starvation and artillery bombardment during the Sieg Quot of Leningrad. A return visit he will also have a Chance to i a a return visit to the sprawling Winter Palace where tsars lived in pre revolutionary Petersburg. The palaces Hermitage museum contain one of the world s great Art collections ranging from ancient egyptian artefacts to a stunning collection of French impressionists. I of the three a ties on his itinerary Kiev is the Only one that Nixon has not visited during i previous trips to the soviet i Nion. Kiev is the ancient capital of Russia pricing ten centuries ago by Warren ii. Neeson Washington up a in recent weeks the United states has suddenly regained its total air Mastery Over soviet made migs a Mastery gained in the korean War hut which had slipped noticeably during the Vietnam War. In the korean conflict american fighters Tore through the communist fighters Downing 795 migs while losing Only 113 planes in dogfights a 7-1 ratio. From 1965 to 1968, when the knifed states was bombing North Vietnam regularly Hanoi periodically sent her migs to Challenge the new generation of . Fighters. The United states continued to win out. Most of the time bagging 11q migs to Hanoi a score of 48 . Planes. However that loft the . Margin of superiority at Little he to tar than 2-1. Now the picture has changed radically. After three relatively quiet years Hanoi a air Terre in the past few months has reappeared in the skies to Challenge the Stepp a up . Bombing. In that time North Vietnam a mugs have shot Down Only four f4 phantoms and the phantoms have bagged advantage for the migs . 24 migs a 6-1 kill ratio. I training has put increasing Mig must fight emphasis on team flying in air Force officials said the which each Pilot is Rospo Sibl main reason the ratio has improved is that the migs Are no longer Able to pick and Rhoose their targets at Leisure. . Planes Are once again striking at their airfields and ground control radar Sites forcing the migs to come up and fight or watch their air Force be destroyed on the ground. Officials said the migs in Vietnam Are controlled by radar men on the ground. The radar controllers watch their own migs As Well As the . Phantoms and can guide the mugs when they choose through the a in generated by North Vietnam a humidity and Rice paddies and into the Blind sex it behind their american targets. A was Long As they can operate like that they have an advantage a one air Force officer said. A they know where i we Are we never know where. They Are until they fire a to counter the built in for watching another Pilot s Blind spot a that Ai Ca directly behind from which ail planes Are most vulnerable. By Ira fill screens another reason for the greater kills officials said is that last week there were s my massed air Battles with Largo numbers of planes swirling about in the air. The ground radar Man were unable to direct a Battle when their screens were filled with blips. Thus Hanoi a airmen lost their big advantage. Adding to the woes of Hanoi a sir Force k a. Planes recently destroyed the Center at Bach Mal where the War room dire Ling the air defense of North Vietnam was located. The importance of the radar men on the ground is believed to be one reason the kids have rarely ventured far from North vietnamese air space to Challenge . Aircraft elsewhere in Indochina. Will be Able to visit the state with the prof five Hank of the armory where the prize j Dnieper River guarding on treasures of Russia worry clinic by George w. Crane ph.d., m. D. N who gives a Hoot la by h. In Berner red foreign minister a does As he is told including i thrones Carriage and Diar my encrusted easter egg Are on Public display. His soviet hosts also can by r parted to take the presided on a tour of modern Moscow to show off vast suburban housing j n erts and new factory re plex a it will he Nixon s Kur h trip to Mosev and the let will he anxious to show what they have accomplished in ? de and a massive City Wall protecting the other. Remains j of the great Golden Gate of i Kiev still stand despite the ravages of time and repeated j in Anions. The City is filled mph i Hurches and the president. Undoubtedly will he shown the1 most spectacular of them. St. Re. Tet Claff asked me to Nej Cupy i pulpit in South Bend. While there he resealed the ingenious method which he employ to help raise the Money to meet the annual budget. It should work equally Well with other churches so study it with care. Pat see by guest columnist a. By. P. Vod is alive Sophia and the Kiev Pecher a Cap t-584 Herbert Tetslaff Chaya monastery atop the Steep. Is t in a tort pastor of St. Hills overlooking the City. Peters United Church of Christ. At South Bend Indiana. 1o= More dumbness. When he heard that i was to a a a address the Michiana Academy Timmy Clegg in town Friday of dentist All Day on monday with that million Dollar Grin. He invited me to occupy his pulpit in sunday. Pastor Tetslaff is from Werner Kaut a the troubles hardest to hear Are Ftp f Clergyman. Those that never come. An Ideal can spend on their children is time not Money want to thank or Jeff elder for taking time to Chat a Short time with us. We Hope that she will he that Good to us next time she see tis. Mrs. Howard Bennett started for Day off by putting us in a Good mood it is always Nice to have her listen to us. The Babel and Eddie Brown in town Friday. Strain at a gnat. Las vegas be. Up the state gaming control Board has denied a request from sky Meadows Tarrh a bad be Friday. Walter Fly in Bons of prostitution to Koenig beat Henry Luddecke install Slot machine or. Several games of dominoes Briard member Shannon by when Henry usually beat us Hee said gambling which is without any Effort. J Lagal in Nevada should not be a a a allowed in bordello which also Are Legal in Nevada because it would be for he did no to go right from High school to College and thence the Hest thin that Parent ,n, instead he went out into the Busine world and won his a Purs a a Suc a soul Salesman to. A Oij in Frrtz apr of salesmen. In fact he also occupied an executive put St in the office of a Wisconsin compan. With the years of practical experience behind him he then derided to enter the Seminary end Herr nip a pulpit minister. Boy to girl Friend mind if i turn off the Light freckle easily a i a girl with a wonderful profile All the Way Down is a Beauty this Quot internship a in our rugged a free Enterprise system is Ideal preparation for any Man who wish ? to handle a Parish. Otherwise such Pulpi Teers May degenerate into Mere sociology sprinters and anti establishment critics wha even espouse Street marching that often ends in riots window smashing and looting a Cdr. Crane a pastor tet Laff added a i have introduced a new plan for meeting our Church budget every year. A sin e we stress tithing and thus the giving of a certain percentage of earnings to the lord i a Quot a my parishioners to estimate How much they think they \ can c tribute to our budget for the coming year. A some May give 3% others 5% and a few May contribute i let or even More. A so i ask them to write the amount on a Small card and a i it n Teal the card in an envelope. A Fin the outside of the envelope the write their own name a then i place the e envelopes St,11 scaled in a Golden Box on the altar where the Box remain for the entire year unopened. A at the end of the year i then return All the envelopes to the owner and ask them to if their actual giving to our Church is what they originally promised. A thus Nolvida knows what Enyedy else has pledged nor do we ask any member to reveal his actual yearly earnings. A but from the pulpit i also request All our members write a duplicate estimate Small card and place them in the collection baskets unsigned a although these cards arc Anonymous they do reveal How Many folks Are planning to contribute 3% is. 7% or 10%, it. A and our treasurer then aver. Age All these Anonymous card estimates to find out approx Matey what our entire membership will give to the Church. A last year for example our parishioners pledged an average of 5.6% of their income to our local Church. A this year we Hope to reach 6%. A and we can roughly estimate the total combined earnings of our parishioners by comparing last years total income with that 5.6% figure a assuming that wages and salaries remain the same we 1 can thus predict quite closely i what our total contributions will amount to this year a since several clergymen have a ked me Alx it it Rev. Tetslaff�?T.? ingenious method i am releasing it nationwide today. P. A i have inst Learned that Rev. Tetslaff has suffered a fatal heart attack since my visit to his thur a always write to or. Crane in rare of this newspaper in closing a Long stamped addresses envelope and 25 rents to to i Over typing and printing costs a a Kwh n you Send for one of his b a inlets copyright 1972. Today so Don l give a Hoot award the fickle Finger of Fate goes to All the employees who fail to give their employers a full Day s work for a full Days pay. A a a she s the kind of Gal who spreads cheer wherever she does no to go. In in a hot air i used to make a balloon Rise i wonder How some people manage to stay on the ground. A a a you be reached Middle age when on who says yes in your dreams is a banker not a pretty girl. A fellow with a single track mind has to have the right of the Way before he ran proceed. By Peter i. Shah Moscow up a former Premier Nikita s. Khz Ushev once said of Andrei a. Gromyko a if i Tell my foreign minister to sit on a Block of ice and stay there for months he will do it without the dour Gromyko 62, h is been soviet foreign minister since 1957 because he does As he is told. Ile implements Kremlin policy never holds it. . Secretary of state Hilham p. Rogers counterpart is a meticulous statesman with a penchant for accuracy in details. Gromyko a career spanning ambassador ships in Washington London and the United nations has been built on avoiding mistakes. Let on to have to worry a with Gromyko you Don t have to worry a a Western it diplomats have been known to Carr Agre a when he says some-1 hit it thing you know you re getting official line and exactly tile average Man is More interested in a woman who is interested in him than he is in a woman any woman with Beautiful legs. A a a Ben b. Praust or. Be the Blore hair a Man loses he also ill Durra in fair ii second class postage paid at Cuero to. As _ hints prom Heloise by he obo c a i pen get Mory feb any Che my it will Sti look neat. Mrs. B w. Established in 1894 published each afternoon except saturday sunday morning and by Cuero publishing if. 119 e. Main Cuero Texas 7tim Telephone Sis 311 p. O. To Nai f r William k. Todd Kenneth h. Long. Mrs. Jack Howerton Donald l. Catherman h h. Berner. T. Grant Sorrell. Al g0nzai.esmiss Phylma Bush. Publisher president and general manager. View president a. Vice president. Advertising director. New editor mechanical superintended As t Secretary it office manager b my 01$ subscription rate Pally a sunday Home delivered by Carrier Ore year $16 f0. 3 r or us $1 of. I month $1 to. By mud in Dewitt Victoria Goliad Kame. A on Al Lavaca and Jackson counties one year $12.00, one month $1.00. Elsewhere in Texas one year $1100, one month $1.25 by mail in u. S. Outside Lexas one year $16.00, i month ,40. S Ini week edition sunday a wednesday by mail n Dewitt and adjoining counties. One year $5.00. 6 months $3 00. Elsewhere trap enc year $5.50, 6 months $3.50. Official Organ of Hie City of Cuero and county of Dewitt. /972 press association National advertising kit pre Enstatite a t exas daily press league inn. 960 Hartford bldg leis South texan pres association Southern newspaper publishers association United press International wire service dear Heloise Brace yourself duper idea when bed literally a r to it put together try morning Penally those with ii a cover 11si?, Here s the an i found i used a pair of boy x pander whore Thev Are sewn together in the Birk Kike out the ski train. And the results Are two traps with a clip on end. Clip the Ide of or Blanket about to a inches from the Bot Tom o the matter it n both elastic under the maitre and clip to the Blanket on the opposite Side a corresponding n inches from tile Bottom of the tied. It d tex not bind because the elastic Sti a Che you ran of course shorten on the adjustment part of the. Suspender thi would tit a twin Hod it it a a thin d Ulp by a is d mattress. If the mattress is thick you May need to add a Small pice of Eta fir or buy a pier of i Pend made for a boy Over 11 year old. I think you would Only need Oneff a a Quern is i or King sized bed the clip do n a show and Best of All you i it pull the covers so night which even a Young child can learn to do dear in i Havi fill Sugg that i of mine who n close my i then quid in that effect. And f a Shioi mild now. I six rav i Eves h Many i in your a like t help i limn share on my hair i d my breath Rue the room. I avoid after Joval Reader h in m he left n of laugh 11 r dear Heloise working wife a Holiday it ? 9 30 in the morning the washers washing the dryers drying the dishwasher going the Coffee a a perking tin so Reous playing the t Akes baking the letters in the mail Box the hair dryer humming and in a going to re la a of the phone is ringing l. A. M. Record right. Gromyko Heads the non policymaking team that will conduct parallel talks with j Roger and other . Official while president Nixon huddles with the Kremlin top leaders j besides Gromyko there will i have published the following be defense minister marshal before but several persons have Andre a Grechko flt a it in asked me for copies. Sol Trade minister Nikolai s just clip and save. I Pat Olicher and the chief the government negotiator at the per neg in my Shepherd the government is my Shep Jgr a Herd i need not work. A a a. A or it encouraged me to lie Down on a goof i Job. It Lead eth me beside the still factories. It destroyed my initiative and confiscated my earnings. It Lead eth me in the path of a parasite for politics Sake. Yea though i walk through the Valley of deficit spending i will fear no evil for the government is with me. Its social Security and it Price supports they Comfort me. It prom Seth an economic Utopia and appropriate the the earnings of my grandchildren. It fillet my head with the false Security of a dream world until my inefficiency run Neth Over. Surely the government will care for me All the Days of my life Ami i shall dwell in a fools Par Adise forever. Arms limitation talks Salt Vladimir s. Semenov. Gromyko was one of the youngest wartime ambassadors in Washington then became the Kremlin a postwar ambassador at the United nations where he earned the sobriquet a emr. N act Quot for his frequent vetoes. After a Brief St of is ambassador in London he became first Deputy foreign minister then foreign minister. Gromyko Speaks English precisely and we1. Gromyko Hie mellowed although hardly a Bui Lient Gromyko has mellowed from the grim unsmiling Acari he used in the cold h r Day he smiles often now and diplomats give him goad Mark for wry humor and Raemont Pership. Defense chief Grechko. 68. T x k command of the s met Arsenal five years ago after a stint As la a1 of Warsaw part r cd. Like Gromyko. He it out rather than forum Foj lilies ordered by the communist party leadership. Trade Minuter Batholith?�?~4 v. J i one of the chief soviet bar Ainee in the Trade talks Likely to play a key role in t e i nut. Ile Mas Bien Trade chief since 1958. Salt negotiator Semenov. 6h i i ii re Ufa minister of foreign Aff irs and ranks thud behind Gromyko and troubleshooter v Ltd v Kuznets die fir1 Deputy. Semenov also is i up enlist on Germany and the Middle East. R Springs a Friend it n me for lunch or snacks an i it s the old tuna Sandwich last minute resort. I a to that boiling r Oling and j a a a Ling eggs it Day i dumped a couple in the poach i t. I turned up the fire rather in hand i i them Cook until they were very firm then i set Tiu cups to c my while i Chopp d pickles Etc. Into the fridge will tile poacher f up t Roo some More by the Tim flu other mixture was ready the egg were Cool. My added to the i Coli tuna salad 5 than ten min dear this b for to idlers who love ire Cream on a stick i sit mine and her treat in her own tub and put them h the in our Bathtub. After she has enjoyed making her Somky me i just Wax ii Ber and the tub s. H. Up to in in to kids lit the up old Tore this column is written for you. The Housew Ife and homemaker of you have a hint or a problem write to Heloise i in care of this newspaper because of tile tremendous volume of mail up Hoise is enable to answer All individual Mimi letter. She will however answer your questions in her column a tuna and with whenever possible with hungry a a 5, too copyright 1072, Heloise i King feature by mph ate inc. V Jive by xxi unto others. A you would have them give unto you and >0111?. Of i he american red Cross. Cd a i not a Coati the i for the pc Ifcic food schedule subject to last minute program changes by station. I Bennel 4 Hou Channel 5 kens Channel 12 Sid Vav May 21. 1871 afternoon i too 1 30 ski Young Peoples concert Spca movie the invincible Gladiator Golf tournament the Memphis cd Assi it 4 00 i Abc Cham i in so p Auto racing 5 00 5 60 minutes 5 30 4 neg new with Carrick l by even Long imm 4 12 news weather sports survival news weather Sam its 6 30 4 5 u world of i Disney movie gentle controversy giant 7 00 4 the Fri 7 30 i Jimmy is Swart 8 00 4 12 Bonanza movie Morita i 8 30 5 cadets county 0 00 4 bold ones 9 30 5 american adventure to too 4 5 news weather sports news with Dan rather 10 30 4 a 12 Johnny Carson movie House of cards news weather sports i 00 12 movie 12 00 i men and ideas note of president Nixon trip i proceeding a planned. Regular programming May be preempted Lor special report

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