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Connersville Times (Newspaper) - July 20, 1910, Connersville, Indiana Quot it a s tory of Grau Park by copyright. 1909. By geor a Barr Mccur Cheon copyright. 1909, by Dodd Mead company catch Fox american lady at the Castle. I you should Soe Lier sir. Excepting 1 our dear i Princess Yetive cod rest i her soul she is the most Beautiful creature Graustark has Ever seen not i quite so grand As the countess Ingo Mede but fairer believe me. She is beloved by every one. She is to be married to tie count Vos Engo a find lad sir. Now she is Jionzo i Don t know what he will do. Suicide Mayhap quot quot do you know the great count mar Laux quot demanded of a sudden thought. The Mau faced him at the mention of the name a suspicious gleam in his eyes. Quot count Marland quot he snorted. There was us Luis Takuie tiie angry scowl. Quot Are you friends of that Snake if you Are. Pm it ii of my quot iles in i i. Iii quot Eric i Truxton. Quot Tali Boti Ivy Ruli of came . F men in i quot a coach of storse., nil it Turos Maui i v All ids by i Oyagi guard. Torn In til a Ilia a Trike in i iii ii in ii Phalanx of Liy i gild iii Fantry a id triad. The great. lis half i Covo of is i in it Fry beneath a if Green surrounded on Priidu iii moors of the two carriages from Tho in ceded the princ quot a Lirar were tie let like of Porse the 3a rot the Oer 0 k and Elliree fellow members of tie second contained 1 and Ceneria Braze ii Ranii s in ii ouse at the Cor i Clio s Piare parted gently. A quot id Man peered out upon i to tvs. Iti i Black eyes Are a it Cene. A grim smile crept t i or. the quot or a a a a y rho win a. A in -., a grate a i i it . Then Eie Nii a a �1 pm i i a f in won der of Ivic. No a a Lorn in a. In it c of lies us "�1 ills a my ii in into a smile of a a a a a she k i Ith understanding Luck and a i or ills o of n iii r i i i journeys ini ii Hijii a and rent la i i j iii is yes list nol i a be Siisi of a Laidlow a aug it Daliis urn ii Stoep allow he Intsiful his no is the Loverl Tivey i red Uliey werely hence he leaped o his feet wit ii u startled shout of alarm Ith i Antic Energy he pulled to it pen the r. For a min i Ute Fie stared at the scudding Walls of Stone so close at hand a comprehend Jingle. Then the truth burst Nizhni him with the Force of a mighty blow. He j staggered Back Liis jaw drop ing his i eyes glaring. I quot great god Loraine we re going we re moving quot he cried hoarsely j she shot to her feet and lurched to his Side. Quot Don t fall out quot she almost shrieked. I suddenly the train shot out into the a open farm up altered Valley. Truxton fell Back Dumarc ended. Quot the Nii Witry quot he t Ciui sued. Quot we be been Carrion a a in. God in heaven the Prince he is lot quot a is be Side i inc if Ragi iii like a Nia Indian. Lie had soi to d to her Liat he nest get Back to the i ity. Quot Yon a Torild lie killed quot she cried clutch Linig his Arm fiercely. Quot you never can Nino. Truxton. Selt Huw to Are running. If you jump i shall follow. 1 won t go on alone. I am As Nuich to blame As a Small Sianii ii flew by. Quot Konn. Seven in lie looked at her in Des Muiir. Quot we re Gnant faster and faster quot he grated. Just then his gaze alighted on the pathetic breakfast. He stared As if hypnotized. As he going mad an instant later he was on his hands and slept n and icy a a a i v a a Liv i i Giuld he stay Here to is Oil Iva King hour to. He would surrender iii apartment to them. Softly to tiptoed to his own Corner al if the car. Lie gathered up his belongings an ancient violin Case a 3tont walking stick a goodly sized Laci iii c in Gaudy cloth a Well Worth Jirair of sandals with Long frayed lacing. A gently he stole Back Tatj he door. He a kiss to tie sleeping girl his dark Gypsy face aglow with admiration and mischief and was about to blow out the Light of his Candle. Then he changed his mind. Tits a determined shake of his head Iua a new Flash of the Eye. He calmly a a quot Arr and began to open his rugged pack. St last his Small store of food Lay expos ii. Without hesitation to divid a cd Ali i pieces of sni oked Venison give iii ico part to himself two to the Levi cars then the Miller s bread and the it Heese and the bag of dates to had to Ouight be Day before. Again he Mew a to the prettiest girl he had Ever seen. his Aii Ilc. Ill irl Ppd to the ground and a ius it. Ii. I i a again st All spying in and him at the wii Arf . Coming to a it ii the iii Irsic i on lis die Resi Giliati a Early Lac Loi Gitig Alan st a is in far off j a Guj examining the mysterious feast. She joined him at once. No two faces Ever before were so puzzled and perplexed. Quot by heaven quot he exclaimed quot i see it All i we be been deliberately shanghaied we be been bottled up Here and shipped out of town. Don t touch that stuff it s Kijik Jalily full of Poi Bon. Great Scott what a Clever gang they Are quot or Hereupon he proceeded to kick the Uno fending breakfast out of the car door. To their dying Day they were to believe that the food had been put there by agents of the great conspirator. Quot hello quot said he. Quot we re slowing he looked out and ahead. Quot there s a Bridge Down the Road a bit yes. There s our same old River they re running blow for the Bridge. We can swing off Loraine. Now s our Chancel quot the train was barely creeping up to the Bridge. Lie class red her in the Strong Crook of his loft Arm Slid Doorn to a sit that position Ani body himself of the Are Ding on his foot. Sta a. Forward with Ali i a Petus lie in Vecei Ved fallen exc Sharp gro11empty Fiat car is lie seated Edge and Anda al about devouring All tie who a cd sting a Peiling glances to vat d the Cir but one. Busy lit Lio er4lm Bei Aii cd digging about ilie Yards i he rail Oad at least was ii Ling s inc sins of life. Down thro Ulii the Mae of sidetracks whisked tie Little train out upon the main line with a thin shriek of greeting the freight houses it was to a that sir Vagabond sat up 7cry straight a look of mild interest in his . Interest gave Way to , i Eri levity to concern. Liat s this leaving the City lie wasted no time. A stitching his belongings to Hia Side he vaulted from one hand nimbly Tonding safely on his feet at the Roadside. He thought of the pair la the empty suddenly to stopped his Chin up his hands to his sides. A Hearty peal of laughter soared from ids lips. The joke was on them. It was Rich. The More he thought of their astonishment on Awakening the More he laughed. Hia immense levity attracted attention. Four or five men approached him from the Shadow of the freight houses ugly unsmiling Fellows. They demanded of him the cause of his unseemly Rah the. With tears in Hia merry Black eyes he related the plight of the pretty slumber ers. They plied him a with questions. He described the couple even glowingly. Then the sinister Fellows smiled a lore than that they Cla Ped each other on the Back and swore splendidly. And so it was that the news spread Over town at 5 o clock that Truxa King was where he could do no harm. It was Well known that the train a would make forty Miles an hour Down the Steep Grade into the lower Valley. When Truxton King first awoke to the fact that they were no longer ljipi0 motionless in the dreary Yards a i r 1 i y of of t. A Rcd Lofair. T it the anxiously. L. Ing thi re us a r. I quot Corne a a quot lie Back til of quot i out a he in i can i Iera in to Val by in i u Ron Fol m quot lean 0 a me cried. Rest or Little cry of to i Ause l him Koloj up from the Swol Len ankle which he was regarding with dubious con was approach my Cem. An of cart from the West. Quot a ride quot she cried joyously. They stopped the cart and bargained for a ride to lion. The Man was a Farmer slow and suspicious. He a go. Quot the country s full of evil men Ai women those Days quot he demurred. Quot be bides 1 have a heavy enough Load a it is for my i oor miss Tuths conducted the Nego tons. Quot we Are bound for . C. You get us there in tvo hours quot quot with beasts poor thin. Never quot quot it will be Worth your while Hundred Savvos if you carry us to place where we can secure Quick a in tim it it she won him Over agreed to carry them along the w in at his Best Speed until they came i with better beasts or reached the City . They climbed up to the Seal and the tortuous journey began. The Farmer Trotter beside the wheel nearly All of the Way. Decanting warmly in painful English on the present condition of things in the Hills. Quot the rascals have made Way with the Beautiful miss Tullis. She is the a a too s Sermon by Charles pastor Brooklyn Tabernacle. Too a a a him who must get five a come i pc s Lashin i quot i the a Road i Telegram i They k i been r. L a 7 o Csc in of c the Cit far up to it that t draw to ing Nea \ r. Near a die re Ler i and Why we e cd quot idler to Fanner of. A a a. _ to there it twin g a a a t lion to or had since i e. Caie in sigh r. Of Road. Americans a iwo Ekin. Them by i i it read of com i. I still open it of Curry to i i a iii ale hash of dismay thai he and Loraine would be recognized and ini Erc it Pineil by Marland watchers. It a she vim had tie solution. They Nii Vail succeed in passing the gales if they hid tie selves in tiie lied of the Ciri. Underneath the thick Canvas covering. The Farmer lifted the cloth and they crawled Down among the melons. Quot to the Tower quot cried the anxious Truxton. Quot impossible quot shouted the Farmer. Quot the streets Are roped off. And the crowds Are too i quot then let us Cait As near to the Tower As possible quot cried the other. Quot Here we Are quot cried the Driver a few minutes later pulling up his half dead Osen and leaping to the ground. Off an Alloy they hurried. They came to the crowded Square a few Lum utes Hier. To it a othe dral i Inte to in a al it a i ,. Afr the Catassi Roulic h or nta a place. J hey Vei. A a time. Ever where they heard a vices . Out that the Prince v. As coming. Quot Groat god quot cried Truxton st i Ping suddenly and pointing Tiem bling band to a spot across the Street. Quot there she is at the Corner Stop her quot he had caught sight of Olga Plata Nova. The first Row of dragoons was already passing in front of her. Less than 200 feet away rolled the Royal coach of Gold. Quot an anarchist quot shouted King hoarsely. He looked like one himself. Quot the bomb the bomb Stop the Prince quot colonel Quinnon recognized this bearded uncouth figure and the flying terrified girl at his heels. King was dragging her along by the hand. Quinnon alone prevented the dragoons from cutting Down the pallid madman who stumbled blindly toward the coaches beyond. Quot Stop the coach quot cried King. Panic seized the crowd. Olga Plata Nova stood alone her eyes wide and Glassy staring As if petrified at the face of Truxton King. He saw the object in her waver Uii hand. A Plain White faced Farmer in a Smock of Blue was crossing the Street with mighty Bounds his eyes glued upon the Arm of the frail terrified anarchist. If he could Only arrest that palsied Uncertain Arm but she hurled the Boniti her hands going to hot r eyes As she fell upon her Knees. Xvi. The throwing of the Lilyh. The scene that followed beggars All n. A score of men and horses Lay writhing in the Street others crept away screaming with pain human fish and that of animals Lay in the path of the frenzied panic stricken Holiday crowd blood mingled with quot the soft mud of Regen Getz circus Slimy Slippery ugly Olga Platanova there was nothing left of her we draw a veil across the picture of Olga Platanova after the bomb left her hand. No one May look upon the quivering shattered thing that was once a living Beautiful woman. Down m an Alley below the Tower a trembling worn team of oxen stood for a Day and night awaiting the return of a master who was never to come Back to them. God rest his simple soul Truxton King picked himself up from the Street dazed bewildered but unhurt. The revolutionists had begun the assault on the paralysed minions of the government. He looked Back toward the gory Entrance to the circus. There was Marland mounted and swinging a Saber on High. Ahead was a Niass of carriages filled with the White faced palsied prey from the court of Graustark. From somewhere near the spot where Olga Platanova fell came a harsh penetrating command quot Cut them off Cut them off from the Castle quot to by Straw Hata. Straw hats began to be worn in America about 18u0, the first importations being of the Palm Leaf variety. Sunday july 10.�?pastor Russell of Brooklyn Tabernacle new York preached today from the above text. He said in part a in order to a Telesc Ojie to advantage we need first to obtain a proper focus on the object to be examined. And so it is with the divine plan and purpose. Looking at it with the Eye of Faith through the Telescope of god s Avord adjustment of the Fortis is necessary this focusing of the word Christian people in the past have very Gem Aliy overlooked. As a result the divine i Lan has a blurred and indistinct appear twice to our sight. Tie Vario is . Symbols Tyi ios ale orig s and a Ilain statements of the Sci i Tures without this focusing together make a very unsatisfactory and Nouh script matter of the gospel of Christ one that is unsatisfactory to Everyl Ioil one that the Learned of Ouin Day repudiated i Iliria Lye an ambiguous collation that is a source of vexation to millions of god s consecrated Jie Ople. The Dilli culty is that the Telescope was Tammie red with during the dark Ages and the proper focus was lost. Since then Christian people have feared to readjust it. They have gloried in the fact that they never changed the focus. However they have overlooked the fact that some one else did it for them Long ago and that the unsatisfactory View we have gotten is the result of this and is entirely out of Accord with the Clear and Beautiful vision of god s Grace and truth and mercy and love and Wisdom and Power As seen by he apostles in the Early Church. International Bible students association. Some of us dear friends instead of throwing away the Telescope of the word of god. Are taking pleasure in cleaning the lenses of the dust of the dark Ages and adjusting the focus by a careful Endeavor to speak where the word of god Speaks and to be silent where it is silent and to bring As the apostle suggests our every thought into Captivity to the will of god in Christ As outlined in the Bible. The result we All can testify is not Only comforting but Hap pitying not Only enlightening but refreshing. Truly As the apostle suggests we have come to times of refreshing from the presence of the and All this we perceive is exactly what the scriptures foretold namely that a falling away and darkening of the understanding would follow tie death of the apostles but that in the end of the age the darkness would begin to scatter before the oncoming Light of the Sun of righteousness in the morning of the new dispensation of Messiah s reign. In Accord with All this note the fact that for centuries we have been overlooking certain scriptures while accepting others. We accepted the apostle s statement in our text respecting the reconciliation of the Church but we overlooked entirely other scriptures which speak of a still different reconciliation quot god through Christ reconciling the world unto himself quot 11 corinthians v. Lit. We should have noted the difference Between the Church and the world in this and Many other passages of scripture. We should have remembered the lord s words. Quot be Are not of the world even As i am not of the we should have seen that the salvation and reconciling of the Church is one thing and the salvation and reconciling of the world is quite another thing that these Are two Dii Ferent Salvu ious the first to heaven in. Spiritual conditions and joint heir ship with Christ in his Ivin Giom the other loan earthly inline Rilance. To earthly perfect Lou and life everlasting and an Eden that is to be world wide a Paradise restored god s Footstool made glorious. God s purposes to be accomplished. Nevertheless nothing has been lost. No feature of the divine plan has been thwarted for these two Salva a tons do not Progress at the same time. During this gospel age none Are i saved nor desirous to be saved except j those quot drawn of the father quot quot called of these have been privileged to approach god through the Sou. Whose name is quot the Only name Given under heaven or amongst men whereby we must be save Ltd quot cts in 12. Only those who take up their Cross and follow the Lamb through evil report and Good report faithful unto death can now be spirit Begotten in the resurrection. These will be spirit born members of the lir de of Christ the Lamb s wife and joint heir with him in Hia kingdom. It does not matter to the remainder of Mankind that they have been allowed to remain in ignorance of the great fact that god is about to pour out upon humanity a great Blessing about to i our out his holy spirit Tipon idl classes about to establish the kingdom of his Dvir son for which we Pray. Quot thy al Udom come quot about o cause the e of the lord to ill the whole Earth about to give to every son and daughter of Adam one full fair righteous Opportunity to Conie to quot be be reconciled to god quot text quot you that were sometime alienated and enemies in your mind by wicked works yet now hath he reconciled quot colossians i 21. A knowledge of tie truth that they May be saved. If the knowledge of god s Grace has proven to be a grand glorious inspiring message to the sanctified in Irist Jesus the Church of this Gosiel be called to the heavenly calling will not the message of reconciliation to the world in due time bring to the world Comfort Joy Blessing As they shall be invited to the earthly portion to full restitution to Lisman perfection to All that lost by i Adam and that is to be recovered by i the sacrifice of teens. No wonder the i scriptures assure us that the night of i weeping is nearly Over and the morn Jing of Joy already dawning no won a der the apostle declares that quot the i whole creation Gro Aneth and Trava Ileth j in pain together quot and that they Are quot availing for tie manifestation of the sons of god quot i rom. Viii l2, 10. The work of this gospel age has been the calling the testing the proving the fitting the polishing of these sous of god for the glorious heavenly state to which they have been called. The apostle or jes that however Humble the position of god s saints in the present life quot we know Liat when he shall appear we shall be like him for we shall see him As he when he shall appear in his glory we also shall appear with him. When he shall reign As the King of Kings and lord of lords when to him every knee shall Bow and every Tongue confess the elect Church his Bride will be with him in his throne sharers of his glory and participants in his work the work of and uplifting the world reconciling the world to god. Calvin and Knox Wesley and Whitfield. Calvin. Knox and others of the reformers. May then see. Wei e Luite right in their insistence that none at the present time Aie in a recoil i condition toward a id e cent to Ltd con Para Tivey few of our race to e s i irs these turn from sin to Rig i e u a. Turn from Dixoie Ilia e to i in consecration and in id the Merit of the redeemer Are .�?��?�.ee,.a, As probationary members of e Church. If faithful they will Slio Rily in the quot first constitute the Church of glory the Bride the Lamb s wife and lout Mieir. Brothers Wesley. Whitfield and others were also right in their proposition that god was not Content with electing merely a saintly handful but surely loved the whole world and would surely give to every member of the race a full Opportunity to come to a knowledge of Christ and to seek a share in the Merit of his sacrifice for Sius and an Opportunity for life everlasting. Those dear Brethren contended earnestly with each other Over their differences the one upholding the doctrine of election the other contending for the doctrine of free Grace. Now we see that both were right now we see that the election Lelous to this gospel age and to the High calling to the divine nature and that in an age following this free Grace toward All of the race of Dan will prevail. Quot the knowledge of the lord shall fill the whole Earth quot quot every knee shall Bow and every Tongue then those who under the Rule and assistance and uplifting influences of the quot elect quot will come into Harmony with the divine Law will be blessed with full reconciliation to god and eternal life on the human planet in Paradise restored while the intelligently per Erse instead of being everlastingly tortured As we had supposed will As the apostle says be punished with everlasting destruction 11 thessalonians i 9. Quot hallelujah what a Savior quot from this viewpoint the glory of our redeemer and the glory of our heavenly father Are multiplied a million times. Our redeemer not Only is to be the Savior of the quot Little his Church his Bride on the spirit plane of glory but additionally through the Agency of his millennial kingdom he is to be the Savior of the world. He quot tasted death for every Mau quot As the scriptures declare and. As they express it. Quot he shall see of the Travail of his soul and be satisfied quot Isaiah lii. 11. Who could suppose that the Savior would be satisfied with the result of Bis labor if Only about one in a million As members of his Church reach the heavenly glory land who in our Day could for a moment believe the suggestion of brother Jonathan Edwards the great new Longland preacher who declared that the lord and his saints would together look Over the battlements of heaven at their neighbors and friends and children suffering an eternity of untenable torture at the hands of demons and Tiern around and Praise god the louder on this behalf poor brother Edwards had we believe but a Synill ctn Cep ton of divine Justice and divine love. And his Dii Lichy was that he did not see what is now so distinct and Clear to Bible students namely that the Bible Ilell to which All humanity goes is not a Ilace of torture nor of consciousness at All Hilt the grave sheol hades the Toibb. Instead of Christ and the saints praising god because of the tortures of the poor groaning creation thei Vine program shines resplendent showing us that tie lle Deemer and Church will for a thousand years engaged in a missionary work of Sublimes and most Gigantic Ehara tei a a work not Only for a living remnant of the race but the which will elude in its Blessing All the thousands of millions of humanity under the divine sentence quot the Mages of sin is truly the scrip ures declared As the heavens Are higher than the Earth so Are god s ways higher tha Man s ways and god s plans lol Itier Thau Man s conceptions. Notice next the context. St. Paul after mentioning Christ As the head of the body the Church who is the first Begotten the first lion from the. Dead that in All things he might have the pre Eminence adds. Quot for it pleased the father that in him should All fullness dwell quot and that after having made a Leace through the blood of his in s him to reconcile All things unto a i i \ Lff i Oil the things in Earth and Ali Ilius in leave ii quot colossians i. 18-20. 1 a be apostle indicates the great scope of t a nisus work As it shall be eventually finished. He is appointed of the father to establish peace and righteousness throughout the universe. But lie has not yet accomplished All of this. He has Only begun. He has died for the sins of the world As Well As for the sins of the Church. But he not be offered to Justice the satisfaction for the world s sins lie first Aripe is before god As the great Advocat it for the elect Church quot called quot of god in Advance to to quot the Bride the Lamb s note How the apostle expresses this thought in our text Verso 21. The Church first reconciled. Quot and Yon. That were sometime alienated and enemies in your mind by wicked works yet now hath he reconciled in the body of his flesh through death to present you holy in Lamable and in the father s sight if be co Maue in the Faith quot Etc. Who Are these and Why Are they reconciled in Advance of the Lek Simier of the world brought in Adaa. Into Fellowship with the father by tie redeemer As his Bride these were l y nature quot children of Pratlie Ai by nature they l ii i ated and enemies in their Mia l by wicked works. They were unlike Iise redeemed. Who was quot holy h a Kilts and in defiled and separate toni is i ners quot Why a a quot a i l god s Grace specs Illy come to this class to us who Are of tie Chni cd of Christ quot accepted in the beloved quot one wha did vie a or could be do to contribute to this favo of god bestowed upon is. The apostle assures us further al Ai i the same line that the elect Church by nature Vas not Superior to the world from which if was selected. He declares that it contains vat Many great not Many Learned not Many Rich but chiefly the poor of ibis world Rich in Faith Many of t nem ignoble As respects birth Ai natural advantages of heredity. Difference Between these and others was first that they had quot an in to hear quot the divine message. Sometimes this hearing ear came to them through sorrow and tribulation. In their weariness and heaviness they heard the master s voice quot Combe unto me. Allye that labor and Are heavy Laden and i will give your st quot Matthew i 28. They heard this voice while some of their neighbors More favourably situated heard it not. But a still further Blessing came to them As they responded and Drew near to the lord by Faith and i Ayer. Desiring to come nearer and nearer they strove to put away All flu Hiness of the flesh sin in its every form the while realising that they could not cleanse themselves. Then it was that the master informed them of the terms upon which they might join his Church a quot the body of Christ which is the they must make full consecration of themselves to god and to righteousness even unto death. They must do this with a full understanding that it would take them out of Touli with the world and the spirit of the world while bringing them into closer relationship with the father and with the son. They were assured that if they thus presented their Little All to god in the redeemer s name and Merit this great redeemer would serve them As their adv Peate with the father and impute to them a Suflow Clency of the Merit of his sacrifice to make Good the deficiencies of their flesh. Thus Only could the father accept their sacrifice of the earthly nature and All of its rights and beget them with his holy spirit to joint help shop with their redeemer in All the glories and honors and blessed services for the world in his kingdom of glory which is to be set up As soon As this gospel age shall have finished its work of gathering out of the world the elect. Let it not be forgotten in this connection that when the world shall be reconciled to god in the future the blessings of that reconciliation will come to them while still in their fallen state to assist them to the recovery of All that was lost in Adam. Hence our influence even with the worldly should be to encourage them towards As High Stii Edards of righteousness As possible knowing that whatever they May attain in the present life will be that much of an advantage to them in the future life and that in proportion to their degradation will to their difficulties in connection with their restitution to perfection. So then godliness is profitable not Only for the life that now is. But also for that which is to come not Only for the saints who Hope to be of the quot Little flock quot and associated with Christ in his kingdom but also for the world of Mankind whose Hope is to be blessed under that reign of righteousness and it uplifting influences. /

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