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Columbus Daily Herald (Newspaper) - January 6, 1891, Columbus, Indiana J i in number 2598 even a a no Zaky 6, 1891.stillfighting.Battle in Progress near the Pine Ridge of Tail obtainable tie hostile refuse to listen to further talk of peace. Took the oath. George w. Peck ii now Gore Roar of Wisconsin. Alarming Karo its. Of a a nib., j an. -6.�?a disastrous Liettie is reported As bit if in Progress within three Miles of Pine dire. Nothing Dutt Nite has been Learned As yet. Omaha neb., Ian. 6.�?a special from Bushville neb., says heavy Cann Nading has been Goin on North of Here but no news of a Battle Lias yet by a in re a lived. The Omaha a turds who volunteered to Weir services have been ordered to hold the Insi lives in readiness to move to the front Alliey Are in Fine form and have a Catling a Quot attached to the Coin Riband. Omaha nob., Jan. 6.-�?specials from Gordon neb., say that two scouts just arrived there coi Ilijin the rept it of a Battle saturday. The first reports were to the erect that a Battle Wais raging a Abonit ten Miles Northeast of quit Lon. The booming of Cannon a Ould be heard distinct la. Everybody is under arms and the wildest excitement exists. The fight was Between the indians and a detachment Cut out by Jeneral Miles from Rosebud Agency to Bury the dead indians killed at wounded knee Battle on december 29. The hostile Sioux objected to the burial of their dead by the Pale faced foe and opened fire. After desperate and Sharp firing of the Hotchkiss gun they were forced to re Iam to the Protection of the Friendly ravines. No deaths were rep it Rte a. Pink Ridge s. A. Via Bushville veb., Jan. 6.�?the Indian army is working itself into a fury dancing the ghost dance and preparing for a big Battle. Hundreds Are crazy in their excitement and ready for any thing Jeneral Miles letter was burned and answer sent that they did not want to hear any peace talk but were ready and anxious to fight. Their Host numbers Over 4,000, a Large proportion belonging other agencies. The Pine Ridge indians Are More Friendly than any of the rest. Shots were tired by the pickets at intervals All saturday night. Two fire arrows were thrown into Yards Fri it a adjoining ravines but no damage done. Peace talk will a Eio plish nothing with these frenzied juicers. They will fight to a the death. Malf Breeds and Squaw men Are leaving for the Railroad saying that they know what is coming and Don t or impose to remain. This War will not be ended except by one of the bloodiest in the history of Indian warfare , nelt., Ian. 0 special to the journal from i in i in let a confirm the report of an Ngai on int l i to Voen Jeneral s command and Tho indians on w Liilo River. I1 is l clip v gtd no one was iii cd. Hum Ali my ral indians were a uni Riik d an Indian i on rior brings a in a Spiro from tie hostile Camp thu Sii i a stance of Liidi is a demand Liat All soldiers with draw from tile locality and Fin incr that Uliey will treat Willi no one flt in pea eur but tie vice a resident. Or thu Lin led sinus of tie commissioner of Indian Alvars this came direct from the hitherto suppose Ltd Friendly it to if lied Cloud. Moving hails ei>n1inuc to scorn the country in the Vul icily of Pine Ridge. A Man named Miller formerly a government Henri a was Torind five Miles from the Autney ins body riddled with bullets. Many persons coming in Tell of narrow escapes. The Indian training school at Tine i Ridge burned Friday nil rat. Fio of life resulting. The refugees admit that the number of indians killed in the White Clay Bat be of tuesday was Large. The effect of the ghost Dancs is Reen in the fact that the indians make no attempt to remove their dead i oin the Battlefield or to care for the wounded. Their idea is that every one who is killed or Dies from his wound is in big Luck and will turn into Buffalo Etc. Stand Reg Rock Agunoy. N. I. Jan. 6.�?on the Issue of rations saturday it was discovered that a Large number of the Bucks who received their supplies Here had disappeared and on close questioning of tie Friendly indians the of dict came out that they had gathered together that rations they could conveniently carry of their ponies and moved sout Hward toward the several hostile bands making a stand in the i5ad lands. It can not be Learned How Many have deserted the Agency but a count of those in for rations indicates that t Here Are from 8,00� to 13,000 of Tjiema. Armed with Winchester and knives. A movement is already on foot to round them up before Uliey join the Southern bands but it is believed they a have sufficient Start to be in the hostile Camp before the naval re can overtake them. The Savages know the Hill country thoroughly and doubtless have guides from the Camp of two strike we Short Bull. The indians Here openly charge the Whites with treachery in the killing of Bull and say they would As be shot Down on the Battle Field Lang tiered in peace even the in have professed the greatest for the great father Are restless and it is hourly to they will go to War in a would be a serious matter 3�� Are nov Verv few soldiers at t on l a Ieie to project the Whites in this Vicinity. , Jan. 6.�?a reporter called the attention of the commissioner of Indian affairs to the report from Pine Ridge saying that general Miles had recommended the removal of the Indian agents at Pine Ridge and other places and to the statement that the indians were slowly starving simple ceremonies to death. The commissioner said a at so far As the agents were a nce med there was no Evi Dence that there had been any dishonesty on their part in distributing supplies. He said he was preparing for pub attend the inauguration of the Badger state s democratic executive. To Vurnor pack in8tali.bi>. Map son wis., Jan. 6�?the second cation a full statement of the amount i socratic governor of which Wifton of supplies voted by Congress and a us tribute to the indians. The commissioner has submitted to the president a statement covering the question of the charge made that the agreements the the indians have not been Ful Fred. Omaha neb. Jan. 0.�?three companies of militia from Interior towns were sent morning to Ltd defend the towns near the Sioux Indian reservation Mason City la., Jan 0.-the sith regiment. Iowa National guards the strongest in the state. Ct>lone1 Benton commanding has been Otil Rcd to hold itself in readiness to March to the Frontier for service against the indians. Kvashin it i n. Jan 0.-the report of the Relief of Colond Forsythe of his command of the seventh cavalry by general Miles which has been telegraphed East from unofficial sources is confirm it d at the War department. The officials. However show a Decio led disinclination to talk Alm it it the asks for Aid. The Iri it pc re it re to Rwjr Conrey its that ii Chu not i or veil Nuiry Rizik in Krin. Lono Kvvian. A a the Karl of Zetland Viceroy of Ireland and or Hilf tar the chief Secretary have signed a declaration As to the condition of poverty prevailing in the West of Ireland they describe the condition As chronic in some districts and state that if no Aid reaches the people the situation will develop into great did Tress during the Winter and Spring the declaration lavs soms stress upon the fact that there is to resident Gentry or substantial Middle class in the sections referred to. Through whom employment can naturally be afforded. Ali arc Are also no charitable Organiza trims to minister to the wants of those in Abl to help themselves. The a a cation is not whether Money or Othet Aid so undo Lee Given but How it should he Given to what class and for what special purposes the signers further dwell upon the importance of Cai Eft i of Siderati m As to the character of the distributive agencies in order Eliav. The Relief May l e properly Given and not . To bestow help recklessly May infest whole with the vices and of professional mend Cancy in a plan of Relief caulk is ,Ary in fat ruler in l to interfere with the system of Relief thro Iseli c str Yeti n of Light railways an Ltd other ii it As res of assistance. The con Cin Sions reached let i he Sili piers a ire that Charity on Jilin. To be Given to families who have no let Lel Odin d member among to lick and to Iid providing meals at school for children attending Anil that clothing a Lionel let a furnish cd for child in it is ats it i i immense Ltd that there l e a single distributing authority. Senator Hoar beaten. The a Section Bui nil the measure Taucan i p. Washington. Fan 6 in the Senate senator Hoar mass moved to Taue up the election Bill. Senator Stewart Nev antagonized it with a motion to take no the Republican caucus financial measure a vote was taken on senator Stewart s motion and resulted yeas i 4 nays a i the Silver men including senator Allisonii la voted in favor of it. As did also the democrats. So the financial measure was taken up in preference to the Federal ele it rations Bill. Sin has been Able to in thirty years has been inaugurated to succeed governor Iloan. The Gnu it Erato rial party left Milwaukee at an Early hour occupying the private. Car of president i Hughitt of the Northwestern Road. In accordance with the desire of the incoming gov Emot the Georoe w. I kick. Ceremonies were of the simplest description and for first time in Many years the inaugural was disc it inset with. On arriving in Madison the governor to dec was met at the depot by the committee of arming rants headed by mayor by Ashford of this City and was escorted no the Hill to the state House by an immense procession with music and Bunting galore. After a Short wait or. Peck and the various state officers elect were escorted to the Assembly Chain iter where the oath of office was administered by chief Justice Cole. They then returned to to Weir respective of Kerr where informal receptions were held. The Transfer of state funds was made by sex treasurer Harshaw to treasurer Lunner. The Cash on being counted amounted to 401.87, which Vas or. Har Shaw s Cash balance january 1. There was also timed Over to the new treasurer Over $9,000,000 in Bonds for the various Trust Quot funds. These imms Are drawing interest All the Way from 4 to 8 per cent., and every Penny of interest has been collected on them up to january 1. Dmitri of my 4b lawyer. Wash Notow. Jana Randolph Coyte. Assist Ami United states District attorney died Here sunday aped a years of pneumonia or Coyle framed the indictment of Gnit Ean for the murder of president Garfield. This indictment has been regarded Ever Sinee As a wonderfully Complete one and was said to be absolutely without a Loop Hole. Mneri a altering to Ireland. Loudon Jan 0�?another English War vessel. The Trappier has arrived on the we St coast of Ireland with a cargo of potatoes Foi the starving people. A great Deal of suffering is reported. Even the diseased potatoes now being exhausted a he Ivy of a uttry. Michigan cite. And Tan 6.�?l. Willson amp co. Lumber i Alcor a. Have made an assignment the liabilities Are estimated at s1.=>0.p00 assets Sio of. The Home creditors Jire Eli Rcd the outsiders find very litle in sight a is the Woi St failure Micili gym City has Ever . Bits Eit Jasa Atta Vasati pm Rob of Fth ate to. A a Hor fior Many on the Danube. Breaking of skitter to i Erish by the the Lee. Perth. Fan. 6.�?while an enormous crowd of Holiday makers were themselves on the inc covered surface of the River Han n he. Between Buda and i , the ice after a series of alarming Crai Kling reports said thinly gave Way in several places a t,orril>1e panic vill wed among those who Wigt re upon the River a Manber of people fell into the water and Vogt re drawn i incr Llie ice we cd were incur a a Noigh to it i scape. Assisted l y others upon the Shore did Llu it utmost to Leschik inc endangered put Ople the it of the is not in oven Bill Many Pelt in be Are report missing and Aie Liflie Vid Loline. Tuen it Rov Ned Rte Ith of Ketly it Kirl. . Del. Jan. 6. The death of Lohu 1�. Looley of this City removes a Dan gems rival to Keely and his motor for the last Twenty live years Woolcy has Liemeo at work upon his invention which he claimed would Pri it pc a vessel across the Ocean by perpetual motion. He has spent thousands of dollars upon the machine and fully cup cited to a announce t lie discovery of perpetual motion to the world within the three years. He was Fis years old and a Vul Aline in iii Ier. Vienna a an. 0 an explosion of fire Damp occurred saturday in the Trinity pit near Ohlrau Kil teen bodies have been taken out of the pit and a Wenty four men Are missing and Are supposed to have perished. A Onoon. Jan it a a dispatch to the times from Vienna states that fifty persons were killed outright by the a explosion that occurred in the Trinity Coal pit in polish Ostrau on saturday last. Biff Money for Wisco Tihin pearls. Brodhead. Wis., Jan. 6 a Young of this City who has been Deal ii a extensively in pearls during the Etc Here shipped ninety free Beautiful gems of Fine brilliancy and color weigh ing from five toy grains each to a Loyid it firm inst september and has Jii Neivi d a Drafton a new York Bank ror $11,700 in payment for the starved to oea1h a Kank i Ilkiw Aii Ltd in Ltd children Ivri Sli of Hii it a a iii cold. Stockton kan., it a from Farmington in the my t Hern part of this Hooks con nov a talc of starvation and death Lola Chiton dim several years ago Ami left ins Wulkow with five children to carry on the fight Fallino of crops left her penniless Ami when the Rei ent Bliz Ard name it. I Oivind the House with neither find nor Foid. Saturday a neigh Biji was passing the place and seeing no sign of life entered the Honse. Wycie he found mrs to Iftoni lying dead Lineo of Hei Clith Ren while the other two Weie in the last agonies of the struggle. Say in a i it to. London. Tan. 0.�?the i Aris Lorre spot ident of the. Daily news says hero arc the strongest in kinds to believe that Figaro is \v4h informed in declaring that or. Parnell insists on the Resigna Tii u of instill Mcarthy from ins leadership As l to for his own a a Eti remont Lill he marries mrs. To Swiea Tali Nani a ays it Quot learns from mate trend of or o Brien that if the negotiations a Villi or. Rar Nelt let a brought to a satisfactory conclusion within three a Venus Ilu nor it Bricki will a Manilio the Keiit Clicc of imprison Nickit passed on Liim i Vicli Kloc Tonii. Paris. Jan. 6 i elections for members of the i Bench Senate Ere held sunday. In the Lepai to Clit of the Seine Premier de Kie Ycint votes out of a total of a it or ballot.? cast Lules Kerry in the department of the Vosges votes out of a total of �97 in the Tarsi ballot the republicans have Galena eight seats Alu Nymry conference. Washington. Jan q a the International monetary offer end a has been called to meet at the diplomatic Chain Beruf the department of state at 12 o clock noon. Vied tuesday next when Secretary Ulaine will deliver an address of Welcome subsequent meetings of the conference will be held in the Parlours it the Arlington hotel. Italian Anat re i Liitt 8�ut�boed. London Ian. 4 a the trial of a number of Navy iii a at Ca in. Italy. Which shipped Mill Loiti of of Atli. Dan Why Quot i hiring the last year this town shipped o or 0. hats or nearly half the product of the entire United states has Deen Attra Cung iii in a rite rest Nas resulted in thirty one of the prisoners being convicted. One of them was Sou Lei iced to thirty five years Vincnt and the others to terms ranging i rom two to seventeen years Twenty year Terii Baton Moree. La. Ian. A i every and Melly o meal and i or Rill convicted of mans aught in Bull to tag negroes were each sentenced to Twenty years imprisonment three More cat Lis at Worth eur. Leeds Jan. 6.�?there have been three More deaths fio the disaster the Wortley Bazaar making twelve in All at Elmore mich., John Brown went Mit Hunting saturday. His gun was ii lome Way discharged killing him. The Mississippi River just below Salina was crossed for the first time this season by teams on the ice sunday. I Duqum in iii., will soon have a system of water works As soft pure water was found in abundance by the prospectors there sunday. Arthur ii. Field a los Angeles real state dealer has been Given a valuable Railroad franchise in the Tate of Durango me.\. William Arey blew his brains out saturday night at Brand rapids. Mich. He had been on a Long spree and had quarrels with his wife. Rev. T. O. Lucas a Young methodist minister was Killil saturday near in Townsville Tenn. By accidentally calling into an old Well. At Kami Fri n. Y., j. Frank Warren who has been on trial for the murder of his father whom he claimed to have killed in defense of his Mother was acquitted. Morris Lunger Engineer and Smith Docmer. Fireman both of whom were injured in Ali i Lackawanna wreck at West i , n. .1. Thursday night died saturday morning. Mrs. Stepi Umi Bumgart the wife of a German Farmer living near mount Carmel. 111., was found dead in ii Cistern saturday where she had ibid entry a thrown herself Voith suicidal intent. I the Bureau of american a republics in in receipt of official information from Venezuela which shows that country to be enjoying almost unprecedented Prosperity. During the last fiscal year the National Revenue derived from customs reached nearly s i,00 ,00. The National debt has been reduced to. $22,517,000 and the population in 1890 is Given As 2,229,000. Figured up. To aet and Ljubi titles of the firm of Del Ani Ater ill co. , pa., Jan. statement of the appraisers of the banking firm of Delamater amp co. Show that the assets of the firm Are estimated at $301,000. Of this estimate $153,-000 belongs to the firm s62,-000 to George b. Delamater $0>,000 to Jeorge Wallace Delamater and .10.000 to t. A. Delamater. Thong i the assignees Are still unable to give an accurate statement an to i regarding the firm s liabilities it is said an Mil to $1,040.000, which i chides the personal liabilities of the members of House. Three toys drowned Lii let Skutlin. New Youk Jan. It. A a Keyport n. A special says a sad Accident occurred sunday afternoon on John e. Kahn s Pond. A Evvard and Henry Spiers and marry , aged respectively 19, i and &Quot.io. Were enjoying themselves skating but while they were in the Center of the Pond the ice. Gave Way and Thi a still into the water an Ltd were drowned. Their bodies were . A Veteran minstrel a univ. New Yolk Jan. A or. Charles t. White the Veteran minstrel recently of Edward Larrigan s company died at his residence sunday evening. While watching the fifth Avenue Theau a fire saturday morning or. White caught a severe cold which resulted in death. Shot a Polive Iuit Missoira. Mont., Jan. sunday morning policeman Hutchens tried to arrest Louis Swimm a Gambler and was shot. if not fatally wounded. Sign iii then killed by lies Berier it. War Ink i Prieber. Irdi Kapous ind., Jan. Republican state Central committee Baa been eased to meet Nejat thursday afternoon. Sereni this of import Tanee Are to be at Thia meeting. At the meeting held a couple of months ago the men Ber of the committee from each District was authorized to Appo iii five prominent republicans from his Dis it strict. The sixty fire appointees from i the thirteen districts were to form a committee on reorganization. This committee has been appointed and the members have been invited to meet with the state committee next thurs Day. One of the questions that will come up will be the election of a sue j Cessor to chairman Michener. It is in j de stood that or. Michener desires to i be retained As chairman but some of the members of the committee a majority perhaps Are going to insist that a new chairman be chosen. The Point is to be raised that or. Michener has forfeited his residence in Indiana and is not entitled to longer remain at the head of the committee. Those who desire to see or. Michener go Are said to be willing to allow Marcus r. Sulzer of . Vice chairman to serve until a Good Man for Chait Man is brought Forward. The committee will also Likely consider whom the Republican members of the legislature shall support for United states senator. Or. Michener is anxious to receive the complimentary vote but recently a Strong sentiment has sprung up in favor of Charles w. Fairbanks. If the committee takes up this question it May have a very Lively time. Indian drum mesh. , ind., Jan. commercial travellers association met saturday in business session and the reports of the officials were presented. The association now has t,000 members. Eight died during the year and in each Case the s3,000 Benefit was paid to relatives. By a standing vote it censured president Harrison and the postmaster Cie neral for naming As postmaster at Oswego n. Y., Aman who had accused the american commercial traveler of being a menace to Good society and the Secretary was instructed to notify the president and the postmaster Jeneral of the action of the association. Olkers for the ensuing year were elected As follows president j. C. Norris Indianapolis treasurer d. W. Coli ii. Indianapolis directors j. R. , j. P. Swain Lames Newman Ami to. W. White. _ an Iirth finale at Kitwood. Eia Vood ind., Jan. residents of this town and those for Many Miles around Are Meh exorcised Over the slight earthquake which was Felt Here saturday evening. The show of was perceptible nearly All Over this Cox into. As this is the Center of the natural Gas regi it is it is very generally believed that the this Urbance came from natural Gas. Many people fear that the tremble is the premonition of a Groat upheaval of the natural Gas territory. Residents of the natural Gas territory have not i ested easy since the great natural Gas up-1 Haval in Shelby county a few months ago. And some of the More timid Are Al i most determined to move to a Tei Mitory that does not is the Blessing of natural Gas. A a romantic marriage. , ind., Jan. 6.�?41 novel wedding took place Friday night near Blue lick. Justice Trevanion Weir armed Voith a License Rode toward the Homes of Harvey Taylor and Kate Newby to marry them but All the water courses were up and in Fordable. After waiting for several hours the Bride s father appeared on the further Bank of the Blue lick. The situation was explained and the bridal couple were brought to the Creek where the them shouting the marriage service across 200 feet of swirling Stream All the parties remaining mounted on horseback in the mud and rain although the couple could not hear the Justice the Sei it a is dered bin Dinar. I it 2azii. Ind. Jan. 0.�?a heavy Tail. Of slate in Diamond mine at Coal Bluff j buried Henry and Joe Mcmahon father 1 and son Aud badly injured William Lawhorn and b. Morgan. The first was perhaps fatally crushed. In the same mine Dan Piper caught his hand under the bolts of an Cage and was hoisted to the top a distance of ninety feet. He Hail to be lowered to the Bottom before being released. J alleged to Ite Short. . Hid. Jan. 6.�?jo.seph Fields county of Orange county is Short $11,000. He claims that it is a Mere clerical error and professes his willingness and ability to up whenever the iii orint of the shortage Joy or. South Bend. South Brand Indian. 6.�?there a much rejoicing Here Over a Telegram announcing that president Harrison has signed the Bill appropriating 975, 000 for a Public building at this place. Kaalt pox at Lodi. Lop ind Jan 6.--a. Mrs. Samuel j living Here was taken sick a Day or i two ago. And attending physicians pro nou Iseed her disease Small to. Pm. To mar emm i Imam m s of a a Mya a a f gym Nastle Takin Kagita grooming Fatah Able Baa been for some first Clulo and pm Bibla ii and you girls cles in tie same Way As Inen a like effects a result of thai Ozment of Mise clarity a at Eago evening to was by a Atis factory. Girls became healthy but lost in Grace and bearing and after a few Amtal ried life they showed a tend Beefy Stout Ness that was the charming. This produced it was found that Maulino eur Are unsuited to a new kind of physical for women is coming into Vogue has the advantage of not result teacher or attendance at Agripa every girl can practice in her of Wii the preliminary preparation breathing exercise. The girl erect with heels to ther head thrown Back and arms straight Doi the sides. Then a Long Bratli is inflating the lungs . Will Start the circulation and up i pare the body for other should be done with the windows t Quot so that the air of the room Mauf pure. The next is a Lead exercise a a done while standing in the Saibi j Tion. This is done by bending the 1. Slowly Forward and Back and sides and then quickly around a of possible from both sides. Sir la. Alim necks will find this exert in useful. It develops every muscle of neck and Chest and gives mobility to the motions of the which show to great advantage., a nut is a favorite exercise with actress Eai i society ladies whose dress exposes to neck. For strengthening broaden Ilg developing the Chest and should jul there Are a number of exercises. I in the same old position the brought with the hand open and out bending the Elbow around by Side of the head and body in a Cut or Cartwheel motion. Third is done a rapidly As possible always being cwt Ful not to let the Elbow Bend. The Tai very Good for girls who Are what known As Quot hollow another Chest exercise is done bringing the closed hand s rapidly the Chest Palms out and exhaling at the same time. This is also Good for Quot a Thercie Iclea of the Arm. Another is to to take a stick of some kind an old Broom handle umbrella any thing that is it Handy try bringing it up Over the head Kii and Down behind keeping the arms per�.,v factly rigid. There Are two exercises which at Tii j used a great Deal Foi the Bjick and lower s limbs one of is done by trying a without Bei iding the i ices to touch thei of tips of the a nagors to the floor. This Isth i one athletic exercise in which woman iii. Exhibits her superiority Over Man. The i second one is done by trying to Rise i j from a sitting position on the floor without touching the hands to the floor in using one foot Only. The exercise Delsi ii counts All the Patent pads on the Conti f nent As a hip Developer. J one More exercise May be be comment t t de which must be gone through careful to i by. Take a chair use it for supporting i the hands which you will have to place Nuite far apart stand As far Back As arms will permit and bring the tide in Down until the Chest rests on the chflr., then Send it Back again. This it Sehi action to the Muscles o. The Arm Andi forearm to Chest and Back to the Neci it and in Short is a exercise for the whole body. Ten minutes work in the coming and ten at night Are sufficient. When the exercises Tor the Day Are Over i Quot j crash or turkish Towel should he takes j and the body rubbed until the blood i Well started and the system in a glow. Fillos our a to Don. Discovery Ott the Ronsin Wall of the mid die Asey. Quot the recent excavations for the news Post of Bce in St. Martins be grand says a the London times have led to the Dis i quo covery not Only of by far the most perfect piece of the Loman Wall Bare in recent times but also of a com plete outline of the old town ditch which defended London during the mi4-. Die Ages. A a a it is Dif Scult to draw for ourselves now Quot a picture of London As a walled washed by a Broad Moat. Wall and Fosse if Quot Are now in the very heart of Tho county it. Of London. Not Only so but the Tom a Quot has covered them in and grown ova Eric them. From the present Street to the footings of the old roman Wall to i level of the old Moat is about and a half. The accumulations of Eli j urea Havo buried the defences of City oat of sight and it no Eis an own iii More anxious than usual to a make most of his property to bring to Lilii hidden history of the place. It is curious that the new Noaa of Ity land far of nine to Cial and the burrowing Tutti to us Arth thei9 la a Jonq a Aioli in do m to of a Tel Don of Tom Ito time a Iroil min r �it.afi�. In my ii Llu Ai. A. Al -
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