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Cloncurry Advocate Newspaper Archives Jul 23 1938, Page 2

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Cloncurry Advocate (Newspaper) - July 23, 1938, Cloncurry, Queensland National Library of Australia f / # dress in Ter he St i a j measure 1 Al Imp i Worth pounds More in Murdoch tailoring you reap the benefits of ears ? Iii c ? cup Crince which Murdoch s craftsmen instil into your suit. At this of Job direct from the Mill Price you obtain smartly patterned pure Woollen 1�i 9 a Steps also High Grade tweeds and indigo dyed Serges. Made to your s a own Mca uri5m-int8 m a sports 11/ m trousers an $1h ? Kemar Pablo value Murdoch s experts will tailor your sports trousers in m % 6 Vert lat is a and with finest workmanship from All tool worsted my is featuring Silver Grey Green Grey or Blue Grey. To your measures is $ Riding Jar jul j trousers jut 1m \ a & strongly made trousers for hard Wear Olive Satin Plain and herringbone jul h Grey be Brown herringbone Beaver mole Fawn or Grey Plain Oloc twist. ?4h a peer Lessly tailored to your individual measurements. My j. Post the Coupon for a \ w � free patterns. ? i 1 f s5ewfe&= j pay \ ? \ Hll c freight v ? ? catalogue w -. ? free 3f i f grocer Draper Mercer hardware confectionery & wholesale fruit phone 77. P. 0, Box 60 x 1a Ideal 8d tin7/0 dozen i x l 8d tin 8/6 dozen Holbrooke 9d tin 8/c dozen Large Ting 1/5 or 16/6 dozen Green peas i Gartside Looz 7d tin 6/9 dozen 16oz i tin llo dozen f pigkle3 Crspo Mustard Large bottle it Honey Melba Large bottles 2/0condensed milk a Blue Beu 9d tin ,. ? i persil m 7d Pisut c/0 dose ii. A hmm m a Gem 1 Salmon t. Fisherman a Largo 1/3 tin i do Horseshoe Large 1/11 tin a u Tomato sauce the Joriu Millers Looz bottle 1/ John Muler a Largo bottles 1/lf j skim milk Krou Mette 1/1 tin 12/6 doze Truford 1/3 tin or. Tea go Wenla 6u tins 16/6 lib Pkt 3/9 Aromatee lib packets 2/tlj Boap Man kerosene i a bar 38/ Cmq-j1 Jelly crystals of Raj i a aunins or Odets is do est a 1. Position also to Tang As collector chairman it would not do he would i be working Day and a Lent t ,. Of Parker did t or May hold this position in Cloncurry ? o chairman yes but when or Mah Oney left he took the Poisa Tion in the office or i Blair a lot of this work would to done in mount Isa instead of Duple eating the work in Cloncurry or Lynch the auditor each year tells us where the 40 per cent of Tho Money is going in overhead expanse s or Blair what work is done in tub it Isa office is done nor again Here or tic Chesl they could not do this work themselves As they Are not certified Shire clerks in the office clerk we used to run the no counts from this office but there was too Mitch delay in sending books in and out so they Send out the to counts from the Isa office now or Woodhouse can you Tell us what it costs to run Tho two offlcc3 Cloncurry and it Isa or Lynch the auditor Point Tulsi out Tofu every year chairman Tho rates have to be collected monthly if not w3 stand no Chance of getting them in clerk the work must to done through this office or Blair it Isa should run its own affairs or Itle Hurst we control it Isa chairman the accounts use to be made up Here and sent out out this was not satisfactory to now they Send out their own accounts or Blair i pay at it Tea am Given a receipt then it is sent in Here and i recede another receipt Why All this double work. Ice Tice Hussli was t there a Mot Ion on the books stating anyone hav ing to work overtime be Given notice clerk you ordered the staff to work overtime yourselves cars Blair and Lynch moved that a separate system be introduced for the collection of water and sanitary rates at it Isa to be tried for three months but this was out of order or Blair moved that tenders be received for the construction of a Ishel Ter shed at mount Tea the Cost not to exceed �200 and to be approved of by the it Isa cars tenders to Boad Vor Alsed in the Cloncurry advocate and bulletin to to dealt with at Tho next meeting seconded by or Wood House cars Tio Hurst and Lynch moved that this Council make a further apply cation to the Premier through our member for �450 to erect shelter Sheds at Cloncurry and my Isa for use of the unemployed crib Trehu isl and Lynch moved that All available cars Confer with Archit Cut Lynch on arrival in can Gurry re the Hall ova Blair and Ticehurst to cd. That tiie Gou Noil offer no objections to the railway department supplementing about 200 Yards of Smoller Pivot for Tho present pipes which Supply water to the old age pensioners camping ground As per their setter manager of it Elliott Ltd y wrote seeking free lighting Supply in lieu of Metal supplied to the coun Ell for use on the roads or Parker move that the Council cannot accede to or 1 Owollo a request but i sub comi Muttee be appointed to meet him und Disio Usi the matter of him by or Webb Gas Lynch and Rose moved that ices Rose Woodhouse and Macdon i Aid form Tho sub committee to meet or Powell and disowns is this matter pm Parker and Rose moved that b ,1 Hanson s offer re payment of arrears of rates to a coupled ups tic Elmirel and blah moved Llinat or Hanson be notified that or Sangster is no longer employed by Tho Council to present and that he is responsible for any. Rates owing on Tho property cars Boyd and Lynch moved thai voting on tha Ludvico of the Council s solicitor no furl her Motlon to taken Lii Rosput to reported breaches of Tracio bylaws at mount Saa \ a Hasto wrote Pomplal nuns of water being thrown in Bank Yaru of pre miss at it Isa and it was moved by cars Rose and Weibl that in the absence of or Ann Strouff or stad hams be asked to Atten do to this mat tar --rr1- / / i or Roso moved that the s Conoll j support any move the Western old local authorities made ii regard to the1 holding of conferences1 in the various Townsl i Leichti Ardt stores a Oto rec it fit ing the comte in conorete1 the foot Paui in front of their Story cars Webb and Lynch Moed that tie Council could. Not Grant their request1. Or Blair if we did one to would have to do the lot 1 a Samuel Allen and & is Omro re Bitu mening strip near their shop at it Isa cars Parker and Rose moved that the offer made at the previous Council meeting still held Good. And hat was the Best offer they would Mako i t i i i q a t b Cloncurry cenlr3 wrote asking for free electric lighting or Rose while. Chaplain i Rob ran their own Plant they supp in free lights to Trie ambulance but now. That they have connected up with the town Supply it will be n diff int matter the lights would not Cost much As one Light Burns for a few hours at night chairman they get their quarters Freet or Woodhouse no they pay 10/0 per week rent for the premises or Parker we could make them a donation to cover Lig Liting As they would get subsidy on it in blk air. The nun mum for a place like that at mount Lea is �0 per year i m prepared to allow them �6 Ore Parker and Rose moved that the ambulance to granted 15/0 pen month-1 for lighting purposes cars tic Hunst and Wood ouse moved an amendment that a. Donation of �5 be made to the ambulance to help meet. Their. A Otril rat account while the prevsnl1 i a Yew. Office = this was carried or b Barry lion Secretary of the prograss association wrote re the engaging of labour cars Blair and Ticehurst moved that or Barry be furnish fed with a Topy of Insu Colonis from the department re the on aging of labor by the of until cars Rose and Wood Duke Niove d that Lucas be it Ted As an Ordinary Consu Mer and not at Garden Stites As from july 1st and he to advised the Maxi mum water to to consumed is 40,000 Gallons yearly at �3/10/0 cts Tio Hunst and Lynch moved the Council be Groue d ? they cannot make a donation to Calvary Mission Appeal Cna Lynch and Parker Tina Vod that the state school committee be advised Tho Council cannot reduce the to count for Liisu Ariton of Power Point tenders for a Nitai a and garbage contracts two to Dens were j Reo Elved for the sanitary Golf canot or w j Stewart �750 per annul ? messes r Berry sir and % w Deitry �770- six tend is were Reo Elved for Gar Bago Rem vol �379/10 j Zicano �400 h g Berry �470 w Stewant 131 i goo l Bailey �417 and p Wilkis t380 these tenders wore i recoil of on the motion of cons Rase Parker or tick list what was the con Ziwot Price last 11770 or Armstrong room mended we Call quotes for Lump us or per Micro webb1 1 to link a Contact in Lump sum is better business to know what we us paying out crw Ood Lious a move Berry be Given Tho contract at 73d per pan Clia Titoian what is your idea of paying him 7 3/4d when the other Lender is Only 7d or Woodhouse Berry parried out i duties very Woll on Price Hurst what about Stewart they were partner and he mul have Doug Lite Shai Eor Woodhouse know nothing about him but j have seen Berry tar ring the pans i 1 or Parker tiie difference in the two tendons is �20 Lump sum and �81 per pan or Wood lilo a changed his motion to accept berry1 tender at �770 seconded by grf Rose. L cars Ticehurst and Boyd med a amendment that Stewart s Teft Ider at �730 be accepted or Parker one Mas goes. Away with Tho ponies and the other Man stays on tie Job All the time chairman we All need holidays what s wrong with him going away so Long As he Scavey a competent Man in his place we can t throw �20 away clerk Berry does most of the work and candidly i think he would be the most satisfactory Tho amendment was lost and or Berry and son received the contract or Webb moved or j Kane s ten tier at �400 per annul for Tho Gar Bage contract be accepted clerk we can t allow them to take the tender under �8 per week or else the Council will have to make the Price up As happened Onoe before chairman How did Kane carry out is duties previously clerk Fth re were a few complaints or we Hurst Berry seemed very satisfactory on the Job or Parker or Woodhouse said Berry used to be finished by lunch time Why not give it to Stewart at �312 and perhaps he can make other Money it his spare time clerk if he cannot make it pay you Are liable. It was �420 last year cars Woodhouse and Parker moved that Stewart s tender at �312 for the removal of garbage Etc be accepted or Rose presented he oot Loes i of motions after four previous attempts but they were Defeated. Two were to to scud the motions re the meter ing of All premises in Clon Currry and that Cummins and Campbell be recompensed for their mistake in tendering1 for Bitumen or Woodhouse what was the Dif Ference Between to Weir tender and the nearest tender clerk we called tenders for 07 tons for Cloncurry and 56 for it a Shell ten Der de Cionci Rry $15/7/8 it Isa �16/3/6, c and g s tender was Cloncurry �1174/6 and mount Lea �11/5/3 per ton chairman these tenders were Tab led and Tho lowest tender was accepted and we Mujat abide by thai. When a reputable firm tenders we cannot dispute their tender or tic Hunst seconded or Rose s motion and on being put or Boyd Woodhouse i Webb Aind Parker voted against and so Quiej motion wat lost v Tho meeting adjourned for lunch and during the afternoon the Gas re Vised the bylaws record meeting the Council meeting commenced at 0 h0 tuesday and Sal until mid Mielit Only taking an Lour off for lunch and dinner. It commenced again on wednesday at 9 30 am and filial ised at 6 notice renders or Jutei an in Junta for the supplying of a now Alolor Chassis suitable for Amu Lonco trans port to include wll screen Soumie Ami had div panel and die Price offer ing for Tho livid in of line Austin so Toon installed november 1933 ten Dors to be in the Soer Otai y s hands by to 16.hv am full 19.18 tie lowest or any to nor not necessarily a copt Edli a Jon us Secretary q a t b p 0 Box 62 mount Isa a 300 0 p keeps ene lamp for 60/0 Tilley Damp is uie Best that Money can buy i Burm kerosene and is 300 Candle Power Strong a Raab an Gilt finished Model b by 4 As i Lustra Ted via an a p 11030 lamp for to can be use d either As a table lamp a Angl no Lara or As outdoor storm lantern Price Only 50/0 Bath Heaters i3� a few chips and a couple of old newspapers and plenty of hot to is water is qui omy available / w ? h no 1 Malley s Pettem made from heavy galvanised Iron m 17/5 no 2with ashtray 22/6 Wei also sell t he Stroud kerosene Bath healers Nickel plated fir �7/17/6 at room Heaters a warm up your Home with one or these ican be carried from room to room Krat Sene by Trine. Rippingille s English perfection pattern meal cum size 30/0 and Large 40/fl. Tallboy medium 47/6 and Largo 55/0 1 Dover stoves no 7 Standard 63/0 no 8 75/0 elevated legs 10/i0 extra. Horse now 20 �7 Jutel Canna i rus i Kew i lined and with Cross web Girths in All hues from 4ft 6 n to 7ft at Sara wonderfully Low Price of 15/0 each also Trio swagman snap on Rug to 6/6d, when ordering please Mctate whether Rug is w horse or by single wools at wholesale prices51b double ended picks 3/ a 3 Tine Vine hoes 0/3 Hibiscus special fencing Bam 5ft 6 too bes 25/0 2 ton Hydraulic motor jacks 28/6d Suilen planes no 3 21/0 and no 6 26/0w 66ft Linen menu tips jjffl4&wh\ Apoc 3/6d King Dick wrenches 2/0 and Cheney us it my sowl Ciao hammers 6/0 ? i. A gents leather Coats 11b& Bam made from yearling calf Well sewn throughout and sued is i Drill lined All Standard sizes special Proea for july win la 72/6 Post free and a Superior line s of Post Freeno 10 j need to pay fancy prices Hibiscus Salt licks. In 51b books iodised for horses at 9/6 Carton of 10 look Fth plated for cattle at 10/0 Oarton v i Fin soil look s Sulphur ised at �11 ton of 40 blocks or 5/6 each iodised at �12 per ton or 7/0 each phas plated for All Bone chewing animal at �13 ton or 7/6 Paob. ? ?. To in Hoole i books Economy Liok a really Good lick at at really Low Price �8 ton of 2000 lbs or 8/3 bag National at �10 per ton or 10/6 Bast Bon Emeal Liok at fill ton or i 6 bag special swe Liok a �12 ton of 12/6 bag a ? also lowest for motor tyres and battened wire Jfe ten Qullia Aad blankets plough chains harness and saddlery Hibiscus Crater Borlaug plants Elton encore f res and blowers and our big line grocer map Eto write for our big 16th edition catalogue it will save you pounds new Ford v8 for 1938 de luxe Sedan Tho biggest Ford Ever built luxurious spacious std no it Ojewski a business Sedan Low priced economical to operate for the business car de luxe club Coupe the convenient car Broad front seat carries Throe comfortably ? i i beats removed gives extra Luggage space big Luggage company in i i easily aces Sable from outside Gulf engineering and motor co. I National Library of Australia i Ruffie coldest i and Best. Beer tvs in town -. Buy your stocks Prince of Wales i. Hotel in i 1but lev. A Opal eos _ t. N ii ii i i i 1 1 i. ? r Ernest Barry ? _ Rajtr 8tobbt. Clon Curt a ? Ltd a a Kab Street. Mount Isa 4f # 15.0. A 17. Phona 8pc. ?. A ? ? t ? i i solicitor fio Curry Lam Kattar for Aff Leniu a a Jeff. Mart mtg a Tolu pc n. Johnson Olio Itok ? a Sci Jerry mount Isa ups your laundry Al alexanders of pay Ltd i la Brisba e a Xii a mum Nim _ my Pajl q a Kotob it Amy i tart Downs m. Rackheath we of tit few Upil ads j b Buu re b a ? pfc oui Aba Hurt town ? bowl time am mod to. Gift Otto Tthum swimming pm j Okuji Weurta to. Molto Tafil Riff i4ibpwiy-m to Sutra Homm m a Situ Setarl Anutt a a., i ? .?.-.-? full uhf Onuma dim pm Lel mum to 9i town am8teu � ? Mitno. Set to dumb St two Bou Psi m Motot Mac Jer Ishall. ? ?. ? be ring contractor ii aae ? a District j ? a Tuu Samoa out Natad ? ?.-. 114I. V.1 ? this company accepts transfers of existing Trust from trustees wishing to retire. It nets As executor jointly with other persons by authority of an executor declining to act and As administrator in place of executors declining to Jet. It accepts Power of attorney for absentees and for executors or trustees who May be absent Tempo ? Nelly. Acting old. Mgr. H. W. Herbert Townsville mgr c. A. Bradfield & Union trustee company of Australia Ltd. 14-16 denham.St., Townsville also at Brisbane Sydney Melbourne 14 16 hot towns sub Brit Bane. Sydney. Melbourne i agent. Y a Bexhe and go Hulbert b. So a. N. A dentist ? ? set rations of painless Budrea b/6 adults a i targe red Ouock or nun Era a Taw my upper Tom from Job 8. Bast Quality my the of Star afoot . f a Book m to ? tidal Moth oort Iol fwd Haik in ovum sol. Full . Free of i is Fin. A Ana lira Job col sati 2umbri, Montward Stred i what Imp i i 1mb and Sobuh i i hour know. I i wills today or frus of ? ram inst Ohve i 8 Pton Inlet in renown 2 Poh Fly rental remedies. I i 14 ytam1 Fri rom. 9 1 a Stonk All he ro7 Al Al i i 0 ail he jumbo Temoteo an t ? . I . Saat he Alp x 9 a Nical by and Tagasa a 2 to udon a. 11 j to .Mmj i cmt10n notice persons found Tresku inc or enter Ferong with Stock on rockland8 Goldinov la by pr06ecutbd. Bigata q. #. Jato Mutaw. Caution notice any mi3uh of pebson9 Lound Otoe Putong gutting or lowing eat a of Duck Shoou a a Balboa by Hobo Twu out Spaht it my Ion will a pr03bgipisu Maha Obb caution notice an bomb Toad new Ming fun Ilsc or notion in Lako Kab run Toifl a Paoa How truth out Rea hot to a Tot a tort Girt Nonoa tort ent this Rea Macao ugh Hamm Nash station caution notice All or Ona a terns i Anaut selection Ammy Creek in to Girt Otloe at the Homs and. Any pm und out Oier Fence driving text of a avens saut Opal on Tab hut to thong 5wu. M a Bow religious services i i St Andrews Owooh 7 30 holy communion 16,00 am Cal Draa 8.00 pm bwe song Pflub Vemian Omi Kat mini Basr Rev. Boa. R. Haidl 10 an. San Day Segool 8. Pin Gburek Serr Laa a Wal gook. Fed3hal methodist Utyak. Upson. Ohm Larrr. Wingeier. To a a. P. Plume. J Ottren Serra i 8. Bib Sanday Sonopol 10 to. In memo am Hensley in fond and Ilo tog. Mem Ory ? of Richard Cgharles Hensley Olio departed this lire in Cloncurry ? on july 27th 1931 god eased his pain gave him rest so dearly loved so sadly missed. Eternal rest1, Grant unto him inserted he his devoted wife Dau Seitei a and sons in Mhz Oman Parker in fond and Loving memory of fiery Parker who departed this life on 2lgt july 1934 years alter Timo Rolls past what matters while life and memory lasts inserted by his. Sons and Haugli ters Vinson Parker and Molze fam Lulea ichor Nourry and a Jiampa 1 v saturday july 23rd 1938 sad death. ?. ?. T the Vyvy sad news was received 4n town on Judy that the Bov father Sceney who relieved Rev father o Meara during his absence abroad had passed away suddenly in Ayr that morning father Feeney was loved and respected by everyone Dur ins his Ebay Here find Julty a gloom was cart Over Wie town Don t miss this night of nigfhts1, a grand party at mrs j lesson s Resl Noe july 26th in Aid of Rifle club Queen Don forget the paddock dog ? for the differs races1 takes. Place on july 28th j see Secretary Jao to Bullet at the Prince of Wales hotel for fur ther details in this Issue appears Tho advertise Merit of he Cam Coweal rate Oeub and it is Well Worth perusal this club is the most popular meeting and visitors come from ail Over the country to attend july 30th ? Well air be there grand dance at. Quamby. A night of full and Flenty in a3 i of a Luh a i Flo club Queen Saleslady country Earth legs. Approximately. A weekly for Al acted lady agent to Book Oxola save lingerie Etc duct to Pullo from our Mills. Capacity for hard work essential. Moderne Mills a pts gos ap.4ss s b .0 Wol Aie balance ?. Competition a most enjoy we dance was held at Malhon la8t saturday night in sup. Port of. Miss Alice Cummins coun try Queen Dan cons and novelties Wero responsible for considerable funds being obtained for this Dharni ing competitor there was also a function held at Duchess the same night in support of the railway Queen miss j Rool Cev the dance was Well attended by Resl dents of Duch cps and to Eretano. There was. Also fully Twenty Comour 17 support Eris made the journey and were fully compensated for their Long journey last tuesday evening another successful and enjoyable function was held in Cloncurry in support of the ambulance Queen miss Olive Sween Eye dancing Ping Pong and singing were indulged in until the Small hours of morning and like the other Kunot ions held at Mali on and Duchess was Well enjoyed by All present Bhe. Rifle club Queen will be hold ing a fun Otton next tuesday evening at the residence of mrs j Lisson and it is hoped that it will be wellpa1iroji ised As fit is the first function to be held in support of this Young lady miss the la Shepherd on Satur Day night Shtere will also he a dance at Quamby in support of the railway Queen miss Jessie Rooke arrange ments Are being made for transport and it is hoped that Many people will be Able to make the journey. Those who were present at the last function Well remember the very enjoyable time when the ambulance Queen miss o. Sweeney held her first function these has been delivered to the a Quiande. Brigade Black Wool and Butts from b court station besides Many promises of Wool from other stations and selectors in support of the country Queen miss Alice Cummins and personal a grand. Social evening at the Bio Hall on Friday july ,29th in Aid of the ambulance Queen Competition Fud galore. So dont miss this big social gathering mrs a Hensley and son. Returned to Denata on sunday s Imal after three months Holiday. Master Bui Hensley remained in Brisbane with his grandparents or and mrs a Bale la Tyacke. Or Rex Robinson of Buffalo Plains received word from his father or r. G Robinson reared general manager of the scottish australian Coy that he is at present touring Norway and Sweden As the guest of the Orient go or Robinson experts to return to Australia in october Don t miss this night of nights a grand party at mrs1 j lesson s Resi Dence july 2gth in Aid of Rifle cub Queen or Joe Colleton of the postal dept leaves on monday o spend Holl Days in the South or and mrs h Armstrong and fam ily Toorak Are visiting or and mrs c h Ross Cloncurry july 30th, Well All be there grand Danoe at quamby., a night of Fuu and plenty m Jal do of the Rifle club Queena most elaborate wedding took place at the r g Church. Lost evening when miss Norma Rose was married to Constable Jim Williams the1 Foroe was represented to. The Jaet Man and the attendance of the Happy Young couple at the Polica balls completed the unique 6etitfag the and Leoate congratulates or w Little on his appointment As Dis Trot inspector for the Astrahan provincial Assurance Assn his will be Cloncurry this Gresslee company issues All classes of life endowment and probate Job Oles with Accident benefits and As no one is better known than Bill in the Back country he is sure to write Good business for the company a grand social evening at the Bio Hall on Friday july 29th in Aid of the Ambula Noo Queen Competition fun galore so Don t miss this big Foolai gathering ? ?. Mrs e tier left on monday. For Charters towers to place her Daugh Ter Gwen at St Gabriels school or g Thomas returned from Townsville where. a week with his wife and children or and mrs Dan Lynch and family lady. Wallace were visitors to town diving1 the week ? ? ? ?. ? ? ?. Copper Mitotes London wednesday Copper spot�4q/4/.4id Iio per Forward �40/ 10/7 i american unchanged �45/0 to �45/.l5 the Ball of. The year the Church of England dazzle sail August Iochi Doh t m is this night. Of nights. Jean Dixon Salon mrs Dixon wishes to notify the Publio of. Cloncurry and District that see opened her most. Up to Salon in Sennet s building next to the Post off Iofe hotel on thursday 14th july permanent. Waving style settings and Beauty culture a spec. Rally ring phone no 79 for an appointment bight Bof Lulles of Best remedy for nose csheso1 and Omro at ailments for Cost of one order from your nearest chemist or store a two Sellung bottle of once aerated Reenzo which when added to sweetened water makes ? Large family Supply equal to eight Ordinary sized bottles of the Best remedy for use As a nasal Antiseptic for Catarrh and colds in the head As a gargle for Soro throats and As an internal remedy for coughs colds croup bronchitis Ami influenza All chemists and stores sell Reenzo service to Stock owner i to entry the Largett and butt Range of Stock we m reliable a medics and medicines and Bave Folven absolute of tvs faction and Best dam. Are tics to Stock Ownen for Over 40. Years to h whatever Jour needs to in touch with us and the a you la ret Tho right instruments or remedies ? a we also suppler trusses cutlery Slok of w Boom Beau Sltes Brooks rupture appliances to a i surgical supplies Ltd., 8 ? note address 428 Queen St. Opp. Customs mourn. Brisbane. A Kangaroo skins Selling Well lit although the of tremor prices of last season Aro not expected values a arc already on a vory payable basis and should continue to until if jul towards Tho end of the year. Jiral for top prices a Send your skins to Mactaggart a Ftp is p ?0m.n.9ggs,, w.1 or us thu m rr.,%vm. Buyers and have enquiries for an unlimited number of Kent at t3 1 Assisi _ h 9nelt ret rates. Mactaggart . Go operative association Ltd., Brisbane consign skins to Mactaggart new tread. Write to . Box 50a. Labolt adv Ca. Forms and Market reports free on application. Liberal advances against skins la store if Doil Rod. ?. ? Stromberg Carlson radio receiver Goodyear tyres fast Tobes sold at f. 9 Hibnes Moi prs. Also. V Best grades benzine and oils hide batteries Kool Kusi hons rib it Pum 3 cycles and All motor and Cycle Aloe Sorlee ? ? ? \ batteries recharged ? sole agents for. \ dodge., Chrysler. Plymouth de Soto and Wolseley cabs Carco and British and american Dodge tricks Vall motor repairs done 0% the premises i no Job too Small or too Large phone 45.p. O. Box 81 1, ? ?. T healthy pkg 1 vigorous youth Vbry to tic fit youtifu1 of vitality and Obj pm Foj Vigour How ? ? by taking Beecham j bpm. A 7 fills. They tone regulate and purify your Horki i l system and give you that inner health kiss is a \ / which makes life Worth living. They Sassy to � remove the cause of Many every Day of h of Jet i ailments. Start a course now. You la to Way a find y01118 More fit i vigorous in ? a sub in a every way.? _ Bop a ? & _. Bbb pills Barney Long & co . Box 122 phone 34 Oey them a a Sejut your Obura unbeatable ,.,? i at the present time we have on hand a Cybry comp rib he naive Range of reconditioned cars both tourers he i utilities. We Kwiw jangly Iny Jtb outside mechanical a a Tion. Intending buyers Don t a afraid to. Comb al0js9 with your Mechanic and inspect these cars. F at Long a opposite advocate office p. Of Box 122. Phone 34 \wm0 i on the tee. \f9 i / w or in the rough my 1 Vii Safru of is me Sam i
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