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Cloncurry Advocate Newspaper Archives Jul 23 1938, Page 1

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Cloncurry Advocate (Newspaper) - July 23, 1938, Cloncurry, Queensland National Library of Australia q? ? a. National Baak limited \ incorporated Osier Tho comp anti act. 18ss Stirt a Liea 1879. O i i0dibeotobb ? a. H. Eirk in. A by Mhz a a ? ii Oxton Esq w. A. Jolly bin. Odmin Snehal min Abb . Khz Falls. J head office at bri8bankj Blancheb London cant or xibeaa4 Byrd Dix uld Broni float net Nilita t at a non thong Olti advances to and Natter Kuik Tat by Liblit thus deposits i to Nett How a m ant 1 1% or Inonu u Aon Llu. 3fc% in on 4 Nad mar Unai i Miu Al umm. ? j consult i Campbells Timber All f v kinds / a joinery i i a / Biwers hard i a Skol / Ware i Al / tools of Trade k Lew Baths and Batu vol room fittings a Jim galvanised Iron lmffl0fi Rainwater Waffle goods a =3 Cement Sand a Lime bricks ? we and Drain wire and wire plywood d o n n a c Ona � building Board fibr Olite and i Tilix Wall paper Berger s paints and varnishes tiles Glass mirrors i leaded lights i electric stoves appliances and fittings 1 sporting goods f Etc i Gsg Gtigg a wic iphone b1051 for prompt courteous a service. To everything for building 9 cd blk St bet Brisbane. B 1 Saa tace Campbell display at Tho Brisbane Centro . Basement. M a of Reeves general1 Carrier. Local Shell agent Cloncurry Janet be Pullo to know that be Nas taken Over the carting business of or Bey Home and is at your service Day or night Shoyb 18 ? write Box 116 the Public curator Aota As. Exc Outor trustee attorney and agent. Taxation returns and Legal documents prepared f,1 for Lull particulars of this. V ejppig1jent, economical and expeditious service _ go l apply to tha Deputy Public curator Townsville or the local clerk. Of ?. Petty sessions � Tattersall s hotel finders Street Townsville ii Shoal to almost on the Beach and the bedrooms Large Cool and i. Comfortable i msntob3 Side manage a an old Westerner himself so knows your v wants and tastes Loois him up ? 1t is the Ideal Home on the coast Fott the boys from the ?. ,. ?. \ West. Cutly arraignment of none can expel and Are under the manage ? men of mrs Ramage ? i Whin in town Niue stay at tatty balls hotel and in haul the by flab breezes and shh the Mineral exhibit �. Tank 10/0 Jeb Day 48/15/q per week1 i it vc5ip. Octia be Aab Issei Job user viol Iii Brisbane Day by Day the railway Tiou Blo by uie hmm , Linsi appear the ten oat of a railway Likic will by Pasi but their Are one or two outstanding Points worthy of mention Here in Brisbane it was Tho general opinion of of those not duo otly Inlet oiled that a strike would not eventuate the grievances Woie of a sectional Natwic and the men Weic divided m Laeh support and sym pall in opposition to them Weie government who stood firmly behind Tho railway commissioner i had it straight from a minister fresh Frem a Cabinet meeting on the matter that the gov eminent Legat ded the question if ail tation versus a acct Dollon As one of vital importance mid As prepared to Fis it the be to the last ditch a Seei Otai y of one of the unions involved in the dispute told me that oppos1 lion to a strike Jay Union Meme is Vav not As the1 new Spain ors had made it seem a Coidin to him Tho maj oily of the meetings tha.1 were held l0 decide the question \o1 de in supp Oil of the action of the Mayne Junction men in holding a Flop work meet Mij and pledged them solves to support the Union executives in any action Tivey might consider necessary Pui Thorr Roro so lie told me it Wab a major Ltd of Alt Tho men who attended the Vii our meetings who Ere of 1his opinion. If t has is the Case Appal Only i Lic Union offic inns did not consider a stake Ada Isad a wait Fortunota Jhai of general Lashvay strike Aid 1- m Willi bout 4idcs deter nine to a it would Hae been an unhappy time for l he people Een rally an educated dem Wacy to a deputation that ?. App poached bum last week with a request that the workers educational a a ool Atlon to granted a free railway pass to enable an organiser of Ola sos and study circles to be sent1 into the country the i minister for education or Bruce stated that Iho was in favour of granting tile pass and m n s a non that the. People of Queensland needed education More today than Ever -in1 the old Days said or Bruce the work ing class was More politically sons pious because he had to be in order to peso Jive it s in Usu trial conditions nowadays Good conditions were pro ipod almost Auto Nailoa by by Ai Itra Tion court award3 and Tho people with the Trug Gle � for bread Gono had be come mentally Lazy nowadays they sought pleasure instead of politic to cording to or brute t he minds of Tho people in Tieso Domo Oratio Days lags blend the legislation offered by their Polit wont on to in 6tance new zealand As a country where the people wore so backward politically that they were Nikoly to vote the present government out of if file not Ioe Ause Mie government avas inept but because it was l bring ing Forward now ideas faster than Tuhoy could boat Sam later by i Tho poo pie taking it away from lie parly poli tical viewpoint of or Bruce Liere is d world of truth in is state Mon Tuio world is menaced by fascism in its various form this fascism is. United in purpose and controlled by juju of Iron will. Against it Are the actuated by ? vague ideals but pulling in a dozen direct ions. Democracies so ignorant that thur Peoples to Ino Pablo of Sepor along Trio Grain of Trutlin from Trio chaff of Pipii Sunda and using Tho ballot both olo at Iho behest1 or Blind pro Udine und greed. Fascism is an inward a Well As an outward Nomy. It is Uon Seube Lor us to Lar y our Heads while we chant it cant Lii open Here i loll Moally the people of Germany wore a Well Edu clod of any in Tho world and it Hap Pond there with a vengeance. True Udud Timon is our ouly Safo gawd. And it is our. Duty As ouzo a to seek it who Robyor to can the q avt1 a Rop Oil from Tiu Queensland ambulance Transou brigade states that during the last car the Parent Centro attended 58,33 casts and Tia Elled 258,710 Mil i of these oases 1221 Weie Caus us by motor acc dents surely it a Vonlil to difficult 10 find another organism ton like t he Qutb supported by voluntary do nations it provides a Stato wide scr vice that is nothing if not if iolent. 11 can a member Back to the Uliys a i foie motor am bul Nis when uie organisation Torok Ifa patients to hoops Lal on covered Strot Orcis mounted on rubber tired wheels the Trelli or was Bali oped toj1 flir scene of Iho Accident behind a i oust Ana up the patient wag Ghen Emi Agency tie Alment placed on the Sli Elcher and wheeled to Hosp Stai. Oui i cities used horse drawn ambulance wag Gons but that Vas never done Here i of ably because11 out Sloet s were in us ctr a state trial Thev would have Shuken All change of a recovery out of the a Calm on the hottest sum mar Day you would see those Imbu Lance men pushing to licit Sti etchers to Wauls the general Hospital it Speaks highly of wisc men Liat their Caie of the patient in jut As great towards the end of a their journey As it had Bce ii the Stait tired and Foo Soiu As they must lne been often every Gutler was nco0tlatcd As care fully As it he pc Cal be patient de Pended upon is not receding the Sug lest Jolt. 1 i spoil of service is Itilla Tho guiding Foo e behind the isl Elution a Foisia i Wuh motor ambulances the duties a l he Baiei Aro far less Ardus a alien they used to be but uie High ideals of the Bilg Iii and Jery week or adv i so and ii Oitt Wijit Mioni Behs or the of unlit Bia Chefa Are compell Calo fight to get their patients to Hosp Lal. I feel Sun. That nobody would like to fee tic u a i taken Over by the government. Wins is one cause to Lii of everyone cent re Bule has share too much of a Good tiling 1 the n tie comedy Harriso hoists were touting Australia under the Diero Tion of Tho australian broadcasting com Mission they were plugged to Deatly by the b stations from morning to Midnight Lheu Rococi dings Scro Toad cast until Wie Avei Ign a Ilis loner gritted his Teeth and rus Hod to switch eff the wireless As soon As they wore announced Tho firm of j non Talt brought Richard Crooke to Australia but Little woe heard of his Rotor Dongs and it was the same wit i Ila Wrono to Brett Tho recordings of j oth Mai St were broadcast just sufficiently to whet one s appetite for Moro now Taub or 13 in Australia under tie direction of the Abc and already his recorded numbers Aro being broadcast from the � stations More often than is usually the Oase. By the time to reaches Brisbane to will probably have Hoard quite enough of us fruity Volco. I und Cistand that Tho Broad Job thug of Lecours is str otly controlled by the manufacturers and their agents. That new releases for in a Tunco which Aie Likely to to Popour Aro Ionly broadcast a limited number of times at first by each station to Provost their becoming stale before Limo. Ii uns be True Why Aro me b stations allowed to plug to record Ings of Oer Tais artists to such1 an extent unit the Ory dogs begin to bark when l Uey hear the familiar Volvo a what Wallior so fur this Monelli i Brisbane has a Perten ced sul Normal every Day. Apart from the Black Mio Pukiy Wien we went Down to a record Low Leinus Oralio thut beat any tiling known Slanco Bra Saue Lead a thermometer the1 whole of the a Loloi ius upon Nasty. Flor the first i Days of july the1 Wol � 58 soul s of buns line in place of the usual 91. Yet Trio rainfall has been below uni mul. For on end to have had Hio omy skies and Chilly in a. ? an occasional burst Ofalt. It l Gottung beyond a Joko whoa Melbourne a Pitois adopt a sup ilor til uric As they demand that. We bring out tie isun Liine of which we Are go fond of boasting i am inclined to agile Jilji tie old hands wh0 shake theh hands and a of Lipini Llinat a ivs Are not what they Wei. Even the Well her the Ball of the your the Chuich of England dazzle Ball August 19th Don t miss this night of nights. Income tax assessment aus. 19jt/19j7 Federal tie income tax assessment Ait of 1936 slate Tho income Iii cml Ion Raenel i Oljar Hax acts 19j0/i033 the land it fax acts 191 Fri stale i tit notice is hereby Given Hal Cully Peison firm and company liable ? 19 Roake returns under the oboes acts sic required duly to make ind Lur Nisu to me in Mie Pacso to in foun of forms a Ichuin of1 a his or its income for the car ended 30th june 4938 and b Puit Goulais of Laud owned Al 30th Mfune -1933. The returns Are id to full slide not later than the dates set out Heie Unden 1 income i in Raulins St dec and pc Deal Corn med Lerums Al Emp royces. Only or peons in receipt of income from property Only use form a duo Dale Foi Lodge Mont of returns just july 1938 b All other persons and firms use form Adue Date Lor Lodgment of returns 31st August 1938, o All companies use special Lorms provided due for Lodgment of to turns 31st August 1938 2 Iconie us Lief flax Rol urns All persons not required to Lodge income tax returns and in receipt of income which is not wholly income from employment use form r income from employment Means income from which ? income unemployment Rollef Wax was deducted by employers for payment to the department of labour and Industry due Dale Lor. Lodgment of returns 31at july 1938 3\ land to Rol urns stale Only \ due Dalo for Lodgment of return. 30th september 1938 Rol urns arc to be add Missud to Tho commis Lonor of of taxation building Brisbane penalty for failure to Lender an icon a tax or land fax return by the due Date �100. Penalty for failure to Render an income. Unemployment Relief Tux return by l be duo Dale �30, haled tills lira Day of july i Jjck 11, Jiacobe Chininis Signor of Wiesand do tily Coful Soloner of taxi Illon note it Tuni Maris May to obtain cd at any it Otino or or Floe of clerk of i Etty 5kfes-iou-.of at Tho land Auu Lulu fibs office Bris Bano All Llu Lurns Musl in an Casos to paid by Uio sender. For prices ? and particulars of the 1938 Ford v8 trucks Ford is platform truck s Fri j 1 hji1 it a Ytry a i or t to tit a 73fft?7fibnjrtip3j�ipgi Ford v8ivnd Chassis and Cali Call phone or into Gulf engineering and motor co Box 10 Clon Gurr phone 10 f. L by dolt Amoco of w tue temp Stock and station agents House land forwarding mining1 and general commission agents evaluators under succession and probate duties i a agents Qantas Empire airways limited head office Sydnei branches at Cloncurry and dhabxev1ll8. Corresponding agents throughout austbau4 p. O. Box no. 1 Tele Phoeb Cly Nacuray v i j agencik3 Noble Glasgow exp Oilves new zealand Init Range co j Law fire Marine to oldest Sun insurance office Ltd surgical supplies. Ltd All Loeb of Australia Ltd in Iris Job to a Hwi a ii Raits Iho Bost Fra � a. T Al and Jim 1 1 i ? i mum Fen Wick s Jol ill Jujj i biggest re Alft Mph amay a and re s h to a Fol a i a a i through t h Cash h if i 19 1 Wick s his Avossa Aam tiap 1 by Tattoo. Friy a g Jib ? Juji a a or 70 years 1 to a experience i of a Noros that 9 no detail of m mat Kotona i Noa Laotto to assure your ? end try rtt Wacton ? Belt Linic f i 1 Deanna and a Thoran fity tall Aba Fol let Lui h got in Peak Praksi by come Gnong m a established l64. 1934. J is Edward Street Brisbane. In Stock wooi., skin and pro i Toowoomba of Andry Fly pm z Southern Cros wind null m Queensland pros teen Ltd Dooal cattle Din woolly ply of a Lucky casket ticket May bring you or one of the Pottier 1,254 Cash prizes tickets. Drawn j almost v of every each 8 Days 11 vol a i i u 4 l. Exr a Tor idiot Trigo an i. Result clip. 1 i. Lunic. Ito Ririe Iiri i Ari National Library of Australia x. ? ? ? ?. His 1h jy1 Mph Mai. Jul jul re Wool values my \ a High average per 1b for to is Only secured where every care is Given to its ?I ? to obtain full value for each line have your next clip scoured and. ? ? prepared to Best advantage by at Julia Creek Talini Carrar and Ilfracombe ? ? ? ? ? -. ? t. ?. I a i a i a o. ? of a a Luff Model of acut Cong machine. Consists of combined bracket ? ? ii a Mij ? ? spindle and Pulle flexible or jointed steel tube and fittings Wolseley ? 5tlvmco attn piece cd Nib Cutter screwdriver Oil can and Brush. Can be ? a of los i i ? supplied for either ? right or left hand drive. V ? ? Ihn. F we Model p two stand shearing outfit. This is the Ideal Shearin Jjck so i Plant for medium size flocks and is of extra Strong construction and easy of j-5f if Ito no planking is required,.and it can be fixed in any convenient Sli a sees ? position and driven by Belt from engine. ? ? l in Jfe of a Model. B1 combined Plant for shearing and clutching. Lohf it and eve thing an-1 woodcutting. No owner of a Small flock. A Al i if desiring to by efficiently with the least possible Cost in outlay. I � j3 iffy i anti Upkeep. Cau afford to be without one. It is a wonder of compact Al of a ? ? Ness aul dependability. ? vol in ? Liff a now & full particulars from i ? i i so i Buza Cohs q old Ltd. Dalgety co. Dalgety & co. Iss5 Brisbane Rockhampton Townsville Model b ? a Ruhr sex anew flanged lid easier to i la will -. Patented sea which Refl ski serves the freshness and �?-5lbspiljshbb Quality of the pure Cream of my Sam a shh Elf a if cfcpi�2a.jkitfl�otbiock k7 we. Maryv. Ceol Cox Botor. Fitt la ? ?. ? Worth knowing the advocate is local agent for an old established reputable form of rubber stamp and brass plate Mak ers. ? ? rubber Stamps of any design Oan be procured through us at the abort est Otloe. One special cheap Lino for those i who Send their laundry out ? a Linen marking outfit contains stamp pad and bottle of Mark i ing Ink in compact Little Oase get one or these. You la lie pc ? Ife otly aau Flad. Vij remove the cause of 1 by strengthening s1mc kidneys # those frightful crippling pains which Are at first just occasional twinges in i. The Small of the Back Are sure indications that weakened kidneys Are failing to carry out their Ujj a Normal function of filtering she poisons such As excess Iii but unc acid from the system. F$fi�8ja nothing can end your Sam Fra us Elnet until you prompt Gap weak sluggish kidneys p Oia to do their proper and vital. Work. Only the a Dineya an by their natural function Clear on from the system the poisons and impurities that Are actually causing your pain. The quickest Way to get Ulok Relief lasting Benefit from pain is to Start with do wit tvs Ridney and bladder pills. Ito in the very first Day you Start with de Witt s pills your kidney is Wake ii and work. In. 24 hours from the first dose you will see How the tse pills Are moving sluggish kidneys to action. U you will Only persevere de Witt s will not Only end your pain but prevent the return of your denser and . De Witt s is Pillis sold Story Liore at 1/9, 3/ & b/9. remedy Tor kidney trouble and All its symptoms bad backache . Clatl Ca Lumbano joint pains and urinary disorders. Cloncurry Shire Counce Tho usual Monu ily meeting of the above Council was held in the Shire Hall on tuesday when Hie following Gib were present Cis a Boyd ? Dairman a Blu it e Rice Hurst d t Wood Louse a Wobb r Parker and the Sli Lre clerk or m o Callaghan or w a Rose arrived at 11 30 and cars a. Smith and to Madonam were sex outed cars too Host in l Blair moved that the newly appointed assistant clerk i Mahanoy s resignation be accepted or Parker asked w at a list be sub Mitred on All moneys spent Ion main roads in this District 01 health matters mrs i a copy of inspector Whitford s re port which was submitted to the health department in by Bono Over Siz months ago was received the conditions at mount Isa were most unsatisfactory judging by this rep orig a iranian Bur incl i ins Poctor or am feta on i always reports the Shire As in Good order. 1 ask him at every meeting and yet we get a report like this ii to Blair he Hedges if asked ii some buildings arc up to specific at. Jon. I behave fallen Down on our jobs receiving a report like this or ii Ynch not at All we pay Arm Strong to do this work and see that the Shire is Kepi in order from a health Point of new we pay this Man �400 per annul and should be Able to depend on him this is a four it f o letter of. Condemnation or Parker about 3 meetings ago we were. Advised to get. A Young assistant i or Ticehurst we could make App oat Jon to the.,health department say ing in this report or aim Strong has not carried out ills duties and asking that. A younger Man be appointed v ? \ -. Ice Webb ,tm8, report was. Furnish cd at the end of last year so we must find out if All these matters have been attended to i Ore . And1 Lyndi moved that in respect of that report furnished by inspector. Whitford to the health department after an outbreak break of sickness at it Isa some months ago this Council submit for approval an appoint lon that a younger approval an application that a younger Man be appointed to the position of health inspector to replace or my a carried or mobb voting against. Or Blair to Are not a okla Man during this absence but just ask Hig the department for. Permission to engage a younger Man it was Deolden to get Sun Cal a stands for the washing and tarring of pans at mount Isa.? the dept does not state what Typo is most of the dwelling and boarding most of the dwelling and boarding houses or Blair could Frame a bylaw forbidding the future ? building of houses of bag ? go Ticehurst we should forbid who building of places out of a Rosone tins and bags cars Blair and Rose moved that the Pollley of the Council in future would be to refuse permission for buildings to be erected of bag he Salon or Kero Seno tins chairman we cannot make Laws to suit ourselves we must Aldo by the health department cars Parker and Wood House moved that All buildings at it Lisa be brought up to the Standard of the ? health depart exit with n Teitje e spa Jrsn and such work to come Tenor with 12 months cars Blair and Webb moved an amendment that Euloh persons be not fled to bring their buildings up to spec if Tiki Witow twelve months tout this was lost and the motion was carried cars Boyd and Woodhouse moved that notice be served on All owners of dairies to have them brought up to Standard As required by the Heramb department Chatoyan the head i of toe Shire has Cost the Council �780 for the past twelve months so we cannot afford to to lax in these matters \ ? rho owner of a butchers shop at it Isa is to be notified to have same Brou gift up to specifications or Webb this report is Over six i months old and perhaps All these mat tens have had attention. Ices Blair and Webb moved it i to the medical officer Forward half a dozen bottles of samples from the it. Isa water Supply such water to to taken from the various taps packed i Ico and forwarded by plane to Pri Bono for tests to be taken cars Blair and Lynch moved Itiat All cafes be written to stating that the Council required hem to bring their premises up to Standard cars Lynch and of Ticehurst moved that garbage contractors be notified that ajl rubbish tins must be emptied weekly cars Lynch and Webb moved that All b g be brought up to Loat Ion and kept in order Jar a Morrisson of Caronan wrote requesting the. Igor he to Transfer 2 Square Miles of Coria try from this Shire to he Maok Lailay Fahire. This was granted on the motion of Messro Parker and Lynch ices Parker and Ticehurst moved that or Lynch the Aroh Teot for the Shire Hall be requested to make it. Special visit to allow the councillor of to discuss the matter of Slygh after talons at Tihe new Shire Hall and that Mio Council Are not prepared to to Fri cent a represent Auve from him t. / T Idi Alsman we cannot expert Lay v Mon to do the work of experts and the should personally supervise the erection of Hie Hall clerk the Jast time a representative came up from Lynch s office i did ?. Not see him he did not Home near the Shiro office letter was Reo lived from sup Pilj and sewerage re it Isa water Supply ? �17,025 loan and subsidy ? a ? ? j ,. Chairman it is coming on summer and we will have to make ? arrange j ments for the it Asa Supply Aad it the pipe a Loeb Down. Its Ticehurst and Lynli moved j that the pipes As submitted by _ or j Ross be submitted to the irrigation ? department for approval. Ices Blair and Wood buteo a Zovod that App cations be Ca Jed for the Pool ton of clerk of works at it is j applications to close my a fortnight a i or Blair there May be a posse Bill Ity of or Bladen carrying out ? Thiac Iosco Lwort hic of Tim open to horses the have not won a prize of Over �15 to the Winner Bach Meeh pig to be held on the Glo Nourry racecourse on % Friday and saturday 2nd & 3rd september 1938 first Day frat race to Start at 2 pm 4 of Longs Gallipoli Maiden Handicap of i second horse �2 from prize Flor Maiden horse ski a Nom and Doc Eph 3/0, ? Soond Pace to Start at 2.45 pm 4j furlongs Bennet memorial Bracelet Al raft prize Bracelett valued a twelve guineas second Horsh �2, Nom Ana to kept .8/0, to be made in name of a lady third rate to Start at 3 15 6 furlongs barrage Handicap of �10 sec0nd horse �2 ? from prize for horses that have it won a race on the Flat at time of starting exceeding �10 m value to ithe Winber Nom and accept 5/0. ? ? fourth rate to Start at 3 45 pm 4 fur Lonua flyers flutter of. �7 lsbc0nd horse it from the Hor horses that have not won a race on the Flat at time of by rung Vioa Edlung �5 n value to the Winner Nom Anji to kept 4/0 filth rate to Start at 4.30 pm 5 furlongs Anzac Handicap of �7i pea0nd of Rob 2from prize for horses that Hwe Flot won it rate on the Flat at time of starting exceeding �10 is. Value to the Winner Nom and to kept 4. Sixth race to Start at 5 . 4 furlongs blight flutter of �12 8eg0ni Honses a from pm Uzi for a Faor ses Nom and to kept 6/0 6e.gond Day first race to Start at .2 pm 5 furlongs Fleury Aix Maiden of �6 Sagand horse �2 from prize Hor Maiden horses at time of storting Nom Ana accept 3/0second Baoe to Start at 2.45 . 5 furlongs James Boyd trophy first prize trophy valued at �12/12 Pras Entea j. 1 ? Boyd Esq second prize �2, for All horses Nom and Aco 8/0 third race to Start at 3 10 pm. 6 furlongs Somme Handicap. Of �7 .sec0nd horse �2 from the prize for horses that Mot. Won a race on the Flat at time of starting exceeding �110 in value. To the Winner nominal accept 4/0 fourth race to Start at 3 45 . 4 furlongs Pasch Endale Handicap of �7 eeg0nd horse ? �2 from prize. For horses that have have not won a race on the Flat at time of starting exceeding �5 to value to the Winner Nom Ana too Eph 4/0. Fifth rate to Start at � .i5 pm 6 furlongs Dewar s cup. Fil of prize gup valued a a to presented by samujs1. Allen and sons l cd with �5 added Money second horse �2 from prize for All horses Nom Anil accept 6/c sixth race to Start at a 46 , 4 furlongs Victory Handicap of �7 seg0nd horse �2. From prize for horses that have ? not won a rate on Tho Flat at time of starting exceeding �10 in value to the i razor Nom and to sep 4/0. Seven i Rico to Start at 5.2q porn 4 1 to Longs jumbo stakes of �5 second horse �1 from prize for All horse Fiat have Nob won a rate on the Flat at time of Start log exceed Long �3 in value to the Winner Nom Aud accept 3/0 horses must have Ooin Petoud them Etta and to Wii for not let Tun 1$ at ,7ib ? ?. ?. ? s i / conditions r .1, n q r a rules of a along by a Laws and regulations to be observed j ? a ? 2, no horse will be allowed to Tel Start unless a permit has been Obulia % de fee registered horses 6d a t registered 2/6 of a minimum weight 9.7 exo Jept jumbo stakes penalties 6u,s of 4 win 10 lbs two or More of to a s j j 4, All horses must be approved % of by the stewards. No stallions Rig l or other objectionable horses will a Fol avowed a Tho paddock Horges Mut l o pad looked in the Paddook Troyli de by the club on or before 28th july 193,8 and will to Denvered Bank to i their owners 25th August 1938 a care taken but djo response bitty Kun i description brands Marks Eto to be i furnished to the Secretary a re Abl caretaker will be Appel att a do i % fee 10/0 each hone 3. Amateur riders Only approve in of by stewards standing riders tit submit their names to the sea a a ? later than i 2nd sept 1938 stewards May approve of Atlef any ume Durlyne the meet info a a Ujj j will j 8 presented to the Moat Buo oium i finder. A for All Evert m kept jumbo stakes close with in w Secretary not later than 3 Seth w july 1938 anti weights flu be Deolar i de not later than 18th August Nam i nation for jumbo stakes close not 1 a Ter than 4.30 pm. 3rd sept i�.3,8 a ?7, the committee Reserve thu i ? Power from time to time to make any e Altera Loa Modiri option or cancel i on in this programme alter the m w fluence of Tho Roeb or Date Antt Umof wow receiving entries time. Of St relm in. And declaration of weights Vil 1 j r bully ?. M ? Honi Secretary Cio Nourry ret mail f
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