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Clearfield Herald (Newspaper) - May 31, 1913, Clearfield, Pennsylvania 4 4 a amp a r ii a i 4 a it Kine 4 v a a a v4 Quot its Enid a ring wha us discovery brought undo u scientist s life by Clarissa Mack i a a a a a a 2 a 1 y �T�2 a a 2 2�?T >2 2 a a la a Quot i Ltd Fenton looked up to Niue Iii of it a to it a unit or a private office Ault i j a i9mui gaze St i \ in j Down ii. . Is to it Glass ruse that i. Ordered Fife Amin a of flu egyptian loom in to Freeman in museum coming up the aisle was a girl dress and in White her fare was a lovable Reata of of Eream and Pink tints with r men Brown eyes that watched tin Xii to sin nit ii Sheen of her hair and delicately arched brows tier form vip slender and Graceful the curator of for Eui Nutie museum to Vul id have summed up the charms of eve Lane Harn in the following words a a. Yea miss Lamella in is a us of is Irmalie Vong woman a very vain file assistant Renia Kably Well inform re jut. As i wits say i etc., and in Quot a snood his talk upon fossils now. When professor Fenton saw his is Joist aul approaching his office his a yes lighted up with enthusiasm not seer her Beauty which he had never noticed but inh ii Tise he recognized in Are a fellow worker who would be overjoyed at tile discovery he bad just in de miss Langham paused on the thresh Ald a it is 5 of clock. Professor she said pleasantly. Quot if you do Jot need me any longer i will go. An Crew has closed tin doors for tile Quot just a moment. Miss re turned the curator tapping the Sheet of Glass that protected an ancient few pyms on ids desk. Quot i have made a last interesting discovery in this last it ter of King Ake Stolem to his Quot indeed do Tell me about eve Al Down and folded Lier hands. The professor leaned Over the Papy is and adjusted tin eyeglasses on tin Midge of his handsome nose Quot you will recollect that i read to you the first portion of the letter wherein he described Bis illness and begs her to hasten her Homecoming this is j j discovery a some of the Hieroglyph a a were almost undecipherable but that new a Venn magnifier brought them out Ile picked up a memorandum pad and read in pres Lively Quot a also. My beloved your tries Tonger delivered to me tile Emerald ring. And this i will Wear upon my Unger even after death has claimed me or his own it pledges our Mutual love that of course you understand. Miss Langham. Is a free translation history says that King Ake Stolem died tor s dark head was Bent Over the Pap Stuk for an instant eve paused there. Looking wistfully Back at him almost any one in free Nantie. Esp Cial a the Young men would have muffed at the id of eve timing in hive with professor Felton eve lanolin til. Who win tin is girl in the town Ana who Contd have had her pick of the eligible beaus but it is a fact to s eve sudd filled with Eil Anil tied Twat e1 tears Aud that Down is Side aisle to tin cloakroom. Is Anding Iii the doorway she Shook or tit at tim collection of egyptian Elk s at the must my eases ranged against the Walls at the ancient Tomb furniture in tin Glass cases at the cabinets of scarabs and egyptian jewelry Quot to go How i Kiaie every one of you Quot sobbed eve in sudden fury. The Sun was streaming through the delicately tinted Glass of the window beside which stood the beautifully painted nut tinny Case of King Aken totem professor Fenton had arrived Early at the museum and busied himself with preparations for the removal of the wrappings with which the Mummy was encased. Fie was in a slight tremor of excitement anxious to the task that promised so much from a scientific Point of View what would his investigations disclose might tint he make a Dis oven that would throw per win tame in the eyes a a i science a a he mused As he waited the coming of his assistant. Miss Iang Harn Andrew the hitter brought two benches and with professor Fenton s help he lifted the heavy Case and Laid it on the benches and removed the cover. Within that were folds of yellowed Cere cloths and when these had Lieen removed there was disclosed Tho shrunken form of the King who Sam years before had ruled Over the land of Egypt. Just then the clock struck 9. And eve appeared m tile Alcove Beautiful Clear eyed White Robed a Good she smiled. Quot Good morning miss Langham you Are just Iii time a greeted the professor delightedly Quot it is my intention of course merely to examine the hands of the King i would not do this you understand if i had not myself Dis covered tin Mummy and were not about to present it to the museum i done to want any doubt concerning the identity of my Quot of course not i Lio get you done to want me to touch any of the the Gummy cloths a she shuddered a Little As the professor gently touched the left hand of the Mummy. A of course not of course not i merely want you to be Here to sort of share my enthusiasm i should lose zest in the discovery if you were not Here. The very instant i discovered the secret of the Cheve papyrus you will recollect that i called you by Telephone at once to rejoice with. Eve laughed Quot i remember it was after Midnight and Mother believed that it was to announce bad news. It gave us quite a Quot very inconsiderate of murmur cd professor Fenton still busied Over his Tusk of removing the wrappings. Eve leaned against the Wall and watched his handsome intellectual face bending Over the Mummy Case. He was barely thirty eight and his hair was grading at the temples but his eyes were dark Blue and very Bright. And a closely cropped dark Mustache broke the severity of his classic features he was big and Broad Shoul de red and very lovable in a big. Bion Dering self absorbed sort of Way Quot has lie said suddenly and eve leaned Over the Case there came up a Sweet spicy fragrance of Benzoin and myrrh and Cedar a what have you discovered a breathed eve. Quot the ring is there sin the of hip ii Der lie Bandage Quot sunny window where a Bird was swi Yupu on a made Branch beyond was a glimpse of Distant Blue Hills Aud a sifter thread where the River flowed outside it was j line inside the cd a dimness of the museum with the scent of centuries old red it a i suit them it was Ltd a u i ear ago what .1 pitiful tiling Ilia world where Only Ioe co 11 to ted. When love was All theft re of a a or a id a hand Over Bis bewildered Eye and by oked at eve with a new vision suddenly in knew that she was very beaut it ii. And Hie knowledge Tore at his newly awakened heart site could not be Beautiful for Hilt he was n in and dry i dust. And lie sin w. Ike june sit id it in it Hilt a no. If to the museum and lie had marvelled at his own quiet Contentment in in work she might leave him any moment any Day she might come and Tell him she was going to lie married to one of the youths of the town he would lose her Aud he had just Learned from King Kento emf who had lived centuries Bel Ore Brist that in the end Only love mattered eve turned suddenly and their eyes met such an unexpected discovery \ the Kino is the Fisk see the Lemp a kit the bandages a Haill the a it it Kessous As she read in the curators eyes sent a Rosy tide to even a Cheeks and her eyes drooped to the ring in his Palm. Quot you Are going to put it Hack a a she whispered Quot yes he said in a Low Tom vibrant with meaning Quot i was going to keep it out. But it Bas taught me something. And i shall return it to him now he leaned Over and slipped the ring Buck on the shrivelled linger he straightened Uji then and smiled Down at eve from his Superior height Quot King Ake Stolem brought me a message Down through the Ages love is All. I have just Dis a overed that that my love for you Means everything to me. Without it my life will be a Blank with your love. Eve. Life will be always june a eve lifted dewy eyes to his and her Little hands crept shyly out to meet his. After awhile he took a Plain ring from his Little Finger and slipped it on the third Finger of her left hand. Quot it was my mothers wedding he whispered Bilier ear the Sun shone in and transformed the museum into a place of flickering Golden shadows tile Mummy of the ancient King slept quietly there out Side a Bird Sang swiftly it was june everywhere that morn my weight of a Pencil Mark. The scale i by the assayer in his work arc the most delicate of the Polo games Oost 3,908,000 English aul Tegt i trains to Matt in i t i w ill i 11. Up Ulii i two years settin ready most Brilliant and dangerous of pastimes britishers have brought Over unusually Good ponies americans have slight advantage. The american and English Hilo teams Are ready for their International clash at Westbury n a. June to and 14 when the four Yankees and four englishmen Canter on tile Field to play for the worlds a Impi ship the 3�v ski Spectator will in entertained and thrilled by tin most expensive game Ever a ranged in tin history of modern sport for the match in xviii h eight men games Are Over hot to countries have been getting ready for two years. This is a terrific Cost for games that last Only an hour Bitt the men who know Milo say it is Worth it. To them Polo is the greatest game Iii the world. It is the most Brilliant and dangerous of pastimes. It has electrical changes As has baseball it requires unison of Eye. Brain Aud hand to a degree that to other game knows. It requires too. A combination of working Between horses and Man As eau in attained ouly by Long continued training the game is spectacular Iii the extreme. The tight will change in a few seconds from one cud of the Field to the other a single drive May change the whole complexion of the play. And All the time there is the possibility of a spill that Means broken limbs or death there is no place Iii a a la a for a Man or Pony that has not the stoutest of hearts and the strongest of Muscles. The fill ted state team is ready to meet the englishmen and As the latter say they have this year corralled All the finest ponies in England. Ire land. Egypt anti India if they Bise again they will not in Able to say this time that it was owing to the Lack of Good mounts. There is no doubt that two years ago the americans Hail the faster animal there a Little to choose tween the two team. The englishmen excelled in the technique of Riding Aud Quot Ere gentler with their ponies their Riding being Iii marked contrast to the Loo a seats of tin american players team work a marvelous y it kit on each Side but the Meadowbrook four excelled in fining out for passing the Btl. The american team and its us to Lutes Are As follow Harry i Whitney Captain in Ereaux Milburn. Lawrence by. Waterbury and j. M. Waterbury or the substitutes Are ii i. Aga. Jagt Siniua Crane. J. S Phipps. I. I Stoddard. A a. Mosey. Malcolm Stevenson and ii Montague or Whitney. Or. Milburn and the two Waterbury a formed the winning four two years ago the British team will in selected from among these players Captain Leslie St c Cherif. Captain i a a kits of. Captain g e Bellville. Of m Frei re. Noel Ell wards. \ i via ii feet and lord w ode Hoti be Captain Cheape and Captain Edwards were on the visiting team in Idi i the big four Whitney. Milburn and the two Are great a it Oil England curtain of tsar. Who has rep a de him. Is a rack player and it me of a a is ouster him the equal of run a nut see a a a a Xii i. \ it the newest be 1 a Felt a my Clever player. To f is a i a is with the a so re a of Tinea o re in a r Many a a a a a a a Clef my it hard to be Happy. A Why should von is complaining think of a the Blessing you be got. A ooh. Its All right to say that. But h w a i think of my blessings when the neigh or Are always taking the trouble to flaunt theirs before me 5�?� a Cincinnati enquirer a picture of life. \ cd fat Hill a to reported to he said. Quot life. My Brethren am n of it made up of praying for rain and then w uhf no it would a tar off. Free it a at a i no. I plating orig As a team that thex know and understand each other s play perfectly this is a big asset and is the rent strength of a team. If a new member was intr cd i cd in a team it would take months of practice to attain the know Edge of just How the other soloists a Lay the game. The members of the big four Are never tied up with the red tap of team play but each player knows just How his mate plays. This often enables the team As a whole to score a Victory. The american cup defenders will have a big advantage Over the English team. As the challengers for the cup have never played together As a team individually the English maoists Are much ladder soloists than the team that came Over Here in 1911 captains Edwards and cd ape were members of the Yipu team and have played to get her they understand each others system of play the English team received a terrific blew when Captain Buck master an noun Elt i he would not be Able to accompany the team to America Buck master be considered tile Best soloist in Caliban in the Coal mines go Ltd we Don t like to complain. We know that the mines Are no Lark. But theres the pools from the rain. But there a the cold Aud the dark god. You Don t know what it tank you. In your Well lighted sky. Watching a meteor Whiz. Warm with the Sun always by. God. If you had but the Moon stuck in your Cap for a lamp even you a tire of it soon Down in the dark and the Damp nothing but blackness above and nothing that moves but Tho arse god. In return for our love fling us a handful of stars a Louis inf Ermener the political influence of the Public Ledger commenting on the Price of the Public Ledger a subscriber writes a in the coming Battle against the a gang your paper is needed by the mass of voters and not by the select few who Are Able or at least willing to pay the increased the Public Ledger is intended for the intelligent classes the unintelligent masses would not if there a any class of people who of Fri it the

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