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Citizen Times Newspaper Archives Sep 18 1968, Page 1

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Citizen-Times (Newspaper) - September 18, 1968, Cedar Rapids, IowaVolume six number 26 Chirles v Cedar rapids Iowa Al Vuckis Uii rps by editor Chuck Dunham they have a Small revolution going on in Panama and youth is taking to the streets to fight the National guard. It s a disgrace some of the kids Aren t even enrolled in College a trucker was looking at the daily head lines astronauts meals Cost that s More than eats Cost us on the he said. Fri in did t Mill Asl Rannus meals i until Schirra picture Post when a Bunch of clergymen gang up on George Wallace and compare him to hit Ler it must mean that the preachers have their own House in order. When they have time of choose sides and put out press releases on political personalities no doubt they Are filling their churches on sunday with dedicated listeners have vis it Edall. Sick Beds led the boy scouts kept girls from going astray fed those famished of body or spirit. Cef Iho Toan cards. The top. Tunes this fall is the Valley a to. Who d think the or a would Ever make it. To the top of 11 haying been told i most of the to listen to words Sung particularly ply sound a ing Broad who gets even .with1 meddle some do goobers who carpet at the Cut of her clothes and the fast life she was Lead ing. In three minutes of waspish Cater Waung she dredges up dirt about the rest of the Pat membership and Falls pm. All Harper Valley hypocrites an unpleasant review of human behaviour and a top tune too. Find buried treasure hide it and keep it but Forgosh Sakes Don t try to claim in in the courts somebody like the hed Cross will drag out the litigation and take it away from you that was the Story at Bayard where 12 boys found Bur aed coins Oliree years ago this Viet Nam thing one senatorial candidate otherwise very of this 4viet Nam thing there s something cheap tinny any hollow about some of David Stanley s Campaign advertisements that do not do Justice to a very capable Man when Bob Hay candidate for governor appears to he an empty package some and Agency is of Selrone wonders if both he pub and men of the cd Natter have Ney f. A i usual nov spiritual matters Weir in the Sally of Rolf to political of Al. S school bus is an in Educa responsibility too. N than hey to in any one class a Irta most i bus a Good gof one sort or another. Hubert Humphrey will say anything to win a vote. When he announced he Stop bombing North Viet Nam he must have won a lot of votes. Of course they won t do Humphrey much Good voting in Haiphong. Two candidates for governor discuss the Cash situation of the state of Iowa there la be a surplus and the quoted editorial two drops is death the following is on editorial from smoke eater publisher for Iowa Volunteer firemen an empty pesticide barrel purchased for 52.00 was instrumental in Tho death of of one boy and the serious illness of two others Al Dunning Nebraska. It was a hot saturday afternoon on june 29, the three Milleson age 6 David Copp age 7, and Kurt Sander age running through the sprinkler in the Milleson Yard. The boys decided the new trash barrel could add to their fun. They rolled it into the it with water. Since the Barrell belonged to the Milleson and the play was in their spen t in the barrel. David and Ikirt took turns jumping into Ali Vij Jilli Bryo i. So Raul client deep kit Cedar Kapiris Iowa Iowa qua la and Duck seasons open oct. 26 Hui tag be is oils both open oct 26. Inc qty ill season continues through january a shooting Hovirs from i. M m the bag limit s eject Birds with 1c possessions. The higher Nonal nylons of Quail will to found Iowa where patches of Brush Vav acc s Krain Fields. Season is october 26 through november 24 shooting hours from one half Ihor before Sunrise to Sunset each Day limit daily and May not More Tolian one Mallard i Cine inn Ikirt toe he barrel says there won t two years ,.u1, t. P _ iwo years ago they were talking about a 000 Iowa surplus and How to give it Back to the taxpayers any taxpayer who got any please let me know How you did it and i did you get caught expected too 1 Al Laicans have the same Agency Aren t candidate for office ocl slab glance than the democrats have a Job for a Mir Acle Salesman. Locally people Are a bit uneasy about county offices held by democrats tie Public is More aroused Hughes and nearly livid with rage Over taxes sponsored by Democrat the course of National affairs under the leadership of president Johnson. This kind of uneasiness often causes the electorate to turn the rascals out if this happens this year it will be largely n unfit 11 claims the democrats have unified in recent Days he s got pm lined up All right Loo lung for Jozyfa january first when their government Gravy train reaches the end of the line the Shiek of says i used to yonder about a certain redhead did her freckles run All the Way Down to her Waist never did find of but with skirts As Short As they Are now i see that the freckles still show a foot above her Tillie sugenheimer says she could put those bosom City girls to shame you know the ones strutting around Wall Street like pouter pigeons. But of course i m too modest p.m., Bryon s Mother noticed the Hoys thei Barri she asked them of Stop which a they did. H is not known for the boys had been at play with barrel. David s Mother the Copps Are neighbors of the Milleson thought it was somewhere be tween 30 and 45 minute s. Afternoon play ended and David and Kurt Home. About p.m., Bryon s sister informed her parents that he was vomiting when vomiting continued at rather frequent intervals his parents thought he May live swallowed some of the Waler from the barrel. The doctor was called. He advised bathing and continuation of vomiting however Bryon s condition grew worse he became extremely hot sweaty and thirsty later convulsions developed his eyes failed to focus his Muscles and limbs became1 uncontrollable. While Bryon was still in the Bath tub is a Uuie the Dally bag except of can Vas Narki of one. The0 Hunting season and shooting hours for Coots the same As for ducks. How coot is ten and nn34pccin.il in and is 20. Name Para a vote against those in Power rather in than for Republican programs Gunnell College is disturbed that a male student kept a girl in his room for several Days and nights. There seems to be a moral question involved and the discover May give the bad name the Story hit the daily papers the same pm congressman Adam c. Pow Ell of Harlem was guest of the College. He was thrown out of Congress became of question and and his col i he was giving the House a and the politicians Are making the rounds and we can report objective and statesmanlike Way one Friend choose her candidates. Refuses to vote bad name the reason there s so much concern a waitress she Flat for any candidate we eats there without leaving a fat tip. Quote today the world is looking for men who Are not for Sale men who Are honest sound from Cente to circumference True to the heart men with consciences As steady As the Needle to the pole men who will slated for the right if the heavens loiter and the Earth reels men who can Tell the truth and look the world right in the Eye so much concern Wor right in the e about the Quality of vice president who neither brag fhe last the the nature who neither run he and the kids having been sent to College Are Home for first weekend afer a taste of Campus life. I was disappointed m one Young freshman liven after a week nun oui scouting it men m whom the courage of everlasting life runs still deep and Strong men who know their message and Tell it men who know their place and fill it men who know their business and attend men who Shalt men who a Tarne a a _ to eat Wear what a highways Are for la Powell Osman to spend a Day in Grinnell As is languished told met Well will no doubt be different amour himself hardly fits a pattern he have paid men who Are not ashamed of say no Wigi emphasis and who Are not ashamed Sav cant afford the kingdom for such time asthis0 god give us men. U. S sen. Frank Carlson and part of the chemical in the Milleson called Kurt s parents and advised them on Bry on s and David s condition and urged them to watch Kurt. The Elaine county sheriff escorted the Milleson s of broken Bow 42 Miles away arriving about the sheriff radioed ahead and had the Hospital and doctor notified of the emergency. Bryon was unconscious unon arrival. Kurt s parents rushed him to the Hospital in Mulien. The original contents of the Barrell were nol known for certain. The sheriff took or. Milleson and mrs. Milleson s father to the Airport and brought Back to the hos Pital a similar barrel. Then it was disco the Barrer contained thion and that atropine was i ant Dotal atropine was administered Toi Bolh Bryon and David Bryon failed passed away at David responded to the atropine treatment. Stopped about 4 1st Kurt started recovering sunday ing. His muscle spasms ended n about m hours after treatment started. and. David developed pulmonary edema fluid in the lung five Days after Hospital Safion Kurt had difficulty keep ing food Down. However both boys were released from the Hospital on july 8 the three boys suffered Parathion poisoning through skin absorption of the Washington report by rep. H. R. Gross . Brother at it again. Would you believe there is a Law which practically prohibits private citizens from deliver ing their own mail t May by carried by Means than postal service the Law reads Only if. 1 it is enclosed in an envelope which addressed and sealed 2 the of postage which would have been charged if it had been sent by mail Stamps and 4 the Date of the Ettery or its transmission or receipt by reamers endorsed on envelope his sister came Luning and said that a us Iii. Tzc Able to determine the Brand name _________10 cents Peu copy motorists order plates Early from treasurer Mot lh0 Plale Iowa is Slin motorists arc making sure that Talieh areas hirers in advance5 the motor vehicle division of the Mcnarl inf qty t0dny All calling for an extra 2sc Feu to pay for Refl Cloried plates. Commissioner Jack m. Tillon said that some county j treasurers Are already receiving applications by mail but 11 Al some individuals arc neglecting to include Hie proper amount. Fulton said in most Hie certificate will n Snow he inclusion of fhe 25c fee. As treasurers offices Are re turning sept. Is 10ns Schroeder a Junior at a Force Academy i a t inn Lulu Llull he applications with information include to show the necessity of an additional 25c the ulu Luiel commissioner said we feel Ilia application by one of the bus s of eliminating the Long lines an i the stale bul we would it mind everyone to make sure the prope of funds has been included wit each official in Iowa nolo vehicle License plates go on Sale dec n 100 locations around the stale. Completes . Basic using autos the firm discovered it could deliver a own mail faster and Cheape but along came the Post office depart ment and not Only forced the company but to pay Bac most age for the five months it had used the self service system. _ until such time As Congress approves needed reforms in the postal service As r has Lone surely the least that could be done is to repeal this Archac Ayas the Washington Star cd trial used if citizens can work out Small non political economical ways of doing Iheme is what the Post office cannot what next a newspaper article re Veals that the bureaucrats in the depart have thought up a Newi gimmick to med die in everybody else s i business they re going to propose safety standards for by Cyc ios. M Well the food and has proclaimed cheery., pie Tea i let Empire build ers in the transportation Ido Earlmont try o of Wuh. Seat Bells and to 11 then they la pro y "c01 1se Cofery i----------0 Anikij augur Fisun of inc chemical. The boys indicated they did not Swallow any of the water in the bar Rel. When the Fop was Cut out of the barrel there was no liquid present Only an oily film on the Interior surfaces like most other pesticides can be taken into the body in three by Mouth through the skin Ami inhalation. Two drops of Parathion is the lethal dose for a Small child. You have heard and discussed Parathion it fire schools at Mutual Aid is and read about it in carious fire publication journals. Now it shows up in someone s Back Ard two drops can spell "death1 to keep have you Musl keep in to ate on the dangers that Are developed Viry Day. As a fireman you must seek knowledge your own Ife your Tveit i Cycle River and after they have ploughed this fur Row you can bet they will go after Tri cycles skate boards and baby carriages. Maybe even rollaway Beds Aren t we Lucky to have the transportation department boys on the Job crime Sleuth. George Newton or. A 37-year-old Chicago attorney and member commission on violence came to Washington on commission Busi robbed who think i what kind of a be of the . Didst stand guard around the world Helm pure. October 18, airman James p san Antonio Aii Man Legi and of i and mrs a Rajmond be Giand a of 528 12lh of has completed Basic training Al Lackland alb Texas he is now assigned As a vehicle Marten acc with a unit of he tactical an command at boils Tom api Texas an Man leg and is a graduate of Wash Egton so Toni High school in Quelle gets plaque for school performance Redstone Arsenal Ala army private first class Steve r. Anclle son of or. And mrs. Jack h. Quelle 829 10th sin received a plaque from the army education achievement association Dorii ceremonies at Redstone Arsenal Ala August 23. He was awarded lie phone for his on in t 13 Nisi repair us Aimy c in be. And school Roi soon gradual cd from to course on August 23. I from Jefferso 106g. Al sep Hoen submitted to the Sente e so fat ii so his sell inclusion big re coins. in let n to i _ in wifi 12 Are two new stat fall fishing in full swin others Angkok Thailand is the Venice of fresh pears and cottage cheese make salad the Barbet is on he Market now Are excellent. Pears which role it pay e Roe of global Hubert Horatio Humphrey Scute Rajber 1968. Where Are ti1e jobless column in in Ryhr Oul that Industry has pledged permanent new jobs among the hardcore unemployed Fin them be been a Stop Man a own an Hattan and the Driver asked a Man on the curb say where s 42nd pm a cd Ostrian " he Man replied. I dont help eat Zebra meat and hides for leather. Use the records i Hajj there is still time for anglers to

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