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Citizen Times Newspaper Archives Oct 24 1968, Page 1

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Citizen-Times (Newspaper) - October 24, 1968, Cedar Rapids, IowaLvov 8 in citizen Public Library of lpns in Wal go on the Capitol firing line 24, 1968 by rep. H. R. Gross Washington one of the blackest chapters in the history of the United states i was the decision by the Johnson Humphrey administration to join with the British in an Effort to government of tiny Rhodesia. With the Anhony claim that Rhodesia was a threat to the United states and great Britain teamed up to get approval of a u. N. Security Council Resolution calling for economic sanctions fhe government of that Small african state. With that fantastic fact in mind Here Are portions of what Fri director j. Edgar Hoover has to _ say about Hoff friends and co workers the new left movement has Mush roomed into a Kennedy aide Mankiewicz to speak Here Frank Mankiewicz former press Secre tary to the late senator Robert Kennedy will appear on tuesday november 12 at 8 . In the Cedar rapids orial co Leshin As part of the area ten roomed into a major Security problem i a Olesiuk As part of the area ten with some of its adherents talking about1 Community College 1968 special events sabotage violence and the forcible rips a College student group the new left draws its supporters irom a Motley Vari Ety including beatniks hippies Disen chanted intellectuals Young faculty Mem Bers and some overage students still on the Campus. The movement is held to now comes the incredible decision by 8ethei by a bitter hatred of what is called the administration which will have the the establishment that is the institutions of of democratic society. At heart new left philosophy is anarchistic and nihilist. The concept of violence As an instrument to destroy the existing social order is inherent ii he new left As it is in the philosophy of the old line communists who have worked for years to undermine this Emu uie Luru Ajjie ties Titt traction of certain key facilities basically1 lawyer Joii realist will present a 45 a College student Eronim. New minute lecture entitled analysis of the of gagging the two men who oper ate the Rhodesia information Agency in the United states. What has happened is Best described in an editorial which appeared in a recent Issue of the washing ton evening Star. Excerpts from the editorial follows the government of the United states in All its majesty has blocked the Check ing accounts Here of the rhodesian i formation Agency and the two men we operate it. The practical effect almost certainly will be to. Put the information Agency out of business and thereby help perpetuate in this country the transparent fiction that Rhodesia is a threat to to world peace. This High handed piece of business had its inception in 1966-67 when the United states joined in a u. N. Security Council 1 Resolution calling for mandatory sanctions against Rhodesia. It was said that Rhodesia which had declared its Independence of great Britain was a threat to peace because of its racial policies. If Ever there was a phony argument this was it. Rhodesia was t threatening anyone and. Never presumably of Al flf7ocf o r analysis of the election the presentation will pro be the successes and failures of the major political candidates and parties in the november 5 ser session stolen laughter stolen from parts pups All some folks have ready for a Rainy Day is a freshly washed car. The world judges you not Only by what you stand for but by what you fall for. Election. A question and heredity is something will follow the lecture Olieve in when your child s re port card is All a s. In Mankiewicz who has been Active Public life both As an observer and participant is Well qualified to present a poli tical analysis. He Republican convention As an Abc correspondent and attended the democratic convention As a Wash any Mother s ears Delegate from California and key aide to pro Puy replied Mike senator George Mcgovern. Said the teacher what is your greatest Ambi Tion tit off action Fis Varn tips John and rennet unable to write checks on thei Bank accounts Are Down to about Between them. They can t eat for Long on that and they certainly cannot Tell Rob Desia s Story to the american stockpile. I could not let another week go by without bringing you a couple of items in the latest report of the join congressional committee on reduction o Federal expenditures of the United states it concerns what is in our strategic and critical materials inventories at the to in other words. You i be delighted i am sure to learn that we now have one million five Hundred sixteen thousand six Hundred and ninety four pounds of feathers away. The Fea thers Are Worth million. Wei have on More pounds of feathers than think we need but no the bureaucrats matter. If for some reason the government should run out of feathers it can always dip into the e two million seventy two thousand and four pounds of Down in the stockpile. Mountain is Worth your Money of course. This knowledge May make you sleep better to night. On the other hand if at upsets you just remember we have on hand million three Hundred eighty nine thousand five Hundred forty one million pounds of Castor Oil. An outrage. As if the financing of a Chicago Street gang by the left Wing Liber als who run the Johnson Humphrey administration s office of economic Opportunity were not enough we learn now that the Leo bleeding hearts have been paying new left Leader the Yip pie agitator who played such a prominent part in the disgraceful and vulgar riots during the Democrat National convention. Anarchist Hoffman was1 on the Federal role As a consultant to a new York City organization financed by the Leo and remained on the payroll until after the convention when the House in american activities committee sub Beiva aed him to testify Here in Washington. Who said that it is to be hoped the american participation in this area Viet Nam can be limited to military assistance to supplies and to military training and it is my View i state so that there will be no doubt about it that it should be so Hubert Horatio Humphrey february 1962. We should be prepared to Aid decisively Horatio Humphrey october 1962. Viet Nam is our great adventure and a wonderful one it Harotion Humphrey november 1967. Note american servicemen had been killed in the Viet Nam War As of october 12, 1968. Quarterly pay for. Schools ---11 .5--Republican dilate for Fiorda Ifft state in districts having to pay interest to foreign volunteers needed by u s Navy the u. S. Navy recruiting service announces the opening of a new recruiting program the underwater demolition former director of the latin american programs of the peace corps he acted As your taxes a press Secretary for Robert Kennedy poverty Check Cadillac bumper sticker pay i need my vow i through two years of senatorial activity and the presidential Campaign of 1968 until beatles guru the senator s death irom India on an is on another Here tour. General admission tickets for the Man ? a and he s Kiewicz lecture May be purchased there s no place like Clancey s or at the area ten office of Enca for lettuce. Clancey s or at the area ten office of student affairs. Tickets will also be sold on the night of the performance. Boy scouts plan to series next year Warner Brothers seven arts and the boy scouts will join forces in filming a new half hour dramatic series for the 1969-70 network season. It will be broadcast on prime time. The announcement was made jointly by Alden Barber chief scout executive of the s 1 upon signing ithe agreement the e u Zih of a Ber pointed to Warner Brothers s successful series and stated that they Are ideally suited to produce a series with the boy scouts of America of the. Same Quality importance and acceptance. Team Udo and Seal team Volunteer. In the agreement the boy scouts of the primary Mission of Udo is one of America retained the right to approve recon Naissance and demolition of natural and Man made obstacles on approach to beaches with several secondary missions that include sneak attacks experimental work Salvage operations and emergency Rescue details. Used Book Sale in . To Aid planned parenthood More than new and used antique books Over phonograph records Al bums unusual periodicals and puzzles will go on Sale beginning sunday nov. 10 at he eighth annual planned parenthood of Owa Charity Book Sale. It is the largest Book Sale Ever to be held in Iowa. The Sale to continue through sunday each script. So far a title for the series has not been decided on but the format being developed by Joseph Kotler Warner Brothers seven arts vice president for program Ming and sales and will provide an Opportunity to show the relevance of youth a difficult problem in Mathe Matics is to make a woman s Date of birth agree with her present age. A Small child was explaining to her younger brother that it was wrong to work on sunday. But what about policemen said the boy. They have to work on sunday. Don t they go to course replied they re not needed sidewalk interviewer now Madam what is your opinion of red she its Okay with me so Long As it does t clash with the the lawyer was Reading the will of a wealthy executive re entry deceased and to my Nephew whom i promised to remember i there Charlie a traveler stopped at a Motel advertising free to. Rooms and what s the difference be por Tummy to show the relevance of youth tween the. And room " activities in All forms and localities of he asked. Today s world. Commercial sponsorship a vital necessity for any new series if it is to survive beyond the Pilot stage has not been announced. Kotler said that the show s format would replied room has hit in clerk the be free an american newsman was having a discussion with his a Wuriu. Uiol Hsion 1 permit his organization to utilize the pre communist counterpart 1 put o n sent emphasis on scouting s boy Power 76 Long Range plan in Urban and Low in come Rural areas As Well in the traditional outdoors activities of scouting ii As i understand said the Ameri can the Basic idea of communism is to Divide everything with your not corrected me ome u con Niue in rough sunday these stories to be produced both on not quite corrected the dec 1, will be held in the basement of the and at our studios in Burbank i red reporter the Basic idea ormer Davidson s furniture store at involve family problems humor communism is to make your venture suspense and conflict. There Divide everything with an excellent source of Strong material in e w voluminous literature of scouting seventh and Walnut in Des Moines. Entrance to the Book Sale will be the through the seventh Street door. Theca "7 of of la h Kotler said w de Roger Caras a writer who specializes in natural history and outdoors subjects has been signed to write the Pilot show. Day hours will be 1-9 . With a ?1 admission charge for adults and teenagers n opening 10, Only. Sale hours he remaining Days will be 10 . 9 . Mondays 10 . 8 . Tuesdays on through fridays 10 . 6 . On sat i Days and 1 6 . Sundays. Sales Joers May Register for a new encyclopedia away at the end of the ale. Those wishing to donate books unusual this new drink called the Hanoi so named because you never get completely bombed. Every Veazy the Farmer complained about the weather and the crops. It was too wet or too dry or too much grass or rep. John Culver has called for a full too Many Corn Beers or there investigation by the department of inter was no Market or some thine Lor toward irradiating the Carp on the never upper Mississippi which Are destroying Vav Fuji Are us Loyine Enodias and records May bring them the habitat for game fish and causing be o the Sale or Call 282-2101 in Des Moines rious silting problems inthe River United methodism s three Iowa annual conference will meet oct. 31 and nov 1 Nance operation of planned parenthood in Des Moines to take action on a plan Irth control cynics services and inform of Union designed to create a single state Ion Loco or free pickup. The annual Sale conducted by More Han 250 volunteers raises Money to help conference by june 1969. Never anything Good. Then a year came when Good crops were harvested. Prices went soaring and Bank accounts were bulging. Pretty Good year you la have to neighbor said. The Farmer Al Lowed but terribly hard on i the 103

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