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Citizen Times Newspaper Archives Oct 16 1968, Page 1

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Citizen-Times (Newspaper) - October 16, 1968, Cedar Rapids, IowaNot i asks Quick during Paris is Riley Republican candidate for second District Congress Man tuesday urged that the United states take immediate Steps to reduce american the possible improvement m negotiations. Addressing the Exchange club Cedar rapids tuesday noon rilly All our people we place All our Hope for talks in the pans peace Torfe that file negotiators will 5 Able to reach an agreement at the Paris cables and end the vietnamese said but we must be realistic and her that the korean talks lasted two full years and we have been meeting in Paris Tor six months and Haven t even begun to discuss he said Riley noted that nearly half of the total u. Casualties of the korean conflict stolen laughter a teacher having difficulty unfasten ing her Little Pupil s overshoes asked did your v Hook these for this was the an she bought hear about the Scotchman who Rose his horse backwards he dropped a dime in the feed Box. The wealthy texan was dicta Ting his will. After much thought and several scowls he informed his lawyer and my Good for nothing son i leave three million dollars. And he s Lucky i did t Cut him off Alto i the Dean of women was Mak my an announcement before n the body. The presi Dent of the College and she were lost while the Peac e Falls going on. That is Why we should begin a gradual Transfer of the to the Viet namese and bring american Riley said. We have already lost american lives and suffered Over wounded. I am not willing to lose that Many More needlessly while the peace Riley termed continued american involvement in Vietnam a major mistake m american foreign policy Riley emphasized that adequate Safe guards for civilians can be attained either through negotiations or through lathe United nations protectorate sternly have decided to on the Campus greeted with gales of laugh Ter she became flustered and attempted to explain. What i mean is a this kissing that s tee going on under my nose must normally i would t dream of opening a letter addressed to the wife explained to her husband but this marked private Wichita Falls Tex. Ger Lawrence m. Matthess of Fairfax is been graduated from a us air Force technical school at Sheppard fab Texas. He was trained an aircraft Mechanic and has been assigned to a unit of the air training at Williams. Fab Ariz. He is a graduate of Prairie High in u. S. Tech i Chuck s chirps i Jackie Kennedy is going to find out what greeks do besides run the widow of president John Kennedy is to marry Onassis the millionaire shipper Hope Jackie fares better than the last stylish Young woman Onassis lured aboard his yacht Maris Callas the opera Star he kept her for several years gave her Diamond studded panties but never Sid marry her. Several male students at Cornell College stripped off their clothes As a protest demonstration and those who viewed them can better judge whether they were cheated by the creator and have a legitimate beef. Fortunately most campuses have big signs to identify these havens for intellectuals. Someone might mistake the place for a fruit of the month warehouse. The Young male strippers can feel Lucky they did t try their act in Mal com. About the time the first pair of trousers hit the floor there would be a warrant of arrest served. Since what his name was run out of town for sleeping in the raw in his own room a prudent Young Man in Malcom will sleep in trousers shirt and boots just m Case the neighbors Are watching. If the naked College Joes Are lifting a Page from Canadian history they have a Long Way to go. Up North a religious sect of russian immigrants used to pro test in the nude men women children and then Burn Down their houses. And sice to the Dean of men or the Dean of fruits be prepared to organize a bucket brigade just in Case our Elmer fudge wonders if Onassis is marrying Jackie for her Money. I always thought something like this might happen to Jackie if she did t Stop hanging around with the wrong kind of people no decent american boy would rep. Culver hits tax Loop holes congressman John Culver criticized Flag rant loopholes in the present tax Law and said that meaningful tax Reform add enough Revenue to the Federal Treasury to pay for the entire budget deficit for fiscal year 1968. Addressing the Cedar rapids association of accountants Here Culver charged that the 90th Congress had failed in its responsibility to the average american tax payer by enacting the necessary sur tax without at the same time removing the tax loopholes which subsided those who can most afford to Culver said that massive Public one was a pacifist is a Guy who fights with everybody but the enemy. The greatest remedy for an Ger is delay. A complain ing Day that one of his clerks Sowas wearing a dress that fit so tight it affected her he added. Than the look on of a person at tile upper end Foj a dog Leash to know what s going on at the other end. A. Licu Hailu Nical sgt. Thomas a. Hegarty son of or and mrs. Harry a. Hegarty of Stanwood is on duty at adorn Royal thai fab Thailand. P sgt. Personnel specialist is a member of. The Pacific air forces. Before his arrival in was assigned to Sandia the sergeant a graduate of Stanwood nigh t t Viet Nam if clean son of or. And of 921 9th St Marion is on duty at Tuy Hoa a wuu1u. Her have to import a Hus band As her sister did. There s an object lesson Here girls. If you want to catch the boy next door Don t go Lolly gagging around the world in one of those greek steamships. Wonder if Jackie will get a new pair of Diamond studded unmentionables or try on Cahas old ones did some printing for a democratic candidate and forgot to list his party affiliation. Now if the voters can forget it he might get elected. T Wei at 1uv Rioa up n t Viet Nam. Capt. Mckean an f-100 Suner s.6 has been Over at the Sable Pilot is of the Pacific Elg watching the olympic swim mers. On to. We be got some Champion _ y _ team if air forces the of Marion High was it 4l963 won graduation from the of fair Etoyce Academy. V v. A Sporl for tax Reform would provide the Only politically realistic Way to Over come the interests which lobby against such there is no Justice in a tax system where one Man who earns dollars a year pays while another who earns 6 million dollars a year pays Culver contended. More than 100 billion dollars of person Al income banked in this country this year will never be reported on Federal income tax Culver noted much of it because of the in which our tax Laws Are written. 20 millionaires paid no income tax at All last year and for the remainder the aver age tax paid was less than 30 percent though their tax rate was suppose d to be 70 percent. Thus those in the very highest Sossai tile says French opposition Leader to speak at it. Vernon Vernon franc6is sir the door f v have the girl who ranted to be a Bubble danc Jef bit her Fiance v soap papa Robin sat on the Blue eggs in the nest. Later mama Robin returned to sit on the nest to keep the eggs warm. When it became papa s turn again he found among the Blue eggs one that was mottled and Brown. He asked mama Robin about it. Said she i did it for a Amarillo fix. Patrick j at it. Vernon Francis i it Vernon Frances j. Pruss of 38tli4t. Reader of the non communist French left plated Basic trailing vat up at Cornel College oct 25 his Tex. He has of Fern Fesi Gheo the Sair . Part of the College s artist lecture Force Senes is set for pm. In King Chapel a Tan air traffics Peci a list. So fooling _. Geoffrey bang s m dal i4i Trelc Jiu Gnesi brackets avoid taxes by utilizing existing Culver pointed out those at the lowest Levels not have enough income after deductions to require As a he noted it is the average taxpayer in the Middle and up per Middle income brackets who is forced to Bear the disproportionate share of the Burden. Today the typical wage earner or Small businessman pays just about the same percentage of his income in taxes As does the taxpayer with att income of 1-5 million in Tver tune ,1 the 17th artillery his wife Teresa lives 38th St. Be. Equipped reaver a 1963 graduate of Bethesda Chevy lir to 11 stressed that called tax Loles were not necessarily fear that some served legitimate social Anil National needs and would require Jutes by the Federal government if they were removed. He noted As that use of tax incentives to simulate Pru vate investment in the inner cities has wide spread political support in effect add new necessary loopholes to tie tax but that does not excuse continuation of the tax allowances which Perm Rivert rally total evasion of responsibility by those in the very highest income brackets he stressed citing As particularly Yifen Sive the excessive Oil depletion allowance which frees billion dollars a year from taxes and the deductions for floss operations by corporate and mers i have introduced legislation Tot end the farm tar u a his . Degree in 1967 from Coe College and is a member of Phi Kappa Tau his wife is the daughter of or irom million is the Treasury but permits unfair Unar Competition with the family Farmer who if earns enough Money to make ends e i just share

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