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Citizen Times Newspaper Archives Nov 16 1966, Page 1

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Citizen-Times (Newspaper) - November 16, 1966, Cedar Rapids, IowaIowa s Independent newspaper subscriptions a year in Cedar rapids a year out of Public Library Kebab a Eide 1qka nov 211966 Kebab a Eide 1qka f a Vav 50, a w Iowa s largest weekly Cedar raids offices 901 4th Street so. Phone 3 65-60 78. Volume five number Twenty published weekly in Cedar rapid. November 16, 1966 americana Fulton admits errors by John Sinor 66 hit run car brisk mornings and Nippy evenings of late i an autumn chill has been i running up and Down the countries Backbone. Did you save a lot of Daylight this year mine slipped right through my fingers again. The . Turns Daylight off and on like it was so much plumbing. When we had a Small Cabin in the lofty sierras we tur Ned off the plumbing for Winter. But there was a reason for that. An ice clogged faucet could blow up in your nobody seems to re member the real reason for Daylight savings time anymore. Or Why we still have it. There was something about the Farmers. It let them get up an hour later to milk the cows. Let them stay up an hour later but this h ardly makes sense today. About 90 per cent of our population lives in the cities. And All the Farmer have to do to milk the cows is flip a switch themselves. The real explanation is lost in the mists of time. Daylight or Standard. Heaven knows which a lot of people get pretty miffed about How time is sliced up Here and in other parts of the country. I can understand these people. I have tried to pull bedtime on a moppet while the Sun was still High enough to give a Good Burn it gets pretty confusing living in a world full of different times. I called a Friend in new York the other night after dinner without thinking. He wanted to know if i knew it was 1 . There he wanted to know if i was some kind of nut Fly to Jolly England in today s Jet time machines. Leave the East at breakfast time and you la arrive in London hungry for lunch. But it s the Middle of night in London. The fog is in and everybody s gone to bed. It jars your insides something horrible Matey. Elisabeth Zacheli Shofnew York is the Champion for the cause of restoring order to time. Her project however is to str believed found it Aslos that Fri report be made Public a Linn county Automo bile believed to be the hit and run car which struck and killed 83 year old Nelson Larsen thursday has been impounded and turned Over to the Fri for investigation. The car is reported to belong to Forrest Cobb 820 20th St be but acting sheriff Dave Webster says that Only the car is under suspicion at this time. There is insufficient evidence to get out a warrant on said web Ster. Radio stations using Cobb s name Are doing so on their own respond he explained. Two men Are working Newell to run on the Case full time but we Don t have enough evidence the Fri report is expected to determine whether the car is the one which struck Larsen As he walked along East Post Road about 6 . Thursday. The report is due in a week or ten Days. Until it is known whether or not the Correct vehicle has been found the identity of the Dri ver cannot be shed. Cobb contacted Mon Day at Marion Myca told the citizen times that my lawyer has instructed me to s a nothing to nobody at no Cobb would not divulge the name of his attorney. The Auto sought was a 1962 or 1963 beige Che cont. Page 16 news of for mayor servicemen .tot4m Carl Newell recently announced to the Citi zen times that he plans to run for mayor in we talked to or. Be Carl Newell Well immediately after the election in which he was Defeated for the position of state senator. Newell a Democrat commented both on Why he thought he was Defeated and Why this defeat is in Many ways a personal Victory for him i did t have enough Money to spend on the Campaign. I was amazed at the number of votes i got considering i Only spent 700 dollars on the Campaign. And i was also amazed at the number of constituents and friends from both Par ties who supported me so strongly and this support convinces me that i will run Well for mayor Iii the next elec Marine Corporal John h. Eidemiller son of or. And mrs. . Eidemiller of 601 37th st., is a member of the second Light anti air Craft missile battalion at the a Nan g air base Republic of Vietnam. Personnel of the 2nd Laam provide Security for the air base and support u. S. And re Public of Vietnam forces engaged in combat operations against the enemy. Seaman George e. Merrifield jr., user son of or. And mrs George a merr Ifield of route two and machinist s mate fire Man James a chem Licek of 278 27th ave. S.w., Are Crew members aboard the attack air Craft Carrier Forrestal observed the Lith Anniv Ersary of the Mccier at the Home of its commissioning the Norfolk naval shipyard in port Smouth a. Forrestal has made seven Mediterranean cruises people ask what happened election postmortem losers and winners answer William Smith Dale Crozier Joan -r-1 Kofl Post election Ito lab up the citizen times contacted and interviewed the four re publican candidates for the e Low a hous e of r per e Senta Tives who won in tuesday s election and the four democrats who lost. The candidates were asked two quest ions Why they themselves won or lost the election and Why the democrats suffered such a heavy defeat. The answers advanced were Many and various but they can be compressed into a few summary statements. 1 the republicans Felt that they campaigned harder than the democrats and that they front rather than As separate 2 labor did t Muster sufficient Force to offset the steady Republican returns that were com ing in. 3 there was confusion in Many voters minds As to How to split the ticket 4 voters Felt wides spread discontent with president Lyndon John son s policies in Washington although at least one candidate reasoned that Johnson had very Little to do with the Linn county the candidates usually telescoped the two questions into one. Here Are their replies. Dale Crosier ced. A rapids Democrat i think labor did t turn out and vote. For in stance in elis Park and the Jane Boyd comm Unity we formerly had 400 votes and the republicans had about 100. But the republicans turned out 110% at the polls and the democrats turned out very poorly. Bill Smith Cedar rapids Democrat i Don t believe the peo ple looked at the record. The pro Republican forces have been be moaning their defeat in 64, so that it seemed the prime objective to re establish the two party system in the state of Iowa. But what they really wanted was not to re establish the two party system but to gain overwhelming control i think that the people split the ticket at the top and then jumped around. It was t the nor Mal voting. They were More concerned about their pocketbooks than about programs and i think it was a mistake. I also believe the re publicans tried to overwhelm the people with slogans the accuracy of which could be seriously questioned. Myron Oxley Rural Marion Democrat we ran Well in the cont. Page 4

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