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Citizen Times Newspaper Archives Nov 14 1968, Page 1

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Citizen-Times (Newspaper) - November 14, 1968, Cedar Rapids, Iowa_ Cedar rapids pub Library 423 3rd ave. Be 103 volume number . Ii. Gross when silent f Johnson son Cedar . Class can Mih Taivy l announced the suspension t of bombing of both Viet Nam this member 0f Congress promptly asserted such action had All the earmarks of Politi Cal Many Citi Zens country Long suspected would bemused in the dying Lotus of fhe presidential election Campaign As this newsletter goes into print a week later. Nov nothing has transpired to even indicate that the bombing halt was nothing but politically inspired and motivated _ less than 24 hours after Lyn Don Johnson announced the cessation of bombing Secretary of state Ruck staged a press conf Wence at. Which he held out Hope for an Early agreement that would end the fighting and he refused to disclose the Rea sons on which the sudden end of the. Bombardment of Noil Viet Nam was predicated rusks Aid u. S. Terms for set element were that North Viet Nam leaders Stop their inva Sion of South you Einar with draw their troops and also get Laos Cambodia and Aua a Moonia and Thailand these Are terms which the communists of North Vietnam have repeatedly and to flatly rejected and therefore could have been a basis for the bombing halt v j Rusk also said he was Call ving on other foreign govern influence to 3 get North Vietnam Tol move f toward a settlement but this c also has been tried repeatedly past without Success and certainly could not have been a basis for the precipitate bombing halt Only five Days before election. President Johnson m his statement to the nation announcing the bombing suspension said i cannot Tell you tonight specifically m All detail Why there has been i Ogress in Paris another sinister aspect of this decision is that Johnson announced that leaders of the a themselves to Apiu Johnson edic halting the Umu says Thatje ing. But the washing Orr Post Poi frayed the the result was a non win armis Tice in Korea which has been violated hundreds of times since it was entered., into in july of 1953, and which now requires the presence of at Lea s two divisions of u. S. Troop and scores of air plane and their Crews stationed h Korea at enormous 1 expense u s enforce am semblance of Tranquility be tween North and South Korea is this history now to be repeated Between North and South Viet Nam and by an tonal liberation front Elf hard Core of communism _ m South would be seated at the conference table in pans. This is the first time to my that the uni Ted states has recognized arid capitulated to the communist organization in South Vietnam. It Means in effect that the u. S. Government is Ripe saying that the War in Vietnam is a civil not a War of aggression Yajiu Jay tin other politically motivated misfit president common sense one of football s All time i eat winners is vice general manager and former coach of the Green Bay. Packers of the National football league some of our permissive jurists educators and govern ment officials could profit from his philosophy As explained in the following excerpts from is speech before a meeting of the football writers association for so Long have we re ecu led Autho Uty in the family discipline in the school order in the state that the Freedom we have sought has brought us close to chaos we will never have Good society much less a great one unless the values excellence is respected again. Freedom will examine magnitude1 Culver Victory i from the office of rep. John any Man who wins the second Oisin it seat m Congress goes to Washington after winning a warmly contested election in six elections the democrats have won Thieo times and the republicans Thiee times when the total votes Congress Are added for those sex elections total votes the republicans have an Over All margin of .542 votes or less than 1 vote per precinct per year is for this reason that congressman John Culver s Victory nov. 5 by a margin votes was the Surprise in the elec Tion returns coming out of Iowa. He Defeated his Republican opponent Tom Riley to in winning a third term Cul Vei. Ran against a Strong re publican tide. Nixon earned the school men counter attacked in misday just Houis after the Iowa state Board of Public in exhibit paintings mount Maui 111 Seum Purchase collection an hosted 91 schools As exhibition Oft 24 paintings has the Iowa Assoc opened at the Cornell College boards meeting a i 11 111 Ijar a i e Voi theist Iowa District to Humphry s which gave Nixon a margin of 545% the Republican presidential Candi Date carried ten of the eleven counties in the District Robert Ray successful Republican candidate for governor earned nine of the eleven counties he Tost Linn the largest of the District a counties by 267 votes l a of it a to commons and will continue on Thio Tigh dec. 8, 1960 instituted by Gloria Vander bilt in 1953 and spans died by the Alme since 1966, the museum i Purchase 1 und collection is designed to encourage contemporary artists through the Purchase of then work for a Public collection to Jelv Thule m Des Homes adopted resolutions calling Foi Knect election of the state Board members and opposing the recommendations of the Fedei great Plains school study. The state Board s action in putting 91 local schools on probation threatens to Cut off their share of state school the common suttion Board annually four paintings a required from artists who Art residents of the United states and who in the opinion of those who make selections for the fund have not received Ade quate recognition each year the four paintings that have been retained in the show Foi the longest time Are with i Awn Tab shed Art institutions to is not have Perm Anent collections that include contemporary Art the paintings Are chosen by museum due Tois critics educators and other s who have shown particular in Teveit m the work _ of living artists. Each selector is free to make his own Choice of two paintings the first two selections were made m new Lork subsequent selections Weie made m san Francisco Chicago and Boston eventually other important contemporary Art centers will to surveyed thus making the collection a National one Leady artists from Many in Gions have been included and of these since and women National the proper size for Iowa schools. Among schools on the Proba Tion list Aie Central City Center Point Lisbon Clarence deep River Millersburg and Sigourney a common failing cited by the state was Lack of certain High school course offerings the school men Are expected to press for popular rec Torf of the state school braid members during the 1969 session of the Iowa general legislature gave the governor the Powe Lof appointing Mem Bers of the Board 1 throughout the country. We Statern Britton the great Plains study was based on the unproved premise that a Small school is necessarily a Fluor us a sets hearing dec 3 on 3 Iowa milk orders the u s department of Agri culture will hold a Public hear dec 3 in Cedar rapids la. O consider proposals to merge and other Wise Amend 3 Federal milk 01 Dei s Cov Eung parts of Rowa they Are the Cedar Rands Iowa City Des Homes and North Central Iowa orders us a s consumer and mar Etmo service officials said the tearing will begin at 9 30 a m the Roosevelt hotel 200 first Avenue e Cedar rapids Day Farmers cooperatives and some handlers have submitted proposals for the hearing ii i. Wal "so4 1 a a _ by the North upon the South Latsons if a loan Breaks a the alleged reason for the John must be punished. It s j Acac it son. Administration having sent a. Half million american troops into that War. Moreover Lyndon Johnson himself in his state ment that his of halting will not Stop the fighting in South Vietnam. He die not a Del the obvious fact iat it will permit the com Ihu nist air North Vietnam to regroup Rede ploy heir troops free from interference from american Aerial forces Over North Viet Nam. Thus the Johnson bomb ing halt gives them the Opportunity to lick their wounds and return stronger than Ever to the business of Hilling americans. Every Effort has been made to make it appear that Ameri As simple As contrast. This administration has adopted a hands off attitude toward struggle of the to free themselves of tie soviet Yoke. Then can just Ify its bully boy economic boy Cott of Little Rhodesia whose people Are guilty Only of a Fer vent desire for self govern ment it can t. The world judges you not Only by stand by what you fall for. Cadillac bumper sticker pay your taxes Early. I need my poverty Check. Sign on rear of Blouse trailer Home Swift application for a construction the technical aspects of Iowa License for the elected s proposed Duane Arnold a Norw v Duane Arnold i n., 7 we As Uaia on i has been filed with the atomic site near Palo it or a t As planned the company is keeping ahead of its scheduled step by step activities leading to on line operation of its 550-Megawaft nuclear generating Plant in december of i i.-, i uie Appu que sons Are Cren Aprl Anri Arnold also submitted a filed and following review a 3 Inary safety analysis re approval by a com Niikoe 4 re actor hear Parathion preliminary safety analysis report the company has proceeded with Plant site exploration on the of the proposed nuclear Plant. As required 100 copies of this report com prised of six volumes Over two ton of paper resenting Man hours were also delivered to the dec and others for review. About 12 satisfying the that the Cedar River near Palo about eight Miles Northwest of Cedar rapids. As the application Points out site excava Tion is scheduled to begin june 1969. General electric company Bati Slym the that the general electric corp pan proposed Plant will be construe fabricate and de Ted and operated in a Safe Man liver Ted and operated in a Safe Man Ner is the chief requirement for obtaining a construction per Mit. Until is through by satisfied that the Plant will Itawi i evict. In Sau Stintl that the Plant will filed in Jaccoi dance with the be built and operated without atomic Energy act of 1954, the endangering the Public Heas pre Minary safety analysis and safety actual construe port details a Jauch As possible Tion is permitted liver nuclear steam Supply system and two cores of nuclear fuel. Common wealth associates inc., will1 provide architect engineering Chicago Bridge and Iron com and will Supply and erect the reactor vessel and the primary containment

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