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Citizen Times Newspaper Archives Mar 20 1968, Page 1

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Citizen-Times (Newspaper) - March 20, 1968, Cedar Rapids, IowaOdes not circulate a times wins. Cedar rapids Iowa volume six number k per year of series weakly by Charles v. I no Iii 1 t t zip 52405. Sre Ond class i of Seate paid at Cej r r Piri Jon Floc per copy in Day milk ii 20, ims analysis handwriting a self portrait by Robert p. Larson goals everyone should have a goal it life the Lypp of Goa a writer the la get to his goal and the practical Lypp of goal All. Can lie found in the Ilter to in a handwriting. Your goal has a definite effect on your Oil Jook p f life if you have a Good goal and Are trying hard o achieve his goal your Outlook will be Good if you have Little or no goal you May consider every one owes you something v or perhaps the world owes you a Man or woman who gels ahead writ have a Good set in he future he will have something to strive and work for. It gives the person incentive. In Fig. 18, he letter to is tall this height should not be Over three limes a Small Tetter such As a letter a or Othis is an indication of Pride. This Lypp of Pride referred to Here is a Good Pride. Everyone have some Pride this is needed to make any Progress in life. The crossing of this ten Fig. 18, is Midway up on the Stem this indicates a person who has a practical realistic goal. If the crossing is heavier than the rest of the writing this person will achieve his goal and the Force be Hind their desire to reach the Sot goal not let Ting anything Etc refer. Iii Fig. Id you can see the crossing on Iliev is of this writer is not necessarily Lazy but his actions would make people think this. This person has Little or no Confidence in himself they have be t a goal Only to he height thai know they can re a Chwi t Hou t t o much 18 19 23 25 difficulty. They can build Confidence in them selves by doing he Small things to completion. In Fig. 20, the t crossing is Way above the Stem ims Type of crossing indicates a person that is dreaming1, his thinking is up in the Clouds he or she is not the can be called a dreamer. There is one Advant age to this Type of crossing if the Cross bar is heavy it May be possible to bring the dream into realism. The Cross bar would be considerably heavier than the rest of the writ the height of the Cross bar on the t Stem indicates inc time in the future the person has set his goal to be accomplished. We will continue in the next article More on the letter t1. We. Appreciate your comments on this series and invite you to write and let us know if you Are enjoying these articles. Remember All handwriting is mind writing and everything you put on paper becomes an. Open Book of you to he trained analyst. . To halt Legal fraud Cedar rapids solicitations placed in the mail which resemble Hilts must Bear a conspicuous warning that they Are riot invoices or statements of account As of. April 6. The Post office department regulations were published March 14 in the Federal Register. Implementing the be d Raiji act of aimed solicitations the regulations published in the the Fol lowing each this is a he order of services Anil not a Bill invoice or statement of account due. You no obligation to make any payments on account of his offer unless you the regulations also require that the warning be printed in Type no smaller than i2-pouit.size, and that in no Case shall it be less conspicuous the boldest Type used to print other words on the solicitation. The department s counsel Timothy j. May expects the amen Frient to dry up a scheme which has defrauded thousands of mail patrons each year. One of the largest groups victimized by these Soli citations Are the businesses and other organizations listed in the classified sections or yellow pages or Telephone director ies. May said that millions of solicitations which resemble ism Type Billing cards or invoices for legitimate directories Are mailed o firms according to their classification in he yellow pages. Over worked or careless office workers Are picked into remitting he o thinking it rear Eanls a Bill which must be paid. May added that while directories Are published they have Little or no Advertis ing value. Usually Only one copy is sent to each advertiser. While the primary problem involves the fake business directory the counsel has ruled in response to an inquiry that mag Marine private Bartow out of Basic now in combat training pvt. Michael j. Bartow san Diego Marine pvt. Michael j. Bartow son of mrs. Darlene Barlow of 1606 14lh ave. Be was graduated from eight weeks of recruit training at the Marine corps recruit depot Here. Next he gels two to four weeks combat training and then after Home . To his first Marine corps assignment Azine subscription solicitations which re semble Bills must also carry the prescribed warning. May said there is no reason to conclude that Congress intended less Protection from deception in the Case of Magazine subscriptions than in other May said the department will need the cooperation of businessmen and oth ers if we Are to effective in enforce the new those receiving Soli citations designed to resemble Bills which do not carry the warning Are asked to Forward them to the mail ability division office of the general counsel Post office department Washington postal officials pointed out that users of the mail retain full responsibility for conducting their operation so As not to violate the postal fraud quote someone s following you you and i As americans owe a great debt to the younger generation As Mem Bers of our society. As our growing up these Are the members of our family to whom we will someday hand the reins of government finance education Etc. We would ask the ques Tion what sort of impression Are they to receive from a Large portion of the older we sneak not of the major criminals for their wrongdoings Are too obvious to serve As models. Rather we would refer to the every Day occurrence in which a so called big shot uses his influence to fix a traffic ticket. Or for example he Parent when accompanied by children Rolls through a Stop sign cheats a Little on Stop lights. He is the same person who edges Over the Speed limit on streets and highways and tries to justify his actions with the statement they All do added o this fearful total is he Parent who will come Home us night arid brag about the close Call he or she had in traffic today. Compare the so called Juven Ile delinquency of our Day. One famous american was quoted As saying there is no such thing As a bad there Are probably quite a few but you would won Der How Many came from Homes where they had not been taught the proper re Gard for responsibility. The responsibility that implies full obedience to All Laws whether they be traffic or otherwise. In the Bible we read Asye sow so shall be and thus it would seem that a Good Many parents will have a fearful Harvest ahead of them. From the Iowa department of Public safety attends state Highway school in Ames Ames Roger g. Dabler 3701 36th ave so was one of 32 Iowa stale High Way commission employees who completed a four week Survey party chief school at Ames March 15. In the course Dabler studied not keep ing stadia surveying running a line Cross Section Grade line Earth quantities Field problems special problems standards management safety and Public relations. Instructors in the course included Bob Franklin of Cedar rapids. Kepler in top of unit Glasgow first class Steven p. Son. Of or. And mrs. Paul Lisbon has been recognized for helping his organization earn the u. S. Air Force outstanding unit award. An Ai operations specialist in fighter interceptor Squadron at Glasgow fab ivionl., will Wear a distinctive Servile ribbon As a permanent decoration. The unit was cited for outstanding professional skill dedication and ingenuity in achieving an exceptionally far glorious rating for the a cried from May 1955 thru april 1967. Airman Kepler a 1955 graduate of Lis school has studied at american1 Institute of business Des Moines Lehman in radio work Liua Chuca Ariz. Army Robert s. Zeliman 21, son of or. And mrs. I George i. Lehman 726 14th ave., Coral-1 .yii.le, Coati plated a radio course March 16 in Pachuca Ariz. During the 10-week course he jeceived1 instruction in Basic radio and electrical theory and was Tau Glit the Inlet National Morse code. Cory on f atop Ticonderoga at Subic Bay after War duly uss icon Gerogia Al sea radar Man thud class David a. Corey Sunh son of mis Norman Cory of 1013 tenth St is it Subic Bay the Philippines aboard tin. Alack aircraft Carrier uss Ticonderoga the fijo Subic Day following 3fl Days on he line1 in the Gulf of Tonkin off the coils of Nohlin Viet Nam. A while in he Gulf planes from the Carrier flew More than air so Ricks in support of u. S. And Allied ground forces operating in South Viet Nam. In addition to supporting ground forces the planes struck the Vinh Airfield near Lmh Norih Viet Nam. Strikes we re also made against enemy gun positions Wal Orborne logistics Craft storage areas Bun kers and locket Sites North of the demilitarized zone. The tic on Crog a is the first Carrier to return to Vii Nam for a fourth tour of duty. A Sacramento Lieuten ant Lewis a. Wolfe son of mrs. F. Genevieve Wolfe of . 1 Marion has been awarded Silver wings upon graduation from the u. S. Air Force navigator school at Mather fab Calif. Lieutenant Wolfe will remain at Mather for advanced training. The. Lieutenant a 1963 graduate of Regis High school received a b. S. Do give in 1967 from Parks College of aeronautical technology in St. Louis and was commissioned there upon completion of the air free Reserve officers training corps program. He is a member of Phi Alpha Chi. Riggins in Viet Nam pc leu Viet Nam army specialist four hog i g. Riggins 20, son of or. And mrs Eugene Riggins 3804 lost Volloy he. Assigned As a radio relay Carrier attendant in the 278lh signal com Pany Fucai a Loiku Viet Nam March 5. Pre College Grant Hep Lohn c. Culver announced last week that the office of economic poor Lucily has approved a upward bound pro Gram to Coe College. Culver said thai the pre College training program will Benefit 56 High school students recruited from i Mhz Benlon and Jones counties. Biederman trains. Great 1 Akes Iii. Seaman a Pron . F. Biederman jr., us son of mr7 ail mrs. Biederman of 2333 2nd St ins been graduated from nine weeks of Navy Basic training Al the naval Tia Raj Center Ocny Over 60 club entertained by Bethel ame the Over 60" club of the Jane Loyd Community House met Marcia 13 with 29 present. Mgo was played and refreshments by the Bethel ame Church of Cedar rapids Carl Voshell gave a Reading the thoughts of a Vagabond and Sang springtime Iii the group Sang iwo hymns Onward Cin Istian soldiers and swell hour of prayer typewriter ribbons Are on the average 2o feet Long. Sgt. Scott gets Bronze Star s. Com hat Aih Kociss Viet s. Air Korcic staff sergeant. Scott son of or. And mrs. Dale j. Scott of Winthrop is decor ated with the Iron to Star medal of bin Iloa a Vietnam for meritorious service while engaged in military operations against Viet Cong forces. Sergeant. Scott an aircraft maintenance technician was cited for his performance As armament advisor to the 23rd tactical Wing Viel Namoc air Force bin Hoa. He is a member of tie Pacific air forces. The sergeant is a j9s3 graduate of Winthrop High school. Brigadier general d. F. Smith commander i. The program six centuries of sacred will include Bach Ste stat i colleges get renewal j Wesley an d air program of student work study Grants j six centuries of sacred music six second District colleges have Beni Illinois Wesleyan University s Coll Gaic awarded funds for the Federal work study choir will concent Al is Paul s program for the second half of ism. I methodist Church saturday april 6 at in arrangements for the concert Wenri in it been made in Wilh the ?5700 for 48 students Eastern Iowa of student affairs office and the student c Inion for go students Luther Congress of area ten Community College of Decorah for 235 students and the is Momber group on tour thrown upper Iowa of cyclic for 77 Stu four Mic Westem states induces primary voice majors in he school of the announcement of the Federal Grant Cedar choir came from hop John Culver who of will stay in the Home of area planned Hal the program provides funds slut cats for from Low income families who need jobs to help pay for Coll full Lime the suns ant a l m e concil t cation periods work 40 hours a he free conker week under the program. Work May be for the College or for an off Campus de emcee Federal funds nay for to to per a Cal dinner april 6 of the student payrolls. I Anthony r. Scolaro chairman of Linn county Hoard of supervisors will of King gets Boot training i n c of for the april 6 democratic dinner in Cedar rapids. To san Niqo Seaman apprentices Rob Sella Kane president of the Marion demo Orl c. King us Soli of or. And mrs. Uralic said the fund raising event Glenn r. King of 1405 Golf View drive will Honor Paul Franzenburg of nodae and David a. Vyskocil us son of mrs. For governor and will them Al the Dorothy m. Vyskocil of 1630 13lh ave knights of Columbus Hall have been graduated from nine weeks of tickets for the dinner May to obtained Navy Basic trading at the naval train from any Central committee member or ing Center Ai san Diego. I by calling Pound 382-7521. Lamins wlm need jobs to help win include Bacn cantata College a deals to is hours weekly while ail Emling full Lime and during the summer and Val " e concil repertoire. The free concert is open to the Public. 22 new programs for area ten school next fall As a resist of recent action taken Byi the Iowa state Board of Public instruction area ten Community College has received approval for Twenty two new vocational technical programs beginning in september. The new program by area include eight health programs two Trade and Industry programs two agricultural programs and ten business programs. The programs will increase vocational technical offerings at area ten to More than forty. Exi Siling vocational technical programs include Programmer analyst computer Programmer data processing supporting services electronics Engineer ing technology mechanical engineering technology mechanical drafting Automo Tive mechanics Auto collision repair welding machinist Day and floriculture Nursery marketing clerical Here Plionis secretarial general practical nursing medical assistant dental assistant and Junior accounting. Individuals wishing further information on any of Icse programs May Contact the coordinator of admissions at area ten Community College. A Brief description of the new programs is Given below. Health programs nurse aide orderly a thirty Day auxiliary health worker program consisting of academic preparation and clinical experiences provided concurrently by area ten and cooperating medical facilities. Environmental assistant a one year program in which the environmental assistant is trained in Many areas of Public health. This person is concerned with housing conditions sewage disposal facilities air solution and the con role of other potential health hazards. Immediate care assistant a one year program to train ambulance attendants and Hospital orderlies. The Stu Dent is concerned with inc transportation and emergency care of Iho injured ill and disabled. Dental Laboratory technician a two year associate degree program to train students to make dentures crowns Bridges and other dental and orthos Lonval appliances according to proscriptions provided to Hirn by a dentist. Orthopaedic assistant a one year program luring which the student is trained to work with the Ortho medic surgeon by preparing and maintain ing surgical equipment of the orthopaedic Depar Lenl making and applying plaster limb or body casts and Selling up traction and suspension equipment on words. Medical Laboratory assistant a one year program which provide the student Wilh training to assist and work under the supervision of a registered technologist in a number of related health service areas. The medical Laboratory assistant performs tests in a medical Labora tory under supervision for use in the treatment and diagnosis of disease. Orthopaedic appliance technician a two year associate degree program rec hiring knowledge and understanding of specific types of orthopaedic and neurological conditions As they relate to disabled people. This will include skill development in the use of specialist tools equipment and chemical processes Neces sary for the fabrication of artificial limbs and cosmetic devices. Occupational therapy assistant a one year program offering instruction in a variety of disability areas including body Structure and function growth and development personality development general shop and Craft training and Funa Mintals of occupational therapy. The trained occupational therapy assistant will work with the registered occupational therapist under the dirt scion of a physician. Trade and Industry programs electronics communications a two year program to prepare students to maintain service and operate Coni Miqui cations equipment. The curriculum includes the study of Tiani Slor physics and circuits television circuits and systems transmitters receivers and transceivers systems and microwave Ili Cory and measurement. Architectural drafting a which trains the develop d Complete set of work ing re lating commercial and Orcsi Donlia build Ings. farm mechanics a associate degree program which stresses farm Machin Ery maintenance and repair techniques. Service manual interpretation Anil he sins management methods Are also integral parts of this curriculum. Production agriculture a two year associate degree program concerned Wilh developing specialized Fame machinery Ngim Fwy Cloin Sundu farming techniques. The student becomes acquainted Wilh business skills and procedures As they relate to agriculture. i Hou hams fashion vocational curriculum a one year business oriented curriculum concerned with the study of advertising retailing marketing and salesmanship As they relate to fashion merchandising. Fashion merchandising technical curriculum a two year associate degree program which stresses a thorough understanding of fashion merchandising principles and procedures. The curriculum includes the study of fashion design fashion buying principles merchandising trends Ami pro Vides general educational courses including economics composition speech and psychology. Food store marketing vocational curriculum a one year business oriented vocational curriculum which is concerned with the study of advertising retailing marketing and salesmanship As icy relate to food store marketing. Fond store marketing technical curriculum a two year associate degree program which emphasizes the understanding of food store operation marketing and procedures. General education courses including economics composition speech and psychology Are also part of the curriculum. Cpl store marketing vac Lional curriculum a one year program providing students with a business oriented Curri Eularh which includes the study of advertising retail ing marketing and salesmanship As they relate to department store marketing Cpl. Store marketing technical curriculum a two year associate degree program which stresses an understanding and knowledge of retailing principles and procedures. General education courses including economics composition speech psychology arc also included in this curriculum. Accountant specialist a two year associate degree program which combines course work in account ing and business administration with i a period of internship in local business Tjok Industry during the Quarter Between the freshman and Sophomore years. Professional Secretary Twive Weck program providing Slu who have some secretarial skills the Opportunity to specialize As a medical Secretary. Areas of study include medical terminology medical Dic Lalion and other medical secretarial duties. Legal secretarial program twelve week program providing Slu deals who have sonic secretarial skills the Opportunity to specialize As a medical Secretary. The curriculum includes Legal terminology Legal Dic Lalion and other secretarial

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