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Citizen Times Newspaper Archives Mar 13 1968, Page 1

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Citizen-Times (Newspaper) - March 13, 1968, Cedar Rapids, IowaU or times Cedar rapids Iowa volume eight number 11 per year Cedar a plots Chuck s chirps by editor Chuck Dunham nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night slays these couriers from the Swift accomplishment of heir appointed that s what Herodotus said in 430 . About the persian Post riders How things have changed last week s citizen times is still sifting in the Post office because some of the papers Are mis-1 the wrong City mail routes. The Post office refuses to handle them so far. It s hard to say when the postal ser vice lost its desire to be a service. Was it duo to mechanization and the zip code or was of its disease ill the perennial use of Post office jobs to buy political support its hard to philosophize on the mail service when s paper is Hung the Post office at the time this weeks paper is . In the City Here Post office a full City Block with dozens of clerks falling All Over themselves and they can t mail a few thousand puny four Page papers week without the fuss of a launching at Cape canaveral1 while the question of mailing last week s papers is still up in the air it Mast be said that the local Post office people have always been extremely courteous. I d rather they can the Cour Tesy and give us some service. With Cedar rapids Only weekly still silting in the Post office after four Days Tjie editor is tempted to tie the nit picking local bureaucracy1 to the whole problem of the Johnson administration. Mean any government that can t get a few thousand Little weekly papers mailed can not be expected to win a War in Asia or de troit matter. Do to wait till after the november elections to get last week s paper s mailed the Staffu is All the More surprising since somebody in Cedar rapids expects to be named Post master this year r provided he knows right people pays enough into the. Campaign fund and second guesses the outcome of the political conventions. What the Cedar rapids Post office prob ably needs is for the acting Post master to Knock one of the flunkies on his Bult just once and to mail would move Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes opined the May give up the Post office when it sees fit but while it carries it on the use of the mails is almost As much a part of free speech As the right to use our if the government does intend to give up delivering the mail i wish they could have Given me some Advance notice. To buy big buses the Purchase of big last president of the ? now they claim Robert Kennedy is Liot to run for president when was t Dildo several others of both parties. All this Rush is understandable at a Timo when riot and distrust at Home and Mili tary stalemate abroad make Yogi wonder How Long the country can last. These Fel lows want to be president while there s still a nation to Boss. Congressman h. R. Gross in a column in this Issue is twisting the British lion s Tail again. The Tail is apparently and the Queen is looking. Who is scandalized describes an actress As nude to the Waist from which direction congressman inflation is driving Gold and Silver out of government Slock piles and there is a crisis on the world Bullion Market always thought Bullion was soup but it must be something else if the Money traders Are having a run on it. Gov. Hughes who s top dog in Des Moines will come to Cedar rapids to warn about crime and riots. Some one from Des Moines the purse snatching capital of the world to Tell us How to keep the lid on and when they for the moment at least the crime rate Here is much lower than in Des Moines. Maybe it s that concentration of political employees that boosts Des Moines crime it s chief Matias skin the Crooks Here that makes the difference. To advertise for bids for new Palo Post of f ice congressman John Culver announced today thai bids will be advertised for larger quarters for the Palo Post office. The facility will be developed in an sex isling building located on Vinton Street third to Iowa Culver said. Plans Call for an Interior space of 864 set it. An 80 so. It. Platform and an adequate parking and mane vering area. The Posi office will be leased for five years with three five year renewal options. Bids my. Be opened on april 19th in St. Louis. Rea estate officer for the project is f. A. Buchmeier drawer to Plaza station St. Louis. Loc per copy pianists Peter Nero to play sunday at Cornell it jul non Peter Nero one of to elks to conduct patriotic Campaign a Campaign to promote americanism and patriotism in Iowa has Takim by the Iowa elks. The Iowa folks la. With its. More than members will Day s pop conc no pianists make an All out Effort to personally bring will appear sunday april 17 at Cornell to the. Attention of every individual Lowan College his concert will begin at in a rebirth of a sincere feeling of pude in King Chupol. America. State president Tom Rush of i Ames said it is Felt thai the Spint of his proach to music is described As patriotism has not disappeared from the an to blend jazz elements Wilh a hearts of each american even Bough it Dass Eal s Vale has been allowed to. Take a Back scat to in addition to performing on the piano other every Day activities. Arranges All he music he plays lie if Rush said the elks Campaign will be also composes music and most of his Al maj. Shain hits enemy troops with Sabre Jet strike with . Combat air forces vice air Force major e. Rox in Iii son of mrs. . Shain 632 Brown St., Iowa City recently look part in a successful strike Mission so Miles Soi Illi of a Vietnam. Major Shain and a fellow of lilo super Sabre Pilot struck an enemy Roon concentration that Hud been cornered by vietnamese army troops. The pills both members of the 3rd tactical fighter Wing at , were promoted to counter act those Anil War bums include at least one of his compose credited Jwili destroying sex fortifications demonstrations that result in an Unbe tons t and iwo. Samoans. Liveable display of in i he Lias made 15 albums to Date include attended he univ cars relish went on to. Say the be proud of ing his latest on Peter Nero i v n Colorado received his commission a aerie Camplain will rally the Loyal Pla Sulic Tijuana brass is scheduled graduation from Mie u. S. Mill or reassure the trite and entice the March for Lej Case soon. Into Jero Hite Llic in lira score for Iho re evaluating their thinking. Program is no i to be confused with sunday i new to received several award nominations for the us government s policy in regards to1 the Mouco lie is the Holder of two National or foreign matters but Tatlier grammy awards. It is to enable All Lowans to rekindle _ traditional Pride and preserve american work pre urged All to display patriotic declines in january Lowan s civilian workforce declined 24, Jyoo u. S. Grant for Marion sewers ploy enl had a seasonal increase of rep. John Culver announced Mai 7 a a result unemployed Lowans Academy in 1954. His wife Nancy is Llic daughter of mrs Bon p. Wallace of 1127 Kirkwood court Iowa cily. ?t-4 strength commissioned after air Force oct san Antonio Tex. Gerald s. Strength son of or. Anil mrs. Jess strength of to. 1, Norton va., Ijas been commissioned a second in the wednesday mail in democrats prepare for precinct caucuses Des minus a series a Campaign kick off meetings for Iowa democratic party leaders will be held in the stale s seven congressional districts Hie first two weeks in March democratic slate chair Man clerk rain Nissan announced. One of the purposes is to prepare for precinct caucuses to be held March 25 in ouch of he 2-im precincts in the slate. The main purposes of these the state chairman said Are to explain procedures for the series of conc nations county slalom Anil National in this vital presidential election year and to discuss Ami make plans which will Lead the demo cratic parly in Iowa to Victory in 1968." thesis meetings will he primarily for tile parly s leaders and workers but any Iowa Democrat who is interested in volunteering his time and Effort for the dem of relic party is Welcome to 600 in december to in january a second m the during the same period the Iowa employ ? co filiation from ment Security commission said Unem-1 to tame school at Lackland aka Texas. Lieutenant strength selected for ots in Romigh competitive examination is be that the department of housing and i number 3booo or 3.1 percent of the work ban development has approved an Force in december the unemployment ing assigned to of Lull a ii Nebr. For Grant for sewer facilities to Marion rate was 23 percent and in january duly lie will be in Llic strategic air Culver said the funds will provide and the unemployment rate was 2.g percent Dit Ionar sanitary sewer facilities for the1 nonfarm wage and salary employment City sanitary trunk sewers to declined by from december to reach conic Neil. The lieutenant a graduate of Norton High school received a j3.g.e. Degree in extend service to the area presently in a january total of Nonman fac from the municipal University o i luring jobs took a seasonal decline of Omaha Nebraska total estimated Over All Cost of the pro to 6m.800 but manufacturing pm Jet is ploy ment lose to 219, 700. On the Capitol firing line Gross Culver Home for weekend appearance congressman John Culver will return to the second District this weekend and will present addresses to the following High school assemblies Friday March . Community High school Elvira . Or Siv High schoo Elwood . Olin or or High school Olin . Lisbon Community High Lisbon. . Community High school Springville monday March 18t11 . Linn High school Coggon . City High school Central City . Albur Natl High school Al Burnett . High school Marion . High school Marion in addition the congressman will be in his Cedar rapids office saturday morning for appointments with constitute ends. At . He will address the United Auto workers citizenship Council conference at the Montrose and at . Will present a hag and address the Linn county democratic women s club at the women s club building in Cedar rapids. On monday congressman Culver will address the Cedar rapids rotary club at noon at the Mon Rose and at . Will four the facilities and meet with the staff of the defense contract administration office 3645 first Avenue s. E., Cedar rapids. 50-year awards Rock rapids american legion Posl no. 103 recently presented 50-year membership awards to 30 local members. In buses in Cedar rapids is on again. The addition three 40-year one 35 and a num transit authority voted today to Purchase her of other awards were also presented. 20 of the 47-passenger buses in use Here these awards were for continuous Mem on a lease. Be ship. By rep. A r. Gross a Lowa Washington d. C. March 13 three years ago the government of the Little South Africa nation of Rhodesia declared ils Independence from British Rule just As our forc fathers declared their Independence about 200 years ago. Immediately the British government slapped a Boycott on Rhodesia and in one of the most shameful acts in the history of the United slates president Johnson issued an executive order join ing this nation in the British attempt to bring the Khod clans to their Knees through economic strangulation even overt or otherwise against the United slates. Through world War ii rhodesian troops fought shoulder to shoulder with Allied forces against fascists. The prime Mii Jis Ter of Rhodesia Ian Smith a fighter Pilot was some of the heroes in the Aerial Battle that saved London from destruction. Since the War no nation has been Anli common isl than Rhodesia. The economic Boycott has failed because other governments including two neigh Boring countries refuse to support it but other african nations aided by the communists have supplied the terrorists and arms to harrass the beleaguered Rhodes tabs. Two of these african negro terrorists ambushed captured and maimed a while rhodesian Farmer. While still living they poured gasoline on him and set him afire. The terror Isle wore captured convicted and sentenced to death. Queen Elizabeth of British then deman ded that the death sentences be halted and thereupon took herself to London s Odeon theater to watch a passionate nude Romeo and Juliet love scene in which the British actor and actress Leonard Whit ing 17 years old and Olivia Hussey 16 years old were sprawled on a bed. Whit ing Romeo was naked and Olivia Juliet was nude to the Waist As they embraced. The Queen s Board of censor s had approved the scene As being in impeccable apparently it was also in impeccable taste for the african terrorists to incinerate the chord asian Farmer but Rhodesia s supreme court upheld the sentences and he terrorists were executed. And while the Queen watches passion Lui ate love scenes by her 10 and 17 year old convicted Felon. His wife Joyce is the daughter of or. And mrs. George kicks of 1124 i2lb ave., Cedar rapids. Ibs Dessinger completes san Diego Navy apprentices David r. Dessinger son of or. And mrs. Robert w. Us Singer of so 29lh St. New and Allen r. Neff son of or. And mrs. Miles ii. Naff of 2129 42nd St. Be have been graduated from nine weeks of Navy Basic training at the naval training Center Here. In the first weeks of their naval ser vice they slut tied military subjects and lived and worked under conditions similar to those he will encounter on his first ship or Al his first Shore station. In making the transition from civilian life o naval service he received Insl Ruc Ion under Veteran Navy potty officers. He studied seamanship As Well As survival techniques military Drill and Oiler subjects. Refl single parents meet parents Wilhour Parl nors Mel March 15 at a . At the first presbyterian Church 310 5lh St. Is. The speaker will be Lewis Dribelbis of the Linn a dimly menial health Center. World and Swasey of Cleveland Ohio makers of precision machinery since 18flo, have dedicated another adv i ii semen to some of the defects in u. S. Domestic and foreign policies. Here is the full text of another of their advertising messages by which they seek to arouse Public time in the fallacy of International policy we have squandered thousands of american lives billions of american dollars foolishly vainly needlessly try ing to please Ami placate world opion.1 what earthly diff races does it make whether or not our enemies Hale us we could they d still do their Best to destroy us. How could it Ever to world the life of a single decent Young american to woo a gang of bandits half Way around the world whose Only interest is Fil Ching every Dollar they can get out of us. Experience that if the flow of dollars Ever slows Down our friends Are perfectly willing to dance their same Jig for rubles or Why should we let Distant emerging nations a few months away from savagery influence our politics and Way of life at Home. Why should we add tax burdens to hard working americans already the most taxed people on Carlli to feed Distant millions Vjio won t try very hard to solve their own problems and to whom Ameri Ca s foreign Aid has easily and greedily become their Way of life. And Ever and even More americans taxes to buy Strutt ing dictators Yackels and palaces and risk american lives and More billions to pro led people who won l fight our common enemy nor pay to protect themselves. If there was the slightest sign that All this waste was doing the slight Cal True Good a Little of it might be justified but when every Day brings news or More i so in their handwriting. In some riots thievery sit ins and threats in t people s writing they May have Bolh indication it Lime to go Back to honest self respect j being talkative and secretive this is True antique show at R. Auditorium mar. 28, 29, 30 Anli ties from All Over the world is the Themo of the 24th Cedar rapids anti que show running March 28, and 31 in Llic veterans memorial coliseum. Iowa s largest half million Dollar Exposi Tion overflows the main auditorium with a larger Minn usual number of exhibits and exhibitors. La stressing the world wide Antiques theme a 40 exhibitors from ten states Florida Kansas. Kentucky Illinois Iowa Minnesota Nebraska and wis Consin present displays of German dolls French Cameo Glass and paper weights English China and Silver italian cameos. Oriental porcelains and Jade Bohemian Glass russian enamels and icons scandi Navian porcelain dutch Perl or and Betti persian brass Spanish fans and w Rou get Iron plus american furniture and of Lorlan Ait Glass of special interest in this election year Are the mementos on display from past preside Neal campaigns. Crystal pressed Glass bread platters Herald flip Yir Tufe of a sound Money policy with William Mckinley and the Patriot and Soldier Ulysses s. Grant. A Brown pottery cup and Saucer made by the Waterloo pottery company of Waterloo Lowa depicts Wil Liam j. Bryan in the 1sw8 Campaign Al so much in evidence Are the political Campaign antique posters and Label buttons. The antique exposition is open to the Public daily 11 . To 10 ., and on sunday 11 . To the c . Closing. The daughters of the Nile assist will the show by serving daily. Gold panic weakening of the u. S. Dollar on world markets resulted in a Price of More than ?10 per ounce of the end of this week. Divorced widowed or separated Par ends arc invited to attend. I without partners inc. Non sectarian Educ Lional refused Beauty care there was picketing March "14 of a my. Pleasant Beauty shop by Iowa Wesleyan goods who complained that negro girls were refused service. Organization Devolld to the welfare and pollution kills Singler Parent and his i officials report that wafer children according 4o Secre pollution killed tary. Pollution killed 2000 medium sized Trout Al the big Springs hatchery. 2lh of series handwriting analysis handwriting a self portrait by roi5ert v. Larson our last article incl of the Circle letters Indi Cating tie Wriler who Sec Elk a this article will show How the Circle letters show a Talka Tive writer. Some people arc always talking this of course is their personality but it or they can he or he Able to keep a secret or they can at times talk. In the Fig. 15 and 16.you will note that he top of these two be Llars is open this Lalk. The degree of the subjects ships Hying the hag of her morally and financially bankrupt govern ment sail into Haiphong delivering sup plies to the communist North vietnamese and collecting their blood Money. And a shameless president of the continues to support the Effort to destroy a Friendly government. As our guiding policy and forget out fear of world this is Pride in Washington c., there is an organization known As indicates one who i. inc. It is suppospd., to provide jobs for opening is an indication of How Mic i Pilicy will school dropouts. Has been financed Oul talk. Some people would make i hair o s that of poverty funds to the Lune of More than Are so wide open they look like a v. These and one of the lop officials of Are the Type that you just can t eel slopped Pride inc., has been Rufus Mayfield a they just ramble on Ami after they arc finished have they said anything you All know of the quotation empty barrels make the most it alerts you to keep your so Crews from one who Lias the open letters at the top As illustrated. In figure 13 and 14. You have an a incl a do is now revealed by congressman Joel Broyhill of Virginia Ihal Mayfie lil and others among the Pride Bosses ran up in unpaid Aulo Mobil rental Hills during he last year. Yes let s have a tax increase so Flat these Are open ice tors but they Are open Al the More f of to underprivileged can rent Sale. This is the person who will talk they question or give away any vital information. This Type of writer will talk All around subject never once Louching on the information you want. These Are the evasive Lype. I they Ilu not give Mil Wilh any information other than what they want you to know. If any of the readers have a certain Type o handwriting. They May Send it to the news paper office and we will use this in Forth Corn ing articles. Perhaps you May have an agree ment or even a disagreement with what has been said we would also like to hear from each of you. Sign your names to All tellers your names will not he printed unless you request this. Lectures can be arranged to interested groups and letters asking for this information can i .1 ickers asking Lor tni1 information re cars and Joy ride at taxpayer expense Rio us talk for your by the office

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