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Citizen Times Newspaper Archives Mar 6 1968, Page 1

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Citizen-Times (Newspaper) - March 6, 1968, Cedar Rapids, IowaPublic Library c1djr a Poi Iowa Cedar rapids Iowa volume a number ten per year pub ubed weekly by Charles v. By zip 62405. Second class i Slako p3 Dick s chirps by editor Chuck Dunham due to Public demand1 the Earnest the it Slaff artist is always working entreaties of readers who have Besci ged illustrations for events to come. The Ive of san tora Nncy turned 1y consenting to print if Over Elmer fudge rang up with everybody on his party line he said editor you did such a slam bang Good Job last week Why not surf it again for folks who did t get to read if was reluctant. Everybody read and digested the paper carefully and school children memorized the con tents. You could even run that crossword Puzzle again., i m stil letters the rest of you the ones who Call to say Tiar a rip Norlin super colossal newspaper we printed last folks Are tall he advantage of my generous nature. You Aren t paying your subscriptions and buying All these tons of out without pay. I Don to holding the Torch High and refuelling this Beacon of truth and Light occasionally but you dead beats Are about to be tossed off the it subscription list. The world s thirsting for edification wit advice and predictions of Ute Ball scores so it s time to serve Cash customers. Wish 1 could your tree papers from the Maze let and try free loading on them for a while they Warit Riib Riey for their a r Fiere taut on the Corner papers. He leaves the papers in his Bas Ket till he sees your Nickel just try getting one of Frank s papers free considering the fantastic wide Range of area ten college1 offerings it s rib surprise1 the Cedar rapids school has a Small deficit this year with the High school girls basketball Loams picked for the Sweet sixteen of the state tournament one prediction All eyes will be on the team with the shortest shorts. The word is out that minorities in the cities will Rise up next summer and cause All kinds of trouble. Do you sup pose they re talking about us norwegians i know Lut Fisk is getting scarce but i never thought we d have to riot about it our Man in Washington sends word that the City of Cedar rapids has been offered a research Grant to treat sewage. For that amount of Money they could transmute it into solid Gold that s per capita and that s a very substantial Federal interest in our City sewage. For that amount of Money the research ers ought to be Able to come up with a lot of including salaries and expense accounts. At absolutely no Cost 1 will Volunteer s Coral suggestions on How o solve the sewage crisis with he. We could package it up in ten Pound sack s arid Send it to Washington whence Edmeiri the Gener Ous Grant. It might be sold to Farmers who have been known to buy whole mountains out of Colorado to be i psf with1 Iowa ind As soil the Farmers will buy anything. They re buying bigger trac tors this year to grow More Corn which they sold this year at 85s per Bushel after spending ,90c to produce it so with a Little Cedar rapids sew age could. Be sold to the Farmers. This would be a Good Job for Trie farm Bureau. Once in the Farmers hands our problem would be solved Wilh the artist explaining that there s something Squirrel like about Tom s face. He Mem. Hardly dare to Lurn him Loose on rep. John Culver. Both men want Culver s Job in Washington next Lerm. 1960 olympics film Here monday March 11 the grand a sports film in color will be shown March 11 on the monday evening series at Peoples Church at 600 3rd ave. S.e., Cedar rapids. The full length documentary of the 1960 Home olympics features Many fabled Ethiopia s Barefoot marathoner Bikilaa Abebe Broad Lumper Jesse Owens Graceful sprinter w la Rudolph and Jav Elin tosses Al Cantello. Loc per wednesday March a Job c. R. Offered Grant of to fight air pollution the Federal water pollution control administration has offered the City of Cedar rapids research Grant Accord ing to congressman John c. Culver the funds Wii be used for a Fly Ash filter Aid for and de watering sewage a plods. The project demonstrate the use of fit Ash from ii nearby Coal fired Power Plant As a filler additive to water sludge. _ Pilot Plant tests conducted by the City indicated that due to the nature of., the slide produced in then sewage treatment Plant the use of Fly Asli the Only alternative that does not Iii pose a severe economic Penally for do with Ririe of. The sludge in sludge will and e utilized on the cily s Parkland As a i soil conditioner and fertilizer Troy s sports forecasts ily Tommy Totoy music is by the italian symphony Orch c estra narration is in English. Program starts at profits from ticket sales go to the Schweitzer Hospital at Lamba Rene Gabon Africa employment Agency offers scholarships fifteen scholarships of each will be awarded to High school seniors who Are sons of daughters of manpower inc., temporary employees John j. Gavin manager of the Cedar rapids office of the infernal ional temporary help organization announced that his firm will repeat the awards which were initiated last year. Airy pollution Grain too True health National can Sci Foi air pollution control has approved a few to the Cedar rapids department of health. The funds will be used to continue the air pollution control program in the City. Project director is cart d. Smith. Mainor wins spin Optimist scholarship or. Gary Mainor son of or and mrs Clarence Mainor 3844 it. Vernon Road been selected As the Winner of award contest sponsored annually by the club of Cedar rapids and Marion Iowa. Gary senior at Washington High school and is president of his class. He will receive a Cash award from the local Sor optimism club his entry will 1 be forwarded to the regional come tee for. Selection of that award the Winner of the i Nional award will be entered in form Dalton National can test. Tithe. National finalist will re Celvy a j2500.00 Cash award to be used it any Way Trie recipient wishes so Optimist citizenship Dward was established by the foundation because of its belief in. Integrity Worth arid ability for. Wiir youth. It encourages the youth to Deye iop the highest concept of patriotism and More effective cooperation Community National and International affairs. Gary has shown his ability in the area of service leadership dependability and a sense of purpose. His chosen held. Of higher education will include International relations and history. With his goals attained he is certain to be come one of our leaders of the future. The so Optimist club is a service club Active in Cedar rapids Community affairs. Among their projects Are helping patients at Linn county Home and the retarded children s Center. action training sessions Here March 12 j. Tichar rapids will Host the current ses Sion in training for area neighbourhood Center staffs of six Community action agencies beginning March 12, 1968, Don Thomason regional director of. The North Central office of economic Opp nudity announced today. The three Day training program will be conducted by the Multi purpose training Center of the University of Missouri at Kansas City. The Center is the training of the Leo regional office. The program focuses on practical skills needed in operating Leo neighbourhood centers. Special attention is Given to the methods of assisting Low income residents i in achieving their highest possibilities in their communities. Trainees also study the variety of Community services and groups that can be enlisted in he Community action Effort. Thomason also said that regional of fice training requests for the last nine months resulted in the Center training for Community action personnel at 85 training Sites throughout the 11-Stafc Region. Thirty five trainees Are expected to be in attendance. College then fatherhood no longer Haven from draft do pretty jell Eon sideline not one., of wig plugged March i Houston 80 West Texas slate in , Minnesota 75 Kansas slate 70, Iowa stale 68 Kansas 69, Oklahoma 60 Ohio state 79 Illinois 71 Oklahoma Stile 76, Missouri 73 Tennessee 69 Mississippi slate 54 University Loxas Elpaso 89, Seattle 80 vah Dehilt 68, leu 60 Virginia tech 65, Tulane 01 March 3 Cincinnati 78, Xavier 73 Dartmouth 71 Harvard 70 i Widhani 70 Colgate 67 Indiana 70 Wisconsin 56 Memphis site 76, North Texas stale 70 Niagara 70, Danisus 88 i evidence 69, Brown 60 Purdue 87 Michigan state 69 Villa novo 78. Seat ii Hall 70 March 6 St Francis 78 g9 Tennessee 68, Yau Bairn 59 u Arizona state march17 v California 70 Stanford 60 Oregon state 67, Oregon 60 san Jose is. Mary 65 Washington state 68, Washington 60 March 8 Tulsa 80, Wichita stale 73 Kansas 67, Iowa state 50 Stanford 80, California 73 Michigan state 78, Illinois 74 Indiana 70 Iowa Michigan 65 Northwestern 78, Wisconsin 67 Kansas state 60, Oklahoma state 66 Oregon state 70, Oregon 63 Pacific u.89, san Jose stale 70 Urcla 90, Southern California 74 name the team baseball fans have been asked to choose a name for the new Kansas City Ameri can league Ball club. The name the contest. Runs from March 3 till Midnight March 17, and the prize is an All expense paid trip for iwo to the All Star game in Houston in. July. The name if possible should have be historical or Industrial significance to the area lend itself to pm be Matloc representation and be Short enough for newspapers and to. Since there will probably be Many people submitting the same name to Winner will be chosen on Hie basis of the Hosl name and the most logical reason for he selection of hat name. Contest rules print or Lype name on Posl Cam or similar size Shcell of paper with a one paragraph explanation of Rea son for selection additional nominations May be made on separate postcards entries should include printed name of sender address and Lel Eplion number. Entries should he addressed to name the team Kansas City baseball club p. 0. Box 1000 i Kansas cily to. 64141 Linn students on Dean s list at Cedar Falls several students from this area have been the fall semester Dean s list at the University of Northern Iowa. A local of 709, or about 8 per cent of the student body were cited for Scholastic Hon ors. They arc from Marion Cheri Dickey. From Cedar rapids Mary Carson Bruce Conrad Gary Cooper Kathleen narrow Robert Duffy Jess Fauchier car Olyn gaster Barbara Jones Charlene Jones Linda Mahany Stephanie Mccal Lum Bonnie me cod Linda Mcleod Edward Nassif Karen Nelson Donald Nim Mer Russell Povolny m. P. Orourke Richard also from Cedar rapids Sharon Redin Baugh Linda Richardson Michael Robertson David Roloff Ronald Sigmundi , Samuel apr Kimm Stastny Walters and Christine Williams c. R. Living costs Rise 4.2 per cent the metropolitan Cedar rapids consumer Price Index increased six a Nilis of one percent Between last october and january according to the Bureau of la Bor statistics of the u. S. Department of labor. This compared with a 0.9 percent in crease a s. Consumer Price Index for the same period. The Cedar rapids Index is 4 .2 percent above year ago Levels Wilh most of the gain occurring Between april and october when it climbed 3.2 percent. The increase in the. Codur it aprils con Sumer Price Index reflected Small gains in fond housing and Heull i and recreation prices. Transportation prices were up substantially and sonic clothing Mill Upkeep prices declined somewhat. The decline in apparel and clothing up keep prices reflected lower prices for women s and girls clothing namely women s coals and some types of dresses. These declines were partially offset by higher prices for footwear and men s and boys garments. Transportation showed the greatest in crease in a ties to Consumers Over the past three months being up 1.6 Pyrc Cal. This increase resulted from higher new and used Auto prices and prices for new and used Anilos and tires. Increases in postage Gas and electric Rales and shelter costs caused the hous ing Index to Inch i one half of one per cent in Cedar rapids in three months. Higher health and re creation prices were brought on by increases in prices for to vacs Beauly shop services food prices were percent below the Index for a year earlier. Fresh vegetables tomatoes potatoes carrots and up u percent while Dairy product prices increased Only slight in because of High ice Cream prices. Offsetting these gains were lower consumer prices for eggs pork and some Cereal the annual average consumer Price Index for Cedar it aprils was 100.8, which wus percent above the loft average. The average Index for food to up percent in 1307. Increases Between if Hig and by commodity were All items .1.7 percent food .0.6 percent housing.4.0 percent apparel and Upkeep .5.0 percent transportation .3.2 percent health and re creation percent workshop for bus mechanics to bolter inform school bus mechanics on new lighting regulations the depart ment of Public instruction s transportation division Aid the Iowa association of Pupil transportation supervisors will co sponsor a series of seven workshops this month. The Cedar rapids workshop will he at the school bus garage of . Satur Day March 16. College men have been alerted to to fad Lylial student deferments for under graduate study must be Roqu sled in Fri ing Ami in so doing the registrant can not the Reafler be considered for a Ili a classification based on fatherhood. Colonel Glenn r. Bowles stale director of selective service in Iowa Ouli cd the criteria for ii a student classification As follows the military selective serv ice acl of 1907 specifies that in class ii a shall be placed any. Registrant who has requested such deferment and who is satisfactorily pursuing a full Lime course of in str Clion at a College University or Sim Ilar institution of learning such deferment to continue until he Slud enl completes the requirements for his baccalaureate de Gree fails to pursue satisfactorily a full Lime course of instruction or attains the Twenty fourth anniversary of the Date of his birth whichever occurs colonel i owls further explains thai to be Salista Clarily pursuing a full time course of instruction Means hat a Stu Licul pursuing a four year course should Complete his freshman requirements luring his first academic year his Sophomore requirement d u r i n g his second academic year his or. Require meals Deri Igic his third year and Grad Uale no the end of his fourth year. In the event the Slud enl is pursuing a five a Cir course lie should Complete per cell of his course each year and Grad uate ills fifth year. An academic year1. Is Cui h twelve month period following the beginning of he student s course of study. It is the student s responsibility to pro vide his local Board each year with Evi Dence that he is satisfactorily pursuing a course of study and making required by for Gra Luale study has been narrowed Rasli Caldy during the past week the selective service regulations provide that in class ii a shall be placed any re gis Franl who is satisfactorily pursuing a course of graduate study in Medicine Dan Tilry veterinary Medicine osteopathy and optometry. All other students who were enrolled in graduate school for the first Lime on october 1967, were to be deferred for one year Only. Students who were in their second or subsequent year of graduate work on 1 october 19117, had one year to Complete Iligir master s degree work. Students who Luicle informed their local boards that they were in a combination master s and doctoral degree program and were in their second or subsequent year leading to a bloc torus or professional degree on of Lobar 1, 1967, May be Given a total of nol More than five years from the first Day they entered graduate school to Complete requirements. Colonel Bowles reminds All students j registrants Hal a deferment is a privilege not a right and when a registrant ceases to make Normal Progress in his College program Bis local Board has no alternative Bill to end Bis Slud enl classification. Analysis in tint a self portrait try Robert 1j. Larson this article will cover some of the Ira ifs that can Fie found from the Circle Sellers in our writing the Circle letters indicate Chir present thinking. You will remember that we mentioned Hal Hall writing is Imp the writer thinks and Ihler character at Hie time of it writing. Over a period of sometimes years a Perron s handwriting change and this change is a change in their personality a Shock could change a person immediately and this will he shown in their handwriting. In the above illustration Fig. Ii and j2, we Nee a letter n and a Folh of these letters arc c Rosed this is an indication that a person can keep a secret. They could be told some thing in confide Nee and would keep it that Way. This is classed As being Sec Rellic. In Fig. 15 we Hurve a Lead in is rounded this indicates a person that is not Lenso. They re feast i hair tensions or at least they do not Lei tension control them. If we had a Loon on the right Side of the letter v As in Fig. 12, we would have a writer that would be More Sec relive. This additional Loop shows is icy have locked up Solo speak All of their secrets. Taking into consideration the Many types of professions and what they require in their personality you will have to be very careful in coming to a conclusion of whether this Rait is a Good or bad Rait. Policman and attorneys and Many others need to be very secretive and this is a part of their recognized profession. Tensions show up in a rigid beginning stroke that this referred to As an inflect a 11 in 13 15 16 mean an ill feeling Loward something or some one. All of our foundations of personality arc made during the formidable years of childhood. Some of Icse May not show up then hut still arc hidden within our personality. An indelible so Rollo at the beginning of a letter is not something that is an asset to the person. It denotes a my of tension and anyone Wilh a pension is More Likely to have colds headaches and other aches and pains doctors agree that Many of Lodas illnesses arc. Created by tension also Many of i desc illnesses arc Psychas malic and therefore maybe have All the symptoms of he real thing hut arc not Ducj not have any functional disorder at the beginning. To Over come these the patient needs to give his full cooperation and realize what is really wrong Wilh them. Some pills and also Ronqui Lizars arc just used As a Slop Gap a Linn and do not gel Down to the real cause which is some cases is emotional pensions. All of these things can be found in a person s writing. In Larch in arc Are Many illnesses that can he found directly from the handwriting. Interest is great in this we May give pc civic examples. Write and give your opinions in care of this newspaper

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