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Citizen Times Newspaper Archives Jan 31 1968, Page 1

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Citizen-Times (Newspaper) - January 31, 1968, Cedar Rapids, IowaPublic Library feb 7 w f. 83 hour to boil a Frog Page 2 to o t o a 9 t Cedar rapids Iowa volume number five per year at cd Jaf new. Cellar run Litls Loc per wednesday january ,11, Chuck s chirps by editor Chuck Dunham moving always makes somebody Happy some spread Joy by moving to Cedar rapids and some by leaving town three cheers for j. Wentland who doubled our circulation in Alloha Iowa simply by moving there from Cedar rapids now if you want to accomplish big things this week Send in your subscription and double our Gross income at the citizen times. Elmer fudge came to the office waving a copy of the daily paper. It says Here get All the news while on vacation have the Gazette sent to you. They must print a different edition to mail out tha what we get says Elmer. Candidate Tom Riley who has something to say on most any subject gave his approval to governor Hughes of. A. Driver on the streets of Dos Moines he might have added his Only regret was he Riley was tit present to get in. On the act. Republicans plans a big shying Ding to Honor sen. Boutte b. Hickenlooper in Des Moines. This will be his last serving Iowa As a u. S. Senator. Well miss him. Who else could you Call cuke Looper without Hurt ing his feelings we have commissioned our artists to create a portrait of our mayor Frank Bosh but so far they Haven t come up with much the artists Are still Workin on Frank and one of them is making a Colfe cup with the unique Bosh ears for handles. Red Cross begins training or disaster Relief teams thursday evening feb. I the first of nine Veckly raining sessions will be held at Linn. County red Cross offices 327 Gram by bulking. Irom 7 to 10 . To Orient volunteers to Ull fill a new concept in red Cross Community service the disaster action the t Wen to two a Rea vol in t ears will after training he divided into several groups each equipped to be on the scene of an area disaster within minutes of its occurrence the training includes Twenty seven liners course work for each team alter which each should be capable of providing immediate identifiable emergency action for service to disaster victims and workers and to pave the Way for the Nobili Patoin of other services As required team members will be trained in use of first lid How to provide food clothing and shelter Anil use of communications. In addition they will be Able to Survey the extent of the disaster and advise local chapter and civic authorities the extent of and tonal services necessary to Cope with the said miss Marie Clancy local red Cross executive director. Wlllie la Genheimer has a Girt Friend who s sueing for divorce. She picked that tall Good-1 looking lawyer in the City to handle her Case killed two Birds with one Stone you might . Theres a woman of welfare in Cedar rapids who had to buy a new washing machine and a new to set cause she did t have Cash for repairing her old appliances. The new Mer Chandise is on payments and what does Wel fare care that interest is 18 per cent on the Capitol firing line by rep. H. R. Gross a Iowa Washington All the trap pings of a professional television production including Pancake makeup and a new hair do Loo president before _ con Gress the evening of Jan. 17 to present what some were. Pleased to Call a message on the state of the As a report to Congress on All matters of Paramount importance As a report from the chief executive establishing a condition precedent to congressional conduct of thu people s business1, it was a political drab uninspired presentation that featured demands for More Uhvin the sky. The Only real spontaneous applause greeted the president s statement hat the american people have had enough of rising crime Anc yet the main thrust of his Solu lion to this Issue was his demand for the hiring of another 100 Federal District attorneys Anc 100 More Jbf agents. While perhaps of som help the employment of 200 additional attorney and agents would have about As much effect ii halting the Waves of crime in the streets across the nation As pouring a quart of Oil on a Sto tossed wave in the Atlantic. Washington d. C., one of the worst crime Ridden has some 350 vacancies in its police department. It can t recruit competent policemen and we know of no one who con tends even if it could that 550 More police would halt the rapes murders holdups and Kious muggings that Are common occur ran Ces. Not Ono word did the president utter in behalf of uns Hackling the police and lower courts in the handling of criminals. As a mat Ter of fact the president vetoed a crime btll11 in the last Congress thai sought to protect decent citizens from the criminal element on the War in Viet Nam the president be Kratly stood his ground insisting on what j now Calls the san Antonio it or Vides i that if there is a bombing halt pea talks must Start promptly and with the resonable expectation that they will be productive and 2 that the North. Vietnamese must take advantage of the bombing halt to build and deploy their forces As they have in t past. Not the slightest Ray of Hope was offer that the War is near an end or Hal any of o so called free world friends upon whom lavished so Many billions Are prepared1 to help us with the blood Lei Ling. The president says that Wilhm a few Days he will submit to Congress a tight bucket of billion. That is billion above estimated spending in the current fiscal year. If a 10 per cent increase in Federal taxes is enacted that would leave a deficit of some billion.1 with out a lax increase the deficit would about billion. The president said that the in creased spending under his tight budget of j186 billion is to is mandatory Only because an administration and its con trolled Congress Are utterly reckless in shovel ing out the people s Money. Along this same line and in connection with inflation and his demand for a tax increase the president said Congress can repeal it the tax boost if the need has passed but Congress can never repeal inflation. This would be almost laughable if the sitar Tion were not so serious. Congress can repeat inflation just As it can repeal a Revenue Mea sure by the act of stopping profligate spending Tong ago of inc administration and Congress and sought to act responsibly there would have Een a Choice Between guns and butter be s late As 1968 Lyndon Johnson still refuses to ill on the nation to face up to the Han its of life and financial crisis Hal faces it is still guns and butter with a Large lading i molasses mixed with the butter in Thi Section year. As usual agriculture the nation s Basic in us try was barely mentioned. Parity for of armers who produce our food is still just an said the presic Leni to has had four years o change Hope t he added that he would Rucoi need raising Farmers income by establish in Security commodity Reserve that will protein her Market from Price depressing stocks an protect the consumer from food and programs to help Farmers bargain More effect vely for fair there were absolutely n details and aside from the forgoing no recon Ion of. The terrific economic beating farm Are Laking in making possible the cheap Fow policy that is in effect. Further to the Surprise of no one the presi Dent called for repeal of the requirement tha joj4 billion in Gold be held o Back our cur Rency. With our total Supply of Gold havin dwindled to some billion and with foreigners holding More than billion in Dollar claims which 1 hey can Exchange for Gold whal Lyndon Johnson and his financial wizards Are trying to prove Only to themselves. It May be something of an Over simplification but having debauched our Silver currency by replacing it with scrap Metal it is now found expedient to further erode the integrity of the Dollar by removing the last vestige of precious Metal a Metal that is in demand in every Corner of he world. From a Gold Hoard of nearly billion a few years ago to 12.5 billion Silver coins with an intrinsic value of several billion dollars to scrap is the Johnso record. Thus Are our resources being insidiously dissipated to meet one financial crisis after another yet the profligate spending continues and the National debt rockets upward the president rated about the 83 month of consecutive Prosperity but he said nothing of the huge increases in the debt that hav four disaster octian teams Eire to established Here to within Cedar Kapi Msj be in Marlon and one Cam in Rural Linn county. Disaster chair Lincoln Heights Linn red Cross Volunteer a c. Max Widmer 250 rive s. E., noted Llinat the teams will be Avail to work with municipal and. County govern-1 cents and civil defense units. The individuals aking training have Given indications they ill be available on a moments notice. The inception of the disaster learn concept places Large responsibility upon All of us taking part but is necessary if we arc to be and Quale y prepared for the several varieties of Amer ency situations thai can Widmer said. He stressed inc learns would not be replace cents for local police fire or other Community a source personnel normally used in time of. A disaster but would work with these other cry Ces he said the teams Are equipped 6 be Al he scene of the disaster for a limited time up o twelve hours Only and then would be re Ila cd by other rained personnel. The possible establishment of the program has been under study for several Mon Lis by red Cross voluble cars and professional staff. The resulting training course has been designed after consultations with the National red Cross and visits to surrounding areas having inc teams already in operation. 13% increase added to feb. Social Security checks several changes in the social Security Law i Fediac this year were emphasized by Ken Neth Reid District manager of the Cedar rapids office. An increase of Al least it percent will be added Toj the february Benefit Check. This is inc Check due Llic first of March. For some per sons the increase will lie More than ii per cent. For example the minimum Benefit for those retiring at age g5 is increased from to the first increased chock should be received of saturday March 2nd, one Day Earl Ier lao usual. Arrangements with inc Treasury department and the Post office permit earlier checks alien the 3rd of the month Falls on a sunday or a Holiday. Social Security beneficiaries will be Premit cd Lei earn As much As so effective with the year 196s before any deductions will apply. The old Law set Hie limit at through the year 1qg7. If your earnings go Over you May receive a a drily Check fur any month in which i you do not earn More than in wages or Are not Active in self employment. Beginning with those who ire working in employment covered by social Security will have their income up to a year subject to social Security tax rates. Increased earn Ings will likewise mean higher social Security benefits to be received upon retirement death plan tribute to Hick in Des Moines april 16 sovia on Cruiser that Sank ships off North Viet Nam while the seizure of the u. S. Spy ship Pueblo by inc North korean Navy got the headlines this week another Type of Ocean warfare continued off the coast of North Viet Nam uss Newport news ship s Serviceman Thiril class Granay .1. Sovin. Us son of mrs. Waller la Grubic of 33g si., so Palici Kletl in till destruction o nine enemy Supply or disability of the worker. The same tax rate of 4.4 percent will apply in us in 1967. If you want a leaflet explaining the 195? amendments you should Call the Cedar rapid 122 second Street South Host Telephone number is office hours a . To ., monday through Friday Only the office is open uni . Week _ _ boy Sugul a Wick will to celebrated of the week ton eel be ration Wil 1 be Iowa scout eng report adv. Harold e. Hughes feb. 7 in Hie Cove nor s office among scouts and explorers who will Par Capate arc Calvin Knight Iowa City Hawkeye area Council and Frank Andrews Dallas Cen Ter of the tall Corn area Council. Also Tom Flint of Waterloo Wapski Pinion area Council. Refl off the Tif no Irish Viet mum As n Rcw members aboard inc heavy Cruiser uss news. The Newport news was patrolling Wilh the destroyer has pc Rah about i 21 Nilos Mirolli of Vinh when word of Lam enem apply Craft was rec iced from a spotter air Craft. The two ships converged in the 13 heavily Aden enemy vessels and commenced fire sink no nine and driving Tsvor onto the Beach. The spotter plane then destroyed one vessel and Lapagl d Anol Hur with Nir to surface missiles. In recent months lie Newport news and Perth have worked together frequently on of Des Iowa Republican in null dinner will be a tubule to re living sen. Dourk b. Hickenlooper re pub icon state chairman John e. Warren said to Lay. The dinner entitled a tribute to will e held april 16 Al veterans memorial auditorium pcs Moines and will feature sen. Everett m. Dirkson r-lll., As main speaker. For inc first Warren said the din r will Law held in connection with the state presiden tul convention. Following the dinner the District caucuses will be held and then incr convention will under Warren said we feel nothing could lie More Zippro Prole than to Honor senator Hickenlooper for his 34 years service to Iowa and the nation. And it is just As appropriate to have As the main speaker sen. Dirkson a longtime Friend of senator Hickon Looper and Republican Leader in the Hickenlooper who has noun cd a will nol seek re election in november was first Elc cled to the u. S. Senate. In november 1944, and re elected in 1950, 1956 and 1962. Ilick Looper 71, was elected to the Iowa House of representatives in 1934, re elected in 1936, elected lieu Fennal governor in 1938 and 1940, arid won election As Iowa governor in 1942. Mickun Looner is the ranking Republican Manv of the Senate foreign relations commit Era lion sea the seventh Fleet s ,.crvcs on aeronaut Icli am fort to curtail Oil flow of Cuemy War Materiel to the South from Norelli Viet Nam by sea. A on attack Carrier 10 nominated to air Force the planning and coordination of the project Academy by rep. Culver the responsibility of Widmer and miss Washington d. John c. Culver today announced the names of Young men whom he has nominated for appointment Clancy along with mrs. De Herl Miller Chandler slice i s. W., red Cross National Field Volunteer William Dyckow 321 Murray drives w., red Cross National Field representative and mrs. Donald Pike 723 Gateway is n. E., of i inn county red Cross office staff. .1 session two feb. 8, covers canteen service. The first Aid is Given at All sessions except the last session three meets feb. 15, at1 which time the volunteers will cover essentials of sur eying and of a disaster. use of Hoo Way is he topic for the fourth session on 22, session five includes Case work training for disaster involving less than five families ind will he conduced on feb. 2fl. The Silli s Ess Ion March 7, covers Case work Wilh More than five families and n review of the previous session. Session seven March a will Orient the class o the use o Linn red Cross chapter equip ment Al their disposal Slation Wagon cars ind can can equipment. The three hours session Light March 21, will lie concerned with first Aid. one of he More important sessions will be the final one March 28, when the Volun ears will partic palc in a Field exercise in a simulated emergency situation riving them an Opportunity of Pul into actual practice what hey had Heen exposed to via classroom lec ires the proceeding eight weeks. Of the total Twenty seven hours instruction sixteen will be to the in s. Air Force Academy. Each of the men nominated by the con made this Prosperity possible. The Washington evening Star editorially succinctly summed up the Jan. 17 Tel Visio appearance before Congress by saying "0 the Domestic Side this slate of Union message was a can of Barbaric America a bought he cast Gates Gold As that barbarous and Cal for repeal of the present Law that requires go backing for 25 percent of this nation s Pape Money Williaim Mcchesney Martin chairman of the Federal Reserve Board says he is n advocating Complete elimination of Gold in to world s financial system. Well or. Martin if Gold is "barbarous1 in the United slates what makes it civilized in foreign countries fair Flop. The official audit of the new York world s fair shows a loss of compared Wilh a predicted profit of million when the fair opened in 1964. But Robert Moses inc chief promoter will do All right. He will get million in salary and annuity premiums in the shakeout of new York s latest financial Grussman. Will be considered by Academy admission officials with flip top iwo nominees offered appointments to the class entering next summer. Congressman Culver also announced that he will be accepting applications up until 30 of this year for the class entering the Cadamy in the summer of i960. The following arc congressman Culver s nominees for the u s. Air Force Academy pc leery Charles conman Independence c. Douglass Couto Posl Villa John e. Danner Dubuque Cal Stephen Arlington Carl Andrew Molmer Cedar rapids Brian Howard Peckham Hiawatha Claus Omo Slifer Cedar rapids Philip Craig Sharp Cedar rapids Tregor Vinc Stoddard Jesup and Mark Allen Soldo a also of Cedar rapids off North Viet Nam coast uss Coral sea airman Michaelj. Cou scr Usuf son of or and mrs Harju a Cou ser of 1128 Cave new is swening with attack Squadron 153 aboard the attack carried uss Coral sea in he Gulf of Tonkin off the coast of North Viet Nam. Flis Squadron returned to combat duty on Yankee station in the Gulf after a Short Visil to the i British Crown Colony of Hong Kong. While on station his Squadron Flics combat Mission for u. S. Marines and Allied ground forces engaged in emn Liat operations promoted Tuy Iiona Viel l. Kudu 24, son of or. And mrs. Lavern a Kuehl live on r mile i Todd Vil Lewa s promoted to a my private first class Ian. A while serving As a Road guard in the 577th Engineer battalion s company u near Tuy Hon Vietnam. Space sciences and banking and currency committees As Well As the joint commile on atomic Energy. Sen. Dirkson 72, was elected to the u. S. House of representatives in 1932 and served continuously until retiring sri. 3, 1949 he was elected to the s. Senate in and re Elc cled in 1956 and my his fourth Ferrn is Senate minority Leader news of local servicemen on an inside Page Culver names five men for Annapolis appointments congressman John c. Culver announced today the names of Young men whom he has Al onion for Appel tent to the United states naval Cadamy. Each of the men nominated by the Congress Man will be considered by Academy admission officials with top no mince offered Art appointment to the class entering Hes summer. Congressman Culver also announced that a will be accepting applications up until sept. Lolli of this year for the class entering is Academy in the summer of 1969, following Are congressman Culver s nominees for the United slates. Naval Cadamy William Warren trusted Cedar rapids Frank Elka Vinson Thomas Joseph Gilloon jr., Pyis Ville Stephen Francis Meyer Calmar and i Cluin Stoser of Oelwein. Given to the subject of first Aid. Instructors for the sessions include miss handwriting analysis handwriting a self portrait Clancy. Or. Wilmer mrs. Frank Nye 1832 ave., s. Or. Robert Risdon 220-28th St dr., s. E., Bolh of the red Cross staff also Tim Cowen first Aid instructor and a Fuden at Coe College Robert l. Tow 4213 s. Linn chapter first Aid chairman Bjornson. It. 2, Springville director of Civi defense for Linn county mrs. James Linsley 751-28th St. N. F. And mrs. Duane Cecil 219 Chandler Street s. W., both co chairmen of the local chapters emergency feeding unit and1 Francis Friedl 2132 it. Vernon re. S. E., of the local chapters disaster Survey committee. Food service group to meet feb. 5 at Coolidge school the Cedar rapids school food service association will hold it s regular meeting on monday february 51h, at Coolidge elementary school at . There will be a food a demonstration according Cornell prof writes Book crippled from Story of German political group mount from a Iii Lory of the social Danio critic parly of Germany by or. Richard Reichard. Associate professor of history at Cornell College has been i accepted for publication by the Iowa stale press Iowa state University Ames. The Book is concerned with the first Quarter Century of the social democratic parly s Fence the party was crippled from according to or. Reichard because it by Iio Hert 1. Lahson we Are Szmil Nuj emotions and in our last a Lilc we discussed inc slants this indicates Liow the writer will react to certain situations. Are now ready to discuss he duration of Ilist reactions. From time a time we have met people who can seemingly get Over very disturbing situations. These Type c people Are very fortunate. Conic a certain circumstance. They will be Moody for a Long period of time they will also give others lie longer Han Normal. All of this Type of action can be de fell 100 keenly the de feat of the revolution and the Success of Bis Mark s unification of Germany along autocracy in lines. Failure. To to mrs Homer Flynn publicity chairman quote Clinton Job corps director w a. Lewis explains the Plantation supper club din Ner and bus trip to Moline Many of the Tirls have never eaten at a decent Witch dnesn11 speak Well of 111c Clinton Center where lie girls have had Chow All Winter quote rep. Richard Poff Rva has rotted ant the slide Rufe and reports inn interest on the National debt is climbing it the Rale of per minute million per hour million per Day billion per year. Termi cd from flip person s writing. In our illustration you find three different weights of writing in Fig. 2, in a h and c. There arc Many different degrees of the weight of n writing the illustrations show Only the three different distinct types. In the portion a we have a heavy indication of a writer. This Type of person Wil have a Long lasting memory. They probably can re member things that May have happened years previously even in their childhood. They will have deep impressions of All circumstances then we Fine out thai there Are others types whether they arc Good or bad and will yemeni of people that May Lake some time to Over her these for Long periods of Lime. Often trying hard to forget them if they arc not o the Happy Typo. These Lype of writers will also exhibit some unusual Energy that always seems to be in Reserve for accomplishments. In the b portion of Fig. 2, we find a Normal Lypp of writing. This is the generally accepted Type we find today. This Type of person will lift a depth of emotions hut will not be the pc that will he to impressionable. They will Lave a memory of very important items and the lesser important May soon be forgotten in the portion of. Fig. 2, c that indicates the Light writer Yon have person that will not be endowed with a memory that is Long last ing. They will remember Only for a Short Dur Alion. Their likes and dislikes will not be too Long lasting and they May have a tendency to be influenced by others. In the science of handwriting analysis we continually Point out that you cannot Lake one Small portion for annals is you need As much writing As you can Lind. Then you also need to compare All of inc writing to come to a Linn conclusion. One particular trait docs not indicate the Type of person one is without com Parison of the rest of the handwriting. appreciate your comments and extend an invitation o All of you to write with your questions or inquiries. Send them in Carre of Ikis newspaper. Fig. 2
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