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Citizen Times Newspaper Archives Jan 17 1968, Page 1

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Citizen-Times (Newspaper) - January 17, 1968, Cedar Rapids, IowaDoes not circulate odes not circulate Cedar rapids Iowa volume six number three pet year weekly by Charles sir o pah at applet wednesday january 17, i big . Delegation attends Jehovah s witnesses weekend Christian seminar Here one Hundred fifty three Cedar rapids Resi dents were among the delegates gathered it memorial coliseum in Cedar rapids last weekend for a Christian seminar. Theme of i the convention orderly by spirit or. Orville Kluth 1028 i71h St. N. E., presiding j minister of Jehovah s led the local delegation. A. D. District suck Irvison of Jehovah s witnesses in the mid Westem United states addressed his audience sunday on the subject god intervene in men s the speaker asserted that is. Ripe for god s intervention into Mankind s critical he Are or where we. May this us is a i con slant v divine Obs vat of hebrews chapter 4, As not Only god to lick. He is a eerily interested in Between per Sonal Iby god in Arian s eve Ryd a Ijac arid a future Arjia Geddin solution to Mankind s problems. Jehovah does not Rob us of our free moral Agency and make us robots without Arny of. Our own. Ockl docs not exercise control Over 1 our minds and automatically Slop us frown think ing wrong thoughts or from difficulties or declared or. Wengert conditions Uday do require direct intervention he maintained that for god to inter Vene is not removed from reality because the blk used by All christians the Bible Prophe cies this very thing he referred to two historical incidents As precedents for i direct involve ment by god into human Jaf fairs Noah sex Pec acc with a global flood and again the overthrow of Israel s kingdom in-607-b. C., both events having been rescale cd in Advance by god constitute the historical backdrop for Whai is Facin our generation. Highlights of the address v came As or Wen Fieri previewed a Paradise on Earth to follow gods intervention hem will live in Joy and peace As a new and eternal admin is i rat ice of Earth s affairs he urged Liis listeners to examine their conduct now so As to determine their standing before got. According to or Kluth Many practical de Nion rations were the three Days of the seminar to ins Luct our congregation in applying scriptural principles to modern Day problems. We will be talking about these Points now As we engage in our door to door ministry in Cedar rapids. Optimists provide fund for the tuesday evening Optimist club of 1 Cedar rapids has established an annual Linn county residents who wish to eur her their formal education at area ten Community Uncle inc terms of the Troy s sports forecasts Tommy Thoy basketball Jan. 20 Miami of Ohio 68, Kent state 62 Cincinnati 74. Louisville 70 Kentucky 84, Auburn ,70 Virginia 74, it unison 69 Georgia tech 80. Florida state 76 Missouri 70, Iowa slate 64 Denver so. Seattle 70 a Iii 56, Dartmouth 82 Columbia 74. Cornell 70 so Michigan state 74 in n state 80. West Virginia ,73 Wyoming 70, Rutalj .g4 Washington stale Washington 61. Villa Nova 85 Virginia tech g9 Arizona state a Force c4 Boston College 84 St 69 Rule cars 79 Boston University 73 Western new Mexico 70, Brigham Young 64 St.-, Bonaventure 70, Cornell 64 student Aid committee of if blab state 70 Colorado state 63 Optimist club and Hie financial Aid com Mittee of area ten College will jointly evaluate applications for the scholarship. Selection will be made on the basis of need and the Promise for Success in the applicants chosen program. The scholarship will be equally dts tribute Over four quarters during the year or per Quarter of attendance. This is the first continuous or on going scholarship established by a service organza Tio n. Private sources have helped area tens financial Aid program considerably. Other scholarship and loan funds live be ii established by the link Belt speeder company so City of Iowa Fla lists Iowa nurserymen Sas soc Talion and Post 5, american i Pion auxiliary currently 10 percent of the students rolled at area ten Are receiving financial assistance. Shorter hours. The lobby of the Post office m the building Cedar rapids is now closed at 5pm saturday if cats instead of 9 As formerly t wheel family reaction to Cook s new1 dishes did you Ever mothers seem to get in a rut in the cooking department Don i blame it All on Lack of could it be that they re a wee bit frightened of the family s reaction la a new dish take this morning for instance. I thought i d Surprise and trial the family with a new break fast recipe from successful farming. After it is for Farmers not from one of Hose Overly sophisticated City magazines it was an Melet topped with or warm Raspberry sauce. Very colourful. Hike our 13-year-old came to the table took one look and Mur marred contamination has struck Vav Epi log after agreed it wars the Busl breakfast Ivey d i hah in Ages at least iwo Days x Many Cooks enjoy and rely on casseroles for Many for East of preparation and serving As Well As Gubic eating nothing Beals a Good meat vegetable dish served with a salad. Oflyn it s the older Cooks la adjust to one dish meals to please heir husbands with by Merleta Roberts we conc liked that All indications were that he was not Rabid. Also that i need considerably uni it to put it this Way you see my husband has these Little compartments in his Stomack one for meat Ore for potatoes so fix a mixed up dish that1 just does t work for him at How Many former students of old Victor High recognized Nifte name of the Coggan Man whose stolen wis found near Fay Erfe Back about 1s50 he was music instructor at vhf. If must be the same Man Coull there possibly be two persons i the the whole Quenlin Maskell x fragrant visitor it started out like any other morning. How could i have known that before noon i d be forced o defend our Happy Home against an invasion from he wilds it began Wilh the dog Barking. A Quick look revealed this tiny Woodland right up onto the Back porch. Not a his first Cousin Civet cat rabies my first thought at any wild Crea Ture coming so near. The dog. Continued to bark the cals stood in a puzzled Semi Circle i was panic stricken thanks to our five year old s instruction 1 got the Rifle cocked and fired twice through a crack in the door. Missed of course bul neatly plugged inc fuel can behind him. The pussycat slunk off to the Side of the House and i feeling like a Pioneer Staskec after him fearlessly. Who am i trying to kid the loaded Rifle was at least As frightening As the several More and he was dead. Mere practice. But let this be fair All would be i May not be the world s greatest shot with a target larger than a Civet cat it would be a Bil easier to score x would you believe How relieved we were the weather warmed a bit we were almost 3ayton 74, Depaul 69 Martli Carol inn state Florida 69, Tennessee 67 Iowa .77, Minnesota. 66 Carolina 73 Kansas 73. Lasalle 73, Kansas slate 70, Kentucky 71 resigned to keeping our Christmas tree til easter. You see it in the front room which we have to keep closed when it s cold just like the Olden Days Parlour. So Al la is we were Able to put away the decoration. One of the pleasanter things is packing away the cares arid rereading the letters which one scanned so hurriedly when they arrived. There s the one from friends who had Tho thriving experience of seeing Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip at expo 67 last summer. One lady related one of her most unusual adventures of last 11-year-old orphan in Scotland requested a coloured picture of president Kennedy where to find one dime Book stores a one. As a she wrote to sen Edward Ken and sent Money. In a few Days came a wonderful Large picture and Money returned. Included Wilh greetings from a Friend in new Jersey was this prayer written by a Friend of theirs which i want to share with you. Slow me Down slow me Down lord ease the pounding of Triy heart by the quieting of Rny mind. Steady my hurried Pace with a vision of thy eternal love and greatness for thou lord Arl. Sover eign. Give me amidst the confusion of my Day the calmness of inc Fuoly spirit. Break the tensions of my nerves and Muscles with the realization of thy presence for thou Hast said my presence shall go Wilh thee and t will give thee teach me to relax and know that thou Art god. Teach me the Art of rest ing 3n thee of slowing Down to look at a Flower to Chat Wilh and Pray for a Friend to pet a dog to read a few lines from thy Fuoly word. Remind me each Day that Lite is a vapor Here today Bur gone that life does not consist of the., abundance of things possessed that thou Dost give thy very Best to those who wait. Upon thee. Let me look into thy wonderful face lord and know that the babe of Bethlehem is also the Lamb of god that Tabeth away the sin of world hat thou lord Jesus died for me and that thou Hast numbered even the hairs of my head slow me Down. Lord and inspire me to Wor ship thee and to serve others that i May grow the Slature of the fullness of life which thou Hast planned for me. Slow me Ohio. Slate 90. Michigan s4 Toledo 80, Ohio u. 70 Oklahoma City 84, West Texas state 73 Oregon state 70, Oregon g4 seat ii Hall 70, Navy 65 Washington stale 79, Southern Illinois 73 Jary. 22 Cincinnati 74 67 69 Mississippi state 90 Alabama 7 3 Ohio state 86 Georgia tech 80 Tennessee 80 Kentucky 74 Northwestern 50. Duena Vista 51 70 Aurora 63 Iowa Wesleyan 69 Bair Cliff a6 cdrnelh76 Cassius 64 i Law Linville 79 Dayton 67 i 76 a test Liona venture 84 Dayton 69 Jan 24 cast 70 George Washington m Southern Illinois 74 Foly Cross 84 Colgate 80 Lasalle s9, Pennsylvania 75 leu 76 Marshall 74, Ohio u 70 Miami at Ohio 69, Western Michigan 58 West s9, Penn state 75 Jan. 25 Parsons 76, Oral Roberts 64 army 70. Manhattan-63 Bradley 76, Memphis state 70 Ford Ham s6, Rutgers 73 Iowa stale so Oklahoma 69 Oklahoma cily 85, Arkansas 68 Providence 89, Massachusetts 81 St. Bonaventure 80, St. Francis a 67 Tulane 60, Kent stale 53 n. 26 Illinois tech 67, Dubuque 60 Loras 78, Carlsburg 70 .i.etpn 75, Coe 68 West mar 68, Northwestern 57 Marque tie 80, Loyola of Chicago 76 Urcla 87. Holy Cross 60 Utah Washington 74 i Texas Elpaso 84, Brigham Young 69 Wyoming 89, Colorado slate 70 Jan. 27 Drake 70, North Texas state 63 Oklahoma slate 52 Domini Van 76, Dubuque 67 St. Ambrose 69, Luther 66 William Penn 65. Judson 60 St. Olaf 74, Coe 63 South Dakota stale 78, Morningside 63 North Dakota slate 67, Northern Iowa 58 Concordia 78, Northwestern 63 St Norbert 74, Loras 63 Parsons Southwest Missouri Baptist 53 Graceland Tarkio 76 St. Paul Bible 57, Briar Cliff 50 president soaks up prime to time Hor state of the nation 1 rep. A r. Gross Hie time ibis newsletter reached is readers president Johnson will be ready to his an annl state of Tho Union message to Congress. In order to souk up nil the Prmila television Lime he can get the appear Ance will be it 9 . The appearance should Al test serve to put an end to the newspaper stories now circa fit ing in credited to a Higler and illustration and sources close to inc White what presi Dent will propose. Tor a since one source says he John for fiscal year 1jnj9 will Cattor Spe Dirig 9 to 14 dollars a Motif Liun in the current fiscal Jear of 1968 another Switte dose to inc White House is quoted As saying Johnsoni plans to hold fiscal 1969 sir finding at the fiscal 1968 level of billion. As usual he White House press Sec Feiry these stories which come from th6 wite House press corps i Cist the president or my n6l Sny you ctn he Iio t Itei Wailtl that Congress Cut spending 16 fit a balanced budget bul will be demand that More Money by spent on tic ingrates around Tho work will be Good to get Hie fanfare out of the Way and Ihen Selb Down to Watcki Tho Vic Sion of the Shell game. Down lord me. Am a. Slow me yes even Morris townsen0 another credibility Gap when it comes to Eston line the size of the Federal deficit of rhe current fiscal year. President Johnson ant have been All Over the lot. In january 1967, the official estimate placet the Leicil for the fiscal year ending june .10 1958 at billion. By june the official Trca sury department estimate had risen to by lion but Shirlly hereafter Hie Edmini Stratico sought borrowing authority to finance a billion. Deficit however when some members of Congress started of the possibility of a option deficit the presidents chief economic Gardner Ailcy Rek rred to the estimate of Ageous 1 -but1 it t considered outrageous dicl1 shortly thereafter ranted Rived n t a v hews conference Alio it of billion to 35 billion. Adding to he coi fusion Iasi at thai. Sonie i much Johnson s director of the budget which place the billion. Having neither to Crystal Ball nor direct Access to the inner circles of great society this member Eias no Way of knowing what the exact size of the deficit will be. If we accept As fact the1 Low prediction of 10-8 billion it will by far the highest deficit in any year since world War ii. Culver dubious of lbs pledge to help Farmers ikast gelation s librarian Home in . On leave Washington do Cong Resmann John c Culver charged Here today that Rufus of Advance payments hinder inc i9s8 Ali Recti contradiction i president John san a ple Tegt to raise come rip of inc Union m Robert a. Mist Elk us Korea american casualties co null nut to mount in Viet Nam and Horti arc increasing Denim us fur a Sellic men of inc negotiate seems to lie some kind of magic word particularly to the More outspoken critics of american involvement in Vietnam. Tiring the communists to the negotiating Able they say and All be Well if necessary a graduate of Iowa stale University area x picks Man to head a dept. Area ten Community College has appointed Larry l. Slater to head the new department of agriculture. Statler and is presently finishing his master s degree in agriculture. He is currently employed As head of vocational agriculture and adult education at waver by Shell Rock Community schools. His employment will begin in june. A two year program in production agriculture will begin this fall. A possible addition to this program for the fall is a farm equipment mechanics course. This course has received preliminary approval by Itie area ten Bnard of directors and is receiving further study. Product ton agriculture will concentrate on the areas of farm production and management. Students will receive raining in such areas As farm operation livestock buying crop production animal science As Well As other farm specialities. Under Statler s direction a full complement of agricultural programs will be developed for offering to serve inc farming needs of the seven county. A Hall tin by Jebing Stop the shooting Promise Ilie enemy negotiate. This i her of Congress wants very much to end to killing and an honorable1 settlement of the1 let us nut be lulled into believing thai3 to Jne Goliath on terms set by the. Enemy is the path to. In Viet Nam or anywhere disc. I if ave we j forgotten so soon our experience in fort Otlyn that three fifths i of the american casual pics Wero Siff cred j so in let a talks Thrett Jeave Only a military armistice in Korea two u. S. Divisions of troops helping Man the armistice lines Robert Ai misled a us son of or. And mrs. A Tim Trelc 717 5th avc., is Home on lie was in the Tonkin Gulf off april. Us Lelys on the Carrier us. A Salsa n t cilia Jilaine and also is o Lilia or i m taking care of the largest Library on my ship i lit he Fleola. Trio Sands of Bonks arc Kepi be going Back to Tonkin Grill eni Vic Nidhi in Early Spring of this year Nln Amejor crop half million raised m 67 Lenni nations and cd Lhing veil cd at for to Jim Coly people nil River i Virld. I the c Tui i b u t i porn was made in Romigh thu world service a pills pro Iram o Rev. Dick chair Nikin of the Iowa committee. This Jim rent j inner Thun was control Nilca in it Chi and a reeks to own As follows crop Community food which includes commodities such is Corn am soybeans Anil Cash Cash for blanked Money for Csc Liling processing 242.02 and pounds of col hint n Ike is valued at 75 cents per Pound for local of the p Rora m in Iowa ski miso r cd t Fie division of Christian missions of i lie Iowa Council of churches Antl is administered at he local level by county crop and county cloth by committees. Chirich service Crini Infinity appears is a new name selected in 1967 to replace the name crop Chi Sislian i iral overseas pro graph All Houglin crop can Tiniuc s As 7ihe com Unity food Appeal part of lk6v program. Look out below. A plumber wrote o the National Bureau of standards o Tell hem he had discovered that hydrochloric acid is sex Lenl for cleaning clogged drains. The Bureau replied with True Burlair uralic argonese that the Efficacy of hydrochloric acid is Indis Pul ahle huf the corrosive residue is income pal file Wilh metallic Back came a letter from inc plumber saying he they agreed with him the Bureau tried again this time saying v1 we cannot1 assume Ifie responsibility for he production of toxic and noxious residue with hydrochloric acid and suggest that you use an alternative put Pencil to paper to Tell the Burchai How release to he was that the saw Eye on coca Njg out drains. Thi Timet the Bureau got Down to business dropped its bureaucratic jargon and said use hydrochloric acid Al eals hell out of inc wag medical specialist it Sam Houston Tex wac private Cheryl s. Merinoff 20, Dizig Hlor of or. And mrs. 1920 26ih is. Marion completed a medical specialist course Ian. 12 at the army medical training cd a scr Al. Sam Houston Texas. During the 10-week course was rained in the basics of first Aid casualty evacuation. Pharmacy Sand Hospital combat conditions. Protesting rumoured Achon by the Nie if to eliminate inv immedi Payne nor directly urged secret airy of Nikiti to continue the seven year p Rik King up to 50 percent payments to when they sign ii far the program i in february. He said Llinat Iowa Farmers none would1 lose in l Stima cd this Spring if the pro payments Are not made. Noting the Curry no serious financial condition i with Low feed Grain prices v.thc1 Sci icly Anil High in creat rat rfcs Culver pointed out thai the Farmer is .1o Tho Spring plan Ling scion when Tor led fertilizer fuel and other expert Diurca Are at their High Cal advanced payments for m the feed grains program will give him Money i needs without incurring Maiuri Iolus Culver emphasized and win Sevot bar him to hold his Grain until Knightr Sumitr m Arkels which can be of he feed grains program operates at its i to umling slots emf that ihe1 such Cess of try Cleed Grain directly on the of the Farmer to Piti Cipalo Culver Ulion must he based on a consider the i a null s Ihms us que pick Here when Luther might make u poetic play to Steps must be taken to relieve budget bul Niada and Copen dilutes postponed Ilien the Economy and not the Ileone be called upon the second District congressman Cilent free Niin a Slat Wiiri Enis hint the 1968 teed Grams program would be inc most attractive pro Gram we have i incr had and nose Zirri Porlant in the series of actions taken us a to Strong Lhnn Grain prices. I in piously whether the program can live up in Ihulse Gand with bul assurances of advanced concluded. Time now for the Cricket on the Hearth 1 love to hear inc cheerful chirp lilt a creatures hut out of doors Only it Ihn Jugh sad experience that climb _ Librea in clothes and carpets so 111 1 my Cricket on the heir la in please Rupf for read. The Wal Nikon Democrat weekly d Putz la 1, make ill i. Spills via 12. Jury 14. Crock letter 15. Falsehood 1c. Sailor f Slang 17. Like 18. Inhabitant 21. Tree 22, ignited adhesive 2-1. Crawl 2k. Vick found As a Dove no. Isfort in i cured grass m. Except its. Hirid or fur arabian i clip Flain Vii i 1. A polls apart 45, nucleus of Ini Hillary unit r now c j. As with steam 2. Gerva name .21. Vying 0, Bench 2-1. More like of so Eccl seat 25, regular j a pro utensil a cure 7. Young -7 26, corrode slide a 27. Portu s. Single t Guise unit Colony 9. A winged 29. Weep horse i. Ventures. 39, demand 10. Cuts 32. Snips Edcil a payment. In. Obtain a. Measuring -10. Dry 19. Holly Slick As wine 20. Vim 31. Cubic meter 11. Cand Mcnut Coll of16. Flock tree

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