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Citizen Times Newspaper Archives Jan 10 1968, Page 1

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Citizen-Times (Newspaper) - January 10, 1968, Cedar Rapids, IowaPublic Library cow Cedar rapids Iowa volume six number two per year use i 5340s. Weekly by c 5 v Dunhan til no pah at Sci Loc per copy s by editor Chuck Dunham anyone who wondered if area x College will Ever amount to much has an answer this week this area. X is a real genuine institution of higher learning and to prove it they just raised tuition this week. Unhealthy Job certainly is reassuring to get. Looters from acting Poulmas crr Charles week r Tell chg about Rales and such. The Job bin. 1967 Aren t r and an Aler reporter ought to the Post office every m pruning to inquire of or. Seda s health. .1--. I this Isil hip we c a inc politicians make their announcements Hals Are tossed into the ring Only after months of hinting. The Man who seeks his parly s will months in and Aiice speak of making an important Pollica decision which could Well affect the fortunes of unborn generations. A savvy candidate Wil Voith girlish modesty that yes he is be Eartha Kilt woman entertainer who disrupted the first lady s Lea parly the other Day with rude talk about War and High taxes is catching hell for in. Imagine such talk before All those biddies from inc Lap of the pecking order it s downright Barbaric to remind mrs. Johnson that some women have sons in Viet Nam even sons in Law. Sen Eugene Mccarthy is Likely to have a Lew unpleasant things to say about Kab con duct of this Johnson for democratic presidential1 nor Iii. Alien gives other democrats someone to Shpur l for will Iosif changing the1 course of events at the democratic National convention if there is one. Black say Hugnes to speak to Job corps grads gov. Harold Hughes Wil inc the featured speaker at the Jan. 24 graduation ceremonies at inc Clinton Iowa Job corp Center tins is second scheduled apr Corance for Itie governor at the Clinton Mcnier. In june. Hughes was expected Al the first anniversary the Center but last minute legislative commitments prevented his appearance. In coming to Hie Center on january 24. Hughes will be keeping his Promise to visit the Mcnier. Under gov. Hughes Iowa has one of the few acl ivc governor s advisory placement commit tees on recruiting and placing of Job corps graduates. Members of Hughes advisor com Mallee Ore also cup cycled to attend gradual on graduation ceremonies will include the Confer ring of. Vocational diplomas and general educational development certificates to students reception for governor Hughes Wil lev Cyd 1 it Lei a admit v u ing pressured to seek High office the cacti Dale May him a decision to allow himself be drafted involves seven personal sacrifice w h e n really he has checked on the pay free stationery Milea in and from Des Moines fringe benefits and conclude. It Beals what really makes his decision is the availability o someone Elsi to pay Campaign expenses and 2 can he win the Typ Cal politician res9lvep the Jailer will another of his own How can a race Guy ilk. Me lose sen Tom Riley of Cedar in pads. Who was let Oft the Hook on a peace charge at Iowa City a to tells to run for congressman on the Republican Dickel _ More disturbing the. No doubt rep John Culver iwo term Democrat in Congress from Cedar rapids will seek re election Wilh a new plume in us Cap to was. Recently Magazine one of the two of is67 the Magazine cited particularly his efforts against Ine subversive activities control Board a group which performs no function bul pays five members former rep. James Bromwell is expected to gel in inc race u. S. Senate now Hal sen. B. B. Ilick Looper will not seek another term. Already campaigning for that spot Are state senator David Stanley and gov. Harold Hughes. Time will Tell whether Stanley s lactic of pays than Brora will s decision , Hick gave the word of his a Cedar rapids Man is accused of robbing a Kansas Bank. At was considerable enough to leave poor i6wa Banks alone. Some republicans have been trying to gel state senator Ken i Berida of to run for stale treasurer. He d Candi Dale for most anything bal making a banker stale treasurer too Lii be like putting the Fox in charge of inc Hen House. The political trouble in Greece is easily under stood when you remember whenever two greeks meet one is a prime minister and the other the Leader of he i they la shut in Down before in Larrs the suggestion thai Mccarthy had the support of the Kennedy Brothers in his race for presi Dent is interesting. Now that Bobby Kennedy has pulled Oul the Rug it makes one wonder if inc Kennedy have been Tco Clever at eliminating a possible presidential hopeful for 19721 the it has entered the new year with no expectation of making As much Money As the former management did last year. Under for Mer owners the it Mode More Money than any us her Iowa weekly last year a Quarter relillion dollars and secret service will vouch for that if the i turn times gets prosperous in 1968 ill just be a bother Lvon now when Ever we try to make a Bank Deposit h e Dibller examines each Bill and holds it up to the Lily l in the right hand know fish what the left is doing a Reader sen in a clipping Des a counterfeiting glory re Ferring to the defunct citizen times i thl Only thing to do in such a Case is to sue the Register for fifty million dollars lol sooth the Hurt i Tould see Ihl jury Selling the Damacus at 550000000 and maybe pull Lac damages too the Des momus outfit probably would t pay and there d be a sheriff s auction or their typewriters presses Al Icv censer following graduation ceremonies sex in the j problems Are in and newsstand Racks while these vindictive thoughts were coursing thru the brain there was More mail to open including a subscription from the they can t be All bad. Anyone who subs Crimlis to the it must have some Fine and Noble . I guess Well Call off ital fifty million Dollar suit. Wonder if they know How close the Register was to extinction saved by the Good will and forgiving nature of inc management of the it. So oooo on Days when Yon can t buy a it and the Gazelle s sold Oul there will still be a Register your newsstand. The Tommy Troy can us Lally Ell in Advance Lial team will win any sports contest and often by what score. He s so close he sports people could just As Well Call off the game and just ask Tommy How it would have come out. This would save a lot of team travel and Wear and tear on the coaches and cheerleaders. Assoc i our ii is difficult to define the problems Ald Wilb leaching sex education this was the statement of assistant superin lend no Leroy Jensen of the department of Public Insi Duclion at a acc enl Nickling of Hie advisory Council and chord inhaling committee for the advancement of education Iri Lowi the group is composed of 16 school throughout the slate and of the four universities Ancl the Dpi developing new programs of sex education is fraught with both hazards and Promise he said. It the problem considerably More than teaching biology a Leal kind of sex will Best Foster -1 i there arise the Chi Cal responsible questions what he Wior who should teach How and wharf of Oil Chi importance is the of he Meacher assigned to the the referred to Tolje family and. Marriage offered Al Keokuk High be Hoof it Szvcs Alli Ludes and values or Jensen pointed out he lame Mil Nilor has tight the there for 23 years he is James d locked. Recently named As Iowa s 1968 be acne a o Ihn wednesday january la Troy s sports forecasts by Tommy Tioy sports pc Dillions in the citizen times by Tommy Are pretty Doggy cd accurate and improve ii Asol Jan. 5, Tommy had been Cor rect on o5 and in error on 23 predictions for a 7ic baiting last trek Tommy was even closer with 40 wins to 13 errors for .756. And one game he hit on tic Mil Washington h4, Oregon 73. This wis inc exact score. Tommy missed the superbowl football Ore Cost by Only 7 Points. Lie bad in Green Bay 34, Oakland 20 actual score was Green Bay 33 Oakland 14. Romej s accuracy table is As follows Dale dec. Dec dec dec. Dep Jan Jari. Jan. Jan Correct error 10 22 .21 5 .2 total thru Jan. Iowa farm Outlook is68 net i income to be near Imi Levels Cash receipts from farm marketing and overment payments to Farmers arc Likely to show some gain. Bui these will probably be offset by higher production he added farm income pros cols in Iowa Are similar to Hose fur the nation although some Rise Iii Nel farm income could occur the economist no cd. Exports of us farm products Are to con Lihue High tin 13gs Oul shipments of feed soybeans ind soybean products ire in july 16 even in the face of Strong from other exporting nations son the year sister Mary Georgine rsm registrar Al count mercy College announced that Regis Lra Ion for the second semester at the Cedar rapids Campus will be held on monday Jan 22 it inc Catherine Mcauley Library. Resist ration hours idol Day Are Between . And . Pm. To . And from to in the vening. Second semester classes begin at . On monday february 5th. Handwriting analysis handwriting a self portrait by Robert p. Larson we have previously stated that the slant and the weigh of the handwriting will have an effect on the emotional Lalus of the writer. The Type of personality will also be affected by the size of the handwriting. Many types and degrees of size can be found but basically we have a Large Small and the average or the one this is tale Type of copy Oak style we All earned in school. After we have advanced from the grades we lend to put into the handwriting our individual personality. Had a teacher that we like very much the influence of this teacher was reflected in our writing. If the teacher wrote a certain Way we copied this because of this influence. Usually when we Are out from the influence of this teacher we will put into our handwriting our own Type of personality. Children will write like a that they like the most even i hair actions will lean this Way. Likes and dislikes of a person Are reflected in the writing. The writer who will hold n grudge will show this in their handwriting. Many limes to their own harm. There Are Rimes when the other persons does t know anything about the ill feeling and it is Only Ono sided. Live a Happy life remember you Are Only pass ing this Way once and Iacre is always someone following in your footsteps. Arc you satisfied Wilh your life handwriting analysis will help you understand yourself and show you the things that May be hindering you from being Happy with yourself and to others. A Wriler who has a Large writing will spend much Lime in planning on the activities they want o do and very Little time will be left to get the thing accomplished. Some limbs so much Lime is was led in planning no Lime is left to work on in. This Large writer will he an outgoing Type of person one who likes to be Wilh people and generally ikes to be social ahle in life. A Small handwriting indicates one who likes to accomplish one thing at a time before they tackle another project. They have a tendency to work alone and this they like. They usually have deep concentration and could enjoy read Book. Invite your comments on these articles ing we. and will answer any questions you May have either in this column or by Felter if you so desire. Send All of your inquires to the citizen times office cd Dar rapids Iowa area ten raises College tuition the Board of directors of area ten co mum nity College approved the administration s rec to. Raise Slud enl tuition from per Quarter Quarter Al their Jan. 18 Board meeting. The tuition increase will go into effect september of this year. Or. S. A. Ralla Tyne area x superintended recommended that a Lilion increase be made to belter serve Ihbe students who arc Allend Injo and will Allend area x. Said Ball Vanlyne we Are Here to offer educational opportunities to he people o ithe seven county area and to i feet the increase in costs for Quality programs our Only alternative is to raise area x has Aad one of the lowest Lilion Rales in the stale. Ophe area Community col Leges a and _ to c at Ion a Ibe can ical schools Are considering raising their tuition also due to Ali e increase in Cost of Ballantyne noted. By the area Community colleges fire nil allowed to charge tuition exceeding the lowest Lilion Rale in the slate universities .-1 area ten has established a student financial Aid program. Scholarships Grants Loans and work study Grant have been available of a limited basis to those students who arc in need of financial assistance. Officials Are exploring the possibility of increasing this Aid. Lutherans study missions during Centennial year the first lutheran Church Centennial year study of world missions will continue this Sun Day Wilb the Hird program in a series on the Virgin islands and Trinidad. Speaker is the Rev. Dennis Hahle a missionary to Guyana. Pastor liable was commissioned May 24, 1961 As an evangelistic missionary to serve in Guyana under the auspices of the Board of world missions of inc Luth eran Church in America. Pastor and mrs. Hahle departed for the Field in july 1964 and now reside in Camp Cliville East coast dem Era a. Born and educated in Nebraska or. Hahle earned his b. A. Degree in 1953 from Midland College Fremont and received his b d degree from Central lutheran Seminary Fremont during the year 1961-62 pastor Hahle served As Plern Al redeemer lutheran Church in Des Moines. Pastor Hahle s presentation will give the study group specific information about the lutheran Mission in Guyana. The study begins at 0-30 . Sunday Jan. 21. The Public is Welcome to attend. All great accomplishments Are attained through cooperation race and poverty topics for Iowa week of prayer observant us the week of prayer for Chris Han Unity in churches throughout inc notion Jon. Is -25 will be highlighted for Lowans by a series of crisis conferences on race and poverty sponsored by Prol slant jewish and roman Cal Kolic religious lenders. Four of the six conferences in which gov. Harold Hughes speak on the critical us civil issues facing the stale Wil inc held during Unity week when churches in this country and around the world in Liale year Long programs of ecumenical worship action and service. Iowa s initial crisis conference will lie in pcs sunday. Jan. 21, allowed by Sim inn. 22, Al Cincil 2-1, at Davenport Jan. 25. Al Waterloo monday Jan. Ilar meetings midday Bluffs wednesday i 29, at sinus City and Cedar rapids. Conferences tuesday. Jan. 30 Al has been called by Inri s Chirch leaders in an effect they said to arouse All of us to Lake positive no tin in meeting the problems that Are before they noted the presence in lows of icons ions and problems which have product Lori a crisis in american life they filed specifically racial tension Lack of respect for Law unequal educational Opportunity Job discrimination non Lily and despair. The Iowa churchmen Ohki Ilid Oul thai like Overall goal of conference week when Church invite civic groups along with those of business Industry and the professions to join with them in carrying out programs of ecumenical encounter and i incr a Landing ii week is sponsored i Nohe United sales by National Council of churches fail and order. Department and the. To Infin Catholic Bishop Curruri Mission for ecumenical and inter religious Al fairs. Is is very much Many of Ilic Aims of Unity nun. Ling Gilill dolls soi11c expected a exports of Dairy w ffmrei1. Study meats and furled crime 1 ------7lf i or Niue j Otic la in series offered part i feb vols segregation Mijc family Rojs integration Anil such nil Iona issues influence and action worship and concern j i " i Acton worship and concern feed grains con prices this Winter Are focuses upon inc eight ii Mary Days which expected to average at least 16 cents a by Giitl stress Chrislip less than last when no. 2 yellow sold n i 51.19-1.26 in Central Iowa. Price trends la Leer in the year will depend on Domestic utilization exports Kolunie placed under sup port Loon and 1968 production prospects. Soybeans unions unexpected increases in utilization occur soybean prices will probably remain considerably below last year s Levels into Early summer. Some seasonal Price in crease is expected bal How much will depend on -1968 acreage and production prospects along wit volume under loan and reseal. Price support cattle prices Are expected to average slightly Hillier in lsc8 than in when Choice. Steers averaged around per at Chicago. M throughout the entire Yea statement of with inc up Iowa s religious lenders in a concern issued in connection coming conferences also stressed Hal cooperation Al All Levels is Imp Eralic if inc slate s critical social problems Are to be solved these icy said will demonstrate our conviction Hal agencies the private sector and All religious group s of our slate in so work together in a Seari solutions to these pressing social following inc major address by governor Hugh i at each of Hie six rep fat sent lives of protestant jewish and faiths will follow Wilh Short responses including pledges of action. The sponsoring Church leaders emphasized unique ecumenical ventures in cooperation Are open to All Church state Lowans. We invite and urge every citizen to Alle n of one of these they said and Rusl Hal from them the people of Iowa will be moved to constructive Naclion to Meel inc grow ing water safety courses added by red Gross county chapter of the american Riu Cross announces additional lifesaving Ami water safely instructors courses id be held Al Jeffer son senior High Pool. The free courses corp pm Emcil the previously announced afternoon series for instructors. The evening courses Are offered to Ike Public As a service of red Cross and arc staffed by Volunteer certified instructors. And person ii years of age or Over is Elig Ible to i Ike the senior i Mommy Anil thursday nights Al the Jefferson Pool 7 to 9 p a beginning Jan 15 and hid ing feb 12 i Thore by t Morlar Jyl Lun so for Parl h is that slip deals must be 18 or older have in inc finc of completed Pirt i an be recommended the red Cross Walcer safety committe of inform Ilion classes Ity hut must on Compass inc can be ohm cd the Linn county Nili Almu ecumenical chapter office at Granby build in or Lele Jiho Ning what is fair teacher wage an improvement n pro expected in the first Hal f of ii ogs prices during. 1968 should be around .j19 per , Western terminal Markels. At prices should strengthen seasonally in Laic Spring but will probably be below May june 19g7 Levels. If the 968 Spring pig crop shows the moderate increase expected prices during inc last half of 1568 will be lower than the previous year. Though numbers Are expected to continue declining sheep prices will prob ably average near 1se7 Levels. Main improve ment May occur during the firs Quarter with Spring Quarter prices near year ago Levels. No major changes in Price Levels or Federal marketing order prices i9s8 the Sale of prices and Gross receipts from milk arc Likely to remain near 1067 Levels. However higher production costs Are Likely to reduce incl returns to dairymen. Arc Likely to average near year earlier Levels during inc Winley but should show some improve Mcm in the Spring and significant improvement in the summer and fall compared Wilh prices. Lower feed costs during the first half of Isk should also help improve returns. New teacher at Lincoln Rel a Conner Leach third Grade in Lincoln school in Cedar rapids at the Start of the second semester. She is the daughter of or. And mrs. Don Conner of route 3, new Sharon. She graduated from . High school and attended Mcnard College ivs o years before ctr ring Penn. During her years at Penn she Las maj ored in elementary education and Mimi red in religion. She has been employed n embers in the student Center and has icon Active in choir i.s.e.a., and Omega Kappa Garna. By Elmer c Gast president Iowa stale education association Ami superintendent i Kirkuk Community schols 1ims1 of f school boards and Feacher groups seriously study Saja Ries for Lac school Yea i Anil decide by. March what in crease will be necessary. Since inc icily salaries account for iwo Birds of a total school Hiigel and school costs Are Over half of inc typical pro Hirly lax Bill Ali e salary decisions now being made Aiu import land to teachers and the Jiayong Public As Well Aslo the pupils. Public employees salaries Are paid by taxes Over the years these employees have received lower salaries than persons Wilb comparable have commanded he private pm pity Mcnol. This has been an increasing concern to Public including teachers and More Effort has been made to equalize Lac situation in re cell years. This helps explain Why salaries of Public employees have tended to increase More rapidly in the last several years. These increases have been made in an Effort to keep up and gain Back some advantage from business and Industry. The american free Enterprise system and the economic acts of Supply and demand have also bolster to to financial position of the teachers. There has been a severe shortage of qualified teachers since world War ii. Added to this is a More insistent demand by teachers that they be allowed to share More fully in he economic Prosperity which icy helped to Ercale. Host should Leach cars be paid a fair salary May mean different things t o a Leachjr iban to Ala payer. In acc Cal years demands upon schools have increased As the Public arts some o expect the schools o do i narc for both the slip deals who go to College and i Host fat to work. Al the same Lime taxpayer de Mand to keep costs Lias also increased. School boards have had to face these pressure while trying to hire Good teachers from a limited Supply of trained personnel. Large cily and Small Rural schools have had a particularly difficult Lime in Iowa. The increasing mobility and number of mar ried men in Ciuc Rolion has also increased pres sure for if her salaries. The Good teachers can school ii Oards which want to keep their teach ers will continue o improve salaries to assure Quality leaching for their students. Salaries for male College Grade alas in id67 ranged from to s8500 for 12 employ Cal. In nine month leeching the Starling salary was less iban 56000. People make the comparisons on a per. Moriah basis 1 to show thai education is competitive Iii however recent studies show that a Leach Era an average 1s Mif per week cd r Tho school yearly this brings the hours per year for close to the 40-Hmir week paid vacation most Oiler employees work Iowa classroom teachers Villi earn salary of s7208 for inc i9g7-68 school in nigh ibis is substantially Bill or than inc pre Vious year in is still below the National average of j7230. The Northwestern University Endicot study already indicates hat i flags graduates in business and Industry will receive Al least. More in Sli irling salaries than 1967 Grade pics earned. An increasingly noticeable. Trend among school boards is Meril pay for Oulson Dinu leaching. This provides considerably higher pay for the Superior teacher and much less recognition for inc mediocre teacher. Many teachers Dis Rusl Meril pay because they feel the methods of evaluating their competence and Quality Are not adequate or fair. Linse schools which have had successful experience Wilh Mcrill pay generally have a competitive Basic salary schedule plus Good evaluation of Leachjr instruction so that Merit pay can be easily determined it is important to Nole Hal a salary schedule with a True Merit pay provision will Cost More than a schedule Wilh no Merit pay. A Merit pay plan must Hanoi Bolh faculty and Public acceptance to succeed. A successful Merit Xiy plan will attract and keep Good teachers because they can earn substantially More in a Meril. Pay iban a by slim Hal docs not offer Merit pay. Twenty four of inc 186 Iowa school din Iricks which Are members of the Iowa Mcnier for school administration research currently indicate that it a provide some Type of Merit pay for teachers. A 196.1 slate wide research study revealed that approximately 40 per cell the teachers questioned favored Meril pay. Imu question in favored Merit Nav easily go. Leaching positions anywhere in inc 40 per can opposed in and 20 per cent were Nalion. They no longer resent having to move undecided

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