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Citizen Times Newspaper Archives Jan 3 1968, Page 1

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Citizen-Times (Newspaper) - January 3, 1968, Cedar Rapids, IowaPublic Library. Jah 2 3 19 times Cedar rapids Iowa volume seven number one per year Rutm Raj wildly b Charle v Conj us t Sirlei hip class p3w at rap in Loc wednesday Jan. A of hospitals As proof of government s View of medical care an editorial on Page 14 of a recent Iowa newspaper cites .1 report from a group of expert consultants who said that 7-1 percent of patients in Community hospitals do not receive Good care. A news Story on Page 16, same paper same Issue says that the Afri can Iii Glo Hospital Lound cd and open a cd by or. Albert Schweitzer might soon have to close because of Lack of funds the Story says that Mode India Tion plans were made after Cliwe Iuelis death m needed i to Cairy out th6se plans but Only i we has been Iai hed so Tai e Hospital have to close in there 141 an Matei Estig parallel Herie. The say out Smull american i Community hospitals do not give Good care to most people. The experts have said Foi several years that Schweitzer was an old timer who had hot kept up with the time was not Modem. The experts now will Tell you hat vast sums of Federal Money Aie needed o Moder Nize our com Unity hospitals so that we can gut Good Carev thie experts who have succeeded Schweitzer in Gabon now say that the need about 135 times As much Money As they have available to modernize their Little Jungle Hospital. Our a Meuci Community hospitals and the Gabon hospita.1, All might to close if they Don t get Storc Money. Lots More Money. That s the message the expel to Are giving us.1 one wonders if the experts have Ever considered what people of oui Small american pm Numi ties 01 Lam Babehe in Gabon might get after the of no available hos Pital has been forced close would closing the Hospital actually improve the Quality of care the people Are to receive or it a Rily improve the position of the and Bureau crat who wants everybody to can Fri Troy s sports forecasts by Tommy they to his pre conceived ideas of what is Good or bad for the Many experts who evaluate hospitals and patient care have one Basic fault. They do not look for results of treatment. They look primarily for evidence that treatment has been car ried omit in a manner which they con Sider satisfactory. Results be dammed the investigator Only wants to know if you do tilings hib win from this Leason i would suggest that perhaps 74 Pel cent of Hospital surveys me not goop the people of any Community Are entitled to the Best Hospital care , ear obtain without taking harmful or fraudulent actions again St their neighbors to put it another Way they Are entitled to everything they Are willing to pay Foi plus whatever Moie neighbors wish to voluntarily contribute to them. Our Small Community hospitals to Day face a bitter Choice. They must either go along with the government programs and eventually end up As government hospitals totally under the control of Federal Buie cunts or they must stay out of the government Pio Grams operate under the free enter prise system and depend entirely upon the people of then Community Foi support. I recognize that the free Enterprise method would be initially Moie expensive Bec just the Community would still by paying the taxes without getting the benefits of government programs but in the Long in the Community and the Hospital would in chive the benefits of Freedom the Leto id is Clear and to All who wish to read Freedom is Worth All the work required to preserve it and it can Lead to Success the easy Money available lends to Silvery and ultimate failure. Work Foi Freedom in you Hospital the care you improve might be your . Jaggard . Oelwein la Jan. N. Wichita stale so Rhode Island 84, notre Dame 79, Memphis slate 74 Connecticut 70 Ciul 73 postage rates up on ail mail except parcel Post and International mail increased rates for All classes of mail except there Wilt be no changes for special delivery parcel Post and International mail will go into special handling registered mail certified mail effect january 7, assistant postmaster Charles j. Seda reminded postal customer s with the new rates of six cents for first class mail and 10 cents for air mail postal service is still a real asst. Postmaster Seda declared. For six cents you can Send a letter to any of the 50 to any United states territory or Possession Canada or mexi co. Or to an anic Kraii Serviceman so aligned anywhere in the ass. Postmaster Charles j. Seda pointed out that Tho new rates or Post cards will be five cents and for air email cards eight cents. He said the added cents in the letter rate is a 20 per cent increase up a 2-f per cent boost in the Rales for mailing newspapers and magazines per cent hike for advertising and other Inamerl Al in lie Ihmle Ceass the new rate of six cents per ounce for first class mail applies up o 13 ounces and the new rate of 10 cents per ounce for air mail applies up to 7 ounces. Under the new ale Structure first class mail Over 13 a h a mail Over 7 ounces will be merged into a single category. These heavier pieces of first class and air mail subject to the single rate schedule will be delivered by the fastest available Means of transportation a Flat rate of 80 cents will be charged for All mail in this category up to one Pound. For mail weighing More i a n one Pound the pre sent air parcel Post rates will continue o apply except hat the postage Art matter weighing Between one and five pounds will change at half Pound intervals. Intervals rather than one Pound another rate cd adige that will affect the Gen the first two ounces 6f individual third class mail unsealed greeting cents for pieces of cards May be sent it this 1 rate ass Post master Seda Aid. He emphasized that the new rate on unscaled greeting cards will not go Inlo effect until january 7 and until then they can be mailed at the old rate of four cents. Asst. Postmaster Seda also noted that effective january 7 special handling will be available on third class parcels weighing Between eight and sixteen ounces. Special handling has not been available on these. Parcels since 1958, when packages weighing Between eight and six teen ounces were transferred from fourth to third class mail. Cash on or insurance asst. Postmaster Charles j. Seda said. Have an ample Supply of one cent Stamps and need one cent Stamps to make up the Post age required under the new higher rates also will go info effect january 7 for All categories of second class mail bulk Rale third class mail controlled circulation mail and the educational materials category of fourth class mail. Mailers using these classes who need information on the new Rales should con Tacl the local Post office asst. . Seda said. Accountants speak up the Iowa society of certified Public account ans has organized a speaker s Bureau of spa s to address luncheons and meetings and professional groups and civic fraternal and service organizations throughout Iowa society president Leo Burger of Cedar rapids said the typical spa is in a position to present meaningful and interesting information about financial complexities that confront Small and Large businessmen professional people homemakers and taxpayers of nil descriptions. We Hope to give Lowans an Opportunity to hear these discussions and ask questions about individual Burger said subjects on which spa s Are prepared to speak include even you can use removing the mystery from financial what exactly is an arc income tax savings really pos and several others. Groups May request speakers at no charge by writing the Iowa society of Pas 627 insurance Exchange bldg., Des mo3n.es, office of red Gross sponsors Home nursing class mrs. John Carey 618 cottage Grove Avenue so e., chairman of nursing service for the Linn county american red Cross announced instructor training classes today in Home Nur sin and Mother and baby care. Provided free of charge As a Public service of the local red Cress the classes will meet daily in the chapter offices at 327 Granby building from to ., Jan. 8 through Jan. 12. Any registered nurses Home economics teachers or per sons with comparable background Are Olingi huf to participate. Those interested in attending the free courses arc urged to Register in and Vance by calling the Linn county red Cross Duke. 73, Maryland 69 Florida 59 Kentucky 5a Georgetown 60, Sealon halt 51 Lovira 85, Ohio slate 80 Texas 87, Arkansas 81 Utah 89 Arizona 69 Boston College 75 Boston University 70 Utah Shuc 79 Seattle 73 Navy 73 air Force 69 Davidson 75, Michigan 80 Michigan 77 Nebraska 84 miss Dan 73 Penn stale 69 Pittsburgh by u c l a 1w Stanford 70 Villa Nova 80 Nav tar w Cincinnati St Louis 70 Indium 84 80 Lasalle 94 Syracuse Niagara 60 Camus 54 new York University 69 Arizona state 57 army 69 Farnham 57 Bowling Green 79 Miami Ohio 77 Louisville 89, Bradley 73 Eva Siville .84, Butler. 69 California 89 Southern Californi 70 Furman 69 Citadel 65 Yorth Carolina 68, Clemson m Cote Man 78 Colgate 65 Colorado Colorado state 64 Creighton 60 Oklahoma City 73 Pennsylvania 84 Dartmouth 79 Dayton 83, Detroit 80 Marquette 78 70 Western Kentucky 80 Eastern Kentucky 73 Tennessee Georgia 74 Princeton 80 Harvard 69 Houston 84 West Texas state 7 0 Minnesota so i Illnois 7p Kansas state 80 Iowa state 74 84 Mississippi l new Wyoming 84 Tulsa 86 North Texas stale 80 Washington 84 oregon173 Washington state t oregon1 late 69 Pacific 85 san Jose state 75 Texas tech 87 Rich 14 i Wil Flims and Mary 85 Richmond 79 South Carolina 75 Virginia g4 s m u Texas m 75 tempi lets Wake for Rusl ?1 january 15 Citadel 70 East Carolina 64 f Colorado Kansas state 73 Kansas 85 Missouri 70 Kentucky 84, Gcorge 64 f Maryland 60 Clemson m Oregon state 80, Washington 75 i Tennessee 74, valid Crbut 60 Auburn 55 Washington state Oregon 51 Western Kentucky Moorhead 54 Xavier 64. Detroit 59 january 16, Bowling Green 60, Kent slate 52 Cincinnati 80, Bradley 73 Harvard 74, Dartmouth 68 Niagara 72, Depaul 64 f Noj Western 74, Minnesota 61 Purdue 74, Indiana 70 Texas. 73, Texas a m 64 Wisconsin 79, Michigan stale 64 january 17 -.1 if Cornel 70, Colgate Drake 74, Iowa Geoerge tech 73, ii Rhian 60 holy Cross 79, 70 notre Dame 89, Builer St. Johns 73, St. Josephs 73 Maryland Navy 69 Villa Nova 59, Pennsylvania 54 Virginia tech 74. Eastern Kentucky 65 Western Michigan.96, Ohio u 84 West Virginia 64, Pittsburgh 73 january 18 f Colorado state 84, Seattle 73 Denver 83, Utah state 73 Miami. Ohio 83, Xavier 70 new Mexico 89, Ulah 84, u c l a 98, Portland 64 Wyoming 93, Brigham Young 73 january 19 Arizona 78, air Force 73 super bowl football forecast january 14 Green Bay 34, Oakland 20 Tommy Troy basketball averages sat. Jan. R won 46, lost 16, pet. 745 mom. Jan. 8 won 12, lost 4, pet. 750 tues. Jan 9 won 12, lost 3, pet. 800 cellar rapids Engineer transferred to Ames Cedar rapids Man has been i Engineer at Ames Tutor rapids Man has been re assigned by inc Iowa slate Rig Hwy commis v Robert c Hencly u rapids has been named distinct 1 1 Engineer Al Ames. To Lias a can Urban in Greer in District 6 at Cedar rapids since september Henely succeeds Rayvot Bloomfield who was named materials recently District 1 is a 16-Counly area m be responsible for the administration Slid coordination of All construction materials testing inspection awful related activities in the District. He Highway commission in All Matr rela stir to the primary Road system and us extensions born it cd Orion and graduated from tip schoo at Humboldt. Triy graduated from Mason City Junior degree in civil engineering a of Etc in August 1950 re his professional Engineer License in do 1950 to served in Teie United states Navy As Seabel Danng world War ii from 1942-46. He Fias corked for the Iowa state Highway letters to the editor Ever wonder what cold nights Are for com Nilsson most is entire life including Summers he was attending High school and College on gradual i on frym town state University lie became i chief inspector in the pcs Moines residency frbm-j952 to j9s4 he was a Salesman from a City metals company. He a charred to the commission in septem 1954 As assistant pc Sidcot construction Engineer at in March 1958 he was named resident construction Engineer at Mason City. On january 1 1961 lie became District construction Engineer at Cedar rapids. In september Imp he wad naive to Urbin in Giacco for District g. 1 District six four of the state s seven areas. Hcnejyj1 his wife Hilda and their two Daugh ters Sharon Island Susan 12, live in Cedar i he enjoys Golf and Yard work s Dent he1 just the recreation room m their Home at rapids. This is the second time remodelling room Jin s Jeen Fot awed i by a promotion i had just nishid inc recreation room in Mason i was reassigned to Cedar Mei icly said Hencly father uis a professional t Engineer for the Iowa state Highway Coin Mission for 47 heirs he three sons All Acca rfcs signal engineers and All Gradus cd from Avi state University. Ray was District secondary roads Engineer at Sioux City until recently and Dick is county engine while a student at Iowa state University in schely was Captain of the baseball team during his Junior year with Henely playing Iowa state went to Boulder Colo Rado for the hot two games of the year. The Csc Longs were leading he league and needed Only one win Over the buffaloes to Clinch the title. We dropped be ill Hencly said. As is we also dropped All the any Down o a Laird or fourth place. Cap Minim still Iowa state baseball coach still that one i m sure. Artificial Flowers the Cedar rapids school food service association will have it s regular meeting at On january 8, 1968 at Eisenhower Elemen tary school there will be a demonstration on Artificia Flower arrangements. To the editor cold logic or one reason the South seceded i one thing we temperate climate dwellers ivc Over our Southern friends is the organization of Lite m tide possible by these thu below Zero evenings. 1 Don t know Imp else a family would gel around to the Little i tasks or which Ivo Uhl otherwise go undone. How Many people in Miami or Nassau last night decided to look at old photo albums darn few i la bet and i will tent at one Lawen in ten has looked ii n photo album within the this is till Lime to Silice movies edit slides review Coin stamp buds Fly or Rock col re write letters or stories started lust year or maybe just to clean out the desk. Iowa s ami1ui.ance services Auk inferior says u of 1 researcher Iowa City slow rest rinse to emergency Calls frequent Lack of first Aid und shortage of oxygen and bandages characterize Lawn s ambulance services Public and Prinle Accord to results of a Survey conducted by Lyle a missis unit director of the University of Iowa eau Crair of police Sci Nice. Shank concluded from tils Survey which co re red 234 private Ami 103 Public Niibu Luicci using 507 vehicles unit Iowa s ambulance service is inferior and u Clil Hancs fit from the of minimum slim cards. At present a person can snarl an ambulance service in Iowa if he is 25 years old has a Clin Ulfer s License mul can gel a Permil for red Siren Shook snid. No Are a Mac for sanitation or medically trained personnel lie said. One result is an overpopulation of services which can Lead to i army in Competition Shook Siml the legitimate operator who Puls up Lai re Sii is o e Money to. Ncncy scr vice is Vii Pic Ralic of h Nynne nation Wal John who Ennis 1o Clit Vales Wil Kmil concern Tor standards and Lisman lie i i the pro Tirra Jioji of Niibu Linico services1 it Irude Many of them to make n profit Oil a hair Mil turn hav hem vulnerable to rises pm Ilia hourly Niini Muir wage of Drivers and Atten up to Shook said Many pro vat have quite Anil to cent of those left arc. Said. Re spoilt a la Liis quest showed Low am Tulance performances in ions climb to like tonight i dug out a pile of old shellac act ords from the closet s inner recesses and played Ihm on the stereo set. It was probably the first time the changer bad been operated it 7s except As n Way to make voices on records sound like the chipmunks. Anyway we have some original Tommy and j Tunny Dorsey a Mil Kemp Glen Gray Harry j times Claude Thornhill Ami other greats the kids of i hit via. And thanks to Luck ail Cool Lihty still is Hhd pretty Good in fact probably bolter hum Ever considering the improvement in record playing equipment. No use denying that inside of ten minutes i was transported Back to the Days of my own Long hair on top that and a different sort o world. 1 contend there is an atmosphere empathy or feel unique to each Genera Tion Ami to recreate in the consciousness of another. I lie rag time generation were As distinctive s our my gang of the forties. And the communications Gap Between a generation that danced to a sunday kind of and Otic that i berates to Jackson is probably larger than can be bridged. Between Liliose tunes is a revolution not evolution a Letise which has affected just about everything in Hee. Tie lost half dozen or so american generations have become obsolescent on an escalating schedule and about the Only thing certain is that today s Young set will by Pinc tomorrows old set even More rapidly than we did. Tuv you Sec what happens to a person when it s Tun below next time i la spa inc. Movies instead Only 1 just remembered Thil the new super eight movies won t splice on my old splicer. How much is the fare to Miami g. Tes o thei de Ltd r Jimr. Und mrs. A I. Vernon Iowa emergency Calls especially it in ability pottery Glass and willingness to give Frist Aid in Fri Tiuchty n j i. In amino on display of cond in a series or Orle Talion meetings

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