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Citizen Times Newspaper Archives Feb 21 1968, Page 1

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Citizen-Times (Newspaper) - February 21, 1968, Cedar Rapids, IowaPublic Library cum mar does not circular times Cedar rapids Iowa volume six per year the spinning wheel Rusc shed week by Charles a. Dun Bam. I i i zip second i cry tace Pajori at i Jai Sucht n it a by Sekleta Roberts How does february affect you it might make you feel romantic Patriot cold or broke on whether you re More influenced by Valentine. 5 Day the birthday of or great americans inc temperature or tax time1 Ono of the Best things this february was the Winter olympics during which time a television my certainly Justi fied its exile inc in any household who can soon forget the skill Ami grate of those on skis and skates what an inspiration to Young hopefuls. Most memorable to us was the artistry of Fleming acid what a i Hill of pad Jas she was presented Gold medal and thei strains of our National and him filled that Greal j place glancing at february Calendar amid More on less significant i jottings i see. The word cider Flea of special i is an event the year to our girls and stake your claim on the to for that evening than by gelling it on the Calendar Vij w course we dare not Overlook this month s most sex Ira Day ii were to be one year in Lour to accomplish really Greal thugs uns must be Ilas we re Given an extra Day to do it my How about joining my Campaign to make feb 29 count surely there must be some Ihms Youvon put off doing for four years could it be those photo albums you be been meaning to work on or that drawer full of recipes Ihal need filing or have you been meaning to clean the Altic sew yourself of Kirt enrol for karate propose1 marriage girls this is this Day to do it Winter Days seen made for baking. Can make a la Chen Cozier when winds Are howling and what pleasanter Way to Greet the children coming Home from school ruin with a House fragrant with bread Rolls or cookies. How often when baking these lines from a Long ago Nurcy rhyme come Back to me aunt. Martha mixes up the dough from Fluffy flour White As Snow Anc makes the Kitchen oven glow every Friday morning there was More can t remember it great poetry of course not. But it gives a Humble task a certain Beauty and those Are lines that Slick in the mind like no doubt aunt Martha s bread stuck to the lbs Here s something you la enjoy b a k i n g i a slightly different idea and if you happen to be without eggs you can still make these i Halstr bars 13 c raisins c Brown sugar .14 c. Water i this. Floii Cook Hick. Add 1 cup. Vanilla crust 1 c. Hour is. Soda 2 c. Oatmeal 1 c. Brown sugar 1 a. Melted butter or Margarine mix flour with Jodi. Add Oats sugar and butter. Mix Well. Pat half on Bottom of 9 x 12 in pan spread on cooled filling. Top with rest of crumbs bake it degrees for 20 minutes. Cool and Cut into bars. By editor Chuck Dunham won t Lens Nam run buses Between of Mia and burlington1 and Here m c r 1111 take 000 in Federal Money to keep the buses running the big trouble with that proposed tumm i i private financing the Stoto people were sus Alcious of .1 it in asked Uncle Sam Lor a million dollars to run a Jitney service the bureaucrats would have insisted on the bus inc and hinted thai it is essential to life on this planet Senle of Iowa refuses to allow United parcel service to pick up parcels in the slate guess they can t Stop them for deliver ing freight Here which they do Wilh Speed and Economy that make the u s Post office look sick president Johnson and defense Secretary me Namara got Sluck in a Pentagon elevator. They always have trouble escalating. Why could l in have been Kcf Tamara and sen. Ful bight stuck in thai elevator maybe we could just leave pm Hurej t it in it spend the most of their Mortby aria Energy in food and never Der Frei i heir funerals to be held grocery or in t in Peculiar that Folk v4o mate the of he latest Model automobile Mieir goil Over ii Meh funerals in a nor a toy Call on their car dealer to while Ihler in t it Peculiar thai people who find life s greatest pleasure in the pc inca never seem to want to be buried in a healer in t it Peculiar that men who spend much of Teir Lime in poo Holls or Beer Parlours never seem to want the managers of such establish a cols to conduct their last rites yes in t in Peculiar int persons who spend so much of their Lime and substance for earthy carnal and corruptible things seek the Comfort of Ibe Church Friese things come loan end and when the Church is sup posed to the repository of he heavenly the spiritual and incorruptible the foregoing clipped from the twentieth a Colury reminds us of the Pioneer preacher who was colled upon to preach the funeral of a Man who had refused o come to Church. Ashe pallbearers neared the door of the building the old preacher stood in the doorway arid saying gentlemen i have never taken undue advantage of any living person and i am not going to begin by imposing upon the dead. If this Man were living he would not enter this build ing. Put him Down right there and let us respect him enough to finish his earthly pilgrimage As be lived the service was conducted from the door Wacile the remains rested on the Church Lawn. Where would your services be held if you were to die tonight from Wisl. Liberty Church of Chrisi bulletin the administration hat winning the War n Viet Nam for three years now in world War in after three years of we Mussolini Hitler and Hiro Hilu were1 whipped and there was no fight left in any of the bad Guys on five continents. L the dive loping race for Republican Nomina Tion for u s Senate Between Dave Stanley and James Bromwell ought to be a Good one. Stanley has a head Start but we re very close to Boniwell in. Office is a half Block away survival of private colleges depends on Public help Culver tells conference congressman John c. Culver said Here to Day int survival of the Small Independent College a key to the Sorc Ngoh and diversity of a balanced educational by slim will depend primarily on the innovative ability of the institutions to help themselves supplemented with appropriate Public opening the Day Jong conference which he is sponsoring at Coe College for Small Pri Vale colleges today Culver pointed out thai the second District of Iowa has As Large a Cluster of Sueh institutions As any Are in the country with an extraordinary variety of tradition and emphasis which have served As a Magnet to draw Young people who Are seeking educational excellence not just from Iowa but from across the if we Are going to maintain the Quality of education which the 70 s will demand Al the same time thai we accommodate the Quantity of the students who will be seeking admission to our colleges then we Are going o have to find ways of combing the resources i facilities of smaller schools while preserving the unique Independent id cities and institutional in scribing current proposals in Congress for networks of knowledge to encourage resource sharing among Zinsli Tulious of higher learning. Culver emphasized that Northeast Iowa has a unique Opportunity to become a Model for such interplay and cooperation and urged the schools to begin now to develop plans for the future. He suggested that ally nation be Given to Library networks shared computers and data processing equipment closed circuit telex vision and faculty and student Exchange. Attending today s conference were representatives of the eight four year colleges in the second District As Well As the Iowa association of private colleges slate education officials and Bankers who arc participating in the guaranteed student loan main speaker at the meeting were Congress Man John Brademas of Indiana ranking Mem Ber of inc House education subcommittee who delivered inc keynote address or. Franklin h. Lilac la the president of Iowa Wesleyan College who spoke at the noon luncheon and or. Paler Mousolite the regional representative of the u. S. Office of education in Chicago. Loc per wednesday i a Huary 21, i96k i Troy s sports forecasts by Tommy Troy feb.-24. Purdue 88. Ohio stale so St. Louis 71, Tulsa go Detroit 79. Dep nut 75 George Washington 64 87. Army .70, Navy 55 Florida stale 75, Georgia tech 65 Toledo 75. Miami Ohio 07 North Carolina state 87, Wake Forrest 69 Louisville 88, Wichita stale 74 Illinois 66. Northwestern 65 Penn mitc 87 Pittsburgh go leu 93 Mississippi 84 thu 86 Texas a and m t Arkansas 77 Rico 68 j3ov.lmg Green 84 ohm u 65 by tar of Young 93 Uli Iti w a briska 77 Colorado 73 n Santa clan 78 san Jose slate 70 Washington state 82 California 77 i Londi 87 Mississippi slate 71 Pennsylvania 73 Harvard 61 a Salic 01 Villa n of a Iowa 84 Indiana 80 Dayton 78, Danisus 63 air Force 78 Colorado slate 73 105, Alabama 74 Wyoming 93 Anona 78 Mexica 81 Arizona slate 63 Tennesse Auburn 62 Baylor 70, Texas tech. 68 Bradley. North Texas state 60 Brown 66, Cornell 63 California 63, Oregon slate 58 Cincinnati 72, Drake 66 Maryland 86, Clemson 75 Columbia 75 Yale 69 i 93 Ceil Hon 8 in Niton 84 Dartmouth 621 Davidson is tulanej70 a Utah slate 88 Denver 81 Duko 87 South Carolina 76 Georgetown 84 new York u 74 Vanderbilt 82 v Providence 78 holy Coa f _ Kansas 72 Kansas slate ,6s 75 a Loyola no St Johns 77 74 Ines la 06 Michigan is Michigan slate 78 Wisconsin 73 f i a Furray 86 Western Kentucky 75 North Carolina 88 Var Gipsia 74 Oklahoma slate 62 Oklahoma 59 Stanford 84 orc on 71 Richmond 89 William and Mary 80 i sum 85 Texas 80 Urcla 94, Washington 69 feb. 25 St Donant Turc 82, Niagara 77 Connecticut 67, Sacaton Hall 63 a Clargia 78, Mississippi 70 Kentucky 76, Auburn 67 Louisville 78, Memphis state 70 Marqueite 75, Xavior 70 f Ohio slate 87, Illinois 73 Oklahoma City 78, Loyola no 62 Southern California Washington 57 Tennessee 78, Alabama .70 Culvy washing in stale 72 Vale Bill 56, 47 Wichita stale 69, Loyola Chicago 60 feb. 27 i Arkansas 70, Baylor 63 Duke 80, North Carolina slate 75 Iowa 80. To Michigan slain 68 Kansas slave 67, Missouri 60 Michigan 80, Purdue. 73 Nebraska 76, Kansas 70 North Western 80, Indiana 70 St. Johns 68, holy Cross 60 sum 80, Rice 70 thu 69, Texas 4s Texas a and m Texas tech 58 Villa Nova 80, Toledo 70 Wisconsin 80, Minnesota 67 feb 28 Colorado 60, Iowa stale 75 80, Boston College 74 Eastern Kentucky 90, Miami Ohio Georgia tech 76, Clemson 67 Lasallo 74. Moore had 67 Loyola Chicago 90, Wes Lorn Michigan 70 Niagara 70. Syracuse 67 Carolina 78, South Carolina 70 St. Wake Forrest 64 St. Louis 76, North Texas stale 58 Virginia tech 69, Bowling Green 65 Virginia 78, Maryland 70 feb. 29 Drake 80, Memphis slate 67 Fordham 67, new York u 58 Manila i in 80, Conne Licul 70 Marquelle so Craig Hon 73 Rhode Island 58, Boston u 47 March 1 or Arizona 78, Ulah 74 Brigham Young 76, Arizona stale 71 Colorado state 76, air Force 67 Columbia 76, Pennsylvania 69 Florida state 78, Miami Florida 70 Harvard 76, Brown 71 Nebraska 78, Iowa stale 70 Oregon stale 70, Washington 63 Princeton Cornell 73 san Francisco 50, Pacific u 50 Santa Clara 78, is marys 70 Southern Calorina 67, California 60 Texas a and m 57, sum 55 Urcla 87, Stanford 60 Washington stale 76. Oregon 70 new Mexico 60 vile s9, Dartmouth 76 handwriting analysis College credit Extension courses to by expanded by area ten College ii area ten Community College hns announced plans to expand arts and science Extension courses to seven communities in the merged seven a oilily area beginning March 4. V College credit courses will be offered i Anamosa Iowa City in Ringo Monticello Tipton Vinson and Washington. The Extension courses Are uttered by the arts and science division through the adult education division m Wilh local school i Sincli _ expat lion of inc Extension offerings response to re Qunti from Commilles for Coj Csc credit classes ind ins been made possible is i result of successful efforts to employ Well final Ifird instructors through Extension courses a person May f enrol for is Many hours of College credit As i he wishes twelve credit hours earned in Cal Caslon classes maj be applied toward1 an associate degree iwo Weir College j Al _ i Audinis Sioui to Itie College credit classes is open to anyone whip hns a High school diploma. 6r the equivalent Sulci As the . Test. Tuition is s6.do per credit hour. People enrolling Musl Lite an application Wilh a Ipoh Colish fee. This is a non refundable processing Anil maintenance of record fee which does not apply toward tuition. Payment of this fee is required Only once. Individuals interested in enrolling May con. Fact if adult education base Cater office near their Community 01 Uil adult pm unction coordinator in Iho Lown j of conf courses area ten offices Lare i Oca led in Anamosa Mir Togo and Iowa cily it add Ilion to Cedar rapids individuals May Jalso in Roll inc night of class Thoj week of March 1 Folio wins is in Lisl i of courses i6calion Days limes innd1 course credit it Chni ques arh tuesday 610 Iowa cd by speech i 930 pm 31 a composition i thursday 6 30 to 30 f m credits Spach i Rind by 6 30 to 9 3f pm 3joredits Monticello i , psychology mrm Dily ind wednesdiy1 ,7 00 up 0 00 up in 4 or coils apron tuesday and thursday 7 00 w 9 co in 4 credits Vinton English compose twin i Day 6 30 to 9 10 3 arc dil i Waszil Noton and techniques till Sudaj 6, 10 to 930 pm 3 credits general Psychol Obj Mon Day and wednesday 7 00 to 9 00 p in 4 credits principles of marketing tuesday and thursday. P.m., 4 credits. All classes still he held Al the Public Hiigli school in the communities listed alive. They arb of 12-week s duration. Farmers ignored while processors special interest groups get government help congressman John c. Culver charged today hat has not received the same Ai Len lion As processors and special interest the consideration of id is edtion and he warned that when Ihbe Farmer is considered marginal and expendable Llin we place our whole system in danger mid for every sector. Of. Hand kiting a self i Oren ii by hd11ekt Larson in our study of the trails of How Iho writer i links Lei us look it nos 7 and 8 where Ifie tops of the m and n Are pointed. This indicates that inc writer is mentally Alert they desire Ami have an eagerness for know ledge and will dig to inquire nil learn. A Wriler. Wilh Iii Clcil tops As in 7 and s Are Quick to learn they seem to understand Willi Mil putting Forelli to much mental Effort. This Lypp of Ira rns very easily bul they do not remain the things Pilicy have Learned Lor any period of time. The Wriler Wilh the tops of the in and n As shown in nos 3 and 4, indicate a person that takes Lime to learn. They Are not slow learners bul Ilu put nil if the pieces of . Together and in this Way gel a Complete picture. They also inc Misc of this intense reasoning inn wintering will retain together Eijiu in this Way gels a the for a longer period of Lime. The. School student hint has Hie pointed lops an inc Llanil u would need to Niin for the following any. The in Day Ithial the rounded lops on he m Anil need ii cram in find if they Dick in would Only confuse Ahcin to a greater de Gree. They do not have the ability to learn this readily. They arc the logical Lype of learners in no. 5 is nil illustration of the Citler the Kiihnl in lie Hump part of ii will indicate Tiit this is inc Ihal usually the first time they Are told in no. 4, the top looks like the top of a writer Wilh this Type of n is one that conclusion. Ducin l dig for Linlor Nalion. But will Only so Iii Over the Lap or. Just dig for the important fads. After they have Kerned a i talc. Thoj think they have Learned All incl will Stop they in Mil bal nil of the of Nils As they will to sati Sicil Wilh ,1 Little of the important tin. L a Wriler that makes thur in Anil n look like a w mid having the Bottom rounded Are Hie Lype that will take the of her pc riots . They do hot have the interest to3 find out for themselves. This enter Mil Foniri conclusions with Only a partial investing alien Ond not really Kaow inc whole subject. In chucking Many inn dwellings irom people1 who have been classed it has of null Thad Yery Feu if any Aro jury Kul Antcil Only and i Kolte atari explanation. All people Are intelligent and to one uses Allol their mental abilities to near . In some handwriting you will find both pointed a Iii rounded top letters this is possible this will indicate the Cirson who can make n Quick decision if necessary but if they have tis Lime to think out a definite Coc artists exhibit at Cornell College mount Vernon an exhibit of recent works Jyl in bar t Kucher and tunics hurl Bolli Mem Bers of Llu. Irl faculty at Coc col Ley Cedar rip lds will open sundly i Eli 5 m inc Arini Troisi 11 ill gallery Cornell Colletti the Chihil Mcl dts in Jhc print inst by Kochur Siul Oil pain legs by hurl numbers Vav Parks ii will Remilen up i Lynli Artuch 1? u Odther of Ili Cyc Bis i in Nebr s and Marion democrats plan ind raising dinner april 6 tie Marib ii i Nio cratic club in cooperation ill the i my county democratic Centra com i Legree i Oili the of Missouri an asst Slaidi professor of Art Liis Lacfi Eloi from Culver Lii master ii him Rorri in mind univer Siviy. C i i n a acc oltion will lid held trim 15 pm Sui Ufi a m Hie arms roil ii ill gallery to be held apr 6 k v the fund raising1 1968 if 6 00 in pc a Nirann Marilyn a Chr cd 3771122 Poui Ulf 239 2lst is f dinner Ziair Timsin Al it Pat Kane. Hirs Uris up id Mann 3771122 or tic new welding classes at area ten Community College has announced 1hat Reyis rations Are currently being acc Clcil for to Ihms welding Iroy rams. A twelve wire arc Vic lying program will 2g. This program has been designed for those with Little welding experience. The course fee is and1 classes will meet each . Shock wave detected an Shock Ali ending non comparable the sonic Horine Caus cd Liy a Jel been Delec cd in space Twili the help of University of Iowa americans. Lunar explorer m. Love r 60 club meets at Jane Boyd wednesdays the Lane Hoyd Community House Over 60 club Mccols every Cedric Sony afternoon. Bingo is Ilay etl and a Lucli is served. A very Nice afternoon is enjoyed the dinners Are furnished and served by Church organizations each month a1 deferent Church. The Central City and Over 60 meet every thursday in the Chez Nous Hall. Rev Hatzidakis represents _ bishop1 at Sioux City St. K. Hatzidaki to the Al orthodox arc not sharing it dually Culver pointed out that the average Farmer fed a produces much before breakfast his father did in a full Day 30 years ago and by himself supplies food and Liber for forty people. He called for National support of a sound farm policy based on the proved productivity acid resourcefulness of the Farmer premised voluntary participation individually and collectively and directed a the elimination of the Cycle of agricultural Ecdao mics which have been characteristic of the he cited Independent studies including one from University which indicate that without the major farm programs now in opera Tion prices would drop As much As below i hair. Present level. If agriculture is to play ils full economic Roll in the Culver stressed we must maintain and refine the existing feed grains food for peace and Domestic Dis Lihu icon. Programs mud Tivet up Jekw tools to bring stability and Security to Arm Culver Cril izod failure of the House of representatives to acl on iwo major pieces of Cigis Lalio which had wide spread support among major Farr naga Nealions a Salni logic Grain re serve Bill and a farm marketing rights measure. once under water at the University of Iowa Art Spirdy Limestone deposits formed when the was Par of a Serr Mo-4.w million years ago. Techniques in will be the personal alive Rev. Greek Ortho Chicago ii diocese it inc win Tfir of the Creek Ortho djo i Goya in Sioux City there will be of sunday feb go at the is. John greek orthodox Church. Owa farm Outlook foresees steady soybean prick prices Farmers receive this Spring for soy Henns appear Likely to be steady in possibly .1 cents above late january Levels Accord ing to farm economist at Iowa stale univer econ Smisl Hob Wisner observed Hinl soybean prices in Iva reached n Low ill Aboul s2.-Io a Bushel in late january however he said this Price was still about 19 cents per Bushel less than i year ago. Prices Lacr on in the year will be influenced considerably by inc volume of Beans Heing placed under loan As Well As by the ims acreage Anil yield prospects Wisner said Liach present indications Are Ihal a considerable amount of Beans now under loan May need to be redeemed by the end of the marketing year. Aad some Addi Liona increase in Price May eventually be necessary for this in happen. The Exlene of the increase will depend largely on the additional amount of Beans placed under loan through june ,10 and on the volume being held for Wisner said the used s final estimate of 1967 soybean production was ot.1 million Bushel up about five percent from this increase nine percent in harvested _ acreage singe the National average yield in was 2ij bushels an acre almost a Busl Rej my Ilian the i36g yield. Esl maled soybean supplies in All positions on january 1 in Ald 782 million bushels Dahl percent More than a year Elwie r said. Farm slow Lis accounted for about 45 percent of the local. In Addion about in million bushels of inc local were under Price support loan reseal Anri acc All High the Domestic of soybeans been up moderately so far in this marketing Domestic and Export Tuti Dialion of soybean meal appears i have been Only a Little above year ago Levels. Competition from urea has been Strong too. Domestic soybean Oil use during last sep Ember w As consider ably larger than a year earlier. Dut since alien it Spears to have been runing a Little less in the previous the economist noted. Oil exports through novem Ber were Well above year earlier Levels mainly Gesull of Large i 480 food Aid ship Wisner added however that save if re polls inimical a the volume of Oil shipments during recent necks has been disappointing. Soybean Oil continues in face Strong Corpac Filion from Sunflower seed Oil from Eastern Europe and other areas As Well As from other Oil seeds and competing proud lots

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