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Citizen Times Newspaper Archives Feb 14 1968, Page 1

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Citizen-Times (Newspaper) - February 14, 1968, Cedar Rapids, IowaCedar rapids Iowa volume six number seven per year lit 1st Subol new r r kids Loc per wednesday feb husky Mims Wikus of Wisdom handwriting analysis All of the thinking habit s of a person Are Tali cited his handwriting. Whether a person s a logical or fast thinker is found in the Etters that make up the lower Case letters such As the 0mami net. The writing used in analysis has three different Mart s upper Loop letters such As the l and thy lower loops in the letters of g g y1 Many limes you will find a letter in All three of these the of of Arnld of the different parts such As a letter t the ones we Are interested in at this time Are the letters and h1, illustration of Fig 4 . Thu Rietl As shown in our have rounded portions Iol r ii on inc tops of in ind n this indicates the slow logical Junker tins Type of hmm thoroughly before making a definite Demon a person with Ihl rounded tops of the in and if will need t Little more1 explanation m order to Sec the subject or understand comp Leley. Many students in school who have this Type of thinking May left in ii class of nor Quick Hunters these students Are not asking in learning bitties but do need the Altu lion to learn our present classrooms icing of a crowded nature does not permit the to give Fig. 2 Tommy Troy predicts Scopes feb. 20 Iowa 84, Purdue .8? Illinois 76 Michigan 70 Michigan stale Indiana 63 Ohio slate 79. Northwestern 69 feb. 21 Kansas 78, Missouri. 71" Louisville 78, Drake 70 j St. Louis n. Texas state lbs Cincinnati 79, Wichita stale 69 Bradley 70. Tulsa 63 feb. 23 mom Mouth 80, Coe 12 feb cinc Nab 70 Bradley slate lout off Tii Fea 73 Small College conference set for feb. 24 at Coe congressman John c. Culver has called a special second District conference on the problems of smaller colleges to held saturday Bel ?4 it Gage memorial at toe College in Cedar rap Icys Culver said that participants m the conference Jwill t include t presidents and representative from All of Tye second District colleges and universities a Mcinter of education Iee of the House of Federal and state officials and individuals from the private sector at a Lime when More Stu dents Are seeking Entrance Ito ouf colleges to obtain the education and skills our Complex society said develop creative to the problems of both the ies inn the private colleges to continue the Rich diversity which has been the strength of our educational system for More than 200 years. A Dobri Holtei w i to ifs 7 Esb. 5 Ftp Clatt Stuie 60 Loyola Memphis St u St Olaf 69 go i Kansas state 63 Coe 70 i pkg Nebraska p r of Pima 80 Indiana 731 Minnesota is Michigan 63 Ohio stale s7, Purdue 63 Northwestern 76, Lillin Pis 74 Wisconsin 74, Michigan stale 70 numbers this individual attention so Inte As shown on the Bottom Offlie 4 of ill very t deep in inc oven c. R. Servicemen finish school. Arrive in Viet Nail not out the. Ilniportan1 Scard the r c in a i a Natler inc v in. 6 and 7 How that the per m Only i her interests 111 dolor1, thai socialize engineers Anu Omen would find this particular very beneficial Uri their chosen profession. A writer with the Spinu on tin Bottom Are very analytical thinker the u a tar that has the rounded tops on the figs of 3 and 4, will have a tendency to create things from t a handwriting you cannot Tell what a person Ducci but you can suggest what particular profession they Mil Best suited to and at disc with for their . Many today arc working in professions chosen someone else and they Are not Happy or quit Liliette for the session they arc doing inquiries of these columns or questions May sent to the newspaper office and Mil answered at a liter Date Pojl favor Gap s Beck Foj i ten qty Cicciu Ace fear Murf poll shewing that Robert cock publisher rated apprentice Michael during lilo nine week course he was m us. of or. And mrs. Arthur j airborne and a. Collins rapids graduated from the thai a Micum aviation electronic technician course gallon Jit naval air Center Memphis to Iii. Troy this e Able to give quicker in the mean time As we get accustomed to the nov. Proc a ures we Hope you will Overlook our Inex Orience As new problems arise we will attempt o relay to of new practices de watched his wife Back put of the garage and drive off to do the saturday morning marketing. His neighbor George asked How Long did it Lake your wife to learn to de replied it la ten years this Spring on the first Day of school one teacher expressed his concern to a notifier about the number of broken windows. Concerns me More replied the other is thai Rrios of them seem to have been broken from the inside John your first wife tells me you Are three months behind with your Alimony. Yes judge i reckon that s so but you see it s just this Way. That second wife of mine aint turned out to the worker i thought she was gown to if you re satisfied with your pres ent knowledge of sex Don t see a movie. To examine National student loan program congressman John c. Culver announced today that plans for his second District conference on Small colleges have been expanded to include an examination of the guaranteed student loan program As it has operated in Iowa since it was established in 1965. Culver said that the afternoon session of inc conference would open with a panel discussion of the program Wil Liam Etouan president of he Oelwein state Hank Decorah Churchill Williams president of the Oelwein slate Bank of Lweln As Well As Federal and state education officials responsible for the administration of the program. Representatives of second District Banks and lending institutions have been invited to meet with College presidents and personnel for the discussion. The purpose of the guaranteed student loan program As enacted the 89th con Gress is to provide the mechanism for private state and Federal cooperation whereby any qualified Young Man or woman who wants to borrow to continue his education can do so at Low interest rates Culver explained. The student borrows the Money directly from a private lending institution Culver said with the Federal government Guaran teeing Tho loan. If the student is from a family with an adjusted annual income of less than the government pays the interest on the loan while he is in school and repayment of the principle is required Only after he completes his course of study. Noting that the decision properly is made each individual Lender Aslo whether or not he will make the loan to the student Culver Praise the Banks ant lending institutions in Iowa who Are pro Henlly taking part in the program. He said some deserving students Are still finding it diff Fiill to obtain these Loans and if the program is o successful then we must develop the Means to encourage additional lend Culver pointed out that both the office of education and the Congress Are exam ing the question now and he said that i plans to submit recommendations based on second District experience As a result o the conference djs Cassiotis. At present boat owners wishing to Transfer ownership Register a now boat or Register a boat transferred from another state must come to the county recorder s office. We have been delegated to collect sales a lid use tax where it is due. Therefore please bring All receipts Sale or proof of payment of tax. If no tax is due the state As in Case of casual Sale Between two parties within the state of if you have paid the sales tax an affidavit form supplied the re Corder oily must signed to Liat effect your registry Jon certificate once you have received it is of utmost importance. You must submit it when making any Milure Iran Actoris. If you have any us ions pertaining to boat registration please Call 365-0521ext.-242 or 243. Social legislation and labor to taught at area ten area ten Community College in cooperation with the Center for labor and management Al the University of Iowa will Olfer social Lygis action and the labor. Movement during the second semester. The course will offered from to . In room ids of the Hawkeye Plaza building on the following dates feb. 21, 22, 28, 29. Im3 March 6, 7, 13, 14, 20 21, 27. 28 april 3. 4, 10. And 11. This program is designed to improve the skills of Union members and to prepare them to assume More meaningful roles in the com manily. It is conducted for Union members in Iowa and has been endorsed the Iowa federation of labor and the Cedar rapids labor Assembly. Farmers a club heaps As then Tifin Choice was an indication Thetje Bibb to e c is Che Best bet r i for Lioi Foi Kuver Noi turn x i m Dick Westerfield Llic a a Etc county Union undo bet s Campaign manager said that the s i Hill showed that among those who Call thib Soli is Strong republicans i Beck polled 40 percent us Momeni at pointy and or incr state Ray got 24 percent and Donald Johnson Fonn i National commander of the american legion polled 8 percent. Everyone knows that in a primary with Viet Jumus a. Johnson son of or. And mrs. Robert Burke of 2421 Wise. St. So on duly at tiny Iloa Ali Vietnam. A Ergeant Rolinson a navigation equip contest those who consider themselves f Nie Jil is a member of Lite Strong republicans Are the most Likely to voter Westerfield said., for this reason it is Safe to is on the Road to the Republican nomination and election As the next Reck who is the Only candidate with1 business state government Pacific air to ices before his arrival Vietnam lie was assigned to 354j Arm am Una and electronics Squadron Myrtle reach a Kab s. C. Me is a of gliomas Jefferson High school. Job corps girls interviewed employers Job fair featuring 13 ii Linn in stale and local employers stilled in inc Clinton Job corps cent Era i run Urscley Fenn f5 in As of i All a Center vocational among1 employers taking part Wuerfl this Bilbo air Nortu Vesico Bell Antl Collins a info of cd car r the fair gave the corps Otwin a to i Jori to Antn Ibers .1 Ilic Center Atys is talking to the people e o f Iowa and it will show up we on the s Aiti in passed is great Victory. Cylar rapids. Congressman John c. I Siplo Here saturday night that the e a i from vocational areas Al act ment of a Strong employers id discuss re inc House this Moriah after years of debate Arol efforts to weaken its provisions con Cessions to various pressure group reflected a great Consumers Victory to the pvt. Havens completes Marine recruit training prepare students Culver to present Flag to area ten Community College second District congressman John Culver will appear at area ten Community College on feb. 22 to present the College with its first United Stales tag and to meet with students and staff in a . Ceremony at the Hawkeye Plaza building Culver will present student Congress president Jerry Burke with a Flag that has flown Over the Capitol building Washington d. C. Following the presentation of the Flag Culver will address the student body and will he Avail Able or questions and discussion on display at Cornell the recent works of Hugh Lifson will on display Al the Cornell College commons March 3 w 15 Al mtg Vernon addressing Iowa steel employees at their annual credit dinner Hyrc Culver praised the credit Union movement As one of inc first and strongest spokesmen for to Mph Irv lending and consumer interests in pointing out hat Consumers represent the largest single interest group in the nation Culver said that until recently they have never received proper Atlen Tori in Washington cause hey were not effectively organized As our special Fate rests the Mph Congress has. Recently enacted the most significant body of consumer oriented legislation in Culver emphasized eluding truth in lending the meat inspection Bill the Plavni Abl fabric act and a Stablish i Merit of a president s National advisory Council on consumer affairs.1 he noted that inc con Gress is further Atcon in the areas of poultry and fish inspection Auto Mobile insurance arid product safety. Open House at new alcoholism project office the citizens committee. On alcoholism and the Fowsar comprehensive project will Ijuin Ruments Ami t meet requirements. There Are seven vocational areas offered i lie Center modern Dali processing child care cosmetology he a till occupations a business and clerical and special programs. In special program area 1 raining is offered in Lelov sirm radio newspaper graphics photo Grap Liy briding and food operations instructional aide and re Siik Mill and recreation leaders. Quote hold House a their new 602 poverty concerns a tourist who is probably still awed puzzled and Strug gling against the traumatic effect of a visit to new York City Hall last week. Our visitor watched in Sarnaw Imant is Cadillac after Cadi watched in amazement As Cadillac after Cadilli Lac pulled up to discharge Well dressed in a Portal looking he did t know they were arriving for a session of the composed anti poverty Council. Jec our Man asked a cop. Who Are Hosn the or was the answer of they re in o Neil in the new York daily news san Diego. Civil if. Private Richard havens son of mrs. Jeanette f. Havens Ofil 20 Sis. Was graduated from eight of recruit training at he Marine corps rect depot Liuro. Lie will undergo from i to o four weeks individual combat gaining and then at Home will report to his first Marine coi the intensified Marine recruit Ranii rigid physical conditioning survival to Clinique both at sea and Assn it rec clop and end Rafic with inc m-14 Rille and Caliper pistol arc equally stressed and do order instills the traditions of Man corps Camu Ork. A sixty of Basic military subject first Aid and s imitation and the Toms courtesies history and Mission of Marine Orris serve to polish the new Mann a Cruh Elti cation Naif prepare him to join Marine combat forces Tom at ii s t Henry Jonnson summer has guaranty Bank wednesday feb. 21, 7 j preserved tomatoes which is Lien to 10 . Or James c. N. Brown pm b., i currently in its Golden anniversary r a a of j it or not i at he annual will game feed held year and Worth county Whon league in a director of the alcoholism treatment a not spoiled. Mrs. Johnson had no intention Monin the president of the Lea Oakdale and ass Island professor of psychiatry a Lac so Long but a fir they Justin Rodj ers. Spirit Lake was among to at the University of Towa will a special Bud Het non her fruit room for a number who enjoyed the dinner of baked Bear ral guest and will answer questions regarding the o years she decided 16 Ste How Jong Oakdale treatment unit. Would keep. Venison Turtle and Marsh Mare. Over at inc Walton league affair

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