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Citizen Times Newspaper Archives Feb 7 1968, Page 1

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Citizen-Times (Newspaper) - February 7, 1968, Cedar Rapids, IowaPublic Library fe6 1 8 s we 1 i 1 Cedat Iowa volume six number six per year pub Rte a Fedoto by v 7ib 3gctia Clantz Aiudi Palf 1st so rat new Cedar Loc per copy wednesday february 7, Isth s Uii rps by editor Chuck Dunham in recent years farm leaders have decried the Lack of Young men on in some areas the average age of he Nieh on the acres is in the my and 60 a v along came the Viet Nam War to cure Hartl s6verat-Young Rhen who could t Watt 6 Obi off the farm at High school graduation Are Back there milking scoop ing and driving the tractor for the duration. Pessimists claim the cd Zsofe for president this crr will be Nown and Johnson. The old ques pops up you buy a car of pm Zyther of the Jurj the answer for a of of americans is they d a used car from Lyndon and did but would t do it again. Or sen. Criticizes the conduct of the War in Viet Nam. He s an expert at Bun gling and ought Toika Icv How now to a War. Take he Bay of pigs fiasco. With same sort of military Genius that went into that Cuba i affair our Imea c6ulc have been out Nam years the sea some adults Are getting worked up Over re spors that juveniles Are getting Beer Dunk my it and cruising about the Countryside tossing out the cans it Don t Dwulit it we Sec the cans and the papers Are full of cases of men Worsen and children killed by Drivers of Al Ages to Dave booked up adult would have More Success curbing Beer con sumption by should parents teachers clergymen and other leaders quit drinking swill and As tossing the cans from ing cars theft the president of the United slates 15 caught with this cute habit can w blame Tjie rads for trying t truth Young sters do Are merely imitations of adult con thick. At Nassau and Wall streets in new York City George Washington As first pres ident of the United states quote treachery to fill a fully documented study of nearly soviet reaties showed that he soviet Union sad broken its word to virtually every country b which it Ever gave a signed even n Bur dealings with to soviets we have sex enough treachery to Lill a Book. Since i they have violated most of some 40 agreements involving specific promises Gen. Thomas s. Power in his Book design for survival. Little by the past 50 years total government spend Long has increase cd approximately 60-fold, from about 03 billion Orn Ore thai by lion a year. In 1913, stale ital governments were spending More than twice As much As he Federal government since then Federal spending has increased More than three times As fast. Today the federa government eats up 67.2 per cent of at taxes collected in the United states and spends 64 per cent of Alt Public funds. Fifty years age the reverse was True state and local govern orients were raising 70-9 per cent of All Public Revenue and dispensing 69.8 per cent of govern Rhent spending handwriting handwriting a self portrait by Robert i1 Larson past few articles have been Cove eng the emotions in a person is indicated n their handwriting everyone has emotions whether they Are shown outwardly or hey Are controlled there Are no two individuals that Nave the Samp amount of expressed Vej Sohons and the same amount of reactions to any Given Sel of. Circumstances. The difference of emotions or arc very Dif Territt m Cal Ydreo of the same family some of the children very expressive and others them attics and from the outward evil once to Bave do responsiveness at All to illustrate this a bottle further let us take a look at and if lets. A Fawn twins Are born into a family you Wojtiw immediately think that they will be njord nearly alike than imy pne else think Adf a moment of the twins you know Are they alike does one seem to be More sympathetic arid responsive than he other in your Mcrory recollection of these twins you can recall occasions when they did react completely opposite depending on the situation was touched White the other was not moved or perhaps one had choir feelings Hurt while Tho other acted Normal there is nothing so unusual about this As All of Ift Are different even the twins and triplets when born How much More should the other children of the same Imily be emotionally different or going a Little further comparing the neighbourhood children parents will make slate mint Why can t you behave like Roger or Sally Clown the because they arc not made like Roger and Only. Is one of the determining factors that Shom in a handwriting Sample which twin or Triplet has bom find or second 6r third the various depth of the emotions will give the clue to the discovery. Twinks can be told apart which was born first Down to five minutes or up to an hour or More from the handwriting Sample. suggest hat each one look at some hand Yah Ting samples of twins and notice the differ Jence of the writing some of the writings will i or Light and others will slant to Rig Al or May be vertical you will note a Dif Serenco 111 the writing samples As Well is in their personality any of iou readers that May any questions about any handwriting please Send them to me and they will be answered in this column As space permits. Names will not be printed your name to any letter frs this is required Culver hits . Patronage pfc Thomas King in a Khe fighting main Force Viet Cong an Khe Viet Nam army private first class Thomas Klug of or. And mrs. Weldon e. Klug 3023 Prairie drive be is participating in operation Wheeler Wallowa in Viet Nam other members of the 1st air cavalry division s 3rd brigade. Joining the americal in Early october Ibe brigade s area of responsibility takes in Northern Quang tin province and Southern Quang Nam province which inn dudes Danang. Troops of the 1st cavalry division move throughout the area on foot and by helicopter Clearing out main Force communist units. Once North vietnamese army units leave the area pressure is exerted on the Viet Cong Infra these Are Hamlet guards tax col lectors and chiefs who run the villages for the Viet Cong. Pvt. Klug is a member o company a 2nd battalion of the division s 12th cavalry. 118 airman Snyder on Formosa Chino Chuan rang Taiwan airman first class Thomas j. Snyder son of or and mrs. Pc Meir a. Shyder of Hiawatha Rived for duty Al Ching in uan Kahn air base Taiwan. R airman an aircraft Mechanic is assigned to a unit of the Pacific air Force on this Island Olf the China coast. Served at Stewart fab Tenn. The airman is a graduate of Jefferson High in Cedar rapids. Is Plesku Viet Nam five Loren w. Andrews 20, son of or. And mrs Clarence Andrews of Urbana was assigned As an artillery Surveyor in Headquarters and ser vice Batley 5th battalion of the 4th infantry division s 16th artillery near Plesku Viet Nam son in Law in Greece As guard for Meelear weapons Athens Greene i. Peder a. Ber Dahl son of or. And mrs. Arthur c. Burdahl of 440 e. Harvard ave., Fresno calif., has arrived for duty Al Athenia Airport Greece it. Berdahl a nuclear weapons custodian is assigned to a unit of the u. S. Air forces in Europe. A 1961 graduate of Fresno High the Lieuten ant received his b. S. Degree in 1965 from St. Olaf College Northfield -minn., where he was commissioned through the air Force Reserve officers training corps program. He also studied Al the University of Iowa. It. Berdahl s wife the daughter of ivors. Homer s. Mann o fls24 Lith St., off Cedar rapids Iowa work the tragedy of Relief is that it takes away from people the drive to work. When a person is capable of earn ing Only 45, he May be All too willing o accept from a Tibuc assistance for doing nothing. I have the deepest sympathy for the Good Mother struggling to bring up her children on a welfare Grant and for the father who wants cannot work i deplore a system that Tea diag out of As its prime Fuby too that subsidizes the Suzy and immoral borne with the taxpayer s mrs. Juaneu a kid Stout first elected negro woman judge in Tho United states i the Lite phia bulletin. Of girl on medical tech duty Wichita Falls Tex. Airman Tonya a Sweeting daughter of or. And mrs. Carf e. Sweeting of 1409 Sycamore St., Towa City has been graduated from a u. S. Air Force technical school at Sheppard fab Tex. She was trained As a medical specialist aria has been assigned to a unit of the air training command at Sheppard fab Tex. The airman is a j967 graduate of Iowa City High school. Area ten to offer a general welding class for Industrial arts instructors area ten Community will offer a twelve week general welding class for Industrial Art inns rectors beginning saturday feb. 17th. The classes will meet each saturday from . At the area ten Trade and Industry building 1207 Rockford Road South the purpose of these classes is to give idus trial arts instructors an Opportunity to improve their skills and team new methods in the Weld ing Field. The course fee is and persons May Register at the first class session on feb. 17th. Industrial arts instructors wishing further information May Cal area ten 36m2q6. Iowa poultry association has organized corporation Crobar a corporation has been organized by the Iowa poultry association to Start sales in eight states of a Frozen chocolate covered egg nog bar Field tested at thee Iowa slate fair. Nebraska 90, Kentucky 80 Troy s sports forecasts by Tommy Troy Auburn 70. Leu 65 Bowling Green 74 Ohio u 69 Cincinnati 73 Wichita state 70 Dayton 74 Xavier 70 East Carolina 59 Richmond 51 plon4n stale 64 Chilade so Fordham 80 holy Cross Georgetown 73 Navy 70 Iowa 76, Perdue 64 Louisville b2 Drake 73 Marquette 80 Loyola Chicago 73 flew Mexico m new Mexico state 80 Penn state 70 Syracuse 84 Frances 84 St Josephs a 70 South Carolina 70, Clemson Temple 84, St. 69 Toledo 70, Western Michigan 64 vim George Washington 73 West Virginia 80, Georgia tech 64 Duke 70, Southern Illinois 64 Man Hallen 76. New York u 67 Nordi Carolina 79 Wake Forrest 73 Oklahoma City 73, Creighton 70 Providence 75, Rhode Island 72 is. Louis 80, Memphis slate 73 Tulsa 87 Bradley 84 Texas Elpaso 80, Arizona Washington stale 80, Stanford 78 air Force 73, Loyola n 6 70 California 79, Washington 73 Columbia 78, Dartmouth 74 Cornell 90, Harvard 84 new Mexico stale 84, Oregon 79 Pacific u 89 Santa Clara 84 Pennsylvania 84, Brown 69 Princeton 80. Yale 73 san Francisco 69 St marys 63 Southern California 80, Oregon 73 Urcla 73, Oregon slate feb it Wake Forrest 80. Clemson 73 Wymo Ning 70, Colorado stale 64 Columbia 68 Harvard 62 Dartmouth 74, Cornell 70 Villa Nova 73 Depaul 70 Carolina 80 William and Mary 74 Eastern Kentucky 92, Murray 84 Vii 84, Furman 69 Georgetown 84 George Washington 69 Tennessee 80, Georgia 75 holy Cross 80, Syracuse 69 Northwestern 84, Ilfin ois 79 Oklahoma 73, the unusual Frozen bar received its name at the state fair when poultry official conducted a name the bar contest. The bar is manufactured by fort Dodge ice Cream specialities company fort Dodge. The new corporation Crobar inc., of Ames plans initially to distribute the bar to 50 jobbers in eight Midwest states. Eventually the corporation expect to see the bar nationally. Hugh Gordon of Marion is president of Cro bar inc. Harold Trettin of Rockford is vice president. Robert Wiese of Indianola is Secre tary treasurer. Directors Are Clarence Price Iowa Falls Robert Somson Gray and Robert Jungki Iowa state University poultry scientist. The marketing division of the Towa depart ment of agriculture appropriated funds to the state poultry organization in initiate develop ment of the eggnog bar. Fine arts symposium begins mount Vernon the Cornell College Fine arts symposium criticism and the arts 1968 will gel under at-8 ., tuesday feb. 13 in King Chape with an address on the dignity of the Aris by or. Eliseo Vivas. Or. Vivas who is acting As Moderator o the four Day symposium is the John Evans professor of moral and intellectual philosophy at Northwestern University Evans Lon Illinois. 80, Marquette 79, Iowa stale 70 Kansas stale 75 Mississippi Stalo 73 Michigan 76 Xavier 75 West Virginia 80 Maryland 76 Vanderbilt 73 Mississippi 70 Missouri 82, Oklahoma. State 79 new Mexico 80 u of Fexas 7lpaso 71 Bradley 80, Texas stale 69 Navy 74, Penn state. 64 North Carolina 84, Virginia. Tech 67 St. Bonavenlure 82, Providence 73 Davidson 80. Richmond 7 1 Wisconsin 80, Indiana 73 thu 84, Arkansas 74 Kansas 69, 62 Florida 73, leu 63 Ohio. U 79, Kent stale 69 Pacific 84, san Francisco ,73 Southern California 8i, Oregon stale 79 sum 89, Texas. Tech. 84 Michigan Lajya 80 Purifie Minnesota 81 Ohio stale 80, Michigan state ,73 Yale 79, Pennsylvania 70 Temple .84, Lasalle 69 new Mexico stale 89, Loyola 84 Duke 85, Noire 80. Manhalter 80, Danisus 69 Santa Clara 81, St. Marys 71 Turnie air Force Alabama 73, Auburn 70 state 73 Armyl o St John 64 Baylor is Rice 63 Ford am 68. Boston College 57 Boston u 70. Colgate 63 Utah to Bingham Young u m Princeton 64, Brown 60 California 80 Washington state 70 Drake 81, Cincinnati 73 North Carolina stale 70 Virginia 64 Urcla Oregon 61 St Josephs 73 Beaton Hall 69 Lyla 89 St Loui 69 Stanford 89 Washington 70 Texas Texa 71 feb n Citadel 80, Vemi ?3 Colorado 73 Missun. 69 Denver 79 Oklahoma City 69 Depaul Providence 80 Kansas state 79 Creigton 69 Kentucky 84 Tennessee 60 leu 73 to Forgra 69 Mississippi state album 01 Mississippi 84 Alabama 69 Cor head 73 Murray 69 North Carolina 8f North Carolina stale 73 Oklahoma stale 80, Iowa stale 73 u of Texas Elpaso 88, Arizona slate 73 Vil Ham and Mary 90, Furman 80 Ohio stale 73 be 11 my 80, Colgate 73 83, Rhode Island 73 Radley 84 Drake 79 Lemois 80 Michigan 69 Jouis Vilic. 80, North Texas slate 73 Xiy Oja Chicago 89 marshal 83 Maryland 80 Virginia 74 Memphis state 89, Miami Florida 80 ,83, Minnesota 73 Dame 89 is. Johns 84 Bulgers 80, Connecticut 73 sum 69, thu 63 Temple 68, Navy 64 Texas a and m 80, Rice 73 Texas. Tech 80, Arkansas 73 Texas 80, Baylor 73 West Virginia 70, Richmond 64 feb 11 bawling. Green 80, Toledo 75 Denver 60, air Force 54 Depaul 80, Duqum Csc 74 Detroit 73, Western Michigan 70 Duke 84, Wake Forrest 73 Fordham George Washington 8 4 Eganville 80, Butler 75 Miami Ohio 84, Kent sole 73 new Mexico stale 70, u of Texas Elpaso 64 Providence 84. Danisus 69 St. Bonati venture 69, Sealon Hall r7 St. Johns Davidson 60 Syracuse 90, Cornell 84 feb 15 Cincinnati 80, North Texas slate 73 Georgia 84, Georgia tech 73 Houstan 73 Miami Florida 69 Louisville .80, Tulsa 73 Georgetown e4 me i Iphis stale 60, no 55 u 80, Tui Anc 73 70, Southern Illinois 64 Niagara 73 a Richmond 75 Virginia East Carolina 73 wifi ill stale 73, Bradley 70 Whf Bri Gham Young 80, new Mexico 73 Colour Nubia 84, Dart Mould 73 83, Clemson 80 Cornell Harvard 75 Princeton Brown 73 South Carolina 08i, North Carolina 73 Southern California 89, Oregon state 75 Urcla 89, Oregon 73 Utah Wyoming 83 Yale 90, Pennsylvania 86 contemporary painting display at Cornell through feb. 29 mount Vernon a selection of contemporary american paintings from the new York University Art collection a University will open Al the Central col lege commons on feb.1 8. The show will re Limin up unlit feb. 29. Begun seven years ago with two paintings the University s collection now consists of 640 paintings sculpture drawings prints and photo graphs us Well is i number of works on loan. The 30 works for the exhibition appearing at Cornell arc circulating throughout the United slates under he auspices of the Ameri can federation of arts. They were selected y Ruth Gurin curator of the collection. The University s collection was developed y lie new York univ Cisily Arl collection Onmin Tecc through gifts of artists alumni and rinds of the University. Acquisitions Loil re made by the committee and a special sub Ommittee comprised of Art collection patrons Ilvin Pizitz Uncle Bernard acis and faculty members Irving Sander and Paul Bench. The responsibilities of the committee include a Quistian research cataloguing the hanging and circulating of works and the develop ment and la lion of special do Monstras Lions. According to or. Howard s. A Klimant chair Man of the committee modern universities should Lake their share of responsibility for i coping today s unders Lencl and appreciate Fine examples of the paintings Anil Sculp abstract and arc a direct product of heir own age. June Freilicher Al held Paul Jenkins Mil o and Robert Rau schonburg Are represented in now Hung at Cornell College. Also represented in it is an Iowa native Jane Wilson. Born in Seymour she studied Al the University of Iowa. Her works arc included in the private collodion of or. And mrs. Saul Bellow mrs Alice Esly Waller Chrysler Willarm Inge. Ambassador find mrs. M. Vakil Virgil Thomson Anil or and mrs. Harold Uris. Among tie Public collections which include her work arc inc Wadsworth Alli neum Ifie Wollney museum of american Arl and tin Chase Manhattan Bank Flor Oil Shore was done in Iphil. The exhibition at Cornell is sponsored by Thi commons Union Board. Congressman John c. Culver told a congressional committee Here today that postmasters and Rural carriers must be appointed Ori Tho basis of professional experience instead of Gojii to Racel the demands for Dpi Cincy and Economy in the Posl office Culver submitted testimony to the Post office and civil service committee support of his proposed legislation to remove political patronage from such and Plant them totally under civil service Merit system. Hearings on this which will include witnesses from the Pinsl office department and postal ers began this morning. Noting the highly mechanized and Corgi pm ii lure of modern Post operation As Well As the necessity for efficient postal service for Many daily economic and social transactions Culver said it is More important than Ever before Llma the men and women who Are responsible for handing our mail be selected on the basis of the Onty legitimate merits and their local poll icon committees exist to Nomin ale candidates raise funds Register voters and get out the he stressed All Ameri can should be grateful for the concern and commitment to Good government of Active citizens in both parties. However As is their service is to the strength of our Deij fac Acy icy Are not designed to be an auxiliary ice sonnet Agency for the u. S. It is ironic hat postal employees Are Bidden under the Hatch act from in political activity while the lop the Post office remain a traditional Lor political he said. Emphasizing his judgement thai the v majority of postal appointments by a Long face often shortens your list of Corners. Selc Clio process postal employees who have Devolld years of service to their coming Vilics and have developed experience and expertise May Neever have an Opportunity to Rise to he top. In he pointed out local party committees and sometimes entire Coa Doai lies can be divided by differences of of Libolt. On matters which should have nothing to do with Parlish he said that inc Senate s approval of a Simi Lar measure Las year As part of the Legisla Ture reorganization act As Well As the Post Masler general s recommendation to Lake the department out of the president s Cabinet and make it an Independent corporation spotted additional evidence of the need and support for taking politics out of the Pas Bishop o Keefe asks catholics to rid Iowa of racism and poverty the Mosi reverend Gerald o Cefe Bishop of Davenport Loday urged the catholics of Southeastern Iowa to become More Active efforts to rid our ii Ocse of racism and in a special pastoral letter o he clergy religious and Faity of the diocese of Davenport dated feb. 12, Bishop o Kcal pc warns against calling for repressive measures to inc face of violence in our cities and a renewal and change of heart in the Christian Observance of god s Laws of Justice and love for All men More specifically the Davenport prelate encourages catholics to work for local fair housing , to seek the legislation and policies necessary to end the poverty of the dispossessed and Alfen Alcot hardcore poor in Nur diocese j and i we fully Bishop q Keef slates the re solution passed by the priests Senate of 1hc diocese of Davenport Jan. Ii 1988 the priests Senate of the diocese of Davenport wholeheartedly supports the principle of fair housing and urges that Cal Holts work for the passage of local fair housing jaws. Although the stale of Iowa has a fair housing Law it is reasonable and in keeping with the principal of subsidiarity expressed1 in the papal social encyclicals that inc leadership of each City Lake a firm Posi Tion of its own to assure that the property rights now enjoyed by most cd Lizins be j guaranteed far All without discrimination " j the Davenport religious Leader also recon j mends he use of the Vole in electing men and women sensitive to the problems of race and poverty and the use of Catholic schools and j religious education classes to each inc to Mph j about the Equality and innate dignity of All r i to Nolc the importance of the race Issue Bishop o Cefe has designated feb. 18, inter racial Justice sunday throughout the diocese and recommended parishes schools and other institutions of the diocese make some special Observance of this in Davenport he Catholic interracial coun cil Cic will sponsor its annual brother Hood mass at 4 ., in the sacred heart Calpe draft. A special feature of this yen s will be the preparation of brother Hood processional banners by area youth groups of All faiths. Recent instances of violence cannot be condoned Bishop o be Csc insists but neither can condone he violence that is being to human beings Twenty four hours a Day by racial Prev uric and discrimination and by longed economic deprivation. We must be interested in removing both kinds of the Rural aspect of inc Davenport diocese decs not exempt Southeastern Iowa catholics from the responsibility of doing something to make social Justice a reality according Davenport religious Leader. Pm fool of the children who grow up Jet Rural families will eventually move to the City. There fore it is necessary int parents equip their children with enlightened Christian altitudes toward race and recalling that Christ said love of neighbor is he test of our love for Bishop o Keefe recommends that in the coming lenten season one of the Best forms of penance we can do is work for social druggist Donald Courtnage sr., Strawberry his retired from the pharmacy business1 after work ing in the. Same location in Strawberry Point the past ,49 years. T

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