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Citizen Times Newspaper Archives Dec 5 1968, Page 1

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Citizen-Times (Newspaper) - December 5, 1968, Cedar Rapids, IowaIzen Cedar rapids 423 3rd ave. Be volume number considers this by Sanford g. Knap1p the Young people of today have been using the. Term., establishment As the thing which snakes their lives and All our lives miserable. It appears that the establishment Means Many things to Many people. To the poor and less productive element the establishment seems to be those persons with wealth or More material assets than themselves. To the Moder ate income and Opportunity seeking element it seems to be those persons who May or May not their Chance for that one big which seems to elude them. To the higher income or wealthy and More gifted element it seems to be those persons who see the Many advantages in the easier Way of life they co uld. Have if they Only could see it As they do. In general it seems to be that indefinable and indescribable thing which brings us out of a world of dreams and reverie Back to reality. In almost every Case a per son defending the stand of this element of disturbed Young peo ple by attacking the establish ment is one seeking some sort of utopian life or Way of life. Consider this every person has some discontent or vital argument against something which always seems to cause additional hardship in their lives. That indescribable therefore must be ourselves. Each person is singularly act Ive or irresponsible ambitious sophisticated or natural with 200 million of such persons in one group in the United states How can everyone have the same feelings or desires were something less than human perhaps the establishment would have Little or no effect. Therefore the Only successful approach to Over coming the disagreeable aspects or effects of the establishment is this each one of us should work As hard As possible to Cre ate within ourselves the attitudes which will be acceptable to others As Well As ourselves. This certainly should eliminate the establishment. 4278, Cedar rapids a. Published thursday at Cedar rap a. La., by ghost. V. Dunham and Sanford g. Knapp. A Legal second class mailing permit Pond Nir at deep River 52222. Thursday dec. 5, 1968 headache cure asking the government to help us to regain lost individual Liberty is like asking the hang Man to cure our headache. From the pampas Tex daily news How s that again our Junior and senior highs serve a splendid hot meal for 35c without costing the taxpayers anything thanks in part to a., government the san Francisco news Call bulletin Iowa City prepare f or Iowa City -500 patients at the 6f Iowa Hospital Christmas cheer will be provided by Iowa civic fraternal and Church groups. Gifts from the As Well As hundreds of individuals Are traditionally sent each year for those who cannot be Home for Christmas. Such gifts usually include handkerchiefs stationary with Stamps fancy handwork Hose gloves knitting materials Bill folds toys and books. Many organizations donate one or two larger gifts which can be used by patients throughout the these Are As of smaller of such include St wagons beside radios Cord players. Gifts of Cash which Are used to buy presents for certain Cate Gories of patients for which not enough gifts were Are also Welcome. Or Money orders should be made payable to the University h p s p i t a 1 s Christmas committee. Donors Are urged not to Send food and not to gift wrap their contributions. Hospital diet restrictions make food impractical and every gift must be opened for sorting and re wrap Ped by volunteers gifts May be addressed to Christmas committee univer sity of Iowa hospitals Iowa City Iowa .52240. Latest concept in the civil rights struggle leftist attorney Bertram Edises is Lepie setting two Oakland Calif prostitutes who Are appealing their Misdemeanour convictions on the ground that the men arrested with them were not similarly charged. Edises says the women were denied equal Pio Section of the Laws and Indi Cates he May take the Case All to the supreme Couit a report in the Scripps Howai d newspapers says that prostitutes All Over the country Are Likely to follow the proceedings with we in states willingly enjoy Freedom of the press just so Long As we protect and defend it from attacks b y the executive by the curtsy by the legislative and1 by other powerful arms of government. Government was our servant under the philosophy of our fore fathers on which this nation was founded. In All the rest of the world government is the master of the people. Govern ment like fire can be a Dutie Ful servant but a destructive master. If we want to keep lib erty it is up to us to make gov ferment serve us and never let it become our r. Mccormick. This newspaper will Forward let ters to Santa after sharing then with our readers. Time is Short. Send them now to Santa Glaus North pole care of of Box 4278, Cedar rapids Iowa Only 4 tiny in year to Santa will rounding up his at christmastime if the present trend continues a Newfoundland scientist has reported to a United nations symposium on subarctic wildlife that a 1900 census of Canada s wild Reindeer or Caribou showed population. Since then he says Over Hunting and fires which destroy Lichen the animal s main food have caused the population to decrease alarmingly to about half that num Ber. Independence for Napoleon s St. Helena exile Island of St. become a candidate Rwjr . The United a Coni Mittee eventual in dependence for the Dot of Brit ish territory in the South Atlan tic. Napoleon died in exile on the 47 Square mile Island in 1821, six years after his final defeat at Waterloo. Today St. Helena has a population of j audit to financial errors audit of Linn county books is now in the final stages. Field men from the state auditor s to have to. Job done by Early january. Already there Are hints that numerous instances of Money mis management have been uncovered. The audit this year differs from recent audits in that it is by state auditor Smith s men rather than by private auditing firms. Public hearings anti poverty policy boards in More than.600 u. S. Communities now must hold Public hearings on local projects of a group seeking a place in a local Community action program asks for a Public hearing. Citizens interested in attending or calling such hearings should Contact the Community action program in their area. Workers shrinking pay average pay hikes for u. A factory workers have shrinking in the last five years according to the labor depart ment s own figures. What s More the average factory worker with a wife and two children paid out of every ?10 he earned in 1965 for Al income and social Security taxes. This compares to 15 cents out of every in 1948. Bbb warns of americans Are especially benevolent during Christmas sea son and respond generously to Many appeals that come by mail. Some Are Many Are not there is always a question of How much Money solicited by mail reaches the True beneficiary Foi example the National disabled american veterans Dav does not give direct Fin Ancial Aid to veterans Accord ing better business by Leau of Des Homes the octo Ber -1968. Newsletter Points out that the National 01 a animation mails Ridento tags Raj nature Auto License plate with requests for remittance the newsletter stated through a consent decree on a Sivit brought by the Illinois attorney general the disabled american Veteran s National organization agreed to clarify its Ideno tag mailings in Illinois. As a result the solicitations will disclose that from any contribution the recipient might make for the Ideno tag 70 to 75 percent will go to the manufacturing and mailing remaining funds to pay operating and administrative expenses of the organization to finance its f legislative department to pay service officers qualified to assist and represent veterans before the veterans administration the balance retained As surplus and invested the bbb suggests Why not mail your contribution to the local the bbb of Des Moines re ported in its May 1968 solicitations that another National Charity organization the asthmatic children s foun Dation Miami Beach fla., is mailing unordered Road safety signs name stickers and other merchandise with requests for Cash contributions. The bbb of South Florida reports that it has received no meaningful Fin Ancial information from the organization. It is believed that perhaps 90 percent of All Mon ies collected is used to pay commercial companies who do the the Bureau re ports. If these figures Are Cor rect Only about 10. Percent of your remittance would reach asthmatic children if you Are in the habit of giving to charities by mail find out where your Money

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