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Childress Index Newspaper Archives Sep 30 1963, Page 1

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Childress Index (Newspaper) - September 30, 1963, Childress, Texas I a the Childress Index celebrating our 76th year vol. 11, no. 243, Nea up la times the Childress Index monday september 30, 1963 Prie 5c six Page Mcnamara Taylor postpone departure from Viet Nam Council makes water ballots official today i Saigon South Viet Nam up a defense Secretary Robert s. Mcnamara and Gen. Maxwell d. Taylor postponed thi in departure july 15. Police commissioner de to a committee to work out water line to his property at for 24 hours today awl continued Charles mock was instructed a solution concerning the 62 13th Street and Avenue est. Their investigation of South Viet to Contact Ricks lawyer to Well and the Well property was tabled. Nam s military and political Situ work out a solution. Owners bids were opened on the fire councilmen w. L. Eikman a request by de Inman flt or alarms. Panhandle electric Mcnamara and Taylor chair Field work a defense Secretary Robert Mcnamara Center turns to answer question asked by Gen. Paul Harkins As Gen. Maxwell Taylor listens to briefing at vietnamese training Camp somewhere near plei wrong South Viet Nam. It was part of their questioning tour of America and vietnamese officers in the Field. Nea telephoto . Is determined to protect Gold rate Washington up presi Dent Kennedy told an inter National gathering of monetary experts today that this country a Effort to Stop the outflow of Gold is in not Only the u. S. Interest but a a the j interest of All who place their Faith in the Kennedy told the annual meet-1 ing of the International monetary rate fixed to Gold at $35 an ounce. He also used the occasion of his Speth to the monetary gathering to plug again for his tax Cut Bill jux ending in the u. S. Senate. The president speaking Only two hours after his return from a if .000-mile swing to the far West said tax reduction would help improve the Long run position of the fund that the United states is determined to protect the Dollar As j United states in world Busine convertible currency at its present j and monetary affairs. Crime thug tells senators to jail Bosses Washington Pic underworld turncoat Joseph Valachi was reported today to have told Senate investigators that the was to break up the Cosa Nostra crime Syndicate is to jail its Bosses. Sen. Karl e. Mundt. R-s.d., quoted Valachi As saying that respected Bosses in the Cosa Nostra Hierarchy commanded a loyalty from the rank and file a a soldiers the vote is official now 1379 for 13 against Childress City canvassed the saturday election concerning the Greenbelt municipal and Industrial a and Mike Wilson were appoint the City to furnish a Ter authority a water contract with the City of Childress. The 106 to 1 majority Vota in favor of the contracts was approved and made official. Other action taken by the Council in its regular Early morning session saw new members of the Board of directors of the chamber of com Merce Board of City development being sworn into office. Those taking the oath of office were Neil Gage mrs. Louise Bowers mrs. Ray Green and Tommy Bailiff. Two other members of the Board i Richard Bird and Morris Hig a Ley were out of town. Chief of police Alvis Maddox appeared before the coun the taxpayer does no to know it j cil concerning policeman Joe but he paid. Ricks. Ricks was injured in a there were pamphlets Hook Washington window taxpayers paid for a non political tour made by Jack Kennedy Man of the joint chiefs of staff conferred sunday with president Ngo Dinh diem but no details six Inch inc. Bid $4.400 for 30 receive ers and one transmitter to a of it Rry a Sunda it "1,h Trola bid $5.831 25 a Quot a a i of the talks were made Public. Cevers and one transmit tit. Ar1hlr Sylvestet Defonse and Electron corp., bid $3,0.54. Payment spokesman said the 50 for 25 receivers and one Jwo military leaders spent More transmitter. All of the units than five hours with diem they were different in design and conferred with him privately for j purpose. J three hours then attended a two a committee Ofey Kman and hour Black tie dinner with the i mock was appointed to invest president Ligate the alarms informed sources said diem action on the lounge at the told Mcnamara and Taylor he Childress Airfield was tabled War against the communist Viet until the plan could be so Cong is a oink Well and that to a red Iron a Wichelt Falls 1�?o� Thampoe Iiri these sources also said diera the Council decided to S.D.anything less than con Alex Saied a statement for tinted All out american support car wreck in july and has worked Only two Days since it la Here see the new Chevelle Panhandle motor company. By Lyle c. Wilson of that taxpayers dollars to make United pro International the presidents non political Jour the . Taxpayer put up the Nev look As Good As possible scratch that paid for the lab perhaps the taxpayers should orate Public relations trimmings come up with their own version to president Kennedy so non to of equal time a a demand for $.3,400 for the water line to his for be War would he a mistake i tical swing to the West coast example for a trip at govern j Bouse in Northwest Childress. Sylvester refused to disclose the mint Exi use to All of the love Pikman and Wilson were subject matter of the meeting by spots Kennedy visit isl named to a committee to a he said Mcnamara and Taylor of course that would t work. Prove the Bills. Would not see diem a brother Ngo either. So it comes Down to this meeting of the Dinh Nhu. During their visit. Nhu we. A Ltd a a 10 Council will be held on octo is diem a chief advisor and the go tripping off to make some to husband of the Sharp tongued Lotical Hay on a non political trip. N mme. Nhu. The taxpayers will just have to today. Taylor meetings 1 Eldorado asks for water from Greenbelt lets maps movies and still pictures. One securely strapped Container hand delivered to upts Washington d.c., Bureau contained 16 my movie film sufficient for a 30-Mtnuu show. An pay and like it. Accompanying letter said these a wore film sequences of a projects pm i a a a a and other installations which a in vow Luab president Kennedy will either visit Fly Over or Fly near $1 told a Nosy during his Western trip. A the National air show perform an eight by ten pamphlet Mance held at the Childress air a v1 f0l?n next Field sunday was a Success from the chairman and two members of the Board of trustees of Eldorado. Okla., have sex. Pressed interest in securing of crime which was not paid to i water from Greenbey my the spectators Point of View but Nipal and Industrial water Quanah game tickets go on Sale tuesday lower Echelon lieutenants. Mundt said in an interview that authority it was announced Valachi told the Senate i Vestiga 1 today by or. Shell h. Town tons subcommittee at a closed Send president. Bound in Slick Brown paper turned out to be an 18-Page, Glossy Stock copy of Kennedy a March 1. 1962, message to Congress on conservation. This was a great improvement on the roughly mimeographed text up pie must have receive last March. The Glossy j logged from the tuesday meetings a at a District capital 28 Miles a number of important it. Mgt n my of where he will be discussed by the Jet chief of staff predict j can legion at their 30 p. M Victory Over he communist vie i commander Jeff Henderson an guerr41as of text year bounced among them the or a Mcnamara stayed in Saigon forthcoming october u i stuck con elks we a other members the Borger plans on bid mass sort int Here by ext Springs Convent ,.sidpn, a a inn a the president Kennedy to assess the prospects of winning the guerrilla fail to make any Money a to la a Ndu not Nidgion of the a and who her dim s we lost $1.42.i on the show. 1 i.1 new Kitchen. Jon to be held in Childress has said chamber of Commerce manager Jeff Henderson today. A peo been water election and version had several pages of Pic the air show was anti climatic a Tures showing the recreational i he to the Friday night afternoon supt j. W. Hamilton Bobcat Indian football game in announced this morning. Session that a blocking up the Bosses would destroy the crime organization. Valachi the vengeance Bent Cosa Nostra alumnus is expected to expand on the Point when he a today. I received a letter from chairman t. S Henderson and members Gerald w. And other delights and advantage to to oni oyed by the people if Congress would create the new Parks proposed by the presi about 1.0 0 persons attended the show. Over 100 planes flew into Childress for the program. Auxiliary members will also meet at 7 30. Volunteer firemen will meet at 7 p. M. At the fire station. Down on the buddhists harmed these prospects. Maj. Gen. Tran Van Don. Who briefed Taylor at Ben cat. Said in a statement that was also distributed to the press a i feel we shall achieve Victory in South Viet Nam in 1964.�?T�?T he said the Success of Vietnam Quanah will go on Sale tuesday it is Here see the new Chevelle. Panhandle motor company. Mrs. . Newman Dies in Quanah funeral services for mrs. W. T. Newman of Quanah Mother of mrs. Clyde Hacker and mrs j. M Hacker of Childress will be held at 3 p. M. Tuesday in Quanah first Baptist Church. Mrs. Newman former resident of Kirkland died at 6 p. M. Sunday in Quanah memorial Hospital following a heart attack. She had been recuperating for the past two weeks in the Hospital after suffering a broken hip. Other survivors include another daughter mrs. Jake Griggs of Muleshoe five sons Denver Newman and Delmer Newman of Quanah Paul Newman of Lompoc calif., j. T. Newman of Norman okla., and Ancel Newman of Tillman. One grandson James Ray Hacker is also of Childress. Reserve seat adult tickets. $1.50 each will be available at the school administration offices. T Only 441 such tickets Are being j sent Quanah officials told Ham Jilton this morning. 200 student i tickets Selling for fifty cents each wifi be on Sale at the High school a was this is always one of the More popular games of the sea j son and we Are receiving this limited number of tickets i would advise fans to gel them Early a supt. Hamilton add d fice. The departments of agriculture and Interior cooperated Cavener and r. E. Thomason j a1 which advised us that they would like to have info rna resumes his testimony at a pub Tion and what Steps they can lie hearing tuesday he testified Iafe toward getting water m preparing some or All of the Friday that the Cosa Nostra from the authority a or. Town material. It came to the news Bokes had be Verj 5ad to the sen j Sake Media with the compliments of soldiers and that this was one he authority Are now Interior Secretary Stewart l. Reason he was determined to Tell Che King int0 the legality of Udall. In he Public testimony Valachi i including Eldorado a the pre up was informed at the intern Tus Public testimony a diam rior depart wet Thal most of the also said he hoped Congress Siam Slater my Fum f0qt d would pass a Law making a a Mentar material from tin rec crime to belong to an organza a term serious nation bureaus film Library tin such As Cosa Nostra Chau Iii 4jgiiuuo Foj m in h a mc9le�?oan�?T a policeman Henry storm daily for the Kennedy trip. Four a in a a ukr. a Autv. A As made a similar proposal j w a s admitted seriously ill i prints of the film were Distri begin Itig Friday and for the nideixmdtmtlv181 s l0ns leu irom Haemorrhaging to child buted. The deju Arment a a rough it is Here see the Newall of this material was printed Chevelle. Panhandle by the government printing of motor company. This months regular meeting or the red River a its men a Mose on t text club. 8 p in., West Texas l til suits of the Stra Teloir. Hall tit non cities building. Bobcat boosters will meet at j 7 30 p. M. In the Bobcat lounge. Remainder of the a a son games mfcll.,Lan said the sub Ress general Hospital sunday., estimated the Cost of the film will begin at it 30 p. itt a wow the a a for today has condition remain Praet at $1.900 but i of att. Gen. Robert f. Kennedy it d Quot about the same although Hal this was Quot a it precise. To work on constitutional i of improvement is expected Fol lems involved in forbidding Mem lowing blood transfusions. Be ship in any a a conspiracy it is Here see Thuc new Chevelle. Panhandle motor company. Yarbrough in Arizona for Rea meeting r. A. Yarbrough manager of ate City electric cooperative is among More than 500 Rural Curie cooperative leaders from Texas. New Mexico and Arizona participating in the annual Region x meeting of the National Rural electric cooperative association in Tucson Ariz. Yarbrough will speak for Texas leaders at the conference As he is currently a director of the National Board of Areca he is also past National pie a tent. Canadian air covers Texas by United press International Cool air from Canada toppled temperatures and made autumn a reality in Many sections of Texas today. The Mercury dropped to 39 degrees at Lubbock and Alpine. For Lubbock it was the lowest temperature Ever recorded at that station so Early in the season. Forecasts called for fair and a Little cooler weather in the Southern third of the state. Otherwise it was fair and a Little warmer. The five Day Outlook was for temperatures two to six degrees below Normal in Southern parts of Texas while extreme North Texas is due for three to five degrees warmer than Normal. The usual Range of temperatures in Southern Texas is 81-90 during the Day and 59-69 at night except 64-70 along the coast. Highs in Northern parts of the state for this season Range from 77-85 and lows from 47-63, Little or no rain was in Prospect for Texas this week but a bound by a formal oath to violate and obstruct the Law. The chairman said be believed such a Law would make it possible to act directly against members of Cosa Nostra. He said he 1 thought it would be possible to find out who they were because a there will always be it in Here see the new Chevelle. Panhandle motor company. Bed wreck starts a Cap Mcclellan has pledged his sup to orly of a All to Kenn Evv priv 1 a uni Lowil port to Kennedy a drive for two new weapons against organized the civil air patrol cadets. Crime a broader Federal wire As of late saturday night were an elaborately illustrated Glossy Booklet entitled the trip of the president was especially produced for Kennedy a Western swing. About 500 copies were run off on Interior department offset facilities. No costs estimates were available. The non political. Speech Maing suing through politically significant states As a political Gim Mie almost a political Trad ton. Its a phony of course because a president no More can divorce his journeys from the political realities than he can deny his membership in a poli sults of the strategic Hamlet program a system of fortified villages in guerrilla infested territory and the support of the vietnamese armed forces and their . Advisors. The United states has 14,000 men in Viet Nam and is spending about $1.5 million a Day to help diem defeat the communists. Mcnamara and Taylor came Here last week after some officials had expressed fear vietnamese armed forces morale was being harmed by the Buddhist dispute. The majority of the population is Buddhist. Tap Law and a provision authorize the Squadron goes. Bed my the granting of immunity in wreck Charlie goes. A Trade i tical party certain criminal cases. Tion May have been established. J but if a president is on a non around 35 boys at least 15 of political junket the opposition them a basics bivouacked at the can to see husband a mrs. Juan Bosch wife of the ousted dominican Republic president talks to it. Juan Vasquez. Who is in charge of the Palace guards As she tried to obtain permission to see her husband. The Santo Domingo government refused her permission. Nea telephoto Selling course starts tonight a Basic Selling course a Selling techniques a will begin at Airfield saturday evening. A strangely garbed character made a first ghostly appearance p obviously to those on guard duty and several very different descriptions were Given. One that a a it was or Pervi Sory and management training specialist division of Extension University of Texas. The four part course is under sponsorship of the chamber of1 Commerce and will be held Ini a athe chamber offices beware basis a graduate of Tulsa univer bed or 1 hard. Made. Alty. Mrs. Bowden has served As to a St t Quot slow and gradual warming trend personnel and training director a a a was expected to begin tuesday of department stores and spec a Quot afternoon. Party scarcely can demand equal time on the air for the political speeches he May deliver because. Is not possible to make a political speech on a non political journey. Toward the end of Kennedy strip last week in Salt Lake City Veteran reporters detective politics in the fees Identa a speech which All but denounced sen Barry Gold water by name. But another appearance through the pretence of non politics was the Barracks saw the thing scat maintained in the White House tearing basics and flapping its tradition. So it is with the expenditure a fishy Dove Story a p m today hrs Rcw a a in pm a a 1rs. Mary Frances Bowden us Nock old Fly ing helmet goggles and combat boots. The a a things talked or wailed also. We be heard fish stories be Early sunday morning As fore but the following account is perhaps the most unusual a Dove Story this season the group envisioned a Batch of Dove students protest overthrow of Bosch regime Santo Domingo dominican Republic up a University students protesting the overthrow of the Juan Bosch regime went on a hunger strike today inside the institution. Their number or what percentage of the student body they represented could not immediately be ascertained. Mounted police units promptly started a patrol of University City. Scattered demonstrations were i Repen Ted elsewhere in the dominican Republic in the Wake of Bosch a departure into exile. Residents of Santo Domingo enjoyed their first night out in a week with the lifting of the 6 p.m.-6 . Curfew. Reports from Barahona in the Interior said however 100 persons were under arrest. Another dozen or so youths were picked up in Santiago second three Young sons were weekend guests of thi tor lunch Behring instructed his largest City for protests against sons to take the Birds on the last weeks coup Bosch 53, and High wife. Car men. Were put aboard the gov sons to take the or. And mrs. Bob Behring and Back porch draw some Well want Muri in Ter and Wash them. The youngsters meekly walk Ern ment frigate Mella sunday de into the living room a very sailing from Santo Domingo. The government kept their Des j. J. Laningham of fell Primar Hort while later with rather ily to enable Behring to Hunt Dove on the Laningham farm. Salty shops. Laredo record cd a High of 95j a $2.50 charge will be assess degrees sunday but most of the de to cover materials used Dur a state enjoyed mild temperatures. Ing the course. I it in Herel see the new Chevelle. Panhandle motor company. Cub training session All persons interested in the tub scout program Are invited to attend a cub training sess a Ion at 7 30 p. A today at the saturday Behring an avid Hunter got his limit cleaned the Birds and they were placed in a pan of Salt water overnight it is Here see the new Chevelle. Panhandle Culiar expressions on their fac Tina on secret but one source said it would be either Martinique or Guadaloupe both French islands in the Caribbean. Other sources said the couple would be put ashore in puerto Rico. First methodist Church. Motor company. Is. A we knocked the buds into the Well a was their quiet announcement. The two families had hied Chicken for lunch daddy Behring patiently counted his remaining shells and the Laningham made plans to have the i Well pumped out and cleaned. To in Here see the new Chevelle. Panhandle motor company

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