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Childress Index Newspaper Archives Dec 27 1965, Page 1

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Childress Index (Newspaper) - December 27, 1965, Childress, Texas / county Cotton s 14,286 of last year 14,098the Childress celebrating our 77th year vol 80, no 6, Nea up charge sergeants with giving Aid to enemy by Davif s. Brunsk i United press International i Naha. Okinawa up ii two . Army sergeants freed by the communal Viet Cong Iasi month and who later were critical of american involve \ ment in Viet Nam have been Chargi d with aiding the enemy the us. Military command disclosed today the two Are sgt George e Smith of Chester w a. And spec. 5 Claude Mcclure of t Chattanooga Tenn Thev were i freed nov. 28 at the cambodian Border after two years in Captivity a terse statement issued by military authorities on Okinawa said charges would be brought against the men for a preparing furnishing and delivering to the Viet Cong certain documents statements and writings inimical to the interest of the United states a a the Statem e n t indicated Smth and Mcclure were being held for alleged dealings with their communist captors and not for statements attributed to them in a nov. 30 news conference in phenom penh it Cambodia a nothing to gain they told the news conference a the United states has nothing to gain from the War in Viet name and said the would join peace movements when they returned to America. The army refused to elaborate on the statement or Gay whether Smth and Mcclure Are m confinement on Okinawa. It is known Only that Thev were brought to Naha from Korat. Thailand. After leaving Cambodia. Which does not maintain diplomatic relations with the United states. The australian embassy in i phenom penh handled a their return to . Army off vials it the . Army Headquarters for the Ryukyu islands said a two week investigation Wasi conducted into the conducted of the two sergeants which warrants the preferring of charges in violation of the uniform code of military Justice article 104�?� aiding the enemy it. Possible court martial charges were preferred dec. 21 and further investigation is being conducted to determine whether they should he dismissed or Smith and Mcclure be brought a court martial a spokesman said Smith and Mcclure were captured nov 24 1963. When the Viet Cong overran the Hiep Hoa l s special forces Camp 27 Miles Northeast of Saigon. They were the second and third americans known to have com out of a Viet Cong prisoner of War Camp the first continued on Page 2 the childless Index monday december 27, 1965 two sections five cents twelve pages Holiday deaths set record by i United press International the nation set a a Black Christmas a record of 721 traffic fatalities during the three Day Christmas Holiday More persons than had died Over any other Holiday period on record the final total was greater than the american death toll in two months of the bloodiest fighting of the War in South Viet Nam. It was barely 100 less than half the total of american deaths in action since the sure of the vietnamese conflict. The United press International count of fatalities during the 78-hour period from 8 thursday unt i Midnight Sun Dav traffic fires planes miscellaneous total 721 61 5 64 851 the a a a a a Dur it reports of fatalities sent death count zooming past previous All time Holiday i d of 700 traffic deaths set this years Holiday period was 24 hours Shorter 111 1950 Holiday had been called the a Black Christ mat 4 the 1056 four Das holi because of its record hoi Ida toll that title now belongs to this years Christmas weekend by comparison. 7�6 americans died m South \ a a a Nam from oct 18 this Vear to dec National window by Lyli United pro a Wilson International Down on the Banks of the Pode Maies. President Johnson is assembling plans for t h e seventh consecutive fiscal Vear Federal deficit since he and the late John f Kennedy took Over in january 1961 flip Kennedy Johnson regime s the fourth in a series of big spending big borrowing deficit oriented administrations since the late Herbert Hoover loft office m March 1933 for never was Able to balance the Treasury budget during his three terms plus in the White House. Harry Truman did considerably better hot racked up four budget surpluses in nine years Dwight i it Eisenhower achieved four budget surpluses in eight years. The record is not very Good it is Likely to get worse because there seems not to be much Chance that president Johnson Wilt tie Able to keep the War in Viet Nam going and to keep his a great society a afloat and at the same time hold Federal spending within Federal Revenue. When Hoover left the White House. The Public debt was approx mately $22 5 billion on next june 30 when the current <1966> fiscal year ends it is estimated that the Public debt will be about $322 billion it follows that the Roosevelt Truman Eisenhower Kennedy Johnson administrations since 1933 have spent about $300 billion beyond Federal income. That enormous Dent must be paid sometime or be repudiate is freezing rain falling Over South Plains by United press International freezing drizzle fell Over the South Plains today and wide i spread fog was reported South of a new cold front through Central sections of Texas. J temperatures w c r e Cool everywhere in the state Al though none were extremely Low the Range at 6 was from 23 degrees at Dalhart up to 56 at Corpus Christi colder air moving Down from the North was expected to spread today and tonight Over Northern sections of the state and Westward to the lower Pecos. The a a mass should slide eastward tuesday with warmer weather forecast by Dawn today the cold front had reached a line from Sher i Berlin it i a wave of Westward Muethe a Quot a Quot of tue St and a a opt Tirsio Ettote or a Urh his divided do South. Alpine had the highest Reading in the nation sunday with a 71, shared by Miami Fla the Mercury got As High As 70 at Wink Tex no rainfall was measured in major cities for the 24 hours ended at 6 the forecast was for partly Cloudy skies generally Over Texas colder in the West and North sections today. It will he Clear to partly Cloudy tonight and tuesday and cooler in the cast and South portions tonight. Tuesdays temperatures in West Texas will be a bit Milder sunday s skies in Texas were mostly Clear and temperatures were mostly in the 50s and 60s Alpine had 71 sunday Dalhart 47 for a High. West Berlin divided Over killings Holiday weekend one of quietest the Christmas Holiday weekend was one of the quietest in modern history of Childress it was announced today by chief of police Alvis Maddox. A we have Only one a guest and he was arrested for fighting a he said. A with just a Little Effort on the part of All of us we can continue with this Good record through new years a he added. Today Over the fatal shooting by East German guards of two German men fleeing to Freedom through the Berlin Wall. A third companion was wounded and an East German girl captured when the men attempted to crash their car sunday into the fortifications at the Heinrich Aheine Strasse crossing a no nation can put up with this a it Aid the mass circulation Bild Zeitung today in an editorial the tabloid compared the soviet controlled Eastern zone to a nazi concentration Camp during the night a Small group of West Berlin youths demonstrated at the checkpoint where the incident occurred. Thev carried a Banner Reading a How Long will we put up with murder a a Holiday spirit the West German Driver of the car carrying the three East germans to the West hied to death about 30 feet from a lighted Christmas tree set in by the communists to show their Holiday spirit a second Mon my wounded from the car i and Lav on the Street giving no j Sien of life and was believed dead the american British and French commandants d e n \ continued on Page 3 de. To hear that debt Burden forever s imply does not Mak any sense. The taxpayers will pay in interest on the Public Deb this fiscal Vear the enormous so of $11 346,454.580-46, up about $150 million since the fiscal year just passed for tax t United states government to repudiate its Public debt is unthinkable. But some fuzzy headed politician will think of it in time no doubt the budget deficit lbs now is putting together on the Hanks of the pc Dernies will he one of those eat your cake and have it too jobs. Johnson is try ing to Divide Federal income of about $100 billion bet Ween a War in Southeast Asia and a Quot great society at Home. They Are a Hout equally expensive and a bout equally sensitive. A cutback in Southeast Asia could be made into a winning Campaign Issue by the republicans if it were accompanied or followed by obvious american reverses a the political Impact of reverses in Viet Nam Wold be enormous especially if it could be shown or argued that lbs had brought the reverses about. A Nam would be enormous especially if it could be shown or argued that lbs had brought the reverses about. But the a great society also is mined with potential trouble lbs a a left Wing brigades Are beginning to holler for More not less a great society a spending organized labor negro spokesmen americans for democratic action always Are for More spending to remedy whatever May be the current pressing ill less spending is for the squares. Extremists bourbons the conservatives. A Hen lbs comes to choose Between the conservatives and the left wingers there is not much doubt what his Choice will be. But lbs would prefer that everybody love him. So he May make a bid for Universal affection by red cog expenditures not much while increasing his deficit and borrowing operations by a great Deal. Of course a tax increase would ease the situation All around except on the taxpayers pocketbook it is a fact that what lbs is doing on the Pedernales today j will build into top Campaign is i sues in 1966 and 1968 20 from Jan 1. 1961, until i it a 20. 1965. 1.546 americans have Lud in action in South Viet Nam Onu 1-i4 More than twice the weekend s traffic toll. Texas led the nation with 51 traffic deaths reported during the Holiday period closely followed by Ai Fomia with 50. Ohio counted 45 traffic deaths Louisiana 31. Illinois 30, Missouri 29 and Michigan 28 Only Alaska. Hawaii. Montana and South Dakota had a clean record of no Highway fatalities twelve persons died when a san franc is a bound greyhound bus skidded off an icy it it St Ite Highway near rogue River ore., Early Christmas eve \ two car Auto collision near Sublett kan. Claimed seven lives sunday and five persons were killed in a two car mishap near Buffalo minn., sunday the worst fire of the Holiday to a a a a the lives of eight persons Early Friday when a Blaze swept i Inart ment House in Newark. . Every child that attended toe annual elks can Somas party of needy children Christmas eve was Given gifts it was reported by exalted ruler Dalton Martin who served As master of ceremonies for the program. Above is shown Santa Claus Pas sing out a gift. Two parties were held one at the elks Lodge and the other at the j. J. Rhoads school with identical programs at each. The program included a musical program by miss Juanita Stinnett of Amarillo and mrs. Garland colons. Gerald havens was m charge of the event. To Index photo a engraving contract is signed for new Home of Snartum it was assured today that construction on the building to House the Childress manufacturing company. Inc. Wholly owned subsidiary of spartans industries would Start january 3 w Hen the signed contract was received from h \ Padgett c instruction company of Lub Bock in a letter accompanying the contract. Padgett said that his firm would be on the location and working on january 3 the contract will be signed locally at 5 30 today at the City Hall by Glenn Buckley vice president of the Board of entrenched Viet Cong battled by marines by Michael t mall it it i United press International Saigon i up i two heavily outnumbered i s Marine patrols battled entrenched Viet Cong near Danang today and killed 56 of the communists a military spokesman re pored the fighting near Quang 1u Village erupted As the leathernecks resumed till scale operations for the first time since the Christmas cease fire by sending three full battalions into the Field a Marine battalion runs from 1.200 to red China blasts both United states Russia ticket issued in Accident one ticket was issued in a two ear Accident at 9 . Yesterday at 4ih Street and Avenue c. Be. Sharon Kathryn Clifton travelling South on 4th, collided with a parked car headed North on 4th, owned by Jessie William Baker miss Clifton was Given a ticket for negligent driving damage was minor to both vehicles and no injuries were sustained it was the Only Accident reported to police Over the Christmas holidays. By Kim wild Enson United press International Tokyo Upu a a a Monist China today accused the United states and the soviet Union j collaborating to a a the recent unfed nations general Assembly session an a China conference a a a do trial in the offi ii. Peking people s daily said a tin1 heart of tie soviet and american leaders were beating As one Over some of the issues raised at the Assembly the u n. Again turned Down lied chinese femur hip. The editorial broadcast by the new China news Agency said both nations were pleased with the Assembly s work t r no other reason than with the i United states and the soviet Union working hand in Glove with each other this session of Tai Assembly has transact their political _ added to its record one evil Jackie skiing thing after another Sun Valley Idaho up a when All i said and done a a mrs Jacqueline Kennedy and the Peoples daily continued her children Caroline and John j a the United nations is still a or. Arrived at Sun Valley tool in the hands of the United sunday for a skiing Holiday states. And is becoming with other members of the More and More a place where Kennedy family. The sgt Iet Union and the i United slate deals Tea 20th session of the As Embly was a conference for i p o s i n g the revolutionary movements of the oppressed i i is and oppressed Peoples. To editorial alleged there w a open or behind the scenes 1 say Iet bargaining Over the View Nam question t Terv tation in the dominican Republic the indo pakistani via Rhodesia a United nations peace Force. The nue Leat proliferation it Ssue. The seating of communist China and various other questions it alleged that while soviet foreign minister Andrei Gromyko is As making a few a Rune tory remarks of censure i inst the . Position in \ Iet Nam Quot other dealings were going on in the Back room. Myko held several secret talks with Dean Rusk what they were up to remains secret to the outside world but the United press International has revealed that the United states and the soviet i Nion had an unwritten agreement not to whip up any new Eri is in Europe a a 1,500 men the two Marine patrols were operating about seven Miles South Southwest of the major at i i Nang. 375 Northeast of Saigon and v vietnamese planes also have resumed attacks on v Iet Cong positions in South Viet Nam but there have been no reports of bombings in North Viet Nam since the cease lire. A military spokesman said a we have received no instructions to Lay off bombings of the Token we have received no orders to commence bombings a in the Mekong Delta a Viet Cong terrorist posing As a recruit smuggled two bombs into a Barracks tilled with trainees and exploded one. Causing heavy loss of lit the second bomb designed to kill Rescue Crews failed to go off military Security prevented publication of the exact number of dead and wounded a 2u ton truck carrying troops of the army s 1st infantry division later in the Day struck a mine in Bing Duong province about 30 Miles North of Saigon details were sketchy but a . Military spokesman said heavy casualties were feared. Two fire c alls damage was minor to a garage owned by Buford Taylor 605 Avenue i new. At 7 35 saturday to the Eire department another Call was made to 900 2nd Street be. At 10 30 a. In saturday but the tire had been put out when the fire truck arrived. City development in the absence of Palmer Massey president. The contract totals approximately $300,000. It Calls for the remodelling of the old Ford Metal moulding building of 24.000 Square feet and the addition of 29 000 Square feet of new construction. Land has he n secured to expand the building to 150,000 Square feet which is expected to be needed in five years the construction firm has six months in which to Complete the project but expects to have it ready in about four and a half months the Date which spartans plans to Start hiring of employees has not been announced but probably will be set to Start in about three months. Most of the employees hired will be required to take train my spartans plans to have 500 employees on the a Roll at the end of the first year of com let operation and to increase the no her of employees to 1.000 at the end of five years Amarillo Man pleads guilty to Dpi charges a b White of Marillo plod guilty in county court this morning after being picked up by the Highway patrol and charged with driving while intoxicated Whites Fine was set at $125 three Days in jail court costs and automatic suspension of Drivers License for six months Safi to writing Washington 11 pined Hudson aviation writer of the new York times is the 1965 Winner of tin Sherman fairer ild International safety writing award Hudson who will receive $1.000 As part of the award was honoured for his a outstanding and remarkable coverage in depth of new developments concerning air safety in All Fields of flying Texas leads a slates in violent deaths by i United Ives International tin 100th violent death in in exas Inee United press intern to �1 began keeping a Holiday count at 6 . Dec. 23, j was recorded today. The victim was Robert f in ird Brabham 19. Of �204 Greer Longview tex., killed in a it in car traffic Accident at Mesquit just outside Dallas. His death was the 55th in traffic during the period. Seme of the deaths had Sard me twists. In the Valley. 19 year old de Shotts it of Donna stopped to help a Motorist he thought was in distress As he got out of his Auto in Pharr another Auto came Long and struck his opened door hurling him �?~10 to 4c t it and fatally injuring him. In fori Worth a policeman was taking a complaint Call on the t Ephone when he heard shots t the callers Home Gerald James Rogers was found Tat adv shot outside. Edward Floyd Comley 29, was found dead be id hit Auto near the Rogers Home. Phe Texas department of Public safety has predicted 110 texans will die in traffic be la re the a a Rig Holiday period end with the conclusion of new a a ears weekend significance in bombing Lull is not Given by a in spik l United press International a Ustin. Tex up the 1� \ it White House gave no hints today on the extent or significant e of the Lull in but thing raids against North Viet Nam i done to have any information acting press Secretary Joseph Laitin told newsmen who asked whether the muted states had instituted another pause m the bombings. Asked about the presidents feelings on the ending of the 30-hour Christmas truce in Viet Nam Laitin again said 1 just have no information a 1 actin said Johnson planned to work at his desk most of the Day on budget matters legislative i inning and other governmental matters but when he was asked whether the president was spending a lot of his time on Jet Nam. Laitin replied Quot i done to know what percentage of his time is being spent on Viet Nam a a the replies followed the even pattern of avoiding Specif a comment on the yuletide cease fire in Viet Nam during which the bombing raids were suspended. But Johnson did Over the weekend express a renewed peaty in Nam

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