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Childress Index Newspaper Archives Dec 13 1965, Page 1

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Childress Index (Newspaper) - December 13, 1965, Childress, Texas County Cotton ginning �z�z7� to dote of i a a last year 8401 the Childress Index celebrating our 77th year vol. 79, no. 305, Nea up the Childress Index monday december 13, 1965 Price 5c eight pages administration knew of feds proposed action dust cover causes failure Daniel Rapoport United i Russ International Washington it i chairman William Mchene Martin in of the Federal Reserve Board said today the Board had kept the Johnson administration a continuously in formed a of its position both before and after it raised interest rates the Board has been accused of failing to coordinate with the rest of the government when it boosted the Pace setting did count rate from 4 to 4.5 per cent but Matin dented tins before the Senate House economic committee. I can assure you that the Edmi Lustrati in i been kept continuously informed of the position of tin Federal Reserve system and that there has been a continuing Frank Exchange of vie is Between the Federal res Rve and administration us Navy could take Victory in Viet a a a a London it i / n anti i native naval review Public today says the t s Navy is m it largest and most Adino attic world has Ever seen and it a a Bulldozer the Way to Victo \ in Viet Nam it Given the ahead1 no combination Ltd to it on u net forces could of tin american Navy Aror pm n the 1965 66 edition Jar fighting ships a it must he a source of wonder to Many a nation especially to any Aggro Ltd inclined Why the United Statt tax cuts Are coming but More added Washington ill tax cuts Tota Jing $1,7 billion will go into effect next year but d not cheer yet. Federal Taxe d will go up an Testim Ned v billion the apparent contradiction arises from separate Conort signal actions in 1964 and tin year first the lawmaker enacted a two stage Rcd Vetios in excise taxes but. During the last session they raised social Security contribution and added taxes for the new medicare program. While this May strike some persons As a Case of the right hand not knowing what tin left hand is doing its Only fair to say As president Johnson did been reduced by almost $20 billion during the past four years. As things stand 1966 is not shaping up As another big t x Cut year along the lines of 1964 and 1965. The 1964 income tax reduction turned $9 5 billion Back to individuals and Coin a Nies and is Likely to Dwarf Cut for years to come. This year people enjoyed the second $4 billion stage of the 964 act As Well As the first $1 7 billion stage of the excise tax reduction the Only Windfall now in the works for 1966 is the second stage of the excise tax Cut a another $1 7 billion Worth on the other Side of Trie Ledger. Social Security and of employment taxes arc due to Rise Jan. 1 to finance increased retirement benefits and new medicare program for the elderly. Neck broken Wichita Falls i i Danny Minton a Plano end suffered a broken neck saturday night in his teams 40 8 Victory Over Iowa Park in a state Schoolboy football Cla s a playoff game was in fair condition today Minton was injured in the first Quarter when he tackled an opponent. Ii military in Dohs a Wisia it it 10 w a ing Days till Chris a read our ads la it it q a z a x 1� until in id i her Viet a vie avy oui a a com for the in Ai any ave i cant a hire units the naval Waters am i e with hut 30 highly entire a wired hip aft Vietn n to it the at Force of surface the giant Enterprise Are being Pacific beet rations off Lilg la1 cd Uniti t Juna soviet Union is Range mis Ile of its submarine Tiona off a on a Bie United states id it be d b at the russians a though trailing in nuclear units have a lost As Many submarines As the rest of the world combined including the United states Jan s is regarded As the Orlo s Molt to authoritative re on the navies of the w fore work violent death total zooms by United press International multiple fatality collisions mounted rapidly to Send Texas weekend v Iok it death toll zooming. A i Nib d tvs International Survey for the period Between 6 p to Friday and Midnight sunday showed at least 33 in it Lent deaths including 26 High s was fatalities two Smas Hups took three lives each and there were three double fatality accidents two cars collided sunday North of Naco do Hes. Killing three persons the dead were Lois i lie Webb 1 or w dear 1 45 of Nacogdoche Bertha x eel officials both before and after the boards actions a Martin told the committee. Nays actions justified Martin testified that the current fast Pace of the Economy and the Prospect of a big increase in spending for the War in Viet Nani justified a not Only the substance of the board1 actions but also their timing delaying action further would probably have made it necessary to take stronger measure.1 he Conte fld d Martin appeared before the Hows Senate group at the demand of his longtime foe rep Wright Potman a tex Patman chairman of the committee led of i an investigation of the a fed so interest i it i0i a Aero Ion a the to a re of 1 a a in Iii of resident Johnson Cones Caf even the Law a the quickest Way to it sink a ship is to have two captains a Patman lid in an opening Tate Menf Patman Aid All Federal air not a vere required by th�1 Kmak ment act of 1946 to coordinate their economic policies. Bitici is Independent Moses a a thou h no Agency was exempted tank and time again the Federal Reserve has chosen to ignore the Public Law and to go Oft on it1 own a he declared Teh Texas Democrat Aid shortly before the Reserve Board boosted the discount rate from 4 to 4.5 cent. Treasury Secretary Henry h Fowler said the administration opposed an increase in interest rates and warned that any such move would be premature and unwise. For Patman. An old foe of Martin and the fed. The boards action last week in boosting its discount rate the rate member Banks have to Nev to borrow Money from the Federal reserved from 4 to 4.5 per cent shows a Kwh its wrong with the Federal Reserve v Stem or Martin in particular a the 72-Vear-old Texas Democrat said the hearings were called a to find out who is in charge in this country the president who is elected by the Cople or the Federal Reserve Board none of whose members Art an outspoken believer in Low interest rates Patman believes the boards action could provide him with the Victory he a been seeking for 31 years to strip the fed of its Independent status and make it More responsive both to Congress and the White House. By Alvin b. Webb or. Bill it in space Center Houston 11 i a a foreign object a was Ion al today in the Gas Generator of th�1 faulty Titan 2 rocket that blighted the Gerry in 6 launch sunday. Gemini control said the object t was described As a plastic dust Coy a a a up Nev 1 w Ord be at a can new problems cropped up at Cape Kennedy on the Balky f Center Houston gemini 6 Titan 2 Booster that space champions failed to lift off sunday but Borman and James after a morning of Cliff hanging sped gemini 7 toward tension officials announced a ords today cheered by problem with the Booster a they probably will engines had been solved. To rendezvous in orbit a a we re still on schedule a d attn gemini 6. Engineers reported from the Cape As gemini 7 swung into its 134th orbit and beaded it it its 10th by aloft. Spinning around Earth in their underwear Borman and Lovell were kept updated on the Progress of gemini 6 additional a interesting information being sent up to them today Means the launch probably Hedt led. Will come Mission time i it i Earth would growing Short d Lay was possible Vas growing Short a due to return to i Day after 4 Days the possibility it up a 15th Day but patrol investigates 3 accidents in november Cool weather Over most of state Mcgowan 57, and Tern Lynn tinkle 1 both of Timpson Nothe r Collie. In Friday Naglit near Hamilton Kwh d staff sgt Merle a Oid Dirus 47, of Kil continued on Page 2 is set for car thief Bond for Wilber Perry Carl la we Loi Amarillo hut who has been living in Childress recently. Was it a of $1,000 in Justice of the in a it Hurt Carlbwell a picked up by Don Ham of the sheriff i part ment or Cor theft Hospital receives 1 3 pints of blood Childress general Hospital has received 13 pint of blood for patient use durin the ten a Lay period from november 23 to december 2. The needed blood was so no Here from the red Cross red River blood Center in Wichita Falls Childress is one of the 18 counties operating in the red River blood program still in coma Nice France up 1 British author w Somerset j maugham 91, languished near i death today in a deep coma doctors said there was no Hope for a rally i by United press International fog cloaked extreme South Texas increasing cloudiness covered West Texas and Cool temperatures blanketed most of the state today. Light rain was expected to begin in Northwest Texas to night and spread eastward into Central and East Texas tuesday nother area of rain was forecast to move from the South through South Central Texas tonight and tuesday overnight readings ranged from 32 degrees at pal Hart to 66 at Brownsville no rain was reported in the 23-hour period ended at 6 a m. Corpus Christ i reported a High of 80 degree sunday compared with Dalhart a Max Virnum of 54 in a five Day forecast the weather Bureau called for temperatures 2 to 6 degrees below Normal with moderate rainfall m North Texas and 2 to 10 de Groes below Normal in South Texas with moderate to heavy rain jewelled Lions pin is found a local lion or a member of the Lions club who was passing through Childress has lost his handsomely jewel lion s pin. The pin was found in mrs Maude Gays restaurant and the owner May recover it by calling mrs Gay to h in. V a n fill unt Tini Childress county had one of set t its better months Accident Wise o. During november with three 77 accidents investigated no Dot paths and four persons injured on according to information Rele m ased to it sergeant Floyd Ether or. Edge. Highway patrol super i Soi of this area. Or Oporto damage was t Stima ted at $1,700, there was not a fatal Accident in any of the surrounding counties during the month al though there was on�1 fatality reported in Hardeman count v hut was from an Accident in july and the person died in september. Five collisions v to investigated in Cottle county one pc supreme court bans voluntary school prayer Washington i the supreme court today denied a hearing to new yet k City parents who sought an order allowing their children to a Zpra voluntarily to god each Day a in a Queens Public school the ease is th�1 Firth reach the High court involving the question of a voluntary prayers by Public school Pupil to d visions in �?~>62 and 1963. The court barred use of Tate e rred prayers and the i prayer As Well As big it Reading when done in Devotion al Oxer uses the Queens parents demand led that school authorities gave their children a an Opportunity to express their to e and affection mighty god each Day through a prayer in their respective classrooms a a the controversy arose aft principal Elihu Oshesky of Public school 181 m Whites tone forbade recitation of two prayers by kindergarten child Ren before they ate milk and cookies in morning and after noon. One prayer was a god to great god is Goirl and we thank him Foi our food. the other was a a thank you for the world so Sweet thank you for the food we eat thank you for tilt1 Birds that sing thank you god for every thing a a the parents formed a group called prayer rights to Merican atm the Pray and sued in Federal District it o it in Brooklyn for Pra or priv Ike for a group a it Stu 1� is ranging in age from 5 to ii Federal District Jiu a a it ter Bruchhausen ruled n fax a of Hie parents but was us by the 2nd circuit court injured and property it was estimated at $3, per on were injured for tour a a dents investigated-1 �1 m a a Rob county and i Perth damage was estimate $4,156 t re it e two i accidents in count \ 1 to Plesons were in it i and property damaged e to mated at $3,300. Person wore injury d Ina a dents in Hardeman co or Oertl damage was is red at $1 410. The Rural traffic Accident i Mary t a a this county from Jaguar 11 rough november of i show a total of 55 crash a a result of these crashes to a a were six persons killed and 47 persons injured that estimated jew Sperty dam Ace amounted to $91 815. If Vou think drinking and Dri in is not such a l in pro Blem As we nil it quot re it a you Are w Ong. The sgt Ergeant said or nine Drivers Are involved in m than half the fatal Christ n a me accidents a higher Ner Ceni age than the one out of tar proportion during the rest of tuvo a the problem is n<4 Only the head Drinker but Ltd a the soc a a i rink a and evil the Pemon who Only had a few at the office party or on th�1 w a bomb from work. Just Little on takes a shortcut toward a driving Accident b p Ducic Iii cent. Self con i and drive in react ions the b to solution is not to drive n after the a patrol supervisor offered the Sug cations to emphasize Hobday traffic safety re Strain impatience haste Incon Side lateness and Prew curation that May creep into the Holiday attic ides know the Safe vein a r driving techniques and use them obey the regulations and Igns and when you Are the be Wehnan. Done to take chances wire a exha rent a Pickett two Youthful new yorkers r cd Smith left and Stephen Hirsch have launched a piglets for Here bus a Ness. They la protest against almost any Tang for $3 an hour per demonstrator they say although bearded pickets such As h Rich come somewhat higher. Nea telephoto Borman Ord Lovell had a broker tape recorder to annoy them a fhe streaked through the heavens 185 Miles High the. R i a 1 we re Gre Wing Bustier and their diet was medical. Sound hut not very appetizing. I of love we be lost a Little weight Borman radioed after Awakening a it old nights tor Christopher ted them on the Arat ions by 20u t it Apt it and it to re the jinxed it in for launch morning after Sun s failure of the it to lift off the Ana tits Walter Mas Stafford possible wednesday i aum h a we re hoping to get off on wednesday Kraft said. A they have some things they done to fully he did not elaborate Gen in 7 entered it 132nd National window by Lyle United Preta Wilson let Rny to nil orbit the fell Toni inn 225 1 w Ith Ali the traffic by Jay Hing obscuring vision cages or failing to allow to alertness for dusk and Vardous weather conditions Christmas Cus Orris Are explained mrs. J a Mcdonald a speaker on Christmas customs of business a 1 professional in other lands and reviewed a tiie stubborn i n st l or for the annual Holiday luncheon women sunday in a local t stauriant. Mrs Irby Mart Indale gave the invocation and group sing my was led by miss Aubra Hankins with mrs in it use Bowers As pianist. Members contributed to t h e Hospital memorial fund in lieu of Gilt Exchange and also pre pared a Charity Basket guests were miss Shirley Glo ver of Canyon and mrs. Frank Savage of Dallas. Free Coffee and doughnuts saturday for the 20th consecutive year i the Childress old settlers association will give away Coffee and doughnuts the a went is scheduled for 9 m saturday at the first a t Nal Bank Corner according t president w e Helms. The Coffee and doughnuts will by a Given away from the Sam Privitt Chuck Wagon. In re i try plans a re expected week definite Date when construe of th�1 building for the a in manufacturing Cut in wholly owned subsidiary sat tans industries will Start expected to be Announ-1 bus week it was learn i i representatives of spartans we in he m Childress the Middle i this week and the announcement i expected then members of the Federal Reserve Board should come up s m i i i n g from the o r Deal planned for them this week by tie big spending easy Money men of the joint congressional economic committee. Board members were sum Mon d for questioning today on the hike in the Federal Reserve discount rate. The rate was increased one half of 1 Perez it to 4u per cent. This is the a at which the it Deral Reserve will lend Money to member Reserve Banks. The increase Wili tend to raise interest rates generally and thereby tend to Cool an Over headed by this is a hard Money policy in contrast to the easy Money i policies preferred by most democratic politicians including president Johnson the easy Money men Are big spenders. They finance their big spending Large sums to government in Revenue. These easy Money deficit spending policies tend to encourage monetary inflation. Inflationary shrinkage of the purchasing Power of the u s Dollar defraud the pensioners holders of life insurance savers by borrowing pay costs of excess of tax Money soft Dollar party m contrast to fhe Mund Dollar conservatives. Rep Wright Patman. A tex the committee chairman is a Federal Reserve system big Bankers and such the a quot int committee provides Parman and other soft Money men a first class sounding Board but it gives them no authority m the matter that inflames them the Federal Reserve system was created by Congress about 5 it years ago in the Wilson administration members of the Board of governors Ltd of the fed Are nominated by the president and confirmed by tin Senate for terms of 15 years but the Board and the by it tem Are Independent of the White House and of the con Gress. Congress could Amend the act and an Effort no doubt will be made next session to it to so. The purpose would be to make the Federal Reserve system subservient to a the administration in Power that would permit t h e politicians to proceed unchallenged to fritter away More of the dollars purchasing Power by inflationary tax spending Politi would and deficit policies. The cans would like that it wh0 Bank their dollars and All make tfx harder for the Bear facts Albany. By up a a shopper made a beeline for a ele Phoe Booth outside a Burban Market it was already occupied. Propped up in the Booth with a receiver pressed against its ear was a big Black Bear. State police surmised the strange caller bad been killed by Hunters and deposited in the phone Booth. It was not known if the Bear was a victim of incorrect dealing. Persons on fix cd income As Well Dollar credits against the time As ail persons who have Laid by Dollar credits against the time of need monetary inflation is the grandest larceny known to Man. It has been imposed on the american people at great Cost to them tie Reserve Board said it hiked the discount rate to prevent damage to the Economy by inflationary excesses. The danger of further inflation is real and present the Board believes. And that is what tie congressional easy Money men will hear from Board members. The investigation offers the widest possible publicity to the c o m it i a i it of conservative minded citizens that the Johnson administration and preceding administrations Back through Roosevelt have combined to sweat the u s Dollar of More than half of its purchasing Power. The Dollar you banked or bought in life insurance in 1939 is Worth about 44 cents today. The discount rate hike was intended to Check the inflation Gress Congress could Amend investigation is Likely to identify president Johnson and his democrats As tie party of monetary inflation the easy among the Rainy Day be Worth two bits. Saers citizenry. Come the their dollars might i dime or maybe. Santo assured of Safe flight Colorado Springs. Colo t up the North american air defense command today put to rest some of the fears of the kiddies to the u s and Canada Jolly old st Nick wont be shot Down when he tries to Fly into the country on his annual Christmas eve trek. Norad As it has done for the past nine years will keep a close radar Eye on Santa and his Reindeer nor a is made up of 170,000 Canadian and u s. Military men at 400 Sites throughout the continent this will Mark the tenth year that Norad has tracked Santa and Given him Safe passage through th�1 defense lines of Canada and the United states. But just so there wont be any slip ups Norad officials said straight faced that Santa had agreed to file a flight for his Stop filled trip plan meets tonight City Council will meet at 7 30 p m today in the Cifu Hall at 8 24 a m est. A a Ndu Ranu flight record to gemini 7 sunday. 5ht at 11 46 pm est the a Dua Orbital time record of if quot 16 minutes held by a r but Cooper will fall a Ltd Borman and Lovell. 1 it Khz Celk that pro Ide a a a Estrica put wer for gemini 7 caused a let a difficulty water i med by the Hydrogen and oxygen used to feed the cells gather a in them Dunn the night switching sections of the Celk r used th�1 pressure to Normal Levels. Once again the astronauts 1 to spared a r i laser beam test to try to communicate with the ground via a but a beam from hand he d Ray gun a every test has been unsuccessful since the Ghi started dec. 4 lose weight physicians on the ground confirm Ltd weight loss by the to men n their not very taty space Eod diet. A tax Roe order aboard the Craft went a in he blink. The rec in r eoe de medical data for a Ding a various tracking stations u tape would not rewind ask republicans to get out of Radical groups Vwashington it the Republican coordinating comm i 11 e e t o d a y unanimously adopted a Resolution calling on All republicans to reject membership in a Manv Radical or extremist Senate Republican Leader Everett m Dirksen offered the Resolution on behalf of himself and h Gnu e Gnu Leader Gerald k Ford gov Robert Smylie of Idaho Sec tided tie motion. That Moth it specifically endors of the position of gop n Pinna chairman Ray c Bliss the proposed ban would include any organization which attempts to use the Republican party for its own ends or and which seeks to undermine the Basic principles of vex Titan Freedom and constitutional government a rep it a m r Laird r-wis., said the Dirksen Ford Resolution was Hgt first order of business considered by the coordinating committee at its Cio Ahi meeting the group then took up a report by a social task for appointed to submit recommendations on state and Federal government responsibilities the group is headed by former rep Robert Taft jr., of Ohio fined in of it Robert Collm of Sunray pled guilty in county court to charges of Hunting wild game Birds with an improperly plugged shot gun he was ii costs acco i harem

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