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Chicago Eagle Newspaper Archives Oct 5 1901, Page 2

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Chicago Eagle (Newspaper) - October 5, 1901, Chicago, IllinoisA a Independent in All think amp Neutral in xxv. Chicago 8aturday, october 5, 1901�?twelve page8. Number 62h. Mayor Harrison Linn started out after Kudo Trio reduction which arc now to Tux dodgers la Good Earnest and contemplated by the officials. la to to hoped that bin Honor will i the hat of the tax do glug Corpora keep up the Good work until lie bus ton Lias been prepared la the City brought. Overy wealthy thief in cd Lugo comptroller a Olyce us Der the super vols to Book. Theao self sumo tax thieves Ion of Deputy comptroller front and Combine in their number Moat of the in now Ali out Complete. On will to Hyght Caltea who mount Contr unit nud found the name of tax evading Corno Iveigh us night the City government ration capitalised for Over $10,000. Al und denounce Public officials. la they who Point to the dirty und unpaved streets and in virtuous Ludl Gua ton declare the conditions for which they Aro them calves chm ii lilo to be intolerable and cull upon the people to turn the rascals out. But Tho Public has last been aroused to a full knowledge of the fact that if the affairs of Tho City of Chicago Are Ever to be properly administered and if the conditions under which to now suffer Are Ever to to remedied is not to be done by turning rascals out but by driving the rascally tax dodgers into the Penitentiary. Why is that the City Treasury is to Day depleted and that the administration practically crippled because of the operations of the tax dodgers. Why have we an insufficient pol co Force because of the tax dodgers. Why Are our alleyways dirty und prolific Breeding places for disease because of the tax dodgers. Why Are the intercepting Sowers incomplete and our water Supply still polluted and rendered times Unitt for use because of the tax dodgers. Now is really time that to Public should Ite brought to a realisation of these facts und taught to put the blame though there Are 10.000 companies incorporated within Cook county not More than 4.000 will be on the list owing to the limitation which bus been placed on the capitalisation. Or. Frost has had his assistants go into the Block Kex change nud obtain the Murkot value of the stocks and Bonds of the corporation in order to Placo Correct figures on the Tuluo of their capital Stock and to franchises. The list will be Given to mayor Ilar Rlou As soon is is completed. A there should be valuations of there is just now being Mude an attempt to besmirch the character of urls f. Burke us us official of the City of Chicago. Of course this Effort is being made by the grand jury nud of course there is politics the Bottom of . The Only matter for Surprise in this service commission the cd Lingo police Force is having a hard time of these Days. We have seen a great Many spasms of Reform in Chicago in years Goue by mud they have All petered out in a tout the same Way. is the old Story of the individual who tried to shave the pig he Hud a much Hon. Thomas a. 8myth, the next president of the drainage Board. Ample. Here is u corporation that according to Reul estate experts owns least $500,000,000, based on the list a than the limits of Chicago More than which we have prepared Quot suld or. $yv,,000 Worth of railway property. Frost. Quot this Means an assessed Valu including real estate nud trackage Atlon of $100,000,000 added to Cook. I4, your the Chicago amp Northwest county s allotment. I ,.rit hallway officials returned As the Quot the Revenue of the City would Lee Correct value of Ull their real estate und increased to such an extent then that trackage la Chicago Tho sum of $4.�?~�?z>7 Only could we run the departments �?~j77. This was about our sixth of the properly and up to the Standard but actual value. There would be Money enough left for what did the state Plourd of a Qutul Somo much needed improvements a Uit Lou do with these figures there is no reason Why the state them Ord shows that last your the Board should not place the proper Val state Stourd placed u total uses smut us tons on these corporations. A against the cd Lingo amp Northwestern a is their duty to do so and the comi Muy for Reul estate and trackage City demands . Such action will mean la Chicago of $tu7,. This wus that to will have least $7,000,000 about one seventh of the alleged Vulus for corporate if the figures Tomt have reached the Public recently regarding the doings Ofton As returned by the railway officials. Und Amstut one Fortieth of the be Tuul values us determined by Reul of and the responsibility where belongs. A a the state Board s figures wore or the Only Way in which this can be n a a �s�.1 Jysk Are nov Ruml fat a a a in lug the alleged properly accomplished is by exposing Sre nea7 a to then a Ood reason a a gtd second main tracks and these wealthy thieves and by putting v1�&Quot a a hide trucks covering the company s the machinery of Tho Law in Force to a a a a a almost that insure Elk to few Quot a a k &Quot"1&Quot a Quot a wet ten drive them into specific performance of i by h l a a Quot in Ely Vul Lumble terminal their duty or to punish them. Where u la a a a a girded by think they shirk or Dodge . If the Law a a a a a a # g0,.t o wheel buy. Were fully enforced Lujo ,1�?~� Low put Tho exposure recently made order that Muhy Culena might avoid �lug\7thf Itomi Ratlif a rail of a Chi a a a a quoth of 8t�?ot0 Bourd a a a al Usu pro Yerty. The Chicago a Northwestern is not the ouly Railroad system by which fair taxation is dodged through the corrupt Aud the contest of the Hon. Billy my Sou Aud sex comptroller Dawes Over that very fancy political Plum. We think however that Henry i., will have u Tough Row to hoc la order to win out the nomination. The advice of a disinterested onlooker would to for or. Hertz to remember that there Are others in the party end Quot stick to Bis knit ten Quot in the collector s office. Coroner Traeger reports eight fatal accidents on Grade Crossings for the month of september. What is the Cor Ouer going to do about will he Content himself keeping a re Ord of All the Grade crossing murders and making a list of them every month if so both tracker and the coroners office ought to to abolished for no office boy Touhl keep the kind of a tally Quot the present Coroner keeps by simply cutting Nicks la u stick. What Aro inquests held for anyway is to find out whether the victim is dead or is to tax responsibility lor the death nobody Ever hears of the latter or earring As a result of our of Traeger inquests. Would be Many vacant chairs in enl gently High places. I in relation to corporate Tux Atlon show Only Lieut loved Here us in illustration of what has been going on in regard to edit to be not ouly a useless bit of pub n 1rum, property All Over this City. is to be hoped therefore that now be ,.j,Nery but a very fruitful and that mayor Harrison has taken up he of. Of evil. I in 4l>lu tl.rl f. R Flea i 1 cudgels in this tight for just Ico to Tho Public that he will have Tho full and Earnest support of the people. is u Here Are a Fow facts along this line valuations by real exit is time now that the Public search Light be turned a ton the state Bourd of equalization and Tho Fugle congratulates the Hon. Cd word f. Fullerton Mem Prev Tedei most interest to nil the ,1"�?~& a a a my re a a 8"�?~>w Tomt 11,0 v a a upon the Good work he has done in this matter of the deepest interest to nil the lwtl0uii a or Tawny , by Tho regard. People and Tho Public should therefore Limmy Iro in ono.,, 0f Tjw a actor to hint its Heartiest support iroc owed actual values. In various incl Spect lve of party considerations. Here Vul time loses they Aro less than one Are a few fuels Couce ruling this crusade which the Fugolo commends to the careful consideration of its renders the names of Quioro than 4.000 Torpo rations representing a fair Cash Lulu Sutlon of Moro thu $500,000,000, will to presented to Tho Bunto Board of by mayor Harrison nud his and Ormaul committee with the de Mund that a fair nud just tax to placed on their capital Stock. By null Tho equalisers comply with Tho demand will Menn that $100,00o, 000 will be added to the City valuations Aud that the municipality will receive sufficient Revenue to club to to run the machinery of government without impairment. will mean a tax Levy of almost $0,-000,000 to the City of Chicago und will Hundredth of Tho actual values. The records show that with the Connivance of the state Board of equalization practically All the important trunk Lino companies with Vul Lumble real estate holdings in Chicago have Boon persistent tax dodgers. Home of the latest la the Hue of isl tics is the Cut Lou of Henry l. Hertz for cough ass from Tho seventh District. This is interesting if True but there is nothing particularly surprising about for Hertz wus never yet known to be without Bis lightning Rod out for Somo office oven Wyllo to was hold the undervaluation Are More flagrant lug another Oue. To is present la than others but the Rule of swearing 1 Ternna Revenue collector but that docs Down assessments to n farcical alleged valuation Hus been uniform with All the companies for n series of years. Tho state Board has still further reduced these figures As a Rule and has uniformly ignored the accretions of Reul Lostuto values us Well As the costly improvements which the com punic have made from your to year. Take the Case of the Chicago amp Northwestern a hallway company As an of not Stop Tho vaulting ambition of Tho Depuhl Lynn machine. There is nothing in the world too Good for the Quot great Dane Quot least nothing in Tho opinion of Tho great Dano himself. is announced that to is being groomed Tho Bunto fair for Tho House of National representatives and that his candidacy has completely overshadowed Tho race for the United states senator shop which state s attorney Deceu possesses should permit himself to is used As a cat s Paw la buy such unprincipled undertaking. That will never amount to anything is Patent to every Man of mind who has Given the matter any i Uoung of consideration. Ito Hurt f. Burke s name is and always has been a synonym for honesty in this City. He has worked his Way to the top of the political ladder by fair Square Manly methods he has missed ills life Here among us und no puck of snarling hounds Cun Scure hint to Duy by step plug his heels. Here is an illustration of the a up Ley Quot stories that land their Way into the columns of the dully press on this subject just now Quot information that employees of the thirty Odd Tulles of Railroad track ,.ty Oil inspector s office presided Over have Timon ordered elevated by the City pm Ito Hurt Emmet Burke collected Over Council Aud a great number of deadly $.v,oot& in fees during the month of a formed have announced that if no unfavourable complications urls the recovery of the senator will lie rapid and sore. We congratulate or. Fur Well upon his successful stud Long of the or Deal. Grade Crossings will lie thereby eliminated. This shows the right kind of spirit of the Purt of the City fathers mud proves that mayor blur Olson who is John. Blackett of has West Madison Street has Pul la three of the finest regulation Isis plug a lie is la Chicago. Master in chancery cd word a. Dicker is strongly bucked for the pull Cirii nomination for county judge. Certain leaders Are urging drainage trustee Zina ii. Carter to enter the list of candidates for county treasurer of Cook county. That Legal luminary. Western Starr has again peeped above the Horlon of the civil service commission this time in the attempt to throw some Light on certain proceedings in the House of or reel Ion. Starr says that superintendent John. Sloan is not competent to govern the institution and has hunted up an sex employee of the bridewell who was discharged for drunkenness to prove the charge. Civil service commissioner i Owell very properly ruled Starr out of Tho ease. Starr should to removed from the product of the civil service Hoard room on the Point of somebody a a toe. As a democratic candidate for county treasurer Hon. Thomas a. Smyth would put up a Good Light. Hon. William Fitzgerald one of Chicago s most Public spirited citizens. Is strongly talked of for sheriff by democrats. He is father of the popular assistant corporation counsel William n. Fitzgerald. Former United Stab s Honetor far Well who was operated on some Tlam ago for Gall stores is reported is doing remarkably. For a Man of his nge sen Ator far Well stood Tho operation re Mur Kaldy Well and Tho physicians . Luke s Hospital where was per North Side democrats eau not select a better Mun to Ruu for county commissioner Bun John f. Alies Tho popular Lincoln a venue business Mun. Or. Alies Samc would strengthen the aunty ticket. Connection is that a Man of the Good.ry Nam Utt a woo a form pm a Ami Lillisn la ill will a Lento o idus Lynll Len Louisi i v a i .1.-1 no doubt there Ore Many Good kit Polo who sincerely desire Reform and who imagine the pol co Force should to pulled to pieces la order to accomplish this. Such my ple Are always very much Gru titled where there Are Quot do lugs Quot Over with the grand jury or when Lundblom blows his Yazoo und declares himself to investigate. But when results Are sized up turns out that there has been a tremendous Emit Clit in u ten Init and nobody is Hurt except the police service which is always demoralized mud crippled by such Roii Seuss Cal mud unreasonable crusades. is really too bad that these Reform grand juries should always consider themselves As bodies gifted with a divine commission to Reform branches of the Inch Lac service instead of an inquisitorial institution whose duty is to investigate crime and bring its authors to Puu ashment. Would not be time better spent if instead of hurrying and badgering the unfortunate police Force they got after the Rich Tux dodgers and returned indictments against a score or two of these culprits As for the civil service commission Tho Iliou. Lundblom could 110 More exist without having somebody turning 011 the spit thu he could without the Ulm he breathes. We Are always amused the investigations by this Bourd. usually winds up by Tyml log something radically wrong la its own make up and several times our lowly escaped indicting itself. Tho latest dictum of Tho Board is that will not allow lawyers to defend its victims la the future. The Renson Given for this is a Peculiar one. is that the majority of the commission is composed of men who Are not lawyers and know nothing about Legal procedure. One would surely imagine Tomt tills would be n Good reason Why lawyers should be welcomed in Tho conduct of cases but the thinking apparatus of civil service commissioners Are wonderfully and fearfully constructed. We lire not surprised however thut Tho body which present Terry Les the elect of the City Lylall that is the Isis with the jobs Inis u supreme and very Lino Seorum for Ull Mere forms of Law. Gust and turned Only $1,011.1 0 Over to the comptroller resulted to Duy in Tho appearance of the officers of fourteen Oil comp nulls before the grand jury. A a Flint the grand jury is seeking to Aud has always been Tho real Champion discover is whether or. Burke s a of track olo Sutlon Iwuh Tho Council and courts apron with thong of Tho Oil com the situation Well in hand. Paules. is apparent that the state s attorney would not Sui Yimou the officers of these arms if he had not received trustworthy information that there was some difference Between Tho books of the companies Aud the inspector s office. Quot for each original package Lush cited Bob Burke or ills deputies receive u cents. Del men suy that the number of original peek noes far exceeds 1s5.075, the number indicated by ins Vcctor Burke s now is very easy to print and publish this sort of Buncombe but is n very different matter when comes to Prisin. is Safe to predict thut nothing will come of Imi that like other Quot Mare s nests Quot periodically discovered by Quot nosing grand juries. will Peter out into vapid Ami foolish Liz ale. Meantime Tom alleged investigation gives Usu pc Opportunity for irresponsible liars to tarnish the reputation of a Good and lion est Man. Ami to All the ears am the minds of the Public with 11 flood of misrepresentation falsification Ami calumny. There should to some Way of holding grand jury hoodlums and aligners of Ihu Raeter responsible for the injury they do to Tho reputation of decent men. is a terrible thing that for the purpose of making a Little capital for scheming self seekers and a partisan press the very machinery of the Law can be used is n Channel for political Aud Damnable . How Long will Tho notorious William Overhall la Monto be Able to hoodwink his sponsors und hang on to his fat mud lucrative Job in judge tub Llly a court John ii. Liar Lulck should lie returned to the City Council where he made a most excellent record when to served Tho people Lief re. Hon. Fred w. Alwort Whoso friends Are legion is one of the strongest democrats mentioned for county commissioner next your. Mathias Thome and John Herts Aro red Liot North Side democratic Candi dates for Coutur treasurer. Hon. Cd word Muelhoefer is strongly backed for the nomination for clerk of Tho l Robito court next your. Tho civil service commission has announced its intention of taking up the investigation of the pol co department next week Somo time. Between Tho professional porch climbers and Safe blowers to horse thieves and a Lac buters the grand jury and Hist but not least the civil lawyer George s. Foster was a Good Alderman am lie would also prove a Good democratic Ca Didato for judge next year. Tho democracy of Chicago Ami Illinois have great Faith in congressmen will. F. Mahoney Aud to Ergo i. Fos Hoith Side Hep Balcuns strongly a for Frank f. White the popular livery Man for a Good place of to county ticket next your. Mayor is after them cannot Down Burke. Be wants the tax dodgers of Cook county brought to account bight of. He has appointed a commission to find out who they Are and report. Then he will invoke the Aid of the Law to compel them to pay up. The schools and the police and fire departments suffer much by their omissions. Anyway the poor tax payers of Chicago have borne the Burden Long enough. Although is the half object of every hypocrite in the county of Cook. Every played out politician who has an a to grind is against him. Every jealous politician who would like to be a Leader himself hates him. Every enemy of mayor Carter h. Harrison would like to see Burke done up. But the honest and industrious chieftain has the Confidence of the people of Chicago

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